The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 6, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1916
Page 4
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MONDAY, NOV. 6,1916. LIVESTOCKMARKET. SIX KILLED WHEN L W. W. TRIED TO LAND · · »it,.j Pre...) Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 6.--Cattle! receipts 23,000, maret steady to l O c i higher. Steers 55.75 to $11.25; cows Jind h e i f e r s S4.70 to $ 0 . 5 0 ; stackers and feeders $5 50 to ?7.85; calves $6.00 to $10.50.' I Sog receipts 1100 ^ market 5c to l O c higher. Bulk of sales $9.15 to $ 0 . 6 0 ; heavy $9.50 to $ 9 . 6 5 ; medium $9.30 to $ 9 . 6 0 ; light $ 9 . 0 0 to 59.45. Sheep receipts 8 , 0 0 0 ; market steady. Lambs $10.50 to 511.00; ewes $6 73 to $ 7 . 5 0 : stackers and feeders $s'so to $9.85. Produce Market. Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 .Locust street, Chll- Jieothe, Mo.: Hens 13c; springs PITCHED BATTLE JJETWJEEX TUB ORGANISATION- AND CITIZEXS. Sheriff at Everett Washington Siviter. ing From Three Bullets In His JLjmb. THEATRICAL. Big Western Feature Coming. The Majestic Theatre announce' the coming of a big western production the picturization of a well known story, Davy Crockett, at the popular play house on Thursday, November 9th. The p i c t u r e is the p r o d u c t of the Paramount com-pany and features Dustin Farnum. 15c, cocks, Se; ducks 9c; geese 6c; eggs 28c; butter fat, 34. BOLLES * ROGERS. Pealers In Hides, Tallow, Wool, Furs, Beeswax and Feathers. Salt Cured Hides, flat No. 23, and Xo. 22 21% Partly Cured Hides 21% Green Hides 20% Bulls and Glues 17c 'Deacons $1.50 t o $2.00 'Skunks 25o to 50c Horse Hides Nos. 1 and 2, full mane and tail $6.50 Pony Hides 3.00 No. 1 Tallow O c No. 2 Tallow Sc THE PIONEER PRODUCE BUYERS OF CHrUjICOTHE. SWIFT COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Tomorrow's Market. HENS 13 SPRINGS 15 COX 8 TURKEYS 18 DUX F. F. F 8 GEESE F. F. F 6 P. S. BUTTER 26% EGGS 28 CREAM 34 Desiny's Toy. j The Paramount picture to be pre. TP '"f. IJ '""" 1 1 *«»"- sented at the Majestic Theatre to- Everett, Wash., Nov 6.--The n u m _ iber of dead in the I. W. W. battle with a citizens 1 posse at Everett Sunday was raised to six with Jeff P. Beard, former sheriff of Snodomish EVERYTHING READY FOR M ELECTION BOOTHS WERE PUT IN PLACE ON MOXDAY Judges mid Clerks Instructed to be at Bootbs Promptly at Six O'clock "Tuesday Morning. * SOCIETY AND CLUBS * (By United I»reHM.) night will be a stirring picture story,' Washington, D. C., Nor. 6.--The entitled. Destiny's Toy, teaturing I T j n i t e d States weather, bureau fore. Louise Huff, who will be pleasantly caster today "stood pat" on his prom- remembered for his excellent inter- county dying of his wounds. None oj the wounded in Seattle are expected to die h u t E. P. Buchrer, janitor of the A very High school, who is thought to be fatally wounded. Altho peace prevailed here today, one h u n d r e d armed business men remained all night in the Commercial Club rooms to be ready for an'y emergency that might grow out of Sunday's bat. tie. Sheriff McRae, who is in the Providence hospital with three bullets in his left limb, described the battle on the pier while proped up in. bed. I "There were probably. 13 5 armed [ deputies oa the dock," said McRea, "while others lined the shore and when the steamer hearing the I_ W. s_ arrived I told them that they could not land. Then they began firing_ Probably fifteen shots were fired from the boat before a single shot ras seo-t oft' f r o m the shore. I can't understand how I escaped without more serious injury. Coroner A. S. Maulsby is dragging the water about the pier today in the 'belief that some of the I. W. W.'s may have fallen over the pier. The estimated number of those who fell over ranges f r o m 2 to 12. pretation of The Olm Homestead. The musical program by the eight piece ladies orchestra will in conjunction with the picture offering. Tw 0 shows will be given--at 7:15 and 8:30. Thcda Smoked. Recently in a small town in Kansas the town mashall arrested' the picture show manager becaus'e he exhibited Theda Bara smoking a cigarette in "Under Two Flags." The offending film was also taken into custody. The Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S C A S T O R I A manager was f o u n d not guilty for reason that he did not know tne smoking scene was m the picture, "but 'Theda was found guilty and as sho could not be taken into custody the film with her shadow was, placed in jail for thirty days "Bullets and Urown Eyes." It is not often that such a covobi- nation of "Bullets and Brown Eyes" go well together, but in'this instance, it happens to be an up-to-date photo. play of exceptional q u a l i t y produced by the Fne Arts-Triangle Company: ise of fair weather for election day Voters will wear slickers to the polls and some rain may fall in the extreme upper Mississippi region and around the Great Lakes but. in all other sections fair weather will prevail.. Everything is In readiness for thu .big election'Tuesday. The booths were installed at the proper places, First ward, ·; second floor city hall building; Second ward Lake implement house;'.Third ward, Ishmael Allen 'barn; Fourth ward second floor Masonic Temple building, Monday by Constable W-alden. By this evening all the judges will 'have taken their oath. They, are re- Quired to go ^before the county clerk 'or a notary public or justice of peace and take the oath. They are instructed to be at the polling places promptly at 6 o'clock, the time for the polls to open. There are a number of people who will want to vote early, and it is essential that the judges and clerks 1 be there promptly at that time. Sheriff Nothnagel and Deputy 'Sheriff Rohrer completed the task Saturday of delivering the ballots to the Weather permitting, the G. S. T club meets t o m o r r o w afternoon with Mrs. Wiley Wilson on the North Lo, cust St. road. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morehead entertained Mr. Ray Sevier and Miss Grace Bivinn of Milan yesterday, who motored to ChilHcothe and with Mrs. 'Morehead went to Brookfield Saturday evening for supper. *a A"' Pie Supper and program, will be givep. at Coor Campbell school, 7, 1-2 .miles southeast of Chiliicothe, on' Thursday, Nov. 9. 6-4 Ruth Gi\l, teacher. Try a Constitution Want Aa. EMPIRE Steam Heated SCIENTIFICALLY: VEJfTILATEB ^TOMORROW NIGHT-- TRIANGLE FILM CORPORATION presents BESSIE BARRISCALE And a Stellar Cast in Bullets and Brown Eyes Five Act Comedy Drama, - and FRED MACE AND ANNA" IAJTHER . in a two act Keystone Comedy THE VILLAGE VAMPIRE - . ^ . 3%^££$jm AT STORS3 AND FOUNTAI] AS2 FCH a-d GI ; t£ '-M T H E GZIIOIITAL.; Buy !t Li 'Ki sc The Best i-: -hva Substtr-r .- .' SOOJjj IX3C1TST ST. PHOXES -- Office O4O; Res. ^J5 Dr. J. L. Jehanjjen Dentist and Chiropodist (Foot Specialist). ; Corns ..... 25c Club Nails.. . ..50c Bunions . . .'50c Hammer -Tci o .ajQc Callouses . . 50c Ingrown N a ii . §o c Massage of Foot ........... .;-,.. 50 C Special attention and. care given in all cases. Calls answered Promptly in all parts o£ the city. i ' - with Bessie Barriscale and a stellar 'twenty-three voting precincts of the Suit Sale! Just received 100 elegant ladies SUITS. All newest styles in Broadcloth, Serges, Gaberdines and Poplins. All sizs, these are wonderful suits worth up to $40.00, take your choice beginning Saturday Morning $19.75 No charge for Alterations. These are the greatest values we have ever offered. HARTMAN'S CHILLICOTHE 400 COATS JUST ARRIVED cast that will be at the Empire Theatre Tuesday night. They play is f u l l of h u m o r with situations not SQ serious but interesting all o£ which makes an evening of delightful entertainment. For those that like com- j edy with plenty of action there will | be a two act Keystone comedy "The Village Vanipire," with Fred Mace and Anna Luther, making a seven ireel show. As this fine program is on election night, the management has arranged to announce election returns during each, peraformance. county. It is anticipated an extremely heavy vote, will be polled at the election Tuesday. . . , · ! ' ! T ' J . S T O C K T O N ' S O R C H E S T R A Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. ' PRICES 5 aiid 1O Cent* Wednesday -- VIRGINIA PEASON in a' Fox "playDARE-DEVTL KATE Thursday -- Theda Bara in an extraordinary Fox play CNDEIl TWO VTiAGS. Good Simdiiy Meetintr Large congregations attended worship at the Elm St. Methodist church yesterday. The morning theme was from the text "Behold I stand at the door and knock,'.' a meditation suited to the communion service which followed. The' even-ing subject was a | s t u d y of "St., Paul as a Hero " The speaker affirmed that some men Advance Sale For Fnir juid Warmer, j are heroes in perhaps one dramatic The advance sale of tickets f o r the big stage production, Fair and "Warm- instance and cowards else. Paul was ;reat in all the aspects of life. Relig. er, opened at the Chiliicothe M u s i c : j O n makes lives heroic; not by any Shop this mornng with a rush. There | means are the heroes of the world has been a large demand for tickets/ confined to military life. A "get-to- occasioned by the comment of a few who have seen this production in the large cities of the east. One local merchant stated this morning that he wanted ticets. That he was compelled while in New York to make the | third attempt before he was fortunate enough to secure tickets, and that he considered it one of the best attractions he had ever witnessed and was pleased to have the opportunity to "witness it -again. Fair and Warmer will he at the Majestic Theatre Wednesday evening NoveiYiber 8th. C Public Sale Soon. Having recently rented my farms for a term of years, I will offer at public sale on or about Nov. 15th, 2 1-2 miles north of Chiliicothe, 92 head of cattle and 10 head of horses, besides all my feed and farming fmiprovernents. Definite notice of the sale will be made later. Watch for it dwtf Dr K. S. Piiatt_ Our coal comes fresh from the mines daily. Buy direct from the car and get the best. Prompt delivery. H. W. Drueu, phone 750. THIS--AJTD FIVE CENTS! DON'T 'MISS THIS. Cut out this slip, enclose five cents to Foley Co., 2 8 3 5 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111-., writing your name and address clearly. You will receive in return a trial package containing Poley's Honey and ,Tar Compound, for coughs, colds and croup; Foley Kidney Pills, and Foley iCathartic .Tab. lets.. Sold everywhere gether meeting" was announced for Tuesday afternoon, at the church, at which time the ladies of the First o .ward will be hostesses to the members and friends of this church in the other wards The Womans Missionary Society will meet Friday, afternoon with Mrs. Ed. Kessler, Vine St. The pastor is giving at the midweek prayer meeting, expositions of various-- Ssalms "which are very fine and helpful. (TRAINMEN TXST LIVES WHEN J3NGINE13K LOSES ENGINE CONTROL IBT United -preMH.) Altoona, Pa., Nov. 6. -- Seven train. men are dead, four slightly injured, 4.7- loaded cars -and five freight engines demolished; was the toll taken when an engineer lost control of a train of 60 cars on the Pennsylvania railroad near the top of the Alle- gheney mountains which made a runaway dash into four unemployed engines standing, on a Y switch near Hollidaysburg. The escape of a number of trainmen was miraculous. In these Days of co-operative business effort the organization whidh does not enlist the service o£ a strong banking institution is courting bus:, ness disaster. ·Numbered among the clients of this Bank are many firms and individuals who have had their accounts with us for years and who have found the intelligent banking service rendered by our officers and organization a.n important factor in their progress and success Let.-us explain, the superior details of our service by'-letter or interview. The First* N'.-'-ic-naf- Bank O T H : Announcement. I have contraet£2 with the Interna tional Harvester Co. for the full line of McCormick line of farm machinery- Any one wanting repairs for any part of this line, including gas engines and cream separators will DP furnished by me. E. H. LAKE, Phone SIS. 506 E. Webster street Chiliicothe, Mo. Plenty of Apples. At Mathews' orchard, 5 1-2 miles northwest of Chiliicothe. Handpicked, no rot, no worms. No.. 1 at Toe; No. 2 at 4.0c. 27-6t C. N. Mathews. Majestic Theatre Wednesday, November 8th : --Selwyn Company (Producers of "Within Tlie Law", "Under Cover," "T win Beds" and Margeret HKinston in "Tke Lie", etc.) Presents THEIR ANNUAL LAUGH FESTIVAL "Fair and Warmer" By Avery Hop-wood. The Farce -which run for One Year at the Eltinge Theatre, New York, and "broke all records for big business. Prices--$1.50, $100, 75c and 50c. Advance Sale of Tickets at the Music Shop. Sale Starts Monday Morning, Nov. Gth. HARD WEAR B. P. S. Interior Floor Paint For wood and cement is manufactured especially to withstand hard wear ' *JAs boot nails are harder than paint materials, it will not stand indefinitely, but it will outwear ordinary floor paints. J,It is quick-drying, v.ith a tough and elastic gloss that is extremely slow-wearing. MIXOS'S DBUG STORE "West Side Square G-. B. Sherman, Pi-«scriptionist T O - N I G H T PARAMOUNT PICTURES Presents a Photodrama of Self-Sacrifice and" Reward with L O U I S E H U F F . -entitled- DESTINY'S JOY MUSICAL PROGRAM BY LADIES EIGHT PIECE ORCHESTRA Shows 7 : 1 5 - 8 : 3 0 ^ ADULTS lOtf; CHILD COMING TOMORROW-- MYRTLE STEDMAN in "THE AMERICA NBEAUTY" -Paramount. NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS Foley Cathartic Tablets are just a plain, hnrjert. old-fashioned physic. They act promptly and effectively on the bowels wiiiout pain, griping'or nauses_ The- keep the stomach sweet," the liver active, anu the bowels regular. They banish biiiou'--- ness, sick beadacn=s, sour stomach, indigestion. Sold e-'erywhere. For earache, tonthache, pains, burns, scalds, sorn tcroat, try Dr Thomas' Eclectic Oil. a splendid:-remedy for emergsncia? C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S Great MILLINERY SALE Every Pattern Hat, Every Trimmed Hat, Every Untrimmed Hat, All Velour Hats, All Trimmings, at tremendous CUT and SLASH PRICES. i Price On every PATTERN HAT In the; French Room Gages, Hylands, Etc. One lot of ^r Velvet Shapes /«5C Big lot Velvet tf1 « Shapes, lot 2 $1..U3 Lot 3 CM Velvet Shapes«P J Lot 4, high-class Gage Shapes at $3.65 Big lot trimmed Hats worth $5.00 q» -j at 200 trimmed Hats, $8 00 values choice All trimmings at tremendous reductions. Sale begins November 4th $8.00 Velour Hats Now $5.40 Hartman's Chillicothe SALE BEGINS Saturday, 9:00 A. M. NOVEMBER 4th {NEWSPAPER! lEWSFAPESr

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