The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1971 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1971
Page 10
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W^'-h^ '• •5-i h ifi%S,i;,'-" y•'''',' 4- -." -> .,'•'-'•'• '-.\" ,- - . ^^':iV;<3fe»:-V#.^ •-'"• - l l:'< - '• " - ' f • iiNiiti^ji^^Btoi^^^ " ~ *n *,*8[v *" aa&-s.m;«'AVi- J^iMlV.SlV^-'' convenient Christmas J Suli-(ucli(r>t (iuorunlml or Your Mitnrv f? 110) • SEAHS; RQEHUCX AND CO, FREEPORT IAKE JACKSON 23S445V 297-7263 i ' Jr* . 810 TH/CKfT , , , t hicket Is dwindling as politicians haggle (IDItOft'S MOT 1 1 T»» pr*M*m ol .Mvttit'M* M TMclil el Ittt Tli» lr*nt t«mm«ftlil «ntr««ehmml It illl<u»«<f In Ihlt hwlti •M Ull itof y «l »»» »«M» «t Ik* uikln SARATOGA. Tex, (AP)— The Big Thicket is an III- dcfincd botanical crossroads In Southeast Texas— possibly the ttnal stronghold at the panther, the boar and the ivory billed woodpecker in this porl of the v.orld. Ask one thicket resident where the original Big Thicket was and he might answer, "40,000 acres centered around Saratoga." Yet another might say the thicket was once 1.5 million acres, too miles long and SO miles wide. At this' time, no more exact definition can be made for the proposed Big Thicket National Park which will cover anywhere from 35,000 to 191,000 acres, according to which proposwl plan, if any, is followed, The first strong push to make a national park out of a part of the thicket began in t%1 with the formation of the Big Thicket Association Mrs. Dolly Hoffman, a charter member and a member of the board of the association, is a lifetime resident of the thicket area. She recalled that the association originally decided to request 3S*,000 acres for a rational park but hoped to have more added later, That original urganaalioo consisted solely of people who lived in and near the thicket and had a personal interest in what transpired here, Mrs. Hoffman said. "Then, all the conservation dubs and such go< interested in our cause and they wanted to save all the thicket or OPEN TIL 10 PM nl'KN "'I M) \\ > AUTO PARTS HOUSE COLUMBIA none," she said, "I think we wtxild have been better oft settling for the original 33.000 acre request had wo gotten it right then," The "string of pearls" concept, a 35,ooo-acre mUltl- county nine-unit national park, was first recommended by the U.S. Department of Interior following a survey In IllGo*' •, • : ' - .Kach of ihe nine units in the chain of pearls concept was selected for a special purpose and alt were to be connected Play Day winners announced Lots of trophies were distributed at the recent Brazoria County Saddle Club Play Day. High point trophies went to: Carol Deal, U and under pony class; Lori Johnson, 11 and under horse class; Susan Townes, 13-18 class; and J. H. Huckabay, 19 and over, Don Yarbrough took the sportsmanship trophy. First place trophies in the various events were won by the following, listed from th« yoongesl class up: Keyhole Race: JUcky Ncal, U Johnson, Odenna tawcry, Tony Hcrford, Straightaway Barrel Race; C, Beal. Alesia Stewart, S. Townes, Janie Orolh. Tunwl Race. UUly Ray Cox, L. Johnson, Jimmy Pursley, J, Huckabay. Clovcrleaf race: C. Deal. L. Johnson, Terry Rusk. Linda Udbcrg Polebending: C Beal. Donna Johnson, T. Rusk, Dwain Dillahunty. Rescue Race; 11. Cot, Donna Stewart, J. Pursley, Ramona Slarrick Diaper Race: Brenda Stewart. 1,. Johnson. Ijmar Craig. J. Huckabay. Flag Race: Ricky NeaK D Johnson, L. Craig, J. Huckabay. LAYAWAY FOR CHRISTMAS SUPER TRAIN VALUE! PUsto ««« type toewwbwe. tesde/. lo*- dob Jix) aboove, luck, luck coanecloi jixl Ul jppiowd Uiwlw«i 67 67V8 DUAL 8 MOVIE PROJECTION (l««aimaaHiM«fimwwi CONVERTIBLE TW«UH»AWT 66 Rtve/aWe rntot lot vo- ioited desknj. BtOtn J .V284-6 HOMtllOnU IMM t SVftl IM Ready to Fly! P-51 MUSTAN6 FIGHTER Authtaticjiy DtUfcd. rith 5Urtin| iad f lyiot AcctSKfiti Powiid 87 C«i .049 iatiM DEACONS BENCH TOY CHEST M Wood «* ( , Uutti Mot nanh f«|i It Cornirf •*) 0«ittt() rw/l te Ifcifc Ww Pittem i«piiviffiw T*T* DELUXE TABLED CHAW SIT m- »?« TOY GUN RACK 0|M» '01 «:» «P4 Frl^y Tliwwlay for Ywir PLANTATION CENTER Dixie M by a spcclnl scenic road system, , "Two of the 'pearls' already have been destroyed by the lumber companies, however," Mn. Hoffman said. Her observations were echoed by nig Thicket guldf Harold Nicholas. xSliortly following the string of pearls proposal, Texas Sen. italph Ynrboruugh Introttuced a bill calling (or a national purk of 75.000 acres, From that figure the sine of the proposed park grew to 100,000 acres on bill* sponsored in the Senate and In Ihe House, Most recently the proponed purk acreage has climbed to 191 .000 acres In a bill propoml by U.S. Hep- Bob Kckhardt of Houston. Conservationists favor the Kckhartit*bill while the luinbtT companies rodofK- the chain of p«irb concept. With the political iug^llng act accomplishing nothing. ttw thicket is taint; whittled away , some say by as much M 50 »cm per day. Mr*. Hoffman spctsks far nan) of the p.'«pie al Ihe thicket when w wys, "|i'» juM h«4rl rending lo .we the destruction llval' 4 Texans killed in air crash (lAHUKN CITV. K»i>», i Al'»~ Wrecks je o< a light plane en route from Tort Worth lo Montana was found Hwrj<!«) Sr<uch«rm tourxi four Tr\jr» dead and a fifth rriilcalty Injured at thr scene on a farm near here The victims were Michael K. Ktes. 28, the pilot; his wifr. Mary. :•*„ and their d*URhlrr I'am. S, all o( Grapevine. Tet,. and KU»' »»(cr mUw, Mrs Kdilh Klo», J7. o< Fort Worth The pilot's brother, Larry C Kkm, 34. of Fort Worth, w»* in Garden City hospital -*ilh head, leg and ahoukkr m Junes, The plane crashed late Wednesday when iU right *^« touched Ihc ground, according to state police The low survivor wa* thrown from ihe craft, Search efforts were hampered by overcast skies and heavy fog BARBS Hy PHIL I'ASTOHKT Our critical friends tht-ir Christmas rap early. do Too many peopfe kni>u> how In C/inJtmuJ it «.» If you're looking (or Cliriitmas cookies, you're a lot younger than we are. SWEENY SCHOOL BOARD aMi-g!anc« sue IIKAIU) 8WKKNV SCHOOL HOAUD met (hit week In the Administration Building with the following elected member* present: Tbad K. Brown, E. N. Windier, Fletcher Heater, IK II, Wallace, and L J, McNeil! Jr. Staff present Included Supt. Fred Miller, T, U. Duke, W. T. Helton, D«an Fojhee. Phyllis* Klltlnger, Joyce Long, C. W, NeAf, and Jerry Gerllch. llruce Simmon* of White. Kngberg and Associate* was a visitor. THK INVOCATION' W«M by McNeil). Alt voting was unanimous .SIMMONS. AHCIHTKCT with While. Kngberg It Associates, was present to report on (he status of plan* for the high school pha»e of the building program, He staled that the vocational buikiing had grown in »t<#, mainly due to the addition ut a wt*xj shop and la Ihe enlargement of the vocational agriculture Motion to satisfy the vocational people o( the Texa* Kiiwitttoo Agency, Heabo »»at«J that there tud been it tot (K change* in Uw photographic department a* requested by »t«ff member*. Me reported Uui ihey have stayed rlttw lo the original cual nlimatct in oil parts ot the boUding ami remodeling al hi«h ftclrat with the ctcrp«ion oi the vaatlitxtdl building and th»? photejtrapihJe tfefMrtmrot, He rrvtxnrtu-nnkii putting ttxc piaitt out (or bkja and theft cuitiofl where f*tct»*ary to prt within the ntoncy tl the twit are loo hlttb Simmon* rrpurtrti Ihjl l)w pi-itn wcuW U- tea*}) to #} (» the lartWcr* by Sov . It, 3I«) that allowing 4 four^wtek ted perfcxl. b*ii »houWtxsint>y Drc (4 MatMxt that Ihr bttS on It* high tctwmi etpuftuaa pri?gram be opened at 1 » pm or, f>« U «M made by tlrawn, second. McNeil) Sl'IT MIU.KH rrportni lhal Uw 4wtr*t *» »ull in Uw nwrtiey-tKXT«wto£ pcrtod and that it wnuid b« hrciwkiry (0 band for the IWJ-73 year; but. If this can not be worked out tor next year, the band uniforms should not be or* dcrtd until the following year when the ninth grade will bo moved to Ihe high school campus, Supl, Miller was Instructed io see If the details of combining the ninth grade band with the high school band could be worked out for next year and report back to Ihe Hoard al the December meellng> THE SCHOOL AUDIT for lite fiscal year ending Aug. 31, was presented to the Hoard After discussion, It was decided to request Ihe auditor, J. K. Walstort, to be present at the December meeting lo explain ihe audit report. H V P T . Ml I. L K « HKI'Uin'KO on the high school student who had ifuesUkxxd the Board policy requiring alt participants in U.I.I, athletic* to. carry student accident imurance The comptalnt w«j that the student was covered by personal Insurance, and (he parent would itoi ftHttml lo pitying for more imurvnev The Hoard ccxwiikrwl the ptM to pay the l>ill» and mcel lh«f ^f^nrIn^wT payroll JliXitm <«nt martr that ttw adminutrvttioti Ur 4u(htxunl to fcomm II40.WO 4.* |*r agrtrnwni wtlb the drpowierv Usnk Motion by Brown. Mxisod, Wuxlkt T1IK l.iK'AI, IIANN had Mtmnrd it* way the dwlrtct'* t»ni n tundlinR o< (irpr».t. Millet *did (oral banker »6}rcU to trf (he ciTti/iC4lir« luring nuunl by Ihr d*po*tlofy bdnJTi corrr*pondrnt liani, in Houttnn. and he said he didn't know he WAS bidding against a Urge city bank It «o.i Ihc consrniiu» o< Ihc llourd thai the drpcnitory bank U not violating iu iVpomtory con' tract and that the local hank really rt»-» no< Have a NKW IMM) t'.MFUHMli wilt be oroVrtd for (Jell* cry before school »UrU next fall If the ninth grade band could be combined with the high school I HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS I • t <ni,MlMTV IIOMMT.U. <IK HHAZIIM'dHT 1 TJIURSUAV: Clifton Bvrd Siraud ST.. liriuoria Mrs. R.K. (Kleanor U.) llembrer, Krecport Mrs. R J. iNabbte) HoUTls. Braux-U Virginia Arnold Brooks, Anglcton Sherman V. Siondlcy, Freeport Richard Allen bond, Anglcton Janice Lu Ik-arm an, Lake Jackwn Mrs R. R. <£na lirenda) Phillips. Uk« Jackson Mrs. G. W. (Sandra Kay» Hoc*. Oute ANGI-KTO.V-iM.VUURVHOSJ'ITAL WKP.M£BI)AV: Thw Newsom. Clue THURSDAY: Cheryl Barham, Aiigleton WE'RE AT A NEW LOCATION THE BLACKLIGHT 4)2 LAKE JACKSON RD, CLUTE A BIGGER & BETTER BUILDING To Handle A Urge Election Qf Merchandise WE HAVE WATER BEOS - BLACKLIGHTS POSTERS • PATCHES CANDLES & INCENSE Special Price on Some Posters |COME BY AND SEE OUR BWCKLIGHT ROOM ERYC In »ludv«U wrr<« cttvwwl wilh p«r*on4l iiuuratKf. but cirtrrtVd that pj*» etprrteixv *arr4iUcd fcftving tte putery a* it U Supl Wilkr then ai jiMbrr »Ji*V«l imuramrv prut>lr«n A Mi-hnol boj <4mf owt Iwr football, drew a unilorm. if* lini day erf lh*n ram* b»«i IN day 4fa4 fhrclfO In hi« takr «u( thr ttudrM In »«f after ,VOTI f» ba» an injwj for which h*< rUiroi tfc*- i t» en IN- tkurti to4*cj'.rtj il thuuid pay. T1IK HIIAHO b« thrtt !^?t n VX»t 3.1 U H but Ihf j<Jmm»«(r»(i»Mi jj>tuti to cNcvi 10 be !hat the- tctaai t« in IV U-lwr* IMjiftJ Ih* »«l tytv rn|Mt.*il>(in far Unn lo be paid (or m Ihc ITT: 7*1 »rhool ;r4r MoOan. tlctmn. vn-Kfxi. ,Vk,NV<U -«*T«*S TAKKX oo Ifcrw by la TV b, Milkt Itr Mrf thai Meurity ba»« with kxkt hjtl hvvn put<h*wi) (<or ww t^j !h* ph)itcjl At Jutuw for l)» tttxkd > (hrit valuaMn in are mil on (he (wW *4 tlar uniform I'K f at .Vnior Hr«h .Schcai had not been camplelrty but Ihe *A o *«tfc)fl£ on n. Miller adriied Mr aUo rrporlcj (hat the other complaint fit It* dulance to (ravel lo u>rne at our varijly (oo<twll gjrrw> had Urn Ukcn care o/ when Ihe item nchcdule HKgrtSITlO.NS WKKK apprmed WcXtoo. Wallace, second, Brown HII.I.H NVKKK Ai'l'IIUVKO for payment Motion. Brown, tecoind. Wallace WAU^Vt'K HKI*OKT>U) on the sidewalk project that Ihc school had agreed lo help the city finance He reported that the bids received on (he project were considerably lower than the collmatc* had been, and he recommended that the school not pay the full amount agreed on The Hoard agreed that the City should be contacted to find out what the icDaof's fair share a< the contract should be. MKKTIM; AUJUUKNKU at n is pm. Lodge members receive awards „ year memb«r»Hlp award* were presented 10 two mem be m of ; Columbia Chapier No. 3< ami Columbia Council No, 29, during a recent meeting al the Wetl Columbia Mawnle lodge. \ ttecelvlng the awardi were W. H. "Bow" I'lerw and John Craig, with Mn. Pierce pinning the award on her htnhand, Mr*, Jackie Vittito and Mm. Jane fiinggold were with Craig. Award* were prewnled by J, Wyatl Myerji. DUIrict Deputy Grand High iYtail of Capitular Pitt of Texa«, (rotn Booth ami IJoyti C, Kneiitey of llwwien, the MoM tllittlriouf Grand Wafttr o( the Council of 1USM of TBUW, Tl«»e i#rv»e* award* ww« pf«Knlnd in Cryptic M*««*ry Oimwr tern 1 **! at «;3B. *** prepared by Ihe ma ion*, "umkr «*pfnf(«M«»," on* rf Ihrtii NOON CALL Stock mittel ttporl OJIl, , ------- , , Air H«tkKl»«i ,., Amcr. N'all IB* . Anwt. Snc*. ,,,.* Amrr TAT. . , , , A 1' (if*** ,,,, . tnc. . • h«0 UK Onryikr, . .- ..... ... r«»fxtij»«o King, t)w» C.1w«»i<al ,,'. Uufwrt , ..... M» M u», t'» (•} IM, tis tw*. ..."•'» lt«u UJ 1 . HIM Ufim l iM. (H) «f tMt S«4 (HJ v« N J W T 0»»ai M»4«.»l f»4 \i >"Vk»iJ> TfWrf Im} Titwd r'isr.4 >'un4 Ct I !..« j* ^ *• Presenting the KNIT FASHION Collection Coastal Roofing Co. Built-up and Composition No job too large or too small. 2654836 916 Highway 288, Clute Commercial Residential Industrial <&$* Ja.lA*Silii J"i t! rc-iif,. ^aJ^-jiisKfi

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