Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 10, 1936 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1936
Page 4
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tlM^^M^^M „-.-., ... TUB MMFA J&A&Y •«»WS,.<tttft P % .WEDNESDAY BPW CLUB THREE MEMBERS TO STATE CONTENTION LOCAL CLUB PLANS TO INSTALL OFFICERS THIS MONTH Three members of the Parana Business and Professional Women's clnb, including a state officer, will leave today for Houston to attend the animal state clnb convention Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. jMlss Clara Lee Shewmaker, state recording secretary, Misses Adeline tirazel and Dee Poison will represent the Pampa club at the conven* tlon. State headquarters and the Houston club have announced elaborate plans for the meeting, which will feature discussions by prominent women of the nation. Final plans for repreyentatlon at the convention were made at a business meeting In city club room last, evening. Routine business was transacted, and reports were made on the club's part In the recent qentennlal celebration, v i Officers for the coming year, 'headed by Mabel Gee as president, will be Installed at the next meeting, a social at the club room on June 23. A special program Is being prepared for that occasion. A new club year will start In July with the new officers In charge. Bride of Porter A Night Session. Pampa Lions will meet Thursday evening instead of at noon, it is announced by Ray C. Wilson, secretary. "This will be a stag affair, and an excellent program honoring our president will be presented," Wilson wrote to members. "Same place, same price, but the hour is changed to 7:30 p. m." Ask Wheat Loans. 'Applications for wheat Joans are being received by Mrs. sibyl Weston. Her office is at the county agent's rooms in the basement of the post- office building. Applications will be sent to the Emergency Crop Loan office at Dallas. Ravages ' of hail arid dust have made the loans in keen demand. Funds for fuel and equipment are most in demand as farmers prepare to go into their fields. • A $200 maximum limit is expected to be raised soon. Committee Meets. The Pampa community committee on the new soil conservation pror gram met with County Agent Ralph Thomas this morning to discuss adjustments of acres and yields on work sheets. Members of the committee are Roland Dauer, Clarence Bowers, and J. E. Yoder. Suit Near End. Arguments were under way today in the compensation suit of N. M. Milliken against Traders & General Insurance company. It is the third hearing of this suit. Members of the jury are R. J. Hagan, Raymond Harrah, Wilson Hatcher, LeFors Doucette, R. E. Kinzer, Ernest Jones, W. E. James, Paul Arb, A. H. Moreman, R. J. Sailor, Rob Seeds, and L. E. Rider. New Editor Here. Tex. De Weese, new managing editor of The NEWS, has arrived from Santa Ana, Calif., where he was employed on The Register, which is owned by R. O. Hoiles and son, owners of the Pampa Daily NEWS, Mrs. De Weese and their small son accompanied him. The family is hunting desirable living quarters. Mr. De Weese will take up his 'full duties Monday, when Olln E. Hinkle, managing editor of The NEWS since its first issue as a dally paper, will leave for Lexington, Ky. Mr. De Weese went to California a few months ago from Ohio. Joined Hospital Staff. Two additional registered nurses have joined the staff of the Pampa- Jarratt hospital. They are Miss Laura Mason, graduate of Shannon Memorial hospital, San Antonio, and Miss Lucille Tomme, graduate of Kansas City General hospital. Because of in health, Miss Margaret Segart of Waterloo, la., has resigned from the hospital staff. to Washington. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Voss will leave Friday on a three-week trip Which will take them to Washington, D. 0., where Mr. Voss will be a delegate from the Pampa Kiwanis club to the Kiwanis International convention In Washington June 21 to £5, Alex Schneider is the other Club representative. Mr. and Mrs. Voss will go by way of Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Indianapolis, And Cincinnati and return the southern route, stopping to visit relatives in Louisiana. Washington IB planning lavish entertainment for the delegates and their wives. While the men are In session, the women Will be entertained with a tea at one of the large country clubs and also with a tea on the White House lawn. Summer Band School 'June 1 to August ZZ Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays „• Private Instruction OAJH, A. 0. COX lor information PHONE m-% Eluding 1 lier family, Princess Azzah, eldest sister oC the King of Iraq, fled to Rhodes with her bridegroom, Anasfassica Charalambous, hotel porter with whom she eloped in Greece. She is pictured at Kephissla after the wedding, which her family seeks to have annulled. CAHNDAD THURSDAY. Mrs. R. K. Eason will be hostess to Deuce of Clubs. Rebekah Lodge will meet at the I. O. O. F. hall at 8 p. m. Reapers class of First Baptist church will meet at the home of the teacher, Mrs. H. M. Cone, 414 W. Browning, for a social and business hour beginning at 2:30. Members In service and prospects invited. Cavalry Baptist W. M. U. will meet at the church, 2:30, to finish work on a quilt and spend the remainder of the afternoon in visits. FRIDAY. Annual yard tour of the Garden club will start with breakfast in Central park, 7 a. m. Chatterbox Sewing club .will meet with Mrs. Curtis Graham. '< Merry Mixers club will entertain husbands of members at the home of Mrs., Otto Patton on the Wilcox lease, with Mrs. Cecil Keith as co- hostess. Priscilla Home Demonstration club will have a called business meeting in the home of Mrs. Joe Lewis, 2:30. Mrs, Hugh Isbell will entertain New Deal bridge club in her home. Miss Addison of Canadian Marries Mr. Aaron Pinson CANADIAN, Juno 10.—Miss Irene Addlson and Aaron Pinson were married in Dallas June 6, it was announced here this week. Hugh Dickerson and H. W. McCue of Amarillo were visitors here Monday. Visitors have been received at the WPA sewing room the first of this week. Mrs. Louise B. Hoover, supervisor, has been in charge of an open house program. Inspector Deam of Tyler visited the postoffice here, Monday .advising the postmaster on the handling of bonus bonds. G. W. Hevron of Amarillo visited here yesterday. Students of this county will form a chorus to go to Dallas Saturday and join in the state children's songfest at the Centennial. Mrs. Grace Spiller'and County Superintendent P. N. Sawyer are in charge. The funeral of Mrs. Morris Bennett, daughter of Judge and Mrs. W. L. Helton and long a resident of Canadian, was conducted at the Baptist church Monday afternoon. Pallbearers were Dick Hutton, Prank Stone, Prank Hutton, Leonard Riley, Coleman .Jackson, and Harry Rathjen. TESTS REMOVE DOUBTS FROM JELLYMAK1NG Exact Amounts of Four Ingredients Necessary . BY MARY E. DAGUE, NBA Service Staff Writer. Jelly that won't jell Is not one ol the modern housewife's trials. Science has taken care of that. There are four necessary ingredients for jelly and these must be used in correct proportions: fruit'juice, fruit acid, sugar, and pectin. Some fruits which are lacking In pectin when fully ripe will jelly naturally if used when slightly under-ripe. A good commercial pectin can be. added to any fruit to make a perfect, firm jelly. The fruits that make the best jelly when used alone are sour apples (Including crabapples), currants, sour blackberries, under-ripe grapes, gooseberries and decidedly under-ripe raspberries. These fruits naturally have the right proportions of fruit acid and pectin. Test Shows Pectin Lack, The acidity of a fruit Is readily determined by the taste; but the presence of pectin must be determined by test. Should a juice lack acid, this can quickly be corrected by adding 1 tablespoon lemon juice each cup of juice. Lemon juice added to strawberries or any red truit will make the color more vivid, XX). When you want to determine the amount of pectin there are two simple rules you can depend on. One «st is made by the use of Epsom Salts and the other by denatured alcohol. As denatured alcohol is poisonous, care must be taken thai ;he tested juice is not tasted. To test for pectin with alcohol neasure 1 tablespoon of fruit juice nto a dish and add 1 tablespoon alcohol. If jelly-like mass forms mmediately, a large amount of pec- iln is present and one cup of sugar ;o one cup of fruit juice should be used to make the jelly. If the OFFICES ARE FILLED AFTER LUNCHEON AT CHURCH Tomorrow's Menu. BREAKFAST: Berries with ready-to-serve cereal, cream, poached eggs on toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Cheese fondue, creamed new peas, cabbage and grapefruit salad, apple crisp, milk, tea, DINNER: Vegetable plate, peanut brittle ice cream, sponge drops, milk, coffee. luice forms into small flaky par- ;icles, there is a small amount of pectin and two-thirds cup of sugar ;o one cup of juice Is the right proportion. If the mixture remains un- hanged in consistency, there is no pectin'present-and commercial pecan or,the juice 01' some fruit known to be rich in pectin must be added. To Make Epsom Salts Test. To make the Epsom Salts test, mix 1 tablespoon fruit juice, 1 tea- ipoon sugar and '/& tablespoon Epsom Salts, 'Stir until the salts are dissolved, and then let stand 20 minutes. The -jelly-like mass or the 'ormation of flaky particles indicates the amount of sugar needed. Hard fruits such as apples and quinces must be cut in quarters and cooked in enough water to make ender in order to extract the juice. Soft fruits such as berries and currants are heated in just enough vater to prevent burning until the uice 'flows freely. Put into jelly bag and let drip. The first extrac- ion of juice produces the finest elly, clear and sparkling. After the first extraction return ,he pulp to preserving kettle with water to half coyer and heat slowly o the boiling point. Simmer gently "or 20 minutes and pour into jelly bag to drip. Office in YWCA Is Given Miss Sirman At Canyon College CANYON, June 10.—Etoile Sirman of Pampa has been elected vice-president of the Young Women's 'Christian Association at the West Texas State Teachers college for the 'school year 1936-'37. She will be a senior on the campus and bas been an active member of the organization_ since her first enrolment in the college. Miss Sirman with the other of- icers of the Canyon chapter are attending the student conference of Young Men's and Young Woman's Christian Associations in Holster, Missouri. The conference is made up of about 300 of the lead- ng students of the colleges of teas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, and will be in session rom June 5 to 15. Read The News Want-Ads. CAP ROCK BUS LINE ADDS NEW SERVICE TO THE LINE Leaves Pampa at 7:15 a. m., 10:40 a. m. and 4:30 p. m. for Childress, Wichita Falls, Ft. Worth and Dallas. For Okla. City at 10:40 a. m, and 4:30 p. m. over the Cap Rock making direct connections with the Greyhound Lines at Shamrock and ride big nice buses over all paved route. Don't ask for next bus, ask for the Cap Hock Bus. Call your local agent at Bus Terminal, Phone 871. Mrs. B. B. Gatlin was elected teacher of the Faithful Workers class at a luncheon and business meting in First Baptist church yesterday. Mrs. H. F. Jones was named third vice-president and Mrs.'E. M. Dean group captain to fill other office vacancies. • \. . Meeting days were'changed, from Wednesdays to Tuesday. Class reports were made following a prayer by Mrs. R. W. Tucker. . Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Boyd were guests. Class members present were Mmes. F. C. McFarland, ' Fritz Waechter, E. M. Keller, S. T. Beauchamp, W. R. Hallmark, Hugh Ellis, W. L. Lane, L. H. Anderson, Tom Perkins, L. G. Bruce, R. F. Hodge, D. H. Coffey, Gatlin, Jones, and Dean. Gifts Presented At Shower Given To Honor Bride Mrs. Clarence McLemore, who was Miss Helen Gott until her recent marriage, was complimented with a pretty shower at the home of Mrs. Mabel Fletcher Monday. Mrs. D. B. Purinton was hostess. The hour was spent Informally, and a number of gifts were presented by Mmes. Bill Murphy, C. B. White, Morris, Karl Blair, Sam Carlton, Fred Wedge, Ace Carlton, Zella March, Velma Chick, Les McDonald, J. G. Wheeler, W. G. Kinzer, Arley Kendrick, Pat Cooper, Fletcher; Misses Phern Morris and. Lovetta Fletcher. Gifts were sent by Mmes. Maude Stone, Rockwell, Morris Cox, Bill Hardin, and Miss Eva Mae Rockell. FARM PILGRIMAGE FORT WORTH, June 10. (IP)— Texas farmers may make a pilgrimage to Fort Worth to join in the welcoming of President Roosevelt. H. G. Lucas, Brownwood, president of the Texas Agricultural association, yesterday reminded them of "the hospitality President Roosevelt showed the 650 Texas farmers who visited him in Washington last May," and invited them "to express their gratitude for his efforts in their behalf." Whooping It Up In voice, and really putting her heart into her work for Gov. Lan- rton, Miss Cleo Garriott is shown straining for a high note as she warbles "O Susanna," official Land tin campaign song. She's an aide at his Cleveland campaign headquarters, where things''are at fever pitch as the conclave opens. Evangelist Talks Of Old and New Law of Worship Last evening at 8:15, another splendid audience greeted Dr. N. B. Hardeman who is in a revival at the Francis Avenue Church of Christ. Visiting delegation's were in attendance from several nearby Panhandle towns. DV. Hardeman continued the address he gave Monday evening on the subject of "The Three Separate ind Distinct Religions" which em- :race all the ages from the creation of Adam to the present day. The latter address had to do with ;he Jewish age or dispensation under which the Jews and the Jews only lived '• and worshipped. The speaker pointed out In detail the difference in the worship of the Old Testament and the worship we must render to God today. "During the former age one family was selected from one tribe to officiate for the people as priests unto God," he said. "In the Chris^ Jan age under which we live, which :iad its beginning on the first Pentecost after Christ ; arose from the dead, every chilli of God Is a priest in that he must offer sacrifices to God. of and for himself and noi through others as was the case during the reign bf the law of Moses. "Polygamy was also believed taught and practiced by those who lived under the old law. This practice was tolerated and permitted by the Creator but not sanctioned by Him, Such an un-godly practice today would be wholly unwarranted since we are living under the law of Christ which specifically forbid; such. Under the Mosaic law, Infants held membership under and in the old covenant. They were born Into such a relationship and were afterwards' taught of Its requirement*. Under the new covenant the very opposite Is true. We must first be taught how to enter the family of God under said covenant before, we-can become a part of It. , . . ' "Under the Mosaic law, the practice of- producing music by mechanical devices was-not condemned. The Bible plainly teaches that such was practiced by some as an act of worship. We are not to conclude that we today are authorized to do such since we" are not living' under the law that permitted such a practice. ' "Therefore, the doctrine and practice of polygamy, . infant church membership' arid music produced by mechanical devices were all a part of that law that emanated from Mt. Sinai which was abrogated by the Christ. These have no part In the law made possible and given to us by' our Savior. They are but relics of Judaism and the'troubled past- If we practice one fundamental of Juadlsm we might'as well practice all of them, Judaism and Christianity will not and cannot mix. The latter is not even an extension of the former but a different system altogether. We are not living under the law of Moses but under the law of Christ." The revival will continue 'throughout this week and the first few days of next week with two services daily. 10 a.'m. and 8:15 p. m. The public is cordially invited to hear Dr. Hardeman In these services. Mrs. Cecil's Home Is Meeting Place For Baptist Class The Goldie class of KellervlMe Baptist church was entertained at the home of Mrs. J. F. Cecil Friday afternoon. Mrs. Cecil read the devotional, and Mrs* George Berlin gave the opening prayer. Games and-contests were enjoyed during the social period, then ice cream and cookies were served. Present were Mmes. C. P. Peabody, Bethel Willie, W. L. Archie, O. C. Cone, R. L. Jeffreys, Berlin, Ernest Wesner, D. E. Davis, V. W. Hayden, H. E. Clement, E. C. Campbell, Eason, J. H. Rtcka'rd, J; C. Walker, R. H. Lewis, W. B. Jester. G. R. Degges, F. W. Gregg, Simeon, W. L. Schapf, J. B. Smith, and 'J. F. Cecil, •. On Display In (Jur Window SANDALS The Largest Stock of Sandals in the Panhandle! YOUR CHOICE OF Whites, Blues, Reds, Yellows, Pinks, Gold, Silver, Blacks, Browns and various combjna. tions of colors. YOUR CHOICE OF " V High, Low and Medium Heels-—designs and cut-outs in every conceivable pattern ,_._.They are all at Levine's! TALK Romance Fades Romance has faded for Mrs. Michael Cudahy* above, stage and screen actress and dancer. She has announced in Los Angeles that she will start suit for separate maintenance' against the 28- year-old heir to meat packing millions. They were married in 1933. Mrs. Cudahy was May Jack-' lyn Boraxx, known on the stage as Jacqueline Roth. Boy Celebrates; Recent Birthday , •. ' •'* * f: .- -'. Jack Starkey Jr., 3 years old-last Tuesday, was entertained wlttv a party yesterday at- the' horns of his parents. A large group of- little friends enjoyed games, and Were . served cake and punch. " : • ' . Present were Verllta Woollver, David Graham, Burl Graham .Jr.,. Beverly Candeler, Louise Miller,'Ottolene and Mary Jean Fatten; Benevis Anderson, Barbara . Jean Halbick, Elsie Ruth Graham, Terrell Dunn, Bobby -and Patsy •, Walker, Norma Anne Piitle, Wayne Terrell. AdulEs present- were Mmes. B. C. Fahy, Ted Halbick, Earl Robbj- and Jack Dunn. •'••". UUEST OF A1AKEU . AUSTIN, June 10, (ffMSecretary of Commerce Daniel C. Roper, said today the commercial, relations between the United States and Latin America were excellent ahd, .getting better. Mr. Roper was a guest, of Governor James V.- Alfred.' He has been in Texas several days, participating in ceremonies opening the Centennial exposition . at Dallas. . • •-.'•'. i ; .' . , P IMPLY, ROUGH SKIM . din to txtirrtal Irritation • l« Cleanse clogged pores—aid healing of the sore spots the easy Rcsinol way. Simple of Ointment and Soap free. . Write ResinoI.Dept. 70,BaIto.,Md. AND ICOMFORTABL a Ends Today ^A MORA Tliur ° nly A WOMAN WHO WOULD NOT TELl! PW NUMBER STATE Ends Today , ClaudeUc Colbert •-„-.•,;, In.'...,...., '"The" Bride Comes Home" With Fred MacMurray Thursday Only Warren Williams In The- Lucky 'Legs" Phis Underground Farmer The While Hope TKt blfovtd author brlnjt to.hliflut it«rii»pictu» Thur. Midnight Show & Friday Only <tf*j£ Have you warned your children? Here is the thundering answer of the flaming question of the day! en i LOR EN ADULTS'" »-;

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