Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1941 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1941
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'i • 31 tutu jta*een*B<i onr*t?o T TrVTif^ 1 r* A tT \f C* A l 7T? r nPP S1 JbKJbJJNvj UAlLrfi vjAZilSl Ir* STERUIIG-tOCI FAUS ttn m t. 0«tstondinf €onttn«ntty Daily f» WfctttWte end Ad|wiiir*fj EIGHTY-SEVENTH YEAR-No. 98 Full Leased Wire Associated Press STERUNG, ILLINOIS, .FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1941 Brarsa of PRICE FIVE CENTS WORLD GOBY All Over But The Shooting Two years ago or more, The Gazette said that we were In the war. That statement has proven true. We are now in the ww up to our necks, and sinking deeper every moment. At that time this department said Roosevelt had had his own way for six years and would continue to do as he pleased regardless of the sentiment of the public. That statement has proven true. Rooeevelt has been a master mind at fooling the public. At that time he had the public sold on the propaganda that he was the greatest philanthropist of all times. , Majority in Senate Ready to Broaden Neutrality Revision Poll Shows Freedom Of Seas Amendment Is Assured Passage By William B. Ardery WASHINGTON — (AP>—An m- Anybody can be a philanthro- pixt in spending; other people's money. All the great gift* Roosevelt has given to the working people have beerf taken from business men and financiers and pamed on. These gifts were not made by Roosevelt JMmself and debt after debt has been piled Up until the country faces bankruptcy, and there Is no end In tight. Not a single movement has been made to pay any of the $60,000,000,000 that has been granted to the Roosevelt war ; program. There i* no Intention it the present time of paying tack any ot this money, of pey- i teg up any of the great Indebtod- of this country. Step by step the country hat led on the way. The orlg- tnal scare started some yean ago when It was reported by President Roosevelt that a German U-boat was located in the Caribbean sea. It was never seen by any other person, it was never beard of by any* others, but it threw a great scare into the American people. Step by stop these scares have been handed out where they would make the biggest •care. As a matter of Jact, It occurs to this column that i President Rooeevelt and his New automata were In favor of formal administration poll showed today that at least 55 senators—six more than a majority—would vote to amend the pending armed ship bill so as to permit American merchant vessels to sail anywhere on the seven seas. The poll, conducted by senators Interested in broadening the house- approred legislation lifting the ban against the arming of merchant ships, indicated that a maximum of 60 members would support the suggested amendment to knock out the neutrality act provisions forbidding merchant ships to enter belligerent ports or designated combat rones. All indications pointed to an administration effort to expand the pending bill after the senate foreign relations committee concludes hearings this afternoon. On* informed senator said the committee vote for granting American merchantmen complete freedom of the sew would be at least 12 to 11 and might be 13 to 10, depending on the ballot of Senator George (D-Oa). rank- kit member of the croup. Another proposal pending before th» committee, offered by a group of _ and backed by Wendell would repeal the neutrality law completely Dawavatfc Leader Barkley. saying thai a* decision on procedure had Jhatjt wa* dafkseit to- ascertain whether the to '-the neutrality law when it Anyway, it received hta 1 by his etgnatnr*. Mow aw told It II one of the moat •«• f tne New Deal administration hac jamped first one way and then another, It has kept the people ecared, excited, in turmoil, nearly nine years. It is Impossible to guess the reason, hut the propaganda Hutdiins0n f Kcss., Hit By Two-Edged Flood HUTCHTNSON, KAS.— (AP>— Thta city of 39.000 population' wsd- *d In wstw neck to knee deep today as * double-barrelwl flood tugRpd at Its foundation above and hekrw th« grcnind. A muddy torrent poured through a 100-foot k«h in the drainage canal dike which normally routes a trickling creek through the city. Steady ratn since early In thfe week brought the flood. Water ran from one to three feet deep through the entire business district and 75 per cent of the residence section. More ominous, however, was the threat from under the ground where the water table, normally 15 to 20 feet down, had risen to near the surface following incessant rams and overflows. Engineers feared a damage toll approaching that In 1039 when a similar combination left the oil and sail mining center a $3,000,010 repair bill. Allied Forces Attack French Colony would five more support repeal than to menu lifting th* present restrictions on ship arming and ship movements. Senator Pepper (D-FIa), on* sponsor of the fresdom-of-tbe-eaas amendment, told reporiem he would Britain Should Pay Promptly for Food, Yandenberg Holds England Sells It to Distributors, Senator Points Out in Debate WASHINGTON — (AP)—Senator Vandenberg (R-Mich) demanded today that Gnat Britain be required to reimburse the United States in cash for $1.000.000,000 in food to b* furnished under the new tSjas,000,- 000 lease-lend appropriation which the senate approved yesterday by a vote of M to 12. Contending that the British government was obtaining immediate payment from English distributors 12345*78'910U AH«a». M L K J I H G F E D C I A &1234567S91011 vote for complete repeal if his own proposal failed, want complete "And repeal those should who vote for our amendment if they cant get theirs," be added. The foreign relations group was expected to vote late today or tomorrow, aad Barkley said that any neutrality mvuton it would be dad for foodstuffs sent to under the present program, Vaudeiiestg asserted yesterday that the net result of the proposed new outlay would b* to "syphon virtually a button dollars out of the United States ' ury into the British treasury. "If we are furnishing tinder this bill that are cash by the British, cash belongs to the United treasury, th* Michigan eland. replied that for hat dfrmtTfurtrnV*'* that nothing ehort of a "shooting war" will sttt the administration. i i • We are now in the "shooting Of Cletiiisiry . Dies CHAMPAIGN. ILL. — (AP)— Dr. William Albert Noyat, a. professor emeritus of chemistry and one of the moat eminent faculty members at the University of Illinois, .died war." Qurahlpgare elnty that means nothing short of war. It is all over now but the real shooting, and that al- has started to each an ez- to get our people and more excited. Roosevelt will his own way and nothing can atop him. The people might ill understand that If he the neutrality law repeal- ad, U will be repealed. If not -itpdUed, the liew Deal trick- gttrs will get around it some way. TBe arming of merchant men gold sending them the full length •f.the seven R< Bit will be coin- wUl have^hls early today In Illinium, the ment discovered in eto- lated in l»m the tbechesD university year Or, In andrt- dpieat of to the Univenttgr of nnnols in the to Dr. Keyes in of two ttvmg saen for State Gets WPA Aid For Civilian Defense And Adult Education CHICAGO —CAP) — Ulinato to the recipient of a $300351 WPA grant for its civilian defense proof another *XK6U for adult education. Sen. Scott W, that to* gnati ta Washington, Th* grant for the civilian defense program requirs* that state and local governments add about HMO*, for clerical help, office apse* and materials. Tne pro- dinted by th* - "~ station. Includes istration of volunteer firemen end policemen to serve to time ot emergency. The adult education grant was drawn up to provide aid for aliens studying for dtlsenahip, women Iteming to cook, bund people studying Braille, and unemployed taking tench Somaliland maded by British And De Gaul lists Allied Forces Said to Advance 30 Miles into Colony Under Vichy VICHY — (AP>—The Vichy re- i*s aumuei general in French reported in a dispatch Jibuti today that British and Me* French troops had started an on the colony. Ce«p Forreri Troops r >1 Brtawi LKaftelefll HglaV DaflsU* I|BBS • eje?| eeWMPlww. awwvv^gevieipey Taft Uabst to lend program into "an WPA." "W* can dismiss the . ihat Groat Britain wffl near any af this," Taft told his coOsagea* yesterday. "We aught as watt regard the appropriation* as a gUt of Ua> 000.0004100 and not as a lean. If Onet Britain did promise to goad^e. the debt would be no the one from the tost war." Taft. who voted for the original of nine RepubUeans who Joinadjhne Democrats and a tor I* FoUette of Wisconsin, m apposition to of the bllL measure was then sent back to house for action on relatively minor •afore earning hew, he served as Metsssni of ehamkary at the um- ventty of TV mil frem IW to iam at for the -from lata to ItOT. The puhlk ought to reaUae wapriated for the togUah war aad that not one stag* cant haa set aside to pay the MIL Un- the tohavette , and having had it for We are in the . _ war up to oar neoka, » avaU over but the shooting. propaganda has been sown through every geghty per eent - of the patmte have voted against war, awt were ejotng right Into the thick of tt. There is no turning This tp no longer a de after all, the country in going ta give Booatvelt att the men, the money, all the credit, all materials, all the machinery, everything I* wants. Eooee* -'• are hold S tt w*a etrth** and seaotag*. We help t* Oreece, En- China, In fact ail i wsemcrafsai. but we have not ~ awMw any reai headway in : the goods. There is no that w* will be really •wady to fight until 1»0. The navy is crasy to. fight paai whatover and turn the navy fight In a short ae aryiag far help, then they a« la the Uat Worid War. Born near Independence, Iowa, be attended Orlnnell collega and ' kins. Clark university aad the Unl- veoMT of Ptttseurgn. S£ 'ClwfelSelj Record Four children survive. the chemistry department at th* Univer- a% of swSer; Cbartas «, edl. Lobawitt Scorwi Mdifox LQNDOM — (AP) — Lord to th* the target of a United by Lakorite Aaeuria Bevea In a war debate in tl stoferrug to remarks attributed to the United Stoles en f on th* great en his return to the Oct. 1, just b»- BSfla *P*JSpv The IS "no" votes terday repretented an four over the nine cast against the first appropriation last March 84. At that time, g7 favored 'the Initial outlay, as compared with af who voted "yea" j«stird*y Illinois* senators, Scott UKCS (D) and Wayland Brooks (R), voted lor the new bill. WHl IMP tfOei Phget OfNeerlySaMies pair of from, th* saftly to leeord for the Jnnejnt fn* fall in th* United States. tsmMAtte ^ wun a his rifles, replsctog the 1107 rifta used by the inten- trVmaa of aWr-lt, MaJ. Oeiu oal T. Lawton declared today. d en the teat* of allowance* gtvhw UN* rifles to «ach Infantry •at, the major user of the then an approximately 10*00 Th* cavalry also them in large mavkere. Arrival of the faB quota of automatic* for toot edth* K there aew. in th* camp: Trucks arriving during k&otttftr sftarUg* unite still lack their full al- an lotment. The major weapon* JO caliber machint guns, JT mm anti-tank guns, II mm. 1M mm. pan* of howttsenv-th* th* army Shtjxmento to U. S. Tank Output For Own Forces Is to Be Doubled Defense Program Is Undergoing Revision, Chief.!xecutive Says WASHINGTON — <AJ»» — Withholding all figures. President Roosevelt announced today that the American program for producing tank* for United States armed forces would be approximately doubled at once. The chief executive told a press conference that the projected expansion was part of an over-all revision of the defense picture. But the rest of it, he said, will not be ready until later in the fall or perhaps when ujtigiess meets for a new session in January. Mr. Rooaeitflt would not say what the present tank prognm called for nor what the increase would provide. That, he asserted, was Information which the axis would like to have. It does call for many thousand more tanks, he asserted, along with certain items of ordnance relating to them. The principal reason for the decision to make a UeuieJtoqs increase in tank output, the President disclosed, grew from the experience in the use of tanks In North Africa last year. Some new plants probably win have to be built to turn out the enlarged volume of tanks, Mr. Roosevelt declared, while factories no making them will have to step up their operations. Reminded that William 8. Knudsen. director of the office of production management* had lUfiiUaitid a goal of 2,000 medium tanks monthly. Mr. Roosevelt aaid the new program went beyond it. The President geanhartxed that the Knox Expects War In Orient if Japan Pushes Expansion Ickes to Quit Peddling Eggs in Federal Auto WASHINGTON— (AP) —Harold IcKey. th*> egg man, was among the beneficiaries today of the action of Secretary Ickes, the defense petroleum coordinator. In declaring an end to the gasoline emergency in the east. The cabinet member has a sizable poultry business at tHriey Farm near Washington, and an aide aid that to save gasoline he recently had been bringing eggs to Washington markets in his government automobile, on his way to wort Now that the gasoline restrictions have been lifted, according to this aid*. Ickes probably wffl return to the use of * farm truck for delivery of the eggs. Russians Concede Situation Alarming On Ukraine Front Nazis Claim Conquest Of Rich Donets Basin In South Is Imminent Navy Secretary Holds Clash Inevitable Unless Tokyo Reverses Policy WASHINGTON — fAP>—Secre- tary Kncoc said today that a "collision" in the Far East was virtually inevitable. "The situation in the Far East ks extremely strained." Knox told » group of naval munitions manufac- urers. "We are satisfied In our own mind* that the Japanese have no intention of giving up their plant for ex- insion. If they pursue that course collision there is inevitable. This description of condition* in* volving the United States and Japan, coming from a cabinet member after weeks of Washington-Tokyo efforts to find a formula for settlement, was prompted by a JJsctoertnti of ways by which munitions can be delivered from this country to Boa- The announcement said the at~ began Thursday, and had push- ID mltos Into French terri- Tht allies occupied Desenalto. only I mites north of Tajura, an impor- port -Just acres* the gulf -of th* sam* name from Jibuti, th* gov- The little preach eoteny on the rsrt wrested from the Italian* British and D* OaulHst mated at M» men, were said to be advancing in two columns. (Authoritative aouraea In London said thtte waa w> coWinnaUofi of the Tichy report that troops bad aU acked Fiench far Th* military' move apparently came after the British and French were convinced that the Vichy-dominated administration of the colony would not capitulate despite months sun and the The British oniy to armed ferae, that they tinet from those oaade for the tend program and that a for more of the land flghten wouM (By The Associated Press) Soviet front-line dispatches acknowledged that the situation was in all ssoton"* en the Ukrato* front today, with heavy fxjnttag raging on the to Rostov-on-Don, while claims from listed a staggering total killed tour-month-old armitt clearly both of more than or wounded in the' Although the red showed the original program Is k fall ^ . ^ " ^_ . — • >.. asserted, keen made Principal been on bava Ho fag* Cke»es of propaganda pns- military power at expressed hope last ^Te^L^^f "Aaab: Krt- laexVsn bordar Britain and other least-tend coun- the tht hav* drastically reduced of these availabte to American army. Fully equipping th* four infantry trea, Just north of French Somali- land, that the small French garri- m soon would Join the Free French. A month later the Vichy government was reported to have received an ultimatum that French Somali- land be turned over ta the Dt Gaulle forces or be MwKM** The colony, lying at the neck bathe Gulf of Aden and the Red Is easily deprived of sea commu- kations, for the British control with the Oaraads the _ _ TbsOanad virtually Infantryman a nave fattsa at miles answer. thraugneat ttw •Lord Halifax th* he we* asessxeeaw his troops to a|~ thet he need fear no attack from *ff Hew far si a stotoxeeat of that kind—when Hitler Is gath- htjhtreasenT awst sj*t rid of • of these mm or they wuTdrag dewa wa* tkeav The taw* has that It aet rbje far fct*> Wa should at least ham bone ettntigh to stop that. MMp reaching* the ground be evto- ned and said h* "felt fm*." An "all-dear" signal was heard from the plan* at 2:OJ:ei p. m- m- dkating that h* had dived Into the upper atawaphare. His first parachute opseed at 2:13:1*. and h* landed at 1:U:1». having spent toss than eight minutes ta ta* afar. Intervtewed •herUr after a* reaeh- " h* was ed th* _ 'perfectly all right," that h* had Jumpsd from above MMNO feet and that h* «*- ttoiated h* opcoad bis 'chutes at IJMfeet. At the luauaog est point, he said, temptratun was at ketow U.S. Housfj to Conv«nt Only Twict Ntxt WMk fAP) —' The Thursday^to ssest ea> en Monday aad Thursday neat week, ,tk said ^^^^» and eefer* Nov. 4. Tit* bad acpead to until of this win at of ike gmd to ta* Qaraaa. Ghost Town Hermit Assaib Poper lefore House Group WASHDiOTON— (AP)— A self stytod "old aadhtsh a clad m of a pros- mittec yesterday of the pstls ef a «>...» ** -in • wi •• dBKH^^^ta^ssM ^seBhsWsW ftst ^^BatOsiUr^ DVmp^H CUeTgWsH*sW • wJVgeiBew eV not backsd ky Ito par eeat of sjosd or silver. H* is F. B. CUauett. who hanertf as "th« hsrmtt ot th* OoJondo although there for removal of and chiUren from th* colony-pr* RIO WOO. KKXIOO — (AP> — The RtoOraede and tor* at sandmg th* aw) its course of today, of this on a their Xichty other* slowly exumhung mid and nacnerc were keJfcad in efforts to reach them by boat. Surfing waters ate away th* bank under 25 bouea*. aad the bridge con to be 'raiding firmly be- the grave new danger Raeam's vital war foundries on Red front the army newspaper, Th* newspaper reported hand-to-hand fighting. . . around T-jil Mm moony Btaline, into a drive to eagutf the river Industrial stteatkn an aB the prmetoal ef the southern front re» eritkaV* Red Star's com- spondent telejraphed. Fnvda sound- In Bertta, th* authorised com* mentory, Dteust am Oeutschland, went so far as to say that "the liberation of the Donets beam Is it," If true, thta would striae a bard blow at Ruada's war plies, since the IWiehi basm Is the source of gnat htm, eoal and deposits, and Rostov, near the mouth of the Don river. Is the key to the Caucasus oil fields. German conquest of the Dooeti bairn woold^^ aU~1ikeIihooa^pr*et< pttate the long-awaited hour of Brtt- srn freops entering the conflict at RusefeVside. Brttkh Gen. Sir Archibald P WaveU. copimander-in-chief for lu- away fR he had a confer •Just hurried r—he did not which British say with whom—at and Russian needs for war materials aad been stneetd as matters of great urgency- The navy secretary declared that Ito manufacture!*. Including the chiefs of naval yards, must miss no opportunity to speed up production, •Keeping the Russian army ftghU Ing is one of the most vitally Important things we have to do in thJe ar.** he said emphatically. There are, Knox. continued. "Just three ways," of getting supplies to the port These he named as: north Atlantic to the arctic of Archangel, across the Pacific to the Far Kastern port of Vladivostok and down through the south Atlantic and around Africa to Pentf The Archangel route, Knox is the best of the three despite great handicaps imposed by its extreme northern location. The port can be kept open only by the use of icebreakers and this means, he said* that slow-moving supply ships make marks far German boat which can readily reach the harbor. Moreovei Archangel offers hat limited transport faciutlaSi The Far IWera situation, 9f eontnet to of a •collision'* In the Far today that the crisis in relation* tween the two- countries had Bouldering modified by the V. B, goven dedskm to ship war aid to via the Arctic port of Archangel instead of through the Sea of Japan to Vladivostok, Domri. the authoritative news agency, Quoted saying that the Tokyo-Washing! depends entirely on the sincere attitude of the United or faiture of relations on page nceting the U. 8. and of was in the /-Huddled on the bride* with goats, cows, chicken* and other brionalngs Ti U.8.- By August British warahipi had es- to the dispute Is a coastal ,€• eauan miles whteh Tn^ea1ony;:inir —— dla, has nearly lAaojOOO men m ttt* Middto Kact awaiting the signal to march north through Iran (Persia) Into the Caucasus to bolster th* bat- tend federates m th* Ukraine, Perhaps m a move to seal the Mid- (By The A ted Press) Chicago and vicinity: Omsiderabsi tonight and Saturday: aomewhat Saturday.Furth* or outlook: Some of raw night according to the fcfcteat French nguns. Jibuti Is UM Bed sea railhead of a line rua- Addis Ababa, Ethiopian _ _ «hor« aws> a dry reeky plateau with scant It is hot An explorer the region M heU hoi* of oeattea." . : R. A. F. 4901* Attacks Naples, Italy Reveals CAP)— The high com- nHl today the British royal asr force raided Maples again for the third tinw recently. Damage,' however, was described as slight and only flv* tfaer* were reports of iu contrast to an th* aerial blow at iti i nfwfo i *i n iT muer last Tuesday night camsd hug* damage. On* i ago than was a raid in which- th* Italians acknowl- •dg* 12 kittsd 'and 27 injured at Dexahir DgCATUB, ILL." — <AP> — Ftt- ntral sarvtoM will a* held Monday for th* Bev. Peter Mae Autey, ehap- iaia at * Mary* aespitol for the tost y«e| ^ ay a *•* y*** MMf a half, t n«s5l Uata y dataed at VatnerMae- «f a-eisert, .was or•bout 4i yean to tat Ualtoil IS yen* 'Mir." Bsihop JaoMs A. Oriftltt ef awrtnttiiid vul oooduet the dte Bast 1 * "back door* for just such reported strtk- fjnsultfcMirt today, i tato the ttttlo Preach eoluay en the Oulf of Aden, attack, Rio Rico. of currents fad by heavy la tht which sail through th* when the river course back *r It whteh •ad threw Rs* • of the •loo on the United On ta* gwrtet war •ritish Clam to Sink the «-4ay-osa •OIFT—(APV-- aavyaa ALXXAMOalA. Offksnof th* R. A. F. but two passsd without at Meet eae hetaK sunk ta the afeatterr $15,000,000 At Sttel Works in Gory <rnf«-*^ that thser forces CHJCAOO — (AP> - A program at the Oarjr, Ind* sewl works of th* were following the new eis ftoH owparatloa. UaitfilHa anawanead Thursday. the a part of th* by the navy aircraft liurrhantxtsa axkshsjBjsag •V vitt ke •* af •pattoi to op to Oet. 1, they saak emfJaf to 4a*» trass Kiliwd m. '• «

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