Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 13, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 3
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DEDATUR HERALD TRUTH IRY LAW PREVAIL X jbition Figures (tling. Grunj. ,Says A'S RECORD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 13. 1950. DECATUR HERALD Police and Sheriff Raid 10 Places; 35 Arrested Vl"ntH ,f tini-i-i did |(iih lie uMi-n-il," h,. jvtitd thi- tiutli. VV- '111 « t l » l t t s ( i f ( i n ^ l ' i , ppiovnl, "i w i t h ·i'i'J( Trulli i- i* n Bit-fit iU,,,i i i l u l l i m will tn ,,i tny Hhnnt.t (it ai- t i n t i n t h ihnl v.-i it.f t r u t h Hint will ^'.'iil Ijtit Hfttjjctirm * It'-.'tiK 11, iinii hi: ., imj wn fil ( -iiili. til- t'lkUH-H given i in- pioliibliloii t-n- l-t in which lie i i- .11 i\ V'l'J l l j f l ' f Mlttl* 11 pi M»I\ pur yi.'Mt f i t w i - t f i u - i i d - . Ilii-i |[ . · [ ( , t r , a c a i r i u l ll 1 - O i l l C ICHl Itll 1- 11 Miiinljjiln1, Itu'V th ·; inritilKltliin i- ]tt r+*£i- in tlo7 thiii I|H-J at-t-in in [.liiiinriil nf M i l * I ' d l l t l t i v hti'l ,i t i-.n i i f ntn itiiil |h tin- titirlf. I lie |i i 1 ii .n IV;M IWH f Jhnti {it av not lildi; nf in liKLin 1 ^ that I l n ^'lvc. h u v e .I'.il.ii Kiii'.ly I h t f l!i-il IriM elliiiln^iii c! 1^1 ' i l l - lirinoi t l . i r t i i - . iinil 1 T I T I I h n C ! I I!', I\IJ Illll l l l l l l ' l "" f ir ui. ii'Hiii-i if in t IIP runi-Ut-w" I'l I ] V I l^ till ll'lfl- l,| | . | - . | I " l l l i Ui" tli tinll-rircihll) 1 liny fnilml rill 1 CCITect "IMI. thi-li !lf|iwr ctiiniiiiiii- im i'''' '' fdnuiij; tin- five vci r I I I | f l . I l - C . l t f" kint nr f l K i i t e ' n'oi" Im .luil.ictnii' "I 111 ' · ' peace Officer! Stage Sur- prue Attack On Sui- pected Places SOME FURNISH BOND In a «ries °* ' ^ '"'''? ent ! y Monday morning Sheriff Thrift's deputies and police «Hlher«d in ·lmo»t a hnlf hundred of prison- en includinft proprietors chnrged | ^itd liquor possession, win guestt accused of disorderly con- duet Of i-onirretEiilinK to drink. of tho prisoner* and Balttl wiw ki'pt IHI.ICI e'ddck rfcnlvlni With one or nr»prlilorn ((Will frV I" "* . ,, In lift Instnnri 1 iill the " nn u 1 t«-u L. H, u n t i l f t f l o r f t r«i(i UMIS, tlie tlie net are lnHln"'». unit u like.i cunfl.-i- nnuiunt »f OFFICERS ON RAID PICKS PRISONER OUTH)F THE AIR l r vtink Donnl», one of the of- flcoi-H participating the liquor raids early Mtinduy morning lltfrully picked a prlnoner owt of the nlr »t 148i North Witter wtroct, The (iffin'i's hud Itivtidcd tlie rofitrif nnd had corraled the pa- troriH and aomo sanipleu 0 ( the wet BCMXlw round there. The of- flRPi-i) wore ah«ut ready to leave and Donnls took a last look uround, A tnovcmenl at one of the windows euuKht his attention. Kwhlng tii the window he peered nut. Thi-rc pcrchud on tho window alii WHS « man, cltnglnK to tl»f frnnt »f thft building with mtlipr rt precanoti.t hold. City Councilmen Confe A f . ' SEWER TAPPING REGULATIONS TO BE DRAWN SOON All Underground Work U Completed; Surface Grading Remains DELAY ACCEPTANCE Ktigulutlons to fat I'ollowvd In the tapping of the new newer ar* expected to be worked out In u conference between bulldcrti of the sewer and members of the city council Tuesday morning. Iflla ft Collins and W. (J. '1'ruver, contractor*) who hnltt the sewer, will inaet wlfh tho incmbtiVfi of the i»un- cll to dlse,ilBH tht ri'cnltit lon.s. Sections of th« sower havn been accepted by tho council iioutiiilmiitci'K uiii'it i; onii eutvd w i l h tin- mn-rr and weru attempting ti u..i il hei'nru It t WLkfj completed. liniti-rif roil nil WurU Ilimo AH at Ulti iimlL-igruuriit wui I. Guns Found In Speeding Decatur Car Furnish Mattoon Cops a Puzzle lAecatur police were notified Monday that D. E. Dlllow and William Ha'den. both of Decatur. ate being lietd In Matloon Jail, after refusal tu plead guilty lo charge of Intoxication following their arrest in Mat- loon, Sunday, Three companions of the two. D, J, Dlllow. Charles Dll- low and Gideon Massing)!], pleaded guilty to the charge and were fined SS and coal each and released, All five were arrctited late Sunday night when Motorcycle Officers J. E, Cut! I mm and Ed CHpt'H duuwil their Bpeedlns car. The officers ho(fan a search of the auto, but before they uould complete it, one of the men snatched a gallon jug ot al- leged liquor from the flour of th* car and flung tt to the street. In the car were found four Hhotgunn and a revolver. * Decatur police weru as tad for In* formation regarding the 1 men on the theory that they might be a hold-up gang, Th« Mattoon police department, however, charged the men only with Intoxication, becaunc they were unable to learn who possessed the jug of alleged booze and who threw It to the street, It Is the belief of Dccutur police that the men were only mem'revs of a hunting party. If the three in jal) do not, offer to plead KiiHly they will be (riven a Jury trial lierf laid- In the wfteli. COUNCILVACATES STREETS, ALLEYS IN B.0, TRACT Railroad Will Seek Compromise With Adjoining; Owners TO LAY NEW TRACKS lr) I In; tin- DECATUR RESIDENTS INSPECT OIL WEIL IN FABULOUS POOL lun of the Hire i'i hi u nd nlluy* liroficrty purctiuKcd ihln yar Baltimore Ohio railroad ;'. hiitM?***n Jasper hlfwfl nrttt lRlBhl"i'tith Btiwl. nxtfiidlnt! south from tlu Htio's rluhl of wov in the flrrt iitlev nwlh of Illdorinln ftlreet, wan votcil Monday'ly the Cltv ^VMiri- The rnilriHuJ m h e i t ' f o i 'lion of jiarl or 1h^ alley Iv tin- RUMMAGE SALE WORKER LEARNS ABOUT CUSTOMERS The question of whu KOCH to rummage Hate* h«# been Hclilfd tor one* and tor ait nit tut H# out,' Deculitr \voriiun lo'conccrned, Luisl wiwk idle volunteered to IN- *iil In .)|MraUnft * I'uiwinaptfl a1e, Hir firm customer was * K'oni- nn ttiidly tn iifrC'l of idiorit »a bndly in need of ntioe« lhat nit* would pay u dime for n ptih. A pair wa* found but lhc )!'lo* was jc (jenlH. AH the woman tried thom on the clerk noticed (l)ji( her ruxttimvr'ft *iwlrlngM «'i'ic :i mum oi' holes. The price (irouiptly dropped and Ihr clerk, ·novi'd ty the condition of frtii rinnnn'h hoMJcry. ttot two |mlr» if l|i»Je alul prepared tn wrap lii-m »i|i w i t h the Mhfifh. As thf itnli! wor'iW r«tichi'i1 for n|)i) h*r ciiHlomer Kultl. "N*vpr ·tlnil wniiplng (lirm. I've got my on' oulslrtf." And fnrtr»''fr»Kir! «hc Jld. |.,b, n Ml No. 3 SUM B ir, the pjwitH*r. o l Brlwoi. .level- .. I l i n -s.TM«- !««. l«vn complied. Al,-sto have. ft*} Vim PrOBB Ji., of VVarien .Us Van r ° r(1 " c "f V* Vraatj. iowtr i-iiuini-iii . told t b e ^ Hardlj Subwa\ «oi-l( 'tm M.«IIK-. Thui |«rt, irf the tor nc..i-rl«uw hut I.H mm iH Hllll st ..... i siirUc-« woi'k to if Mid ivflfrnoon with \\'abaah rtallway Co, plans of the North MunUiiy 1-1:1 if Id siUld luhway, pliin;) a* r rirflreil by the coun-| m ., w nili, x If "th. ell, nnd I'eqm Ht«d raat fturnmnt as theijj^,, vor \f ,|ildin tn original form were ready il In ff the Cotinuii iruc; icii caff t . . r i i i a k o n prr-joual Intipcclton of the an purl of tlio sg\\cr hullt by Hie Vf. G, Ti'aver Supply ( -°- Wr Van Pruag anld. he would Hlto the Council to glvs pet'inltalon tor tlm owner.-i to lap in. The e property f.'oimrll Mill accept lUlil Ih'rtitlmtn li'ii'i'iium. 1131 ')i»« I't I" tin- I""' 3" «· " 1 find in I'" ' " t i n (i ( rli, 11^1 d l-lll l l l l t dril of h n r i l c nnd Jsn 1 ,e ^ e c t h i n Vt. Ii'"* " . . \ J i n 'ml · I'm Ill-It I n I ' l l - r.-til 12 work aturteci In i f u n u n i y illGHT SCHOOL CLASS OPENS IN Y. M. TONIGHT in ni i/Uatil- 1 n ."oiuliiy nielli with a. i 1 !«!·!( for An uilvnnci'd ti'ili- * ,,,.,,,. |||. B lli' all pl'Otll|iL Tin ..- u t l l ( i l i r - i l l t i i i t P.I f, 'iirl i Mill II; I n m i l v i ' i s l t y i lu In t r'h i- ' ,· -tiS mllpii ivlio w-H inifl »'·('· oi|i'«-,c( M-KKi I-HI-II f IMi 1 'T Al. ( A. nlmu i i n i i i - uf tin-ill linvc -jtncts cu i In 1 fli'ld uf "i-nrlt fitiiii n pluce Tin- lun I · 1 1 1 Cits', utood f , , ,,,,., in w* 11 !' fon i iipnn nh I* Ion.. In 1in1 People bended (or th« outdoor* l«we ut least one mure be- (he Views Symons Picture Sunday mor* thnii u h o u s c h o l r B p/U- r "res In slilvcreil and it-es, the temperature Hundny hit a hlyh jinint of 88. Per- Etpiralinn dripped dfwn the brown of t(l porsons who over-exerted Ihi'maelvM. jlnsecta bU'/^cd iiroMinl liunlly In the warm Hit pro|initv 1ail week uniu'r me ftr \ rit ' law a fvctl iniiKl remain cloned C"" T" (Jv Trni'li dnys fitter It IH brought In. and then Vacation of this flhorl nin'i.-li u[ la allowed only 12 per ci-nl, of lls t |) 1( , ,,i| M , w .,., K , m i(lii co 1h»l » HU'Meh lKKlUi'li)ii. WlUiln a few wei'kti No.,t rllt .|[ could In- InM from ihi new 3. one of I In* liirgHMt in the field,lynr(]^ of the railroad lo tho built will bf yluldliiK H.ftOO v'f' 1 "" 1 '- 1'' v ''»'ii!an( of the National Rnflnlnx cnin-'liltitiiKf. per«ontt began at Ihln rate it will be hlifhly profit- ijaiiy, which will he hnlll on (he four the An In«tviule door nhlc. low' just off of Eighteenth streot.! Sunday afternoon, und The MIJ.BI.H Ifllu. Mary und Ni-tUe On* of the iiroucrty owtcnt corn K.K-T w *·« tht Hulili Siirfncu \\nr1i hope, lliut all sub- t'oniial tteeBirtnni;o tt tin- can be out of t h e | w l l l not ln made until tlw s wurk IH flni^hi'd, liul thu Couiinll Is to let property owners niulte connectIUIVH t( thu t-nglne^i'M approve of tho woilt. Inspection oC tills part of th« jewer will not be trmde by HIM Council hi'cailHH the pipe In small nnd BftttriB throitnh tt In d i f f i c u l t The engine* i H |£o llli oti^h in Iheli boiiiil-. on which liter i;;m In- 1nwn anil pir'H tln-111-.f.K'i", thioiiiili. Automobile load* of person* left i t!)fllr )n«»TM- of Dt'untitr nccf)ili|iinlcd by M. Lindsay Of the city at early hours Sunday and I'Gturnnd tired but happy In the eve- ninft. Parks once more worn filled with nature lover s, some enjoying: Impromptu picnics. There was a flurry of htislnetis In canoe and rentals. Sunday evu wiener ronaUrn cant co'/.y itroups of purKotis tltti csiJip/lrew of of and old. DECATUR ROTARIANS GO TO SPRINGFIELD MEET Decatur and A. O. Undaay of Qulncy Inspected, last w-cflt. the well In which the Lfndsitv winter!/ with their brother. Will, nf Oklahoma Clly. ar« part owners. They also attw a well of th» Indian Territory Ilium Inatirijr Co, (Cltlea Service) brought In with a ffu»h that tentn rocks 150 d-et In air. Thl.s well in In thi famed Ketnl- nate pool, Bverywhore wuns RVMeiiceu of the furious activity ol production. Bor- Inj; continuen day and night. Trench- that his property would be Murk HytnunM knocKlnir at at 1 o'clock afternoon, nnd hour before openlriK time, and they w«rc ri'luc- tnnl to leave even «t fl o'cl^'k. an SEHLE DOWN T 0 BUSINESS Sunday Devoted Jo Social Gathering! By Dekfatci WILL ELECT TUESDAY tiiow f tun i till over Illliiun itA down to biiilnesB Monday ntoin ti»K following the o|xjriln(f dny of lir annual ntute ntmvttnilnn ol Uio 1(11 noiN State Koctciy ot OpUiirtelrUlu, paitiHitt In Hoclnl actlvltlen Sunday The woclnt IICOKIIHII continued for the women swDniputiytriu irwlr him- Immln to iltc convcnilon, will) H night iteelng lour Honduy iiiorninn and other FicilvltlnH duHnK th! di). Alori' than two hundw*! have rfglNti'N'd. Welcome lo lv»utut' and lo kin iitt(vi'fully, wricrfl lh* i:onv«nl1on o|Hned Monday niornlnn, liy Mnyor O, W. Smith {and P)enM»rii jnnni WhlM 1 , impec- 1 lively. Dr. Harry 1C, t'ln^t }renldnnt )f h« Illinol* Kttttii Horli'ty of Op- 1 loinctrUw, reKpondqd, by o losing the alley, and hour after closing time. . - tho other nkl thai In the xvfnt.r his only entrance lo the rear of his . ihrou K h the from bad ling gangs nri- hastily laying pipe . A vuU area of oil bearing underlies rhla territory- Wells property Eighteenth Blrnet condition of Seventeenth Seek fomprnnilw An effort will be made to teauh a coniijromipe with (h* properly own- era later, for the switch true); ID ncceswu-y to the Refining company., It vacated UN present location to the railroad for the new location so the yards could be built and II has to have a siding for doll very of A total of 250 wcr^e retfUtcred. but It wa* emulated that S! or more perhaps ax many as SO went through the gallvrlui without waiting to grt up to the crowded registration desk. They «un:« from Dccutur, Moweaqua, Springfield. Toylorvllti 1 , d other nearby (own* country dlntrlcln, anil N ftttt sway, which thi! Hrtiiit, were given liy Dr. J. C. Copland and Dr 1), T, H of final), ilurlnK the murn- lnn i*e«nloii Luncheon for thi* men WDM given ui 12 o'rloett nnd ui 1 o'clock hy a )i»;iiii'( hy ))r, B, N. p edlrr, Women wete i-ntiirtained In tunclti'on and bridge In Mm, Ten Room al 1 o'clock. A bnn)u*t and Duncr In the Runnytltto Country i:)nb WHK to be the climax of lh« nf th« tonveniion fc » p i r li u *l, "W«rc J. A. MelroKt, Mllllhln univ*rnity I profewwr, tAlhnd lo th* di*l«g«t*9 en I iMycholo^fcnl ajipi'oach to the p»- tlunI, Dr. H, T, Hoffman, and Dr. ,1., H. Hantnion, lno addriss'il thi* detain aflcriioon on Iceh- 'Lord" tn of more than will remain In the Art In- alt this week and C,00» feet. s#«*toiiH TutHdny until fl o'clock) with | D o c l l tUP Rotarj' «Uib rin- | Siri»irflell lonl s lit for tf 'l^; w(t h the Spriu«rietd chib. Tra- hiive KO)»K ^I mf tlnrji Morabers! Thd thrcu clubs Klafiisd an alU'nd- uncn conWst during August, and De- cutllr and £loomiril!lon 10i,l, H u n v AUvood. Chlcti.ifo will art- OF "LITTLE TWENTY-SECOND ST." TODAY a hintineHK for the OETZEL TO FILE SUITS CAD DtPUTnEIV AVCnnKI i»cxt Sunday afternoon, before being The convention will continue li* tUK Klutl 1 Ur W A I aUVH ' ^.m dowm to St. I^ouls to i Highway Superintcndeiil Still trying To EHoct Seltlement Is III* owner, |Otlo Spaeth, The Art Imtltute will ' weed, re- lh« winter then be cloned for openlni; on Oct 1» o fnr Th* painting, 1« the Bin Drlscoll _ ,._ 'LttUn Twenty-second" street, Mon-j conception o/ the crucifrtlon If II were to it ub urban lot. The In village URGED ON . . , ress tint Dfcattir chit) n'Xt Monday day mornlnR, They expected lo have on "TaKU.i and (Jonat.ltutlonnl Law," _ , preHctitlntr Hie uppnalte sitle of tlie WATER CO. STOCK ' question dtHCUSSMl last Monday by| i p i - i r ' (il' M I'n' w i ' i \\iitrr U i i u l M M n i J n n , Hi:". Kii I C f t n l i 1 ^1l*'i-l. i lin I , J .i l il In r l t \ Ilivl M t l L l r \^,i I t l l l l l a H - l l l i ).i i ' l i n . 1-1 held 111 t l l criinitv Jail, n n i l i - r ^1 mil I n u n l I t ) i l i r t n i i l ii q i i i i i [ of l l f | i i " i fi nd U' i|iuu I' ef hti-(V H i i" I t i k r n t 1 '!^ i- V (iu n c r u U I 1 ! I J i KSI-, i + M [ t r i Ottn ^ I t ' - i ' t litlili-l i LH mill H , i h - win'- I H I I N (01 (,,.,-!·, dun I hi lil iii tlie (iii.til;. j.ill « l t d t m i i i ! . 1'iluJliu; SI W In I) ild ii Im If |ilnl lit lli|iKM tl |[LIPU I-, iif In rw u i-l L- LTntini li.-.liincr R a i l Smith urxed tb» Clly Cdiinoll. Moiulny. in talto action ten-si of llif pany. tovi-iiK) a lower In- itpnttn Uonilny on thu stock ccrtltlnale*'| l l ( tlin llecatnr Watrr Supply com-'nlatc, county ·n M i nitii l l t i l , nf ilriiCtln, tat Inn nnd elemi iitary ndvalK" (| uiHiise tt r nuii-liliie ilcsliiii "I'd .-triicd'ui prol run 'M v.'ff\t tion.-i eaeli ivith ll"! fli Y, M i 1 , A. tli-tntllns. iiiiccrned practical ii-:. Th« tJonr.nes v v l l h lcs",on» of with eon- w)ll two K.niolhnfnt f\ns\ tci-' will iilarl drt In t'lc IIUKK- In liai- '.,.,' , W(U . in' i v v Im Ii li'i 'I lilillt;llt tu tin- JftU t i if i l l s o i r l r i l y i-onduui d i l n k . '['he fol- niinifri jinil addri-^Mi'M ice re bj tin MI- ii-tved w i t h wnrraltli: Mnsti'1 lld'j Katil ntvl-ilnn lii'lil la eltv J n l l . i Il(utinni1. li::| N u r l h Watct 1 li.-lil In t'lly j n l l -.iti'i't. til', (titiivi- i i n u : i r } i H l l r i K IFI d i l n l t Hnul is l:, W THH..II , va-i Kiial die rtnd '«nit' (Miriiiti'i roll- fhit'd 'llH'H ,\ff \ltrlMt I 1 '"!! .uiii M u i v Jiu'liinii, «»n, nt.iiir , imici. iH'mMlcrlv runtlin-l tlnnl Jin in ,'ncli. ,/ MITIRIH UITI hlu Mcl'lellun n-ii rtili-cl d Mi Mi-s'-lnnsn v sm i' ilciicmtinillrin will I'* 1 Vi-ilrn *ilnv In (In. rnmi'ill flflll ,TI- uf tin- -;], i - !-'l,u,.|, lv -tin. iv.miinl flitn! Ms in J,,|,, ,i,i,- ivii^ fiiiHishcr! nv «" ,ni1M.M-'.l i'f Hiiiry I 1 ' 1 " ,Tiitli-M H fill""' 1 ' 1 ""; s I'veiv evenlni; «' tl(U . ,,1,,,,..., ,j).|,|() Suewr. Lincoln 'hoi.1. lm-k'(.ii. 17.111 H " l l % " m l l ' it -' 1 rliiMil Jai IM l M"I'IJ VMi VV)..!( ' i i . | i l n i 4 ,, "' (1| t,i inul l f W « i n K . ·irm (.ffcrril »» "·*»''" ,ry Elliott. HiUH' *·*' ·'nils j-ii-wl". 1V« MOW'" ni n k p b l c fluid «'"' lrb in- ,\IIHUII-. nun nil nf dlMnnicrlj unndii t. or S;«MII fui tii« »mt f-it* ._ _ N 111 If fined to hold their charm- ·» I Tad hjirti*rlr.*i ehJi' v s if h\ . F- I10\V .,1-,,- L-nn l»' "''"I ln Mt Ktllmt wntit* lltfl 1 ! J tiite wm rum t "led *iajo. p t«il Ku COUNTY OFFICES CLOSE TO OBSERVE C O L U M B U S DAY Duktitur Park Boaul. he said, hus tinnonnceil Hint It will l^nc riO.iWO In four iind-fi-lmlf pt-t rent, hnnd-t. and tint atocl; i ei shfmltl not lu rtnu-e, Hnwuid, Mchnuli. tit' "Hl'l- i- I'rcsi- di-nl of the Piirli Boftid and a m»m- ber of the board of tllreutoi:, of the Wwli'i-Supply com imny. If he tlioutdit four-and-a-half pi-r cent, wn;: enough tfit the Purlt Board boniln. he probably would f«cl Mm watue v-ny about ttm Water Supply com pany c w r l f l - 'jatrfl. the ci-.rn nils!) I oner sold. The Council, lie ui'S*il. should ask that th« Interest rutc on (he ISM.OOO 1 Of certlflcatcfi ouwtnudlntt "liouW he reduced. It :oinp!eUd by ni^M. This stretch ol pavement (H CM fcgt long and extends from the end of Condlt street at the Slaley viaduct, narullcl with tho viaduct to its north end. Tt la nn approach lo the viaduct that la used a great deal by employes of the Wabash shops and the S to liy company. It hug been cindered, but because nf Its position beside and below IHo viaduct, It was (lard Lo maintain in Drciilur lie siild. ir It Kot Ma f a i r ) hurt weather. It IH neinp paved under M b n i R oC the frn^nllnf tus. would Ret 1 tho juriadlelion of George Stoy. D(- IH Ij, Eninicrson, John P, Hart, Aurora, represent- K thti Illinois Municipal Leagu.-, in tbi need ot dlvld- lax bflwcell the and city lo give (.he city inonev with which l« iiinlntaln )h street,'! for (In- truffle lhf*ori,'cd ort them bv tlie stule hlgliwnv routes County Workmen Resume Hamstown Road Work vnuiily nffioes cNut-pt that ot Thn Wotof Su)ip1y company vohm- ctntnty ol«rh were cloned all[turlly nioro than a year a«o, uut thf Munduy tn ouservaricu of Colum- jrato from acvon per cent. Day. Tho county clerlt'H office wild op«n until nooii for dlstribut- Inn poll hooks anionff Judges of pre- who hai-e tailed thue t«r to' rail for the books In prenn ration for - n-Blitratlon day TucMday. | Spreading of rocK oti the Harrld- offlcda clMed all day arc t tho clicull clerlt, superjnten- dfttit of Hchoob, enunlj* Judge, circuit county recorder, tounty tre*' siiirer, stated attortmy, county super- liHrndunt "f hlpliwai.H and overstenr if the )inn Council Members To Municipal League Meet will be no mi-ctlni; of the Council on Thursday this week. down In the n:phalt Wllllftifi Htrenl, of iown crtnneotlng road was resumed Monday, and member;) of tlie county highway coinrnlttcn expect the road drat of Noto bo completed by the \einbef, if ipod weather ^ ^ Courtesy To Strangers Costs Attendant $15 anmmlly, BREAKDOWN DEI.AYS SOUTH MAIN WORK It may br Wednesday or Thursday litfon- Bin Drlscoll will be able ID resume (V9]ilm!t work on South Main sU-eet, as a result of IL tireak- plant in lxat f| on Ihi! heat- broke about noon, Saturday when only half fl block of reaurdicliiit remained to bn done, It had been planned In begin spreading asphalt nn the new pavement of the lower part of the improvement Monday, Won I wan received Moniiuy thai It prohably would b« another d n y 01 two before the ivher) rniili! be shipped from the fitctory W. R. C. Will Present Flag To Rural School I Tin- Woimm's Relief i;orpf will [present a Unileci States flag to the Cross Roadi school, District 8ft, outvir township sionei. highway comntts. Condemnation Milt* for route H!l]|jack garden or right of way wilt be filed next week,' crowd, Instead of helng Jew* of 3,- ll wno said Monday hy Pan) T Oet- 000 years ago, In nutde «| of »u!t M), county Huperlntcndent of high- persons ag nilffht »top lo nee tny dr»- wnys. Absiratta of the tractn listed J matle spectacle today, the rich and for condemnation have been for-'the poor, the Idle and the worktn, warded to the Ntntc, and the , children, nunx, ooldiers, ntupld and GOOD CROWD ATTENDS GROTTO BAND CONCERT A crowd that filled the pavilion In Fair view heard the park Sunday Zohak Grotto afternoon band play l h of Era-lit Swan, :Mfi Hast avenue, leported Ihut two men isn- terel Hie Shell Oil station In Main and Church wtreiita. Sunday, and iiHkril permission to wash their e men lefl, J f r Swan that SIS hud been stolen Tuesday afternoon, which will open at what probably will be' the lant open alt- concert of the season. The band played a concert of about on* and one-half bourn. Under the direction of Koy Jones ttie 3C men, all of them members of Zohnk Or otto, who compose the band, presented their autumn concert for Grotto member* their families and the public. Zohak and Arok Cronos wilt combine their fall ceremonials this yew, conducting a joint ceremony in the Muuonlc temple In Decatur. A drive for membership IH now being 1 conducted and will end in the ceremonial on Ocl. 28. Aruk Grotto, Cham- palpn orffanUiitlon. will «*nie to De- cntur In a body for the services. POSTPONE JlTrVKV SUPPKR The Jitney supper pin n nnd by trm will be filed as soon tui authority ls| clever, old and younR. Thtr« arc 100 received from Oscnr Carlstrom, «)· tornpy general. In thu meantime thn rtyht of way coiinnltleo Is seeking to Hiscur* Home of tho tracta through neKOtinllonn out of court. RESIDENT HERE FOR FIFTYYEARS DIES Ottcir R. Knoblock, 72, fur yearn head of the Singer ttewing Machine Co. In Oecutur, and a resident of thin | city (or SO years, died tn St. Mary's hospital Monday afternoon wber* he had been confined since May. Ha wilt born In Berlin, iicrintny, on Sept. 11, 18G8. He came lo Amei- when he was 20 yearn old, His The cx.-rciBei! p T . A. of the Roonew)t school tor 2;30 will be in churgo of Mrs. E. Isabella IlHrrlRs, put l'! ol in In at rart 01 Comrade Wesley I.arrlclc will mulie the prcKento- 1n " e3t .,* and t''ridny. Mnynr Smith «'11I KO to Sprinpficld nn Wcdni-«(lnv for a pre-conveatlon met.tlnti of the leRlslatlve commlltce, which ho I'i rhiilrtnan, itliin lo secure lo cities a i h l n l of Uv 1 ^asollni 1 Ux fund will (in (l|jriti«p(l, A (let'-rmillfil effort is td be made by the l^nffiw to ffl it In iv iiiii-.i"! ulloltlnjr lo cities a pnr- the ttas tux fund to be uicd la thi' impi'fivcnu'nt of strc"tft t- Martin Says-- Atirums, ?on of Mt'K. Lucy' \brtiTiiM and a fornier Mllllkln Htu-j f1 ' 0111 N f w York plt ' (e)r l wa rrant dlisorderly condlirt, 1 viale fined twirlt t'.nlncy, S-ll North MOIII-U released on payment of P 10 hi ro Siirt1en nlfirii \VarrixnN i w.-ti mnt91 u»"^ wiili-ti Hie tiltlu'i ly C. W. Rarcus or Joe dor- undersitiitMl to he «nJi~r cover *i-« ftn- ihi utatc'n n'rorney 1 '-office und police dppoi uuent. lfendant)i who jr-vo bond have their trinls set ture Justice L, expected that ull i will be trunferred 'Ourt under tlon speech and Mrs, (nlti. One of Itn Cora Rynvin IVO.VH i'.f the . school will r«cltc Lincoln's r.cttys- burff Oet 7. IT, has benn postponed to Nov. HOII PUTMItrNG SUMP T, A, Brinhocller, 12S North Calhoun atreet, reported t'lnf hl» plumbing whop was entered Sunday niirht. and I2f In cnBh stolen, Doctrinal Discussions Occuny Sessions of Lutheran Conference or more person* tn the picture, whicJl created a ffreat conlrovcroy In Enf- land, ·nil prom lues to do the mtnt in this county. Harry Memorial Fountain Lights Will Go On At 6 Beginning tonl||ht, the llghU will be turned on In tht M. L, Harry Memorial fountain in Central Prk at 4 o'clock, Instead ot at T, and wilt be operated until 9 o'clock Imttead of 10. The fountain may be kept In oner- IV-ll \1 fid I 11^ vv.ui.1 AIV Y v-u-i ·* \fmii, r-m.fir i ^ r t * ^ i wife. Mr, W r« Knob,^. .fed ^ F£^*Sft £A Cortwradon, Kald Monday. It won't he Mhui off until there l« d»n«*r of freezing wuttther. Appeals Imve comol in from people who en)oy th« bo»u- Ufful display, to keep the fountain H« leave* four Mn*. Mary Gentry, Mra. i-'enlon Gogerty, Mru Koy Moore, nnd Mm. Lawrence Yoker all of Decalur, and two «»nn, IMwairt Knoblock, SI. Loula. and Osc»r Knoblock, Jr.. Decatur. H» Iwirt onn uixter, Mrn. lOI^Abelh Belcttkl, Decatur. He wii a member ot Si. Patrick's Catholic church. The body u.'os In ken to .1, J. Moran A Sunn chapel where It will remain until funeral time i? Hn- nounced, OFFICIALS DISCUSS of electing cfflcerx the lust thing on 1hr progriim Tutsdiy afternoon, Sunday wtt* n* voted tratlon in thi Hotel tc Orlando and to tfolf in thi aftefnoon on the HunnyMde golf Unit*. Wtvfu of had n B«l-it equal nUil meeting In the hotel curly Sunday In lh« »fl*rnoon, iht aptom- *nd their wive* were on bomt ride*, malting B, tour of Itki Taur Following- lut ex«cutlv* mntUng In the Hot«) Orliuido »t 1 o'clock Sunday evening, the convention OnlftRnln* And Ui«1r wlm wfint on * Nlght-HeelRR tour of the tliy. They viewed with Inlereit U)* (llum- Innled Bluiny InitldlnR and M. L, Harry memorial fountain. Ttlo Brufliiun f«i n'u iiK^tiy I*: (.nfl.titd -)n^h')|.ltli'ill Al))rfl«. B i" thu l l r*'.it»i~r'«i[. t. A- M*iri)»n. lO-ao-Hiiio-- Ttii' I'lyhttluttv t1 Hwnidi* )« Tint, Oolnmnti !r1t(Hh. l);#il.H1ll-- ).l*Jn uinl X* UrUiH Vtt*. urlw W t'ror. li. Aiiiul'Htf, ll:tm-1 I"-. 1,i!ih-li"'iii 1ti:0- v\'i»"ip i.iii'ii '|-i.-ni 1 ,11 «h M Cl'lll, I'M Td- -Muili'm Wiwifti 1» mirt K» .'I inn l^iniuiillllt li.v H. A. W»itlr Qrt --'I'll I'd i«i runy t"r Hfinn*.n. Mv In II. T. !;10-S S ]liffninn "Si'li- Jt UN i ii \V. M In operation UK long us There WBI 11 liltl* crowd of per- liapo *. hundred pcreon* In tli.i |*rk Kundiiy I'Vi'nlnu with car* lined UP in North and Soulh Slate utreetc, waiting an opportunity lo »llp lnt» place no lhi occuptinU h the (iNi.v of lifthlii and a nnrklnis cottld u-Mlc watM icmu uia\,u3o COUNCIL MOVES TO PLANS FOR SUBWAY «,,,, n MP«I cinE^ALK A conference of the City Council and an engineer of the Wabaah railroad was h«ld at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon lo dlncuaa plans for the North Main street subway. The city detdres a modification »f the plan submitted by the railroad recently, Engineers of the Wabash have been worldng on new plant tor the laat three week*, and IheM were taken up In tho conference, (\Qn AsKS rOl' . Improvement A Hldiiwalk ordinance foi a wiilk on the we*t tifde of North College Htrcet between W«nt William and! North «trect, was Introduced before the council. Monday, ftfiil wan placed on flic for lnnpectlon for 10 day*. r t i n t · T * Tni ordinance wan rcquvnlcd by Overdue rranchite I ax i the ru-si church or chri*i, sciflmini, - - · I which l» ere^tlnic a n*w building on The aecreUiry of stale's office has! (hit corner of CMlW 1 and William forwarded papers to Sheriff C. A. i streets. Onis day remains for the seHitlonajlLon should consider that according|Thrift f*" 1 th « collection of delln- Another nldcwolk ordinance,- pro of the Lutheran conference m St. to the Word of God the call la the'io*" 1 franchise taxes from 17 Dcca Begin Collection of MOWEAQUA WOMAN DIES IN HOSPITAL Mv». M»lll? Hi'rt'ford BiHfhcr dl««l In IMcmur »nd Ma^on County hoi- pi lit) about 8: in o'clock Monrtiiy niornlnK tin lltnetw of two yenrn, Sh« won tlii; wife of Attorn M. ilarber. Moweuquit. Mntll* Bedfortl I'ryoc w«n horn in Wlncht'tster. Ky., on Oet, ]. 18W. 8h» kuvcx her hufthand. Albert U, Harbor, Mowi'iiqun, loui children. Owen, Del ford, Dullaw, Hnrharit ROHM nit ot Ktowettqua, Shf aldo l^ttvci* hot 1 )Mit'enir, Mr. and Mrn, .tnnteii fryor, Dcfftlur. nnd «)tht tii'oihirn nnd ulsters; Mm, Mln- nl«' rtnytin, Mnron; Mr*. M*. H*b cock. I* l'IHM; Id* Pvyoi, HwJIitur; ViciKilH Pryor. Ohsrlotte. N. C., Roland 1'ryor, Jarkwihvlllr, June Pryor, IJpcat.ur; I)IKR|« VounlK,' Richard Pryor. Decalur, She WIM n menthnr of I lie odlol, church, lukeri to J.",1, vherc H will until funeral »*'vices. County To Begin Study Of Water Rut* Schedule Meth- Johannes Lutheran church, which have been conducted here since last WelneslHy, Momlny mot nine's sea- a ion was almost wholly devoted to Die con sill Oration of a Doctrinal quratloA. The speaker presenting the subject, which will cany ovor until tomorrow morning wan Rev, T. Lang, pastor of St. Jumps church In Qulncy. His subject was "What a Christian ConsremiUon fibouV Ctii- Lilder In Calling a Paator or Tencli- er," C*nRrejiitlun Supreme Rev. Mr, Lang showed front Scrip ture thill the n i i l h o r l l v In cnll !· vi';:l- od In the congregation, and lhal no one lias the rltrht to preach publicly unless he he authorized by n congregation. The call extended by the congregation assigns the pastor to a nicnna by which God places hlB servants of the Word Into their field of activity through the medium ot the congregation. "Calling u minister or teacher i« a serious matter and la exercising this prieill" prlvf|f" f «, the (Thrl'itlun ""on- t^'cfwtlon should proceed In the fear of the Lord, colling such servants of thp Word us are needed for ifs cnn- tur firms. The total of 1h«- 17 de- 1lnqU"iit clainiH Ij; 1713.13. Sorni of the firms listed have discontinued vtdlng for u walk on the w«*t "Susrncas Is slowly plcktn' up. The for Wednesday be-'robbln'ti fiom cash H. BniK 1 . ml it 18 cent. ihe ounty 1^1 to be tiled its jlsten in j hnld-upH arc almost i pel gr eater'n last week's ta kin's,' says Constabl^ Newt plum. Whoe' particular field. ly vrarnu against at) who preach without a call The call originates with God, but Is not extended directly us is found so Indirectly by God rt It Ions, Holy CiminitiiUon "The congregation should have an i luye to the quailflcatlono ot the man whom they cull, measuring him by the requirements of the Word of God," Monday evening pastors and dele- gratCH will have an opportunity to partake of Holy Communion In a double service at 3t Johannes Bible earnest- church. The vis It I np mlniNters who will be In churK" of the services are the Rev, H. Vallhaucr, of Mm'fliiosla, annd Kev. M, Gnernmer of Neiv Holland, John W. Swtns. tiatf'f njlor- through the medium of the conjure. The dinner served Monday tioon gation, [ I\'HS in iJuu 1 "* 1 ladl 1 " 1 * Hocietif" 1 ' of St. says anybudd,y1l listen to i-nnson on' Tersely stating the position of tlie I Paul's church Tuesday'a-'-wll! be hnlnt seen Ua-'Ltttheran church. Rev. Mi', Lun? served hy th'.- women of- Trinity maintained: "A ChrlHtian con^rega- cliuro* an empty sffrmach, hat ma Gandhi. fltiAHBTS STOI.HX Pout 1 cartonx of clgare!*, a 3'2 cult- bnr revolver and ttotne candy bir* were stolen Sunday nlgln by u thief who entered the Armstrong grocery store In 470 North Main si reel, SPKEUKU PINED Kutftte.l! G«KS. 2128 North Union street, pleaded iiutlty Sunday, to a charge of speeding und was fined 18,40 by Justice Pred U Hoyl. OFFICES RANSACK RI) S. 0, Kennedy, iriHrmaer ot th* Standard Mfe building, reported to police that his office on the sixth floor of the building, wax entered and ransacked fturiilay. bin was stolen. 'liOTES Charles Pkrtter WHB arrested Sun tor speeding. He pleaded quilt)' th* of Illinois Htrect between East Mtln mul B*si Wood Htrertu, won paiH*d but worlt will not bf (ion* on the wii Ik until spring. Objection to construction of walk al tltv prewnl time w«* by Simon L. Mcrcher, who Hve« on Uio corner of Wood md streets, tie would lilt* to IM th« built, he said, and I* willing to put It tn next uprlng 1 . At the preftnt time, his other ·sBtasnMnti on p*v- Ing and sewer* I* heavy tnd the Bid* wo Hi would be a burden. After hearing blm out, the council agreed that II would bt better to wait until iprlnir before aahlntr him to Inilld the walk. Red and Yellow Flower* On Single Canna Stalk A cattnu stul It bearing two flower* of different coioM w«« brought Thi Herald Monday morning Mrs, E. W. Hilt, 83!) Went Decmur stli-en. The cannu wan ruined In the gardt-n of Mrs. \V- H. Wld^nit- of Of the wnler rtt* I*- iltictlon reimrt m»d» by Murithcy A Noun. AMiountAntH, will b« Uk*n up by thn Cound) rn?*t wfelt sn t com- mftt«e of tha whole. Action on th* report has been d*- Iftyert by the *b*MW« from the city of Commlmiltitfef Buiwher Htlgbrj, who hM been away on B vMitlon trip. Mayor Smith turned over the report to him, Monday, upon hli r*. turn to th* Council, «nit no wilt nu dy It lht» wo«h, *--LOCAL HOTTCE5 | W*a**r TlwCo. VlMMM* tkTME Br*nU H«H or Ruth'* B«Ktity Shot bM moved to 424 CltlHM BlJ», For appointment* cftll "nmta Beauty Shop." Doctor* OllH O. 8t»nl«y and D*»n F Stanlty w(nh to announce llielr offlc* tocatton at tw Clttccntt Build- 12, IftSfl. and wax fined StHO, Parher's homei Mll:nlri'. T)u blooniK v.-cr* ted, unA lit In U21 West Grand avenu*. ytlt«w flocked with red, Mr.C.J. Trrtfuu, tSH 1C, iidvei'tlNi'd ntfi'n and ripe In The H^rglil'n./'i'limd 'niin^s to Ktat" Column" inJ HOUI 3S huhvl »t both by ii'n o'l'loc-li of tht! the fid ui Ir * i

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