The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 28, 1971 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 28, 1971
Page 4
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S,report,Tex<i!i,3«mtey,November 2g, t»7l, een and Heard KOREANS ENJOYED BEING "TEXANS" By DOT NANCE To my right was my host, BILL SMITH. mlHtinislraior of BP Community. Hospital, rtritomy left was KREDKR1CO STEVENS- i«st really my countryman, but my iwitlncntman—hc being Argentinian of Kttglish heritage, I being Braiilian-born of American parents. We were attending a regular Friday noon tarchcon meeting in Frecport of the Rotary i iub of Urawsport—and here at land's end it was quite evident that Hotary is a world Mtowship'ot more than 704,500 business and F4t>fessional executives in 149 countries and geographical regions throughout the world. Part of Holnrians' commitment to the ideal rf sen ice, individually and collectively, as the basis for sucec«-« ,w\ happiness in uisine&t and . <-• >':;:uly life, is in the field of v 't>r -, v>ral Service. '•r. JOE SI.ACK heads that phase of the program locally, and BOB CUNNINGHAM, PAUL SHELLY. LAWRENCE DeZAVALA and FREDERIC!) STEVENS are in charge /srre of international guesls. CUNNINGHAM and STEVENS have it made in titat capacity, since both are with the Dow Chemical Texas Division, Cunningham as manager of International Personnel ami Slcvcits the International General Trainee. H anyone knows who's international orottmi these parts, they should Both men have been pioud hosts this year at Rotary lo six Korean?, . A team, headed by U. J. CHOI, ami composed of Y. S. LIM, J. «, KIM. S, C. YOON, D. S. YOON. fno Halton) and K 4 Y. LEE. came to Braiosporl five months ago. They came for training In the pdyelhdene process, which Dow has licensed to the Korea Pacific Chemical Company. Their company has a separtiie entity, Uit is a Dow 50 per cent subsidiary, and represents a joint effort on Dow's part with Korr«n industry. The team, each member limited in American vocabulary, had very cleverly divided a speech six ways when asked In talk to the local club. They decided to tell the ftoiarians about their own country, and came one at a time to the meetings and in less than three minutes DR. JOE SLACK, D. S. YOON, and ALLEN LEA Se(man's\ DOWNIpWN FREEPORT The Polyester Knit PANT SUIT Picture $ 19 Reg. '29.00 Pictured are 4 of 7 Styles in Double Knit Polyester •fabulous selection •fabulous price Sizes 8 to 18 Select your Holiday Needs Charge them With convenient each spoke on Korea's dtmate, government. nap, alphabet, etc, At a prior meeting some weeks ago, as Ctmnlngnam's pest, I had heard K. Y. f.Ki:, inlrodticod by I'OHHKST UNK, sny Itesltantly: "I do not speak English very well," then give a bcnutlfiil, clear message on Korea's temperate cllnmlc, ending wiih an invitation to visit the country wlxwe history goes Uu-k 5,000 years with the rise and fall of more than 10 kingdoms, Uee said II we visited there we'd have a chance to make friends with kind and gentle Koreans, and ended: "Korea Is not what she was during Korean War." U* was followed at that meeting by very- much-American BEN ANntlKWS who discussed the timely subject, "No Knull Auto Insurance," and when he'd finished with complex fnctsaml figures OIK! Ik- cimir asked for question*, AI.VIE AIKIWIU. had s.ikl; "Would you explain that again, please, Ben?" At tWs Friday's Hotary meet, IX S. Yw>n was about to give the last speech for the Koreans As it turned out. It wa» also their farewell speech, since they lease Sunday lo return to their country by way c>( Washington, D.C. and New York City, Ytxm was introduced by Dr. Slack. fie thanked the Kotarians (or "the valuable opportunities you haw provided us to introduce mir country. Korea," and said "we lave been eager not to miss any one of lltwte opportunities reganlleas of whom, where, or wlwn lite occasion or whether it l«s (irmal or infornuil "This was bevatue we wantfd to sttavt hw desperately we desire to have our country dvwlop«xl and that this desire b realizttt in our country today." Voon said he hopwl the rvlal between the United Suti-s ami Korea will always be based on friendship. II* thanked ail for the "many kindnesses ami much Irinvdship extended to IB by the people here which hits made our stay vwy comfortable, much like home. We have really enjoyed Ixicnme one of th« original draft dodger* by enlisting In U.S, military service because "we were told If we'd enlist wa'd be out In « year," Thirty years and nine months Inter, he said, In- got out, lt« "xltocik hanth with Uncle 3am at high noon on Aug. 31, 1971, and the next day was in Frecport." Ho imld his life as a civilian Is no different than prior except for Ihe mailer of (electing a necktie each morning. Uncle Sam had been making that decision for htm, Now that he's a taxpayer In Brazorto County, he said, he can call the Port of Krecport "our port," Tu eotuk'tw his cnllttukuUc talk, he said we luive n good and modern port with deep water, adjacent land for itorage. good labor ' and freight rales, "We're not a congested iitea, and we're closer, in lime, lo open water Hum any port In Texas. "We have (he greatest potential i have ever swn in » porl," he said, fjut "where ever I lave tx?«) p*w|>le wy they never heard of It." HP tirg«Hl lixtt-nen lo "help u» tell the Soon and ilwirtl reported »M* wwk U*J UNOA *«1 (WftY AMMON8, formtfly of Preeport now <tf llwttlon, were veiling In Uwiwport. Utt trtwd* «« eonfwed, llw iwmw itowld 1* <wr«te4 lo UNDA awl uiWV AMMON8. Ttwy returwd home ywientoy, , , IKKNK HJCKJ), an link Udy volunlw at HI' Community Hwpltal, with whom I look forward U> « |irt*«ng w<rh Saturday mornln* on «* "wwubMl round, and who tevw lo read awl prefer* Irwlh lo Helton, My* when »» monthly n«Mter*Dl|W«t arrtwt »« h*r tome. *** rwd* |( from wv»r to wwr,' lAwkta* e«b artJcle w »he nntahw. When »h« h«« ?om- pitted ibe whote l**ue ibe lake* it to the hospital to «har* wtlh paHwil*. , . Melvin Green rites Tuesday It reads like th« Hook of Cen«*i*-~«xc«pl llwy'reall very much aljvp. When CIIKHKK DAMN t'oi,i,Altt> was born on Nov. 10, IWI, at HI' Community Hospital, »h« made tlte sixth getMrratiim of living folk Stic'* ilw dautihlfr and lint child of Mr. and Mrs . TKKHY I.YNN rut.UMUl of AngJctim, On thtt (uicriul side, her grandparents art! Mr ami Mis \V. o I'OI.UMlt) of Angl«lo«; ttrr three grrat-grandparenu are Mr. awl Mrs. UOV I.UWUKY of Freest, »mi Mr» MAHTHA StWlff u< Itowte t)t» the maternal »itte, C1>erv«! Da*it u tlxe lir»t Kramklultt i<x III' College »ludrn( tttid l>«trtc! Clerk Office'* Mr*. MKITA t.rlllllKl,S. knuwn a* MKKI. ,\tr and Mr* A. J, UltltlKl'S Sr. of Ai«S«ft«!, <«id Mr* LHKrrrrA TKAtit'K »t Ciwu* ar«f Kffttt grandpa rw»t», and Mrt. 0. T, TKAWK at Nat»«vu w grrat gr«»l-graral«w«hrr, To mm up, thr baby (u» I-»o parcntJi, FHKKI'OKT - Funeral *«Vim for Melvlu UoMry Orwn. 67, wit) be at 10 a.m. Tu«*day In Fordye*. Ark. wllh the Bunion Funeral Home In charge el wrvk**. Uev. 0, U, IXxrfcnty o( the A.w*mb»y <rf God Church In Frwjwrt *»H otltciate Hurul will I* in Gr**n Hill tVro««ery to Fortlyc*. Ark, Fr«rj»ft Fuaml ll«n« w in charge o< »*rvi«» Vocally (Jtiffi. ttlifl was a fr»lttrftt id Frwpwt l«* 17 y«ar». **» born in ArVdittj* Ik 4ml HI Cuminunii) llunHtal FctcUy *Ht?t a l»» t»iwi ilt«**» He had bent An c«>ptw)rr erf Strin^Miow't in r*ft«t»w« llcll. tWt> MMM. t»f" 1 Okla,; fight grandchildren and two Earl 0, Gray 1 funeral today Funeral **rvkw» fur Karl (.*«? Cr»y, », *itt b« at 2 *> p in, Sunday at the lw»irn«««i ^*utMral Cb»(«ifl TV K*» Ku£$w Cr-»)U *«( Ita Tirtt t;mt«4 MHMui nwrrli ft in dlrvehon o( Ihe ttotrur turn m iuj tan-rti 4 ar.J trf frior tu Yoott's sp*t-ch llw nvt-n had >SiUicrt>(lii!i (!«.-) do (or ttutl juice, name lags » PTJIJIT, the ple«lg* ' to the U 5 flag, :md SOHJIH Then Prt'M&'rtt Alli'n l.ra tad rro>i8ni<nl t'llll.Ut 1 fltow lor 18 >«irs o! jwrltct utuiidaiH-t;, AI.VIK MKIUULI. for tiirtt- >fat^ ajidKUllAl'KHforone (If a Kotariats is !*i! wn Iwtnt* !»•*. attendance *l a lti»!,»t> he ss »curw>- etlf'aulJjin-ll'rv for ht» work as bulk-tin Klulla! r.AY HKI.TUN .nxl aid) t (' AltOLY.V J. 11 AHKKH. t»3tt! of ,S*«*ny, SiilW, ! *tly'» 85 will perform «» th« llnnntwn jVttrtdmne new dtm tor Jennifer Jones service Monday I'A.M MAUCt'M. d»u«htcr tJK.VK .M.Ultt'.M, and » student a! Sam lur Thr group h4t a word o< ;tp{w4ranc**, includinK JOHN K- KKNNKUV* I.YM'UN B Jtf •»!>! »((>i-!*', t~\sf«r(*\ Iteiw ss a««l niirf [> in ui Uar holiiia> s. >Mtf>(» WITV nf* prirsrat. *>aS -it live it:«M !.';«. IWKKY MAYS, JIMMY HANKS ami MAKCAItKT Kl IlKlt. Ilitjh. UW Iliijh ar4 HI' C f f ««'!>( .»A('KS.T-\BIl.O>( 1>'A 'HH .>. wwoJ !iw- KK «v! tfruup '<• iM-Acr iiM-jiiU-rs, ami Krtvp»rt"» w.-w pott dircvitTT and ntaitiiti-T, JW»e Un. 1 mittn (i<idr«*is He iratctl Iw cart'tr (n«n tu'tt.T)lraoc<Mi>thv University at Te.w.» in CJSW ' '.< tin- pri^'fit Hm«f A-*. .1 U-A graduate m t'JW). h* Witd. hr (lay t» l HKI.TON; Mrs H. {'. HAItKKH Mr atal Mrv *V T J«n {'At* . ah* ti*r 41 rwtttun Tinr Hi 1 ' I* .»! I 1 ^ »t fu'.rttsii 113 (•'*! K and WOLTMM'T JAKtJKH. wtM Irfl Krurport t*.»S wmrk (or th«r«r njliir 4ftcr A ymr and 4 hjU tn . [ir««-»(mg 4 j! It) ihrir tfsitnwiar. Capt UA.V whom ttwy call "WKJIK." J**$tr\ tntn« tu fvrsu,n!" .\!cr>-,1itfi l$ tuil hi* K-ftOJtxr 4«r«H,t the AtUntk r.-rts^ttmmrt nn»l»eU (« at I HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS I < UMMt MtY IHioi'lTM or iMU/u*>*'«nr rnttm Mr* J W W Christmas Mail Call corrcc lions (or in the Christina* Mail Call list for tlw county's servicemen who will br at holiday lime lu\« turiH-d in l» Tlw Fact* Tlwy an-. AMILKTON I'FC Jot-l S Montgomery To B, 1M Au» Un 10! it Alrhtjrm.* Div i Airborne « AI'O San FranciKo Il|{\/Oltl\ Sp Hutuld W I'erwnwl Section KUBlh Kngr tin Comt AJ'O I'lc Kotwrl I. 4.5298019T Co fJ Ifd Bn 5th In/ Ft. KobU-, Canal Zon* AI'U New York, c>»33 (,'pt Hilly Hay Joha<wjn 4W68W/7Q ACT, llth A.fH Al'tj SJM Francuco (In Sgl. lU-nnjn I'ayne U 717th Arty. 2nd Inf. Uiv AI'O ,S«in Francijco 96251 I.AKK JACKSOX I'lc. Hichard lxjvul«,s .Sgt Alw l'a>n«r Co. Cllth AU -Sig WJ175 N'l-w York Co. U, 2nd Btn. 1st inf , 1% DDE San Francisco, Calif AI'O 96256 Gary Turney injured Lance Cpl. Gary Turney, wn uf Mr <ind Mrs, Eugene Turney of 114 N. Shady Oaks in Lake Jackson, lias been injured in a head on cijlliMon at Bedford. Pa. He was enruute to Youngstown, Ohio, to spend (he Ttianksgiving lioliduys when the accident occurred. Tun «.• y was taken tu Bedford Mc-inuri j| Hospital where hu is re-ported to be in coiuliUoo. GOT A'^PROBIEM Call Ciibib Hotline 29/ 3?b6 24 Hours DRUGS * SUKJDE . YD » ANllHiNG ALLS ;vv^wW{«*9WM4W*<>W«'wSWw<wo!'9«wW^ -A NKW .VTOHK AT AN UUJ LOCATION —\Vr: ST1UVK TU K,\VK Vl)l MUNKV ~«l.TKK,S OF itANKIU-JTriKK. FIHK M^jiRH ~M AM FACTt UKIUH I t.lMiF.Ol T A MLrSi-MAVS .S,\>HH,F»S -h'NKHYOAY U)W I'JlH K-S MM l)€t'ASIO,VAl.t.V NEW GROUP LADIES VINYL COATS I,V < 01-OltS Hri Blur. Kr»-«o t lo U n:tt IJNKO FEATURE SPECIAL MEN LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS $| 79 sm: S.M.I. xi t'KHMA 1'Hr.S.S U.I, Vi V.VT»;tt I'ATTt'.KN.H 'I. i $ 12 00 HURRY-UMirED^UANTlTY CHILDS SIDE WALK ! BIKES r» 0 w SWAG LAMPS Culur & Stirs Drroulor $J88 CHILDS rwcYCLES MENS FAMOUS BRAND HANDKERCHIEFS ' il Al I. MIT-TUN g£* WmK 18 PteceCRYSTAL PUNCH BOWL 27' DOWNY 49' 88 $1488 GR^UP 99' IK 2 FOR JEWELRY M" IM )KT(n>t ULSII CLOTHS SHOE DEPT. MEN'S, WOMEN'S, CHILDREN'S SHOES IN MOST OF THE FAMOUS BRANDS, WE BUY INSURANCE FIRE LOSSES BANKRUPTS & QUIT BUSINESS STOCKS. WE'LL ALWAYS SAVE YOU OPEN Til 9 P.M. |W|A|L|LlS OFF REG. RETAIL PRICE OPEN Til 8 P.M. 408 HWY, 23KIUT! .2654277 NOT 6QQfi TO FIRST STATE BANK 'ir»Vtui«iMni

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