Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 13, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1930
Page 2
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Bandit Gets Gas/ 7Aen fatas Cosh From A lonl bandit Sunday nlKhl lobbed *C*nn«h Wllnon, attendant ot tin Standard Oil Co'n filling Datlon In ·louth Prnnklln and Kiist NhetUUin itreetit, Tho b»ndlt. nnmimkud, fliHt dad five gallonn of «aiolln anil a inar« of oil put In hln ear and then jtuflk · i«volvei In Wluioir'n face Wllcion W*H forced Lo open the iafe fi th« ((Utlon and turn ovei Hr content* to th» btndlt, who (ilxo took the attendant i coin chanwi und oontwtt* The bnnfDI esci(|wd In liln , cat Thu ftinotffft of monev Inknti Iw the (Mltfh-up man will n«t be known until A check-up IB made NIGHT SCHOOL T O N I G H T Mechanical Drawing t Mechanical Drawing I! Inguire at Y. M. C. A. IIM W Pmtrld St. I'liotie R«l 160 ATTEND EASTERN PACKING CO, PICNIC AND WIENER ROAST Employe! of tho Bnstorn Packing 'i Hloitn In Dccntui BloomlnRton, Champnlftn anil Clinton had an en Joynblr- picnic und wtenpi lOtwl Sunday tn Mtielld! IwlH-o ^outh ol Lake Dwtitui A to ttil of 1(10 pei ion 3 at- tonded tho outlnft U^unllv the iniployps ot Ihe torn- jjrin-v In tlic stepaiatc cities have their own pkntci In the itspertlve, Uli i lm all the outings vtrrv limited thl* yoai A plctrtc lunch wa-. wrvod at noon A bull ptinie wai plftjed In tho allemoon. an wa« KOlf There WHI a wlanrt roatl In the evenlnf; First Methodist Night School to Open Oct, 22 t ' l i m MithodM clrrnch will opon Iti nlghl ichool of religion on Ott 22 Iiitrnhirm will bo "fiivcd (nh eictilntt at (! tl ooloolt by women or UK L h U H l i Clnisei) tc«ln »t T p ni mid n'llt h i t hult Uli frHfw!ntf ub- Jt't lii 'llti t'lnlii or fn|.hti ftev Uo Puth toi(,hi "HtMhemiiiKN il tltulv Ulnlillari" Itv Iliv M u t k ll iMcCallum, tc-Bch- ci ' KMlKhu'i Cur iL'iit Fvenla' Rev A Tl Uiiitnnuiu lent In- 1 PlfftlJC UiVm MEl.lIN A (iiibllt iiiilti incetluir ^^ll he (..niliitlfil Mondny e n n l n n At f JO o t l o . h In I Hi t.lntoln To Return Bovs Held for Theft To Reformatory JUUH of the five pay-telephone thieve* an anted Inat week by the police me to be t o turned to St Char lea i I'foi mnloi j. fiom which they were released 01 pritole The four weie liunstom'd Satuttlay fiom the cltv Jail to the county jpll Thpy are Elmer Schollenbnrch Hurold Waldion Jnmen Wendell and li'oitfit Kodln-j LRV.IX fitiwmdi one »( the five anil also a |ay-t lophone thief, although on paiolo ficnr St Charles will mil tie scut bn U as his lecoid Is good us comjiaicd with the otheu, fiollu* -mid Li wls is In the tltv jull klnii'i Scholium n mli must acivi four veins In SI Charlen 101 violating his purola uml Kaiold Wultliun JarucH Wonttcll untl Tonest Bodtne must serve five jem-i Paiole vlo- lutoia (loin St Chnrlcs who at a under te year* of age aie given foil!-cat toinii and those ovet 16 nuist remain in (fh* icfovmatory untl) they aie 'a icars old for hirnkiir^' paiolc Four oung boy s H r i eatcd laal week n f t u t ti vltiR lu break Into u crocctv itoi* have been i«lea8Ml to the Lustody of theii parents SON OF SUVE GIVES TALK BEFORE FIRST METHODIST LEAGUE R e v H I M Bond, whose father, slave, i«n ttwny and toilglit in the Union uimv and wns shot tor It when he returned, and whose mother was whipped to death, nililKJseed the Outoid league of Fit at Methodist church Sunday tn "My Life and Beliefs' Thl" wui the first of a aeileo of llnee moellngs on the late question Next Sunday John Ragan will lend a r o u n d table dhruBHloni and on Oct 26 Jamea Pixr-ionu, a fieshman In Mllllkin, will speak on "The P«y- ology of an AVCIDKC Nii^to" Eat) Krugor, a senior in Mllllkin Decatur Residents, Hurt In Ohio, Leave Hospital Mr and Mr i Hrtt i \ Uuntvi, of the 1JOO blotll We«t Main street, who were in n seiloufi automobile accident In Ohio (wo week? ago, wore able to leave the hoapitnl In Van Wttl. O, on Fildiiy anil drlvn lo Milwaukee for a visit with their diiughtoi Thflli «ai wits "complstsly wrecked and Ujey nccmed a nevr ono Mrs Huntei won badly hurl, but htm uncovered enough lo make the tilp Mr Huntei wi biul^cd, but otbcr- wlue not Injuied 4 SIXJLBN MB RBCOVKRJEU An automobile stolen SaUlidny tioni W E Brought on w«a renov- eied Sunday (our miles east of the city jmrkfid along Route 10 The cai wn» undamaged"CLEAR EVIDENCE" Says L. J. HOROWITZ Chairman of the Bourd Thompson-Strtrrctt Co., Inc. Builder* ot the new Wikldorf-AitoriA Hotc the Wool worth Building, the Paratnotrm Iht Cwitcral Motors Btilldtnii In lh« Palmer HOUM In Chicago. *'Wh«n modern enterprise join* hands with sure-footed experience, mccets becomes certainty. The fusion of th«* two important factors hti given Thompson-Starrctt tn'ti abillion dollar* worth of activ ity in thirty years, Jt is intci- exting to note the applicative of this same principle in your business. Its clear evidence is your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the 'Toasting' of'tht LUCKY ST1UKE tobaccos," LUCKY STRIKE--the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop«THEN-"irs TOASTED." Everyone knows, that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows--that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray* "It's toasted" Your Throot Protection · qnalnst Irrttotlon ·· acjalnst cough Consistent with Its policy of laying Ihe facta befow the public, The American tobacco Company has irmted Mr. I,, J. llorowiu to review tho roporM ot the dratmgnished men wtw have witnowed LUCKY STRIKE'S fwnonn Toasting Process, Tho itftUrmont of Mr. Horowiti app«arn on this page. . Mtti LUTHERANS OF DISTRICT HEAR TWO SERMONS Concordia Seminary Professor in Charge of Serv- J ice in German MEETING ENDS TUESDAY Piof Rkhard C Nellie I of Con- coitlla aemlnaiy In SpilngflolJ de- ll\rted the Lutheian convention sermon Sunday morning tn Trinity pinlnh houac, at 3 30 o'clock fn Ger- nrnn OhoBlnj; (fn hla Uit Cor. 15-6S, ho ia the congrngiidon In part WH 'Let us abound in the wotk of soul-iavlng This \ ork Is, In tho (Int place th« work of the Loid, (.hut woik with which thu Lord has solemnly thai ft d the rhtiif h, mying, 'Pioach the Gospel to every ctea* tnic, he that hollcveth, and IH baptized shall be saved; but ho that lcllevcth not, shall bu damned.' " If the Chutch la lernlsx In preach Intr the Gospel of Jnmif Chtlst for the BtthaUon of soul a, and en guy 05 In other worlw. It li! no longer do- Ing the woik of lh Loid Mindful of l)uty 'By Ihe gince of God otu church iu itlll mindful of Its duly; but we thmrld not bo satisfied with pant nei for mimcM We mint, an the A politic says In the text abound tn the walks of the Fjord We mutt caity It on with ever Increasing In- 113 CAurcftes Must Do %ore to Help {BELIEVES TRUTH The Poor, Papperman Believes \ IRflNT fjDVI IU| y U a «ocial crime waa to the Ion* of «elf-ivii|He.l, th« d»c»y '·KMW I Uli 1 Lflff SHOULD PREVAIL That poveity th contention of Rev G. A Tapper man of Wwtmlnstci Prcabylarkan church, preaching Sunday evening hit Mcond sermon In the ttitft on "Rich man, poor man, b«KR*t man, thief " "There is a numb*!' or skilled men with long and *xccllent recoids who have lont thalr for O*U»M fully outbid* Otelt control, and have b«*n untbto lo recover theli plnc«a In Industry," he »ald they have been no (unn out of work that they have lost faith In themselves and In aoclcty and have become in aomu mcaouic tin- employable FamlllcH, Helf-rcipecUnK and compel en I, become dincourngcd ghlftlQRH and antlaoci«l Th,e overseer of the poor told me that discouragement in se*-n In rnoul of the greatly Increailng number of peopl' thirty 01 fortv p«t rent over litnt year, that oume lo him foi liulp "Good wages and soort healthy condition of work, for education and pleanute will no) naeemarlly nave men from their ulna, But tho lark of thotte thlnrtH tendn of the wut'u fflcigy, the that pan of man'K nature which lives by admiration, .hope and love "We mu*l mnemlw that the prfii tre our own They bclon(t to our Roclal order. Let »r;h employer of f»bw over bis book* and out III* own poot the pool w»tk ui living and ofnt bourn, nnclei xm condition*, being mindful if had* link* accident* which requti Inwur- Jincc and lmlu»irl«l dtiWiWH Show t h e m how to borrow money, when thev miiHt hn\e II, (H reirnonuhl*' rut en to 0 |nm rhilrli»n ifed, badly hou^l in) No! until you bilng »"· curily. Independence nnii hope \ft tiif jtnr workers are you n lenl lender In IndiMtiv The t h u r c h e s mini do more llrritt Recent Prohibition Fin*, Not so Startling, Griv mort Says CITES CANADA'S RECORD (hat ni» pooily c!ad the; have done before In hr toother the ilch nnd the poor, n'o- nrnnlcallv doHnlly and aplrfltiiillv "Tens of Ihousandn of people who li\c In poveitv have ncvei Kev tiiilli I t nii vubnl in A liny i n . i n l "li of " f i ,,,,,, In . Whin Jii-rjs |ii.iii|i,.,i ii, .% U | ( pih, hi* home town, r I t l i n tju( t h i i i-Jt'Mii' not Hffi'.i th. inith Hi iiiiii'i',\' '']))'· Nl Illtn tftlllll.J. «,i rii'iv Ink' lowing Hi. W f t l l wbotj! , t [ H|l)),/Wll .,( 'rtl'lh ilvcdn of ')(· iiy in i Ni feel I.I S.'ilt 11 lllli 'Jllltl (I.JW (h'ln If H ([(j))! ,) t ,| Of idlOUrlllK ill .111 ||||)1)|)H|||)1 I),, Illllh »tn)l|l pluhlbHI'lll Hill Ij, j| 11)1,1 I uUHilnl -A limn*, rli l l u n n , JB1K^l Mill ItimlK ft. J U l l h Mn, JJJil l.imt W in · WolWMT- V M 1' nt 7 I I « l l l t Ml" J"!itl 1 W . m i l "l H n l l l l » u n TM , ,,1iit ilnw hliKlli' 'We ue doltitr thin wotk for the Lord In obdlence to His Command, for the glory of His name In fltm reliance upon His blessing How then, could thin work be In v«ttt* 10 aft SertiYe He\ Aithur E Nelttel S T M, of Chnndlervllle chaplain of the convention nnd »mi o( Plot R C Nilt- wl. "spoke In Enitllfh at 10 10 Sunday In Trinity ehutch "Accoidlnp to the giaelorjB will and Inlenr of God the kingdom of the Messiah should Include all na- 1 lion* and all men" he Raid "God halt went and ordained Hli Christ to be the Savior of the whole world, and therefore at HH command and heheNt the compel h preached unto all people nine" Chiiat by virtue of hh atoning and ledeemlng work lias a claim R ilRhtfu) claim upon aJl m«n 'But alas this woiUI of men ID ill- vldad into two opposing camps, the one consisting of the people of Gml and of Chris! the other of the enemies of the Lord and His annolnled "MoM men In theli cainal mind- edneis, which is enmity nfrnlnii, r '°d oppose the Kingdom of Chi ml raHij. In Aim 'White, however the enmity of the world against the Ixird and His Christ is malignant and venomous In It! Intent If fall" of Its aim and design And not onlv (hat, it IK the sheerest self-destruction Alt the regiments of tpbollJous foice« muit ultimately find not only theli plots, but also themst-hea daubed to pieces against the eternal and overlostlnft rock ot ages "The church however will ontlnsl all the HIVHKOH of the fotces of dark- 1 J. 1 ' 11 ;, 1 . ness The ciois on which the Holy! «,'? One of God dkd for the sins of the Mi_« Jt world will stand toweling ovi i the' w m k c f U m c and to the end of time a, beacon lUhl luailinn directly to the pence of God which paimelh all under standing, and to (he bosom of undying, peifi-ct love" The dhtilcl nieellnps will i loee Tuesday CLASS TO MEET The Young Married Peoples . Ions of East Park Bnptlrt church will meet nt 7 30 o'clo Monday eve- nlng In the c h u i c h for the legulnr monthly business meeting and so- tlal Huch member i^ leqtipRted to rlnj? i» J)le 01 doughnut nu'"ji-- Jwlii..' '»* 7 V HI iii ..... IK tl.ltllillt '« nn. - ti IH,* It UI'MMISMMt t'llKiItt M.UH\ \r ,n in; iii i lui JiiiMiiini wiii M 1 I ll'.Ji I 1 J j SOI 111 U i l l l l t n ttn t i u i i l n ) - ( f l ' l fraatr t i U m i ini*l lii i|iillt 111 »( I I I II in in I ' r i i t f t n - l k* I ja I l i f Miitf '·inn I I I I nliUrn l i n e , n r » I'll uj ml ill -Jtm M O D . tli«|i r nil (In ill ; lt \ l o m i n n I ' l l i n l i " i i t i n i^ Ki I uijiiH i r i iiil«ui'inim x HUM n ' huiiiTii »pi r. «inM|iH r. «J inn: in "ii r i l i n u l l u n a ! Inn. " V " in'lilpt inlKKtiitllili i» ni, i n in N i l Ii 111" I U t m i n n nil Alni-kii ] i l i l n ~ l i i ^ M^J I I in JIM - mill \m 4, VMIIUI.I riunji i inn 1 mi n l.iiird ID ihtubt i ' 1'inlil M H K l H y H ( f l llll n.. 1 th.h tit K..IE V\ I l)].li.1il f lull n I ^ M ^ I Ilk llll rill! Ill I Im. . IHH ll ' l l U t ncu ill .ln III M m U N K l . l l !l lal lull. Ii Pun ru I I In llll, j n u IhumrtHV -I KMII in ill ' " Pilijk) ltii M in l»)iltmr.. n I.tin n i !»n\ \it 111 I I U I I H I n i ill t i i i.» ftir |«il l ' ' t iin-i inrii-i M i l Mil 111 111) S l U l E I H * |l tl. i l l IIMIIIH 7 I I I M i n i . I t . i i l H i M " t I, \ n i t h I .'In ul H . - l i n t M l a j ' I n n . I, n l i / l n » i . j i | . 1.1 « sun dm afh ml I ' B H . I i .1 (' I ' l i i i i t HUM i ti'iir. Hii«ii. ii.iiii i . i n n in nil ii « ' ) | r , | K l l l * l 111 t l l t l l I ' l l " I i l l . I n I . Hll.1, 1 (if Mn.clinlt tii! "hin B l l i ' l i .liiw n l l l i In ill I. "i . r MI** I cumin* rt-iBMi- J--1 «··* I" I 1,111. d l t i i l * IK) I t I n t ll. i l I ulll lii" I III II.i Klinll""! tl . 1 I. I Mi« woii irin.i..n x.uii .in·» vini ii .1 [ III h t tl Mill W U'»r I'litdl' nt Iiu I 'I iiowlni i Ml n 111 ill "l|. . M i * l I imiRht f(ii(in.'i 'iiniiiunit will inn II. llll, i ll.I.rli 1' (Ml H III ' l«ll|i I W l l u i k q M VMIKJ(OII. I ihn.ll.IH. 1 nil! tl. 111 llic tixlll' "I M i r I M IPltn I II. « ,f, Mi tn miii t.i Vi* II II 1,1111. Mlt.»1..ll Mtlili |n«" win ii. 1 n IHI Ii in. i I Mm i ' Mill, i I'" ^ *' U --tl fti-i I f, i f In I l» M i l I Hi ' : HIM Mill 111 tl« tun d · ii i in Mln I 'I I .llll 1 If VIlMnliill Mull J[1 · Hill in. i in IIM Ii in. 'II \ \ i « i ttlllwm Uiiln ni|n \1 "'I .. ni 'I. III. ' Mi K N l.nilit'iii i liiililltiin HIM In i I Ii ih» hnii h 4 I . I t I I'" K mil Mil . In DM i kiminnltjn I I i in I MIDI ilnltn ) ( if iln' IIHIIII !~IK ullt" nlll i K It. id. ' 1" l in I i "U * if II" Hit t-. .111 R KID 1 in It' ImiiiDi 7 l i | tn (. I'l Mll «' * "Hi' 'I ]jn t i''l nlnl 1 inlHi lliiin.lni . n | n. Mi i' 1 Mil-Hi'in lilii'li fjirb nill 111"' Li Ii" h .in' it)4 ^cn Sunn 'iidi ii'i n in Mi« VllIlK Hl.l, Ii Mill ll 1 III III , IMI.II ( nn v in Mi- Mill*' Illl'l' Ini" j i In ll dliili j ' i'i I in ' »lnl L liln It i h . 1,1.11 1 In . 111" Mill ni i i UK iliiii I) tll^ Ii MI t ' t l I i | HI M 1 .1 . I tn r t i i n n i id. ii. i - i n '. i . in ih. i IK "i. I N HOI H m r i i M M j.lut J.ilii 1 m I Ill t ' 1 ii '* i i I M )nl * M 1 i in i hit 1,1 l.ili In Inn . ll I j.n. rii i i \\.4tiiruln ' him Innnin. ' i| i llll IllIM h I UHl)]**** 1111 «l Illtf 1^ i ImiMl 11 n vi Ii k ii Ii ii i l i i 1 I1.l11 · 111 |)iov*l nor tiV i h » «)·! t nl!K"i All.) Ii In th. i i u i i i thiji %, tinxt unit 11 t» Mn r t u t l r Kill ulllriiiilciv pin\ui| Km (tqiwnin,, we ll" "I In ' n u l l hi UK 1 . l)»,| nil Ih" 1 1 m h · K w i n i l y h«juii- ni .tin \m rii,|,,| h hv ihc i-hii'f of ihi iiiiililltiiltjii lt t iDiicriicni iMUl" in wlilih tie .·· IN n n I OH tin. l i!n- mn--ijiii|Hl.jn i,l tlljljlll l I l l H 111 I J l l l l l l \ ' l 11411 tujltl KI'Vi'll H H l l l l l I K 111 | (I I'l 111 1 1' 1 Vl»l Ac. ii.ll IIM oui u t i irl. ml tln-i I - II |,i|Vl'MllH 111 l l ) ( ' l | l u Cftttrritii' tlUii^ t)f turtii n"t i,]iin w l i U l i to t ! in imi "Ul And r i u t i i Hi. u i "inn )|i.j|ni llici (MJ»tJl''lf)V tHAt III (,!,illlNlloit !· ii u|.i^"Sl mil iti (ftriili l \\ IHJ,. in I'm' A ! I ) 1 'iit.lll t l ) l t lit) ·· i-ci))j I ) )· n 1 I'll i (ill )IKll. I!!!' Ill nt |n}lli!il tlcn until oii. i fiiii mi ' i- "tri (dim f ii ii H\ I'm; tin |. i i ijiit i (((in of H.JIKU In ilil* n ni hul il)i n 11111 /inrt t ii ,1 nf Ji k [] l i l l l K )). I \ t l t ii\ nn th i. 1 \ ii t ii. u in u til] I ('I "'IH' 'i"» «( nl' h lull M' i f VkHli Hi' i t i j i M i t.inMuiijul m 2t i i ' l l ' i H H ]ni \ " t i h n i i n u i idiiirit in tiii mil himit Hl»l I St.) l-ll I I IHI II ( Ilin Ux « inn i, « nhrir nil .! V L " )[ I ,1 1 1 . . l l 11 111 111' - I t'l't) I 1 111 I llll I )l It llll» U l l 111 I . 1 1., in. ii Mini I 'iH.iiilml i .- i mil Ii 11 .11 Off I ...... mil Iiu Ii u ti )i» D" i iiun h U i i d i i i ' i i i l i i y -- l ' r u i i i n i . i . i n i , in * I l l f l n ) -- . I1UI1 r. h f i i n n l J I" I . K A M I AU.M K tUl'll" ir ...... *\-v, \\ · Rtri* wi I H I M I I 1 1 1111 m v I \\ 111, I I 11k I. I I I '.I llll ' lillilnii --ii v iii )t It I n (t 'if UNI nine' ljittiii Dint tl- "H K I llll. hn M cllrnltlti"! l'll I t l l l l i ill). - l I (up). \\vvAtl mini I*MII t U l l l l \\ ll 111 I KIKM 1 f I" 'IK* I.IIMIOI) - Sii.ntni ti li.iil "iu il (--A.lllll i Il1llii] il nMl Ml n.ri'1 Mi HUk m In Hi- .11 In il nl I HI Ilin HI . i i , f l t , v inn w . m . .l. " ii roi iniiii' rflt.i.ii Iliiiimlnv « M ti |, n( n.« ,nl ,.n ..... I'n.i t i thin..I v H * si .nm . hull F l M U ) Oi h n i l i i j i l U L t K i .lull mi'l n nl n llri)«ii i l r n ^ l n n I K i t i n m fill III tl 01 I UK lili nidi ) l n "u I IB III MUD IK Mi In iii i nrri.^rn I r M n t -1 iWlif 1 )l . (llll.ll 111(1 .1) II k» 1 I fill h I! " I. ..i. i IK i i I III I i. * I i. i i * h . tl n n · PILES I C U K E WtTMDT KH1FE- lK*TOIE.rCAt)ST1C NtHiMpltal-No Danif*r-No Chloroform ky MILD OFFICE TREATMENT eURI QUAMANTHD Rttuli. Pliiur* (nd til R«»l DlMiiti (« utttdniurlCURbDiiiiiiv office. t4 yin ccptrtenct, Tliauundi of curtd ottitati W tilt fo. FREE BOOKLET Coniultwlon ind EunlnMlok tnt OR C. P WILSON, KMtMSp«l*Ilii UT BoiMb j.fftrTM P«orU. Ullmtn lii KIIH i i i LII. i I mi, 1 u * * U n v ^ M H Chin In H u n S ml ^ til 11 l i t , i i n. I l l u m i n e i hnii I i l . l n j -- M u l l n( J 11 lit IF Mi In mini Mi' I * Mi/ JV wnuiil 1MI1.1 9. » l l l I l l l l i HI Mii| 111 . 111 ulth Ii II.UKI iiA^t J. 1, . 1,1 I n , Inn ll In"' I Iii |H I e l i! .1) llll |,|U r| i||l |l 1)1 111. ' I II I'll,*, 11,1111 .1 ' II' 1 t H I ' l tiinii\ fintii itiiu-i r 1*1 i ti-ii V iti vni'i i mi' 1 ' i Hi' "in.l . i i i i i l l - p m l i l l i f i t n l i f t « l ( vh'm» 111.'.il" ( nun . i Him I K i I n i l H-i'Olil U! I I U '.Hi' I t i l i l l U I S I ' I* t O U C l ' l " ! 'I tl\ 11) l l l t l - p t ilfitiintii ' hiMtij Iniiii I Ilic « H.ilnilon l'\iii i n (i»v « mi i itmiii n x in* i CMIIIH I' ' I l l l l l l ) I h * ft"* 1 1 11,1 ill' t l ' \ 11 ,.i \ i T f l l l i ' "I I l K l l l ^ " iiM.llllili il 111 mil i I"" IM Hq.l.ii In i ' I "i '« ]i I i. iit n*|it ii ·· iti m r*i i 1 1 Itil Milllfi. I'KI )l I . Ill fill W l ' l * : I'111 -III 1)1' II I' Tnn Fu · III .1 I M 1 . .,) . h i l l h HU l.i A n l l o . 11 tlllM l\ hi N 1 V l l t v I , liii v, (in xi Mm. n « M t a . M n. f I M 1 i Mm ) .mm i» .»! * \l * till! , i i i i t .1 . I* i l k n i . li . MIA. i mi (i A.!* 111 I. Your Coal.. Try on« load of ERIE SOOT- LESS Furnace Lump at $4.75 per ton delivered and you will never burn anything eke. ERIE BOOTLESS ii mined only in the Mowcaqu* mine and i* »oid only at the mine. W* have no dealers. Order from your truck driver or from the mine, direct. No dirt, no rock, no soot; all heat. % Moweaqua Coal Mining Co, Phone 193 Moweaqua, 111, \r\l MM 411(1 | | 4 ) ' \ l l l l ] -"U I « 111 l l I 1 l l l l l H I I I 1 n i \ It n III i n n »i . i m i l n i i n i ilm m i n t , J . a n if mill nil iltn iiimi i-Ki.'iiinKHI\\ M nuMi . (t. n in JM M l i i i m h l , XII,. "I'iiI ^ t l l l l ^ Uni' n l ) l tin*', ill li . 1 1111 111; U t J . 1 M m on N i l ^ |ii tin it in uii.u | .1 Jilri. \ k t o r lii-iKlj. i h f t i i . n n . i « l l l nui'L lii I l i n lull i ii- ul Ml' . n u l l ) .Itihh" r i)t Sinilh 1 nll.h III On n in itluu] ; Mr. . i M i l l , ), n i l ) mi i i ll lll.i Imi i li ^ j__l'i li in M m t I I l l l l i A PENNY A DAY PAYS UP TO $100 A MONTH Thouaandi Are P r o t e c t i n g Themselvei Afrainst Worry --Plan Sent Fr«* for Your 1. 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