The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 3, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1859
Page 3
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RAILROADS & TRANSPOR'N RAILROADS gusansss DIRECTORY t«rlB» *tUb)«n«wntf »re unong Uw be* ' j, M, GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT & SIJPERIJ* fHartf6rd,Ob«neetlcnt, AUKEE R. B ^-air-^-«i ; Oro* optn'ea to ttkfr Michigan.) AO> •Prttpire firtt-CloM SUamtri, Ctevelandi" ^ /"Cleveland, .oroughly refitted for lhf» route.) ?TKB'HOBDAY. At>ril 11, 1869. Pas- Ho. «l 1AW WAtO «.;sQ«ILA«OTI BUKJ* ' Bpecl»c»Uon»Ior TaroUheaatthartnoUceandontneinortl "-' •" AMERICAN CORNET BAND? ,;.•;. ''cipT. 1 Ai.*3t.'-sp<»**r 1 ' 1E * !D ra*«. 5* tagll IB NOW EKADT TO FCENIBH ANT .number of Instruments, from one to <f ! twertjr-two,*or Balls, Parties, F *iad>M Eicnrsions, Ac., *c., tl reasonable ' or address Oapt. Auo. Boor* or at He ,re, 178, East Water rt. ISAAC KINQ8LEY, CAS ft STEAM PIPE FITTEBi NO.S91KABT WATEBSTEKT, , •,, WBOLXSAisV ABB. BCTAIV D*At«> T» X-->* GA? AND STEAM TOI3, ..-.,•.•.„, X1A8, 8TKAM AND WATMt-OOOKfl,- ; ^ ~" GLOBB AWD OHKQK VALTIS, .j KS, GDAGB COO Alwayi«nhand,»Iwteai»ortment of « AS FI X T r B E S Work done in B workaianlike manner, Mid lowert prtoea. *e., N. 1* GrKISWOI..I> * OOlr ,_' utAn. DBALnan LADIES', QKNTUaiEN'S AND OHIiDEra'8 BOOTS, SIIOE8 AND GAITEttSi MASON S, T B E E T ,' ^v the Walker Hao»e, h'av«_ Jos« -recdverf•§ felt sfappty of theaeOele- -,TT, .orated Pencils from tbe manufactory of J. J. Henbach; la BegeniteirgrBavarU, a fiiey ar.e tarefully HI 1 y a popular to the "Opposl- f . WE1N3KKNNE k^, MAKDrAOTUBO AKD DXALU I( BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS/ NO. B4 BPKINQ STBEB3), " Oppokite American Ronae myll j ; ort«*ny oUierj>eDCl.ln the narket. Alw»>Bonh»nd a complete maBbVUnent of black and Wlbred le«d^p*ncll» of »U tbe-deslnble grido. A dn- Boot & Shoe Store* MO. 48 EAST WATEK: STKEET; JOHN i»HEX*AN, KEEPS »lwa7« Ion hand gooi ouitom made Bo«l»*n* ' " . ' • All kindJ ofXaiie*' and Ganfleatn'i Booti and Sboei nikde to order In thelaUit ttyU and warranted toelTe •kUstactlon. _ apria ' JOHN KICE, WHOl-ESAlLE DBPGC18T, NO. 68 EAST WATER STREET, Hujtut received a f all supply o ~- ' Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glaia, Manufactured at Cleveland, New York. Trmtupcrtfld entirely by vessel, it comet in perfect order, and enables me to leU at low rate>. I have permanent ar- rangementa to »ell thta brand of 61aaa hereiftet. JOHN «JO«.' Harper Brothers, (Established in 1843,) nODBK SIGN, SHIP, OAERIAGE AND OENAMKNTAt Puinterv, filostlcm & Papcr-Hnnffer*. IMITATOE8 OF WOOD AND HARBLX, NO. 39 ONEIDA STBEET, A FEW DOORS XASTOF T-BXMABKtl ffOOBt. jyS JONES & WHITKHKAD General Land and Insurance Agenfe 1VOTAUIF.S FtTKI.IC, AC n OmOi. corner of Reed and Oregon street*, Meyroie's Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the buying and selling or Keal Eatate, Insuring Goods and Buildlngi In responsible Oompl Die*, Attend to the Collection of Account*, Making am of Deeds, Mortgage*, Contracts, Leases, kc. All Collections Q&de on accounts placed in our hand will be promptly paid over. t. o. JOSE iySa. SCHNCECKEl, & BRUNOTrO, COMMISSION MKKOHANTS, Real Eetate and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, UZLWAUKKE, WISCONBIH. Orncs— So. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Pott- OBce. marST A T T O D. OORSON, R N E Y AT L HAS removed to OBce, No. 6. State Bank Building, corner of East Water and Michigan nrect, Milwaukee. marSO-dSti! no. L. DOKAI «MO«t«VT. DORAN <Sb L.KVY, Attorney and ,Coan>ellon t Law, Office—Empire Block, 221 East Water a., MILWAUKEE,.. [may22].... WIBOONHIB CAPITALISTS \irriLL find at my office a Register, open to their I*Tf apeetion of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Peraons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or otheraecurtlles for sale, may find It to their Interest to file with me their applications or statement?. i O. 80HLET, ylC Opporite Walker Houae. n.T. POST. l,svery 4t Boarding Stable, F»ot 'of Mason Ktscet, (on the River.) T ttX mbscribers have removed their stock from the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of (Iain and Huron atreeta, to the old establishment foot of Maaon street, thus consolidating the two establlsh- menta, making the largest and best appointed Livery •ttabllshmentin the Wot. W-ahall be glad to aee our old friends and customer*, and feel confident that we can fnmish them with aa good and stylish • turnout as any similar establiahment in the city. Thankful for put patnmage, we hope to meet a continuance of the same. ' 0T* Particolaj atteation gtven to fumlahlng carriages and hearses for fuoerals, • mylt BTJTLtE * POST, GOOD OtiANGli. HOUSE AND LOT FOB SALE CHEaJ* (I^HK underatgne^ will aell his House and Lot, now 1 occupied as a Tsvrn by him, tltaated on Main su, Eaclne, Wisconsin, near tht Steamboat Landng and the B- * M. R. R. Depot. The boose Is located on the best business place, and the House as well at the situation of the Lot, would atuwer lor' any branch «I bual- nen, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply •tthe.nder.lcned. Racine, January St. 18S9. janZT-ddm I^nmber Vessels for Sale. BelwonCT Fashion, Z24-ton«. Schooner D. Hewhall, ItO tons. Scow Schooner Rugby, 1C8 tuna. The above vessels will be aold at very low prices for factory secBrtty. Enquire of B. B. Jons, Mil febfe Buffalo, Hew York, ankee, Wisconsin. A. H. LORD & GO'S., MARBLE WORKS Comtr Spring and TUrd Ortett, MILWAUKFf ..WISCONSIN. rilBX aubaortbers «cc ,l- all kinds of MarblsWork JL for Bolldlnga, Tiling for Floors and every descrip- tton of ORWA9EERTAI. BIABBt/E WORK. We have In our warerooms, * MARBLE MANTL.KB -« Of every description constantly on band, at price* ranginrfrom $lo and upwards. MONUMENTS AND BTATOAST of all kino* elMOtei •ttheabortertnotlc*. CO. f«b*-dly A.g.tOKD* WOOD Ai\D HAT YARD. Q. H. JjAMBKKTON H AB Just opened, for the benefit of all wfco m»y become his Onstoraerr, a Market for WOOD and HAY,at-the N. E. Corner of West Water and Clybonrn StreeU, <0fflce with Messrs. Mabbett * Breed.) HI* Btook or Wood U Urge, Dry Mo 1 Hard, (Cot and Bpllt or uncut.) His Etock of Hay Is of the BEST QUALITr, and BAIiEDJH CrOODORDBK. ' ~ '. lach »111 be delivered to any part of the City on the BHOETE8T NOTICE and the U)WE8T TERMS. N.B.—Wood Pedlars, and tho» who an*p large q«»ntitie* of Hay will always find It to tbelr advantage to boy of as. We will sell vo that dealers may make * handsome profit by idling on tae street. inayM Q. E. LAMBtCTON. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. NEXT DOOB TO A. B. VAM C»TT*S. S3 5EJ - J mavlO Hehitack's Pencils, ' STATIONEBS, ^la<red totfce Trade proportioned to extent of order*. •-•'-" •.'••" — - -• ••- -'' '• ' »pt2» BritUk amd Amtrlat^ tuated; fCf™,®* and living and de- rcmnti to the fHd- . Contain- Thirty Thousand JliograpMa . «tiA Forty frice »5. I NDK8PEH8ABLT n.cesiaryXo all who Read, all woo Write, all Clerfvtnin, •»!) 'Phfslclaos, all Lawyers, enti&^ Lltenurr. ij«n,. Jtercnunts and Farmer*, Manufactnrers aid Mecbanlcj. ' ' it IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. r jfiJENISEED BV aLA^J* A €0., BOOK- « &TATIO1TEK1' JOBBEBS, 136 -East Water ttrcet, t ..... WISCONSIN[From Theophlas Parsms, L. L. D., Professor of Law In Harvard Dnlverslty.] CAMBainoK, Jan. 6, 1859. DEAB 8i> :— I have had Ike first volume of y«nr Dictionary for someday*. and have sat sfled myaelf that your plan la excellent, and that yon have carried It out with very great Industry, and with good jndgn»nt.— The fnllne*i and accuracy of Its Information concerning modern authors and their works, are Indeed rcmarka- ble. T«any one who desire the knowledge your book purports to give — and what educated man does not T— It most be Of great Interest and value. Respectfully, *c , THEOPBILD8 PARKER. 8. Austin Alliboue, Esq. [Prom B. Ireneus Prime, D. D., Editor R. Y Observer.] N*w VOET, Feb. 3, 1859. OUTUMD :— The first volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have permed «1th astonishment a-d delight. It lajust-whatl have long desired to have, and have sought for In vain. Thousands of clergymen, students, and all literaVy and Intellh ent men, must wish to have jnattbli work; and they will ha veil, vben they learn tf at II Is In (hi world. It deserves tbe most cordial reception, and I trust that the tnihor and (he publishers will have the largest reward for their enter. prise and labor. Obllds A Peti non. Yours truly B. fREN£DB PRIME. let wan, Jan. 8"', 1869. Mr DXAB Si» :— With bt-tter knonAedee of your book from repeated Oasts upon it, I am asham d to have written you so commonplace an acknowledgment of ita Ant rec Ipt. Of all the storehouse of Interesting and readable matt*rtbe "Dictionary of Author," seen a ti me tbe most capttvatlcg. The good taste, industry, and skill Of arrangement therein Baniresicil coold n ot rw. sn -passed, aad It wtt make lor you a reputation vrry enviable. I shall try to make amends ID print for ro» apparently Inappreciatlve first acknowledgment of tbe acquisition. With many sincere thanks for the prize I have In the book, 1 remain, my dear sir, Tours, ra thfully, N. P. WILLM. B. Austin •Uibone, Esq. may!9 NEW CARTKKS. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parable* from Nature. Motes In tbe Sun Beam. Fanny, tbe Flower Girl. Uncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TERRY « CLEAVER, aylfi 1?7 East Waters!. NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRY & CLEAVEKS, J67 EAST WATER STREET. A&TH'fl Travels In Central Alrlca, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Travels in Southern Africa, 1 vol. 8p«erfeoas Sermons, oth series. Higher Christian Life. maylS B SHIPPERS OF PKOUUCfc; C AS rapplT themselves with Bills of Lading al TERRY « CLEATEU'S, majrJO 167 East Water «trt»t. BOOKS. /^kCB stock b the largest In -the West. We sell every V_/ Boot u the Pnbllsher's price. We can fnrnlsb to order any book which ezlsta, either to the English or other laagnage*. We receive new books a* tstaed from the Press. JanSO BTEIOKALND t CO. School mmre have every Bchoo T™ them at wholesale or retail. jaoZO Books. Book lo demand, and se U. STE1CKLANI> t CO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! ¥XTE are prepared la oar Blndary to Bind Magasine*, TT Periodicals or anything else In the form «r • Book, la neat an« durable styles, at low rates. J»nS(» STRICKLAND * 00. Stereoscopic Views. W E have reclved a floe lot of gterescopic Tlewt embracttif views of Interesting localities in SPAIN, A , <tc HC8SIA, HWITZEB.LAKI*, JKQYPT, NUBI QREECE, ITffSKET, LBELAJfD, Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable styles of Stereoscopic Instruments, STRICKLAND 1 CO., Bookseller* and guttooen, aprl 134 East Water street. SIXTH VOLUIWE WISCONSIN REPORTS STRICKLAND « OO, 184 East Water street. »orsaleat PIKE'S PEAK. A HKW MAP, ihowlDf tke Route to th« 6*ld Re- glon* |D Kansas, just received by BTBIOKLAND * CO., ' febl» 124 East Wat«rstre*i. THE NOTICE INSPECTOR 0V FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Oonncll of the City of Milwaukee, In portwance of An Act ol the Legislature, approved March,!!, 1859, hereby jfver notice tint he is now furnished with the proper weight* and Jbrands for the doe performance of the duties Of his office. Sj the said "Act"It Is made the duty oj all.persons' dealing in TM to give notice to the Inspector tb have the same duly inspected and branded before packing. Mr. Smith will be found at tte New Warehouse of Messr*. John Furlong t Son, Booth Water st., Walker'* Point, where all notice? are requested to be lelt. Milwaukee,MayT,186». , . :.., ; -,.,, JOHS BHrTH,ln»p€Ctof. ».a.j«rA» ...... ...... ..... . ........ JAS. O.JXMZIM. Eyan ft Jenkim, OOUNSKLiLOKB AT LAW, BUTCHBti'S BANK BriLDI^IO, rater and Michigan at., XOnmilet*. may5 James A. Swain, OMHBIiATE FIRM OF MA CUE & SWA IN WILL remain at the old stani where he win be pleas- OHARLB3 QUBNTIN ^ CO. O EABLaS (jnTOTUT k BO* corner of bat Water an(J AIUOD etreeta, Milwaukee, WJsooMimliavtfor: tale Awl btcte. In the Olty of JUlwankee.lilarge tmallparcels. BdUttgloUInereit wOofeR h ^, of mil sixes BMlprlcei, for business orreeldenc -an<j on easy terms. Abo, *mall farms: otifrpm'JL to* 'Mm, Bear thvOtty, for gardenlnf purposes. Also, sereral thousanos of acres of tbe best fjuaaug lands Ii WlsconslB 1« quanUUes to suit any demand. " ;PIICEN1X JNURANCECOMPANY, ' r: ~ ! '*•'•• ' -'Of Hartford, Connecticut, •• - v Oash Oipltal and Bnrplns,... ;.;....;... .$419,«64 66 LA MAR FIRE INSlin ANCE CO., ~ !1 '••"•' ",'. .Of NewTork, "; ' ' 0: in Capital snd Surplus,. . . . ........ . .*259,M» 83 KESOLUTE IHSIJRANC.S COMPANY, '..".- .''" OfNew YprkCitjr, 1, .Cash Capital and ^urplos,....,. ....... «246,88D 61 CITY FIRE 1 Of_ Hartford, Connecticut, C«sbO»plt*lanaEorpl«,. ...... ..^....-.$308,231 48 I aollcH business for the above named Companies, en- tlrtly upon their' own merits "and responsibility, and refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses as A guarantee tor tbc.futnre. Policies Issued without delay. . : W.HKNKY HOLLAND, Agent. OLLAXD, Ass't. Northwest cor. Main and p. F. UAKSHAIA, Surveyor. Wisconsin Us., Milwaukee. iept£ United States M.AL. F. lun.Co. ^-.CAPITAL 8TJRPLU8...... »UlO,(KXI 00 .... 29.6M 00 Office, UDdei MHchcII's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan streets,*/ ' niuagnae: J. A. HeUeusteln, E. Sanderson, Moses Kneelanil, 8. 8. Ttaggett, Samuel Hale, G. D. Doosman, U. I.. Palmer, Kdwln Townseotl, Solomon Adler. J. A. HELTEMSTEin, President. Q. D. DOD8M AN. Vice Presided. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B. O. Wsar,Se*ret«7. 8. 8. DAOORT, Treasurer. H. L. PAlim, Attorney. marlO MILWAUKKE CITY INSURANCE CO., OmCE: 1st milcsaell Building, Ullrlilgau. *t. HiLwaimtB, Wrsooxsii. CHARTERED CAPITAL, - - »2<m,6oo Paid in, $IOO,<M»O. DIKECTCRB: O. D. DAVIS, 8. 8- OoHOvra, J. U. OORDVS, O. COMSTOCK, K. TOWNSESD, President. A. I.. WAL.RATII.Sr H. L. PaLMsaa, Attorney. Tlrv and Marine Risks taken at currrot a. L. PALMCIL, *. TOWVBCXD, J. R. KCLLvCO ). S. FUsBis U W. A. H. KH Ji&. I PES3.T1SS, CBRianT, F. HILL, . ANJD FlIaE IKM Ii .1 AC l . T HK undersigned is prepared to lake Marine Ruki and Fire Risks on I rod ace In store, lo the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New Tort, at as low rates at by otter reliable Companies. Tin reputation of4hlswell-known, long established Company enii:le< 1 Ito public confldenr.e. HORATIO II1LL, AjrenL, novS at c.ffiee of U. * J r Uili Quaker City Insurance «<» , »r PMII.AIH31 RIIIA. ADTHORIZ6D CAPITAL, tMm.itK'. PAID UP CAPITAL AND ASSETTB,. . 2T7.S66. Franklin Bui'ding, .Vu *OS Walnut ,t r rcl, Philadtlphia. T BEsubsrribrr hai bi^n aft oinle-' aitent for this j Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Risk • taJitn | on aa favorable l<*rrus as other reaponsmle Companies I JAMJSS. WHITK, Aneiit. I Office, corner of East Water and Huron street*, up ' stair*, over the Marine Hank. ma)?9 , Sap. Bridge, dp. 'Detroit, depart.. FentonvllI*, Arrive *0swego» arrive.. St. J<ho«, !»T|V». Grant] Bsnldi, arr. •ilratid Haven, arr. Milwaukee; arrive. •Man. iao A.M. 7KW I(h50 12:10 8:06 •«:*» A. H. Mixed. P. if. 4:SO A. if. 1:80 7:40 9:35 A. «. 8:50 P.M. Aecom. A. «. ..... P.M. 4:49 7:80 Night Express. A. H. P.M. 8:00 12:16 . 2:85 840 P. M. 12:16 iOOINQ EAST i| 4ep*rt Acco. Milwaukee, •Grand Havdu, dep. Grind Rapids, arr. j ! St. Johns, arrive... . Owosso, arrive. ... I Fentoovllle, irllve- •Detroit, afrlv*... Sun. Bridge, arrive 7*0 9:40 r. H. 0:55 Mall Kzpr's p. u. 8 SO V *. 4:00 6:20 7:8S 8:80 •'! P. u. 12:19 9:&5 Ulzed. -.5:80 9:55 11 SO F. M. 2:15 6:80 1. •. 4:00 Nlghtfl Expr's. H. 12:00 f. u. 8:4S 10:30 i. ». 1:00 2:00 r. •. 4:90 •Refreshments— Hotel ID Depot at Orand flareo. Boat wllHesve IJHwsukee on Saturdays at 8 r u.— for 8aturilay|N)gbt's Express passengers west, but 4 A. H. tram will • .T leave on Sundays. Trains letVe termlcl dally, 8<B»J*>y» «acepted. _ THE TELEBRAPU LIKE is i.ow opeo for PDBLIO lin- 8IHESS. ! • CONNECTIONS. AT IfE't'KtflT— tiKiUT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points East— MICHIGAN OKNTKAL and MICHIGAN JSOCTUKRN RAILROADS, and CLEVELAND Line cjf Steamers. AT USCANU UAVEK-Wlth '• HDRON " Steamer for CHICAGO, to., Ac. AT »l It \VAUKEI-.— With the MISSISSIPPI, LA CROSSR,i CHICAGO, WATKRTOWN and HOHJ- CON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and Northwett,aftd on Mississippi River, and with Steamers for Ports oh t-<ake Michigan. Passengerijfor Great Western Railway go on the Railway FIRXV &TUMIR, at D. A M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at S:ilO i • , 1:00 p «., and 7:30 p. •MIGHT TRAINS ou the G. W. R. ha've SLEEPlHti CARS attached. PAROKLg left at any of the TICKET OrtlUKS are forwarded by PifibinoaH TUIKS IT VHT »TS RITO, i The OorapMiy'i Time-Tables on be had at an; or thr Bt&tioDB. i XV. K. Ill lit. Gen''l Sap't. WHITMAS A founts, Ticket Agent, 280 KasI Water it WH. UHIHAH, Freight Agent at Oomrtaay'B Dock. H.rO- WILHUK, General Western Agent. I). A V. It. Officea, April. 1S&9' aprliS ,nil.,jWat. & Baraboo Vall.ej Clnr H. R. HA I INROAD- O N &ti,l hft«T Monday, April 4tli, and until fiirlbrr DO- tic-t- a Post.* t«r^r Train • ill leave Milwaukee from lhe ii<-|>ot,fr-oi of H«-r.,ij(i Htrcfltfor Pewaukre, Uartlami Pin« Lake, Oporiomowoc, \Vatertuvn, Lowell, ai.d Cwl- unibus HI 4.20 p ui , irrtviuK it) Milwaukee al M &*> a. m PaiRt;n^wsat r.* int. &l Milwaukee by thtr MIlwaakeeA g., R. HI. l.« Croat A Mil.R. R., au.l Mil. t M>« , ..r b} |l-*i, i »ii proceed to the above places. OoDQectiuna a/f aia«ltr ut Watertowu witii &tat, r r^ for Lite Mlllj, JtHrriuu, Walerl-.u, Haochrlville. ."uo Pr&i- ne, ''oltapi' Urovc unj ^ladmuo. AlaA al C«ilumtju« for l.o<li, Mcrimitr, ALsepp, P»]l RiTe , l-e-'O's Coroers, Humden, Li ^rlltr. Dekora, York, Arlinfrt<jO, Bristol toil I>T all point? to t)>e West and North West PasseDKera ilrrivtap A. tlif Juoctioo from U,e iborr plarrj makf t<>Dt:ectiouii I, the Milwaukee A Mississippi K. R., lor J&nr97ill^, M»<luiim ainl Prairie du ClD«ii and al-Milwnuk^r, »riUi roatls to the tioalh, \Vrsl RT.J N>.rtl ( . apr3 8 S( . MM 1- BY STATE AUTHORITY, WI8OONS1N OliNKKAl. INSURANCE AGENCY CHARTER ttAssv FIKF. INS. 1' Hartford, Conn. OABH ASSETS - *841,.'>5t 9^ i)E<J. O, 1868, Traltij will run is follows, TU: l' "«OINOW1WT. Leavo Racine for D»vU—freight * Ace., 9 A, •. Leav*; Racine fot'-Belolt—PasseBger, « r.«. i SOINOKAST. Leam Beloit for Bacine—Paasenger, 7;JO A. V. Leave Davis, for Kaclne—freight t Aco., ts-M A. v. Fassengers 'by taking the T A. M. train on the Lake ShoreIRailroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine *Itb trald to Davis; arrivlnu at Davis at &30 r. u. Stage leaves' Davis lor Freeport on arrlvat of train. 8^0 a. •.train fromDavU connects at Eaclne with afternoon tralqsipn the Lake Shore Railroaa North and South. P*T" freight forwarded with dispatch. 5eef ; ROBERT' UARR1S, Superintendent. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago ' KAIL, KOAD. flABIS-new and direct Scute, now opeo to New York, A ! Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara falls, and all eastern cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, ppring&eld, Drbana, ZacesvlUe, Steubennlle, New- Ark and Wheeling, and all Interior towns of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Ac. AIt)kiu§ ouc t>ruutl Unbiukcu U. R. Lluc ; »STWC«S CHICAGO ABD THK U3T. fARS AJ LU W AS A HI OTUSB KVOTS. fHT~ Those desiring to go l>; ilus Boole will be particular and enquire for Tickets via fort Wayne, thereby . avoiding the annoyance of r«checkiuk r their Baggage. TKAW3 LEA VS DEPOT OH VAX BUtieU SI. DAlLIt, AStULLOWX: 5:00 r. m. —Night Kxprtss, daily, Saturday! cicepted. 6:00 A. u. —Morning Mail and express, daily, Sundays exceptetl With but one change of cars to Pittsburgh. Offxcinra BiOOiO* TBHOOQH To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York, connecting directly with trains on the great Pennsylvania Central Railroad, to all eastern cities. Also, with Cleveland i Colnmtra* Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Vails via New York Central and New York A Krte Railroads to New York and Boston. Persons going east will find this route by lar the" most desirable, both from the advantag* In point of distance, variety and beauty of the country through which the roads pass, as well aa the les* frequent change* of can and the annoyance of re-checking baggage required by other route*. 'Facilities forth? transportation of Freight and I4v« acock by ttila rOole are unsurpassed. Bates as low a> any bther route, and with equal dispatch. Tickets for sale at allt he principal ticket offices in thi West, and al Company's Office, No. 30 Dearborn street, opposite Trernont House, Chicago, and at the office the Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. U. Leland JNO. ). HOUSTON, General TrelKht Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa. D. W. BO88, General Western Agent, Chicago. Chicago, Mar;h 6, Ibi9. marA Ililwaukee A: tllilcago It. R. 1859. 1859. S U M M K K A 1 C It A N O K M K iN T . Great United States Mali awe/ Efprets Rirute. rpUE only reliable and *LL HUOTI TO THB iUjr, iocTa j and NOKTB-W.UT, and the only Line making sure connectioaa. Bagga^t: checiicU Utroagh lo pnacjpai points. OQ and alter A I'll I I 2 '»lb, 1859, Trauid leave Depot, Cor Oar of Flortda and Barclay »t-a. an folio » i . 1GC3U A. ) at 'J-l P*-«*sGifii— arfivlnp at Chl- 3:io P. M.— KlfBisa PA^SKC^— .\?m'ng 11 t cago at 6:14 P. • , ac4l tuak.fite close coonrciiODa with Evening Trains East and South Wext, *nd wtib the Hmclne ao <l MlsHtulpfii Batlroat', at iiacln j auction, for betalt and oUicr ctatloos on that Lin »3. Kriji^tit Train leaves at H-.SO A. If., RfTlTea &:00 9 M Kruitiht forwarded with despatch, and allow rates PaSSentfrr Trains leave L'lucagu f r MDwaalic* a the North Wrat at 9;lKJ A M , apd S 15 P •., nrrivi I'2.ft0 r a and I'_'-15 i H. aprU4 JN't T. MOODV, Master Tr iLstpurtaUoo. U?F10E UF THK 1 NOKTUKKX TtijuroarjT o* C'>nr*J(T, ' Mimukrr, April 16, 1 Si» | Rates of Freight Reduced Again by Vorla A: Kric Kail road I -MA - CJKNTliAl, -AND— G. Weatern (Canada) Rail-way. f BlKAlNFIeATe thf Great GrDtral Drpot, foolofLalie JL str«-M Cnicagr, ns lollowj NORTH CASH ASSETS N FIKE I*r*. «'«., Hartford, Conn. »364,860 0« »:OO A. T:UI> . - IiEIsTOlT da> . ^xrcp arrive al Detroit 6.UO — CINCINNATI KXPBERS. ifiunjayi cKCepte^l.) Arnre at IndlanftpMU 4^<> 'p u , CinriDD»tl 8^11 p. M. WRHTEHr* MAHS. FIRK Of PlUsaeld, Ma>>. OAlH ASStTTS .................. C'O. |2tt>,6»» 41 P. U c^pu^l,^ arrivea at Letroil I^HJ r » fuapentlun Itri^^e or ltu(T4l-> 40' A u , Albany 3.00 r. M-, Nrw 1 urn p i r M , U .Ft..n 11 r. M. .-ML*: A' . UMMUUATION'. clrf Northern Transportation Uo.'§ K X P H K S S U NTIL further Dulicf li.e |.ricc« from N«» V.,rk lo MilvRQkrr, wiM t>» K. fwllnwl |.*T 1IH} !*s, J^llT^r ed M »t.,ri-s : In CU» -.1 ri, s . ;<Ulau 4th l'l»«i Giir. 5.»f. 4">r. 35*. Merchanjisr ihl|tpril fcj roue, r>n • ti.i fl<?r i U,r MIL .nj.t., will I,* (Kar**'] at Ute.v rale* u. ) C ' '•••"'"'• '"' ' Ap !• l. J. H CRAWFORD. »ir-nt, > r > Yulk 1 Kfi« Hi.iro.J. J Mlia», Apri I, IT: Brr».l«ay N V f*ff~ rilup "ailj Tutn l'l?r •*, Fiutl Rirrr .r fr...t r" I>U»II^ «rr.-l. New V'.rk «prl -.rU«»4« •'ro* •.«• A. .11 i I. Kail road. W K. U,. „,. ,,..,,„,,,, ,..„,„, „,.„ ,,,,,>.,.„, .„„,, f._.r tnt r.Hinuun ami i«-Uv'«:rj M fre i f 't l"f ii«'« company, b«rji l" iDf.'rni uerchftnid m l .t) —rs ih»t an office (No. H Wisconsin itrtfi,) ot>ei,«rt] ..i, u,tr 1st ot April, where u fieri cau b« 'oil, and will m-.ti \ t prompt atifntlon. i^ur authi.riteJ c>^ltrct.on will r-ctfij>t .-nn.ta' V icaljon atu.cotfioeofMr.A ( .iK \* , A . ^n i kl.lvaukt-f, it*r,-hr>n, 1 ST>9 aur] CO^WAV FIRF, II\KI HA%< I CO., Of Con way, Mans. CASH ASSETS. |2C:i,4.M 47 HAOIPDEN riKK 1NSI KA\4 I. < O., Springfield, Ma**. CASH ASSETS CIBARD FIRE INS Of Pbllkitelph.*. CASH AfflKTS »Z2i,Oc» J. \V. (;rnin. OFFICE, SO.S, MABTiN BIXrCK, UP STAIRS, mar20 -~ Mflwankee. Wlseonsm. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargains in Dry f..»ott* THA'l IMMKJiBE STOCK Of No. I—AT-1 187 E; »l UD8T BE CLOSKB Ot T T .T O BY THE AStlONEK. Great Bargains maj be Exp- cted. aprl7-dtf JOSEPH CABV, Assignee. UNITED STATES IWAR8I1AI.N K4I.C The Farmers Loan A Trust Com 1 . The Milwaukee * Superior Ball- I road Company, I In the D. 8. Dls- Oltv of Milwaukee, Vtrlct Court for the JohnStewart, f District of Wisconsin. johann C. A. Allerdlng, j -Jp Equity. Christian Sana and j Gottfried Wootsca. J I N pursuance and by »lrt«e of a decree ma4e bf the District Court of the United Stales, «or Uie District Df Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March, 1869. >u the above enti, led catue, 1 shall 'Bell ht Public Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of Aujrust, 1869, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from tht steps of the Custom Boose, in tbe Olty of Milwaukee, all and slmrqlar, the mortgaged premises mentioned In the bill of complaint ID >ajd cause,' and described ass "AIL: the following, present and In future to be acquired, real a^d personal proper' ty and real estate of the said defendant, the Milwaukee add Superior Railroad Company, t'iat Is to say, all of the Dnt division of the Railroads? said Railroad Company defendant, from the City of Milwaukee, to the Olty of Green Bay in said State 'j>t TVIscomiD, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, including the right of way, and land occupied Syjald first division of said road, (subject to the right, line or claim, which the said defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Habm «nd Woolich. or elthtr of them, may have bad at the time of maklngsald decree, t6 land upon which said Railroad Vompany nas located: its way, and for which no compensation has been made: to tusm,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, and all rails and other materials used thereon, bridges, viaducts, culverts, fences, equipment*, necessary depot grounds and Molding*, thereon, belonging: to the laid Railroad Oom>any, and all rolling *tocki -engines, tender*, cars, tools, materials, maclilnerT,;fl»»ores, and all other per- soaal property appertaining to *aW tint dlvUlonof said road, and all rtghti thereto, and Interests to be acquired by said defendant, the •Milwaukee and Superior Kallroad Company, together jrith the name aad functions appertaining to the «aM firs tdtvislon of said road, all tolls, fenU and income' to. be had or levied there- from, and all corporate «nd other franchises, rigbta and privileges of the said Jtailroad Company In or to oreoncennnfthesame." --• ••-••:•.',. , Marshsl's Office, Milwaukee, Wl*^ April 8.18S9 •••—, ''•••• --' 7 ^i* -M.J THOMAS,' , United Btttts Marsha), District of Wlsconsla. SB * H4*in.To»v Oompl't* Solicitors. ' " T\BFADJ.T having been mad» In the condition of a i/ certain promissory note, bearing date December Istj A. D.I8W, executed by ;W,f«.aibbard »n« John B. Harris,and also In the condition of a certain vessel .mortgage of Jthe waae d»te:,^ceautfld hy said lllbbard andaarti* to Mean th'epayment of said note. Notice thereby giveu:to'all^arOe*intOBEt«d Hist we ihal "pojefor.aale'andieli on Tuesday^ the SO day bf j "VlSMkto 9 day, at WESTERN > -3UW Wi^onsiu State Telegrapli. Biltea In dlsUce and .. •(•Banaayi eicepted. ^£5" "^ «*peine« ofule. ' } 'Mortg»g«e».' i. Bftovx, •Hllwauki «« April 34, 1!>S9.. • -. ""^* ElfwiW H. OOODBICU, with ftll tiftes East. WHOOtulB «»«e tine* ran fro^fitliwaukee to < toOrot»e, fond te L»o W4 Waapon, on Baflroad MadlsoB Chleo. vortantintarmedlMeDointa.. tafu.oi ^, -yx trains on thftsfll- 5»;»K» P. i»l.-NKW VOUK AND BUM UN FUREi*, (^ict).t H*iLir.Ujr.) Arrive n L>«-truii i !• 4. r .. aViape-mloD liridg'c 01 Holf*vio • 4.ttO r H., Albany 4;tf> t . M.; N'-w Vork 1":^ 4, •-, Koslon i.u') r. •. §^HI »'. .n. CINCINNATI AND U>ri8VILLK EH PRKM* (Kxfrpl Sa,iuni»jr.) Arrive kt * lonoumu ft-t " A M , Lcu.aville 4,-Ou : r M OQ* true dn 8t.Ddfcf at S^HJ p. y. The b~00 *-J*. *nd S:UO r. M. irmiu connect al Pans m iih ttii BaSilo k. Lake kiuvon R&ilvaj, for Butr&in and Mil point* e'-si; at Toronto irith Gfaad Trunk Rail wny, to Rin|r>U a, OgdensLurp. Montreal, Quro c ai>.t all >>olnui In Caoaila Kast, Nor'herTi Verinoot, Nr-« tickets fot talc at the principal Railroad offices in Lh«$ West, a^i-J at the g«Dernt office, corner LaJce A DeATi>om streets, oopoaite the Trctooni Qouxe, 0^c«£0 t and at the Depofc. foot of L&kc strrcU ; R. N. aiOE, Hap'l. B. J. 8p*U>«n.GeD. Pa**. Aff*t- aprl2 l>etrpil A Mil. Railway. TBE Slriroer Cleveland will take __ _ her place In line of the Detroit A Milwaukee tiAllTrhf i on Monday, the 14th March. Pass tigers wishing Utrdupti tlrkeu can be supplied on and after Monriv dext, at 2^0 East Water street, or at the office on the dot* bf the Detroit A MJlwauke* II ait way Co.— Dtfe notice of th* lime of depanure will be given. This will make U>t short rat, chcaprit and quickest route to all points Kajii. msr8 SUMMtER ARRANGEMENT. A i!li«MK«ippi RAIL UOAD. m TMK SHORTEST A1>I» iTIJI.ST F.XPF.niTIOI S 1101 Ttl j TO l^aiiMtii^, La Cross?, Winonaj Read's Landing, Red Wing, PRESOO^T, 8T, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONY. rhnngrof Timp, /Holiday, April 4, 1859. I%T TISA.I!> 1 1:00 A. ST, LEAVKM [fl 1 1. U AF.KEC 2D THA'flV fxOSP. U rriving at JaaeJVll e 2.30 P. M. ; Madlsoo i;35 P. 1U. ; Prairie dn Chlen 8.-00 P. M. 'onnectlng wttb tb» Prairie du Chlen and It. Paul Packets, which leave Prairie du ien on the arrival of the S.-OO P. M. Train. I.EAVKS MILWAUKEE 'Arriving st Janvesvllle S:AS t. M. ; Madison tOKX) P. M*. jr.r' !to ell poiiMs oa the Mississippi River as low as any oilier Kooie. , WILLIAM JKRVI8. j Gen'l Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAIL, KOAID. 1859. SPUilfG UUEAT NOUTn«WESTERN VN1TKD S-rATESJTf AIL A: EXPRESS AND "WILY ALL R ] All ROUTE. ^Q LA CROSSE On Use tolPPER niSSISSIPPI RIVER, On and i(fl|r Monday, April 21th: : jngh Express Trains Baity, VK NIIL-WAUKKK, EPOTTOOTO? OHESTNDT 8TREI.T, AS FXJLIOWB: ! ", : L. jttv and t^:4*S P. iH. 'rains arrive at Milwaukee at, • !53:8O V.:M- Two 0:3Q Clo ejcoanectlonsarepiada at LaOrosae.' Twice t . uesbta KVSple -.-'--of Si way with the Ml«. <V|Wi(a*H .ail*.* , . . r Packet Company's ; JVew and idtd l.nUcaSti»twi Mail Line gainers ia& from Si. I'liui '' " t imermediate puinte. : r le*rt, : by'taUng^tlui [ronte, will save 100 ice and aa hoars Ume, from Chicago or la Growe or St. jPaui; over any other SALE NOTES, FLERZHEIM & CO., B UNG about to dissolve their Co-Partnership arrangements, Uwlr whole «Ioc» a ••il-r-.i • ' ' reierve.. The best and largest stock of F U R N I JURE FAHK Hi:i)lK:Kt> BY TIIK NEW YQRK&ERiE RAILROAD! Ff\UK Fttrt- bftwt-*n ininlnrk and Nr« V.>ik nj ti,< J. New Vork A Lr\c Eia IroA.l, wi l I*. |T wi uot.l fur IhtT DciU'r aprlO J H CUAWF.itaD. A,r«u NOTICL:. OFFlCfe OP BISHOP 4 CO., UOROAOKK3, I I* .'USF.BUI** < r Mn. * Caic»o« U. R., J. Miivaukrv, April ^, 1 5i>9. ) O N and after Aprt! 9th, 1^59, and until furiher notice, no person la autbor*ied to make purchases, or contract for materials for the Mil»au)iee an*l Chicago B* it road without a wntten crrder froci the under»ijjn- j ed. lillls will be paid monthly and acco^in's will not be I roixfnned with any concern that nrglecli to render ! moothly htl'i. i 0. B. HALL, Q«D r l A^t. M^rV*jfHS. I »pr!6 J. T. MOODY, Master of Transportation. 1859. I&59. THE ><»KTIIKK\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, during the present Seajon, run their veil known and popular Line of First Class Screw Steamers, Regularly, between OUi>KNSBimt*£-l & OSWKOO, A > D Tlf K. f P P K U I-A K ES ! Forming a Semi-Weekly line between Ogdenjburgb and 0«WQgt>, and Chicago, fcfllwvofcee »nd Intermediate I oru, connecting at OgdeoabozKh with the OeDENSBORQR A VERMONT CKNTBAL RAILROAD ROUTF., Between Ogdensbargh, Burlington, Concord, Ma»- che«ter, Naahu&, Lawrence* Low/ell, Worcester and B>»ton, and at Oswego with th« New Otwego Line of Tolr^j First Olaa* Oanal Bo»U on tbe Enlarged Gin*J, between O«wc§fo,BTroy. |Albany A New Vork, h Oonnecting also at Dunkirk with NEW YORK AND ERIE RAJLHOAD, And formln.j » Tri-Weekly R*llro«d Line between Dunkirk, ittflfrankee & Chicago. «3T~ Property forvarded bv this Line vill be subject to bat One Transhipment. t3ff~ MercbandU< marlceil "W. T. CO. EX. PKJ-lSm" will be forwarded from New fork bj an Eaci>reM Freight Train over Ui» New fort f Erit Hatlroad, And prompt!/ forwarded from Dunkirk.] Ai^f L"J r JTO J. MTKIS, Agent ». T Do., UT Broadway, New York. J. L. WAsaxa, Agent N. T. Co., 8 CccntU« Slip, New York, OBIS. S. TirpiS, corner 6th and Ohcinul St., Phila. UOVKT A CK&wroRD, Oswego N. T. 8. D. Cii_D»au., Agent, Dunkirk, H. T. Cu>xsiiujli, CaAwroao t Co , Uierelaod, 0., Joss Uocnaa, Agent N. T. Co., 96 State st., Boston. A. Cessna, Agent V. 0. Line, 108 State St., Boston. J. P. CHURCH, Agent, Boose'* Point, N. T. 610. Puut, Agent, Ogdensbnrgh, N. T. U ]. HIQBT, Milwaukee, Wls., office UOrosse k U. R.B. Depot. J. U. CKAWFORU, I un«.«w.. ttu^.U O. J. HALE, f Milwaukee, WV.con.ln, Office near M. A M. B. R. Depot. N. B—Shipper* arc requested to see one of the above Agents before making comraela, a* they are prepared to offer verv low rates, and tbelr connections wllb the Ogdehsburgh aad Oswego routes, and especially with !th« Ne* York 4 Erie Railroad give them anaurpasseil facilities for cheip and speedy traQsportatloo. marl8-d6m-<astwlaw PflALEIV* HOOT*. •I UK OKNU1NB AKTIO1.K Ti O H N P H N UJ ^ .AA AV A »A A* »^f +^ A« j R only ooe authorized to mannfacture the abvoe named Boots, at J72 EAST WATEU STREET. The Pbalen Boot I* one of the most unique and e e- •ganticoverings for the feet that has ever been invented. Tbeyare made of the best of stock and most flnlshe I workmanship, and are warranted to core Corns, Ban- lons.Swellea Feet, Swelled Uead, RhsmatUm, Gout, id !: ••,- ••-.'-••-••. •.• Bepember that ttie Salt Agent for these latt InveWmi Bo6t« In this City, is to b« found at W East WaUr it., where t : also, tuy be found a general assortment or 'BOOTS A: SHOES, GAITERS, *C., Tor drattemtn add Ladles that there ls tn thl* market* sll • majtafact«rerl under the lapervlsiOn of the safcscrl- fic Sie & ^Pieasiire Excorsioas, I|ROt;RWA*-JS-- ling to eug*i« Hadts. or Omnlbtoea fo'r Li Ihie purpose «f ylalfJo* ttie Gardens or for Plo Nlo •• i,canbesupjlled with 'first clan vehiclesoa ib... . iandi mo. •reasonable, termj. A Una of s-wlll o»mmen*enijiping,on4he 1st of Jane for •-•--" ' a*fA.».«n4 , ; ! ' ;^^: g foote OfFSRED IN THI3 CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK IS HEAVY, AND JUST BK MOM» : 218 and 220 East Water Street, TI I L W A T K F F, \V I S< O "N \ I > . DRY GOODS, &C MISCELLANEOUS. DR. O. W. REDHEAD. VETERINARY fOOUKKLY O7CLEVKLAMD. 0. respectfully Informs ihe th«cittzen.t ofUllwaustee thai, haTing tacated m thn place, he Intcntla pridticing his pro- feasloD. AU dUeaaeii to the HorSL- trfi«e«l in * moat «cl- entlflc style, and tfrn<-r;il mt factiou warraiiteiJ In JDH QectloD with hm pra. ta-r? he will Prick «iid Dock Tiila in i. the moat approve*! i r y'f1 nod. lift to ^* lf> the C0ofit ' t;nce ljf the • ' public, be refers to the follow Ing gentleman, who h »v^ employ «U Mr. Bedhead many time* profession*!^ In the course of ten j^ars. We feel jnstinrdtn saying that his practice \* »up<- rlor to the general run of Veterinary t*r»L-tion*;frv MILWAUIiK, ! John C- Brodhtftd, Wm. Jimisoo. Marrmy, Pryer 4 Cu , CLSTIUASD SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! Judge Wilson, " Bishop, " Kelly, James Kelly, Doct. ti A Ach ley, ML. Wrlijhi, " M. L. Uewlt, ** Resoer. Jno- Klrktaotl, CHICiQ" Wm. Dowaar D«T» . r c HI^ri \\ I LW t L K K K, I t NOW t^.tivirirf in 5,1 dtucki ,1 ,,,,,..!» N. A. Brown, James Foley. LiTCBT UVt Of OL2VXLAXD W. J. Gains, ] Qeer ± H»rri. lt -t 10. White* Newel, 0. U. deymuur ISSlSBSad OP THE HOBS* BaKB&Ka'S ^OLlKTt 1. R. Curtis, Wm. Patu, Silas Merchant, Win. K. Adauia. «^" Office. Klrby'j Livery Stable, U»in t'.cert. ap-16-lA»tr DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Liiie ! St.ttMEK PI,E\S| Rfc >\H.1N<. ! O N *nd after 2tl May next, part tea «ul r>^ -»rt . the iwtft uid elcgaat 3te*ajer» ci/-y / < i*-r< and Ci*D</an</, to tir»ad H*i-en, ttxeDcr- iiy -r \- Grmod BL»pUa anil back at cheap eimri.on 'ar-i fme aiTorded lo view tt.« beacttTuJ *Q.J sceoerjr on thts ijrriiul ftiver aruuQd ihe tJity • Rap ds, with its exUrinivtf t.YPSL'M BKL'S, wid Fares ^lnclu*lm(C room* or t>«rtfn^ fi,r [>a '' -i '•; five—to Qraad Haven &n<t t>»--< .. t' ->-*>" For parties of Hve to Grand Rapr-'s t n-i l»u - * ;•>, "' Ueali can bv bad OD board at d:ty rent, -».-•• 1 IM h>. Pirtiea can leav^ UU*aa«<*.- L * K ^ u,i > . »(i.l fm , ,- tickeU made Taild to <o %nJ r, uirn *n>- ..m- * ' \ :j Hour* •' Sul UiiK * K a. Lc&ve ilViw*ukc^ .. 1- !*) A » - ••"> •• >. Least; Grand Uaren i 15 p K t u , „ Arrive si Grand Rapids IMT&I ? M >•-'»» M Lear* Gram! Kapula. . -:J5 A » • "C f M Leave Grand H*V*D . i.*) » » J '«( •• « Arnrc at Mllwauke« ,-i 1^ ? m • <•<> * M There is a Dtjw and ctnnf'irt»liir- '.•>' the Hallway Dfpot at t^rand Hav**n, < f artier (desiring to aptrad a few boun jr on ibe Beacd which is ja.ic ['"n* have tffry stt^ntloa ^n* If artK-i from Colic-,K«, School* * lnjufati"Os, irlU be carried >n v-ry > can bf >D application to thf ,ubn fjjr~ 1irket8':afi bf had at O»;k OH W K ML'IB, IV tl j n^r»l .**ut>*-r'.Dle-odfot, i , ^--l 1 al Detroit loach and *aildl« rv The Latest Novelties THE L AKuKS I' \ \l > '1 » I I I IN i M i : &. Linen !)*'[) i r lineu( CLOTH DEPAK I'U I \ BAKi<ESBK()TIIKK> OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT Ni ». »i A I.HAN \ Ml .< K K . U i.ijia it • •! <• Ll.-j »lLftttiOii . : r.r u % le '» i.'i- ir \i j *i r*.f- *-i^ M r « ••» ' SADDLERY HARDWARE THIM.M1 N(rS DRY (JUODS AND YANKtE ND'I A I' i^ 4 I" 11 I- A.MUi K~ .N' U 1 -"' <«'>.. -.« - . -- : •- r - \l . , ,. 1 tf Uie t><»t Eastern timb 3OO t V > \ I r p i i I N | • wt»ich Wtf woulil 'n vile iptM-lnl aa -i: -u, yy Oar ito.-k ihrnighoui w:fi b«- ; - inJ <j[Ir;red at tlie tuTtol ^riien. KALI. Oh 185H. l>t I It A tO., 136 EAST \V\TF.U MUI Kl. MILWAUKEE, ...... trw t -i..VjV.v Manufacturer* arui WioluaU ,i>id Rfttiu /',,j.,-, .r, W OULD reflpectfullj announce (o their al»l t-usuim- era, that they ttlU continue to k^p tn« lanreai and bat teicetaii Stock ol &oatla m Utor -n- -.o b, found la the State, ami viil conduct i/iufr hu-itn^ns, *.-> heretofore, with the Intention of jiving tmti5fa»-tion.— To aa many uew customer* aa mar feel inclined to jn-.- a* a call* TO would. lay one of ou/ arm reaiJw o New York, and we haTe facilities for th* parchaat* and man af act are of ^oods that can not be excelled. w f *r« at all times readj to take advantage of Kaateru Markets, and bare been enabled to reduce the price of many kinds of good*, whlcft TO -hall continue tu «ei. at ^it- lowest prices In Wectern V. rkeU. We are coastantly receiving ad<-i DOH* t» >ur >t>»ck, 40 d vlll keep It 10 complete aa lo bt* able at ail times to fill nr^prt for fcnj kind of Saddleri', Carriage Tnm- . .. -i t '-.ii. Maker*' Stock, and will do to m a tn%n aer to give aatlafacUoc In respect to ouahtr and prices We alM keep an anortment of bent Stuff, Pol,.*, ^ hurts Felloei, 8 poke*, Huba, Ac., Ac., and have <-ormantiy on liaQd.or will teaae n» order, any kind >r Coaiib, Car rlage, Wagon or Team Harness. 0*1! and tee for yoars*lvei. an REMOVAL W . F . B A 1 ' L E 1 H&a removed to bla oU •land, N0.| 186 EAST WATF.H . N. Bontaleei'f Dry ti< n *i* And having made such additions to hi* raciliun for executing KINK IP O R T K A 1 T H ! As to enab e him to- say to the public with ^»nnil<?rK'? that he is now prepared to tarnish them vith every dt- slrable style of Picture known to tbe community, m>i at such Astounding Low Prices as to lery cnmpoiuioo . for example, Dagnerrolypos tor Cts. , SIZK PIIUT04.U A PUN For only |Q,00 the nrst one, and 50c fur the Duphc.i aiELAlNEOTYPES, A.TI UKO«K A PUN At d In fact every other tstyle of Picture, at cnrro ipoadlng low prices. mPEKI A L. PHOTUU HA P H.%, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, and flniaiieil in the highest style of the Art.| THE 8TEEI.OTVPK, A new and popular style of Picture, UoloroJ ID on, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty o( Onlah,any other Picture ever offered to the Puinic.— These Pictures hate only to be leen to be admireit. All who are desirous of laving money am respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Ola Stand, ifo. 1M East Water street, Milwautte, Wl*con*tn. marlS-dftn W. t. Steam to tl^e Pr.ncipal l'own« in ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOB The powerful Iron steamship* OITf OF BALTIMORE, CITY OF WA3HJ» t '' rov . - : KANGAROO, Witt tall from Hew fork for Cork direct and thence ' ' .to Liverpool, ••-• The OfrTDrHAKUaUTKB anJ T1QO will sail fr BELFAST and COKK to Hew York once a Month. Jtate of Passage from New York . To Cork, Liverpool and the principal towns lo ' - IR1LAND, BNQLAND AID SCOTLAND : rV'passeniers forwarded to Havre, Antwerp, Br»- merrana Haobttrg for *S8 In Cabin, 135 Third Olara. • TOJAJUB (ltt.S4hour» from Liverpool,) Cabin $83; ThirdCU**V|38^".. J. :.••••.; . J . Penoo*Vlahlns; to »«nd for thalr blends can obtain Certincate* at passajft frotd CORK or BKL»A3T to JNBW yQ.ftK.tor t?ti»i trom LlYCBPOOl* $4U. lor pa**»J» apply to B-J.Cortla* Uo., 177 Broad- war.' N- Y., Joan 9. Dare,IB Broadway, N. Y., or to *?' TIMOTHY VARNZY, -. „.,-' a.•-..,. i .,...-:.', ..Milwaukee, Wlscomln. «. B.-Paa»enfer» by thl* Una'avoid tbe risk and * "'caUlng-atHaWaxaitdBt. Jshns. mayZS , Joiut-r K ».T! RN, . , - ,, k , , ... „ Jeiv-,1 ., r ...N, -j.,s, -,..^, .... ,,, ,., koy »:an.n,- •„. a,,., ^r-. 1. ,t; DWELLING Uor w A u K H«M:S t;s, s r >, -lls a.-rvn:, .-. MAN I ?*UTl AT WHOLESALE \M . ,-. r K A M 'I \V \ 1 r- K > MII.WACKKK, :„,..,, .. k ,, .... ATLANTIC ( AHLK -.\NI)_ FALL MTVLtw ii ITS ¥ T NCLK BKN aploth, -..IUM »1II •„„,. . . .• , U Hats uf D'On«y, W»ry i o.p ,,i I I . , , ' for 18.M, ,n ' SA'l'i: KL>.\ "> A I ( , I > | Mill -« r - 3NT o . 1 Q o Ii a » I W a t «• r sir «• «• ( W. Ii. <.r«>^ (J«.>.Vt M KS^lc >N *«). a<)S \> esu-f u M \ N I xl'HKK r. soil all «mil» of<-^. h'A 1 K.N 1 i^l OH- KJI plosive f-a.t Lamp. ftMlK puDllo is ouw favore.1 »itli III,. UK!<T. SAir^lT J. tail most SCONO.M1CAI. LKillT ,i-^r ( ,r.,,| u , -.1 . equal if uut juuerlur tu tht? Deal Oi>al iliias I; ^ adapted to Churches, Uot<fls, dturea, ttfailm^ itooma Private Dvelllnt/s, Uailruad Oars, Ac., Ac. A m*, vl ,[ prove iu superiority over ail Portable Lii^hts n.iw i, use. it 10 unlike all other Lauipa, belDK ^4slly :imnn^^.| brilliant, economical, free fnun «tnoke .ir t m ,-ti m.i what Is more, enilrely nsfe from all 'lander ,r -M.I.. «lon. Apply <t JOHN UOOUMA.Vs, 1 SS ,ir«e(,'.., B. \V. KAttML.M, JecS Agent r..r the State .n w .aconou. J o u a t it a u € r o » «• Jo , UNUfciKTA K KK A'usvric-uu 9Iuu«^ KKSP8 CONSTANTLY on hun.i , large inartmen jt Mahogany, black Walnut and other WDO.I Uofflns, 10- gtjther with Klsk's Metallo Burial Uasea. The aftictt at tho Forest Home Ceffict^ry Company 19 ai my plant;, where 1 days ihe piau 0 ( the <ruurj,lj. l m always ready to .^c^oiuuttny patrons u, Oio iJesne- |rey to select lota or places lor Nurfal, anJ can be fountl tmtuy pJoea of btuuneu day ar oigfn. Ooan Trim- aiiira of all kinds for s&lo. it»p2tf T M HK place tn buy f}r«o«'te< t" al FI1INN * UBOnHV* IBS I'OltK, rood article, in itore, for salu. LAYTOa A PLASKINTtSN.

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