Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 30, 2000 · Page 43
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 43

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 2000
Page 43
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- ON TV THURSDAY WEEK OF JAN. 30-FEB. 5, 2000 FEB. 3, 2000 THURSDAY EVENING BROADCAST CHANNELS SlIISiljHilatlaiiWiaiyi^ ffl IMovIe: ** "Dumb a Dumber (1994) A (S cs B3 News gflewT &Tir Hour of Healing A BBocT" rasier •tome Imp. Simptons FrastefA TSSSST SnjRoar E55tnr Frasiern KhCarson News-Lehrer Fortune CareT JW Carey SeWeWA Friends A FrasierA Friends A [Jesse BT Diagnosis Murder i] ronoW VarW Slphn Hawking Popular-Cagedl-IS) FrasterA Chicago Hope A I 6e a Millionaire 9i?ietjf 1 Benny H™ JFW Chiimed 'Awakened- Movlt: **"Dumb*Dumber(1994) A WWFSmackdownl A IB Uovto: ER'AbbyRoadMffl 48Hours:Mr.Adalr 20/20 Downtown 09 Children [Ellis Eye NiwIW News SO Wonders of the African Work) OS) Married.. I Married.. flewT Star Trek: Voyager IB NewT Simpsons Holmes* (1985) Nicholas Rowe, Alan Cox. Newly acquainted schoolmates Holmes and Watson attempt to sofvelhe unusual deaths of several London men. (2:00) ISSE) Law & Order Briscoe and Logan invest)- gauTwhen tie son of Schiffs friend is kidnapped and Isn't returned after the kidnappers' ransom demands are met Cm JCOMI Movie **K "She-Devil*(1989)Meryl her estranged husband's newfound happiness with a -—"•-* romance novelist (2flO) 1 On the Inside -rfow to Solve the • of sdentats investigate outstanding executive seeks revenge on the former employee who tokt the FBI about his nefarkws criminal aclMiea. A i of World War II The American • "- e designed k dtochoktoH CABLE CHANNELS |(5^)Mov»:"AJI About Eve" ffi lUve aovli! "Under w«p«" (1987) ffl l(;40) llovlai tfU'MocmPocm" (1993) A "Th« Thr** Faces olEv*'' |(:l6)Movt«:"On*ToocliolV*nus'' On the Inside IBSr 5S3onT Boss? ntjmtte Portrait Arnold (1996 Mario Van IRugtiUi Peebles. 'Ufe and Times o*. afamefsindsons" Sportscenlaf Ban Stein 'AH About Ev*" I^L^roTeam(ft) Movie)! At-OonlUok Behind You" (1999) Al a>ovl«:"Th*Courafl»to TrTgJJeT Uovte: ** "Solo* (1996) Mario Van Peebles. (MSlMovto: **»"f4l«'JnglnAcUon"(19e4,Adveriture) 'IW 7T Love Lucy Hovkt; **Th*Car-(1977) (:20)Hovl*; **^Hey (1964, Cjomady) Figure Skallng I.S.U. Japan Open. (TapBdTuff IBassmaslr. [Legends [Fishing PREMIUM CHANNEL Waker, Texas Hanger Inside the NFL A Dukas iatPloestiln1943wered . Heir's Romanian d supples. (H) Chicago Hope Drs. Austin and McNei are ' > when a woman requires surgery on a Wild Thomberry* OKI Movie ** "Solo* (1996) Mario Van Barry Corbh. An android abttW kJcks Mo a mode when he mWary daddas that Ns moral streak must be erased. OB (2 JO) "•Matt Houston A [Tokyo. Skaters scheduled to compete Include Kurt BrewWToddBdr*dge,AlriUnww,MicMi Kwan-Maria Butyrskava and Oksana Baki (Taped) [ffl (HP Walker,Tew RangerWalkeffeesli- gBesencounters with UFOe in a SmSTTexas town and iies to prove the residents have been deceived tor the past 40 years. A IB! '.Ma<KJyy.erAfler several brushes w* r deckles li Paid Prog. il illi iMMil i !•! sMacGyver I Inalde the NFL (ffl s to resign tram tie |(:45)Hovt«i Movie; *** "My Best Friend's Wedding" Up" (1999)'R 1 Urn* lock Md EVENING 0*00 P M* fantasy world meets up with an Independent chH of the streets. AW B) (131) _.. Nw " tffl sertaiyl. A OB GD New* IB W Nightly Bualne** ReportSdieduled: CSisUcfileto, economics wrter for The N«w York Times. (B) B Divorce Court A woman who says sh» tried tocnang* her dtadbaat huiand sues lor cNid support n Parent'HcK)d Robert ruins Zaria's tatelreU- tmnahlp when he spends more tune w* her boyfriend than she does. A W resurrect Ihelr the Sun With repiei to tak. over »ie world and Or. Abriort. A Calfomla following his father's demise and faces facts coftcerrAigNs father's Be and Ms own past A Iffi (DSS1 JAG Harm must choose between duly and ioyallyMien ha teams lhal his mentor has been falsify- Iramsdjcal records to remain a Navy pilot A W IWSW1 Newa __ A W m SelnfeMJenymustcrmsebetweanhlsglrt. tSnd and a bowl of soup whan a 1 Movie * *x "Missing in Action* TChuck Norrts, M. Emmet Wail). An American colonel trying to convince the world that MIAs are still imprisoned in Vietnam travels to Ho CM MWi City. (2:05) Family Feud' ' ' Entertainment Tonigh Hollywood SquarMl Wheel ol Fortune W Ooble Qllll* Drew Carey Drew and the guys resurrect their •eclnol band for a contest A UQ Wayan* Bro*. Marion shares the stage with music star Keiih Sweat A W crmsebetweanhlsglrt. n a vendor refuses » . . UndjreaChariotte Lewis. An army of mercenaries must defend a mineral-rich Asian island cfoe. A'ff[Hl(1:43) ._ . Je * * * *Mv Best Friend's ________ _*(l»97. Comedy) Juaa Roberts, Dermot Mutroney. A jealous food critic vows to prevent her tang- lime friend's upcomingmsfnage to a sunny-natured heiress. A TO-13 1 Iffl (JM5) 8:30 P.M. QD Jesse After Diego lints that he wants seven cHdren, Jesse remembers goTngWo labor at the Department of Motor Vehicles. A tffl (P Who** Un* I* It Anyway? "Weird Newscasters,' "Song Styles ,' and Drew Carey joins In for ajtstoween Hoe-Down. 1 A W ZNIghtCffl i*ln Skeeter Bobby thinks he has to to get into the sSxtonf government dub. AfflD _ 6:40 P.M. (15ISR1 Movie * * H "Hocus Focus" (1993, CorMoy) Betle Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker. Three youths spend Halloween night trying to lend oil the three y witches they accidentally conjured up. A ' 9:00 P.M. GD Framler A flustered Frasier manages to Ml a date after he runs into his high-school dream ginYi A Mtveher. A uS he his Me as a gM since infancy. A tffl Who Went* to B* • Millionaire Cffl tour of duty near the Cambodum border. A 'R' (2:00) 9:15 P.M. OTCl Movie * * K "One Touch of Venus' (1948, Comedy) Ava Gardner, Robert Walker. A statue of Venus comes to He and charms a modest window trimmer. (121) 9:20 P.M. (TB51 Movie * * "City Hear (1984) Ctrt Eastwood, Burt Reynolds. A ProhbiUorMra cop teams up with his one-time friend, a private detective, to track down his partner's killer. (M5J 9:30 P.M. GQ Stark Raving Mad Jake and Teis are hyp- nofeed into thinking they are Romeo and Juliet, sending Henry and Ian on a mad chase. A W S) Benny Hlnn (JE5PN21 Yachting "America's Cup cnailenger Finals - Race 9" H necessary. From Auckland, New Zealand. (Same-day Tape) FOX Sport* New* ) Beverly Hillbillies A W Bassmasters 9:45 P.M. Movie Tied Up* (1999, Suspense) Dotoh „ _ i, Danish Brett A fomerpofceoKer breaks kilo Ine sadomasochism scene to team who (died his brother during kinky sex. ft (130) 10:00 P.M. S The Ten O'clock New* W ER Medeal student Abby Lockout has a tumU- tuous first day; Dr. Cordays arrogent mother arrives in town; a lu, epidemic Invades the ER A W CD 48 Hours-Who Kied Mr, Adalrt* Scheduled: A man's brutal murder has his wife and his gHnend accus- ' each other. A OKI ~ 20/20 Downtown Scheduled: people with isJve^ompuWve dborders try treatment, which irdudes facing t» fears haadmlffl (J) Feed the Children A 35 Wonder* of the African World VUku tfieNistandnwks of past African Ungdoma, from He pyramids at Gfea to the temple at Abu Simbel; tracing tie oMnsofIteSwahlpeople. A (Parti of3)QD n New*EBl U Married... With Children Marcy leads a —i»wUe protest at Bud's colege after her ex-hus- aave, expeii a student lor spsaUng Ma mind. New* Star Trek: Voyager Two rival races put the t on trial lor war wimes neartyTOO years after if visited Hnt- pianet A tffl ) Investigative Report* A report on the 1 number oTmen In the LWted Staleswho seek om wives through catalogs, the Internet and » tours. (R)(ffl I Win Ben Stein'* Money W J Into the Unknown The reported light. r«Plesk»aur-lke creature in the ocean near • Cornwal, England; dogs lhal exhttt psychic abiWes. [ESPN] Sportscenter Cffl (FSHTHoudlnl: Unlocking HI* Secret* top magjdani Including Urea Burton, Brett Daniels, David Wiiamson and the Pentagonperform some of HoudM's most famous Huskm. (R) A "™l FOX Sport* New* ] UFO*: Then and Now? 'Aiens and f A review of efforts to (each out to extraterrestrh al Intelligence, begrviu with a rash of sightings in Mexico In 1991. (fl)lffl (REK1 All In the Family A youru mother leaves heTSfear'Old son with Edtth, daimiig Uke Is tie chfkfs lather. A fSClFT) Movie * * The Car* (1977) James BrcSnUtteen Uoyd A deputy sheriff ffnds himself powerless to halt the carnage wrought by a demonlacaly possessed sedan. IB (MO) ) American Legend* D Matlock The town's new assistant dislrict must prosecute her tamer lover, who has Mattock for his defense. A tffl ~ Movie "Under Lock and Key* ' Wend Wesfcrook, Barbara NKwv An FBI Movie * * * x The Three Facet ' (1967, Drama) Joanne Woodward,!* J. A Die who warts to expto* (her mystic powers. 10:30 P.M. 31) Who'jtheBo**? A BMketball "Stanford at ____ _____________ ,. .. . seduction who also was a sUM writer, andspy.(R)(ffi Elll* Eye • With Children A W Turn Ben Stein On BB (J) ffl Movie ** £?*> ffiff &5 1 towtf buddje* Mow a woman to Colorao to ~ brMcaa*itaMb*h!nd. A to dnwIrieiarneiWUulM has liked some old Wends trora Harlem. A IB OSS) Fishing WMthJIotand Martin Jhl Baharw ant wen Antjrefca. (R) NFL All-Pro Team ) NBASNIghtllF w«nitoi*actturt<Xanarrtiito»AMwtem*nip- uMes and «xvMsr« way to stardom, m (2:16) . . A ln-FI*hermanTel*vl«lon " ' ftemsehes caoad ki Ihf

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