Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 3, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, December 3, 1938
Page 8
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DENTOM JOURNAL · Page 8 MELVIN ft JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, December 3, 1938 THE OYSTER--THE TRUE SYMBOL OF GOOD EATING Oysters: One of the Richest Sources of Iodine Dr. Lewis Radcliffe, Director The Oyster Institute of North America, Washington, D. C. Although iodine represents only about one port in three million parts of our body weight, it represents one of the moat important chemical elements in our bodies. Inhabitants along the seashore and for considerable distances inland obtain the neccessary intake of iodine from sea- foods and the sea-salt dust carried inland enriching the soils, the water supply, and the crops. Those who grow up in regions where there is too little iodine to meet the needs of normal nutrition show a high proportion of simple goiter, an enlargement of the thyroid gland resulting from an inadequacy of iodine. Just · how serious results may be is illustrated by conditions in the Pemberton Valley of British Columbia, lying in the Coast Range Mountain-, about 90 miles north of Vancouver. Every white child born in this valley had goiter, and many white adults developed it within a few months after settling there. Livestock suffered to such an extent from thyroid troubles that no litter of pigs lived more than one day after birth. There was a mortality of 90 per cent in calves and 85 per cent from colts from this cause. In a nearby Indian village settled many years before the ·white man came, no cases of goiter could be found, and their pigs rarely suffered from diseases of the thyroid. The explanation advanced was that the Indians ate a great deal of salmon migrating from the ocean, curing thousands for winter use and their pigs ate the dead salmor. washed ashore. It appears that from this source of food the necessary quantities of iodine were secured. "It is probable," reports Dr. J. F. HcClendon, "that the absence of goiter along the New England coast is due to the iodine in the soil, and that the recession of goiter that has taken place in New York State during recent times is due to the greater transportation facilities for seafood into the inland regions." "Oysters, clams and lobsters" states a government report, "contain more iodine than any other marine food with the exception of marine algae, which unfortunately, does not enter into the dietary of many Americans. As a matter of comparison, it is shown that oysters, clams and lobsters contain about 200 times as much iodine as milk, eggs, or beefsteak; shrimp 100 times as much; and crabs and most ocean fishes 50 times as much." It has been estimated that it would take about 2,000 years for a person to drink enough Lake Superior water to accumulate an amount of iodine equal to that found in the thyroid of a normal adult. Yet an average serving of oysters woud furnish 120 per cent of the iodine requirement for that day. Not only that, but the iodine in oysters is fully available and usable. It has not yet been shown that the iodine of vegetable food is of equal value to that of seafood as a preventive of goiter. Food habits are apt to be acquired in childhood. We are likely to eat what our parents taught us to eat and change these habits only very slowly. Availability of foods has been an important factor, especially in the past when the processes of preservation and transportation facilities were not so efficient as now. Then too, it is only within the last fifty years that we .have begun to acquire the fundamental facts about the chemistry of food and its physiology after it is eaten and used to nourish and sustain our bodies. No class of foods have revealed tho unique dietary values possessed by the principal fish and shellfish. It is therefore important that our people, especially those far removed from centers of production of seafoods, cultivate the habit of eating these foods more regularly. This is particularly true of those living in the so called goiter belt where thyroid troubles are more or less prevalent. DOWN THE ROAD By Charles M. Upham, Engineer- Director, American Road Builders' Association, Washington, D. C. is still "a family affair" and Christmas cheer i.s measured by the number of lovctl ones we have near us on that When 1 loved ones gather this year, however, their mode of trail - portation will be greatly changed from that used in the day of the fust Roosevelt. The 1938 version of the one-horse open sleigh is n seventy horse-power, streamlined automobile. Our grandfathers liked to think of themselves as "dashing through the snow" nt 8 or 15 miles an hour. Modern drivel's "dash" only whur. they attain a speed of GO or 70 miles. The candles on our Christmas trei't have been replaced by string,; of electric light bulbs. Most of our Christmas carols come over the radio. Speed and progress are the watchwords of 1938. The speed and progress which can be claimed by the automotive industry, however, unfortunately do not have a counterpart in our highway system. The road over which grandfather drovi his horse and buggy in 1900 is all- too-similar to the rood over which grandson is attempting to safely i-tcer his horseless carriage in 1938. Tho road which was built for a comparatively few vehicles two score years ago mik-t today, with only slight improvements, carry many times thai number. Runaway horses caused many of the most serious accidents in 1900. Serious and fatal accidents today arc often caused by faults in our highways, even though the drivev may have perfect control of his vehicle. But this is the Christmas season. It is the season of happiness and joy and no time for recalling our narrow,, crooked roads and crowded highways. It is the time to think of giving and receiving, not the time to recall our steadily mounting rate o! highway accident fatalities. So let us rejoice in our Christmas trees, our Christmas gifts and our Christmas turkey. Let us rejoice most of all in our loved ones and in their ride in safety over the road which brought them home on this "day of days". Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Uncle Jim Says "My neighbor says when he improved his patuie the cost of his barn feed per hundred pounds of milk dropped to about half." play suits for children. It does not have patterns, but at least one commercial company has embodied the best of the ideas in n practical pattern. For children bctwrcn 2 and G years the Bureau recommends the one-piece, unbelted, loose fitting play suits. No matter how active the play, a one-piece outfit will not pull apart at the paist and let in cold as do two-piece suits with jackets. Another objection to two- piece suits for little children is that extra thickness around the waist is a real hindrance to the stooping that is so much a part of their play. It is especially important to .see tluit ample room is provided so that the wearer will not be hindered in climbing, stooping, and bending. Boxing set) in both below the waistband and through the crotch and dart tucks at the side seams in line with the bend of- the hips provide the ncces- 3ary room. Trousers must have, extra width and length in the seat, with wide, roomy legs blouscd over stretchy knit bands at the ankle. Some growth in the child should be allowed for. used for construction are sold to you :it M m i n i m u m cost. You are iTtpie^ted to tiike advant- FEED THE niiins The s l r e t iintl -snowstoim, which ar- :ige of this o p p o r t u n i t y now or place j r i v e d in Maryland territory on ·,nr order with the County IloiiJlh ] D;i.. November L'l, imti O.'p;:i iiiicnt in Demon. You me advJMMl that if you own [imp r(y in a town and if you ;ue .-vuiluble fin sewer connection, it would no! be wi.ic- to install thir, type of pit privy. It will be mM. sary in tho war f u t u r e fur all property own- rs wnere a sewer or water h.stun is | com)'ios of Ir.e Slate?, but our brood- 'anotiiiT snowfall on Jhe Hasten; Shoie on Saliiiduy evening, the 2Gth. with bitter c,li night; , i;; very seven; on wiltilift! ;inl miles fed MI a gieat nmny seutioil:; we will not o n - ly lo e our wonder!ul supply, which . us been iv.iorli-d in practically available to connect to Loth. T.ic latter is covered by, the Maryland Slnte Plumbing Code. B O O K S You May Enjoy Dy Graham Watson A Gardner detective i tory without "Perry Mason". Two ynrs nTM M«r- row began to broach the subject of introducing a new type 01 ijiirunur novel, not featuring Perry Mason and the booksellers became skeptical, and frankly said they thought the fans wanted Perry Mason, and Mason alone. The result wa, "The D. A. Holds n Candle" featuring Doug Selby, the- original, two fisted, hard- fighting young district attorney had held a candle in sales with the Mason books and was firmly set in the firmament of favorite fiction sleuths. Introducing A-a Baker, the- new detective story author whose dramatic lisc to the top of tho heap you st'clc for next j o u r as well. We will appreciate the cooperation of not only tliose who h u n t but ovciy ^ interested j n wildlife feeding stations pet son who i in trying to and have grain :irul green-foods supplied at h f dinn.T-tables. In thi.s nisiiiner thousand* of pieciv of wildlife will be s.ivul as it is impossible- for them to reach tlu; dirt in a great tor, zooming high over Quilali, witnessed their plight. A f t e r the marines had worked feverishly to tear down a part of the village* for an imru ovisc-d landing field, the plane swooped down to a !mii|K hunting on its imi^li and ir- stieut.s. It was piloted by lieutenant Clul tian 1". Scliilt, who liskfd life- and limb lo makf a land- .ng. Quickly the iiiim* Heiiou.sly wounded were placed in the plane and emoved ti) a point of safety. Ten times the village was visited by the d a i i n g pilot. Ten times he landed safely and got away with his precious cargo. Paris of hi; airplane we 1 ic ripped and torn, bullets pierced the fabric of its wiiifjs, his plain* nearly turned tui tie i*aeh time he- landed or took off, but he accomplished his mission. Lieutenant Schilt not only effected many plaevs and "ri 1 is verj essential the rescue of badly wounded marines, to birds of all species. but he brought upplics and succor Hesr i to others who were in desperate need. The op"ii season for the taking of His heroic action won the praise of male deer with t'- 0 or more points his grateful comrades, to on? a n t l e r is December 1 to i-. j Some months later the Congrcs- Deer may be h u n t e d only in the fol-' sional Medal of Honor was pinned to [owing , j,j s uniform by the late Piosident "It .shall be? unlawful to hunt in Coolidge-- Miu fin t living aviator to any mannei any Elk or Deer except | receive this award for heroNm "above through the u:;e o( a gun propelling and b'cyond tho call to ilutj." ;ne all-lead or li-;ul Alloy or softnosed »r expand iiv; Inilk-t or ball nt a single difchcugr. or t take an ELK OR DEER i-i any manner except through the method known as '.--till hunting'. Unlawful to shoot at or kill an Elk It was dramatic interlude in the life of a versatile aviator who had won prixcs in air races, had flown to the assistance of flood sufforjrs in the Mi^i i ii'ippi Valley, had helped to ;ieri;il survey of t' n e \ . · ' «· i -- -- -- ~ -- - "· " " · · » u ···*·· j j j j i i i L ; , 1 1 1 M i J i i j ;~* in v L « »Ji i L. f T · ri L U" dectective an'S^ure-r^Xr' i '·'"' ^ W h l l Hal5l ° '" l a k i n g rcfllBC Iml!w ' TM (1 wh ° '^ «"P«TM-«--« mer''l?TM Rani? w h o w H l t± f te I ' " n r * w i m i I l l n B th TM»8 h .^ w ' lBr « TM"* Drills as a test pilot of naval iu*j i *. i_" A tt.i J\finf^Ui v r i i ' j v» l J l rn.-HJll l_HJ i ,, a favorite among all mystery fans, j of ;'"' ""renm, pond, or lake. OLD STAGE COACH CROSBY-MACMURRAY FILM BASED ON MADCAP FAMILY "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one- horse open sleighl" ... and indeed it was fun to start off for a real old-fashioned Christmas. Those of you who look back to a childhood at the turn of the 1 twentieth century can remember the thrill of expectation with which you looked forward to the Yuletide. The eagerness with which you hung your stock- Ing by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. The unalloyed joy with which you found that Santa Glaus had not forgotten you on Christmas morning. In those days an orange in the toe was a real treat. Families were bigger and more clannish forty years ago, Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandchildren all gathered for Ohrist- mas dinner at "grandma's house". From miles around they drove in buggies, in coaches and in sleighs behind prancing horses over the fields of glistening snow. The table groaned with turkey, mince pies, plum pudding and all the delicacies of the season. The house rang until late at night -with chatter of grownups and the merryi cries of children. The evening: was not complete until the voices of young and old alike had joined "Sing You Sinners," Bing Crosby's latent film, is one of those all-too- rare motion pictures which win their way into the hearts of audiences by means of their sheer lack of sophistication, bubbling good humor and warm human sentiments. With Fred MacMurray, Donald O'Connor, Ellen Drew and Elizabeth Patterson heading the cast with Bing, it shows at the Dentonia Theatre Friday and Saturday, December 2 and 3. The gaj story, from the pen of Claude Binyon, opens with the frantic efforts of a small town California family to get a ne'er-do-well son, played of course by Bing, to settle down and get a job so that his brother, MacMurray, who has been earning a living for them all, can marry the girl with whom he ha* been keeping company for several years. "You Can't Take It With You" Is Capra's Greatest Comedy Frank Capra and Robert Riskin deliver their most thoroughly entertaining screen comedy, "You Can't Take It With You," to the Dentonin Theatre Monday and Tuesday, December 5 and 6. Difficult as the feat seems to be, these unerring collaborators have exceeded even their former film masterpieces--"It Happened One Night," "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," "Lost Horizon" and the others. It is easily the greatest picture in the career of Hollywood's top director-writer team. Laurel and Hardy Funnier Than Ever In "Block-Heads" In "Block-Heads," new Hal Roach- MG-M comedy starring Laurel and Hardy, and coming to the Dentonia Theatre on Wednesday only, December 7, the comedians find themselves in a swank, modern apartment houi;e. The dignity of the surroundings however, offers no bar to their continuous merriment. In fact, the austerity of the backgrounds makes their famous gags all the more ludicrous, and the current comedy contains an abundance of side-splitting incidents. Year's Swellest Game In "Hold That Co-ed" The swellest football game of the season will not be played between what Damon Kunyon calls the Har- vards and the Yales. It will not be the Army-Navy game or the Rose Bowl classic. You can eee it at the Dentonia Theatre, where "Hold That Co-ed" shows Thursday and Friday, December 8 and 9, as Joan Davis, the screen's Number One Comedienne, proves that she's also the world's greatest drop-kicker! For those who take their football seriously, "Hold That Co-ed" also reveals some of the most genuinely exciting gridiron play ever screened. But it i? the Davis performance--and John Barrymore's, as a budget-bouncing co-ed-chasing governor who sponsors the team-that gives the picture its hilariously goofy flavor and makes of it what is undoubtedly the funniest comedy of recent months. BANDIT RIDES AGAIN Wells Fargo express, one of the most romantic names in the winning of the West, again supplies the theme for an action-crammed adventure film. Smith Ballew, singing cowboy of radio and screen, revives the more thrilling aspects of the transport organization in "Panamint's Bad Man," 20th Century-Fox release now at the Ridgely Theatre Friday ami Saturday, December 2 and 3. Gable Role Was Literally "Too Hot To Handle" Plain spoken, direct, laconic for nn liishman, lacking the mannerism; of many mystery heroes, ho drives homo his personality by his very simplicity, his fearlessness, and the brilliance of his deductive mind. "Mum's Tho Word Unlawful to use dogs for pursuing deer. Unlawful to take a dog into the woods and u ~ e same for chasing, taking or killing any deer. Any dog 01 For Murck-r," Asa Baker's first book|d°f?s found pursuing any deer may be killed by any deputy game warden introduces this hero and should be well received because of it.) originality of plot and its vigorous style. Did you ever heai of a muulcrcr of this State or any other person. Every person killing an EJk or l^ll! , V U U I v t ; i U U t l l \JL It U I U L I I I T L ITL j-, _ , . . . . advertising his intended killings in j Dcel ' foun «l m a wild state shall within 24 hours write the State Game Warden, giving name, address, hun- , ,!! 1L ' th ? d bc l liml ,, it l,. A . tcr ' 5 license number, and county and DC! .so deliberate and cold that locatioll whcrc s , E]k o r - D o c r row people of a large city into .... t LI " ah the newspapers, giving the precise hour and minute? Sounds mud but there was a method it threw a panic bu; left the police baffled-nil found in "Mum's the Word For Murder". "High of Heart" by Emilie Loring, Little, Brown and Co. A young American lawyer is in England trying to track down a criminal while he himself is being pursued by a jealous ex-fiance. "Serpent in The Garden", Ethel M. D?ll. Gabrielle Dcrmot goes to the Riviera to bL' with her mother and become involved in a sinister-plot. "The Spymastei-", E. Phillips Op"Too Hot to Handle," at the Ridge- pcnhcim. The King of Story-Tellers -- -- -- - - spins a yarn which is a new tale ot international intrigue, the events as they might have happened and a« many people wish they had happened. "The Tainted Token" by Kathleen Moore Knight, Crime Club. Elisha Macombcr, Cape Cod detective curtails his vacation in Panama to investigate the murder of a shipping tycoon. ' "As Once You Were" by A. S. M. Hutchinson is a new novel by the author "If Winter Come;" and concern:; the plan which a fifty-year-man worked out in nn endeavor to recapture some of the interests and enthusiasms of his youth. ly Theatre Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, December 5, 6 and 7, may be the title of the picture, but in reality Clark Gable's role in it was almost too hot to handle. Gable',! first mishap occurred during the first week of fiming. A section of ruined Shanghai had been created on a back lot and during an air raid, while making a newsrcel shot, Gable was to bo catapulted into a mud puddle. Gable followed orders of Jack Comvay, the director, and fell in the mud, but he forgot to close his eyes. For two days his eyes pained him before the last particle was removed. "Cowboy from Brooklyn" Sets New High for Laughs Check your dignity at the door when you go in to see "Cowboy from Brooklyn" at Ridgely Theatre Thursday, 'December 8. Comedies don't come any funnier^than this musical saga of a cowboy who .never rides the range because he's r-cared to death of horses. SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page 1. the chasing. This clever dramatization {-howed us how testimonies would vary in an automobile accident which would happen in less time. As We Hear It Have you ever heard that someone was trying to convince Austin Murphy that there is no Santn Claus. Don't let them fool you, Austin. Bill White got revenge on Frank Zeigler for the shims in the Junior New? last week when ho beat him up in P, O. D. class (sec Senior news). In an article on "How to Dress n Turkey" Geoi-ge CIcndaniel makes the following statement: "Let thu turkey flap 1m wings, when operating". This rather revolves our ideas of the natural order of events, eh, what? killed. , It is unlawful to hunt any Elk 01 Deer except in Garrett, Allcgany, and Washington counties when the ground is covered with snow." (We hope the snow will be gone before the season opens on Thur : - dav, December 1.) The penalty for violation of this law is $100.00 and costs for each and every offense. RADIANT LIVING THE CITY OF NEW PEACE By Rer. C. M. Griffeth Methodist Pastor of Deal's Island, Rid. SANITATION PROJECT-- WINTER PLAY SUITS SHOULD BE PART OF CHILD'S WARDROBE In the well-known Christmas carols. and well-loved That la the picture of Christmas lo 1900. Christmas, 1938, will be the same In all the real essentials. In America, at least, it is still a season of "peace on earth to men of good ". To most Americans, Christm33 A play suit for "everyday" wear has now become a definite part of o child's wardrobe according to Miss Helen Shelby, Clothing Specialist foi the University of Maryland Extension Service, and, she emphasizes, man* mothers like to make the play suits rather than purchase them readymade. The experienced shopper has learned that the heaviest fabrics arc not necessarily the warmest. Ability to shut out wind or dampness and hold a layer of air next to the body is what mokes a fabric warm. Good play suit materials are flexible and pliable enough not to hamper the movements of the child. Neither, will they prickle or irritate tha skin at the neck, wrists, and ankles. A winter play suit must be durable and cleanable. Wool fabrics are satisfactory, but some of them have to be dry-cleaned. Some mothers who feel that washable clothing is preferable for children use two play suits, one over the other. The outer one is selected for its ability to turn wind, rain, or snow, but the purchaser or maker is carfeul to see that it is lightweight and washable. The inner suit is selected to add warmth; it is possibly of wool, and can be omitted on milder days. Miss Shelby points out that the U. S. Department of Agriculture, in its Bureau of Home Economics, has developed several types of warm roomy, light-weight, easily put on CAROLINE COUNTY Whenever a sale is advertised as a saving, the public immediately be- Tins to plan to take,ad vantage of the saving. A dress, a suit of clothes, an automobile or anything else marked "Reduced Price" always finds i ready buyer. Still, what good are these items to any person if they arc- lot well enough to enjoy them. What ha any man or woman profited if he acquired the wealth of all the world and lose his health or life. This lattei question is answered eve v ry day when hrough negligence some child or idult dies from a preventable diseai e --think of Typhoid, Dysentery, and Diarrhea. All these diseases are preventable, but only by sanitary precautions--proper care of excrement. ·=afe water supplies, screened home* and clean neighbors. The Maryland State Department o Health and the Works Progress Ad ministration have been and still an offering to the public a sale "Health Protection With Rcfcrenci to the Care of Excrement." Any in dividual can readily see the saving this represents by visiting a victim o Typhoid, Dysentery, and Diarrhea and learn of the heartache, worry and financial cost to that family. The W. P. A. has willingly offeree the assistance of free labor to any and all property owners for the purpose of construeting and in-tailing a sanitary approved type privy. It is very wise for the citizens of Caroline county to take advantage of this reduced cost using free labor to install a sanitary type of pit privy approved by the Health Department at this time. The local Health Department has attempted to get additional men on the project and start another project in the lower end of the county, but we ore not assured as to how long any project will continue. At the present time this labor is available and the material; which arc The first impression that a grcnt city made upon my boyhood mind was its noisiness. We were going to the great city-my father and I. And I for the first time. The ferryboat that Deemed palatial to me had bumped into its slip. There was a shriek of the whistle and a jangle of bells, a clattering of clappers on cogs as the ferry wa; drawn in tight by the big hawsers. There was the banging of gang planks, the click of the iron gates anil we pushed up with the crowd through the dull \ ferry house and out into the bright din of the traffic. I shall never forget the nois'c ot th» : e big heavy drays as they bumped along over the rough cobblestones against which the hoofs of the mns- sivo horses struck fire as they trotted along. And there were the clanging gongn of the noisy trolleys, the rumbling of the elevated, the shouting of men and the hustling of people. Such is the city of man, noisy, and full of turmoil and strife. But the City of God is serene. This is an inward city, situated within the soul and when God dwell; within that soul there broods over it the serenity of cheery meadows' where the lark soars heavenward with song and where cattle contentedly graze. Who indeed can describe the grandeur of the soul when pervaded with that divine peace which hu=hcs the tumult in man's -inner being. It is something akin to that "New Jerusalem" which St. John the Divine sow coming down from heaven. Blessed is the man whose heart is a "City of a New Peace." THRILLING SKY RESCUE Hemmed in by bandits on all sides of them, a little group of U. S. Marines were fighting desperately in the village of Quilali, Chicaragua, in January, 1028. Sewcj-al of the marines had been killed, many were wounded. The chances of their comrades coming to the rescue of the r-urvivors seemed remote. Fortunately an avia- planes. Of '=%* FOR THE Social Season AHEAD! You must have perfect skin, well caved for hand-' and a coiffure that does justice to your personality. And our experienced operators arc able to help you appear fresh and lovely at all times. BEAUTY SHOPPE D E N T O N : Buckley's PHONE 107 Food Market DENTON Mr. Willard L. Swann formerly with Denton Food Market Now With BUCKLEY'S FOOD MARKET Specials Saturday Only Center Cuts Pork Chops Home Killed «« *** Pork Shoulders ID XcfC IT PAYS TO LISTEN Read The Ads Plate Rib or Stewing Beef Corkhill--whole or half Smoked Hams Veal Cutlets Ib 35c Boneless Beef for Ib Mince Meat Call lean] S Ibs 25c Bulk Seedless Raisins Pink Salmon 2 cans 2lc It's Always Best To Shop At West's ^Practical We invite you to come in and see our unusual large assortment of f rariiral dafta for the Lady, Gentleman and Child A Lovely Assortment of Novelties lOcto $4:95 We Box and Wrap All Gifts West's Dept. Store Joe Juggernaut-or How NOT lo Drive BREEZE RIGHT THROUGH TRAFFIC LIGHTS...YOU USUALLY GETAWAY WITH IT AND YOU MAV NEVER. MIND... HE'LL GET OUTOF THE ·\ SAVE 10 SECONDS./ -- T i l l : f t .t C K - O i l l ) Every minute of 1937, c.if rrj-Jifl ·*' rt:i»r rm**rfjfl. ,n roiuiling for 58 of all injury accident*; llie lull in r. ,i.,ir-. lio-|iilalu itinn and wage losws "totaled S'J8G,OUTM0! Dri\c f . i f - I .inn i mi f l u - «i(V .Iruinc reward of 15% of your liability premium for u w i l l m u l uc iiU-nU ArcUlenlft don'l happen--lliey ore cnuiil. 5loa'llirji. t rmrfeiy /Vofmn»/ Hurt-tin C"«M«fJ» tintl Siirfly tlntlrru ritrrl. "bine coal' is prepared in six different sizes, so yon can select th« thai gives best results in your furnace. Order from u* today. FARMERS SUPPLY CO. Phone 137 Tune in on "The Shadow" every Sunday at 5:30 P M. Station WSAL. 4^ t _. ^*^\j^ At STURMER'S Adds To Your Joy At Xmas Showing ihe Newest and Best to be found at prices to suit your de.sircs Largest Selections Shown in The Tri-Counties Stteff Silver i " Sec the New Homewood Pattern DIAMOND RINGS Most Attractive Engagement and Wedding Rings WATCHES Bulova, Elgin, Gruen and Hamilton in Newest Designs Your visit will be a Mutual Treat STURMER Since 1894 Jeweler Gift Counselor EASTON --:-- MARYLAND Met r SPECIALS men Creamy -^ f\ Cheese «19c Wood's Wood's ^ g^ Mince Meat n 19c STEER BEEF--STANDING £*^ M Rib Roast «25c Large Bleached Celery WaxBeans 2117c Bologna Ib 17c Denton Food Market Phone and Delivery Service PHONE 199 SUBSCRIBE FOR THE JOURNAL TODAY. EWSPAPERl .'SPAPERf

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