The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 14, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 10

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1939
Page 10
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TEN THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 1939. Todays Radio Programs NEW YORK, Aug. 14.—The NBC and CBS networks will broadcas some of the activity during the U S. army maneuvers at Manassas Va., and Plattsburg, N. Y. f betweei now and August 24. The broadcasts started Suuda> with preview talks and will con tinue with a WABC-CBS pickui from Manassas at 10:30 tonight Over the weekend there will be programs from Plattsburgh on both NBC and CBS. There also will be broadcasts during the final days of the war games. Stanley Baldwin, former British Prime Minister, will be heard in an extensive broadcast Wednesday night when he talks on "Demo cracy at Work." His speed at 9:30 from the banquet of the Congress on Education for Democracy in New York will be relay-sd by WABC-CBS.. WJZ-NBC and WOR- MBS. Short wave forecast: "Reception expected to improve to fairly good the first half of the week, changin SHDCKEV MOMTy.DtOYOU EVER WONDER WHY YOUR NOSE IS IK THE MIDDLE Of KH* FACE NO, M*. MS31 IN I KNOW THE ANSWER. YOUR NOSE IS THE THE CENTER of interest i:i Hagerstown just now is the beautiful furniture display which marks August at-Shockey Furniture Co. Center YOUR interest on our selections ... it means savings and satisfaction for you! HACERSTOWN-MO to probably fair to poor the last half." Dialing tonight (Monday): WEAF-NBC—7 Dick Tracy; 7:30 Margaret Speaks songs; S Doctor I. .; 9:30 Horace Heidi's Knights; 9 Josef Pasteruack concert. WABC-CBS—6:30 Blondie (West repeat 9:30); 7 Rep. Joseph W. Morton on "Gap Accomplishments in Congress''; 7:30 Howard and Shelton; S:30 Guy Lombardo; 9 So This is Radio. WJZ-NBC—6 Orphans of Di vorce; 7 Order of Adventures; 7:30 True or False, new time S Magic Key, new time 9:30 Radio Forum Hugh Hammond Bennett on "Farm and Forest Conservation." What to expect Tuesday: WEAF- NBC—12:45 p. m. Women's Clubs program; 2:30 Pepper Young; 5 Dance Music. CBS-Chain. .1:45 Tune Time; 2:30 Story of the Song; 5 Exploring Music; WJZ- NBC—11 a. m. Sir Josiah Stamp from London on "Democracy and Its Challenge"; 11:30 Farm and Home Hour; 3 p jm. Opera from Milan. Italy. The Horoscope (Copyriflht, 1939, by tht McClurft Newspaper Syndicate) Monday, August 14, 1939 Benefic aspects rule today which is one of the most auspicious in recent months, according to astrology. It is pre-eminently a date for launching large enterprises and for guiding ambitious projects. Banks come under a promising sway which adds to their power and should enable them to help business improvement and expansion. Jain in financial influence is indi- ated for the "United States government Manipulation in international banking may present extraordinary difficulties to the administration in Washington. This is a most auspicious day for entering into agreements and for ! igning contracts. As a preface to j he autumn this date is promising or trade and commerce. Women will find this a favorable inie for social entertainments. Distinguished foreign visitors will on tinue to be interested in Amerian institutions. International weddings are fore- ast for the end of this year which s to close with a great increase in he number of marriages. Unusual ayety will mark the autumn. This is a lucky sway for politi- ians. The search for candidates or high offices will be persistent, lough not fortunate at this time, oung leaders are in the making, ut they will Ire slow to be recognized. The seers warn that in this ountry heredity does not assure uccess for candidates. Women leed not hope to succeed husbands who die while holding public office. Don't Get Excited . .. about extra washday burdens during the summer, about keeping garments free of soil and perspiration odors — put us to work for you. DAMP WASH 12 Ibs. 45c SHIRTS — style laundered 15c PALM BEACH SUITS, cleaned & pressed DRESSES, safely cleaned Thone 1550 Now for Pick-Up and Delivery Service HRGERSTOUJD LAURDRY AND CLERRERS PHONE 2550 • FOR PICK-UP AND DELIVERY HRVIH MODEST MAIDENS Trademark RfKMerud U. S Palf nt Offlct ~&9Kl I bought the cutest fur jacket* Persons whose birthdate it is have the augury of a year o£ happy but uneventful existence. There should be much pleasure in social contacts. Children born on this date usually have attractive personalities. They are definite in ambition and able to succeed in anything they desire to accomplish. Many artists belong to this sign. News I. Q. Answers 1. Because he survived 133 - foot leap from it into East River. 2. Marjorie Hillis. She wed Grocer Tnomas Roulston. 3. The U. S. Asiatic fleet commander is retiring. 4. Divorce. She sued Jackie Coo- flan, former child Star. 5. True. Nearly $2,000,000,000 more; total $13,158,000,000. LOCAL QUOTATIONS Furnished by Kline Bros., Bertevol* Wheat (at mill) 6Sc Wheat (at barn) 67c Corn 75c Local Prices Paid Producers Butter Ib. 20c to 2tc Country Bacon lb I6c Eggs doz. 17c Onions per bu. 75c Country Ham • lb. 25c Chickens lb. lie to 14c Springers lb. 14c to IGc Shoulder lb. 20c Lard lb. 7c Potatoes °. No. I, bu. 50t Only about 1,500 stars are visible at any one time to the naked eye. ON DOWN THE SPORTS TRAiL By WHITNEY MARTIN Seabright, N. J., Aug. 13 (fl>)—He doesn't mean it just that way, but when Harry Hopman, captain of the Australian Davis Cup team, speaks of Adrian Quist you get the idea he is talking about the invisible man. "Of course he played here last year and is playing now," Hopman NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS By OSCAR HITT OH, PETERS, CAREFUL said when reminded the cherubic- faced Quist seemed a rather robust spook. "But the Americans haven't seen the real Quist. Last year he was good up in Canada before we came down for the cup play, but he left his game up there. And he hasn't reached his top form this year." Hopman had watched Quist and John Bromwich sweep their singles matches with the Cubans yesterday, and then had taken Bromwich out on a side court for practice. There has been some talk that Bromwich is under-tennised, and needs some hard work. Hopman denies this, but yesterday Bromwich looked like a man trying to go through the 18-day diet in one day. He must have played eight sets all told. And when lie was through he was sagging like a mountain bridge. Quist, Bromwich, Hopman and Jack Crawford make up the Australian squad. But the team is Quist and Bromwich. The other two are just lifeboats to be launched in emergency. Quist is a little on the short side, affable in a detached sort of way, with a roundish face and slightly drooping eyelids. Bromwich is tall, gangly and reddish. He holds his racquet with two hands and swings at the ball like he was trying to ring the bell at a county fair. Crawford, a veteran of 13 years of tournament competition, is a big, raw-boned, sad-faced individual, known on the court as a stylist. Hopman, small, blond, alert and genial, is a ready talker and doesn't pull punches. . Although the Aussies still have Yugoslavia to meet before they tackle the Americans in the challenge round, Hopman gave the impression the preliminary zone matches were just something to get out of the way. The Aussies really are gunning for the Yanks, and no mistake. Loon OFFICC LIBCRflL LOflHS THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY AND BEFORE PETERS COULD DO ANYTHING RASH HE FOUND HIMSELF FIRMLY WEDGED INTO A CHAIR AND PRACTICALLY SURROUNDED BY THE TWO BURLY INTRUDERS !! NHVER M/^\> THE" LADDER. MRS * * WRENCH STILSOM ON THE OOB A<3->*JAl COPYRIGHT. 19J9. KING PEATURES SYNDICATE. Inc \WQRLO RIGHTS RESERVED POPEYE Is There A Doctor In The Audience? BEGISJNJ1MG A KJEW STOR.V ft RAINB1RD" A STIRRING ADVENTURE IM VJHICH POPEVE ATTEMPTS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT "THE WEATHER. FOR TME SAKE OF SUFFERING ^ HUMAN 1TV -v* OHMVGORSHA rr is GREAT TO BE BACK AG'IM IVAM GO'MER SETTLE DOWN I ASHORE AW STAV ORF THE OCEAM AHOYOLIVE, C'MOM AKTLE'S GET MARRIED TODAV THEV'S MO PLACE ^\ LIKE HOME* SCORCHY SMITH By JOHN C. TERRY HAVING LEARNED THAT DR.SERkfl AND ANGELA ARE TO BE CARRIED AWAY AS HOSTAGES BY BEAU'S GANG, SCOBCHV. SCOOP AND BOWER. HURRY TO THE AIRPORT AFTER THEIR ESCAPE THROUGH THE SECRET PASSAGE NOW HERE'S THE BUT, SCORCH^ YOU'RE TAKING ALL THE RISKS/ NO TIME FOR BUTS NOW, KID-YOU DO YOUR JOB, AND I'LL TRY ID DO MINE- IDEA-IT'S A DESPERATE SWELL.'-THERE'S ONLY ONE MAN GUARDING THE PLANE/ GAMBLE BUT IT'S OUR f\ LISTENING/ ONLY CHANCE/ BRICK BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Gray &RICK THINKS IN A JAM .' I CAN'T LET CRYSTAL TO HER UNCLE AVIL'S PLACE -HE'S W MORTAL ENEfAY, BUT SHE DOESN'T KNOW IT / CRYSTAL, CAMT WE LAND SOME WHERE NEARER THAN YOUR UNCLE'S PLACE BUCKO MAY BE IN BAD SHAPE / 8-14 THERE'S A DESERTED SEASIDE CABIN NEAR HERE-WE'LL LAND THERE / HOW IS BUCKO, HE'S STILL UNCONSCIOUS — MISS JOHNSON? I'VE TRIED TO AWAKEN HIM SEVERAL TIMES / MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP MDUR MOWEV FOR LAST WEEK, ) /KP.8ROADFOOTJ! KiOW MONJDAV I WAMT \ YOU TO CLEAR THAT FLOWER BEDOUj) IN FRONT...SIVE IT A GOOD WEEDIMG AMD CUT OUT^AIL THE DEAD SHOOTS« 'WOVV.Mft.BROADFOOT, I'D LIKE TO MAKE ) A SUGGESTION, I THINK >OU WOULD < ACCOMPLISH MORE DURING THIS HOT J WEATHER, IF VOUD SNEAK OVER HERE REAL EARLY.3EFOUE DAWN/SAV... AND'TENJD TO TH' FLOWER WHILE IT'S MICE ANI> COOL! THEN AYAL.,.EFTHEY'S JE^ORDIMARV OL / (TAME FL'ARS..*AH'D DRUTHER f CREEP UP ON x EM IM TH' DAYLIGHT... EFFEN IT'S ALL TH'

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