The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 7, 1974 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1974
Page 4
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,fMCTS SDITORIAL Parade opens festive event You'd htv« to IMnk awWte to VMM up with «n Institution that ha* surthfd for is long with as BtU*. dunge as U» county tub-. II was an old, eld English tradition b»«*«t U» tin* that provided the setting for the Robtn Hood myth, the purpose was about the same. H WM the place win** <*ch y«ar the people of the county could display to «eh other theirfinest talent and the products of that talent And wrapping it at) together and attracting the people was the festival atmosphere that provided frivolous things to do and we and eat Greatly magnified, this b what you travel to Angteton for this w«ck in your visits to the 1974 Bratoria Cbunly Fair and Fat Stock Show. The most spectacular single event b at the start, when more than a mile of floats and mobile displays form the Fair Parade. The early- afternoon procession isn't easy to see. Uakss you're wilting to wait several boors you'll have to park several blocks away and walk to the rattle. But tens of thousands consider it worth the effort If there's any single facet of a fair that's located in Texas' No. 1 cattle- producing county, it's the Thursday night junior livestock auction. It's a dramatic event when the auctioneer tries to inspire higher bxfcing for the champions and near champions; and listeners know that each higher bid means a little added boost toward a college education for a youngster who's agonized for a year over the care and feeding of the animal. Elsewhere among the many acre* of public buildings that make up the Fairgrounds, there are displayed the finest products of the county's agriculture, homecrafts, art In many forms, collections, gardening There are talent sfeowt. There are commercial exhibits. There are eight of the county's lovelies for the c|uecn choice* Even food, drink and confections on the display grounds serve* a community purpose. Your money Is going to be split between the Pair Association and the booth operator,, which is likely a Jayeee club, or Lions club, or some other community betterment group. For the newcomer, this is the nearest you can come to an overall view of Braioria County, summarized and organized for « summary showing at one place and at one time. It's worth your while to visit Last year's Fair started as one of the best, under the capable direction of Pete Goodman. It was a financial disaster, however, because of the rains that came heavily and continuously for the remainder of the week, wrecking attendance. It's to be hoped that this year's offering by Leon Buchanan's team will have better fortune with the element*. The Fair has many things that will interest and delight you. And more U»n ever before, the Fan- needs your patronage JJ/M B/SHOP: REPORTER The /asf case for 1/fchee Nuf Larry IX laaioxe SuUrraa oao an even dnpotttion-te was mJKfable. Tte 15 ••KM iridt witn him rdcrred lo the (obcnmaaBiUidMeNtt Larry, b«cziae add»ct»«i be IMM! fee t a (tee «beo lh*y wore Uwn-cntoerd hetmets aad almi leather bell*, wiib Any nan paid to dm* in benwl. Hi* Job «*s to pvlrai Cdaey bland Jrwn Ate baacthrvBi to Siof AVOMW. from Ocean Partwsy <o Norton Point. Unfartuttatefjr. the Ucuteeut lived in Ewt Harfen. to (act . ewry lkn« Ultiwe Nut Uury Of«ttd bfe nwoih about Uw wtmiBtttnuao or chief ia»p»cSor» and tOmn, liter •& made wre h« lived in Ea« Marlea «Mcfi. ia tin. «u 0ot befl of a tnfiey ride u> vork. Sutttran look up the coilection at W o'clock na*t every Sunday and gave U* priest a fair shake. He dnrw a (attag mark, however, in the ttody of WHOCB. Or. put «»otfcer way. SulHma Unaght that wonaea mre By*teriout creatures of God undcrrtood by 00 one. SUU.Y ClUMiES IUS UNE Wben te nurried TcMte McCeiwc, »he wa> Mi poond* and umtd as « bor(br « palkx fawdquarten. five diUj^Uere tUer, ihe WM |«J ««J touoded Uke a church bei (aBing on coocrew In to yetn, SoUjr went from "t <to" to "1 wot." By die lime we younted (bt«bt«r Radwd M. the SuJBvw flat «M cnvtinf wMJi what SuUivw rderrtd to a* ImfiWM." Uidwe Nul theughi be tad f}*e potential mm wtwm he planned to offer (a Gad. Any rf the hocdhmu mM l*v* ttn&OtneA bun oK Spbcadkedatbome He twHwd «a U» job. He dmmnrffd to knew wbai the fjefMnDeat wugDiaf to do about (he HVB f«iat» Gang. Tbi* woiAt have «»O%d Bta to a bwi in ToOwivtfl*. but 4wjpMp«el<r la charge of Sttlen blwd <*as» »a» Qw «f(be t«fi kilkni 10 tto gang wac MM Zwertsidi. wtw »w c«U«d Kid TyM.TbeKid MM a doom men to their »fer»M»I reward, nurludmj Hichie k. "who WM lured w a »itb a armtdM! Hut KM few* • forawU for ewSai att tb» The KM* buddy w«* V»d» Uwto, known to dwbvMCyeioMLiiuM, WVca they vcrro'i Uuy rtducwi ifc* pnyuliHido cxpiacton, Uwy (ounged in «A (•jMtalrs bar an Surf A*ta«e bdtatf tar •a CXCUM la kifl Lmte PWCfi Hog^ had hair Hurt bt« «* dwe«»» and be w*s fat. Evirytody cdfat Ma Una* the Lamft. JOd T*to Md Cydnoe Looi* «wld stand at ||» apiutln bar ortafcug and oenBlBg Loiae UM Lamp 1%e proUm-«JUio«gh tttc KM oauW dktpeMc w^i one if be *»nt««i to kJU aaybody-vaa a prl. Her OuraB Terry. She ted BO MM Terry had the menk of a nytapbMnantac tn >ofeiary lor W jtun. &* dad been Louie Uw LmV« firi Ttten *fae «**dwd » Kid T**»t. The Lamp wu te a fury btc»uo* be lad kM brr KMTwitt *a» tvic* w mad teem* Che Lamp bxt ber flrat. UllIK TIIK LCMP COME8 DOW* May H. UM, *M a eratty day, and fee beach *a* empty OB the boanhntk. Natbao »a» couatiaf medumin «ere ircMt nutwvy aad oUwn polafced liw mirror mate and pawled ton** on lh» ouwawi. The Ikmenafli *a» luwdinx telw U* bar, cfarwtnj ht> f«trarHe fruK. •twit LcMie U»e Lamp came Uvomb • •»<*>». lore aa *»mnt. and taodcd M Ml feet Hebmtiedoff. SuUirto Mid, "Wttl tfet htfl do )iw cafl that'*" lie ran nfumn. Kid Two* Mid he had beta hating aood dean fan "Mi»i t'arrofl Teny," be «aid. "toy fiaiKe*, *ajn ttet (he Lump *«* prrtiy Inviy wufc a prt. *o 1 pamte4 a pmathan and uid. 'Lei'fMwIiDw ti««ty yM arc—jump ihrwcb that window.' HauM to God, be dhL" Ktd TviM itemed Mf Uc«m« for the (ua There"* (nutf to be treubte," Uwbw fftn MMd, "and U tml fotof to bt to IJ» procwct I know Carroii Terry. You wail here." tie WCXMI for the gui. KM TWM I*na>e4 andUutfted Lowe tbe Lump r«a*ded up W btidie* who MoraMd tte bar aad nukd Uw Kid and Cyclone Unto to the door «itft bulkts . The licuUJoaol rewrned wMh Miat Terry oo bt»ann lie wa*barrU)ed"Yw teuro." tw taid to tbe Lump, "w* wukJ bavc «rai|fciwed tbi« out M yoa waited/' fio the Lump baukd ofl and Aol Ito Terry. Ul (be teeord ijxw ttel the New York PoJfc* J*partmert *o»vtd arvarai oroUcm* in QM day. Uuboe Nut Larry wired at s pj» , May M, IKK , '^" ferry Work Lead Balloon Comment and Opinion Tri*t p**** «***»« MEKKY-GO-KOUND Senator perfects free-loading art ft; JM K .%ftfM£ttN#i Ha ftNMttMgtwt m MwiMf* mw« *»»*#*« Ifcttft SB tfW *«Wh*fc fcWUftf g»<t* Tfc* «a«Klk-a»»;tttf.Md t* MfeMf lMt twtwttw?!*! Mai en* **** p«»»a teiwn«a h> few Ukfn t* tlto * *!*«***» b-j WfiUl H OtfWWiPHRl fMFfsttflV KB* *«|« Wft* Mt * *» M W*»fc»**f*k *** ** flhtf^tj' JMIO CWISfJWif' Qfcl^&f tfWVfr t«»hM«t tiNMS jrf»4t« Mo««w^.«» hwl*** S»na««r Jfcwtow ('*»)», tit ttttttAi *»** fc* JW! 8* »**»*•», Silt (** i.ttaA« ft(|rt |T!Mi *K &H.I *•>*« i »•*•*•*» *•* tt<at fSitUCt iit Crt(JHf»*'.» .Mil ft* M»*Mt4 i% tft* ******* <uHU<ft Ht BUSINESS MIRROR Pineapple canning operations reduced iff »<*«**4l» Hie WIHffif I 4 t.llljl.'1'K iflift rjtn«<< »>* ttvtn itlflsf HI* 'Vl > •iVl' l W^: ** (.»« thaws* dawA UNu two toun( lo cenunu* to haiv Crrth Jtj*niian TM* n stwtr viro dinpttv rcyerU tJWJ tM» Md tW I**' tew W.flw» 4f* S*HK*pt*t* *>*t* *«rf to «pi««<,m«a l^utd sw*i*Ai* iw* Itt'V ^i* i*^»t,i tut tfttnrf dlMr 'A'(StW * nwrrf», IKMiiW^ ^ ?^. ( MIT •fcl S'irwll » 1 (or 0(«T»«hic» m K4«au (or chnttwr Ulnw nurkdii in (o»tw(n "TlM <UlBf» ( (a am&pptnf it trwft to ifw 11 •uiii A«« •",t(iM 4C<|»1«$ ^ Minn »^t tit fttul'-l A:r >,?.« 'UW II 1 tS« t$w)tfti«nC MifOnn-1' ls;» ««« Sit wnt»s<!f iaiif ttt r\a we-iti* w i<« i i Si* Oefa •"S«w («fT« crarapMay at wr bat* tMiw hM««il tibtw w tU**H tor <»«• the ne pie,. tn* JU»*«> n fWMM^pM 1 ' TJ r* MV df »-« *« fiKS* ** Nor. •*»!» fat tit* w «»lH(Ull E» Sift Iff. a >«« <t, %« DON OAKLEY Frantic Wall Street turns to the people ftnte >->rfw» ty <«M)«r<Mbni (run wtfMJW i^ftirw th' « h* ll* i> THE VVORRV ClINIC Dmpti* iltfbf Mfryn «f b«ni*hr<r«a in r«ccn( d»j». W«D Strtvl tauttnut* w o* in UwMr And who » bvtag aa»««t «» Mp b»tl U ouT Tbe btlle gur. Uw MOW hdtr <w, Uw •trect <k«e»n I h*»r the tun* <rf <b? for »h«n lim*» arv <«*} Now the br«k*n are huru»« A *fc«|gMti market aad dtpnaaed prtcw» mc«n Irorr and MiuUcr cammtntont Bui the dtthr Juj h*» «i««d up and to* divided ihrrc an MMr MM» Mv vhalrvtr ntr» op«Ul be may ba¥tr •ccumuUlni (,'omparw) lo W*fl Street. r>m La* Vef*» look* like a place wfcer* a tixkcr- - thai >t. M iftvctiof c«a |*< M r»tn <»« jnu run Itwr* MA' I * In Eat too much? Take this dieters' test t« g«4 «cit M prjiiBf hMM bitbnM of dnltar* w«etit of MCI»UM* WMW (antOm tow bMn atlUng <» (or (unfraOMn. tUm nurkrt ci Mtbjrwm lor a <ta*a» w (*• c»pi<aJ f*tM U* Und«r pr«»*n4 law. praDl tnm *• «ate ol tmntflMrt aaa*U » U«t» ay to MS r w rw *sr , wo There are Mill ann*4 X mtfttm tteareteUm in the I'niKd SUUM But in tfae pail t«o ytam. more fteui a tniUw* aad * b»if mdhridual »a»f»te»» Iwve Mid out* to "people's taprUhun" aad abMdoned the mark«4. A* Robert W. Sarmrff, RCA Corp duirmaa and baud mtmUr of U* New York Stock Kxdungc, rwmtly peiMod out. at one time twfcvldwU actoyntfd lor » per cent U in Uw nation't major radunco The remaimaf an per cenl reprtacnted iradMg by taamuttom MJC*» «* mulual funda, ptMKn fund*, took* aarf in wiraat* compuiie*. Today. UMM pcrn«ta(c« ar* eaactly ret iriod or 0 rears U*e oropaMi n to MttiluU a graduated U» ttfcil ««uld rtdwc* tto rapilal faiM ui r»t» *» Uw Mot. t>r Cruw." (far in !*****» *l*f> h» )fc» vartelj «f food Md dieMvf " r'« my Nw«toMrf it $# pome!* Uw IB Tm*. il » argixd. miOMm of AmenraM l« tnt«U M U* country'* butteeaa aad tadntry »fc*i'fe. •e are told, ar* gotni to netd on tk* order a< W3 UiiHon M M* capital i» twtmmi by IW fM wubtksi matlMt tae *»y M «». tbtr* nwtur wlwl tbe fama* U» ia, Th* rail t/wUc t* tbat your btlte fu»» polrtoUt a* be pur ** doava i toy slock to w**a< » America Ito buy* il ia hope* of making a buck (be U» big boyt (to bj *ettf« H to y »4w lor more tttaa be paid far ¥K *te» 1 117 la f»« htm la *•! *t tmr plirytKUn fc*t ur;(i*d m> kwl)«f»i bia ttanuclk (j«r»-» la lint fatM tn> sit «UJ "Aad « h» vateJw* TV. a*? m» mcrcial IfeM *ha«« fcua «* *l«itt «* c«k« and «4b« deJiractea, •*» iitak* k*» MNilboyM4 ttfl be rajda ew r«4r«c»r*M 'U* Craiw. I U admit I *k» react * WU» Uwt way wbwi I view Ibe Nwad cnotfRcrciab w TV faW I m MX *> iMtomwi a* my buatawd "U hH *«r»ciM(S app*ltt« larftljr a paytftofeflnl profelem* And how <*» I Hutu kit by H a •fare «« U Uw martrt a* mwfc •* B* hat beta dnreo out by Uw Wg buy* wbo can trai»furm a lUnwr »tat* Ma * dof «r*rmfM.or vice vtna, to r***om Uwl h«v* aotHflf to *» wilA a compaay 'i Ttwre ouMt b« a betur way Uw MUM general* "» tapiUl oomb. A» Saraoff *ayi. the InM buyers (aad taOcrs) of i«/«e Mwk* of g|liy|j liny^ (4|TAo4 Wiutf WM flflff a **££* ajo*^ ttuuitat iajio a M yo>yo'* BAarluai aiid . year, iotfividuti ioraun Mil at4|*n of III WUioo wortti of eor- to* wilb Uw 1m THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS «I*IMOJ*» ••<•• * MM* tun ^lajpto aj« ji~m&n*n m*iyyj*iu in* «8tM>Mi « WJBMJ*W ».«*). lT*Niw. a««»aj»« i«* fMPMMr WBWfM* f WTUMAl II nmiM)UK,Y M) due to a conbiMUBsi ef modkal and pajrcboioglcaJ C««I»M' So aMlyw ywanoU bjr tto D«t«r» Toat" if you wtafc to sttnderta! (M la ywtb, U wo aw acUtf. •» may Ml, tf •««*! mat, fc*gt, h«« «» u^,,, efecid il*r> (M afttr ttw aa> of H, *« **4«e Am* to rautiae >*» and «»*•• ia lar hna Knot, baaaboj, «o«xboU. npawi »ad lomptag, w oar body aw y not neat mar* tbM UiM (kM lor w«peiu ti«m«»pe««i«4t*i«Bipcr •! t«m mw* n pUftd tMrf«T« * «ja>ff«ll> « pile o< vhett n a l<6gr*m P«Jt' ^. *«)t»aiir|«< f b,bor«iMa«Mni«* ^ ?* ta >««*»«*• «*w?trtU( addict tt«» to , } u*aw oil cfwrg; *ia «»ttM kit »i» w ' Hffltlfc.tlM ; * 8«l our AM tm« U" UU «• ounttyw witk tlw tower J.4« eatete our ysrtbful far -mm "»«> of Micb *D la MCW tfc, oft** » foaiM to **« vnteg of acid, tm burois* •} »«c|«ui*tad to pyue

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