Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 3, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVOKING GAZETTE: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3 3'n RrlHfir Mdli'-nt Journal. DCAK Sin.—T have the (five a brief nnte upon "Epidemic Cholera/ honor to the subject of as it appeared at Fort Dodge, Kaa, in the summer nncl v autumn of 1*07. The Fort ia situated upon the upper Arkansas River neflr the present location of Dodge (ity. The garrison was composed of a bntal- lion of the 3rd U. H, Infantry, troop K of the 7th U. S. Cavalry and quite a large force of civilians employed by the quartermaster, as the post ;was under the process of building up nt the time. Sometime during the latter part of .Tuly, 18(17. a detachment of colored troops on their way to New Mexico encamped on the river bottom near the fort. The moving column, lost some of their command with,'cholera along the line of march before reaching our post, and one died while encamped for the night near us. Surgeon Chaa. DeGroff and myself appreciated the danger so near and took all the necessary precautionary •anltary measures within our power to keep it out of our command, but in that we did not succeed, for the second day after the colored troops left season. The fact of the r-svalry troop bnng exempt from disease was not attributable to the choire of location of ground, for it was on the same IPVP! with the infantry quarters and not more than a few hundred fePt distant. The next question that I wish to bring emphatically before the people and the profession is, why was the cavalry troop exempt from this, epidemic, while others so near were so terribly afflicted?.-,. I will explain, as follows: At that time trip Post was not completed, and the men slept in a stone stable with their horses; and would it not be good logic to atlirm that the Cholera- germ was neutralized or rendered inert by the action of the ammonia cal gaa arising from the decomposed urine of the horses V And to follow that tram of reasoning still farther, in order to obtain some practical benefits from such experience, would it not be judicious to recommend, in case of any future cholera epidemic, to assume the customs of the Arabs, or to spray ytur homes liberally and often with spirits of ammonia in order to destroy the propagation of this deadly cholera- germ. Youra Respectfully, ,1. B. CRANDALL. Late Asst. Surgeon U. S. A., and Health Commissioner City of Sterling. >"* one of the quartermasters' employees that bad Tlsited their encampment was taken down with cholera. This case was the opening; others followed and in less than a week we had a dozen cases on hand, and we had the genuine epidemic cholera to fight in earnest Post Commander Henry Doug- lasa and hie estimable wife were among the first prostrated. The major made a brave fight agaiust the deadly epidemic and came out victorious. Owing to an unavoidable complication, we were not able to save the life of the brave and cultured Mrs. Douglass, who left a city home of elegance and ease to link her destiny with the joys and sorrows of a soldier's life, remote from civilization and home. The rapidity and fatality of this dreaded disease had a depressing effect upon the most of the troops and caused a stampede of many of the civilians and quartermaster employees of the post Much credit is due for the prompt and decisive plan pursued by Capt. William Thompson, who was in command of troop B, 7th cav., and was at this time the senior officer on duty at the post, who ruled with a hand of iron, and saved the day by establishing order. About this time Surgeon DeGroff was prostrated with nervous fev«r, so that the whole care and responsibility of the sanitary condition of the troops, employes of the post, and the entire management of the hospital department had been placed under my immediate supervision. If there .had been time to consider the question,(I should have said that ' I was too young and inexperienced to assume' so responsible a position.) I have acquired greater knowledge of the matter which Incites this artic. e But there was no time for thought, the . situation was before us and it was necessary to act, and to act promptly. The flrsf thing was to move the sick men "from the bottom up into tents on higher ground; had them scattered as much as possible. Then it was necessary to use all the artifice and strategy we could devise to obtain reliable nurses- Some of the most proficient were taken out of the guard house: even criminals were released and were put on the volunteer force as nurses, with the understanding that if they were faithful and survived their offences would be mitigated or pardoned. The epidemic continued its mad career and was at its height during the "middle to the latter part of August and continned with slight interruption during the months of September and October. We had showers of rain during ' the warm season but they did not refresh us as the ground was so hot that as soon as the rain struck the earth it would generate a hot steam that would / jrlse and almost suffocate a person that "'wasobliged to inhale the vapor. Many thought it worse than the great subterranean smoke that visits the wicked. In describing the Individual cases; most of them were taken suddenly; with no premonitory symptoms, with cramps in the stomach and bowels; with a rice water diarrhea; with continuous vomiting of about the same character. The blood would congeal or cease to circulate in the extremities. The hands and feet would'get cold. This coldness would travel towards the •enter of circulation, and as soon as it reached the heart the patient would 'die. Many of them died in less than eight hoars from the time of first symptoms of Invasion. The only rational plan of treatment gathered from this experience was to keep up the circulation in the extremities. This was most successfully accomplished by constant and contiauous friction with the bare bauds of some strong attendant that possessed a large amount of animal magnetism, with small and frequent powders of morphia to quiet pain, with •mall bits of Ice to allay thirst No liquid medicine would be retained for the first twelve hours. If we could keep them out of a stage of collapse for twelve hours our prognosis was generally favorable, aa moat of such eases survived and were ultimately cured. One singular feature of this epidemic, developed during its rage, which la worthy the serious reflection of scientists, as it may lead to as valuable rasulta u did the discovery of vaccination: The feature of which I •peak is, that Troop "B," 7th U. 8. cav- alvry, wen* exempt from the cholera; but the infantry, tbe quarter-master employees, the civilians, as well aa the officers and those living OB ranches fur a radius of seventy-fire miles about the fort, were brought ia for treatment. Ip all ctoiasa during the cholera epidemic there were »me elghty-ttveeaaa* with twMty*«iSbK oUs&tkft, which ws* cotuid- $£94 » v«r? credit*fel« t&owlog far Uis GIVING "LITTLE PHIL" THE SHAKt. Th« HPKE) nf the Army Spend* A D»y of ItarAptlonH at Boston. BOSTON, Muss., Feb. S.—G«n. Sheridan and the members of his staff, on tho invitation of Judge Devins, met tbe judges of the supreme court Thursday morning. On the arrival of Don. Sheridan the full bench suspondnd business and received the general in the lobby. After leaving the court the party proceeded to the city hall, where a large crowd had collected, and as the general appeared he was loudly cheered. Mayor CXBrien and the city council received the distinguished guest, the general shaking hands warmly wilh those who were presented to him. . At 12 o'clock the party withdrew, and with Mayor O'Brien proceeded to Faneuil hall to attend the public reception tendered to the general. At the hall, while the band played "Hail to the Chief," enthusiastic cheers greeted the advent of Gen. Sheridan Jrprn the dense throng that flll«d the build- Ing. The general, accompanied by the members of his staff, Mayor O'Brien and tha city officials, took a place iu the center of the hall, bowing his acknowledgments to those in front, and then began the arduous work of handshaking, which lasted for some time, and many hundreds of citizens had the pleasure of a shake. During the afternoon the general left here for Salom. ERRATIC MISS COFFIN. She 8ay» Her Wnrdrobn !• Knongh to Drlvo a Woman Insnn*. NEW YORK, Fob. :). —Miss Coffin, the Cincinnati heirHss who is sal 1 to bo infatuated with an actor, is still in Jersny Cil.y. Fear of the little slip of paper which awaits her on this side of tho North river is what keeps her there, for this paper is an order committing Miss Cofllil to Bloomingdale asylum. Mist Coffin still refuses, in a blunt, curt fashion, all offers of assistance from strangers, and al tbe same lima persists in making unnecessary confldoncen to those whom she has met about the hotel, tine seems to 1« thoroughly posted as to her legal rights and limit 1 ) and attributes her demeanor to untoward circumstances. .. ' . * "I would be pleased to know," she cries, "if it is not enough to make a woman Insane to be limifnd to two handkerchiefs, a cake of soap and a toothbrush for a wardrobe?" " AilTertisInu" Milwaukee Beer. NEW YOKK, Feb. 3.—The American Federation of Tradm has issued « circular calling upon all members to light to the bitter end the Milwaukee brewers who are at outs with their union employes. The circular saysi "The action of these grasping, avaricious, and unfair employers should be met by a determination on the part of labor and labor's sympathizers to either compel them to do common justice to thoir employes or by giving our patronage to others, thus rendering their title 'employers' superflu/'.in," and closes: "Remember that Milwaukee beer Is made by non-union men." Incrutmn In the Knights of I^&bor. PmySbKLPHiA, Feb. .'!.—The general eie- cutlv/boaid of the Knights of Labor have 1 mad/their report (or the January term rel- ~attve to the membership of the various assemblies throughout the country. It is said that when tbe footings are made up the order will show an increase of over 50, uOO members. In this state the report states that tha Increase has been more noticeable. In New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey tbe decrease has been marked, but the report saya it is less than was antlci pa tod. In tbe western'and southern states the knights have grown rapidly. • <v., A Ornnk Bun In. TVASHINOTOV CITT, Feb. 8.—The polios have arrested and locked up Abraham Isaacs of New York, who came here to collect money out of which he Imagined President Cleveland had defrauded him. Isaacs, who Is evidently a crank, said that {4,000 was due him by the government, and that the president had retained It for hlu own Una. Ha was going to the White House witb a big bull-dog to demand of tbe president that he settle up accounts. An Indignant Ah Sin.. .- KIMOSTOW, Can., Fob. 3.— VVong Chin Foo, tho Chinese lecturer, journalist, and scientist of New York, has entered an action for ti5,fl(K) against the Dominion government, Wong was sent In bonds from Clifton to Kingston, with a label on his back, In accordance with customs regulations. This and other indignities are the cause of action. A <'orrrrtliin. l>Kns (iiiovr. 11!.. .Ian. "I, l^s*. I-MI tor <!ll7."t!.': I)nAn Sit::—In your weekly issue of the :.'Mth inst., 1 notice that your correspondent from Deer (!rovp triyd to throw a cast of oJium on the school entertainments that wore held in the Deer Grove school house on the rlh and lltli of the present month. If this injudicious scribbler, who trios to write up Deer (Jrove for the benefit of your valuable readers, had possessed the lirst principle of manhood, or Christian decency, he would never attempt to vent his contemptible spleen on school children in any of their innocent amusements. Your correspondent spoke of two stages of the entertainment which caused some little unpleasantness. If your correspondent was present at either of those entertainments, and observed more than one stage, he must certainly be laboring under B fit of insanity, or :i partial loss of the mental f acuities^ that, was brought') to bear upon this weak-minded individual through somnambulism, which was caused by the great anxiety this injudicious scribe has for the advancement of our-excellent school,—Now l-wa» present at both of these entertainments, and took particular notice of the good conduct and decorum, both of the audience ana the pupils Jwbo took part In the entertainment, and could see nothing but what was worthy of praise and commendation. It would seem to a casual reader of the GA/ETTK that this narrow minded individual from Deer Grove, would like to have it appear to the readers of the GAZETTK that Deer Grove is a little hades. There was an Irish writer, who once said that if you had any one you disliked and would like to have them out of the way, all you had to no wag to send them to II— or to Connaught. This narrow minded individual would also like to impress upon the minds of your valuable readers that if they had any one that they would wish to have out of the way, that all they have to do is to send either to H— or Deer Grove, and that they would not be troubled with them again. ONE THAT •TTTE i,r/!<roTn OF IT." A woman of I MUfortune Follows Fast. MINNKAPOUB, Minn., Feb. 5.—The Journal's special from Brown's Valley, Minn., the town that was blockaded by the blizzard, says a fire there early Thursday morning caused a loss of $18,000; only partially insured. The block containing Barrett Brother's bard ware store burned. .Sahinerffecl ft Thousand Years Ago. . BONO KONO, Fob, a—The city of Haiyen, north of Ninghpo, which was submerged about a thousand years ago, has recently bean partly exposed to view, and a number of vases au>l other relics nave been r«oov- •red. Death of Mary Howltt, the Foeteai. LONDON. Fob, a—Mrs. Mary Howltt, UM aged pot>tias, died Thursday night. In Washington* One of tha modest cards among those of public mm U that of Gen. Bcale, who was, it will bo remembered, such an Intimate friend of Gen. Grant, and who la one of flie most cultured gentlemen In Washington. The- family card* in which father, mother and daughter call with one presentation, are well represented In that of Mr. and Mm. Marshal Wl)non. Whose day in Friday, and who live on Q atrcet. WaxhiiiKUm McLean, the veteran editor of The Cincinnati Enquirer, though aa old man, still goe« out In society, and hj* card In UM fashionable aa that of ft dude. Mr*. Stanley Matthews bus * neatly engraved p«ce of pasteboard, and Mr». Senator Stock bridge's lightly lettered Card look* very 3 J in pie beaide the heavy btetk leiimm on that of Mnk £Uhua*.— durp*nt«r'• WtMblaften Leu**'. Krom Went Jordan. ' Feb. 1.—The marriage of Mr. Mathew Crichton and Misa Elizabeth Coats, of which mention was made in last week's GAZETTE, was a quiet and unostentatious one. They take their departure this week for Fairmont, Ne- hraskfl, where they will engage in the noblest of pursuits—farming. Mr. Crichton is in possession of those elements—honesty, truthfulness, Industry and sobriety—which constitute the true and manly man and insure success in whatever undertaking he engager. The bride is also highly estimable. A large circle of friends sincerely wish Mr. and Mrs Crichton prosperity in their western home and that the dark clouds of adversity and tribulation cast no lurking; shadows upon the pathway which leads them through the journey of life; but thatthe bright rays of cheerfulness and contentment be abundantly showered upon them. Miss Isabella Coats has been suffering from the effects of neuralgia of the head, but under the efficient treatment of Drs. Paul and McPhearson is convalescing. The grate in the Compton school house broke last week and the directors with their usual promptness purchased a new one, which is a decided improvement, appreciated by teacher and pupils. . . Mr. Hugh Miller haa been seltcteM as one of the jurors and will spend next week at the "hub". MrTC. Wolber thinks his horse which was so severely injured several weeks ago is permanently effected. Mr. Lawerence Piper has moved into the house on the Crary farm which was recently vacated by 'Bert Illggley. Mat Schwartz has rented the Cricli- ton farm and is .now busily engaged moving his personal effects to that place.._ Mr. (jraven Walker, of Fairmont, Neb., returned home last Friday after a two week's visit here. The plan to have an oyster supper und literary entertainment at the Fairvlew school did not meet with tbe approbation of the directors, so the entertainment will not be held. ' Mrs. Rickford and family, of Vermont, who have been visiting relatives here resumed their journey westward last Monday making Kossuth Co., Iowa, their objective point where Enoch Rickford, son of Mrs. Rickford resides. . ': Mr. John Williams is a candidate for tax collector. It is every voter's duty to support him at the election aa he Is qualified to discharge the duties of the office and has been unfortunate in receiving permanent Injuries which prevent bis following any active pursuit. Mr. John Morrow having sold his personal effects, will emigrate to the west soon. Mr. and Mrs, Samuel Myers, of Sterling, spent last week in Jordan. If you see a bruised or shattered nose in the vicinity it will be unnecessary to ask the owner for an explanation as a boxing club has recently been organized at Fenrose the members of which meet every Saturday night in the town ball to test their pugilistic propensities under the tutorage of Messrs. Paige and Sylvester. DON QUIXOTE nn Irish linen draper, after urging a hnn- dred obj ec- tions to the goods shown, finally said, "It's too narrow." Thereupon, the shop- mnn, in a rnye, unrolled the bolt, stretching it the full length of his store, nnd exclaimed: "Henvens! madam, look at the length of it I" And so it is with the hills of onr good friends, the doctors. Nnmerons cases are cited wherein those Buffering from protracted ailments, Hnch as rheumatism, neuralgia, Inmhago :vnd sciatica, after many yenre of unabated suffering, have spent varied small fortunes, ranging from five, ten, fifteen to twenty thousands dollars, all in vain. Then to be finally and effectually cured by St. Jacolw : Oil (price fifty cents per bottle, with full directions in eleven languages nnd to be ha<^of every druggist), is ft striking illnst- tration of long and short hauls. These cases are all ol them verified and are filed among the most valuable testimony to the virtues of this sovereign cure. One of the most remarkable copes of this, kind is the following: The New York Morning Journal publishes the following remarkable event: "Mrs. F. G. Kellogg, living at 50 East 80th st., in this city, wns partially paralyzed by being poisoned, as alleged, by a servant. She lay for seven days in convulsions, and although she employed the best medical skill, her case baffled their best endeavors. One physician after another was engaged and discharged, until seven different doctors had tried to •cure or help her and failed. She spent four weeks at a Health Lift, but her case remained ft problem which could not bn solved. She was nnnble to leave, her bed, nnd was as helpless as a child, not being able to use her hands. Her body wns in n puralyzed condition and her death wan looked for at any time. Salves, ointments, lotions, plasters, and in fact, nearly everything indorsed by the lending pharmacists, were tried until her cose was. given up ns hopeless. At last, reading of the wonderful cures credited to the use of the celebrated St. Jacobs Oil, she was induced to try a bottle ns an only hope. She bcgnn to improve from the time the first application was made. By the continued use of this Great Kcinedy for Pain. Mrs. lias completely recovered. " tornn, hut fire aiirp^s?+*rt t*y t '«' of invpHtlon. Thnn*t who ftr* 1 )n n**o<l of profH;ilOe \vprk thnt ran ho ft in* 1 ivhilp Hvinc: nt homo ihoiiUt M om*e s^nd thf ir Rd(lr*>i" to Hul- l«*tt & <'o,. Forl'find. M;U»e, and IWA!VP fnv». full infonnntt^n how pjrtr«ir «M*X, or at! a^ps, ran rant from $* to $1-5 [>pr day and npwjinls wtietvvf-r tlipy live You am started frr«-, Cnpiial n«t TT- 3 111 red. Some IMYT niiwif* over £.TO in a stntilo ay at this work. Al! tfjcffpd. d\vtf S. M. BEEOHER, PLUMBER, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER. Iron, Lead, Onlvert and Sewer fipe. A Fall I/lae of Brand Good*. Trimming*. «< Pumps and Pump Repairs, Gas .nd Oil Fixtures. SHOP OPPOSITE POST OFFICE --- OHT ~ FOURTH BTKKKT 50 SCHOOL CLOAKS!! 6 to 1O Years. FIRST CLASS GARMENTS! Your Last Opportunity To 'Purcfrase-a Good Cloak at Less Than the Cost to the Manufacturer. Charleston had a 8200,000 cotton fire. Why is it that the girl with the biggest feet always wants to play Cinder- elle? "We don't know;" but we-do know that the beat remedy for coughs and colds Is the far-famed Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. ..-.".. .-.' Earthquake shock in Scotland and England yesterday. Neuralgic paroxysms are often of extreme violence, and brought on by the slightest provocation, such as a draught of cool air. The skin is swollen and in- named, and even after the attack has abated feels stiff and tender. On the first intimation of an attack rub with Salvation Oil. 25 cents. New Prittls, New Giogti Ticks Denims 4c. Finest Stock Black Dress Goods in Sterling. Saved on every yard of Black and Colored Silk. And still that fog is upon us. Importance of I'enonal Cleanllnet*. Very mnny people do not keep the skin active und heiilthy as they ought; the fear of catching cold leads thorn .to neglect to maintain pcrluct cleanliness of tho body, and as the functions of tho skin ore Impaired, the work of throwing out waste material, which rightfully belongs to It, falls upon the Internal organs. , They will bear the imposition for a time, and will labor to do the work forced upon "them, but, sooner or later, they become weakened by the strain, and then the waste of the system accumulates within tho body and assists In depressing tho vital forces. Thus, by neglect to keep the skin in a healthy utate, many a person becomes dull and sluggish and disinclined to mental or bodily effort; all the organs concerned in life share in the disturbance, and become indolent and torbld. The need to maintain perfect cleanliness of the body Is, if possible, greater in winter than in summer, a fact which but few appreciate; and to tho neglect of this essential may be attributed much of the sickness prevailing In tho cold weather, which really ought to bo tho healthiest of the year.—faoston Journal (A Health. We are the Cheapest (Dry Goods Store, in Whiteside County. Goods all New. No Old Stock. Best in the World I BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS }*«•*'•>«•« N. CARPENTER & CO. SuiLOii's viTALizKK is what yon need for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dlz- zlneas ana all symptoms of Dyspepsia Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. O. A. Oliver* Co. 1 Going a Little Too Fmr. There was a cose in the paper the other day in which It appeared that a lady's Maid named Vincent had been dismissed for refusing to laco her mistress 1 boots. Now, it seems to my unsophisticated mind that this valeting, whether male or female, and whether the valet bo a prison warder or not, Is a very poor business on both sides, and quite AS degrading to the valeted aa to the valot I don't think that I should like to be stripped or dressed by another person. ' I have never known which to pity more accurately, Morgan sotting up Maj. Pendennls or the major being set up by Morgan. I remember once, at a little Inn In the north of Italy, I asked for a cigar, and the obliging Walter brought it to me lit. I thought this was going too far at the time. But, after all, It was only tho principle of val- eting carried to its logical conclusion.— London Truth. THE MARKETS. Needle frost again this morning. ,The Verdict UnnalmonB. W. D, Suit, Druggist. Bippus, Ind., testifies "I can recommend; Electric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle Bold has given relief In every case. One man took six. bottles and was cured of Rheumatism of 10 years' standing." Abraham Hare, druggist, Bellvlllc. Ohio, affirms: -The best selling medicine I have ever my 20 years'; experience, ia Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unamous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of. the .Liver,. Kidneys or Blood. Only n half,dollar a bottle at Strlckler St, Boorses Drug Store.' Believe nothing until it is confirmed. THE KKV. G.EO. H. THAYKK, of Bonr- bon, Ind, saya: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to. SUILOH'S CONSUMPTION CUKE." O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Dennis Kearney • abused' Congressman Hitt yesterday and threatened to go to bis district and, pelt him .with dead.caU and baked-enails. 'Dennis is a harmless individual, but he is a bla- thersite. '/ • . , '(The best on earth" can truly be said of Origg's Olycerine Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and all skin erup- ions. Try this wonder healer. ' 26 cts. Guaranteed. O. A. '.Oliver & Co. Parties who go to jail in Ireland on account of land troubles are made herosof.^ FOB 26 CENTS get Kemp's Liver Fills for Torpid Liver, for Constipation, for the Complexion. A. K. Hendricks. an Staall-pox at San Francisco. CHIOWO, Feb. 8. Following tvnre tbn quotations on tha board of trade U>-d«y: Wheat — No. 9 February, opened 78c nominal, clowd 7. r >%-7ilc; March, opened ItS^a nominal, closed 70%-)£a nominal; May, opened ffij^o, clo-wxi 8IJ$-n&x Corn— No. 3 February, openod 48^c, clotted 47%c asked; March, opened 48%c, closed 4HJiic nominal; May, opened BSo, closed tt.%c. data -No. a May, opened KJ^c, closed 83c. Pork— February, opened and closed IH.S'44 nominal; May, opened 14.69, closed $14.00. Lard-February, openod I7.83>4 bid, closed 8" HO nominal. Uve Bt«ck.-Tlu Unlo.i Stock yards report the following prices: Hogs^-Market openod fairly active, with pricra 6c higher; light grades, $i.(H 05.80; rouK'U packing, $.\u6®i.20; mixed lobs 96.10(^5.50; lie*avy packing and shipping lots, J5.80ia5.76. Caltle-Oood to choice strong, $4.^ Q6.16; inferior to loir steady, 13. 00 ^4. 00; cowl, Sl.75<a2-W; Biockere, Ji.00as.30. Sheep— 10< higher; Oood imtlrex, $1 Mil 3. '.3; Inferior, t&OO KIOIITC, made miserable b» that terrible cough. Shtloh'a Cure ia the remedy for you. O. A. Oliver A Co. 1 __ _ .1 chapter of Accident* *od tragedies ia tbe pMt three day* around bare, Produce: Butter— Funoy Elgin crcameiy, 30® 81o per Ib; fancy dairy, 23®V4o; packing stock, 13Q16C.. Eggs— Friwh laid. l'J@20c per doa; Ice-bouse, l.Vi£ll!c. Dretwed poultry --Chickens, 8K<2>9c per Ib; turkeys, 8<3,0c; ducks, SQilOo; geese, 841'Je Fotatoeo— 85@B5c per bu; «weel potatoen, f-'.&0ii$4.00 per bbl Apples— Cboloe, fcl,U6S-'. r jO pur lib). Cranberrias— Bell ' and Cberry, (9.«) par bbl; Bell and tluglo, J'J «. Nora York. . Nmr VOHB. Feb. 3. Wheat- Qtifet; Nn. 1 red nute, BSHtf&Mot No. Sdo, 9lc; No. 8 rod winter February. 8»Mc| do March, SM(^. Corn-Dull; So. » mlxoi canh. «l«®i:; do February, BlS^o. C*tt — Steady; No. 1 while »tiUfl, &®4Sc; No. I do. 41!4r; No. i mUed March, tOa. Rye— Dull and unchnngwl. Bwtey- Nominal. Pork— Do3; (IS 00 Iju-d-February, t60S; March, 18.04. Lire Stuck: Cattl»~No trading; draawd boat duU Init f itiriy firm; coromoa to prime tfidas, 9&M ®a.OO Sluwp aud L*mb»~PricM full off naarb Uaaiul ib« market doaej weak; *tw*s>t CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Secure the overflow land., owners' signatures. Time is passing. (SniLOH's COUGH and Constunpton Cure is sold by ns on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. O. A'.' Oliver & Co. 1 ' • The Michigan Supreme court' de»- cldes that notes given to Bohemian oats swindlers are void. That's a righteous decision. Bneltlea'* Arale« Mftlve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postlvely cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction^ or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale byS trickier & Boorse. That upper dam project should be pushed fast as can be; that ground bog didn't see his shadow. Spring is coming. What tbou doeat, that do quick ly. ; ' ' ' THAT HACKING OOUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. O.A.Oliver & Co. 1 A man was hurt in a duel at Paris a day or two ago. fore. Never happened be CATAJJIIH CUKBD, nealth and swee breath secured, by Sblloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 60 cents. Kasai Injeo- tor free. O. A. Oliver 4 Co. 1 John StumUaugb., a burglar, at Lo- gjuigport, got nine Years added to a five year sentence 'tor eundag ^ the judge wbo had MmUnMd him. LtM tit Oranted^to citizens of Illinois for .he week ending January 31, reported through the law office of O. O. JDoCfy, W7 West street, N.W. Washington: : E. J. Conuett, Peorla, fabric turglng mplement. ' • - ••.--. £ E Billon, Normal, horse banket fastener. ; W H Frltts, Piano, draft equalizer. J A Graaaman. Florid, drill. 'CJ Hartley, Decatur, elevator and weighing attachment for thrashers. ; J W Hoffman, Pullman, ' electric an- nunciator. O Hoffman, Lebanon, screw key for tool bandies. ' H P Kochsmeier and O M Waldrof. Freeport, spring hinge reissue. H A Mace, Mt. Zlon, flood fence. J R Merldith, Aurora, wire stretcher. £ J O'Beirne, Elgin, armature fo dynamo electric machines. ; Q W Packer, Hock . Falls, slat and wire fence machine. A positive guarantee is given by the manufacturer of Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic that a 60 cent .bottle of this remedy contains more curative properties than any dollar preparation. It promptly cures all stomach, kidney and liver troubles. ' >Fot sale by O. A, Oliver. • ' • • • • . •' Brown, May K Bennett. Mrs Kate H Beach, Robbie Browne, J H Be rmor, Joseph Boswortn. A E Letters remaining in the Postofllce at Sterling for tbe week ending Friday, February 8,1888: ; " Hertz. Walter M Johnson, Mr Lane, Comellun I.uco, NE Miller, Mlsa Annie uusnuivu, A u UcAlear Mrs Jiuiel Gastlno, B M Knbaon, Hurnmu Downer, Mrs Mairgla Weaver, Oeo U l>eubeU a Jaa Wood Mrs Kate Hamelton, 8t«vens & Co Hoffnuui, Henry When calling for above lettera please ^•Advertised." '• • WM. A. MoCuNB. f. M. For lame back, aide or chest, use Bhiloh'8 Porous Plaster. Price 2fi cents O, A. Oliver ft Go. 1 A Woman'* x>lsc«Tery. ' "Another wonderful discovery has been made and that too' by a lady in this country. Disease -fastened its clutches upoii her and for seven years she withstood its severest testa, but her vital organs were undermined and death.seemed imminent.'For three months she coughed Incessantly and could not sleep. She bought of ua a bottla of Dr.-King's New Discovery for Consumption und was so much relieved oh taking first dose that she slept al night and with one bottle haa been miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs Lather LuU." Thus writs W. C. Ilanv riok A Co., of Shelby, N. C.—Get a fre« trial bottlt} »t Strickler & Boorsef Drug atons. _ •" ' ' "Humor" and gossip enough to nil up three Of four papers tha *U6 OS U>1», 00 PAJNT; By uilRf (1JIT .'. l«»«l o\K.I CUT niT.GT TlOWt Pidnl Frirl ,y, run it lot.1u.rji I.uuday.- Bight **hi<irwt'.o .Sl--.k:,: l.Utk, Maroon, Vermiluin .Hue. Ydlnrv, «Miv« I.«ke. I'.ewkier *«d Wagon irei-ru. No V.uuKtiin^ tirt.cki.iry. llri** htr4 wtlk * M .h!n»." Unc Co.u autj job U doo*. YOUR BUGGY rip 4op for Chairs-Lawn SraU, Sufi, Plowei ^ott. Snbjr Carriage*. Curtain* Met. Fvmilturt, 63 00 LU 09 Poott, Store-front*, Screen Doon, Boats, et, lion Fcatc% In (act fverythln^ J th« thing tot the ladiut to UM about the be FOR ONE DOLLAR COIT S HONEST ,; A» yob rolnr to Paint {hit yenrlf U io, d»nt | f i \j A paint containing water oe Demise wh*B tho tarn* money (or nearly to) you can procure ._ . B MINT Hut taw ' ' 1-O1T * COV fUHb Pi INT that' U warraatH to bean HOMKBT, GEXVINE L1N8KID-OIL PA1KT and free from water and bcnrine. 0«Hu4 tkU hr»«4 a»4 taka MO »th*r. Merchant* handling It are our arenli and authorized by us. In writing. Uwarruitlt t»»««r* VKAHd wlihl COATS or • TEAKS with fl COATS. Our Snadet arm tbe Latot Styles utod In the East now b«coadii| so popular In the West, and tip with tho time* Try UUs brand of HONEST PAIVT and you wU never regret It This to the wiM U sufficient HOUSE PAINT COIFS FLOOR PAINTS Paint that never dried beyond the sticky point, watte • week, rpoll I'm [oh. ,itnl then iwtar: Next lima c..U.f-r uilT A I OS ft'LOOE PAWT 4 popular and suitnlilo thuics, warraat»4 le 4rj kar4 •• e> rock eirr m\yM. No trouble No . Try It* bo convimjjrf! j E. B. FAOEY"& 00. PLUMBERS, STEAM & GLITTERS H AVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY .-ME, JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In the en\ploy ol J, 8. Jobnstono as Plumber. We alia have arraiiKcmente with WAI.TKlt A. FAOKT; an expert Plumber, now wllU E, Uaggot In tbe beat plumbing eatabllbhmeut In Chicago, In case ot any fine or extra work, to asalat us. We are. prepared to make contracts and furnish material for all work In the Plumbing, Steam and Ou Fitting Hoe. two fccpp In stock iron; Iea4 aud sewer pipe, brass (foods, pumps, &c., &c.; everything to be found In a tirst-clssa eslabU&hroeut, at reasonable prices, and we are now prepared to- do work In a suttsfuctory manner ana guarantee all work and material as represented. T. K. FACET, who haa been in buslnese hero almost continuously for the last 1 lilrty-two yean, will superintend the work. Hl» qualification* us H mechanic ore too well known fo need comment. SHOP AT TUB OLD »TAWI» F ACE Y BLOCK. STERLING. ILL. Red. Line IVo. 1. IliWIN MoMANIGAL HAS STABTBU A 1 new dray, and In prepared to do all kinds of Hauling. Moving hcusohold goods and piano* atpttcl&lty. Leave orders at M«Wla & 8«nn nnd Heary Johnson '> grocery, sepsotf BLUES LIISE. PUNNING THREE WAUONB JL\ All goods promptly delivered to any part oTtas elty. ; Specialty ot rtmovlng hou.iofiola andptuuM. [muiayl] B HTw'- i-AinM H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND AT THB QAZETT8 BINDERY, j

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