The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 23
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 23

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 23
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Monitor, July B, 1914. THE D E C 2 T U R R E V I E W OFFICERS IN JAIL WITH PRISONERS Amusing Situation Results In Trip Of Blue Mound Party To Decatur; Claim Twas Misunderstanding. Two Blue Mound o f f i c e r s nnd t h e i r two prisoner, wer* locked up in short · trept K t a t t o n S a t u r d a y t i l g h t . It was f t b o u t the f u n n i e s t s i t u a t i o n a b o u t t h e jmllrn H t n t l o n Hln.'o tint' o t h e r n Me occH.lon when a Iiltu- M o u n d of f l i e r brought a prisoner to 1 t r e a t u r nnd nl- Inwed the. prisoner (.. "not 'em up" In him f e v o r n l tlnien n t h e w a rrnrn th« depot d f 'Wn t o w n mul f i n a l l y IOEU fall prisoner and was h i m s e l f locked up SKST TO C O I ' N T V J A M , Sat .nl/iv J i m n n d K I M I U . \ t " . | i l s eele- hrnt-'.l tin' l-'o.irlh in l l l . i t M o u n d liv K « t M n s f f l o r l o u s l v d r u n k Kat h ivui f i n e d 9-0 nnd c n x t s , mid h a v i n g no T n o n ' v to pay t h e v t f e t e h i n t t o t l . o M%. n n r o t i n t v p u l l t o U v o u t ( h e f l n * v « ' l t y .Miir»h»l Ana Ta'ckclt nnd (lei rce Homer, who wns a p p o i n t e d a special p p l l r c n i a n b y t h e nine M o u n d m a \ o r I n order to aisjBt In l a n d i n g the p r i - soner* In jail, wero n'Tompnnled lv F.x- ' o n K t a . d i » ("rla* Holme, who hnd been d e p u t l z i - d liy City Marshal T a c k e t t to malm. About 0:30 S a t u r d a y n l u h t Mr. House called at police h e a d q u a r t r s alone. M r Bald to Sheriff N l c h o l n o n . who wns s t a n d i n g at the door of the court h o u F P : TOLD TO GET OFF. "1 t h o u g h t I h«d a coupli 1 of prl- urinors for you. but thn cops t . i t nem n n d the t w o o f f i r e r v ^ \ ! i l nnd Ififked thorn all up in Short street n a t i o n . I don't understood It. Snckett n n . I Hoover had heen d r i n k l n p sonic, i n n . - 1'f, but I d i d n ' t notice that e i t h e r «.i- d r u n k . W h e n wo got to D o r u l u r the i n i i . h i c t n r told me we were here anil . i b k i i l me to eti'p off tho car. 'T t o l d l.lin t h a t I wns n u s l K t l n R the ..Hi, r two ni-n, and ho s n l d lie w o u l d . i t t ' - n d t t I h e i n and for me to gel nTC. W e l l , it was his t r a i n nnd J pot oft. .!u°t t h e n ( w o I i e c a t u r t-opn pot on the . ir a n d i n r e ^ U - d P n r - k e t l and l l n o \ i n n , I t h " l r t w o prlaonera n n d l o r k r d a f,, ir of t h e m up. 1 don't u n d e r s t a n d It " HAD R E V O L V E R OUT. Th- two ofTU'ers seemed to be snher e n o i i K h w h e n t i r m m h t 10 lu'iirlqu,irter nn h o u r l a t e r . Tlu-y c o n t e n d e d t h a t t h e v J i u . I n ' t boon tli I n k l n p : at «M Mar- « l n i l S a c k c i l n a l d t h a t h e h n d h i s r e v o l v e r o u t I n t i n ' r n r , b u t Hint he t n o k It out of Ma pocket In order to cot at w h i c h was pocket to get the money to pay the fare* with. I had my gun In the same pocket with my money and I had to get the gun out first to get at the money. That's the way it was." WERE RELEASED. Conductor McMillen charged that Sackett was drunk and flourishing his gun. He said he didn't care to prosecute the Blue Mound officers, but he wasn't going to allow that sort of thing to so unnoticed on his train. The Blue Mound officers were finally released and the Reynolds boys were locked up. While at headquarters the Reynolds boy» kidded the Blue Mound officers for getting arrested, WELL HEELED. Each officer was armed with a blgr revolver, and in addition Sackett had a billv and Hoover had three feet of the butt end of a billiard cue. "You see," said Bill Reynolds, "this is what you get for toting- FO many weapons around with you. If you hadn't had all t h e m pirns and clubs you wouldn't have got i n t o trouble," and he reached over and borrowed a couple of w h i f f s from hie brother's clrgaret. Page Twenty-tfiwa " Local Notices. Th«M Notlou An Paid Advertising, FUNERALS. -MRS. ALICE CURTIS. The f u n e r a l of Mrs. Alice Curtis, w i f e of Fred Curtis, was held at S o'clock S a t u r d a y morning at the f a m i l y residence, 1500 West Wood street. Dr. Hosklns has tioved denta.1 office to 206-207 Tltla Trust Bids. CLIMAX FURNACES ALSO REPAIRS A, J. KAISER, 151 THATCHER PLACE. Fried Spring Chicken today at Sherman Strouse Cafe. HEAR JINX SING Decatur'« favorltae comedian appears In cnbaret Introducing the latent «on« hlti, ever}- afternoon and evening at MINSON'S CRYSTAL TODAY. "The Laten Spark" (Dommo) Special Thursday, Beginning of the Thanhouser. MILLIOX DOLLAR MYSTERY. OF HUT Government Grain Men Going to the Fields. THE PARIS THEATER AFTERNOON A'D NIGHT. ·SHORTY ESCAPES MATRIMONY" In Two Parts. 5 -- Other Heels -- 5 The government grain standardization station In Decatur IB now giving: Us whole time to a canvass of the 1914 wheat crop in Illinois, Indiana and other atates, the members of the staff of employes spending- as much time as possible In the field. IN SOUTHERN ILJjlNOIS. Mr. Shanahan this week made a trip through southwestern Illinois, visit- ng Murphysuoro, Sparta, Waterloo, l Russe11 dces not believe that It will Ashley, Belleville, and Nashville, set [ cn TM 11 5 L Wils ', ht . but rathe . r wl " at t i n g reports from the elevators, going direct to the threshers In the field and t o k i n g samples. The wheat crop in place bat that plus* 1* not in wheat flour or In the various products of the flour. OUR WHEAT CLEAN. Clark A. Russell, manager of the Decatur station, .ay. that the wheat grown In central Illinois is cleaner than that grown any where else that ha la acquainted with. This is true not only this year, but every year. He attributes this partly to the fact that for several years no wheat was grrown here. When -wheat growing was resumed farmers got new and clean seed. WHEAT IS DET. Mr. Ru««ell Friday vltlted several threshers in the vicinity of Forsyth and brought back a number of samples. One of these samples of hard, Turkey Red tested 61.5 pounds to the bushel and another of Fults, a soft wheat, tested 60.5 pounds. All of this wheat is almost bone dry and Sir. Chinch Bugs are Devatat ing Corn Field*. AMumptlon, July «.--ThouMnd. ot dol. lira- .worth of damig. I. b«ln( done to th. cSI^Ht'^'h '^"Shout Chrhrtlan and Shtlbr Farmer r^f t ravaEes °* tne «h!nch bun. numbers uefy extermination. 1 "" * h * ' remedy, and while grest number, ot the. are being destroyed he thinks that they are so numerous that annihilation 1 an Improbability. He la one of Chri«tlan county-« farmer, who Is advocatlnr the plan to tow no T. heat nor oats for two year, and .tarv. them out. John Behl, a retired farmer of thl. cltT. reports many of them in hi. corn on bli farm, a mile and a half east of town. He say. the corn Is black and one can not tench tho .taik without coming In contact with them They quickly ruin the cornfield, br · "-- talk and sucking all the YltU- - -- --- corn. Juet now tBey are ID the flylnx atage. Near uillenvllle and th. Mm. conditions prevail and farmer, are ullnr »»^ ery known mean, to get rid ef them. In the vicinity of Pan* they ar« not no bad. but are expected to reach that point «nr time. CAMP LINCOLN OPENS SATURDAY Springfield. July 4.--The summer** encampment of the Illinois National Guard at Camo Lincoln, thli city, opened today with the arrival of the sorb moisture In damp weather, FROM INDIANA. Mr. McMupphy of the Decatur tion spent the week amon ana wheat fields. One sample sent In by him of Lancaster wheat, yield or as good In quality as that in of exceptionally large berry, carries EARL AND JULIUS good deal more moisture than any of with a yield as low as f o u r bushels to the samples of Illinois wheat. the acre and others as high as twen ty to twenty-two bushels. Most of th» wheat south of Deca- THE LATEST SOXG HITS AT THE tur, or rather south of Pana, is now PLACE WHERE YOU GET ALL THE threshed. Threshing is in full swing in this section of the state and In a drive of a dozen miles one will aee a services were conducted by Rev. ElMia GARLIC AND ONIONS. Snfford, pastor of Westminster Pres- MINSON CO. byterian church. The music was f u r - nished by Lolela Woolhouse, Henrietta C i r a y b l l l .II. R. Ketch and E. Safford. half dozen threshers. er elevator at Forsyth will next week b« receiving wheat from five thresh- hl.4 m o n e y , poi In t ' Yon see it W.IR jusl i K ' i t f o u r t i c k e t s n t t w o r o m , l - t r l p t i c k e t s Hor-vt-r. w h o w a s d e p u t i z e d by t h e i n n v o r ( o h e l p m e . a n d t w o s i n g l e t r i p t l - k p t t for the prisoners. Well, 1 m i h - I'lncod the single t i c k e t s and w a s n ' t u h l e t o f l r n l t h , T n w h e n t h e c o n d u c t o r i-.-iinc t h o i i e h . no 1 r i i i ' - h r d I n t o my trouble than usual from the garlic and The pallbearers were C. L. Webb, L. R. 11 o'clock Suijday morning at the Boll- onions because of the dry season. Gar- Whl taker, Paul Wilder, T. ic and wild onions are troubles unknown to the ·« heat growers of cen- .ral Illinois. Where garlic gets into the w h e a t it i s particularly troublesome because the seeds are so nearly No Better, But Wone, Apropoa of a policy of trust reformation E. P. Stimmel and C. A, Fauffht. will be In the Boiling Springs ceme- body was taken to Mowcaqua for bur- ex-Mayor Shank, of Indlananolia, eaid at a First regiment, Chicago, for snquet In New York: "If a trust Is inherently bs,d, kill It iil. Rev. Mr. Safford accompanied the f u n e r a l party. It's like tho singing I«dy. marked the opening dav. Dunne will review the regiment Thurs- " 'I hear your wlio has teen taking slnr- ng lessons.' The f u n e r a l of Ona Fry will be held of the size and shape ard weight of MRS. MABEL BITTERICK. The f u n e r a l of llrs. Mabel Bltterick day and on Friday the annual athletic at 10 o'clock this morning at Dawson's the wheat berries t h a t It is d i f f i c u l t contest will be held. chapel. The I n t e r m e n t w i l l be in Brus think of her voice remove t h e m by any process of screening or blowing. Garlic has Its ita of John Eltterick, will be held at struction for the officers and battalion College cemetery. ' 'It's no better: hut there's a lot more of and regimental drills will b« held dally. ~ AS .FT. REALLYk5 t TEUU you COUNTRY IS ONLY . Buue BROOKS W.TH A MTTL-E y= YOUR? THAT'S 1 \AyHAT I CfiU-U UIVINC I'.!'. THIS IS 1 A UAVOUT -- -- G.IVE THE crry .TONES THEATRES. TAXIS. , MUSIC MII2TH LIFE!!! AN!? MOSQUITOES MORE IN A MlNUTfe THAM I KNOW IN A MONTH -- i CftNT _. TOKATION - STARVATION ANt? SUFFOCATION - I'M GOING TO U»WB IN THE COUNT!?/ NEXT VEAK BREAK A t-eC HJ " ( THEN JONES' HOME TO THE BROVAA4 IN TOWN -- =» 5=1 TV)ER£ THi-atSE HOURS'~ CP A 6EErJ VET BUT FOR. MR -- I Oil? OVER. - 8OT AKTEI5 I GOT THE. THERE I GOT -- i-rm_e Tbe»p - i THOUGHT I TDl-P VOL) TO OVEf? TO Mf55 ArWP er?IKjG M6 HOME - »OIGHT. DlDNT I i HAC? TO AROOMP =»NP HOME AFTER. 6EFOI2E HARRIA6L 63TTA COAT A'WHILH-, ME ARMS') 5 I WAS' A CXUMP TUETT 'TO ORA6) MC GOT. OM i AIMT HAVE VfeR. HOT WVV , ·THIS"! 5 KIN iCK/t, REAU.Y i KIM? lEWSPAPERr

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