The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 22
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 22

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 22
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Be Ooat (4 Want Ads In The Daily Review pw »n« '·' flr Insertion ic per line for tucti subsequent consecutive Insertion. . I0c . »0- . 40c . tru . We . BOc . II W . I S O . 1.40 M i n i m u m charge *t c«nt«. I !(··· i times 1 lines I i l m « e . . . , 4 lines a times ... · 5 i t n e p f time* 8 Unas " times 4 tn«« 7 t i m e s 1 nil** 8» llmae B lln«* W» times 4 lUtei 80 tlm»»« No advertisement accepted for IM* t n « n t w o lln*« Tt.unt nil ordinary wnrri* to ·· li line LMsc-ontlmitnce of advertising must he In w r l ! l n « It "in not b« ·«- oe|H«1 «y phone Tlil protecU your Interests Mi well aa our*. If You Can't Bring or Send Your Want Ad Phone B-11 Auto ' i f l 11 Cmirti*mi* operators, t h o r o u g h l y fn- ·it.liir w i t h i*te«. r u l e s «mi ( f a S K l - nr«n,.ti». w i l l give you I'l.mpiete In- f « r i i i s t n n A n i l I' you wlili, t h e y w i l l a u l n t y o u I n w o r t l l n K v u u r w a n t M. to in"*" It molt e f f e c l U s . Ad*. accepted b» telephone to- ac- ·oramnrtsla you If y o u r name !· In the telephone directory. Every Home Has Use for Review \Vaut Ada WIT-A oily I LOST AND FOUND. i l l n lit.. S"x8. I LOHT- T I s l n t n K rtira "l.t i'lny. nme5l nnir* mnl chi I i t i Is" ' est part of TM« black purs*, oon- rk on Stewarts Re- 7,-IJI SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTH I i 4K7W WA"NTK.- worn by W A N ' J L I » Mtftv*1v wi l i b U n » n f u r M - h " A d i l r r F * t l 11V. r in W A N T K I K -- p o » i t i « i n » o»i»r, no oli)»rth'ii» '"I leaving 7521 l*-.vr»r old boy Ad- 7543 i!rlr«f. by a ^e. *l*te wii -i««ll*eper for wU n» or ··«· r h l l d r - WANTED -- Tour painting, paper hanging and decorating: first close work guaren- tesd Condon Bros . fiell 1564. 8ST E Condlt. WANTED TO BUY W A N T E D -- T o buy K i n g . A u t o 1841 a llent wagon. Bell 1(188 JJS W T51I Wanted to Buy. l i t pay tba highest cefih price* for used ·10*01. run* and refrigerator*, or will take In old f u r n i t u r e a* first payment on new. Home Outfitters, Auto phone 1841. BOADEBS WANTED. WANTED--Boardeti and roomer* at 801 S M a i n , modern conveniences T14 FOE RENT-HOUSES. rOR HUNT--Btnotly modern o-room cottage A p p l y after 4 p.m. 770 John* av. 7571 »OB KENT--»-roon modern home. 1S87 W n e r a t u r gt O. W Bleeter. 810 B. Union nell K I 1 0 76119 KtlR HKNT--Thoroughly modern B-room cottage at 8J« N Union. Call 688 W Green. 7351 FOR RENT- Two room for Mffht keeping. S45 K. Orchard. housa- 7ST8 FOR RENT--One large furnUhed room for light housekeeping, modern 844 K w i"" street. 734 ° FOR RENT--Nicely furnished modern rooma for light houie keeping. 1S09 W. Macon. 720S FOR EENT. FOR RENT--Store room. 735 N. Water, {SO p?r month. Apply Mai Athm 7525 BDSINEKS PROPOSITION FOR RENT 1505-- r have a five-room residence and store building In west end. close In--suitable for milk deoot or small grocery and Ice cream Fine location, best neighborhood Also barn. All buildings on one lot. This place hn.i alwayi had o good trade. Rental price, 525 jier month. If you dealre this kind of place, call before it la gone. C. A. BURKS. B2S-.124-32S- Cltlzena Bank Building. TSOO FOR RENT--S4B N. Water; store room, 18x SO ground floor; big show window^ Also ten'p room. 40^50. ground floor. S12 N. Water ch Prorjrletoi fM K Water BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. FOR R E N T -- f l o t i t h half house at 505 W Wood I n q u i r e Carter 1 * Pump shop, C9I S College.. ~fK FOR RENT-College St. I". t-room modern houve, 1530 ,'. Inqutr* o. Falkenroth, Fana, FOR RBNT--((-'·com house. to small family Inquire partly 7S8 N. modern. Church 7403 FOR RENT--Furnished for summer, 4 room cottage, 148*1 W, Wood. *n per m o n t h . partly m o d e m A p p l y Mr K e n n e d y , Bell 1177. care M u t u a l P r o t e c t i v e League 7363 FOR RWNT--Modern 8-room house, good condition 451 Orchard Bell 121 7513 FOR R E N T -- M o d e r n cottage, fl rooms and bath li'75 N Church St. 74M FOR R E N T -- S t r i c t l y m o c i t r n S-room hous" R:S K Oantn-1! A u t o ptione 61*711 "4..U KOH U i : N T -- F I V E - R O O M S T R I C T L Y M O D P U N ooTTAni:. S I T r \ ^ T D I V I S I O N F f H M i - R O O M f * O T T A t ; E ! - O T ' T H ,1AOK- -ON ST 1 ' I M H A M * f L ' M l ' A N Y UEL.U. H d M E . '414 m i l y orKilii ''all or luMt"*. I- M C »W r ' "uly. poll l i o n i l n « l n l 11800 J2000 f2200 53.VOO $2i'00 1 1 v papered 115( n d c r n n e w $4"».( HELP WANTED. w i t h o u t f r o m i f o r ; n t r t l ( n l N 1243 W I r * c a t i i r S t . 5 r i n n i n n d barn...?15 74fi E ("enter fit, C room" m o d e r n $2^ 11^7 N C l i n t o n Kt , 8 rooms m o d e r n . - J 2 2 50 rill) N r i i n t o n St 8 roi.mi, modern 1110 W C n t l f l g * H i l l , S rooms, m o d e r n 613 8 B r n n t l w a y , 8 rooms, modern 1823 N M a i n Bi . 8 rooms and garage 1705 N Co leg* M , 9 rooms, modern 7»1 N M o r g a n , 0 rooms, nev !n',7 \\ i . r f t n , H r n u f i i o , Kli ."·*.. \\ M a i n M , 10 rni* ni t j " ' \V l mi.r ?t.. 8 rimm." modern 5-^ Ti 1 1 1 7 si l.mils A \ , rooms h a r n , mod S-* 1 " j.t W I n i l r l * A v . R rooms, city Hi MM' ',7 \V V B f o n S t , *i r o o m B HO f , i N e w t - t , t* rooms 523 fl ilnny o t h r r s a t 1800 to 17500. Slz^s f r o m 9 rooms to 17, Meridith Rent Co. l « u K i'K.M'--Nlc« 6-room modern house. 121) \\ Marietta, J u s t off of Main, W. J Moel- !·!·. M;I N M a i n 7 FOH R E N T OK SA1*E--N*«w modern 5 room cfUtHR*. Wl E Lawrence, OD« block from *i!h«r MX to i «v# ·tp*r.i»ni flW R»v|*w .Id · I n ' 7.1,.'' FOB RENT-FLATS, FOR RK.NT--P!M« fin N o r t h Main St., on 2nd and 3rd floors, Bui lard Bid p. Inqulrt L, %\ Uullard. Cltlzsns National Bank 7415 OIL has been found In Canada and causing Intense excitement. Great nums made n u l c k i y . I-onlvs bigger than California I V n n s i h ' a n l a C o r p o r a t i o n with c)iolce hold- nif» p r e h e n t B o p p o r t u n i t y Tor those, w i s h i n g I n v e s t ?J) or more Prospect UK mailed free D M McGregor, 789 Hasting* St., V a n c o u v e r . H C . Canada 748i K SALE-- Farmer lived 1 12,000, bought farm G days before the bank failed, bargains In farms that are farms, will raise good crops of, corn, oats, alfalfa, potatoes, ·tover, etc. Bargains In Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana farms and ranches. Meet me face to face, I will help you plint dimes where you , harvest dollars. Write . when you can come, I will arrange to meet J-L . State where you wish to Invest or locate, I will make you money W, E. Patton, Fairmont, Nab. 7201 FOR BALE--IOWA LANDS; 35 GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND TOWN LOTS AT AND AROUND PENTON, IOWA, AND BANCROFT. IOWA. PHILIP WEISBROD, FENTON, IOWA, 06S7 CITY PEOPERTY. FOR SALE--6-room modern houa Leafland and Illinois. Auto 1504, FOR SALE--Bargain in new 7-room modern home, If sold quick; cash or terms. 353 W. Green. Bell 8057 7554 FOR SALE--Good, 7-room, modern full lot. J2.300. Bell 2803. FOE SALE--12-room rooming houae. ·treet car line; reaaon for selling. Address O 481. Review. 74S1 --,200 CASH-and W per month buys a good 7 room houfe on North College street, close in. --13000 CASH-and assume mortgage of $4,000 Buys «S ! o t ' near Interurban shop and only 8 blocka from city car line, north part Money to loan on city property at 6%. Also contracts for loans, maturing In a few monthB for 5% loana repaid monthly. 7005 N. T. Watson, S18 Mllllkln Bid*., Tel, Auto 128T PEGRAM COMPANY. 41S Cltl»tti Bank Bldg. All classes of loans. to suit borrower. class house for rent; MOl Terms First- FOR SALE--B-room modern house and barn. 7S4 W. Decatur, 12,700, lot worth I1.800; {200 ca*h. balance monthly. W. C Fearn. 318 N Church. Bell 659. 7454 FOR P A L I : -- F u l l equipped grocery and m e a t m a r k e t i»t b a r g a i n , stock at Invoice, will leas, f i x t u r e s w i l l take good Ford car. balance cash U A H , care National Grocery Co 743 FOR SALE-- $80000 note, seven m o n t h s to run i e \ e n per cent Interest; liberal die- c o u n t , tool security. Answer G 523, caro Review T* 23 FOR SALB OR TRA^E--Drug stock and f i x t u r e s , coda f o u n t a i n , O 483 Review. T48: FOR SALE--By o n n e r . excellent lot. paved s t r e e t s , street car line, shade trees concrete V a l k , c o n v e n i e n t to W a b a s h shops. If t a k e n at once A u t o 3007. FOR SALn--Lunch room and furniture. 35'* E. M a i n "64 IIVE STOCK. FOR SALE--One stylish a u r r y horse; sound and c e n l l e . cheap. W. H H i l l , 723 N. M o n roe Be 1 ! 1!V« T50S FOR SAl.iE--A good 5-veir-olcl saddle m a r e , sound and gentle Sanitary barn, 502 C W l l l a m 7 o i ° FOR SAI.i:--Team of mules, spring and harms" UBS E OlHe. FOR S A L K -- Nice black driving horse, com- I I I B 5 MIUS old Will sell cheap If t a k e n at o n . c 820 R Colfax 710S FOR S \LE--Cheap. Shetland brood m a r e p , safe for c h i l d r e n Clyde J o h n s t o n , Forr_cst^ FOR S \ U 3 - r \ t r a q o n , ' · · · n..nv and r l E . would consider trade. 1348 X Church 75.i7 FOR SALE OR TRADE--7 head ot horses 3 sets of harness. S wagons, i r e y - w i l l t r a d e Tor property. Call 4 F r a n k l i n . Bell 2340 FOR SALE--4 milch cows, two to five v e n r s old. w i t h calf at Rids 749 TV D e c a t u r St Pell 11*3 740fi FOR S A L E -- S h e t l a n d o u t f i t ; pony 7 years years o l d - forty Inches h i f f h , rubber tire 2- seated r u n a b o u t T. M H u t c h i s o n , Clarence 111. ' 35j FOR SALE--$2.500 for 6 room, house, north part. Bell 2603 modern 6823 Choice Lot on West North Street. for sale at a bargain If sold at once. Also ' room modern house, slate roof, for lale at bargain If sold at once. 020 S. Crea St R. S. Bohon. 1S4 E. Prairie. - 84 .VACANT LOTS. FOR SALE--S3.',0 cash b u v s lots 49 and 50, block 13. Elson H e l f h t u , SO by 18714 feet. b e t w e e n N i n t h and T e n t h streets, on V v l l - llam 9t. K. O. Glle. City C o m p t r o l l e r ' s off i c e 7574 FOR SALE--50-tt lot. W Wood, Hlghlaivn add ; level; fSW. ABto ,143" 747S TO EXCHANGE. For Trade. Could use good house and lot in exchange for one of the best restaurants in Decalur, r u n n i n g f u l l blast and d o i n g f i n e business, ran «how vou books for p i c t six m o n t h s . I t ' s a m o n r v m a k e r ; o w n e r going awny. What h a \ e ; ou to t r a d e Could use \ a c a n t ,ots. See me for f u r t h e r Information. 1'nicck, 127 E Prairie 733S W A N T E D -- T o t r a d e for a business A d d r e s s F-770. store or BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOH S A ' L E -- B r u s h r u n a b o u t !n good work'nf? c n n i l l n o n ft =o s i n e *» X mo'orcycle Bar- pain for quick sale. 323 E. Main Bell ^ A u t o «"(U1 ' FOR P ST,E-- P t o d d a r d - D a \ t o n qutet F O R P S T , -- t o a r - a \ o n t a Binooth r u n n l n f i , f i n e c o n d i t i o n ; a bargain of t h e sea=on F-140, Review FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS. SAT-E--CHEAP--One large e. M c C l e l l R n d . Ward Co fire-proof 7538 FOR B\LE--Lot Baeond-hand lumher, good c o n d i t i o n ; very cheap. Call 1533 N. College St ~_ HOUSEHOLD GOODS. H"- M i : s T JOBS op«n to m*n and ', to |1'' m n n f h W r t « « for l i n t . i » .- D » p * t "W, Ro'-hott^r. N ab!« bu«1n*H in r»f0r*nc*» r * q u i r . (j*J* and WA.NTRD-- R M I r n t.2i, ·Kpcrltin postnit* R a i l w a y Kxp«rl*nc« d^- 'firminent, p r o f i t - rn» t o u n t r - On-id ii B*xtom A f « Chic BIO. 7MS! f-'OR RENT--6-roora mod«ro apartment. 440 V Mttron Heat and J a n i t o r service See R I. Q u i n t a n . 418 M i n i k i n Bldg. Bell 21G1- 4S,*!y A u t o 42l« 7411 I FU R N I T U R E TAKES A DROP. B e g i n n i n g thli week we will o f f e r b e t t e r b a r g a i n s t h a n ever before. Both In new and ii'-cd f u r n i t u r e I r o n Beds. Prc each and up. Fprings. Si'c* each and up. nreswers, 5200 each and up \Vushstand5. 75c each and up. ft dozen four sewed brooms at cost These are only a few of our many bargains. · . r. Holt Furniture Co. U, 1 2778. Auto 13S7. 252 K Main 7548 Ori R E N T -- N e w six room modern flats, ground floor: large sleeping porch; closo n C McDonald. 883 S W a t e r 7886 KOH R E N T -- T h o r o u g h l y modern 8 room flat to p a r t i e s w i t h o u t children Belt phone 947, r i n g 3. 7353 FOR R E N T -- S e v e n room f l a t ; modern, with c i t y h f t a t and electric l i g h t ; v a c u u m cleaner and j a n i t o r *«r\lce. A p p l y Drs. Brown l u r k 134-131 W Prmlrle. B529 rt, i fireman. i.mccf M«ry G ft#C, our* ! bf»kfni»n i 8«nd UK' I % I « w . 7VV, I FOR RENT-BOOMS. i K RNET-- A nlo*!r furnished front itiK room, thorouirhly modern 74Q N. sleep- Main ^ T A N T B U -»1~WO cold ea*h mafle, paid bank*£ In .l«i d»r» tr S l o o r m a n ; |1 ..... t* rtiU Join u u r fammie $1."^ r ' n m . « h t r ) , »l»sohiftr Insures H.OOo per man. per count r l!i tn»*!H*rl*nrKl min m«n dUlded J40 i)TO w i - u M I H n i ' i n t h * Rf rangH l n \ * i i i k m ite.rtl*c i r ! Aicrnte amasvd. Think w h f l t what t * - ' \ - n t i o i ] dftca fS!v»s every tiom* a bathroom v \ [ r h n t and enld r u n n i n g w a t e r for $.'· \ r M . i - h c n plumMnir. w a l n r works flelf-headni. N o wonder Hart void IB ID B honr»-- $.Vi»" »!tog*»th*r, Ixr1«w Irk 17 first 4»y Cr*(5H i l v n a -- Come cow invustlptMe Pe*t*l will an Kbteluvlve e*lf -- r f q u l r n * q u i r k a«t!oa. hut mi»ans II 000 and mor* for you AHe* Mff fo. ftl»34 AMen Jlldg , Tn1fdo O Fi'.K U K N T -- Furnished, modern rooms, for fc-.-nilemen only W8 N FVanklln. 7657 Fn n ''ure For Sale at , sreat sacrifice--Dinlns tables, sideboards b u f f e t s , k i t c h e n cabinets, rocking chairs. l r , n b f d s , bed springs. ma«rc«ses, e v c r j - t h l n s to furnish a home, at 215 South Park «t New phone 13M. 78-S. E. Minick. r oR RENT--Ons large, unfurnished, up- p t a l r e room; rent reasonable, close to iluellcr'e. NS6 N. Edward 7544 TOR RENT--Fnmlshad room: modern; prl- tpajCTCD -- * (*.nta-- AH want coDoantrated ««r tablets MskM ··nulne Iteer br add- ta*; wat*r Not near beer, carry coocta In foeket Snormoti* oemand -- lar«« proflu write today The Ambrew Co . Dept. 1^110. 'Hn.lnn.ll. O "IB POHITIOX8 emd other branches U poertofflce. "Buams" under former fl B rivll Rervlce secretary-ei- a«tR«r RAnltlet O MX free. Patler«OD Civil Service (tchool. Rnehe«l«r. H T 1506 WANTUD--Seeond oook. Cal.. «M N Main. 0tron»e Ttlfld phno« HU .rb«* M tn C (tell TBOl WANTB--n\tti -olaao ealannan for local ·anoern. fniwl p«y to (h* r l s h t m«n-, glvn ·nerlenc* In d e t a i l : e«t» endr««» nnd p h o n « naraber AiTdre«» CS «». c«r« P » v l r w T44II WANTBD--*Mr«t «Ia«s m*»at cultf-r. p«rrn»t- a*nt poMtlne; mn»t h* BO her and rsHnMe aad abt« tn Ct»« Al T+trr+nr?* B«n Erh»rt, unoAln. tM TM4* HELP WA5TED--FEMA1E \?AMTF.n-- Wltl p*r rwltubl for t i i i t r . b u i l n i r 2000 fi» p «n6D powl*r» In y»ur town M i i t r f l A Ward * To 211 rn woman 12.1000 ckifM porfurn- No mon»y rr- rttltut** P I , Chl- ' A STBl-- ·n«rMtl« l*dy U look after trado in nnd around D*oatur. Rxprrlene* un - «rMtl nd Partnantnt deraonwlrfttor i .Call Mri R W A N T B D -- A t one*. «wnp*1f»iit cook BUI 7463 W A N T E D -- K « p i » r t « n c « a drl for hetiMWork; toot, «·«.·*» no w a n h l n r . r*rer«ncM- fam- tlv of two Artdrttt O 4M Ft*vlew. T4*TO MISCELLANEOUS WAFTS. WANTED-- Work by ths Kay. ewesplng and cleaning; Bell UD24 waahlni 75tV s m a k ' n r . switche from eombtogs 1£! K Main Bell - made ft 7441 WANTET -- All farmers to k n o w they can havs dead stork r»fnnved free of r h f t r g * ^otifr William Price 904 N Mnnroe. Bel iihone 2474: Auto, ITC4 742: WANTED-- Carpentering shingling, ,180 an up; all kinds of repairing reasonable nin work U ehenn aa the cheapest Cnl! Am 4702. 7» WANTBD--AH kinds of farpentsr roofing anil odd jobs of all kinds. Dady Bell 9M1 work E r W A N T E D -- A l l kinds ti! sewm* Ur « * m. Ball 40al. M l x t 7311 RENT--Room* for »,peplnr and l l f f h t R35 W Wood. T52 FOR hniinekseplng: modern. rate family. 10411 E. Main. Bell 2406. 73.1S ffi O RBNT--Nlo* modem rooma, fl.SK and UE week 44* I. Main 754C FOR RENT--Nicely furnished room In *nod- ·rn houea. Ill N. College 750T FOR RENT--8 roome, ply 760 IJnooln av. 487 B. King; It. FOR RENT-- rurnlshtd vults. strictly mod- »m, for rtntlcmtn; IB p r i v a t e home. Bill 4Arrr. CO. Cor Macon and Collevs. 7R41 FOR RENT--Furnished rooms at 128 E. Main, ftnl floor; newly papered and painted. 747G FOR RBNT--Coolest fnrnlahed room In city: private, modern, close. Bell 1129. T469 FOR RENT--TJnfnrolehed roomt* 8rd floor; Merchant 8t T. T. Springer. 114 Merchat T461 ROOMS FOR RENT--In newlr furnished flat kitchen privilege*. Bell 4W3 7441 FOR RENT--Furnlehed rooma; modern conveniences. 401 N Church 7440 FOR RBNT--Furnished and nnfurnlshed room*, upper flat, lit W. Prairie. 7436 FOR RENT--!«rge front room on second f l o o r , strictly modern. 448 N Church. 7307 FOR RF.NT--Furnished room: modern, eloe« I n - 412 N Church. Bell 1260. 7400 FOR RKNT--Nicely fumlehed modern rooms, n i l v a t e f a m i l y . S04 W Wood. Bell phono 41 'a 7364 TOR RENT--Nice room In modern home and ·mall family; gentleman preferred. Old nhon* Z47.1 7 FOR RENT--Purntehed rooms Modern, nrl- ·mte entrance. MO W. Main. Bell *4I7. ASSR LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOR RENT--2 room*, furnished or nil bed, for llrht housekeeping; modern. K« N. Church St. ·trtotlv 7BT2 FOR RBNT--A light housekeeping rooms; closets, bath, etc 490 6 Church. 7587 FOR RENT--Furnished light housekeeping room* 547 N. Water 8t. 7**" FOR RENT--B furnldhed rooms (or light housekeeping* private; modern home, reasonable price, 807 W Wood. Bell 3351. 7522 FOR RENT--Two furnished rooms, light hnufiekeeplnK; f r o n t and buck entrance; no children. 1411 N* Morgan 7484 I-'OR RENT-- 2 furnished rooms for housekeeping, modern conveniences. c h i l d r e n 70S W Wood. No 7477 FOR Ri:NT--2 rooms f u r n i s h e d for light h o u H r H e s p i n f t ; gna and toilet, ao children 4H8 P Water St 7475 FOR RENT--Streplng and light nousekeep- inc rooms. BU E Prairie. 7479 FOR RENT--Rooms for light housekeeping quiet; modern. Betl 44Etf. S20 N. Monroe 7463 See Chance for Bargains. slightly used household goods. Roll top desks and sectional book-cases; new ant, used trunks; plntform icales; hay carrier, l i e m l n g t o n p u m p guns, double barrel 1. ind 10 gauge; all kinds of goods stored and ·ppatred. 148 N. Franklin St., S. E. corner ;entral 'pn-fk- FOR SALE--t safei. In good shape cheap, at 14S S Main St Bell phone 2251. G G FOR PAI.E--Se\eral thousand second brick. 749 W. Decatur St. Bell 1903 band 7405 BOOK BISD1NO - PRACTICAL BOOK blndlnn and blank book m a n u f a c t u r i n g 127 South Water street. Decatur. Ill Herman .Spies. Marar.ln»s bound. names stamped In gold on books, pocketbooks and memorandum books, toilet casei etc MUSICAL GOODS. FOR SAL.E--KlrabaH make piano, cheap for quick lale Good c o n d i t i o n Good reason for ,ln- "IB E Whltmer. Bfll phone !OS1 . POULTRY. BIRDS AND PETS. FOR SAT,--Some t h o r o u e l i b r e d b e n t f e pups Blred bv t h e preat bengle, "fnclp Ben ' Apply to Llnxweller P r i n t i n g C o . 253 N M a i n MONEY TO LOAN. Drs. Alsip Rowdybush. Dentists, Stine Bldg., over Hilligoss Drug Co. S96S Entrance either Main »r Merchant St Bell Phone 8177. Hours 8 to 5 p. m. Dr, Hugh A. Vaughan Dentist. 402 WAIT BLDO. 1601 4804 No Druxs No Osteopathy No Knife Office hours 9 to 12. 1 to ft I to 9. Sundays 10 a m. to 12 m. Landgraft 1 Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT. Auto obone. 1250 Belt phone 530. Rooms, 214-15 Monn-Corbeti building Cor N Water p:id E North. Decatur. Ill 9301 $17,000 Residence for $9,000. 1485--This one of the best built houses, in i one of the hest blocks, on one of the best street* In Decatur: located on wide lot and coct o r i g i n a l l y $17000. Ne*v steam hefltinp; p l a n t R e f i n l s h c d in c a n \ a s and oil t h r o u g h o u t , city and soft water throughout. Garag-e Present rental, ,$GO per mo., or can got eesBlon soon. I can sell It to $-ou for |9000 and carry S4OOO back on the p r o p e r t y If de- a i r e d If vou want a first-class residence at p r a c t i c a l l y 50c on the d o l l a r for what It could he b u i l t today, here It la. Drop In the o f f i c e and we w i l l talk It o\er. C. A. BURKS. 323-324-323 C i t i z e n s Bonk B u i l d i n g . 74K For Sale. 8-room house, well, c i s t e r n , on car line; lot 4KluO, J7IK) 7-room modern. cse. *: TOO B-room modern, W D. c.u i r S3 1CK 5 acni $1.5^0: CO a t t " - ? 4 L y O , 2 lots E «!de, $400, 3 lots N. W. E1.V ?1,S"0. 7430 A. C. - 119 S. Water. A 12% Investment. $300 to J400 down huys a nlc« 8 room new cottigt on car l i n e , n e w l y p a i n t e d , f u l l basement corner lot e l e c t r i c i t y . good we"Price 11250 Come and aee this Rents for S12 60 per month 38M5 E. P l ) r « . Bell 4612 hisch Son., Auto 1077. 159 E. Main North Water St. Seven room house and stor* bul'dljifr house all modern, but b a t h , located at !HI and 943 Xorth Water street If you are looking for a houie and to go i n t o business *er me Will rent for $30 per month Pncp 88.500 TOM' J. M. Pickle Auto 1677 Citizens Bank Bid* Bell 1CS" Cheap for Spot Cash. 40 acres level, black, well tiled Macon Co land, or will trade on 80 and pay difference. Lot and will furnish monev to build house 040 acres, Saskatchewan, Canada, or will trade. 30 acres ready to plat in loti, Frank Godwin. 116 Merc' ant St 7307 For Sale. MONET TO LOAX--J1 000 on Improved real estate. S or 5 years: 6 per cent. O E Moeller. o f f i c e C o f f i n Co i-wG IP- TOU have a lot, J A Adams will furnish money to build you a house. 911 N W a t e r Bell 40BO. T158 New 5 room modern bungalow, east side !240fl cood 6 room house, full lot. west f i d e J100 cash, bMance by m o n t h ; 6 room modern north part, J25TO, 6 acres well lmjro\ed tn ·Bde for ecatur residence property. i-G2 0. L .MiUburn. hones 1498 «I Walt Bldg STORAGE FURNITURE FOB SALE. 2 Blsecll'p carpet sweepers 50c eacb 500 Blass fruit Jars 2c each 2li Iron beds f 1 " 0 slc b 25 b a d s p r i n g . . . . . · · · " · · · · · · · " " · · ' '.|4xio each d T m m . . ' . . . . f 300 each sideboard* » 5 - w eacn Meridith Storage Co., WO-880 B. Cerro Gordo Bt TMfl Bargains. Folding beds, 18 up; center tables, He u p ; gasoline ranges, »2.50. and up; bedsteads, Me and up; bed springs. BOc and up: 12 Inch rlectrle fan cheap. Other bargains too numerous to mention Eldorado and depot cars stop at store. Albert C. Bllckel. 742 E Eldorado St., Auto 159L «TM The Exchange. Furniture Will pay mmt for sllghily used Pianos. Fur- nlturs. Carpet*. Bugs, Stoves and Refrlr- eratora; « will «ichang« new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Sell phones: 408-413. Auto: IMS, Cerro Gordo SL 820-350 1T3S Furniture I bay. tell or exchange new or slightly need furniture, ·ton*, rugs, etc. M. A. Peabody North St 4T« .FARM LANDS* Pine Illinois Farm For Sale. 1504--Thlfl ffinn of 74 *cr*g Is located In Doufflan County, Illinois, three-fourths mile from Murdock, three-fourths mile from school and church. This IB grood, rich black loam with clay sub-soli, level surface, tho ou phly tiled with 30-Inch tila. Four-room house painted blue; barn for holding 6 head of horses, 2 cows, 300 bu. feed, fl tons hay; 2 double cribs with capacity of 1500 bu. each smokehouse, coalhouse; well, telephone, R.F D; wire and hedge fences, % acre orchard This f a r m has the be«t showing crop ot any farm In the county. Splendid black d i r t farm falr'j well lmpro\ed. Price $200 per acre. Call me up If you want a good farm C. A. BURKS. 323-324-323 citizens Bank Building. 749S FOR SALE--Centra! Wisconsin farm. 17' acre farm with good house, nearly new two barns; 73 acres under plow; price $30 pe ncre: will consider small Etock of hardware In trade. For f u r t h e r particulars write A .1 Olesoo, HonUort, Wls. 665' Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans made Uthout delay. Call or write. 8T95 J. E. Patterson, 401 MHllkln B l d g , Decatur, 111. S I I I I I I* I * 11 M F | have the E 9 two. Anj t I fou pa; t « | | $ t | I | | « t * l Money to Loau On best possible plan. First the lowest colt, second the payments are arranged to suit the borrower and can be made either weekly or monthly. And last but not ieaat, everything confidential. Wh«n you come ·- os for a loan, you can the money within an hour or '.ny amount from $10.00 «p . . ... . j only for the actual tima $ you keep the money. Call and «. t see us wben needing a loan. Rooms $ t 1 and 8, Conklln Bldg. Half block $ t north of Transfer House, 144 North I f Main street Bell phone 2041: Auto, $ $ 1595. M * Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. --TOU CAN BORROW ANT AMOUNT-None too large. None too small. We lena monev on Furniture, Pianos, Bones, Carriages, Goods In Stdrag". Cattle. Oraln, Growing Crops, etc. Easier termi than other brokers Also we buy NOTES, Telephone No. 134. OLDEST LOAN OFFICE! IN CITY, w- tabllshed 1882. _ A, T. SUMMERS i SON, no rorth Water St Next to Mllllkln National Bank. MONET TO LOAN on the easy payment plan. 110 and up. All business private. Decatur Loan Office 202 citizens Bank Bldi §19 Phoae: Auto. 111S; Bell, 82TO. MONET TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, loweet rate of Interest; n« com mission. TM Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bant LITTLE BT UTTLB yon can repay a loan--or all at onoa, Cara- fulls explained before you take the money Par only for the time you uae It We lend $10 and up on the wuarest term* Imaginable -private, too. TM Fidelity Loan Company 315 Citizens Bank Bldg. Bell 870: Anto 6863 SPECIAL NOTICES. MRS. ANXA TVABD, h a i r dressing parlors. 110 N. W a t e r St., Is prepared to So ladles' hair work: m a k i n g switches from combings. shampooing, 35c Bell 2847. "5»« PARTIES dpslrln? t u b u l a r wells or repair work, call on Otto II. Tletze, Macon, m REAL ESTATE. For Sale. New 5 room bungalow, corner lot, electric lights and furnare, concrete basement, window ghacles f u r n i s h e d - ne "' y "J""! , On east Bide, clo«-e to shops. J300 cash, balance $15 per month: or will consider vacant lot Have three other completely modern houses for sale on easy term' ,T. XV WAT.'ON * SOJ ..-, Bell phone IS or 3883 61» Auto phone 1«51 $300 Cash, Balance m o n t h l y payments, buys a 8-room ·modern house or E Leafland. near Water J1SOO takes'a large lot on N Edward St. Tt Is a bargain. W. F. Pickle, ,B7 B. Main. Bell phone 2376. Auto. 1715 CC01 PROFESSIOHAL Multigraph Work. Letlerg, apeclflcatlein. efflce forms, cards, etc.. Imitation ef typewriting. 6X184 Violet Bourne. Public Stenographer, Bell phone 832. 705-7 Mllllkln Bldf Automatic Eyeglass Holders, Chain guards, hooXi. hair pins and ear loona Finger piece mountings, expert eye examinations Lenses of all kinds. Now clip to fit y nose. Frames to fit the featurea, Are a few of the eye helps offered by Dr. Mary Nesbitt , Mllllkln* Building. 7254 898T. ADDRESS ISO W. MAIN ST. Go Eo HAESMA! Bath Parlors. \ OPEN BVBRT DAT AMD BVENINOS. SUNDATB. 8 TO It A. M, Price $1.00. Eiperl e4 Lady ani Gentleman Attendants. DECATUR. rLI» SPECIAL NOTICES. Hello, Central; give me 80. lj this the police headquarter*? TM. This Is John Smith from Boody. 1 hava ost my wife's sold handled umbrella sm4 the rest of m hair It t don't find It Tou had. better we Dayton, the proprietor at the llllnola Rubber Stamp Umbrelln W o - ' .. at 229 E. Eldorado St. Br heck! I remember I left It than to recovered. Thank you. good by«. 7312 City and farm loans mad* at loweat rates* Johnson Dimock DSCATCR. ILL. (Orer Poit'a J«welrr 8tor«) Bell 51»0 «WO Auto IKS. Seventeen dollars per toiu Chop feed, scratch feed, bran, hominy chop. Straw, 3 bales for $1.00 at 539 W. Green. Bell SIT: Auto 1S8S. T08» GEO. W. DAVIDSON The Pioneer Piano arid Se\v- ing Macliino Man is now located at 2 : 5 N. Main St , u p s t a i i f Call ;u.d s " t h e greati-st b a r g a i n s in p i a n o * a'lii si w i n g ma- c h i n e s AKo m a c h i - .» r e p a i r e d -- 7 4 8 7 THE EXCHANGE BANK, TOT N Water itreet Invites y o u t o open t SAVINGS ACCOUNT ONE lloLLAR or more. We allow 3%. W.,%. and 4% Interest, depending upon the time to run MH 730 N Monto. St. Poundmaster and Scavenger Will remove dead stock anywhere IB C I T Y OR COUNTT. FHEE OF CHAROE L-.ll Bell nbone S6SS Auto 438il "Ort To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loana Netting '% In amounts frcm 1250 to |2.«0. Security four times the amount of loan. Principal and Interest payabln b««. H E N R Y O SPENCER. S20 E lialn. Decatur IlHnol* Iff. RICH SOIL. GRAND'IMPROVEMENTS, IN Is. W. OHIO, THAT PAYS 8% NET, WHERE ALL CENTRAL STATES PRODUCTS ARE GROWN SUCCESSFULLY. CLOVER AND ALFALFA ABOUND. GOOD LAND. GOOD MARKETS, HARD ROADS. FARMING TERRITORY SECOND TO NONE. Higher prices for farm products than here. These lands $100.00 to $165.00 per acre. Small payment down. lone time deferred payments. WHY PAY BIG RENT WITH THIS OPPORTUNITY? Round trip $12.00. Free hotel. Call or write. 317-318 Citizens Bank Bldg., Decatur, 111. Both Phones. 7573 GET IT AT BELL'S. THIS WEEK AT CUT PRICES. Genuine imported PEARSON'S IDEAL Hah- Brushes at cut prices .$1.25 . .90 . .50 $1.50 grade cut to $1.25 grade cut to -- ··'·· · .75 gracle cut to SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY A regular 50c solid back, ebony finish, natural bristle brush, while they last, only 25c See our line of sponges and chamois skins. All new stock and at cut prices. All the popular Laundry Soaps, 4c per bar. Quick Free Delivery. Both Phones. Cor. N. Main and North. Apposite The Review. · You can always do better at Bell's. 7S69 is now open for business in our new location at 305 Bachraeh Bldg. Entrance on E. Main St. I SCOTT'S MESSENGER SERVICE AND FLORAL SHOP Under oair management. All work strictly confidential, fait aerrlce. careful; light delivery especially. Calls answered dally and Sunday Zrom 7 *.m. and 10 p.m. 107 E. NORTH ST. BUI. ISIS; Auto. Ml* MM fSPAPEJRI

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