The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 3, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1859
Page 4
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iharitoe ibl^ of two fl to behalf of to* teron* ' '' REWRTH) *OB dollars. A large number irere In attemJance, ana 500 J tseling preralled. It is thought thwt this UTaogsHent wtllcnsursthe-earty «om»le<i:ia <jT the road.from this place to r theUrplW : J<uietlon. u OltpAJis, Jnne 2. sariedjihd tbe two ad- j^ght} low <i?W-s.i«i.; S^i^V.-.^l.iW .,*'fe-s -Si4 ; -k-?-.iJ. ; L'a, M-, •J^nSS^i.-^taef^!... The manabotsuera of New England have tieoidedjo ,hold a great S»le::brtEelr: tdbfa - " HiJl t dioring the second w»ek in , . fire broke oat at S o'clock thiB teomingv In BroWn's crockery store, No. 102 De Solo House, totallj destroyiaa, the Of.,« :lmildlng and ita oontenta, together_ with" tbe «ooth half of tbe De Solo nonse, Pickird & •Oo.'a dry-goods bouse, and several emallcr '..^v..-wQifldin^s. .i.. ..• v .-. . mm^^^^^n^W. Insured for *• ! •00,000 in the Home losnranoe Com i New York, aad £tna and Phoenix, of r narrowlr sj§- with datei from ' Sugariteadjrud active at 8a8 i ,lUohangeonNeir:York 811-2. •''On Ong» ^M Wroii Bxm tW~1SI» ?f; S. Slcptt WM towed ont into tHa deep water J'iLaVi'frl'-wj-"- 'LJi-' c .'~3 » 'i :•'.* |:/l| J ' • Wrig 1* k,fJ ft»Uieriand,!Jafles. nV Madi.o-;; j J A Waterman, »nui )t( Hall, Jro^WU; H Q Wheeiock^ t,! i B Oro»by, M 0 Smith, Jai Butherland,: Ja iMihewAOo.Banfcnty; H g'UinrlU^yfm town) O K Coon * Co, Hudtoo, Wta; Jnn • ft PeabMI Cambria; T L Coatnpila, Portage City; E D Cone.IWl nan*; • L Baker, Kedwlnt; iWber 4 Luther, VVJorbei, Portag»i<J!t7;0 K floo , Whitewater; Hal»te«l * Smith; Brodhrad Bo* r * Beman, Ulpon; 4 if Bla^k, Mtnneapolli; D« j •- : • • ' llay. • Matten. WAgHMaroK, JOJM d. ^ The legations of France and Bussta are on the best of terms here, which may intimate the same sentiment accorded between their gov- ' . ., . . Mr. Mason has tendered his resignation as Minister to Paris, but he will be retained, as it Is now decided not to displace Mr. Dallas. 1 '* Srtretary Cobb's recent circular, requesting. American captains to .hoist the stars and stripes in the presence of foreign vessels of •war, is principally designed for application on the coast of Africa, where they manifest a disposition to embarrass British cruisers stationed there. lar^«in^ter of ^r dBtOTgand a band bfmisi- io.' Whenfairlyoutelde.BbeshapedUerooarse' for Hamburg, with the StarBand strips aloft, and stout hearts and 'Bound Almbw below.— After shaking hand* all around, "and wishing good look to the gallant craft," her skipper and crew, the tngt caat off, and tbe band Struck ipthe Marsellelfle, 'a final: adieu was wared from the vessel, and the escort returned. May bright skies and Mr breezes favor tbe little bark,'aad «nr for their enterprise. muhutloudsln W.andN. W. - * ; fearOlntt*rS>, SO. Thenaometer 76.. •i. M^-WindB. \V.; sky fl'led with cumuli. Barometer 2»,». Thermometer T4. ., 7^ strong; thin' clouds over ihe . BarcineleriJi 28. Thermometer (3. MARINE RECORD. OIBCDlt COD£T, I Milwaukee Conn y. / ] 1859. t'brt of,Dllt«mnkre, ..June 2. .;,...: ..•<; ; iOrerlsuid UaU. " Nsw FORK, Jane 2. The contract o,f D. H. Johnson, of this city, for the transportation of the California mail, has been completed and accepted by the Post- Master General. Flora Temple. > N«w FOKK, JuneS. The California trottir^ mare Prinoeas has been matched twice with Flora Temple, both to wagons, one three miles and repeat. -' The races over the Fashion Coarse were postponed yesterday until Friday, owing to the rain.— '• Seven borses are said to be sure to start in the handicap, including the English Filly, Fleeting Moments. OOMMERCIAI.. oso. aoorsiT, XDITOB. Later From Europe. NEW YORK, Jane 2. The royal mail steamship America arrived at Halifax yesterday, with Liverpool dates of th* 21st. Tbe news from the seat of war U unchanged. There had been no battles. Th? Anstrians had removed their headquarters to Garlasco, and withdrawn from Vercellt, which is occupied by the allies. An action is looked for at any moment. The America's news is three days later than previously received, and is of considerable importance, more especially In a commercial point of view. The steamship Washington, from New York on the 7lh of May arrived at Liverpool on the 19th. Toe steamship Circassian, from New York, May 4th, via St. Johns, arrived at Gal way on th* 19th. Tthe steamship Ariel, from New York, May 7th, arrived at Southampton on the 20th. The news from the seat of war, is without any feature of importance. AM the Austrian ports had been blockaded by the French squadron, and many of their vessels had been taken. There were vague reports that the Emperor of f Austria and Major Hess had reached Milan and left for Pavia. •• Later news had been received from India. Santa Topee had been tried by a Court Martial and hanged. The Austrians were expected to 'remain in- •rtivptill the Emperor reaches tbe camp The Liverpool Post publishes what is called reliable information, that the passag of the Ticino, by the French will be the signal for a European alliance against France, and that Austrian troop: will march on Paris. The bulletins of the belligerent parties are quite unimportant. All the channels to the Veni- clan Capital are blocked np The English elections were concluded, and the final result is a ministerial gain of 28. The Bombay mail of April 26 had arrived Allesandria, 17—The Emperor went to Va- lenz» yesterday to view the position of our fornoi or THE DAILY MEWS, i Kllwackce, JcneS.WW. ! Mom aUrreia.-Exchangels!s'.Ulsteady attho old' rates, and currency, in the absence of any great demand, is more easyi though the supply is by no means large. Banters are dlsensslng the subject of reducing the/rates of exchange, bui we hare no alteration to note. _ .... .i . - •••. There was no perceptible change in the market at th* opening .to day, sales were made of »he>t at prices fully sustaining yesterday's quotations from which holders were indl'posed to recede. The ntws ef a decline In the east brought down prices at tbe close to 1,17 far No. I, at which figure 1,000 bos chaoged hands. Flour wai duU and rery little offering. • Ooe small lot of 160 bblj was offered after steamers newnod found a buyer at(,10. Oats went off to some extent at a decline. • Salea and Quotation*. Freights—no" new charters to-day. 'The Bchr. Dane tooka csTiO of 16,601 bus whest to Oswegoonthe owners account, flour—sales 160 bbls Caledonia Creek, spring extra, at 840; receipts TS bbls; shlprr rats 2,759 bbls. Wheat—lower. Sales 220 bus extra to store at 1.83; TOO do No. 1 do at 1,20; 1,800 do extra for mining at 1,40; 100 do No. 1 do do at 1.8TX; 1.951 do No.l f. o. b., 1.SS.K; 1,000 do No. 1 tn store, (after steamers news) at 147; total sales 6,17* bos; receipts 7,808 bus; shipment! 82,087 bus. Rye—no sales; nominally unchanged. Oats—lower. Sale) 1,700 bos at 48; receipts 1,718 bus. Barley—no sales; nominally at 602160, receipts 278 bn». ; Corn —no sales, unchanged; no ulnal at 76; receipts ABB IVED. JrailsT. 8tmr Traveller, 8 reeny, Chicago, 817 pkgs suudrlei 10 pass. Prop Ogonts, Floofl, Chlcsgo.BO bb's high aloe , 1! bbls 1 alcohol. Slmr Bntlln, Two Rlvsrs, 1 horse wigon, IS pkgs tun- f dries. ' . JCSI2D. Schr Henry Norton, Csrbe-ry, Qracd|Rirrr, 56 m lam, sash, panels and «.oo «. Stmr City of Cleveland, So, ler, Grand Haren. Stmr Cleveland, Dougal, ilrsnd Haven, 8 tons mds. 1 bbl tugar, 68 bags'c.iPec, £0 bxs and baskets tlqior, 7 pipes llqu.r, ? qr caJci liquor, 8 pkgi sundries. Schr Toledo, Saveland, Muakegon, 47 m lumber, 8 o> square timber, It m lain, 2 to picket), 10 m shingles. Schr BoseUowman, Blchan: oo, White Lake, 00 m luin- b«r. Prop Mohawk, Pheatt, 0 ilctgo. Prop Hocketi, Elce, Buff il... 164 tons mds, 60 bbli bulk h h g ods, CO reapen Schr sM h Hawk, T.iompsou jheboygan, 20 cords wood 44 m shingles. CL.EA urOlly of Olereland, 8qu> IT, Qrfind Uavou, D Ions mds, It bbli fluur, t> MI lughwlucs, Ti hull, po. taiues. Prop OgoDis. Flood, Or< " Bay, 4 Ion* in'1(, B bbli flour, T bbli liquor, 1 ' i>: alcohol. V hf hlili Hijuur, 41 pkgi sundries. BUur Traveller, Sweeny, Cl< • uro, 0 tons mds., 67 bbli egg , S6J liusb patat-•• , ti pigs luutirl.». Stmr Aaselle, Uuthn, Two u vrr>, i toos uijj, lalidu i dry hides. 3 bbla sut>>'i •;•, Sfl u» gs do. Bctr Persian, Thompson, M Ukthirmr , 16,01? bu<h wheat, 10 bbli potal . vl bbli vhlsiry. I b\r fl brer. Stmr Clerelaoil, Dougal, 0' Prop Mohawk, Pheatl, Bu bdli srcen hides, 41 u ash, 65 bdls.rags. Prop Socket, Rice, Uhlcagc Bchr Dane, Becker, uswer Bchr Fish Hawk, Tbimpson ware, £^ tons coal. j d Ilaren. >to, i,781 bbli flour, 21 11 dry hides, !l bbli pol- frbeboygan, 1 ton !>(•: » L.LIUENCK. Potatoes—doll at 4SQCO. Eggs—very plenty a 17® 6. Blehwlnes—steady. Pales'88 bbls at 26®27; receipts BO bbls; shipments 5 bbla. Hides—steady and arm at previous prlcea. Wool—We have no quotatloni of sales tn this market. We bare carefully watched our exchanges and find that In those sections of the country where the shearing is progressing, that the prices quoted differ materially fur similar grades, but all agr e In a declining tendency, and great caution among the buyers. The Grand Rapids freu, of SSth May, says: "The first wool of this years clip was offered In oar market this afternoon. It was purchased by Mr. B orchard at [By Teleifuph.] Vessel! paised through Porl ColDoroe ' ook from 4 o'clock p. •., on 1st, till 4 o'clock r. M., on 2d : Bound West—On the Ist-ijc 30 mer Royal Oak. BouDdErit—On the 1st—Urlg Wm. Penn; Pchr Minerva Cook. On the 8d—|- rs Plymouth; Bchrs Mary Malic, J. H. Hack. BCTHJ.-I, June i. The Detroit and Milwaukee S. E. Go's steamship Milwaukee was launched tht* p- a. In nne style from the Ship Yard of Jlsson t Bld».|. A salute of 100 ga M was Bred under the directs of Capt, Blngh«m,of the MUwankee Light Quardi, with their piece, the Toung America. About 5/WO pe 0) i e vere present. LixsEus t Bomi.-) Ltti -Bosti are a-inoutced to commmce regular trip lu n,ls line on Thuriday, 9th last. Moas Vts IXLB AgBoas.—TI: a Chicago TVifrwnc sayt that the schooner Lire Oak, Irom that port, m is d ihe harbor and went ashore Ic tbe gale at Muskegon. She Is light, and will probably t>.j got off wltbonl much damage. William t*. Lynde, ; { . agaiwt EpbraU4Mar ner and Joh] J. Oiton, executors, iui Ida Jat,e L-wli, txKutriji of the last will -nil testa ment bf Allison Lewli, deceased, Martha Lealj, garah Lswlsj Mary Lewl>. Mar ha U. Lewis, Elizabeth Louis Lewlsi Wm. ]: Lewis. DaTid P. Bull, Jsbes U. Foster Joshua Hatbawsy, Jam i" B. Johnsion, Adam S ^rle, Cbarl4a u. nergman, Isaao II. Knox, Oouon Korrle Bobert B. Bell, Byron W. [Clarke, Charles 8 Olarke Harrison Ljdmglon, Kelson Lidington, Daniel Welb Jr , Anthony U. Van Schalck, John Daffy, Uoset gin nott, WlllUm Oalway, James Kelly, The Farmers' t Mlllm' Bank, Uenry L. Palmer, Augnstui Orenilch and Ujermano Bcbwartlog, asslgnets 01 The Peoples BaifltOf Haertcl, Grcenlesf A Co., EJwIn 0. Tyltr Horace H. Uuon, Jasper K. Goodrich, WUIlam Bal tey, William Oreenslsde, Lerl J Merrlck, f(lillan] H Merrldk, The Marine Bank, Mary Adama, adminla traCYIx of Frederic!; iV. Adam), deceased, Charles W. Wlilard, and John A~ Page, executor ur the Iaa< will aq1 testament of Urs-k ah H. Reed, dujeUed. State of {Wisconsin, to nil the defendants above named. Y OU cfre hereby suoimoned snd required to aniwei thei;complaint In this action, wh'cb wai flle< In the oQce of the Olsrk nf the Circuit Court lor Mil wiukee, bo thellttbday of M»j,.i. o , 1^89, and to serve a copy of your answer to tlie ia>d eomiilalni. on the iub scrlbers at their offlce, Nos. 6 ami a Albany Bnlldlug Milwaukee, within ninety days sfier the i^rice! o this summons r>a you«exclaslra of the dny of «uch ier^ rice; and If you fail to antwer the laid complaint within tie time aforesaid, ttiu plainilff in th.s action will apply to tn. C.turt For the relief demanded la 'the Dated May 12,1»9 j r-lNCHEa,LtNDI!;*.iiLLEB,' maylT4Uw6« Plaintiff', A'tnm-yi. ClkOUlT COUIIT, i Milwaukee Oauoly. I TheoilQilbs Huang, i Jamet ll.Uilrlaiice unil | 8l r pln-n I). Htr.m, | '•BStaSl I 1 nalltart MaKle, | Almlra JiMagle, i Jam^i A.^W*|D, t liuiuoiooi ~Por iiiii«r. rranom i.rl.ou,, f (C<nn fuol i»r The BUtt llai.k ul Wi. | JolC|.li .U, m.lf... | William <j Uu'il.l MII| Juhp OgittHi. rtiala ti| VytnHMUaUt, t,i (lie ttl.,,ve tianiol .If foMil dil« %/ UU »i« hcnUy iiliuutnucd ainl fp.|.,u t .l i.. EH,, tlir olnnojuf the c'ltrk ul Ilie Uiro.m I , Milwaukee, at Mllvaukeo. ,,i, u,o IDu, IbiU, and lu mtrta a i^..|.j ul >uur •!>.» couiplalii) un tlie lulniTllicr, at M, ..m u( Mllt/anUkee, within ninety ilnji ultn Dili lumnfiins un you. oieUuive ,,< n,, • ervl«| And K you I.II t,, auiwer tl.r ..... , within thf umo aloreiald, tho |,Uli,tin, I,, il.i, »,i,<, D • III applv to the Court for tha ixllcl demanded in Ihe complaint. \Vltooi4 the Uon. AlllHUK Mc&ltritlJIl, Ju.l^e ol the Olicull Court (,,r .aid Onunlj of ll.iwouken nt Milwaukee, U.« Ulli day of A|.n , Ihiu K.MAIHNKU, PUlnlllT'i Alturney. ui l, l.ouiii y nf li, u i A|ir.i, 'i u. tin .aid «•. in tin- oit, thr >ri VI ,t \,l 'lay uf luuli vanguard, and the course of the Po. He visited tbe King of Sardinia to-day Allesandria, 18.—The organization of the army goes on actively. THe repair of damages by the Austrians to roads, bridges and railways, are approaching completion. Tbe Anstrians continue their exactions. SACK.VH.LK, K. B., Juoe 2. The America left Liverpool at 11:80 on iue morning of the 21 inst. Among her passengers is Gen Williams of Kars, Commander-in-Chief of Canada. ' A despatch, dated P*via 18tB, says the head quarters of the Anstrians has removed to Galasco. Great movements of troops had taken place, and a collision was expected to-day or tomorrow. Eumors from other quarter*- state that a battle was considered imminent, but the London Times considers it almost certain that June will have begun before any great blow is struck J>nnng the night of the 17th. 100 Austrians «oalladea the tridge of Valenza throngh a breach, and made a fruitless attempt to take The Times' city article of Friday evening nys i that complete Btagnatten continues on the srtockiexchangB—th» scarcity of sto|k having been somewhat relieved; prices closed abont- i-oa lower. Discount market very dull; good bUla 2 to SXDonUuiStoS 1-4 per cent Gold oontinnes to be taken from the bank Bills of Sevastopojo & Sons, a Greek firm of irondon, were yesterday returned. They were in the foreign com trade ; liabilities are not large.' There:w«s a fair business done at the bank, oniefiy with regular customers. The banking bouse of Iroumel & Co., of Angsberg, has failed. 5fh,TBaDs: ofThnringia also suspended, owing to the flight of its manager, ft is said India rebels in small bodies continue to be met and dispersed. Official Sardinian bulletins ssj the Anstri- , mns occupy the right bank of. the Po at for u tn « Castle of San Oiovana, 12,000 strong The fortiftcations at the Bridge of Stella, for - the purpose of protecting the ^retreat >of Ihe Austrian*, continues. An order of the King is pnblished.glring th namespf those who rigualitBd themselves in the first military operation.' TOEtH,,19.—Festerday several detachments •of. AastriansAdranwd to Caprisco.^rivingoff cattle »nd firing «t peasants. Onr troops de- srtringto fight, awatted the enemy M,Sm Qermene, but they withdrew to Vercilli.whio: on o«... n ... - A ,gf blowing np 2 arches e iSasla. Our troops The New York Btralit, of 28th May, says: "Toe market Is dull, a few sUei only made, and those for Immediate use, at reduced prices. As usual, at the approach of (he new clip ths market is quite unsettled.— Bhearlnf 1s progressing rapidly at the South with but few buyers, aod thtyare purchasing with extreme caution. The growers do not (eel Inclined to accept the low present b da, and cenarqaently a largt r portion than on former years will ramaln on their bands For foreign Ihe demand U limited, but the market Is extremely well stocked with all descriptions. Prices although unchanged, are slightly more farorable to the bnyer." Chicago Slst, we note the following quotations :— "full blood and Barony 40&42; <£ blood 87I&S8; X blood MQffi; X blood 30®81; common 28." These quotations would Indleaie higher prices Weit than the state of the eastern markets seem 10 warrant, which il also apparently the case In the grain markets of the West. This state of things U unnatural, and cannot be expected to t oDtione. The breadstuff! should go to market and be told, which would greatly relieve oar money market, and reduce the rate of exchange. So, alsa, with wooU— Growers ought not to expect more than manufacturers can afford to psy, and It may, perhaps, be much more for ths Interest of Ihe fanners to sell their wool u each prices as buyers may feel warranted in paying, and thus with the proceeds In their pocketi, be better prepared to employ such extra help as msy]be necessary to assist In cultivating and securing their crop of cereals which b the prominent Interest in this Stale, and which is the "sheet anchor" on which we must rely to help Wisconsin out of the perilous breakers to which our falr state has been heretofore drifting. BalLroad Itecetpo. Rusins vr LiCaassz ft Mn.VABzn Riaaoac.— 481 bos wheat; LJISdo oats; 278 do barley; 171 do potatoes; 84 bbls floor; 44 tacks do; U casks potash; 100 dos palls; 4 hogs; U cattle; 896 n>s hides; S,83tdo son. dries. Kxccrn ar Cwtuoo A Hn.wjcns 268 bus wheat; 8 bbls flour. ar MnjrAoaai * Moaamrri B AaarriD A» BIWALO, MAT Slsi^l'rop. Ply month. Dlckson; Irom Milwaukee—< ,»5J bu« oats, l,6S7 bhli flour, 848 bagl wheat, 66 bjli hldei, S9 balej .kin-, C bain wonl, a liiloi deer iklni, 9 pkgi lundficl flin r O»L« os Lau Brraaioa — DGUSTUS —The Detroit Trilu, t f hsi the following from s merchant in this cliy.who cunt downjon the North Star, «e learn that the beatiest gale of Ihe seaion prevailed on Lake Superior, cirfmenclog Thurad ij afternoon and coniln- O'Qg until Krlday tight. Its full fory was aiiperleaced at Uarquette. vberetwo lens^hs of the rallraad pier were washed awsy. The scho> ner Sosanehanna went ashore below Marquette. Her rails were torn to ribbons. Another vessel was also saUure; a pi ty were going to her relief as thr Star lelt. The tchoooer Parsons collided with an unknown vessel off Grand Island. Ihe former was stnpp-d clear of everything lo her stem. The Cleveland Berald reports a tremendous freshet In the Ontoaagon River. The tittle steamboat Miner was washed out by the current, hrr cabin swept off and hull so bad'y damaged that she sana. Over fiftm hundred sawlogs wert washed out Into the lake. When off Grand Sanble, going np, the schooner Cuba lost a man overboard, be baring fallen ont of the main rigging. Pis name Is EdwarJ Klngsley, snd he came from MUan. OIROUlTCOCHT, I MU.a.kc. County. ( Wuium P. Lrnde, ; against Ephraim Sarlntr and John J Ol£ton, executors aad Ida Jane: Lewis, executr z j of f e lait will and testa- | ment of - ; • | Aillson tewli, decsastd, l Summons.— For Relief Martha Ltfwis, V (Com not served.) Sarah Lewis, Mary Lewis, Martha UJLenis, EUiabetb iouisa Levts. William 1 Le»i». The Globe Bi-1, Ulram Farnlm and John J Orion. State of Wisconsin, to all the'delendants abon Y '»L r ar< herttij ouinraoned and require.! to aruver lhecdmpl>ln< ID t.nn aflion, ithich «as Sie.I in thu .jOlce of U).; l:l rk u f u...- Circuit Court, Oountr u| Mllwaulteej on the lith dap of lliy, i. D., 1»5/, and to serve a copy of year answer to the laid :omp>« nt ,,n tlie subscribers at their offlce. No.. 6 »nd 5 Albany Ball.llng, ililvaukee, nlnelr ''»y« arirr the service Of i this sum norm on joi- .-i-l u «i vj oT the da> of such leevtce; ao<l 'I von fail l-, ^D.», r u-e said complaint within the tlmr .lortsaid, !!..- plalnii- in thj» action wfll apply to the < onrt lor u.e rH'ef leroande.l tn the complaint. Dated Slay 12, le^9 ; FISCUta.LfNljEi MILLER. .AYEB'S , CHERRY SECTORAL, P.AP1D CURE 0» Colds, Coughs, and Huarseuess. ., loth D», iwfr. Da. J. a ATM : I do not bnlui* to sai nctatrsBudyl bar* «TW found fcr Oragha. Hoarsrasss, I^nenjB, and ths , concomitant srmptmns\f m Cold, to tour Carol •Ptoroui. Its Constant oi> ID «7 practice ud my tuailr for *h» last ton nut DM shown M la poswn superior rtrtnw for th« .treatmanW theso complaints. KB15N KJflQHTfM D myself and In rfy tunlly erar nine* It, and belter* It the best medicine for lu ;_-._ l^, 1 " 1 ^ 0 ,? 1 Wlft * tad "'* ' d"*"' 1 ' •"»•» SS.^Stor.mid?- 1 "' b ° tlto *"" *> * iaumt tl -* Croup, Whooping Coagh, Infltuenzn, *.,___ SranronxLD, Utaa, reb.^7,1844. •.S"!*2 Ana: I wfl] sheerfully certUy your PtOonl **"* b ™_ rtln »*T »• possess for ti* cure of whomjle. wnBh,«ronp, and the) chest dissates of children. Wool yonr fraternity In Cb* South ippreciato your skin, and soaunend your medicine to our people. Hi RAM OONKU}*, M. D. „ ^J";? L *|? *«^ MoHTtMT. la, writes, 3d Jan, UM: "I had a tedious Inflneasa, which connned me tn doors S ?***•' *°? l i """T medicines without relief; Bnally raed your /Mora] by the adTlce of our clergyman. The P* y*» rsiiered the eoraet« In my throat and lungs ; Uss than on* half the booj. BUJ, a* completely we*l. Tonimedicines an the ctia.,«m a, ..^ ai the b»>t ». ean buy, and we esteem yom. Doctor and your remediae, as tbe poor man's friend.' Asthma or Phthliic, and Bronchitis. . _ Ws» MiHCHMna, Pi, Feb. 4, ISM. Bra: Tonr Cherry Ptdoral Is perforates: marraliun^ sores In this secticn. It has rslierad ssTsnl from alnn,,- ing syuptunu of consumption, and Is now curing a m-m who has labored under an affection of the Inngi for th« last torty years. HBSKY L. PAJtKA Merchant _A. A. RAM8KT, M. D., AISMN, HoHaoa Co^ low,. •™", Sept.«, 1SU: " During my practice of many ywi I bars found nothing equal to ycmr Ouny rtrtoroi fnr clTing ease and relief lo consnmptlTe pattenta, or enrtns lach a* are enrable." ** might add Tolumaa of erManee, not Ou most eon- rtnclng proof of the Tlrtaas ef this remedy ki tbiud la its snaets upon trial. ^ .. ContnapUon. Probably no on. remedy has *».r U*o knowa whloei nnd so many and lnrl, danjerooe eaaee ai this. Born* B* human aM ran reach; but ma to thaee the Oierr» ftateral aOords rellrf and eomtort. Aeroa llooia, Nsw Toas Crrr. Kurd «, ISM. Doimw Aisa, Lowsu. I r**l It a 4niy K a • pl«^nr. to Inform you what yeor 1,'h^rry AVUroi na* lon« t>jr my wits. Hue had UMU tn auaUta L.[«,nn« iin.lirr lh« dan- fmittti lyiaptuns of d.n«umptl.m. tnnu wlilnb oo aid w* noald fnatlf ur* baroiuru nllaf Hhe >u itcadUy fall- ui, until Dr. glront, of this rfty, vorm ». har.nmi. |br wilt*, rec<muDaodcid a trial of yoor medl^ln*. W* M*», bis Mlidn*M, M wo do your Iklll, fur >1» ba* recutm-ed n that day. rib* !• out y*t w rtroof •• ib* oae«J let but I* fr*fl fruto h*r n>Q|(t^ and r«Jlj bvrialf W^JL Yuan with xratllud* aoii regard. ' HF1KLI)/, o, 8»su,rTiixa DE. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS AND «05( SHEHIFI'^ SALE. W West- Htntoro 13^— The iteamer - er i Hetropolb, which has been Is dry dock In this city for lorne time put, has been , omp'eiely repaired, and left on Sunday In tow of the luj Otwefo for Tol- do, to take her place In the lloe about to be establlihrd be- iweec Olereland Buffalo.— Detroit frtt fra^ 81«t .—The (chooner Chieftain paned down en Sunday. Phe haj been taking on pari or her load of •UTU at •Wallacehurg, and will flnlih at Amhrn-tburg, when ahe wUI proceed Immediately to Europe.— Ditrvtt 50 bbls flour; 6,609 bus wheit; 400 do oati; 868 do corn; CO bales hiy, 4S.08S Ibs sundries. SsUpmenti toy l>akc. LAXX laUPOxM Dcamm riir ranxTT-voca BOOM.— 172 tons mdt; 60 fahls hlghwines; 16 do alcohol; 400 do ronurlet; 1 one horse -wagon; W2 M lumber, 1 bbl sugar, !8 bap coffee; BO boxes and baskets liquor, T pipes; 51 qr casks; 8 M square timber; 8 H pickets; IS Mlath; 61 M shingles; 00 bbli h h goods; (0 reapers. l^f* Ezroan nuxna THS raaTTWnrrr-ion souis.— 1C tons mdi;,S,76» bbls floor; 6 do sdthwlnes; T do liquor; » hf bbls do; 1 bbt alcohol; 161 pkgs sundries do; 8 bbls do; 61 do eggs; 834 bus potatoes; 65 bdls dry hides; SIS dp green do; ; gl bus potasi; 1 bbbjwhlskeyi 1 do beer; 65' bd s rags; 182,037 bos wheat; SX tons coal' [By Tetegraph.] Sew York a«rk«t Rrw Yoax, June 2 f lonr-Tb» market quiet, lOaaft cents lower; ..i~ Coujfflo. -me DetroU Fret Prtu, Slit, .a;, ; "A. the tchooner BerolTlng Light <wai lying ^t anchor ab ,ve the light-hooje In Lake Boron, the latt-r part of the week, the wa run Into by aniunkaown brig, carrying away the tcbooner'i Jib-boom, bowjprlt, and »tem, damaging her to the amount of »2oO. She itopi here tor reptln. [ \ e iv a, STAlrt OF WISCONSIN, i Circnii Court, Ullwiuker C..uuly. ( James 8. Brbwn, Joihua Hathaway mj Tt.uuiia L (lz- dcn, afrimst A. Pattertot Smiih, Eliaj K«ach, aobert f Wiu,|..» Cirollnr A «"ln«lo», Icha',.d L (>«ce, Jam^» SI Blc.aa, BlraiD K. Dater, DaDi.I^loan audUiraru An- Foreclosore. I N VlttTt^lof aod purvuaot lo a jutl|fm-ut rrn.lerfr] lo »ald Court In the at.ore entitled aclloo dated March ITth, 1S59, I lhall ex<>o>e for »le and >ell >i Public Auction, at the Poll Oajce, In ihe C.ty nf Mil. wankee, on Safarday, tbe 'itl duj of Julr, at the hou< of 2 r. « ol thm day. tn* fol!o«ini; e BCr'bed mOrtjragTd premUei, or so much ll be Decesaar) lo ral«e th* amoanl of na.d j _ _ trruu and co»U, Together with the rluri.>e> of "iti,- wit: "Block bomberfd thirty-lhree (-vj) of Clark'i ad IlllOD, In the Elg'.th Ward of the nly o/ Mil waotee,Mn ihe coonty of Mliwaulire, and State of WlscOniin." Dated theflfTi Office, Ml.wxokee April lit, IWK D»f<n B. Octrj, i A J LANOWORrHV, Wm Ali'y 1 , f Sheriff Mil. in Wu. aprl-3oillo2' a> may I N PURSUANCE of an ordrr at th« IX.tncl Coon of the Caltea 8late», for the DUtrlot of Wiaeon»ln made on the; 16th dajr of May, A. D , I»i9, I, DID el H, Richard!, Auignee, In baokrup'.cy of Josljh E «c- Clure, will aell at Public Auction, at the Court Hoas. lo the city o< Mjlwiukee, on the nfth d«, ul Jalj DSIL, betwren ">e (loun of nm? and ten. In Oi< f.,renoon of th.t day, all the rlghl, ti le and lntvrr»L »hich Hi, Bald Jo.lal, i McClare had >i the ..f flung hi. petition In •' pinkrnpicy, in and to the lollowio,; real eutate, and In >nd t the mortage bernnaJt«r de- .cribed and jail the rlitht, u.le and intere.t, »hlcb I aid Aul|(n«e, have In »nd I,, the time, that to jar , Lot elgM, 150 fcsau's >nh.l|Tl>lon of forty-scveoJ i4I,) tcnool iect On adaltiun to Qhiojrr, 111 aUo tht^ North half (K) of WV,t half ' of East r..i f, lu \ D. tl,lrty-.« (S5, vi AsoTHn OoLLtao* — La.t erenlng the ferry-boat Argo wu towing a icow aerou the rlrer from Windsor, when the hawier parted, and the icow floated down agafait the «cho .ner Lampllght.r, lying at anchor In tte rtrer, and carrlet away lome of her head-gear.— The damage wu slight. Bo aaya the Detroit fru Prut, Sift. . - , thirtj-nlne, (B9 ) North range foar «n, (U,) tJ i. , and "n* ufidlTidcjl founhUi) ,.( K. half (H )of ft. E. quarter (JO of , c c . UrJily, U0,)town thlrty-nlne, (89,, range fourteen, (J4|J) and one undivided bal,, (>jj Sou h Vat quarter (X) *f iectlo,nt.enty, (SO,) town thirty. Dine, ( J^ 1 . )r i n *'io f00rt ^ n> (14 '> and one-third (H) of K.M h.lf (X) .fB>oth Ea.t qu.nertJ«; of trctlon elgtiU-en (IS. town thlrty-nlne. (39,) 'nlrth range fourteen (14J all In i pok County, lllmolj, and eaii of lira ihlrd principal meridian; and a mortfrare on the above quarter, (U>- the South Wen quarter (*) of sectlou twenty, (2U,). town thlrty-nlne, (89.) ra,,ge fourteen (I*,) given ta'J. E. UcOlure by V) n'.am lU/mond^dJ. 1 Kd Augnst 1ft, IS37. to lecure $1,760, and recorded alio low onejand two, (1 * 2) in block two, (2.1 Wo:- cott'f addlllco, to Chicago, la ia!d County of Cook- and t ?o/° U KT ln 5^' Ued ^ ?* "Cooled In lot nineteen, (U»)in block thirty, (3),) acbool lection addlUon to S"?*?'!.'^ i" d . (1c < >>m V of Ooolc; aljo lot one (l)ln block elghtee$, (18, and lot. B,,, (»j «,, ,».,, (7) and elgtitj (8,) la b:ock forty-three, (48.) In the Vonnmpttvtt, do not dMpalr Ull yna hare ut^d Oasaar Pscroaai. It I* mad* by on. »f th. u*t ch*mlats In the world, and lu curve all u-'mnd a* he high merit* at Its Ttrltu* — /'fti^K&ipAaa Ledger Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T BB edencee of Cbemlitry and M*.lWn. h.,. h«,ti taxed their utme»t to prodnc. UU S~t, mo«t p»rfiv:t purgatlTe whkh U known la man. Ionam*rabl» proofs ar* shown thai theM Pnx> hat. rtnoe. which mrpao In sxeeilesje* the ordinary medicines, and that they wtn na precedraUdly upon the ettotm of all c.n Th.y .r«nf» sad plnuant to taka, tat powerful to x onr« Their peon- tratlng properties ttun olat« th* rttal actiTlrl« of the body, remore th* obitrncUoui of lu orxani. purify th« blood. ind expel diieaen. They pur g. out the ttml h amor , .hich ireed and grow distemper, rttmolato llujrirlih or dlsnr ered organs mto their natural actlen, and Impart baalth; with (trength U the whole ryitem. Not only do cure th* rrery-day complalnU of «T*ry body, bnl lao formidable aod danceroii* iHitiM*m that hare baffied beat of human iklll. Whll* tbey prodnc* powerfhl eflecta, they ar. at the nun. time. In dlmlnlihcd dcju-n, th. salest and beat phyilo that can be *mpln;*fl tor children Being sugar-a^tcd. they ar* pleaaaat to tak*; aid being «r*ry Tvg«able, ar* fre* fr«m any risk of harm Cum hare been made which inrpaai belief w.r, they net tub- Itantlated by men of inch exalted position and character as te forhld th* suiplcion of nntruth Many tmlnenl clergymen and pbyiiclao* ha»« lent tbetr oamea to certify ' to the public tb* reliability «f ray r.moIUt whllo othen bar* sent me the aa*uraae» of then- eoa rtetlun that my Prapentioni ccmtrftrat. ImmMmly u> lh« reltof of my afflicted, raftering f«Ilo«-m.u. ^ The Agent below named le pleased Co furnlxh p-atli my American almana*. containing dinctleo* for as* and certlncatea of their roree, of the following compUlnU. — CcetiT^neea, Bfllon* Complaints. Rh^nmAUnu. Drop*y. Heartbora, Headach. arlalng frum a foal «tom«£b. Nac- eea, Indl^vetlon. Morbid Ina^tton of tbe Bowels and Pain arlslag therefrom. f*latoie.ncy. Liim of A ^petlu. all rirrr- ous and C&tjtneuui D19MUM vhlch rw]ulr*. in trru-nanr medicine, Scrofula or Kluir'* IC-*tL Tbey »J«j, by purifying th* blood and illciuimUQt; the ryttem, cure many romplainU which It would Dot b* inpp.««l they cmiid reach, men as De«fDf«i. Tarttal Bllndn^w. Neani'irb, and Kerroui IrrlUbQIty, DraOKfrnenU of tb« LjT.r«nJ KM neya, Ooat. and otbxr klndnd romplalnU «il»lns &t>m a low »tate of tb* body or ob*trnrtv>n of tu fonrti.m.- Do not b* put tiff by onprtnr1pl*d with »(cie other pfU tbey mak* more, profit on Alk for A TW 3 Plus, and take nothing elite.. No other they ran f.r* you campus* with thli to lu Intrinsic ralne or coraHr. power*. Th* slek want tb« be*t aid there I. t>r th^m. and they iboold hsTe It. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER, PrarticaJ and Analytical Cheml.t, Lo-» B Il, H«s». Passs 95 Ors. m Box. Fro BHIJS roa J I. SOU) BT JOHN RICE, •.(!»». -.a,, J. H.^REED *CO.,Chic» i . »«.| A ,i. . ry i DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE LIVERPILLS. OR. IIOOFL4.\D'S OAL.S4MK COBOIAL, The great standard mrdifinet o/ the pr'jmi age, havt acr/uiretl tkeir great popularity 'inly through ytart of trial. Unbounded totufar (ion it rendered by tlirm in all caiei, jnj the people kaVc pronounced them wtrthy Liver Complaint, Bjupepsla, Jaondlc«, DeMlltj of the Tfervoas System, Diseases of the Kidneys, ami nil liiaeiua aritmy from a disordered livrr or tetakaesi of the Homoch ami JiyriKti organs, are speedily and permanently -unj ty tAe GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic CordlaJ h,i, af^utnd i reputation turpajnny that if any nmilar yr: paration-extant. It will cure, WITUUCT ?*IL the most levers and long-»tandin<j Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, BronobuUs. IQ- fluenxa, Cronp, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and A<w performed the mvit ajfunuAtn^ Tjr-, ever knovm of Oonfirmed Consrrrriptlon. A few data null alto it ono« :her_k j,tj cvrt th« moil levert Dlarrhcea or'>c-tdtn'j from COLD is THZ BOWELS. These medicine* are prepared 6y l>r . \| J\rKiOS & Co., A'o. 4lij .\r--h Slr"l. P'm'j delphia. Pa., -2nd are lultl hy Jnyyutj i ;,J dealers in medicines tverywhert. .it ~.j -^i., per 'jo'tie. Tht nynature ,/(' M Ji,;m, v ^ u-ilt he on the outjidt wrapper uf each ••<,! •'.' In the Almanac pubUiried jnn>ul<!</ '.-; .proprietors, '•ailed Ev^BTBODT'l .\Lil.4 >*. you iciU find testimony and <-yim.-TiJur.y-y notices from ill par'.i 'j' lh« :writT-,/ r'tsf Almanacs are yiven juay iy ail *<jr jijfi'j } Discomy OF THE AGE I > i V I - -JN 1 n »• The* - II VF!l I G OK A T K N J. \V 1 ii K AT M i-: N 'I' toulidrulial l T th,- Ruffa.'o Pr'v 4JL wuru •>( .-'jpfi.iis. ASD Mtdiral uai V\ r.^a.n Wamr-.ty. Id IK H . fT'MJ] their n.- jr-,t „,.; .. aamstun^- I l»tt \ J do; jnperflnBiweitBrn; A«0(a8.70 for June e,tO®T*) Wfcmmnonto food " " nn<1 Hr The Green Bay AdvocaU , iyi : ' The offloen of theOarden Graat hare fiplored and itakedontthe channel orerthe ea*t end of Point Bauble bar, by which all light draft re-acli can come In and go out of thl» port, voiding the drcoJtoqj route by way of the I^ght-houie^ndaare from two lo three mllei of ialling. There are el t ht feet of water over tSe ahoalett part, aad two itakei here been placed, one at each end of the •boat They are about half a mile from the trea on the end o« Point Bauble. VeBieM ibould paw ontilde, or to the westward of them." m.y.O-dl.wew 08141 STATE OT WISCONSIN, Circuit Comt, Milwaukee County ( ' Matilda foote, ; agaioit Q *° rg " MALE. [New* Canadian Floor—continues nominal. 3K * IO ?7«» te L" * »«6r50. on the left hank of the rirer 1 The Cinotimatl Bnwr«lo«. ••: : JVi'-X'?J ••; •: , •• CinonrHAti, Jane 2. About 800 «tt»:ei«/rom Chicago, ^Htotft. irayne amred here tfis on an eionraion -*rala to celebrate the of the route to Chicago viatbe Cih HamUton .'; tad IjOa/toni ttie Hayton , «iohigan,_ and Pittsburgh, Ft Warne and ObJetgo! Stailroads, In • woeptfe^ 'die «ercharits' Brohange the hospitalities of the •-: «w» Were tendered by Major Bishop of CInein •• ' '' ••• : ' Mayor 7 Bartey-«nll at Btockt-Sd board— \owtr, MotVsgSJ,; Brie 8d mort- WfSf^&i**m*&«* "^Pan H r 0 7zX; M 0 «X; M 8 95),'; do «uaran- IlfiS teed 81 BT 1 Tb« Toledo Blade is. s ibat Capt. Ward wBl run a line of four steamen from that port to BuBalo, In opposition to ths Lale Shore EaJirosd, tell sum- «nerj tie boals »!)] touch at Bandosky, Cleveland and Dunklik. TtMtLS Asaoai AI Gaji»D lUraa.—Tbe Ellen Pike, which -errnt ss-iore In die late gi'e at Grand Haren, Is hl^h and dry on the beach. The William Tell, which «ent ashore at the iam« time and place, has been jot c a. , , Oarretl M. Pits- 'homas T. Eeere Judgment of Forecloiure and g^ e I N rlrtue o* sad pursuant to a Judgment render•i In said Court, In the abort entitle! action I shall expose hr sals and sell at public auction, at the' Court House tn the c«y of Milwaukee, on Batiar. day, tbe I8ih dar ol jr ntJ 2, isssT^t ^ hour of 9 r. sii of that day, the following described mortgaged pr«mliej, or so much thereof as mas be necessary to rUsr tbe amount due to the said Dlaintlff '.Igrtber with Interest and expenses of laic to wit • "Quarter black twenty-nine [29], i n tbe eut^alf of the south west quarter of lecttoa No. twen. ty-one [SS], In township Ho. seven [7], north of ranin t»e«y-lwo [»2j eait, m the »lrst Ward of the City of Milwaukee, in the County of 1111- wankee ana state ofWuconiln." Dued Coroner's Office, Milwaukee, dec. 18.18i8 r "-"» * n — "• HOBEaT WA80N J,' Corp ne r »,,,_ ^ ^ •aji: . tat-qnlet; sales tJOOO *<& Ohio '« p. t. u, Barley and Bye «alei. ' •.;; .--.',• OBWBOO »U»KaT. . . ROOT— doll and oncba . nnd . lfBnr •Umaadi but no flnantss bus mixed winter Ul. at OanadlanatOS. '' ^•y^-'i^x^agooj.'iiaaaet * Brw^tnai ms^ktt-rhs,market at tb« <n» • iteUalagteattMyivia "~ ' anoic — The Baffila KapreM,o- the WHh Capt WatU, ot the propeller Araies, which esttrdvaiUnioon from Toledo, reports seeing a propdler, apparently bound down, on Tecnmieb reef, abOT> Grand ElTer, and Bear the Canada thora. Be wu unable to make oot her naoe. County efii Joan A. Page, of Htiekisi lTL 7 *' • cn «> oner Falcon csme Into pott me foot and a ha r or« « on Snndaj morning, " »hen the water com' «nher;»in»il ; pnmpi at work. She -*"^- te'All of wat/r, the menbetoi obUged to shift ss beat they could, ; for dry qnSten- Bhajn- l"de«l wtthIn*S; whirl j>reTt"tednerfrom Jr!b.,-Ut. «"j™a -•-'- . jrftberg, Frederick W, Ho tsbers>' H. xtamlp*^ iwini.-. a , m- .?* , iWIIUam H. Ferklns, Alpha o MST ck W, Wtrt' L,on, Warr"n -lets, Dal,, John Jamw Bobert Bhaw, Horrls Sober, John Hone, B-own, JobnUPerklns, Mulford Belmer, lit ion, John Burgess, Bo'bert O. srd, Joseph 8. llastti ohnM. McFsrlana, tb« state of *lseon»ln, to the atoT*;Damed defendants •t hereby inmmbned and required to answer S!5*, u . tl "r,^ B .i*!*.' 1 fi« d J« & r OO are i . Th* foUowlnf is a list or vessels which passed BfBtroItjonTCoWday:". ''"" ;' './ ';" ' ,.5.=" ,"> -iVi; ^ Bound T7p— Prop. Stuqnehaniia; tarkd Al!l*», One- bee; schrs W. B Ogdtn, Bhapk.-M. MiHalr, Patrisk Henry, Arrow, Oolvmbnf, Hqra Watton; James Coleman, lookout, Aldtboran. .', ,i. BoandUoWB— Prop. Mayflorer. : ' .> • ' ' •• ' " ""• for the County MIlwiaee, In said Oonn' of ' onr * ni " rer «» «>• »aJd .nbsoribers, at Hieir offlce, NoTs ln ttl0< » ld W of tlm» aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply e ""«'Oeman.edrin the complftot' Hon. AErHOB members of ttof ^ee, af sUlwanxw.-thls 10th day of UOOKKB A SPAKOENBKHO. . > i PlalntlB.'s Attorneys, '•" Milwaukee. Wisconsin Tcn Pxason >O( TKI OITT — CLu M 1 W«-e-» Co, * Gr«.ie,G DNorrlf, - Htney * I eBow, . WboUia e a:4 Betail, ' beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians ot" the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to ' Dr. Chas. M'Lane's CHrbruted Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them ai universal Cure-alls, but simply foi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make i a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled. and never known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, i PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, in \^hich they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty !feairs, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc tfuitf manufacture. And being de- terii|ined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele- .bnited Vermifuge and Liver PUJ« shall continue to occupy the high position they no4 hold among the gre^ti remedies of the day, they will Continue to spare neither time ftof &pense in procuring the Best met ijPurest _ material, and com- ^em in,the most thorough Address all orders to FLEMING BEOS. Pittsburgh, Fa, MUST rfCIEXTlF-C mtH f-r tht- our- n t. a.ft-.. c-ir.ji. ..LIJ «iiJ uv ,t' VOL M, MKN TAKK PAUliOl"L\R Nu r AXJtid \ d(,i> :a«*; ^l^iiufe n inn. u t-jv-^ h » ni^l a ui.-»t iiuporVvtxii Listr • v.r,- ,.f U»(f ah^VP il'sriufa !' , b«rn ir.-»t tiy ihe iti-tit rmuieut physicians . .», l'tnU.i..iphia jrui 4 \ r » Y-rlt , lth.iabt^> all umeruJ tt*sirum«iit ever inve^ tr-o iu •'-ni uii VV -akiif!-*, . r Any i ige.iie if u c «, i-;iasv(l Iy ih«- secret tablt of yoush A Ct"B£ t'r AMOd 1 SOS have Jevole.i th '•I'll vi!iy to thu peculiar clatu -u ni i ;cf .N-y ti4v- cun ct^uenily been rt Uieir Ivliow creatures, ,* nuly teatlflr ^c»n.»*',e<.8e«l by convai«acrDt paum 1*1 jf arnvu.i,' .:•. town fromt*;! paru >f ; 'hv -xpre** purpo-f i'Dly of coDsullttUu KK/ULM' t.vt r worn by 3 j< r K:np«-M l< K .* .1 a A i U *o-! jr^i^ ta anU . .unir -jrn Uieir mot i serous and llkewoe rum what causes ul Inveterate, tHllly ••! v/ici'ly uuil Uiat :h? Ue ncetl tu one t .( the ruhow ntf ca^se rir^l«-C[, nr i£,c ul Hffrel. or unskillful a u?itliu«Qt , thirefore, L»a. A.VUD 4 i*os iia .D 'iisc.'Y"nL^, in the sjjjecllun of L.'U>I »afe, vlTrctunj and cauliotu ouorse , ..MIII DliiAtion of ryuirilies which bear &n r<]ur ler, aa well is tlioae wtlose premAture ,, IE thtf N.-in.lK of jjrtvat«*. In »h.< l>u> etui of their remrillrs i» th^ te-ia^nu mass of tmoiao misery by ihy iHeviau.. pri-venluiu DI tho»^ nrlevous liliu-tl .ua rv^lltf ihe .ecr^-t fo?» .f llfo, anil *h ffi, ••XI V vty <urr.nirnl ut, < all »l u I :->r jlerfmence m ibcir e*'<?nnjna[M>ti COUNTHV UNViLlbS. t\-rs n 3 m any i ;irt i»f the wnrl.l may b- irp-uL-il hy f'lrwufUmtf a correct detail < w th * remittance for Medicines. *c. A.ldrfU Ur. ASIO8 « HON, corner Man ilr.MM,Huir.i>o, N V. ,; •fill*. • run < ' 1 H K • i r l l vi > *) (L>. » L.-'' \ I--*; A v IL.\ . ^ • VS.N 1 " » V >N V> i r.-* y.\ . ; r> r \ IV- HI. ,,it> unt.-, rii.-. UKki TtIK iiiidM^^&SSMli&^fi m% n«j2T-UwSi and Physicians fordning from othen' r 5*« "W do w«U to writa their orden, lot* none tut Dr. Jflonft, prepared t\ jRi. To those wWUng to gin aid p« man. post pafl, to anj States, ont box of ¥«ls^» tweht , or ow -rtal ofTermJftig* fct- AUOTdets from Canada nrasl and Mlaoe Vermifuge STATE Ot WISCONSIN, I 0 ruuit Court, Milwaukee County, f Slilney gliepard. ChrUttaa Henry Meyer, atirt Margaret, .'n^ *!/«.-, Jam^4 8. Bruwo, Davl' • ti. Power, Edwir I U«s»o, W,ili4m _P. Merrill, Nehon Wcb,ter, Charles A. Ko»aifr Dctm^r Fisc'iback, B. ttoddia and A. W.Gnswoi.i AdmlDlitratcn of the estate n( John C. LeHVy. Je- reased, Urmand T. Crane, Charles K. Bode, Aduilnn- trator [if Uie tsiale o/ Charles OK Schre ner, <!ece:tji- r'l, Jaraea W. A^eicM and lie-man tr. C. Keui^ter. I N Tirtne of and pursuant to a judgment rendered tn said Court In the above emitledacttoa^dated February 8, ISSJ, I ihall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Otuce, In the City of Milwaukee, <>n Saturday. tUc 9th diijr of Jnli, 1-^9 at the hoar of t T.U., ot that day, the :ollowmg de- scrloed mortgaged prrmlitu or so much ihereof u m^iy be necessary 10 raise Ihe amount of saul .udnmrnl, interest ind costs, together srufi the eip^nsta „( .»ii. u > wit: "Lot number ilxteen (16) anil the east hnir .f u,i number blleeu^lSj, In block foity lire (43), in the Second Ward ol the C.ty of Milwaukee, being ou Tamarack strerl, bctwen Fifth »nd Slx'h iireets, all In ihe County of Milw ukce and State of Wlaconiln." Dated sherUI'i OfBce Uilwlukee, April i, 1JS9. A. J. LAW .WullTHY, apr3-Sm-lin2w SherllT Uiltraukee Co., Wli. 1.4 .U.lKXf r .'V . . t MA11KET ST . ,14 MAHK4T ST . Hit- irjfe. .) J. WOllli 1 v • m-i ,i.. -i LOCI » N GOO] .SUE It Iff* SALK {\ew< STATE OP WISCONSIN, I Oircnit Court. Mlliraukee County, f James 8. Brow&, Joshua Hathaway and Thomas L. Of- .den, againat A. Patterson Smlto snd Alfred IdwarJs.j Fareolosure. I N rirtae of aad purjuapt tr> a jndgmant rendered in said Court, In the nbore entlilcil action, >l < ted J>ehOarof2f. K. of thai day, tho fallowing described sessary to raise the amount of said Judgment, Interest and ousts, lojretbar with-, ih* expense* ot sale, to wtt : ••Block, number:twenty-eight «8), of CUrk'i. • Iddlllon, In ibeEighth Ward, of the city of Mil- wsu'.eo and eotinty of MU»auiee, and btau of Wisconsin. : • , , Osted SnerUTs OfDce, Ullwanlee, April 1st, 1SJ3. D*TH>a Ooour, I ' A.J.tAHOWORTUv. PlfTs Att'y. f Sheriff MIL Co., Wu. aprl^mlinlir ,n the \l No. !)3 lluidolpn, • worlttei; miracles LOST SJI,'//r A.VD HBARI.Vl) [-pwar.l^ ,,l TH" HfNDItKD tta.e '..r,-n recelireil Or C.jrthln :),,!... :. „- „,,,. , 1;i: , 7 ,„ , hom aa b.-eo ollnd for monllm «D • vin huve rentore.1 instanily by t,U,;,U ,i, while other., »ho hat, ,«. en hnvRl-een inir»cn.,,,j>ij -,i r ..,i i, meot. The beat proof M to |it,w Dr. ' he '• " r " iy '-«'-' .| their il«ht U <>per<iti<m* Tom sllsraae' , <co Ue ireat-

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