The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 28, 1971 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 28, 1971
Page 3
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«. lluot^h II (or holiday (un All lni.rU will IK- Btjrvialh pru-rd at t,J aw.) ill fu-f) Urilig.tMt-11 tit/ft- in lirvai> I'«"l Hi Jj,kr I In f If, (.., IN ABILENE HEARING TJJEimAmsPOItt FACTS, V recport, Teta*. Sunday, Novembei-M, J97I, 'Ilw plan for InkiHK the stilt («il of (he wiitm of UK; Hriizo* Klver Alined solid «up(wr( fn Abilene ,'it |j> (Ira! or (hrc« public Ix-artriK* l^'ing held acni»* Ilw Half by ii> us. Corjm o! Kngiwm. Mended by the Texas Water Oevdoprnenl Itunnl, the Texan Water Quality Hoard ii nd thi' Hnmi» Kjver Authority, more than 18 MUtaiiiAaiumi and individual* voiced hii|i[)or( for the plan for i Mjtii (ing ul ».a)i brim- from (he Ilium* (liver «r«J »f>:<y) the pfon lie ils-v cl<j)*-d /»»rj (in. plfl«rf!lr-d us •unit) ;i! j»'c;>!t,lc Till' lust OJ !h<- Uifte l«MM!i£* llw (Vrp% ii, holding vtais in ()«• Abilene f'lvie ( Vfili-r Approximate!) 150 |**r»»w» from llV v, rsiif (j an-,-) Of '!>».•»« Aftriidril the m«-«-iii!g The r«->.{ pyt.iir llirrh.'v; *ill br IK-W ii, H.K'i •.<i l>" 1 ;tjxj the juka) iinriir>£ •Ail! (.«• in A!'. us Brazos de-salting gains support IIR the stilt public and the Corn* to gain and Dickens counties. water frnrn P«Mim Kincdom th* Rr.irn* uni H''iik. l Wujlti ('<jip» (liMnct gtuup, It hoMnt|> the tk "(o slitr* t-*oi»;ij riii.^!j!rfsi' U-l»«ti t(>c public nwJ the Corp* to m»w idea* and comment* MI Ifwry cnn lj<! inrorporalw) Into the 1 plan which will IK; adopted ttnd r<*cnmrncf)dc*d (o Corpn chlff» «l a Ifller dale.-. H»f? only </[>p<«llfofi to (he plan could I* termed modified or quuliticd oppo«Hion. Jy-vi-ral Idnduwncr* and Kent County Jud(ji- Boli from Ihr arc;i where •wvc nhwn tnrrai of ilcr nail [filiation onKinati-y (wnd Dn-y wn/iK^J KK,' Oirp» a»?t others involved in (hf» pl.-m i^, make certain Ifw >/uddin(( of hrrw tonlrol rcw-rvoirs in the .'irfr.'i doe* no! ronlamiuate the underground -Aaicr »up})lk-» on which UK- area dcjx.-nds Col Walter Wclln. K«iwal man;>t!'-r id lite Hrawt Kiver Authority, oulliric-d in the Author ity'ii Atatement tin- drtallt of hv* !h»- s(ud) of (he ft.ill [xjllutiwi of (Jw Jir:i//« lie.<-r Iwd Ixxfi carried i«i for more l)iau 2>i >i'jr* l;y Ow Aullx/ril) and other »UIe ;iwl ff-<i(-r:i) aj;ci><-i(-s Arvl !»• said, tin.' studiii. had \rinixnn\inl !)«• usajor wwrce of »M- rw!u:al! in a Mill Hat ar'-.i i;i Ki-tit KinR, -S(«»r»t-*all Astroworld opens tor special week !•.! ttt ill !.«- ^ , ...1 jr.•;,* !) < f !: J r 'J (V . :• f. f * J ! r ~ ' >.f ,-.!--.AI i.-,.! ',r-» '|rif< f, ..<•«•. .,„ i,-, ,^r>.4:Sirv/. *1 J ii Swine production course set in WC Sf. . '..-. (! «f »*;f«T •N- i Vf.1 <•{' ,4.-:!?v*i V.r-rxT I«-i»l \hV. ! r,u>-;-,;!, .; («• ihf •.!•„•.!:•;>. '.If Iff Ih H.ri;r <•:;•. r--!\i> .1". or thcr'. rn^ttr ir. *•»•.;*• j c 'tK^ • ;>.^r. 4ft^ :r. (sllv? • <t < ->! i<• r. * i A u r: f \i i! u r r th<- u-?,rt ,4 <!«.» -mil I*- rVM B N USINESS W S An rr,!r> II-T U M*-*! <'i<urw (Vrtifu'atM ml! t* v |vrS4-fi?c^J (c r.irh ^Ui*lrt;t .iHrndin^' jll the Ir ;» to c<m r y.uh srlrrtmt; ,im1 imi; aixl tiirvlini; (JIMMM- ,»ml ( ami <t|ui|inirfil .1* urll as iiwrkHmj; ' Slmrl riniriM-» in .smne )>fmlu>lKHi as ui'll .m m olhrr arr iwv* ,i\ailablr to * thrmiclwKit HH- »tatc umlrr the rouprrAtivr program bclwci-n Trias. jtciK) and A4M." Bull J.i»kii. SMrtXialc professor. Drpt of Agricultural ion at A4M. »h<> nxirduwiti'* Uie I.AHHV CAUKS. c 1.1 1 . a \ulh State Hewne Ijtlv Insuram-e Company, tta* recently named st'iund vice (incident ol the Sidle j HeMrvc IxMilcn. Club at it* com entmn in 1'alin Spring, Cnhl At that tune, I'ark* was cited fur luiving written the third largeM aniuuni of pri'iiiiuiu in cuine lor the IB nuinih periwl which ended St'pl 30. ''This c o o p e r a 11 v e program", cinilinutxl Ja>ka. to make the ;nail.'ilj|o to cunducl khorl cuurM-iv under the «upcrvii»iun of |mbhc M'huoU Such a pntgram will enable teacher* uf nn'alional agriculture to piuvidc iinprinfd educiitioritil service* to farm pwple " Spi'culisl.i are DOM available in UH> fields of becl production, (arm arc welding, itirm electrification, electric motors, swini' production, tractor niaintvnaucc. p;isture and oxy acetylene welding nnd Dickens counties, At the IfwllRatlw of trx: Authority nnd other xtate and local ngenclc*, th« Corps wan authorized to make a study of the pollution and recommend a plan for iU solution. This •tudy wag xtorlid In th« early IVA'n and rej»ull«l In Ihc district Corps office tentatively selecting n plan which all Muditii point out ax the rmmt fcaxlble to rid lh<! ttt&ijn of mutt of iU salt content. Ttw plan wixild call for the construction of four dams on crw-ks in the salt brine area which would totally trap the fl'/w of Ihc tall-laden water fn reservoir* awl allow DK; water to evaporate arxl leave the Milt f'olonr-l Hcnk said th<- propovtl plan i» Uiw-<J r/n a life fxppt'l.'incy <A Iff) yearn "aiyj surely by that time man will have figuntl out an wofiormcat way to take the fw<lt from water and make it »*<•<•! ami ujutble " Colonel Welli. jn his Matertn.Tii. ri-vcaled for the first time plate by which, after th<- d«altin(! plan is |ju! into o{x-ration. the improved water from Pm«um Kingdom 1/ake near Mineral Wells could be pumped into Hubbard Crwk Ijike awl ^' used by Ihc City of Abilene and that area as municipal, industrial and possible irrigation water supplies. Colww?! Menk and Colonel Wells both told Ihc group of studies which have been made of the anticipated growth of thf; Brazos Hiver basin and its need for additional water supplies in the future. Colonel llenk said the studies have «ih«wn thai (,'rahsrn, Waco. Marlin. f'leburrte awJ cities in (he Houston Galveston area will face wrioujt water shortages in the period Ix-'ween \V/> and IW) unle»!> tin.- iall pollution is hrcniftlil under control tie said studies which the Hra/.o* Itiver Authority has made shows that 'Jfifffi ad dilii^nal acre- fwt of water will I* 1 ne««l«J by thai time to me* 1 ! !}«• anticipalfl m^-ds of citiev factories ar«J fanners. Colonel Well* Mid the Corf* lias made studies of th<- efftrtts the plan would have m rt-ducinj! lh«' salt content of Ihc the BrnzM water "and result* arc remarkable". This plan of trapping the flow of «j.H brine Into Ihe \\rntti*, would so dramatically reduce the Salt pollution, that ft would give the Brazos Ba.iln full use of (he water from more than 1,000,000 acre fcef of *lnraf>r> in three major reservoirs where usage is now limited by salt pollution, "This is indeed dramatic when you realize that all the water in Possum Kingdom, f/rnnhtirv and Whitney Uikes. which is now adversely affected by the natural salt pollution, will be made completely wuibkr to hclo meet the prcwni and future n»>ffls r>( cilios, imhislries and farms thrnughotit the Brazos v.illi-y." Colrmel Wells Mid Colonel llenk said all .si.ii. i. ' i',!' tnadf ;it the Abilene nits'.'!"»• •<"'' the two following meeting* v. '1 l*> incorporate*! 'Aith the di.sUt i office's recommendntiorai and plans which will go to Corps headrjuarter.<> and then to appropriate committees of concerned Ke*Jeral agencies ;irvl (".entually to Congress Christmas Begins With These Great Buys! Hurry! 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