The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 28, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 28, 1971
Page 1
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WHAT to reod NED MIDDLBTON-8 *«•• ^ going cUut* at Brauwpori \ Cotle««rm«id<! »trjp Into tlw Cut/ and Fart* reporter Don Cole w*» on board, Tn« Pa«* IS. 01.0 PLANTATION'S cittern ykWi a Ireawire Irov* Story and jj»e»i»r*!» are on Page 16 Uur MUt year No. 233 The family daily paper of Brazoria County BRAZOSPORT F .28 AHotMrtPrM.MM.her ..'.SSgaS.. Sunday.Member*. Wl Prccport . Texa , India-Pakistan reports contradictory AJUWHMATK.n I'ltKKK __.i. , Sunday 20 Ccrtta By AKROCIATK!) PHKKS . .....Ani officer* aiwried Saturday tluit Indian troop* w ere rcputw*! on three f rtmtt in K*»t Pakutari, but had mode *ome headway on » fourth. Pakistan claimed it* force* had daHroyed four Indian lank* and JnfUrlad casualties of l.ow. at a i-trtt of 30 dead but week The India hat at-knuwlniged only (wo mcuntion* in K*»t I'skutan hut wetk. An Indian spokesman in New Delhi denied any Indian troop* were fighting in»lde Bail PakUtan Friday. Prime Minuter Indira Gandhi of India viitted troop* concentrated-along me eastern border of East Pakuvlan and told them; "The whole country U behind the armed forces In t}* U*k of tafcguarding (he country and it* freedom., 'I did not come to talk about war," the told Indian formation* in the Dc*crt. "f ;im merely making a routine vUU " Pakistani military (source* in Dacca, capital of Kant Pakistan, told newsmen the Indian army had suffeml setbacks in three *«cton> - Jetition; in the west, Comilla in the aout}»cai>t, &r»d Cliittagwig in the easit. Sim* even by Pakistani accounts there has been no fighting around Ihe port of Chit, the latter apparently referred in the h MKtfOKLVrtfcd lak* h*f *ts»J, 1*17 AtntiTIQN'Al, asm** *Mnr CiXTWJKKtt it! Ihe C*i) UM t TUB PtA.V tat Ufctat tfc* wJl t*A af the lit in* lOref j . . U»S Altthw a) If* toil «< (taw IhfU Tt* final »«««* »yl t«r to fomrtrdoi i! iitt-Kniia;. b\ It A uf Ihe ^i l«';j;»ljfjr«n<"!i an j rc;ni;. \t> st lag m wvurk f<jr tfu-j:, Tint.- ;»r and a i» tchedulrd a! HAY J| it * Oat*. H* **trr» taufitifai «!»(«:*] rro$» *«J of titxn JKTWW Itoe &»<*<*» ?•"«••„ far *»UT t» trttntn *iuj tttJs ».-4 etJrt iSi« \ 7 y 1 1 1- j' K ss . ,,..(' • l TBI MKXHT10 lint ST(i\ A{' Sheriff Sky and Sea I MTKU VMHIVS \ i:h t * t* (T»p*i tK«(it7VJR( UlARN tiy tK)|S(. stn * M««tith. n^ht Thr raunc >ncJud<~i navigation. !Ti4mtcr.*nrr, ine rirfirontci n a pro i^«, t fUtxt mirvnc f H»!«l the -*x«l c a TXMPA Tr.rtr \,w „ VA MlVil: area of Fenl, M miles north of Ihe port near a bulge in the Indian border. The Pakistanis claimed 50 civilians were killed by Indian shelling* near Fenl. A military officer in Dacca said Indian forces were making progress on the fourth koctor, near Hilli in the north. But a Pakistani major general expressed confidence the Indian* could make no more headway in East Pakistan. w k return to work in all Texas ports i;S DIM (.our; Judg- Ben f.'onnally made the ruling at flouMon ;it I'M- r«!t|Uf!st of the Justice iK-partmenl which filed It similar suit* to force «.O'/j striking Kast and Gulf coast l-wsgsw/ren'ttt-j to return in their /jt* .So./,,- '.UK m«nl*T.s <>i (he International longshoremen's A-svrfiaiw; us f,2 locals from Uro-*nsvi!k" to Beaumont-Port Arthur a/r affi-cted I .wit. officials indicated the Texas dock workers, on strike since .Viv 15 could !x- tack at work within 24 hours. George AJivau-r. dsri-ctorof the Port of Houston, said the port could be h.icK i» r//rnr:-al oprratuxif wjthm ii we*k after dockworkers IVkf-'s t.r.-jjjn cornirig d<j'*r> at various' Texas ports on orders Fedi.-ril pdgfrs ;n sorr.e of the other cities also issued tern- [..-rar> orti?Ts returning Iy»ig.shorenien to work m their areas. Tht- 'on.[»r;>ry orders could U- supplemented with in- ;u!,-u ::;- that would stretch the back-to-work "cooling off I'-rn'i <„ >••(. maximum V> days pruvidwJ by the Taft-llartley l'r<-si'>-r,i .\ixwordert-dthffihfa! of the complaints Thursday ,!!:<•,- j -j,-".'i;,i !<«ird of inquiry refined Uiere was little chance '>) a ^i;!r,. M-tt!aji«r;< h«wevn the i..«igj,horf-n;en and shippers. Search on for clues in Colette Wilson's murder TWA jetliner is hijacked TVXIi*Jk M* «Al>i TV»«* k ™«.« iS .-V i, . , J lk T\. l-sii _. j , I'^-'ir f\ t rw ;Ai s "• initw jowr^ i«afV> tnaigrv) mUr; incr \\\ nJcT+tth^J ihrKiiAcifr> ** Mit'h^H Kinn-^v S? K4lr^ • TAMI'A. H* i g manhunt S*»unUy by hit»ckir<g a Ttsrji VV<»;i<i l*<t U-inixJ dunnK » fading Mop At T«mpa IritrtnAtMc^l Airpor) »«r* Use U paMWfigcrt atxurrf the "•'}' whrrt si WAI rof7im40<V<Tod a! take $0 from Altx^|tApff|^c \ M A TN^ A >p*>kc!iMi>in &A)d thpfr »r/r *x» *k> n^r&KaU jilttMii the fughl Cuhjn avKhoritim reported to the Fntrral A»wii«« M % * knife, ««rr taVm into cvntod; on Uivdm£ Ji J%w; Airport The three crewmen and thrtv »trw»rdet.wk aUiard vttrr Mkl to be ui/uf mod There »*• rw irumttluli- wwd when thr plAist- would !*• allowed to lake off. proumahly for .\funu People's Party spends first day debating DALLAS (AP) - The new People's party, formed Friday nigh!, ipert iu ftr*t full day of cxutcttcv debating a pl«tform *nd whether to put up * pre»ldcniiftl candidate next year. No decision on either U*uc wai expected before late Saturday night after hour* of Manny rhetoric. "We're running behind schedule and may not get through until Sunday," a spokesman said. The big problem remained: How to induce a nationally known figure to accept nomination from the new political grouping, which U formed dm about a score of activist and peace group* ranging all (lie way from baby doctor Benjwuta Speck'* New Parly to Women's Ub wd the Gay Ubsr»U(» From. Tr,c KHI t »<S*s!. .'< and O-,4»!i«-Hiii. :; 1hc> JM- itetftj wilh gun r>.r.,: ,v.»ti (Vi' IW,*ri li.n«i!>k«>jn »f/i-n he tapped than !<»i A riauiiwchorV ««-HI r>! .MUjij-jcrifue Sov 6 TA A Kii4!M K*. onsJMtiug in Pltarnu, An; with wrheduled kjiij>* 11, Ait«j<|uri(fif OJKJJ.-O «s*i W»Uiingtnn. »a> ready for Ulr alt hmr, A!t:*»,i^«TK|i>i- V.SHTI ihr thrtv hi)arkrr» dros e up tn il tint (rwl !fi<*> had crvn.!V!Ai>tJr<-r«! Thrv v»<-|t- frjiiy It! ci,,v < . (Jir lioor when tiiesx- (hrvr (;uyi tainr rumanj;. otve holdit:-^; a gur: on the law ?«»•**»"*«'." said Kens Sitijtard a rcjioru-r wuh Ihr SjxAe»ni,in »<-view in Sfukarrf WA*JI uho w.u t «n route lo Sew V«k with hii wife. MATic They *«-5ni>yl MTV ur^anm-d and incredibly calm UlJ uW^HHl! S»ij;ar.i *,«<) a hijarkrr held a st«-»ank-ss at tfunnimt until I'tW.iwuM >4'. I'age .* Injunction tops Court's agenda • a Flordj dx-i *\«:, Tin: «;ti\ nits Ml NT itr.tir.ut* so wis, l^-'t. l,.. •,»,.:>. (-.rdt-rs a);air;>t striMni; liulf |»rt> In Nr» Vv<k tiu-y U-y fn-<t. usuor. n(fu-:aN V.IN i! SAS ItAKAKl. i •.•!!;( n- 1 ••'!'.'•:•.• :N :^j-, ,,; v ; ~-. '^"r:-. A;:- (.,,;.;.„.,.; ,„ <,; M.-M-: -:, *.,, :,..i:.,. TU.>C.L\ M;>^ \i..:;;a;,-;.' hcjs' -jj- r,>lilurr.i.i to CXM;X' ni t)»( two tif.i!;i- Kcrr. >.nd :hr -;*x-ulato<i the iteads were »<"'!'.iti from ;h*> bodies; by Mis.s Wilson. d:iughter of Dr .•it.-;! Mrs Thnmas U Wilson, -.afciK-d !rum an intervection near in-r tome JU;H- 17 !»<-[-u!:i-' !.<-hi-vf her body m:iy ;.ju- lxt-n in the thick u.'i<ji'r*.irj>.h ar.-d ufuxty ^rca .^it:;»' that ds'.f !!'.r n-::ui!!is as ih<»e of hi.s daui!liU-r alttrr he examined •.!>• di-ntai wf-Tk on tht' }av. l»T::or, <•>! the head vthich '*as !uur,-d r,oar live btxjy HIT had ;.*-rformi-d tin- dt-nial -*ork .iixi rnadi- ;m- idi-ntification at 'iV)l-j,.<s >,ji;> hi- hid given up i: 4-- that l.:s (liiijthu-r. the M-C. ndoj liu h;ldren. would U- iiiur.ii aim- The \\il>i*:\ j;ir! > Ixidy «ai found by offici-rs who were c-,'!:-.tiinj! tht i an-a for clues :n MIDI CioiuaU'i death An j n t<>{».\ »ho-Afd that Mis,> in',-.,',iii-- s luiikkeeper who Ji>,ip[«-.iriii ivt 3!. Jiati been Ivj'.en to death The cause of death of Miss Wilvon was no! known. \o cliV.hiiig or clothing fragments Here found and authorities U'-lieve tiie body was nude wh»\i abiindoned Miss Wilson had not been st-er. »jijce a band director let her off at aniriti.rst-ctmnaboul five mi!e» west of Alvin and abuut a mile from her home. Her mother went to pick her up fi\e to ten minutes later but <ht- was not there. Sheriff Capt. Charles j<>odr\ight said he does not tx-heve the deaths are related to the deaths of three other young girls in the Houston- Galvesion area but the possibility is being checked. The hcxly of Brenda Jones. l-t. wa> fuund floating in (Jalvf»'.ori Bay off Galveston Island iasi June. She had been strangled The bodies of Maria Johnson and Dvbbie Ackerman. both li. of Galveston. were found shot to death in a bayou at nearby Texas City earlier this month not tan', to lej\c "my SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS READ OUR ADS Listening By LAWR£NC£ MALLOV When | was rebellious against (M I wa* ui no mood to trust Him, but now thai 1 have MOI Hi* love U) ChrUI I want io ple*w Him all the way. "VOUK INIQUITIES HAVE MADE A SEPARATION BETWEEN YOU AND YOUK GOD, AND YOUK SINS HAVE HID HIS FACE FROM YOU SO THAT HE DOES NOT HEAR," - (R-S.V.) CommiMioncn Court, in a special mtvttng at S a m Monday, will consider an order authorizing District Ally Ogdcn liass to file an .imvKT to a suit filed by four tiraioria County property owners Monday, asking that the county's IS72 proposed liidgct not be adopted Defendants in the suit are Braiona County. Commissioners' Court, Tax- Assessor-Collector H A Thomas, and (he Board of Equal! cation An injunction against the defendants was issued the same day by Houston District Judge Thomas Stoval). with a restraining order lo remain in effect unlit Nov. 30. A hearing on the injunction is set for » am Tuesday, in Ihe 149th District Court m Anglclon u> li» suit are ^. Bryan and wife, Netty Bryan, and Asa Giesecke They are represented b> Angleton attorneys Uelanid Kee and Cleveland Davis Also on the commissioners' agenda tomorrow are road and bridge matters: the rectification of account balances; acceptance of bids for materials and road work; and a permit for Lake Bayou Corp. work on County Hoad !»?. The appearance of R. J. Fleciwood of the Brawria National Wildlife Refuge U listed. Other items are old business, correspondence, routine business, and matters pertaining to (he department!) of Sheriff. Tax Collector. County Clerk and District A;torney. Commissioners meet in Commissioners Courtroom in the Anglelon Courthouse. PAKISTAN' claims the Indian army is still fighung wi (our fron!!i m Hast Pakistan JYime.Vlininter Indira Gandhi visns lrco(» on the border The Indian ami) three captured American-built tanks and gives an official and somewhat contradictory account~<4 the first India Pakistan battle BKLFAST -- Thnv are .•Jam as guerrilla fighters launch a big new drive to throw the British oul of Northern Ireland WA.SHIN<;TO\ The pending j;'"-billion lax-cut bill is creating acute unliappmesj. among L'.S. foreign trading Holiday death toll at 31 H> VSSdt I Alt III'IUXS A ni-ad «>:-, collision called b\ .1 sa.'t-:;, jj.ioiics!Tiar, "thi- nors! hni-'dav tra.'(:c crash in Texas in .1 iunj; long time." tiwK t'i(;li! ir. »•> Saturday and iK'adtxi thr list ot tragic ac- ciilents duru'.j; the first three diys i<( the fiwr and .1 h.iif -day ROMK - Financial talks here could have a striking effect on the world bankers and housewives alike WASHINGTON - The While House Conference on Aging, once described by aides as a political forum for the Nixon administration, opens today amid prospects that it may prove a political liability to ihe President DALLAS - The just- organized People's Party siunaily debates a platform and whether to put up a presidential candidate ne,\i year. Thi' collisioii the angle- i>( impact >o direct that neither car left t S yo a few miles from 1K-! K;«. kiliwl a former liracketMlle higli schooi athlete ai;ii seven re»ith-nu of San Antonio ,i!i of whom wen- Food Stamps meeting topic The Kinxj Stamp Program « ill be the topic of discussion at the meeting Tuei-day of the Christian I n t c r a c i a 1 Fellowship The meeting has been sef for 7:30 p.m. in St Timothy's Episcopal Church, Oyster Creek Dr and Circle' Dr., Lake Jackson Meetings of the Imeracial Fellowship are held the last Tuesday of each month and anyone interested in the organization ur in the Food Stamp Program is invited to attend related At a late hour, violent deaths totaled 31 in Texas since the count began at 6 p.m \\i-dnesday Traffic accidents accounted fur -0 of those deaths The tabulations will continue unti! midnight Sunday The station wagon bearing the family in the 8-death collision was from San Antonio. Tex . en route to Del Km Keason for the trip was not known here Killed in the San Antonio vehicle were Jose Medina Vil!anue\a.3l. a welder; his wife. Victoria, 21; their two sons, Kddie. one, and Frank, 2 years old. Lupe Cardenas, 16; l.upe's brother, Juan Cardenas, 18, and Sylvia Villanuova. 20, a sister of" Jose Villanuexa. The Villanuevas and Cardenas were cousins. The lone occupant of the 1S72 model passenger car was Joe Key York 111. IB, en route from I>el Kio to his home at Bracketville. Tex He had been an outstanding athlete in high school and was attending Tarleton State College at Stephenville, Te,\. Ina Sansom dies in Ohio Mrs hw H Samsom, 80, of Lake Park at Crestview Center in Sylvanu. Ohio, a former Freeport resident, died Friday. Mrs. Sansom was a native of Texas and was active in Freeport Business and civic circles until her retirement in I960, when she moved to Ohio, She was the founder of Sausom-Davis Insurance Agency of Freeport and was active in the SoropUmisi Club of Freeport. the Business and Professional Women's Club, and the Braiosport Chamber of Commerce-. Mrs. Sansora was the widow of J j. Sansom and Ihe mother of the late D. L. Walling Her three surviving children are W. H. Walling of Braiona, Mrs. Doris Wesley of Angleton, and Mrs. H, R. Hatcher of Crown Point, In4. She is also survived by 10 grandchildren; U great- grandchildren; and two sisters, Mrs. Daisy Guinn of Bryan and Mrs. S. E. Stafford of Brenham. At her request, Mrs. som's body YY&S donated science.

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