Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1941 · Page 15
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1941
Page 15
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS JL Page Fifteen Daily Gazette Jf :M'- rsrne In IMi. there were n* Tor 'he soldier* except Rf'-.-•«•--• war muskets. i iv>r.v PTM-pi Sun/lay June 34 1918 St/Time'CHizrtTe Cr», P-ibh^e IP Po'^offic* 1 RV.r.-.r.K 1:1 F. Or^nri"n r^nT*,) D W Gr.-».nrt"n A^m^rr "&i!<rrd «t Strrime P<-^:'>.'fiM us Sfrtirtd ("IR.^ M»!t»r MF.MB ER~ ASfiCX -1A TED PR ESS The Assuciatrri pifs.* w "xr.-.nve- ._ entitled to the ;>v f"r ren'.ihlirn- lon of all news dir;ia-.rlVT rr^itrri Jo It or not othTTvi--* cr^ditei! In this naper snd also the -oca for the na-, • rmy loaf on the job :r bo<;s «nd rwapf pun- ] ;• -^hftt if ball plnyers ' <•'•;! ir.R the world "wrlcs? ::';v llkf otirs ra,n t havT :;-^-;n; publication. Orv ;•;• is anotliT'* hoofv. Successful Firmer a! 1? Shows layout to Experts Junior collet*, he rewired » 15" r*rk>rt b<?tir«Ti Armistlr* day. No- watch arid notice- rhut he has txri . v«7nhrr 1? .snd Nnvrrnher 15 as * nsrnpd rHlnol* 5tat* winner in fhr fim/- frrr '!•'* American p^nTMr to 4_H nv'at animal Jiwstoefc rontcv-r. ; think sb<rjt thm dut !«•<; *nrf r«-spr,n- If he win* tn* national contest, he .'!bi:f;<>* "defense of this in «hi-h trw» pe'op!* cs.n psrfWpate. Tht proclamation reqiwitM stst* i (tovernors »nd the eovfmtne heads} of th<> territories and po^.^sloris tOi isMje appeal*. l! rmv<! A co'I''R» scholarship. sr.d to b<x:ome in- 1 A ahlv tn .1' Air.H "TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION ,::.<• n. Bv mail tn \Vhreside ad|oin-|., P . ;<. ; tna counties - pw vear *->00. six va: i<- t •onths $275 three mon'.hs $1 oO on* jonth 15 cent? Cn'h rith order f .. o By mafl outside \Vhi-/:«»de and ad- . JoinlnB counties—r*rr vear 6700 six , •' •' • fiwnths $3.75 throe months $7 00, jon.^, 0ne month 75 cent" C^h with nrdrr ro.-v. Pfr werk delivered nv carr^i in fttber Sterline or Rock Falls 20 ent* payable everv Sat ;rdsy roorn- iflt ' No papers sent through the poetofflce in the city carrier district Of Sterling or Rock Falls nntTiotis Isbnr fjrrrd s «,trf>kr. He thntitht of ?.!1 thnsp nr- ««!diffrn not paying dues .- <.:ratcelsts say Eiizinnd -.'?.'f a-new Iron!:" hut if ,-v Nazi machine can t ln- ;-::<; how can England in- ri^rwi says workers would- if Industry didn't insist rra: jirofits." If the boss :r>l!r. we want our xhare DIVKRNON, ILL — <AP> — At the sfre of 17. Farnrr David W. Bnrch rer'-ivrd additional rrcoflni- tion yesterday a* one of the states Farm adM-^-Ts and 4->I Cluh sr* 1 - cialist.*, vi.'ifd 'hf 320-acre fflrm nljrre yo'inif B'.irrh lives with hl.s mo'her.'He has ?fil hoe.'.. Hi.', profit on hoes last. >v-ir was $4,2^6. out o! total jfcnpf- T/5 $11 ~W. Tlirre were state fair pri?' 1 nhhorw sr.d a CTII- ficair of niTit onr> of eleht ix.Mied in the United States to Berkshire swine breeders His inventory showed l.n.SO cluck- ens and 445 baby chirks, a Belcian mare that ha.~ '>" n in the si-.nw rinjf. four purebred s:f"is nnd five other steers. In addition he has been interested in potd'oes. soybeans. corn, electricity and health projects as a 4-H Club member. Before young Burch left for his classes as a at SprinRneld President Proclaims Civilian Defense Week ,.m-d on th- chiimn defend pro-, I prim. WASHINGTON — (AF 1 — Fyrr Roosevelt yestfrdav proclaimed th' irr of the rrci if t!T < ed of civilian manv 5;x~:!fic ways Soybean Of $1.05 Per Bushel ;d to Farmers WASHINGTON —Grow- ers of soybeans ^ho coopVrat-^d with thlr yesr'A AAA crop proiTTam, «^re attired yesterday of lo*ns from the nRriciilttire depsrtmfnt at a nfte of $1 05 a bushel for No, 2 or better Krade.-; stored on farms. In announcing the loan program, the first ever offered for soybeans. th«< department said it was m*d> necr.v-ary by th* 1 year's record product ion of 110.884,000 bushel*, which was partly due to a government, re- qiir-' for additional supplies for de- fens' 1 u,'. "s. BimUar to that \i«.<«d to prices of cotton, wheat and com, th« pro«rram would enable farmera to retain their crop for marketing at * later time and thereby provide a r^enlar flow of .h^ans. to rnilLs all during the year and thus avoid overcrowding the limited facilities of manufacturers. I/win rates fT . cr >\bean,« stored in approved ^ M re I; n'!,'c.<i t'.jll tv^ sever! cent* l r \v than t'ne farm loan rat*. THE CI,ASSIFIEn ADS. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE A Thought for Today -' O my Ood. I trust in let we not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.—Psalms »5:2. Faith builds a bridge across the Ulf of E>eath. to break the shock jlind nature cannot shun, and lands thought smoothly on the further t.— Young. HOLD EVERYTHING! Tomorrow's Birthdays A. H. Prestln. Leo J. Wahl. Mrs. P. O. Richmond. Mrs. Robert Mai Dwieht and Dewey Morten|"ton, 'twins, Lloyd Bo>-ungs, Betty •taetens. Sterling; Lo!a Geule GR- Donovan Ward Akeber?, 6. Mrs. Polt«, Rock Falls; Mrs. Olive s, Wayne Martin. Morrison; Hewlett, Sheffield; Arllne ~Olffrow, Jordan; Ruth Swartz, Paul •*r»rtz, Dixon; Rev. W. D. Pratt, :' Angeles, Calif.; WalUi- II. etuke, MlUedgcville; Donna May Donald,Jones, twins, Woosung; Bucklln. Chadwick. Quillen's Quips Qoilko Convictions are products of the ^Intellect; prejudices are solidified notions. Th« ancient Egyptians evidently slang, toa They called their "booza." •Now that liquor ii lejaL no- tody feels obligated to load up to Ills rapacity except at a con- If,. . '"' But you never see a bronze statue f » broadmlnded man who was to'«*« both sldesT ^ 4 little careless grammar seems 'liMDOcratlc, but we still wish radio •nnounoers .wouldn't say "infer" When they mean "Imply." South ^Carolina last faith in se- eeetion M a remedy. Now it does|l* »t «v«n permit divorce. The only things that go on for- are Tennyson's brook and Joe i,-the Yankees and Roosevelt. J' i<: A provincial Is a villager or. New •-VcrMr who thinks "American opl- •"nlon" means whate^vr his town think*. - CaJlUif U "short of war" is like dayllftot tavinf time. The feet ian't chanted, but it is less -pUnl«t-tt-ir*"c«rniec it tells us that cartoons are «ric*.'s Javorite form of art, This lurprlsc cartoonists—and art. The snobbishness of youth is'pro- Itctlvt. The superiority of the bosa "kn't M> lalllnj.if you can feel sconi- ful about hU dirty nails. Democracy never teams. When STAMP NEWS i Honor 100th Anniversary Of First Postage Stamp has iasued a flve-m-one •tamp in commemoration of tht 100th anniversary of the first stamp. It contains about •vcrythinf that can be crowded .. fate on* isiue. Besides picturing _ 111* Ant atamps of Great Britain. ;. Spain and -Cuba and a map of ; |Cuba, it also bears a portrait of Rowland Hill, "father of the •tamp." Hill was an educator but he it I ; wMt known to philately for hu f»Mt«l reforms, whicfc- won him a , fovenuuent poet. The island of Cuba was discov- r«d by Columbus, Oct. 28, 1402. -With the exception of one year (1762-3) it remained, a Spanish \«olony until 1898. Under the 'terms of the Treaty of Paris the Vaited States gave up armed in* /tervention. A republican form fovermnent was assumed in In }038 the United States re- tinquished its right to intervene "111 Cuba's internal affair* under lite Plait Amendment. P 0 *- l*"?!*"" 0 Batista was mident July 15. 1940." as S|h» candidate of the Socialist- '* WELL.VOUNiG LADY/ I AM WRG. "DE I JUST WANT VOU '^ ATROCIOUS OUTRAGE: PERPETRATED ON WORCESTER'S BACK BY THAT VICIOUS VANDALjCEANDER./ ' AFENAAsLE |N A\ GRASS SKlRT/^AND CONVE-. If4, MRS.DE PLASTER: VOU GET-VOU R BREMM VN'E'LU LOOK INiTO ThUS VOU GOT TWO IM T- _ . CINCH, WES--BUT VOU'D O' MOTICED PRETTV QUICK OME'S HE\DEP TM' VyAV.' SACDL.ED UP TVVO WEA.DEQ SAME WAV AN' DlDM'T SJOT/CE iT TILL DAYLIGHT. SEVEN MiLES FROM HOME.' GOOD GOSH: THIS MORSE MUST HAVE EATEN HAY ALL NIGHT/ THAT ONJCH AROUND HIM OK. YESTERDAY.' COMING UP OFF TWH STARBOARD' ALL H^NlO& BELOW IN RED LETTERS TO QUEHNtH THE RXJRTEEN-HOUR DA>V BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS ANp HER BUDDIES VJOT ARt VOE V\\Ct AVM'. "I found thcumcll of bacon and eggs twice as effective as * " the bugle for getting *em up in the morning, sir! SIDE GLANCES Lard's on the Spot FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Irs SIMPLV CMABKABL MOW WU CAM BEST O* %M <X3T AWAV. BUT I STILL C3OT T\wo / ^Jow GIVE Me THE NAMCS OF OTHER KIDS / < B«OWM— PTY BROWN A BROWM TfetPUfflB/ BROWN — ROWN--- WAWtV B«OWM FY BROWM —CLEM BROVW —- MAMCtS .' DO VOU KMOW 7WAT 1 j OOULD JAIL WASH TUBBS Thrown for o Loss BY ROY CRANE MOWM6 MMJt! VOUW JU»T MA CATTUMJ* Ml ALL MATT, .OWNt IMMOT60W6 •my TOOPEM MTIL "Doh'l tell her, DocTlwl ill ttiat'i the milter with me i« that meenchftum pipe of Pop's •yWlllltm F«rguton THIS CURIOUS WORLD RED RYDER Reception Committee BYFREDHARMAN ALLEY OOf BYV.T.HAMLIK U«TEKJ. OOOLA,SOU STAY DI»OKIV W*-ULE H6ULO.' A LU3HT/ THAT HUMAWS WAMTA BUT WITH FCOZ.V COMC THBttJH / TS6 IK) MOO,. BUT ALL R«3HT^BUT AND THE UNITEO .TH« •V >N AAUUauCAN WHO CXAUVUcD IT VUAfc B UP HtS ROTATORS CAM UUAKI iSlwAKiO, «M HUMA*JS IS VVHKN TAKBN TO OCXJ««r, TH* L.INK CAAAC IN1D OUKSriO. AND THK «srnj»o> WITH TMt iAN JU* ARMTT OF THK AN8W T. K WC. W. (t WI. tfT. Charles Lutwtdfe Oodpoo

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