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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, June 4, 1859
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NEWS. V^IIMEXI. :P;TTH" pfrlffiD&Y ; ;:f(te*iN«^:;JUNE: : ; 4, 1859. | j.». BBitrer»ai.. ... . : l'.:.v^. ' K«»T eni 1*0, OS HASOII OTEKT, 'BIAB Vim* BOCaa 1>>U/ Paper, published every morning, efcepl Monday. Tn-Weekly liper, Monday, Wednesday sad fridaj. • -: ! . . '- ; •• O. . ,TteMB O» DAILY PAPlta. . "' * Daily p«per TCW, pajmblo In adrance. . . .»T,00 : , -TEEMflOPTRI-WEEKLYPAME. ......... . BrJ 'Weekly P»per for one year, payable in advance. |8£0 of yrsterds.y t,":'"-'. ';' , .^SWilwortni drnnt, fined $1; judgment suspended to give him time to leave the city. Abont one o'clock, however, Joe was fonnd very drank, and was again brought to the ate- »lsr.«* 1*« HK _ ' ' :! tion house . Iffjedtly P«per for one ye»r, p»y«Wo m mdrtoce. . . do. do. -do. do. do. do. do.- i day 2days 8 days . 4dajr» . 5 day* Iweek ..... Sweets..., 4,00 8w?,ks.... 6,00 $1,00 1^0 2^00 2£fl 8,X» do. do. do. do. do. 2 months..10,00 8 months.. 12^00 4 months.. 15,00 6 months.. ItfO » months- MJK 80,00 R 6uB ds & Lan g d on, ADVEUTISIKO AGENTS, 1*5 Randolph Street, are auikoritat to re- eeite Advertttementt for (hit and aU the Leading Papers ofthe ForShwest, and are the OMLT andxx- CLOSIVILT atithorittd Aoeatfiu the Sorthwettfor a majority of them. 0^,4 IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. »t. *. POHIBOT, MDITOK. nieteorolos^cal Hecvrd, for June 8, •» keptby O.H. OAEDINKB* CO., DrogKlsta, UHprtaj street. 8 a. •. 48°t see 'Fourth Page. Telegraph and Commercial matter* % Nrw ConHTCRpBiTS.—Fires on tbe Granite Bank, of Pascoag, R. R., and ones on the Chemnng Bank, of Elmira, N. Y. FRH.SIK RIVER.—News from Fraser River is better. It is stated that some 8250,000 worth of dust had been shipped since March 1st. F.LOATINO DEBT OF CHICAGO.—The floating debt ol tbe city of Chicago, is about $200,000 which, the Jrtfcnnc says, is being carried along at the rate of about 16 percent, per annum. FATAL AOCIDEKT.—The wife of Rev. Geo. W. Clark was instantly killed at Akron, O., on Saturday, by being accidentally thrown violently upon her head from a buggy. Cam. Cos. CASE.—A crim. eon. case be. tween Thompson, plaintiff, and Dunham, defendant, is progressing in the Chicago courts, in which tbe damages are bud at $10,000. G«H Twi oos .—Reports from San Antonio, Texas, state that General Twiggs is dangerously ill, and little hopes are entertained of his recovery. C^Hood sells a well trained imported English pointer dog, besides a lot of household furniture, at suction tbis morning at ten o'clock. Smd Tom Define succeeded in getting Very drank, and i resisted the officer when he attempted to arrest them. Pined $5 each. H»Ubi*n paldj but Devine wasn't so lucky, -and got fifteen days. Uoe Indian, drunk, discharged on promii. ing to leave the city immediately. Win, Gillnar mixed bis whiskey and Jama!ca. .The consequence was that William got so drunk that Jndge Foote thought prop. er to fine him $1. ...... v John Doe is in town again. He has already got into a flgnt, for Which he was fined $1 and cost*. George Fetohtel was charged with assault and battery. The complainant, Mike Shields, lalkd to appear. The complaint WAS dismissed, and judgment rendered against Shields for costs, amounting to $3,42. Patrick Derine, burglary and larceny, committed to jail in Default of $500 bail. " In the, case of Mrs. Beck, the jury found a verdict against the defendant, and she was fined $1 •• and costs, amounting to $22,95 — Dorothea must let other folks' children' alone, DBATH.— Wniiam BHey, an Irishman, was an engineer on the St. Louis, Alton and Chicago railroad. It being his turn to run on Sunday evening, he put his engine in order on the forenoon of that day, as usual, went to his boarding place, and some time in the afternoon complained of being a little unwell. He lay down on.the lounge, and after a while was observed to start suddenly, and goon rolled jijj'' SnwtOAii 1 ITBMS—From - the LaKe fi'hoirtr tttw^JWlowIng ei^^<*«»i.tte: tet r/s i : ,-%.-- i^***?*•'-* SHIBOYQAII & Miss. R. B.—The work on this •roadIrnow pusbed forward as fast as the weather will allow. The track will be laid to Plymouth by Monday of next week, and to Qlen Benlah soon thereafter. ' , ; ,-.- . There is now not tbe least 1 doubt bat toe work on the second twenty miles, from Qlen Benlah to Fond dn Lar, will be oommejaced immediately after'the first twenty are finished. Indeed, the prospects of the road are flatU-riag and the day will not be distant, when we can compete with Milwaukee or any other «ity on iNfi^^tnBRT^fiMiiNTS. NTMBKR ->Y1 the lake shore. Amen, say we-' I»n>aov«:nKNT9.—The large school house on Enron street, between Eighth and Ninth, In the fourth ward, ia bordering near completion. When finished it will be an ornament to that part of the city. On Eighth street we not.'ce several cellars being dug, and the necessary materials on the ground for the erection of stores, shops, &o. Another evidence of the want of good and convenient places in which to do business. The new residence of Hon. Z. P. Mason, on Seventh, between Wisgonsin and Niagara sts- is Already far advanced. Judging from its present appearance, IVirUjI be one ofthe finest private dwellings In northern Wisconsin. The materials Yor the erection of the private residence of John H. Plath, Esq., In the First Ward, are all on the ground. We understand that is his intention to drjve It forward aa speedily as possible. The large saloon an-1, a' of Messrs, Schreier & Sohlicht, near the passenger depot of the Sheboygan & Miss. R. S.., la now completed. We understand that it-was opened in due form, and is now ready for th» transaction of all business known to the trade. COMMERCIAL. OEO. QODTRET, EDITOS. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! »«™ nu™" ™* * L number of Instruments,] from one to t * twenty-two, for Balls, Pnrllej, Parades, s Excursions, IciJ *e., it reasonable ' ratn. • ' ->'• j Apply or 'address akerlcan Coroel Band, or at Hempsted's Music Store, 1TB, Kajj Water st. je* MONTGOMERY GUARDS SOIREE —AtTHKIRf- NEW 5 ST. OP TUB DAILY NEW?, i Milwaukee, Jcne 3,1«5«. f Mom staTTias.—There hat been a willingness on the part of some of the banks to reduce the rates of «r- chtnge, but ethers have though best to defer It. The present rates are h'gh, but It may be b«t lo bear with them for a time than |by precipitate action h»ve the banks Inv Ire J In difficulty, whichwouM operate more to il e disadvantage of our merchants than the present high rates do now, In the absense of any change, we can only i elierate the old storj. Exchange 3 per cent, and scarce. Currencr In modera'e supply. The Hew York Journal. »/ Commerce, Hist, has the following: MOSEI MjTTUa.—Tbe market Is In a rer- pe.-uliar state; there Is no lack of capital, the tupply being abundant, but this is offered only.on such conditions, and for such securities, as to render It Inaccessible to many who hare heretofore found 1 no difficulty In latls- ftlng all their wants. The banks nave been enabled tn raise their rates of Interest and there Is very little pa per dlico nttd bslow t% per cl. VFfquole Per cent per annum. Loans on cil', stock secorliles 6 @ T Do other rood s curl ties T © » Prime endorsed bills M@»u dajs. «x© 1 Do 4@« months 7 a 8 Writ class single signatures 8 a 9 Other good bills » JJJQ Names less known '.'.'...'.'. Cl BartAL", Jnsa'lsr.—p r ,p. Men-Iota, i"v«r, cer, Chicago; Pr«p. Potamic, Osbhard, Jo. BY -TELEGRAPH. New Vork Market N«w Yo«, June :i The floor a arkct Is heavy and I lie lower, eiport f,. r freih ground stale; sslM 1,SDO bbl> tl 4,5U@6 TO for June impeded uperflne stale: <UO@7,I3 !,,r «itr^ *m ' ' f ' 40 'B B.T'I lor Jane IrupecVon <np»r»ne wettrrn o,»w<aT,3o for common to good eitri ,io : !flfa:,.M i| n round hoop Ohio. Market clo»!n K he»»y ' O»n»,fan Hour dull inu nominal. K« flour— qnl« at 4®S,25 " 11 " ^ J "J° u »hlie .,.„ . .,,,, .... ' u | , fe . .5 s aw i' r ' ^^ tj 5lii 7ia,-ror ' J0 ' !1 ' > ' '"' AMUSEMENT^. V O I \ IJ ' * gi \ i, i. . OR, KANE'S ARCTIC VOYAGES H. K . )• ( > K ( < N I . VV (-, -CCMIMKNOINIt- ThnrMlay A FTKR * -no-am, ir 2 e,l „, H,., al lflyhnt"»i th- v>., r , Ulniilri'i pronour. r era Ky '"* " uthern . >°J -•»" '• Rye— firmer; ules 2,500 bos at i DO Barley— quirt, rales 2,loo bm , t no damaged barley m alt at 55. Corn-hoaTjr and Joi , , a)e , 1^0,, UrtwiHtra at 90 far ,mall lot, L'hi. <i,, red yeUow. rjr MU Jull at Mail l.,r ,t i western »n.) Canadian. Stocks— iu.l board lo»-r >n,l -lj,| Va »8i, ; S IU; Mo 6', S8I, ; S W; I :-.! !>. T-nl ,l K Ml, A Rr i . r < •••• ' . ...-.I. F AIL I N i i. vv< n > I rill It. V< > V A < . I- i; . 1,4 H»*; 88,; P M 72H; ErletiK; K c ..Jm)( 3'J, P.,n,ima' II, , 1 * Or 4; S fill; u 1 r 28< ; 0 i R 158s,. s HI ju off. On going to him it WTO found that he was dead. A coroner's lury brought iu a verdict of death from congestive chills: He was a man of about thirty years of age, unmarried, and is supposed to have friends near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. — Alton Courier. QDITS R«ASOHABLE.—The editor of tha Brandon (Mississippi) Republican notiflra the public that hereafter no gentleman need expect to receive his paper " more than tw«nty-five years without paying for it." He winds np with the following philosophical announcement : "Those who may wish to renew their notes can do so by writing out new ones for the amount on buckskin, as paper, tho' not used will mould, and the ink on it will fade— PfOOOLOMraiJ—The Piccolominl farewell concert took place In, Hew York on Monday eveuing. Tbe papers say that the Academy was crammed. The performance—oratorical and musical—was quite spirited, and the speech of her little ladyship was neat and well received—thus : "My DSAR FBIKMDS:— In this beautiful temple, eight months since, you bade me cordial welcome. During this period (0, how NO. 128 EAST WATER OVER TBS UARJXSBAJTK, On Noudaj Evening, June 61 h, '59. TICKK'i a. FIFTY OKNTH. Compose nani.' yourselves, gentlemen— times GOLD.— UTrtJterday morning " opened" cold and dreary. Toward noon, however, the weather moderated considerably, and a person could manage to keep quite comfortable— by sitting on a warm store". DEOWBB.— A John Powers, fell off the Canada Bridge, at Eacine, about 6 o'clock Tuesday night, and was drowned. It is thought that he was intoxicated. young man by the name of in- Wig, U g. A.— " Q 0 the gates : prepare up a SIBOCLAB..—Caleb Wall informs the public through the columns of the Senti,ttl, that when he came here eighteen years ago, " there were no Aojw nor svriiu of any kind" here.— Were there no swine nor tuys of any kind here then, Caleb?" IB THE FiELn.—The Prairie dn Chien Courier advocates the nomination of Jndge Gale for Chief Justice next year, and presents his claims in a leader which indicates that the editor of the Courier is in earnest this time. MU.UOSS or LOOCSTS.—The western slope of the Bine Ridge, in Virginia, ie now covered with millions of locusts. They appeared first near the top ofthe mountain, about two weeks ago, sad seem to be moving in a western direction. TBB PILGRIM MONUMENT —Tbe monument in memory of the Pilgrims, to be erected at Plymouth, is taking form. Nearly a thousand tons of granite have been delivered at the su>, and the corner-stone will be laid in August. ..— It is understood that, if the indisposition of" Sir Edward Bnlwer Lytton should be of'mntfh longer duration, the British Cabinet-bar* determined to accept his resignation, and to appoint a successor to the Colonial Office. TJU.VKI. TO ErmopE.—Five steamships sailed from New Fork for Europe during the week ending Saturday, and took out 984 passengers, distributed as follows: Persia 285, Adelaide 188, Vigo 164, Arago 281, and Weser RICHSIOHD'S BATTLE-Ai.-In order that booksellers at a distance may send in their orders to C. H. Herman, Milwaukee, (price $2 a dozen—single copies 20 cents), we give the stirring Title Page and Preface to "the great Barter's" forthcoming RBFORMATIOH BATTLB- AX. This first edition is one of 2,000 copies • " Hacterms; tbe Battle go far: By James Cook Richmond, Presbyter and Rector of St. Paul's Church, Milwaukee, through, go through the way of the people ; cast op, c'ast'np th highway . gather out the stones ; lift standard for the people.— Pint Le,, m ning Prayer, fifth Sunday after the Epiphany "Hitherto hath the Lord helped as'•—I Samuel, vii, 12. '< The time is fulfilled, and tbe Kingdom of God is at hand—repent ye, and believe tbe gospel ."—Mark i, 16. BATTLE-AX I. The great subject of the ag^ and Republic, k the Christian qoestion h«re discussed ir Christianity i s to U ve here, and if this Republic u, to last, it must be through the only con- •ervahve power left in onr democracy vi,GOD'S CHUEOH. ' In order to arouse tbe attention of those who read and speak English, especially of the m *"?"'»i resolved, long ago, to write and speak of GOD'S CHTJBCH as it bag never been done in Saxon. I decided to wake np the En- gUsh world f>n looking aboat, I found the best plan would be to challenge Bseoher I never thonght he would, be^ufe he *«•' he could not meet me. But I resolved the En- glian world should listen to the TEUTH Thev do and will. This is only the first bulletin of a long tear: l>^j^.^ a n h ? r ?^ t ^l?J > the Propositions *"" " "*"' """ ' " proposi- sbort, how happy to me I) yon have been always most kind, most indulgent. I 'give you thanks from the depth of my heart, and will ever hold you In sweet memory. This immense country, through which 1 bave rapidly journeyed, I leave with tears of sincere regret, and pray my good angel will ouoe again safely guide me to its hospitable shores. Encouraged by tbis hope, with less pain 1 can say, adieu—I bid yon all, dear friends, farewell " Doesticks, who was present and assisting at tke solemnities, says in the Tribune, that to all tbe audience, excepting a hundred or two just in front, h sounded very much like this : My dear trens—mons sins—yon bade ine— daring de lime, oh how shor, how happee (ttaccato). Yon bave—beau moas kin, moas indoslgenl. I return yon thank from de dep of my hart. DIs 'menae con-r-ree tro 1 ooich— I leave ooid tears—ospita-abi« shor-rs—say adieu. (Enthusiastic applause.) By Order, je4-d2t P. CHICAGO ADVEHTISEM'TS. FUOn ROUNDS & LAN .DON, General Advertising Agents, 16S RANDOLPH STREET, Who are intl.orlzcd to receive Advertisement] for a» well u ill of the most loanemUl and l»rgtn clrto- Ittlpg ptpen through ut the entire Norlh-\> est. Tli« Frai»kjiu (hfmical Works, MO. 231 NORTH FRANKLIN STREET. CHICAGO, . . ILLINOIS. 181. AJ.JLEMS.—The entire fire department was cJI«a out twice yesterday morning. The first alarm ,was occasioned by the sndden ap. pearanoe of a red nose on Division street.— The second, by the breaking ont of a fire in the basement of No. 220, Mil wankee street Dam. age trifling. BSCKHSBS or LIQBOBS.—We call the alien- tion of onr readers to a new advertisement of the "Franklin Chemical Works," inserted on- der onr Chicago head. If any of onr patrons •rein want ofthe articles "therein mentioned" they will know where to look for the best— For particulars see advertisement. 49»iSomebody accounts for ,western hospitality fcy saying that where houses are so fcr apart as in that part ofthe country, a stranger is as welcome as * newspaper, and is commonly used as one. The moment he arrives, lie is "pntin press,'' and, what is more, kept there until all the news that lias happened for the last six months is thoroughly squeezed out of Urn, and .bottled up for future use. A man that tells a,good murder story could travel from one end of Indiana to the other without ex-' pease. ' BAKSAXOUS ODTBAOB AT PKAIKIB DU CHWH.—jAst week Tnesday, says the Corner, an aged woman living on the blnfls just oat of toirn, -^M met in what, ig^alltd " CampbelPB ^Coolee," by two devil's in jnen's clothes woo dragged her into the bashes" a way from the road, *nd by main strength, forced, her to «ub- «U>4hemo.t brutal outrage upon iron.. W? were Informed by a persoa who lias ieen .liertbM.beir tfaroiKwrigts, and ankles; kfee *ttack and bine, 4»nsed>jr the force used to detain her. She states that the men kept agrinst jut wiU, ftpm . October, 1617, t posted np at 1 tb j e P* ndnloin has vibrated, thre? hnn" f,». *? .- ?7 yea ™' from the blind Mtreme ofthe Latin Lie, to the dreary wastes of Genevan Sectarianism, Indifference and Infidelity : The middle point of living Truth is in tbe An- olent Church of God For this truth, and for that Church, in the name of tbe Lord of Hosts, and of Christ tbe Great Captain of our salvation, I again lift up the old Battle Axe of God, in this Holy War- R^, , keep tbe Trath ' "dg 4 ^ Might to R '8 ht ' RICHMOSD MILWAVEH, June 3d, 1859. H. Burning, Foreman of Engine Co. No. 2 : DSAK SIB .—The following letter from his Honor Mayor Page, was received by me yesterday. I folly concur with the Mayor In his sentiments as expressed, and therefore cannot permit the trial between Engine Co.'s No. 2 and 6, or any other companies of the department with each other, for money or a wager to take place. ' Yours, respectfully, THOMAS H. EVI8TON, Chief Engineer. MAI-OB'S OFFIOB, i Milwaukee, June 1, 1859. f EnttoTi £»q Chief Engineer ftre Department, Milwaukee : I have thought it my duty to call your attention to * matter that promises Hale benefit to the Department of which yon are the hf-ad. I refer to a correspondence lately published— a challenge from one company and accepted by another, to play for a wager. I am well satisfied that * trial of this kind, between companies of the same dspartment] can result in no good to either, but will only tend to weaken the bonds of fellowship that may exist between them, and should be discountenanced by the officers of the fir* depart- THE CBOPS.—The Buffalo Commercial is In the receipt of a large amount of correspondence with special reference to tbe crops, from the northern part of Ohio, Northern Indiaoa, Southern Michigan, and Illinois, ID tbe same latitude, and it all unites in testifying thai the prospects for wheat was never better. A largo amount of corn has also been pat in which promises fair A little uneasiness was felt in some localities, on account of th.- lack of rain, but lately it bad rained copiously, so that fear ie dissipaU-d. The belligerent powers in En rope do not seem to get by the ears very fast, and prices of produce over the water do not seem to advance; taken with such an abundant harvest In profpoct, and present r/ood prices for breadstuff*, the win,-M policy would I* to sell off, get the cash and ns-s it in neeuring tUe new crop, instead of holding on for higher figures. FrJBTBEB raOM THE SH1PWBECK. —The Detroit Free Preu brings further particulars from tbe wreck on Kalamazoo river, on Ibo night of the 26th nit. The vessel was the Eapheueiad, not the Eupbrata as flm reported. The particulars are taken from the Holland (Mich.) Remitter, as given by tbe rescued sailor, who is at Holland, and is slowly recovering. They areas follows: Capt. Clansseu brought the schooner, which he had but Just purchased, from Detroit, having shipped big crew at that port Tbe persons on board were Capt. Frederick Clanssen; mate, Griffin; three sailors and a cook; W K beg U-Ave to announce to our customeri, an.i 10 tke In general, thtt during Uili season Du lr»vel ng agent wlli be dlspatcheil from our works — We Invite our old customer! and Dthen to r»Tor ui by letter with their orders for Essences of Liquor**, which, M nlways, «UI be executed to ihetr entire satisfaction. Thousands appreciate the plan upon which our t;»encei are made which presents the loliowlcg ad- Tmntages and lacUlttes never offered br others 1. The E &enc« from these - works are actually gained by . Ufl'aUon, the.cfoie Healthy and Pure— some hlng that others caonot or dare not cla:m for theirs. 2. The Cost* are muc^i le*s than others . becaase these EiSiDcrs re put np in packages, each conuinlnit enough for 'orty gallons, ar.d rotnpr<slng not only all the required IngreJIems, trut alii the coloring. Address letters to UAKL EBl.KH, Manager. . rauklln Lhemlcal Worts, Chlcag.i, III . r. 0 BOT 3313 AITTIOX S\LE OF A T Hood's Auction R..i.mJ, No. 4 Pprjng street, on Baturdaj morning, June «Ui, at 111 o'clock, ccn- siatlng oT a general umrtmenl of household furniture Ca,le posltiTe. Terms cask J«< J. uO)D, Auctioneer. NOTICK CtTT CoHITaOLLr&S OrFIC« I Contract Department, Jan; «, 1V69 f T BK following Is a sehrdoit of lots and parce'i uf land that will be benrfitted by gradlBf Mineral it , tnd sidewalks to the esubhsnetf (trade, from 1st arejiue to 2nd avennn in 'he Sth Ward, City of Mllwankier; also for planking the sidewalk! K. '-. UATHEN PRKD.VOOEL, Street Comims Lot 2 1 12 11 Block K 21 ii 84 Benefits. 32),'u 37S.1K1 594.0<l 310,44 E. L'H. OARDINER, Comptroller. NO'llCK. Contract I>eps>rtaenL, Jane 8, l<*59. ( lowing Is s, ichednlf of la's &ad ps*rts nf lots •~r orj &lh ftveaue, from KHzubelh rtreei tn Bcotl !•' .1 i. th 3th Wird.Citv at Uilwautrr. that will be 4 beoefittrd bv grs^ilog the »a]d street an.l »lde- wsjfcs to tbe established Rr&de . ilno f->r piankins u>? T BE fa frontie i.,if"'SUP 1 eleh!ln « a '• T «T »cllve, tspecUJIy for time bills, trot rans are without materrsl varEa IOD The totij «por , of specie for the current week will .Ja up between three sncf four mill! ns. The amount of coin and bullion on band at the bans 1 * st He opening of btutn.u on alondsv morolni wu about 121,000^)00. L .rg» .hipmrnts Vill be msd'e Th" Trie PJUIadelphU ftnxtylwmla, or tha 81s> savs :"Th« weekly icatemenl of th« avengu of the banks of this city, made up' yesterday, shows a heavy contraction, ami a drerease ID every Hem. Tae loam are now lower than they h» ve been for so ae months The decrease for the »«k has be.n 1481,818; d,cre.w In s^cle $400,100; decreas- In deposits $727,00u, a..J Jo- crease In clrrululon $33,000 " COTIIMCUJ—Holders of wheat this morning in. i. fesUd considerable wllllngnas to coi. Jo.Dtoih. ! view, of buyers yesterday, and several «le, m e r e of No. 1 at 1,14. After the receipt of the New York I report a furl -.« decline took place, anj the market I closed dull and very much deprosed. . lour *.„ pret- ly Renerall, held oat of ihe market; only c, nd ,„,»„ sale being made at the price DaWed helow. ! Freights-no new charters of vessel, have come to • our notice, to-dsy. Several vessels are ti.ln , n c.r i roes on owners account. The rates ar. lomtwhal Orm er. IheSchr. Tarter elacrtd t.-day f r Ktn^ton with l«i bbls of Boar and 10.070 bus wheat Tt e Stmr. ' of.aevrlandtak,, 1,000 bbls of flour in firand H»»eo lo be , .ipped thence to St. York uy r «H. This Is Ihe shipment of fl,,ur by that r,, ulr , lnd u wkM throurt lo New York st «c, , h , , oin(r ral , TOo (ol owing src- the nits and quotation Fkur-dull and lower. Salei 80 bbls brand at «.SO, Booted at 6,«5®6^0 recelots 411 bbls; shipments 8«6 bbl« Wheat-3: low,. Sales n oJent... fgij bu , N ,, , in .tore at !,,«. 2.400 do do 1,15; 2.«0 do Jo 1,14, total 6^60 bar. no other quilitiej offered shipment! 10, 70 bus. B / e —»^«rce, no salet, nominal at l.OojJl.JO. Oats— and In moderate request. **!• i 85u bui eitra, old, at 50; 600 has at 47, receipts 97u boi Coio-co salej; shriled 75<a76. ear 74, rrt^.pu 1,1« but; shipments 451 bus. Barley—nothing doln», pncr, nominal a: SixaTl) Eggs—befer and nrm at 7i» Ji^. Potatoes—very plenty at 4a?>6o. Hides— Improve'! at 6X<^.; f o r irrrer. Tufts for salted; 18@l4 for dry 15215 fnrdr, Hi.,1 Butler—plenty snddall at »£!!. Hlirhwlnes— «lea.|j 3ilei 50 bbls ai 26. llHllraad K<rrlpt> UeCKJFTS Bv LtCttuass A UILWACXCI 85 bos »heil, 570 Jo oits; 45 Soar. 3,298 Ibs hrde», 14.7«6 J ffed. RtCSIPTrt FT Ma 160 bm whest, US4 d IS fi k:n I oil. r I-2. Flour- uns. tiled ami Mirer—<jei home- tr,de; silej S';0 bt»ls 4. 5.H iprlng wbe»t; 8,;S f,,r or.lin ri -*• «^7^!5 for rummon to lair exir i and Ohio; 7.J(i^t3 for double extra. Wheat—quiet; sale-t i.uih spring at 1,10 Coro—dnll and lower; held at Hi) • Oats—ateady; salej d.uot) bn. o> ui s Barley and Bye quiet. Whiskey—sales luo bbfa at ^lo^r^. O3WE3O MARKKT flour—dull »t],( urhft shH.le .^>\ r - : Wheat—very J^ull willi i Je. lin.nK aalea f>r country milling .»[ Ii ID , !., mUed winter IU. l.lI'Ji^, t>.r '.'<. . l prices for larger lota. Corn, Oaia, Barley mi.l Ujt , ; -i Can«l Fre irhts— M uief. W-UD. . TJ V OI \ «. Tl 1 • < i i i i i i \\ j i> \ i > i» i \ I \\I\I I \ i 1 The fu )uwi f/um 4 i/clut- the iJ. Bound W^ i ft Kayett-, Sorrell. On •ton; Schoon . (>*>•• it..- . i 1 ^ !J 3 K he 4.1 - Pr , :n Ootiri. Clou ' Prr.,, „ Bound Eajt, J.I P.n k ( , Tr4vriler. On Ih-; .1— h«r« Adamd, t»ri«« Ocean, Kaule. *chr. Roynj O ik ri L a r i H>[)u ii ^iaJ 1 "•"?Ss«s-t. >ond country extra.- re--rtt)l« 3.T3I t !LWACs:«t RAlLJIOiD.— .io potato^ lio hKi, •) tun-lrles I t »r mill From Vlexico. W»^H'Mnr.>s .Juu The uavy ,iep»rtLi--it tu-.Uf. r-, - .-•! ^r from C*pt Farrin , utiinin.iii.i: n t ••. sbip Brooklyn, J^t.-<i at V^rn i ri,/ \[ in which he says Capt J.»r7i< sail...I ship Savanna for Hnn^a.-oiH >n tn- ,-ft i thf *hip tjarato^a irri^.-d <t ^-n . r , ,iime Jiiy H- a.l.i^, .u Mm-t.-r \|,-|.. clt-airoiiit o( having * nliip it I .uupi.•.. tieipallon of an attack mi tin' [ • i. Mirami)ii party. 1 ™Lall lir».t .mm. Oarni-r to procmi ih-n-, niuu-iiia.. y orders to l:m.l a lure- of n -i. i ! .•• a.rvgi.try, forth,. pnjt- t tloa or' t.i- \ - i.'onsul and suoh otli.-r Aai-iuaii • i.z- rrjiv s^-k his prot^'tton, iw I n '.!i- -•. th- town b^int; ^arn^.l I y *.*«.iij;t, !. protection to th" cnnsulatf .in-i 4(1 A m.- itii>m j'icli in.itruotioDii nil |l»< in -. n'. ty wiili th" vi-ws of the M.aMt.-r Th- mi--i.>n or iu.-!lrucli<>D uf tUr-ir ian.|in<i ^ larwanl-il hj th- Juart-z u<ivriini"lit In ^*ov •rtiiii.-nt ol' rtih[iio«> it ttjv ^'i.-n •. n ii J ) I II- K \ A X . in |.- -TUI- |-r- , ,- or tin IE 1 H.) . J4 Ii l>« l.ldr,. J -. fl" Thri Kr f May, .n , i, A n.i >'Hjpany tn.l ni" Fr-n i. ,-f'l I' t:n pi.- LANDS AND WAT£ OOO %4 sidewalks. lot. 2 1 n 11 19 J' 1 2 Je4-d8l Block Be rflu 3SI $0 80 81 81 25 168,i3 169. •» 1.V..UO K O. HiTOEN, FRKULR1CK TOOEL, Street Commissioners. U.I. Blocli. Benefit. 4 25 25,24) 6 M 8VO 1I2.CO 16406 48,66 10 19 11 iS 18 18 i; Yl 664il 660,87 &I.K6 M,66 one a Swede named John , another also named John, and the rescued man, Peter Hammitt The cook belonged in Detroit, and big mother is a blind woman, depending upon ber daughter for support. They loaded dwp with lumber, nearly all on deck, and cleared from Black Lake at about 9 o'clock Thursday morning. It soon commenced blowing a gale from N. N. W. Between 3 and 4 p m., the wind shifted to 8. E. and E About 11 p. m. they reefed their sails, and at 1 a, m. of Friday they got in all their canvass, and wore ship. At about 4 p.m. saw land. They bad lost tha centre-board chain so that the centre-board was down to full depth and they conid not get it up. About 6am. the ressrl capsized, and lay only about flw e minutes on her beam-ends, when her masts broke »way, and came alongside and she went over bottom np When she first capsized, the crew hung to the weather side, except the cook and another who wen? washed off by the sea, but caught pieces of lumber and floated of! As abe went over bottom np, the captain and Hammitt l |oanght in the fore-rigging and held on. and the two remaining men got on the keel. They did not stay long but caught pieces of lumber, and he saw them still floating for an hour or more.— He thinks one of them was still in sight as late as 1 o'clock p. m. The main boom fell on Captain Clanssen's thigh and left arm aad injured him very much, perhaps breaking bis thigh, though he could not tell. Himmrtt got him ont as well as he could and lashed him fast. H* died at Hammltt's side, about three hours after receiving the injuries. Some time after he was dead tbe main-mast was thrown round by the sea and crushed him, and not long after the lashings gave way and bis body washed away At Bight they were near shore. A black boat, with three men In it, came to tbe wreck and commenced plundering it, taking off tbe mainsail and some ropes. H. begged them to take him off, but they rowed sway and left him E. L'H. OA&OINJR, Comptroller without replying. Saturday morning, a boat, be thinks the With this view, 1 would mggest the propri- ty of your informing the officers of those com panies. that the use of 4he flre engines and city property for euoh purposes, would not ^^Bpprobaaon^of jieelty goremment I am, very reBpecUnlly^ yonrs, ' , same, oatne to her again — be says the wreck was near a dock or pelr— and they again commenced plundering, and again left him to perish. The wreck drifted off, and at about 10 o'clock a. m. he was rescued as first stated, having been exposed to the sea apd storm, without food, about thirty hours. If it is true— which we can hardly nredit— about th» boat visiting and plundering the vessel, and refusing to rtsone a helpless fellow being from a dreadful fate, we hope the wretches will be apprehended and most summarily dealt with-: ;• - .:,.; •-:• .- NOTICK. Urn Conrrsou-i-'sOrriOT, I Contract Department, Milwaukee. June S, 1859. f T HE fo lowing Is » icbedtile of lots and parcel) of land to tbe Slh Ward, City of Mllwiuloe, that will be beneflttrd to tbe amoont set opposite each by grading Washington nrtet and sidewalks to tbe established grade, from 4th »venue to the west line of Walkers Point Addition; also for planking th^ sidewalks. E. O. HATORN, F&BD. VpQKL, StreefOommlssloners. Lot. Block Benefits « 26 146JJS 7 86 >«5,M t 26 152,93 154.83 142,00 18,63 Lot. 10 8 e 4 2 10 8 6 4 2 n i 11 4 Je4-d3t Block. 18 18 18 18 16 18 17 17 17 17 K 17 29 25 16 16 26 16 Benefits. 231,80 240,8 CJ 28983 240,40 i41,46 226,47 8267 1111,20 1 IU 11 0 7 1(8,46 ?1,47 470,00 MS 06 «M>,48 106.13 9143 8 1 14 12 10 8 6 26 116 26 17 SI 27 27 27 27 27 )5 15 1.1 15 15 15 RfccnrT* BT MILWAOKBI 4 MiAH.-vMrn f :ilJ bW. fl.iui, i49<! bos wh.j ».l | ,)„ ,. o»U; 4,44i .hiiunJnes; S >, car , o, Mil|iru<-nl» by I ak«-. ^ K *' MroBTV DCRISO TTTB PtWT 1"W • MTT ,-t. 4*3 •undnes; 295 pka> do. 64 .-oi.i' ^ leather. !<«0 tnos mrfT-. 4 r\sfcj 'i-j^r i . lumber; ISO M ,q timh.r L-4XS KXJX3BT3 DCBJSO VH I r-4SV T » KM s *.• 1!60 bof petal..e». 1 r bhls efg : T'J pk n < radz. K r^lU; 4.M but .--.r. lj,,ck_. bbls flour 10,070 bun vheat Aletrorol 0|rica 1. 6 i «.—Wlo.l .S K. n bleak looking ciruds to ' rUrometer 29. 60 l^^rin roetfr 4-> 12 N E by N - .-..IJ-,kr . : i loadl driving H Barometer 49, Ti Tberm,,met-r «6. 4 r. u -AlodN t by E -cold »r,,J la.-i Barometer ffl, ". Tberni m,eier 4i. 5 p. n.-.Wind N. E bj > — , kr tener-, fr» s mentj of black cloud driving southward Barometer ^a, 60. Thermometer 38 on IK r il v . rp*i T.-H r ^ .H 'ii .-, .[ r— t, i - n«iw til"- tu ..r !• r -l.itU .,[ tli.' U'at iiiatili r ,.i work lu.i,, < t'" 1 .'it. .i.. 11. - y tr-- ni.i.i^ I': Ml- i ' I ',,.-• I ••,ru- in • ! .1' ,., t (j '., .,, ., ,t . il in i m.ik :ii-m nil, tho-.' in u-ti.t .if .1 III.-H, <x. l.-'it.-r :-ar- ; li-ir .ir.i-TJ it Ur pr-( ••i' Hi Mini S' rr.*»a- .1 r ii-ir :x:. I! flttru K, W H, ,,,, tT -iuJ 1 1 1 Lni<i> CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTK •!-; TY Cu •T . C ty .1 th- . Ji H y H M. N r I .< ew ' itr >• i s -, MARINE RECORD" 18.39. 62,53 4\»a 31, 63.86 8953 23.39 51,2? 68,78 H. L'll. OARDINBR, Comptroller. NOT1CK. CTJT COXPTEOUJU'S Orrici, I Contract Debartment, Mil., May 21,1SS9. f T HE following :Is B schedule of lots and parcels of land on goath jAvenne ~from Ellnbeth street to Bcott street. In ib« fizhth W»rd 9f ihe city ol Milwaukee, th« will be bentflted by grsdlnj ssld svenoe and sldewslk- to the established graje ; also for pISAiinf the tndewalks. . K.G. IM.TDEN, — VDGBL. Stroetr Commlsiloner. Lot Block. Benrflti. I 87 |12»JM 11' 18 81 82 J« 24 24 IS Lot. Block, 87 83 SI 82 * ^ 1» i2S2,«7 1 * 9 11 11 1 24 84 W 24 18 19 11 1 S 8 X 9 Itf 859.P3 2H.20 577,40 4383 37^0 881,20 84 W ' 8T.TO 82,88 ! 98,78 851,80 BS1,58 at-b-H. UARTJIfiEll, Comptro'.ler. 457.60 567,8'J _ ' We understand that the wmmittees from the Engiiw Co.'* No. 2 and e, wtioh were appoint. ad for the purpose of getting np the trial, net at the JUjrortToom jesterda? p . m . } ^d ,,«. tually agreed that the ohaUuga should be withanwn; »sihey fnlly appreolated the wist. ea of <ne Mayor «nd Chief Eviston j to keep np « friendly feeling amongst members of the department, which tb«Sr action might endanger ^ » cold »w day. The wind 'kept steady and strong from the north traro^Md at sunset the thermometer WM «slow« 28aboT««ero-«nly •hcdsgreeiabore tto/wealBfjJol|il. The, dnn Colored «ionds A DtntroraDu> DOIOHMAB.—The other day, a Dutchman In Cincinnati, was severely thrashed by his "now," and while smarting under the Infliction, he complained to tbe Mayor, and h»d big better-half arrested for tbe outrage, whereupon she was fined three dolkfs and the costs, bnt she not having the money, ber bnabaod was called upon to fork over. Upon which be "opened bis 'eyes in gT"»t 8nrprise,'.';cxclaimlLg, «VT«t for I pay 1 She rip me J"_• a, was'told that was ; the way the thing had to be done, or sie' most go to jail. With oonslderf-ble demur he Bbd , ed ^ iBwardly resolirin| ifiat, nict time hfs wilV thrwhed him- he would 1 say nothing ftbbnt AW, UnsnriDf; tbe location of the stand for Ute ssjle of wood In the First * d Seventh Wards, In the City of Milwaukee. | Tbe Comoro Oondcll of the City of Milwaukee do ordain as (allows: S ECTION 1. All that part of Elver "reel, lying between Mocks one bnnitrwJ and i fortv-*sven and one hundred snd forfy-elghl; Kna-pp strwet from "Mil. waakre Hl.ei" to iKast Water street, and UK north elfhty-fire feet of lot numbered on« [l], in bloc* one hnndred and fortjr ^Igbt, being In the nrslt Ward, of the Cltj of Milwaukee, Is hereby declared to be, and U made a public stand ^or ihe sale of loads of Wood, and thi publlj stand for Oie sal • of wood ob Market sqnaie, lnth» Beventh vTarH, Is berehy dlsctrnUnner' and va- I'ort ol .nilwaokee, ARRIVED. Joss 2o. Stmr Traveller, Sweeney, Chicago, >96 pkfjv do, SI pass.' 8chr goavernler, Obrtstemen, June 3. wood. bbls Sundries, Sheboy^n, 61 cords 8c. Prop Ronur, l)lckson, Chicago Stmr Gazelle, Batlln, Two Rivers', 7 roll, leather Prop Wenona.Hnff, Chicago Prop Buckeve, Rosam» n , ogdanaburi, loo toni mJz 4 casks llqnor, 3 DOJLCS. Fclir Trlutnph, Ltlgh, Manistee, io M lumber ISO 11 so tlmbtr. ' ^ Stmr Cltj of Cleveland, gqnler, Grand Hsren CI.EAKk D. Jc»« la. Stmr Traveller, Sweenev, Chicago, 200 ous p-.nioes, 17 bbls egg , 44 pk s sundries. Stmr Cltv of Cleveland, Sqnler, Grand H.ven.tftons mil, 17 rolls leather, » bus corn. ll> firkins butter, 29 pkg. sundries. Schf U 8 Scott, Blend, Hamburg. Q ... many frop Wenona, Huff, BnBalo 5, bt)ls whUiy lSOrj«n hides. Stmr Utzelle, Butltj), Two Rive.n. Prop Hunier, Dlckson, Colllngwood, 234 bbli Hour, 174 sacks com, 12 casks ashes. Schr Ta»tfcr, Pomroy, Klngaton, 433 bbls flour, 10,OT» has wheat. Btmr Cleveland, Poigal, Oraud Haven. cated. Sec. 8. No ptrspo,or proions shall b« allowed to ex- note for sale, any laid or loads of wood, ID any of the. «tre.U lo the First or Ferenth Tv-ardsUther ttan or! tb, streets or grocndsn*ed nponas^apnbUe stand lo the ant section of tils ordlnaoce; nr7rli?all aoy persnn •nffer his team, wagoh, sled or other veilelelo,ded with wood, to remainimprje than ten mlnole* at a Um«. «n aor part ol the strec of cot lets t 1 an one of cot lets fan one iloUar, nor more tHnflre dollars together wllh all cos£ of prosecotlon. T^ ' made U» da of the Chief of , and the Ipspecto it. m. on Sunday. BIOH.iOM). Ifectn.. *H«iaLi»KsiH PL«ASAHT PHA- OM.»—Those touting paitiei wip go np to Bptrta. , Bee. 8. Itishereb Police, and h i <Danc.e are berebr rapeUed Bec.8. Thlt Ordinance shall take effettj ani fet In force from and after its pnblicatloo. } , Passed Maj 80, 18J >. g. B. LT»C», City tjlerlf. In the BCTOUI u _ , jowof dertlniaJuitle* of Peace /o forthe noexplred tir* of Albert Bmltt ^ I\TEI.I,I«E>< i: Nones TO Hurtia or Vs ««L».-s ome v.asels nn passing Detroit ate obl'ged to take Ike Canada .bo, e, ihos oaklc« It verj difflcult for their names to be read at Dei-. It. In regard to this the D«trolt Adctrti'tr .•vs : » w, wonld a(f4ln arge on HMtm 0 , Teuetai ^ Importance of displaying their barges, when passing lhl» cl^7 on the Canaoa side, sa unless this Is done It U often Impossible to ascertain the name of th« vessel; theontrsand consignees are thus depr.rcd of the eaturacttaa of hearing of Ihelr progress and safety." A«Ho««.-Tb« D«lrolt THtrnn, O f the 1st a.n tbe schooner 0. Morth 1. .ahrjre at Point P.Ile— The tag Oiwego venr to h«r auisUoce on the 1st. Mas- tert o( TMMls report that latel, r,e light on the crib at th« Paint hu not been Viable; it was owing la tub fact toat tbe North w.nt ashore. The ichooo.r Andorei cam nttr lharing tha time fat* from lha tame cause. Elf" The following vessels parsed Detroit oo the lit In«!:' Bdnni Dp— Steamer North Star; barks Clay on, Andre* BttreM, Jrtse Hojt; b lf» 8. 0. Walb Idg*, Mohe- gant CntaUa, Belle; sthoonert Lamplighter, W H. *' r »»*. Dreadnaajht, Norwerlan, Oerrlt Smith, Ayr MWnli, ABrM»er, Comely Emperor, Belle Sheridan. Orey Eagle, B. t. W.d e , j. iTHubbard. Oaa HlIlTj: W. Brmrn, Sardla Bnrcharr. Bonnd Down— Propellers Bay State, Ed Kb; barkx Korth«rnll|jht,ie,s. Adams, D. D. Pierce, Adriatic:. achoootri White Equal], N. P. Qoodell, Uortland, Anns! . yof . EL,KOtP,ION ;-NO'IOiOB'. To^theBectoriof^li«8wTenth Ward, pttyof MI waa- N ilafan eleatloa ill beheld •theocxlittiyibg Fuj.i which take* LioaT-DorssB.— The Khooner Lamplighter. fcelonglngfo the fOT«rniBent, ten Detroit on Wedntt- ,, with wppUea for tbe llght-honsM on the laks, eAlg.-T|,e HolUnd, Mlclu, StgitUr, of - one of the . «ev<re«t|fale« we havtertr experitnetd, and dotlnr she hMrm the- ichooner Onion cameaahore near the old iehMnet at the mooth of Black ; like, and the schooner Cammsneeiaent came ;«thore high and dry otoie by the aorta pier, having bat just m't««ed the en- traoctj The schooner Enphemla capsli«l oiitalde, and - ' lo«t fall twadt. bat- ooe.] At 4al ma«po , river the fchsontr "'' " ' - '- ' Orottder - . . . ••I' fij.:--^— J - ^»>..- — u^_-'. •• • •; '.. AOWp3ii._The BttroU fret JViw.'cf ft« id, laji : •P* r* AdriaU«, In coming town wUhithrei, went ajroBid yettwday at the btad of Belle Iile. The tat SetqdMrcot her off, and iat puled down last Bight. "- 1 1 i Hi 1. , . _'l 1 'WMf-,i " .; "l~" 1 F J6 reel : .'- - . ,; j.^ ^ i ', :s « i a ..i •» i. W <, of E ^ .1 .6 ui..,, F. 28 feet o <. 1:1 .!.-, ' N *, of ]•• <n tt.,i, 1 1- I'.ii, ;j u vj.,,ci i i.; ;-.;.iii 1-' «. 1-S..K. K S 1 W 'm 4<i W 32 feet I'.' :•) >.,i-J K 3D feet of W « 1'J Tit ^S 4,1 w 12 of K as \i :a u .« »' <1 of E 4tf n '<i il .!' r 15 of K S 1- Tj n ;,! i :-i iui,i»i 9 t4 U.41 W .50 fi 111 -4 ill.ilil Ml. 1. lie ?i f In M ! '1 6:1 I' ' I'l M I.C.- S 44 1 2J) Ot, K i 6 16 _'l Hi 7 H«, ,j ^ f ; M "*.^ i 24 1.1 •>» c'.w W40ft 6 i.', ;i w W83f of E IT'J (, V, i; :, W 40 of K 141) 0 -.- ,i i; W 20 of E 100 ii is ] i •>•! W 2o of K sn a ii • ,' i W 2» of E «il 6 v. ; ,I.JM jeS-d.-.t E. l.'B. UARDINKR. C. i,, t ,c-,.n..r. NOTICK. OrTV CtlWPTB'^LLJtB's ItfVI. K, ^ Qoat.ael Department, June .i, M.%;/ i rilHE OomraoQ Council by resolution ail ipt*.* MH v 1 30, H5», declared the following .Irscrlb ,1 l.,u ,»n.l parcels of land situated In the 8th W»n! ..f 'h* ri y to be abated, viz COSU .if HI- 1 •••« :! •,.' ling at ST S lioif at '•' * Blot-l;. Lot. cts.avd. Block L .! ••». 4,1 52 9 104,0« 4ii -. <n-j. it 2'.' 1 4ltt!l9' 43 7 Xtfl'il 22 4 52,03 S 42 '1 >OM, ] 1 ., 22 -J lfl.47 S « 1 «!4.M « 8 sa,n>t 4« :, Tmi.u 23 g i«,31 4'J 4 !.-,..! il 11 10 ro6.o9,s 4-j i \TJ u 11 U 320,«2 42 1 vjaiis 11 U 41&24 16 IU U^lja, 11 14 194,0*^ 26 U J.')S,.!s 11 It 888,44 27 Ii iOH.J.i , 11 10 833,44 'It Id 2SO.ISW 11 7 3SS.44 «S 11 li>4,iO t" 11 6 203,12 *8 14 l:M.lliis 11 1 1>*V4,1SJ^ 2^1 I'l 17 .t4 ^ Tl 8 890.47}? *i 12 17.S4, 11 S »12,1» 88 I 11 25 2S » 1SC,<9^ 26 1 itf-'.M • n 10 29*>J,s 24 4 f»j;s, •a 11 416.29 24 & w ;; w 23 12 B8,90 24 « K.irt'', 2* 18 156,09^4 10 2 ^18,44 23 14 4-«,09^ lu J JO.iu) 2( 15 MSUtf. 9 i ira44 23 IS 499,S» T>srn«n and sgtnts of above described property are lie>Ay notified tv abate said nuisance within im dayn rronr this date or the Street nonvnlssioneM ,,f lhe"6tn 'Ward', will cane the same to be done ami dharged to the respective lots snd parcels of laml, ao- £ardlng to law. Jt8-d5t E. L'H. OAEDI.Nf.H. Comptroller. NOTICE. N OTICE Is hereby given that the Onllnnao« regulating hacks, cabs, dnvs, ainninuases, <tc , ic., will kc strictly enforced after the first, da; of Jtine Die owners of drays, hacks, cabs, omnibassea, lam fcer* furniture and express wagons, are hereby notideii to procure a license and number for such, without farther notice. WM. BECK, Chief of Police. Mllwaaiee, May 25, 1S59. may J« .1104 CITT Cojmaoii.iB'9 Orn.-i, t Coanacr DiPAimixr, June 1 . '5a. f CsEiXED proposals will be received at this oilice, un- 0 tn Saturday, Jane 4th, at 10 o'clock A. u., for furelsnlng materials .and constructing cro I.T.I ifts tn th.. 8rd War*, as the Sue t Commissioners rony airtct.- Alao for taklnt; np and relaying old c'rosswilka as may be required. Separate propoula w«l be receive 1 for fnrnlshlnit miterlalj and repairing plonk sidewalks aa required by the Street Commlsjlaoers ofsalUWard.— Bropotals roust set forth price per lineal 'loot for new plank and. relaying old. plank. Je2-d« E.VH.SAaOINEB, Comptroller. A IiOOHOb l« p»» cti. at MunfMtore's puce. f*el laaUIMCrTON. ; I 1 1 • (1 >J 11 •J t;i M , . i W"t. tr i .1 i, • . .- • . ( '—•-Hi. ^, \ ; «ii • *i • "ir a. . l j . "•I •' \ k .r ./r-t .. i^ .1 iin-l j i ^ i . L ";i", * tv. t.i, -i :> > . i. •.... .1 M *-!•S Hi.i.- ^.iv • • • H .-. A. • I > V 4 , - A • r? r / -M r-.t* i»»-s H Ui h I 1 1 »ty 5 tin! T" ?Y\r h-i U IMW , V S * ml tnn. FtTl,,'' II . J f ft t .•. •*. . •Jur no < II f,.-. t t. 0 * i,,.•1 t lHK fni \V»nl , < in if *trt? E4u a T ,HR ISA ^ i, 18S9 Street t J Una ft*: That J frnm 3tJ Mliwauli hereby tlA^S flM i,ad ITa to the ft m«j2i 6 SK ., F£EO THE HUMbRY," Ill ^ |-.A> « A 4 i i: i-. i F.llllll) A H .'(14)11 -.1 I. Cream II K l» II I Ms. ! l i i Ki > I Nil I- I .1 U K •* r: I. I. K ,) K V S 11 ir pr.ulu Call and Hxamme It. whether y..,, •inn .t 'ml t« |,l."i HI \ N NOTK 'K. CITY C.tvi,Tm,ii.riM > p;irtrn.-nl. Mil , J ,.,.. t H.-h, I ne >f inti .:,,] .'hit;;.,;.' II*.I VI,., .,rr..)ii< K. L'H. UJ CITT C Contract l^pari nf Counriln VKK, C».mptr ISft'J. hy f«Hn)ut.(in if M«v 1'J, 1SA9, canciirreJ m by '('«' U"»--l of Mnjr having aiiopifl ho rvc"mrtit*nt|.-unm if ihe mm:33ioner3, with njsesdieunCi i>f ^.i-rit-tUtt nrxl ^ _^ It ts ordered : That»'*ewer (wcongtructeil through Tnmar »ck *t , ffnm Sti. to dih stree', la the Jml .v aril, of the City *t uke«. and a^etiti ,tf property on said itr.>«t *ro titled tn construct iulU Sawr within ten LhJj* J»te, or the Street Commlsa.onprs <if tho 2nd Ward irtU oaune the same to t>e done and charuw*! to the respective lota m'corxJlii^ 10 law. ~" " B L'U. QARDIN^ER, C< aprW , receive-.! this day At BONN i OaOaBY'3.

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