The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 3, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, June 3, 1859
Page 2
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honest ooufstoUon in regard to the matter.— iMBjwr, on hearing tCat the'Bepnhliean Bewh .' »fthegwatRepnWt<^a.^<,4:^h.o, declined J to interfere with eases which, erdaovely be. long to the jurisdiction of the 0n!te38tal«s,and betrays that he la atUl "of the = earth earthy,» by indulging in idle and foolish threats* against tbe Judges of the Supreme tJonrtofthe , State of Ohio, who «* as mnoh wlthonVhta jurisdiction as the cases of iashnell and' Langston were without that of the SnpreW Conrt of Ohio/ And we ^are confident that- when huetoritement shall bvre subsided, and; 1 reason again reramed Its sway, over his usually placid and serene mind, he will BO far , svodify his Tiews in regard to the decision ana the Court, as to abstain from menacing the Judgeswfan inaependentiMTereign Btate, in snch extravagant langoageis the following : " These three Judges Will continue to ait TO the Bench of the Supreme Court" of that State until just such time as the people can reach them, When they will' Walk .the, plank hitf; a despised oblivion with erpedition." ^, The three Judges referred to are Swan, Peck and Scott. The first named gentleman las long been recognized as."an 1 able and upright jurist. Of the second, we only know that be was elected last fall by the Eepnblicais, over Jndgfi Hartley, the Democratic candidate; and of the third we know nothing beyond'the bet of his baring united with the other two 111 mnstlnfl U«o £o*uklo«> tsrlklaK bsus Callfled AO. much excitement among the Eepublioans. We hare seen it stated that neither of the three were elected as democrats.. The first inquiry which will naturally sag-' gest itself to an honest and sensible man is— what judicial or political sin hare these men committed, that they should be summarily condemned "to walk the plank into » despised oblivion with expedition ?" We bare heretofore shown that -they were guilty of no judicial offehoe, as they followed well established precedents. 'In fact, the question presented to them was no longer an open one, as it was well known to hare been expressly passed npon and finally determined by the Supreme Court of tbe United States, in the case-of Booth, within the last three months. This the Free Democrat concedes when it, charges them with being " the mere blind servants of despotic forms and precedents." It means th&rthe judges regarded their solemn duty, their official oaths and their constitn* tional obligations instead of being swayed and influenced by the insane raringg of Giddings and Wade. If they erred, it was on the safe aide, and they were undoubtedly actuated by tbe most pure and disinterested motives.— Therefore, it does not seem probable that these judges are to be precipitated into that despised oblivion for any Judicial delinquency. Have they—th* three Judges—Violated any article of the republican creed 1 We think not Tbe national (?) platform promulgated at Philadelphia in 1856, by the convention which nominated John C. Fremont for President, ig silent on that question, and there is no allusion to tbe Fugitive Slave Law in tbe Ohio republican platform. Tben these Judges hare violated *° principle of tbe republican party, either of tbe United States, or of the State in which they reside. Nevertheless th» decree gone forth from the free Democrat office, in the city of Milwaukee aod State of Wisconsin, that tbose three J odges shall walk the plank and sink into a despised oblivion. What for 7 For not following In the wake of the Supreme Conrt of the State of Wisconsin !— The Free Democrat says : Cheered as they were from one end ot tbe Union, to the other by the noble decision, sustained by irrefragable logic, of the Supreme Conrt of Wisconsin, and prepared by that to see every northern State of the Onion follow in tbe same track as opportunity offered, they • conld not be otherwise than disappointed at this result. We do not doubt that the republicans who sympathize with that paper, were quite as well prepared " to see every northern' State follow in the same track" that onr Supreme Conrt marked out, as tbe Latter Day Saints are every spring to see their Savior in the air. It is well to be prepared for either emergency, but it has been found unprofitable to rely imj.!:cit- ly npon their happening at anypartioniar time or place. Moreover, the Supreme Conrt of Ohio was under no legal, political, or moral obligation to follow in tbe wake of onr Conrt. The de- A good democrat would ,giv;eTrhUlieoon6eiv-ed to tea good ra*on opposing«tth> reasonable proposition, and »hen %e foand that his objection was not well ^noea^w«nld withdraw it! The objection to holding an early convention was based up. ??M supposed or pretended nnfavorableneas for obtaining a fair and fnll representation of, the toming Interest. It ha* been shown b^ jond alldonbt, that tbe middle of Jnly wiltbe mnoli more, larorable than a later period for And do they desist from opposing U ? . Ho, they oppose it the more rJgor- onsly. When jleprrred wholly of Uie ground npon which they first opposed it, they become more} furious in their assaults npon the friend* of an early convention, They betray a Actions aplrit, and are not good democrats. Good demoorata are reasonable men. , :J ;,, S .,t NalUfiesitfon In Ohio. -In the habeas corpus case, just determined in Columbus, Ohio Chief Justice Swan,'and Justices Scott and Peck held: - \ 1. That the provisions of Art. Sec. 2, in tha Cpnstitntjon^of the United States : " No person held to Service or labor in one State under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor, but shall be delivered np on oluim of the party to whom such service or labor maybe due/' guteantee to the owner of m escaped glavelhe right of reclamation. -.I IL.Thatiaottiaen,who. SPECIAL NOTICES are of WlWam SiJth o con Saturday wMnadV oajlon fora grand procession of the Irishei . of an immenge crowd oflhts" 5^^^f%jJK«ntrjr,.,ei.C*na 0* prtji^ation, -Vjernoa cane^to Mr.-,6'Briwr /TttwxAeSet formed, about ten o'clock, and) marched to Jils'lodgings; in TTnibn place, where 1 cision of our Supreme Court nptm a given point, in a case where its jurisdiction was undoubted, wonld not bs regarded as very high authority in the Supreme Court of another State. But the decision of onr Court has been reversed by the Supreme Court of the United States, on two grounds, vis. I. For want of jurisdiction. n. For making a wrong decision. , If the Supreme Court of Ohio had fottwed the example set by our Court, it wonld have doubtless gratified the friends ' of onr Court very much. We are confident that the three Ohio Judges were solely influenced by a desire to discharge a solemn duty, otherwise they might, when the decision of onr Court was cited to them, have inquired what has become of tLe three Judge* of 'the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, who, less than five years. ago, made th« decisisri referred to, and sus- rescue or mooes from thekrwner of an escaped slave, is guilty of a~viol»tion of the Constitn. tion of th» United States, whether the acts of 1793 and 1850, commonly called the fugitive slave laws are unconstitutional or not. III. That the question in this case is, hot whether the fugitive act of 1850 is unconstitutional in .respect to tit* appointment and powers of ootnmissoners, the allowance of a writ of Habeas corpus, the mode of reclamation, &o., but Whether Congress has any power to pan any law whatever, however just and P* 0 ! 16 ^ In its provision for the reclamation of slaves, or to protect the owner of an escaped slave from interference, when duly asserting his constitutional rights of reclamation. IV. The Congress, from the earliest period of the government, has, by legislative penalties, vindicated the constitutional right of the owner of slaves against unlawful interference. T. That snob legislation was adopted in 1793 by the -second Congress elected under the Constitution, composed of many of the members of the cooveneion which framed the Constitution ; has, from that day to this, been in active operation, and has been acquiesced in by all departments of the government, national and state,; and the legislative power of Congress on taiis subject has been recognized by the general assembly of the State of Ohio in their statutes; by the Supreme Court of the United States; and by the'Supreme Courts of Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, California, by the Supreme Court of Ohio on the circuit, and, indeed, by the Supreme Courts of every state in the Union when the question has been made, and has never been denied by the Supreme Conrt of any state—the courts of Wisconsin, not. withstanding the popular impression, not forming an exception. VI. The right to rescue escaped slaves from their owners being denied to all citizens of the United States by the constitution; Congress having prohibited it and enforced the prohibition by penalties; the Supreme Court of the United States and courts of the free States having recognized and acquiesced hi snch legislative prohibition and punishment, if the question is not thus pnt beyond the reach of the private personal views of judges, and if they possess judicial discretion of power to overrule on the authority of their individual opinions this unbroken current of decisions and this acqniesenoe of the States of the Onion, and change the settled interpretation of the Constitution of the United States, then there U no limit, and no restraint upon judges making at any time, and under »ny circumstances, their own individual opinion*, the arbiirmjy inter, praters of the constitution. VII. Whatever diuerence of opinion may now erist in the public mind, ae to the power at Congress to punish rescuers as provided in the acts of 1973 and 1850, no such vital blow is gfren either to constitutional rights or State sovereignty by Congress thus enacting a law to punish a violation of the constitution of the United States as to demand of this court the organization of resistance. If, after more than sixty years of acquiescence by all departments of the national and State governments, In the power of Congress to provide for the punishment of rescuers of escaped slaves, that power is not to be disregarded and all laws which may be passed by Congress on this subject from henceforth are to bepersistenly resisted and nullified, the work of revolution should not be begun by the conservators of tha public peace. he was waited upon by Ifiehad Connolly,] Grand Marshal of tha day, the ofioen of the! several Companies, presidenta of the societies,! and several prominent citizens, including Mr George Brancroft and Judge fcnsselL Before j ,thej>rooeS8ion moved, Broadway was lined' with a dense mass of spectators for nearly a mile in length. The cane was presented to Mr. O'Brien iyCapt Ryan, who made an address, the closing portion of 'which was as follows: •"This, sir, is emphatically the age of material progress, and that country which wonld not fall into the rear in the grand onward march of nations, muat enter on the world's great field of industry. And who believes that there is not a brighter day dawning for Ireland? VTb,at Irishman is there, who, look- jng at the Jlra$ . efforts which his native land has made to place herself among the commercial countries of the earth— what Irishman is there, we^ipwt, who aoea/not.feel a just «nd manly pride in the success that has thus fir attended Ireland's first endeavors' to devetore her own resources, and 1o build up a commerce that inasVeventually resnltJ In national independence, • ".Kn6wing, sir, hpw true and unselfish are the feelings .of, pairioUsm by which you have aver bean actuated, we shall watch ^onr future career with unabated interest ; for although the great ocean divides ns we have no divided opinions or thoughts in anything that concerns the .land which we jnnst always love with unswerving devotion. Ji^S"? 1 " 8 1™***** »nd p'tpsperons voyage, and on your »IT;T»I on your naUve .horeg the very warm welcome which one's own kindred can only give, w e bid yon God speed in yonr noble endeavors t,. bring back that prosperity to our native land, to which she has so long been a Btranijer, and which is inseparably connected wiih her future position as a free and independant nation " . fNTtrtaeor and puriamot to"a judgment rendered in L Mid Court, to tbi) above entitled action, dated __^ qoui^j - f Joseph B. Treat, niamin jf/Sfllesrlhe'Preiiaint of , tam jntn . e. r e rai o th«»amen* XiUcn* Baak r DextetB: Britten; B. .jfjiJtjKSfllt. c , , aml expoe or le an te apa. loaaetlcm. it UM Pott-0flle« on tie corner of Wljcon- In and Milwaukee itmto. In toe city of Milwaukee, on 1 tetuteT, fb« ITth dtty ot September, 869, af tbeboor of S r. u. of Utat day, *he following lacribed mortgaged Premlsei, or 10 Aach ithereol • may beneceuaiy jto raise the amount of aald Jqdg- aent, intereit and ooiu, together with ezpenia of ale. to Witt ' i >*Toe (oath west quarter of icctlon number fir- teen [IS], in township number sereo [7], north 01 range number twentj-one pi] east, except. Ing nineteen and (2-100 acres heretofore sold to Thomas V. Blddlt by Ohristtan Wnuended and - »lfe: a«ld premlias being situate in the Count j ., of Milwaukee >nd8tat< of Wlseonsla." Dated Sheriff's OIHce, Hllvankee; March 10. I860. L SrAxaDDUM, I < A. J. LANOWOETHr, Vt'tt Atfy. I Sh'fl. Mil. Co., Wb. aarlO-lamGm-lMUaw6w ' ' OIRODIT COOKT, I Milwaukee Coantj-., ( iohn A. Page, Plaintiff, ' »g»inst I TUndo Alexanijer, William A. Barstov, Edmln T«wa- j fend, StOTer Bines. Jsaies Satberlsad, The Central Bank of Wisconsin, Ho rice B. ttunn, Jaiper E. Goodrich, Joseph Gary, Henry Williams, Oondt R. Alton, George B.Smith, Thomas 0. Doroslnj, John U. Nlxon.and kdward Foi, Defendants. 1 lie State of Wiseonsio, to the above named defendants: On mreherebj wmmoned and requited to answer L the complaint In this action, which la Died Iq the office of the Clerk of the Clrcn t Court (or the County of Milwaukee, at tha City of Milwaukee in old County «44o ierve a copy of your sauwer to the laid com- nalnt, on the snbscrlbeni at their office, Nos. 8'and 4t Albany inildleg tn the City of Milwaukee, within 'Jrenty dsys after the service hereof, exclculTe of the day of Bach service; and if you fail-to answer the com. plaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply ip the Conrt for the relief demanded In the complaint. £-*- 1 Witness the Hon. AURTHUR MoaKTHUR •CeiaL > Jadge of the Circuit Court for tald Coun- I -r- } ty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this 2nd | day of April, 1869. HOOKER * SPANGCNBERQ, iaprU-lawCw Pl'ff's Atl'yi, Milwaukee, WIs. rcult Court; Milwaukee Co. SI1P.HIFFVS STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Foreclosure and 6al«. n^ » tbankta g bis fellow countrymen in Hew York for the honors shown him. He said he was neither a whig nor a democrat, and bu-l not taken sides with any political party in (hid country. He had been accused of ntt«riu K opinions npon She political policy of this country. This he denied; but he at the same tin*, asserted the right of a foreigner to ex press snch opinions if he choose ; and he <lid not believe the pub lie sentiment of this country would condemn a man for so doing. H« TO ust remind them that one of the most aaeful books npon this country was written by Ue TocquovHle a foreigner. But the question on which he had expressed fats views, was one which interested every Irishman and ev,-ry foreigner, of whatever country. It was a qaealion whether the emigrant should be received on terms of political equality, within the limits of the constitution, or whether he should be subjected to proscription. Since his unfortunate and starving fellow-countrymen, years ago, landed in this country, and Were received with open arms and generous nandj, he bad felt no BaD- timent towards America but a sentiment of the deepest gratitude, until l, e saw the me of the Know Nothings. He believed the policv of that party at war with the optnions of the great masa of tbe American people, and h- was prepared to return to Ireland and announce to them that from Maine to Louisiana—from New York t» Wisconsin, with perhaps a single exception— the United States were read/ to receive Irishmen upon terms of political equality, within program- part her« and in- and the tained by irrefragable logic? the, bench? ' Are they still on The answer to tbose questions might have been something like this: ' . "In the year 1855, the term of one of them expired. He .was presented to itbe people for re-election, and defeated by one of tbe most overwhelming majorities ever given againstja candidatefor any office in Wisconsin. •*'"; "But the hero of .that decision, who went farther, dived deeper, and came out drier than either ot his "associates; held r 06 ,by virtue ot his first election until ithe^ear .VfK^.. when his term' expired: He instated npon be- Heradlnsr in Snsamer. Sayetk Beecb*r-. "Summer reading la a distinctly marked species in the great Genus- Beading. Everybody understands the term but nobody can tell exactly what it means.— There is a temperate zone in the mind between luxurious indolence and exacting work and it is to this region, jost between laziness and labor, that summer reading relongs. A book tbat-rlying npon yonr lack, while the wind shakes the leaves In yonr drowsy ears sects fill the air with a tweet tenor _„„ .„„ wes under your window hum and drone, and birds return thanks: for the seed and worms eaten,-floats yoa np out of sleep, which yet throw* Its spray over yon, as the *» does on men who lazily float in a summer breezy day on raft or low-edged boat; a book, that now and i then drops yon and then takes you up again, that spins a silver thread of thought from yonr mind, floe as gossamers and then breaks it as the wind does the spider's web— this is a summer book. Ton never know where yon left of, and do not care where you begin. It is all beginning, and all middle and end everywhere. There is a reading for fugitive moments, there is a reading when yon are coiled up nn- der a beech or elm tree around whose swollen roots, a clear stream frolics that never goes to sleep, but plays in a perpetual childhood. I lore clover-hay raiding. • Spread out on an ample mow, with the north and south bam door wide open, with hens scratching down on tha floor, andex- pressingithemBelves In short sentences to each other, now, and flies lifting np one of those ronndela, ' ' the limits of the consul u tion. For his he wonld not live in a country an hour he did not feel himself the equal of every man ID it. He believed the Irish were as useful as any class of citizens In thia country. Ha had heard that one objection to them was that th«r voted sometimes where they had no legal right to vote, and this wu an abuse and ought to be corrected. 1» was also objected that they an undue share of offices and patronage ; bat this he thought a great compliment to their administrative ability. He hoped, however, that his countrymen here wonld not be too anxious for office, and should prefer not to see •> single Irishman in office merely u a place banter. He was very grateful to the citizens of the United States for their reception of him wherever he had been. He was not v»in enough to suppose it was a personal compliment, bat be should hold it np to young men as evidence that when one earnestly strives to do good and benefit his country, however ha may fall abort of big object, be will receive tha respect and gratitude to which his efforts entitle him. In conclusion, he wished them all to be wafu-d over the voyage of life by as propitious winds as they had invoked for hi* passage over th« Atlantic. Mr. O'Brien was repeatedly interrupted by bursts of applause. At its conclusion, Mr Hennesy, one of the aids, slapped him on the shoulder and said, "Look this way, Mr. O'Brien." He then took him by the hand and thanked God he had been permitted to shake hands with the only true living representative of the cause of Irish freedom. " I'll tell yon what it is, Mr. O'Brien, the people mnst and shall be obeyed." After this demonstration, which caused much merriment Mr. Hennesy mounted his charger, and again asserted that the people should be obeyed. The band struck np "St. Patrick's Day In the Morning," and Mr O'Brien was conducted to an ojvn carriage drawn by six white horset, amid th. shouts of the multitude. The procession formed and marched to the Battery and Mr. O'Brira was conducted to the Francis Skiddy, on which- he was conveyed to lh» steamer. > Andrew tutchell, afatntt John Cooper and Marlon Cooler. J t H virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered X In the shore entitled action, dated »prllSO, LSS9, I itial! expose for lale and fell at Public Auction, at itlie Po«t-Offlce, tn the Clij of Milwaukee, on isatnrdav, the Both day of Ausrasit, 1859, at the hour of S r. M., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or BO much thereof ai aky be necessarj to raise the amount of laid judgment, Interest and costs, together with expenses of tale, the following, to wit : k 'AU that piece or parcel of land iltuate In the : County of Milwaukee and State of Wiscon»ln, : : known and described a> the west half of the north weit quarter of lection [IS], town >ix | |<J, range twentj-one [21], containing ploety- 1 two acrei, according to the United States «ur: rey, excepting one half acre leased by John and Hartou Cooper or one of thetn to rcbool i District No. «U 16J, In the Town of Greenfield, : Mllwauk • Oonaty.-, Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May 14, 1S69. A <MABAV, I A. J. UANOWOBTitV, f { Pl'Os AU'ys Sh'ff. Mil. Co , Wi». ; STATE OF W18UO.NSLN, Circuit Coori, atllwaakee Co. SALE. I Uenry C. West, [New* against William Drssen, Olnrles Uevers, Aclolph U. Nevmau, ' Bmll B. Neraao, Emil VTelakirca, John J. Casscl, Frederic* (tanner, Blmun Levy, Josrph II. Conies and Hoel U. jadgmrn'. of Foreslosare. I N v >rtae of and parsuant to a judgment rendered . ku isal't Court, In the abore entitled action, dated D«- tefober 81, lx>>S, I shall expose for sale and sell at pub lie! auction, at tbe Post-Office on tbe corner of u i.con- SUq and Milwaukee sts., lo the Cltj of Milwaukee, on ssHnrdafi Use 13th day of Anffnil, 1^59, at the ItQor of 3 p. m. of thaldav, tbe following descnb- edjmartgafed premises, or so mach thereof, as may be | ncfccssarr to raise the amount of said judgment. Inter- rstand costs, .together with the expenses nf sale to wll: |"AI1 that piece or parcel of land situate In the '• County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, known and described as that part of tbe east Bve ebams of the west fifteen chiins of the sooth west quarter of sectloo fourteen [14], town seven [7_1, range twenty-one [21J, bounded as follows : Being at the Junction of the centres of the North Madison and Fond <lu . Lac Ro4ui«,i an<l running thence along vhr centre of tbe said Uadtson Roid oorth ffl and 1-120 decrees, west four and S^MOO chains; thence north A and 1.120 degrees, we.l four and . 70-100 chains lo the centre of the said Fond ,lu Lac JsV>ad; thence along ihe centra of the said Fond da Lac Road south tS> defrrn, e-s< S and M-lOO chains to tbe place of bctnnn.&ic." Dated Sheriff 's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 2~>, 1M9 C«ix *, { A J. LANOWORTilY, JTos Alt').. [ Sh'IT. SM Co,»,j tbarl l-lm2w-»m , MIEKIFf** MAI.J. 'STATK OF WISCONSIN, i Olrpuit Court, Milwaukee Oi. ( Ba&s Qenrj Jnrjjens, I against V Judgment of P,jrrrlo?ure and Daniel K-Cotton. J Sal*. I B vlrtn« of and pursuant to a judfrmeot .u sa'd Court, In the above entitled action, dated November 10,n857, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Court Bouse, In the City of Milwaulee, un Ssalurday. the lid day of Julr» 1859, at Uiejhour of 2 P. M., of thai day, the following described mortgaged premises, to wit *'AU that cer aln pi ce or parcel of Und, situate, •Irlsgand being tn ifae County of Milwaukee ;ani Btate of Wisconsin, and being a part of the ;north west quarter of section 17, In township 7, . nc rth of range 2J east, an 1 being the E. X of •those certain 26 acres, convsyed to John Adam ! Mueller and Marla-hls wllst,and Frederick Unel- ;ler and Charlotte Wllhelmlne, his wife, by James iH. B igers and wife, by warrant; de. d, dated jMarch 11,1846, an<i recorded tn the O9c< of 'Kecister of eeds of Milwaukee County, In 'Vol. R. of Deeds, pages 76 and 7J; bounded on the north and sooth by the respective north and •south lines of said north west quarter of said (section 17, on the east by the west line of SJ iaeres, being also part of said north west quarter, set off In a regular for*n, freni tbe east jpsrt of said quarter section, and on the west by certain north and south line to be drawn through the centre of said 23 acres, being by estimate 12 50-100 acres, b* the same more or less." D»U>d Hheriff '• Offlfe, Milwaukee, April 24, 1559. Bon» i Pirss, J A. J. LANu WORTHY, Pl'ff, Atfys. f - may24-law6w osx>. w. srxTsaa.... Stevena NO. tfl NASSAU cais. fj Jiaius. Jenkins* AT LAYtf, ST., NEW YOBK< CHANDLER & HICKCOX, Attorneys & Gunsellors at L aw HO. 8 KNEEL AND ULOCK, MILWAUKEE. 4JBUT CUIDLIS, {(prlBj J*tH3 BICKOOX. I. CIOBB. I. B. FAUU8S. ' CROSS * PAHKISII, ATTORNEYS 4 CODNSELLORS AT LAW. , No. It), AI bail y lluildlng, MILWAUKEE. » p l WISCOH8IM. PEGU HA HI & IILOODGOOD, ATTORNEYS 4 COUNSELLORS AT LAW, ArcatU Bidding, ITS Sail Water *., Milwaukee. G. W. PnxHAH, formerly I PxcuanaA COLTJUbapy, > Paiscra BLOODOOOD. New York. ( t. Buxuxaooo ii C. 8. Court Ooiamlsiioner and Oom- fiasloner for leveraJ lUteo. noyl9-<I6m PAI MtK & STAKK, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law. |3f~ Office, No. S, liitchrll's New Bank Building, oor- oer of Michigan and East Water streets, Milwaukee. janSO Mai PARK & W\ Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. STB7XXS POJXT, .. ITfSCVA'tiJli, Will practice In the various Coorts ol the seventh Judicial Circuit of Wisconsin, and will faithfully attend to all business intrusted to us, remittances promptly made. Land Warrants located In selected Unds for tbose at a distance. Br/Tgsn A Sonirrsa, Hankers, Stevens Point. J. R. SBAaPSTKlK, Esq., Milwaukee. Limix & BiKca, Mil-sraukee. BiLsniS 1 BOOTH, •' . MATTOCKS M DASSOH, Ohi.-:./»-. Hon. J Oaroi, Ottawa, III. j-i- HATHAWAY A BELDEN, HAT TANKING, u m r, . ^ Laud aud Collecliou Office. » I K A vV I'KII ran iahl3 II I.OCH. WlSCO^SJfl Than ( G ( > < ) I ) «"R vr. i <>« i u THE GKEiT ENGLISH It&UKUY. SIR JAME9 CLARKE'S Celebrated female l*il>*. Prepared front a prescriptiwi of Sir J. (*l a k^ 3rf. £>., Pkyxicinn $xtrdordiitari/ to t/i f tyiren, This in valuable medicine is unfailing in ih u u . e u , tt) these paiuful and d»o(rerous .iisuases L.» *r,icli .tie fe mftle const. lut>. >n • tub) ecu it tu-.-u .1.1 ill emcrs* act! remuv-.-s alt obstruction*, it>>' t ,.-•- i, .-i.rj may be relied i*u. it Is.peculiarly tatted. It will. In «t short ttm^ w if m th* fflooihly period \vitli regularity. Kach bottler-price One Dollar, bears the Un«*irnmeni BtAoip of Great BritAlo, to prevent ^ountrj feiu Tk*66 f*ill& vfamlct notba tut^n t/y/enuttr,* t flRST TER&S MONTHS of Prrynan.y. ar« aur« to brintj cm Jfincarr-iai/*, but .it .t tisn* Ll*y art Vlj*. In all casea oi Nervous »nJ dptoaJ AiTecuan, Ptio lh*j Ttack and Limbi, Patl^utt on flight <MI tatlon of the Heart, UygOrici, in.) Whit,will effect a cure when ail oilier means have fai although a powerful rctnedy, -lo not contain <r msl, antimony, .ir any Lhmy hartfuJ lo Lhe ^.n* full Directions In .he [iamphl«t «roun<l -»-•>- , whu*h thuold be c Artfully pre*j.ervr<l JOU M Oft Kit, i Late f. C. UaMwn R* cheat* r .' thur.r.cJ AifeiH, will 101111-? • hulUe, roiji,; -nu,, pilH, ijy return mall *..r >a j e l,y ANY OTHER M KRCH.t.STH »(,„ .-' me .f (, , fnv <t"<-k r^fnr" hi!/ will i-pnvffi.-- *iiHti] it,,! I'SXT l"*-r •.;, u, ,, i!ity ^fy ,"> ,,Ji »,. r .- kct /lliU', 4IKJ 1 tn] «• benefit .ft V! / HOI <K |.\ I'll ]• 'A r • rsj Cn V A 1 I I OBBKN 4 U. RETAIL ai.rif,-.iA» J. «. AH.l'TT HOTELS, &C. JNO. A. l SAVA(Jh:, .n: Attornev and Counsellor at NOS. » 1 10, PHOENIX BUILDIN , Law U 111 IS 11 TIOUKIS MILWAUKEE, ...... .................. [• Oommlisloner for S. Y., Penn., Ohio, and Eowa. United Sbtte* and Circuit i.tntrt-Cttw WISCONSIN H URON, o I LOI I •r-t T>. S 1 many y«ar* ! contains many FUKNITUKf, WAR, TAti li^li »• i Ui'liit i.T i > AT 19 \ ^ 1 A I.I V r , Building. So -, Mil- J1D17 Lai OUSTAV VON DKUTSCH ATTORNrV AND COCNSfTLlOR AT LAW. OFTICE—Empire Blo.-k, 'rtl Kast W-\ti-r <l mySO MrLW-oixi, wucnsmu. J. V. V. PL 1TTO, Attorney & Counsellor at Law. Office In Mitchell'. Bank waukee, Wisconsin. HOOKE.K & aionu'jN <!.. Couusi-ll^i- ill tsy" Ofic', AV« 3 4- 4, .! .'•...^ -.I- ii ., ll\r\ pm ,(• ,1/aiTi .Vlr*"I« Opposite the Newhall B. use slllwhulrr,- i. a. HOocaa. . s- ^piat JanlS-dly 4OBS W. ClBI . WjLUCB C;AKV. A- PKATT, AtlorucTst and 4'oiins»ellor« al Office Ir. Yoang^s Block, C.-rn^r Ma.u &ad eonsla street, feh'20-'13m W I?' d. <.n 11: \ ALBANY RESTAURANT — AND- U 1 ) I \H1NI I - iff' • ..-* • ni r %.. H V A 1 'i Hoi G-KOCEKItS PKUV fltllia SPLtNDID HUTK1. das r-reully • J. prtetor»—<)en«ril UcManman n-uru The Messrs. ? fcre both well snowa western country us <entleuu:n of <«per>r EeepiliK, an,l uo <ither lusurvuce is n^c^s^ Hyatt House * U hereafter he ^-.n-tucle-l I D.a. J. DriUM I Pit 1 'I ttt> Gejrs .t (AZ ^i, t .- M INCK1.I -AN K< r'Al'tKANIi K.\(. I 'I •1 ^ W t.s-f \4 I < h S< •• I MILWACKFF, [»,.riCI LOOK HERE. ,E Wt.AR^ TK.\\ t 1 >MX.II i 11-!H N 1 N (3 S A !.,<><. ucar ifie Un w noAe*; & M . jsirtn: [, just ihf p! ac«? t>T pr n-urt* warm <m-i ,ti , f'>r the imail sum of 25 ••eriLa nri>l t; • iap,j.lle<l arilh Ui" choir-st riau.l.i ,f ,;i 0\sTFHS \M>«i\iir. 01 L^ J. 3 3..J \1.KK- < It 1, n ,.-i.O - .- 1 N *]w»yt cry *tyl»!, with Lhe . ! .t » r..-ai ftQ.l W trm Lun -h l£ oil Aaotioa and Commission UN [I A'i>M:< AM' MONK V litfiKKH.' NO. i u \v iscu , -i •» •< i ii i i r, W ILL Iff part .•.:»[ »:L-,,I.O -; li. t - ., - .'Kjr', tur^, !"•> U-... H *. •• rv,-l. I.. - i. L. r, ' Vl^r ••f^andize, *t :l - - .".:- • L! ir » . »r .f if - Tit orCount;. &T~ Librr»l » r»nrr« .. r. r.. • .'K 1111.^1,: .. .r. - i . ia^ returns mA.lf N. B.— Boodj, N..I-. «t. : I n/i.-.r..'.- !«:.!. JanlV MII.W ADvKK H.VXAAK. C, DELORME& OUENTIN 159 Rut W,,ir, ,«r«r«, DOOR TO <w . * I PR.)PRlliTi|R ilinrt IB T1 O \ l> i MiNClPt'Tr. KMl ' r«- i i .a n il \ OHIO 111!. 1 ' Hr.; CATAWBA BRANDV, »ba Bran ly n. r- Br»n,ly i»a :nuntry, ty «jt in s I. r k • I K : I N']H,in, B.1..J IS ( «. fth'ff. Mil. On., WU. good to them M« psalm tnoe or lore song; with iVndlovrgflying £n md out, aod clouds floatiBg over the snn, 'raising or lowering the light on onr book. Can any thing be sweeter than rooh reading of, * - , or ster? Yes ItiseVensweet" OT jsrow dim, and rni about tbe pageJ and disappear, whne the bands relax, ud AebookgBntly «wayinir comes down on yonr bt^t,MdvisT5oM from wi thin pjpen their Wearfaccson yott, 1 and the hours, go by; so idate natll *.faih the ifemocratlo mnd j *>^7 that yoa will not belifivethat the sun i* ' t"« ttost earnest prote-UtJoM, to 811 hi* pUoe. 1!1 »«» l»e wiAarew hts nsme, and tor, • few weeks W»ted under UUP delnslon-th,,*, In » The oontfagenor hsijpenea 1 rnddihe biit another mtn.reoeJTod tt. AgenUejaan wh6oontlntie4to.,et withth. WM ^ ^ -™,^ PM* i»geor,tlieFogi"Uve61av«*Act, jwas preferred to xrae who had stepped boldly forward In ad- rance of erery other Court or ^ Judge in the Cnlon, and pronounced that AJrt unoonstltn- iionsU-^eotlwr Judge 1.0 w sleeps in his gray»s •o that there remauis not uixro tie bench to-day »-«pl1ta^y nembar_of that slLrtingnish. 1 Where BOW a j jfot in « wndltton,~oerta!nly, to ntenao« tbe Soiwine ^oart«ftl,e State o/Ohio. I Bat {here is a world of less indolent pleasure and of srainmer reading-for coot njornlagB, for erening boon, andYbr thefiabbath. that nerer «low» and rejoioea with snob terror win tbe country, ; in summer days. We, yield np tbe aid ponderous book? to the ^sitelf «gain: tba histories, the oontrorersiee, the abstruse phi- losopblesl theliead filling books oMolid learn.' Ing, and betake onrselres to books whkh taaob .—Voltaire was- fond of magnificent attire, and Fosnally dressed in an absurd manner. Diderot once travelled from St. Petersburg to Psiris in his morning gown and nightcap, and in this guise promenaded the streets and pnblio places of the town on h£ route. He was often taken for a madman. While composing his works, he used to walk .aboutatarapidMoe, making huge strides, and sometimes throwing his ,wig in the air when he strnek out a happy idea One day a friend found him in tears. "Good Heavens!" he exclaimed* "what U the matter?'' "I am weeping," answered Diderot, at a storv that I hare just Composed." Woodsworth. was deemed a madman by »me of the villagers, by others a criminal in the dignise of an idler. They affirmed that he had been often seen to wander about at night and "look rather strangely at the moon," and that sometimes "he wonld roam over the hills like a patridge." Gray wa» a polite Monk, the most learned man of his day. His elegy is the most melodi- oas poam^n the laguaga. He was a man of ex- tieme taciturnity. it is M id te sometimes was known to pass a whole day in company with ont nttmng a \word. CNlTEsTSTATES MABSHAi.'S SAM:. Oharles W. Wlllatd, Darld P. Boll,' Marian Alton Bull, Edwin Palmer, Trustee, Jostaa Bathsvaj, flfron W. Clara, Charles 8. Clark,! Bobirt B. Bell, The formers' It Miller's Bank V Inf Eoolt•. Htrn^j L. Palmer, Benttan Schirartlnj and Angiisl Oreulldi, Asslj of the People's Bank of Haer tel, Oreealeaf 4 Co., Edward O. tyler, Jabes H. roster, Borsice B. Bonn'and JMp*r E. Goodrich. r-i.^j l*o«Js, Toys, Will,,* W«rr »n.l Viis.- Also, Erabreidery Ooods and Zephyr W in j. t M'uaiTS... . \VA1.I. PAPKlt J. .1. U<C,KATII A -•I \VlN<O\M> sTKI.I/i. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. ''ompetect workmen sent to all pirl« •<( 1^1- C ' , tn<l J>.untry for DeC'-ratin^ aod Tlper H»:.^T'. , , < la branches,all work warrante/1. f-i-2- j ANGUS SMITH & CO., ] Storage, Foruarding«t Cowniiv<iou , M KUCHA NTS. ' Proprietors of the ' EI,EV,tT«Ht \VAIti:HO«SK, ?Uluiency. Crxmp, C"u. NO rAMII.Y .-^UO llrlail I'ru-e, , Ls-n^ Low >p,nui. i-t-n 'LD BE WITUni T i • l,<Si IVr Bottle. ) I O - B \ G. HimmoQttt K [41 KAJI W »i*-r v consin, «ht-r«- >Ifi., wanJ tfteisr urtlers. By Ci*UlDg an the ple ifrituioualj. »ppomteil J. P -et, IOK- 4«,*-nu ' ^eoU, Lhe (.ufulc will r ••"I V- 4 1;ini- At the terminus of the Hilvaukee A Miaslssipt" tbe Uilwaokee, W\lertown A Biraboo Valley RAilr ^ i^^" Liberal advances made on property in *t<-.r.-. for shipmept to KAJtern Markets. ict2.1 J'. >I>AQER BEKK iSAl.OON, ! A M D U 1 U L I A 11 It K O O Tf, ' loO F.aM \Vntt-r Strc.'t. A VARIETY of Dishes pr-p»r-.l it •,„ i.urs, • Lunches or Suppers, consisting if I MIAT8, SABDISKS, 1 PICKLED PISH. OTSTKttS. J»c. Musical Entertainment every &aturd&v flf^mtig. J eoltttance free. £ $ fanrstiancs) and bj vinue of a decree mads by th .District Court of the United States; for the DlJtrlc of Wlscoculn, on the elgtah day of Ap«l, i. D , WS9, . the ajwre enUtled cause, I shall sell at jPnbllc Auction Ujtht United States Marshal'. Office, In the Cltj o Milwaukee, on Thursday, the Slat day of July, 1859, a 3 o'clock r. M., the following described property, tt wlti: , Ths east one hunds,id (100) feet of lots numbered urji* (7} and tight (8) lo block pumbei-ed twentyiflr (86), [In Sherman's Addition, In the Blzth Ward tke'Olty of ktllwaakee. lUhhsJ's Office, HUwaakee, April 18,1859. aprlo-lln8w3m M. J. THOMAi, 0. 8. Marshal An do A young gen at and it* Resnlta. of this city, who is not a clerk, although nls\ameis within one letter of ,,««. h" bean ^aw6o/%this Spring In'the paflare oflore with a ftojonn misTof j,weet and her itir said, feund 1 betrothed. At all events, on accompanied I by ftfan er,mn.i crossing the river- ^requ 734) SHERIFF'!! BALFi ' !STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, Mllwaakee County. Michael Bill and William Tonbridge, ! against Thomas K.Bod«ls. [New. j- Mechanics Ue>. toe of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered In Court, to the ibore entitled action, dated April . . . , I shall expose tot sale and sell at PnbUc Auction, it the Polt-Offlce, In the City of hllwankeoj on Saittrdar tbe Bth day of L July, 1858 att^eiour of 2 r. «., Of that day, pursuant to Chapter 153 of; the Berlsed Statutes, entitled "Of the Lltn o Mechanics and Others," all the right, title anJ Interest tbe flejepdant had In -and to the folloring described premises on the 19th day of April, or at say time there- aBtr.iri*: . - ) ' ' '•That part of tbe north east quarter 6( sectloa No. 81, la township Nol T, range 23 tast, lying nctrtb and east of the Menomonee Kir r, m the pity and County of Milwaukee, 8tat< of Wisconsin, and claimed by the defendant togeth- er-wlth a certain soap and candle fstl Dry, sll- Wed thereon. Da 1 Wd Sheriff -sOfflcs, Milwaukee, May $ A. i. L4H<iW IKTUT, Sh-oMli . Co. Wls. SHERIFF'S SAXE.; 8TATZ 0? WI800N8IH, I Olreait:0onrt, Mllwankee Oonntr. f Itomsi Shields, f and pursuant to a Judgment prt weapons were, disohawed. bridegroom reorired a ball through hte it eourtlothe abore enUUed actlori, ( ated Jand- lahall expose for sale an<Js 11 at public ?oi«Hnee-o on toe eornerfof streets, ta fiieffltj l . *. frtoto o« »crlb>(Iinort»Aged preBUses,'pr so much tier at be necsisary to raise the amount o wtth;the ing » pktfonn was laid own to thia effect" Eesolntlons fofloWed, declaring that the nalimited subrntaalon to the «eneral Qoern.' netit,aivrl!that where the General Government seated^himaeJfr by the Jaufwa and dssKribedU Ithe west *• Battle Tefc Vnerioa, 4hfeh hat been *****" Quart tr seeoon 171%' mmon iadm, each party, has aa looked for with$wat t rm '*> C J: IT fJti- «S wellirf infimo- Top8,wasannoanoedla»l erenln r tytalegrapto ; Her new*, however, or rathef Atjlnre, peeUtion.ot'allwhoWfl*, uys tbat-H,) of 128 coontiet, ITO tetcher 8,52» majority. «. fFISTEK A 10. Manufacturers ami Dejucrs in .1. catties', Fludlngii Hides, At. 148 Easi WaUr street, Uilwaukee, W,j Cash paid for Hides, Pelts. Wool. A John iflarquis, Arcliilrol, JLiNKAU BLOCK, Ii prepared t-> furnish plans for all lin<]« of bail.lmm at tbe shortest notice. HEPKBKNC.23 J. 8. HiasusJ Lcsrsna BEOTHIE. 8. Fisxn, A 0. Joints. J'JBST U. 8ILCMAS, W. TBwtrrs, C. E. Disrwn-H, LOCI3 S. MiCK, feb20 CALL, AND SEE —TQE— LATEST STYLES —OF— —AT— BUTTON'S! aprlC PAPER WAREHOUSE Uanfnrd, Blackinarr &. Co., (LA.TB BAKHISON, nxsroRD & oo.) Connected wrth HAHRISONs HANKOHD & CO. MAITOFACTURERS, OUTtA-BOOA FALLS, OBJO. H AVE opened at5 Albany Block, Michigan street, op posit* Newhall Bouse, a large stock of Boat, Seat, Cover, Cviortd aud Envelope Paptrt Alto, Ledger Paper*, flat Oapt, folio Port, Letter and. #<*» Papm, Which will be sold rery low. Constant additions wl be made to the stock to meet the wants of the trade. l^P Printers and others are invited to call and ex amlne our stock and prlcen. apria ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. II . »1 K A € L ^~Ai. !«* O !\ ! S1ON Oh THh, BIG KED KETTLE ! DEALERS IN Stoves, Sheet Iron. Tin. Hardware. — A.VD— AGRICULITKAL 1MPLEMEMS, W OD1J> respectfally Inform their Mends and trie public generally, that they have opened A jttore 41 2O6 ........ WSST WATTH STRiST ^Qti for the sale of the above named irtlclej, lojtthe & • with 8P4DK8, SHOVELS, RAKES. HOK3, And Agricultural Implement* generally. M well as ill sorta of SHEET IRon ANOTIXNEHV WORK, etc. etc. etc. Stoves put ap to order Uf Rooflnn. REPAIRING of all kinds, and titrj ion .,1 .ors. o our line punctually Attended to. •jasf Orders left will be attended to wJthool Jeiay aagl» UsUOLI A BUN. "EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, — t«D— MACHiNJK WOKK.s TtRTON i SEUCUJ1U, ProprwiMn. Nos. 296, -i'.t-S, 3OO, 3<>d and .ID I W K 8 T W A '1 E K 8 '1 H K K I Two blocks below th> La OOM> L L I U i ^ \ A. 4 \ N i 1' I .-. ;t • •. . L - 1 > y c K . .•< . •< . , . , , •>..»•-. • . i . >>-*.-•..-,, ... v ..,'.. :]*' •/ ' * J, H, CORDES& CO W holesais Grocai t -! I ' :-. i N t- . > ~- 1> v ' fv i ' i [; h i ix N -.1. L I i I •> f '.* » } I H t > 1> 1)1 I II ii i I A I r K.N ( Pair r<-.» us A i . t: A i > i 11 10: A n P A <- - 'I •> h. I ,V > I. II I \\ !><> N r i it K i M b. h- i. II M \.NL t *n »*C'ti tthli -n KWAKK L'IDKrt. STEAM ENGINES, 8R18T t SAY/ HILLS, CHARLES R. AUSTIN, Domestic Exchange aud Spceii flTHB highest rates paid for all kinds) of Gold snd 311- J. Ttr Coin and Bullion. • Exchange eanslantly for sale at the lowest prices. Is I maks dealing In Specie and Bxchanife my entire and eroltulTn boslnesi, I am able to glremj cnsto- nets u adraatace over currem figures. Elst of prices will b« furnished at my office, NO. »a irisconsue STKKET, Under the BapUstObKrch, nearly apposite ths (Justin House. , A. CBKAT CUFFORO'S OAGVERREA.N ICENTHAlij .... . AHfl FINE ART ..GALLERY, •••••' in Satt Waitr Strttt. [TAVIN9 secured the assistance of the oldest and d. most eiperlanc«4 operator U tht West. U. Uaw- «ntv (whoM skQl tn his department Is well kuowo'to taaoy or tin dtlaets ot MUwaakee,XI am BOW ptepartd o offer to the public eYery dsalrabTo style of Pictures TIOWO to tke comraanlty at lower ralei and execoted a * tetter smanner than can be done In any other es- abnthnnntlntheWest '-•- ,--•'•• > CUfIU81V8 DAflDIRHBAH OALLBEIT. Watar street, formerly known as HfLtOtAJUNG, V UOR3KPOWIKS" FILE OR1TINS BKIDOE, RAILROAA and STEAMBOAT OAffTDiQtl, IRON COLDMN8. for Buildings, and every variety of Job Work, In the best manner, and on the most llb«ral terms. The attention of Mill-owners and owners of Water- Power, Is particularly called to the "TUTTLK WATKR WHKKl. As being by far the most powerful, durable ».aii «.-. nomlcil Wheel eTer Invented — not Uabie to get JU i ,, order, not affected by Ice or backwater, and using lu-i water In proportion to the power produced than an? ether Wheel In the market. A descriptive circular for warded upon application, free of char IB. E A N E E A RRIVAL of an entirely now and splendid Sloe Wench, English and American JEWELRY ! Of Latest Styles, at A . B . V A N € O T T ' N it Will'K<>. r-,.,,v..l reOl9 I TALIAN il rec»iv»..l ii A O I I ITr- ,y V t- . N I >> i ' N II S.Vlt > K Kl > HOICK Snuxnl -«Hhi,.iu OPT. Salt Water ami miaotuta iiaTlng lately disposed of most of my former stock, exercised myself ID searching at the eastern Markets for al) tbe -> New Styles au.l Patterns, Which have been Imported and manufactured since the last panic. I hare also purchased a larg» itoct al Ladies' and Gentlemen's Watches, With nwvementa acknowledged as iba most superior t>; the Amtrlcaa pablio. oovso tJREAT EXCITG.TIE^T ! The best assortment of the dnest \Fatcuci, Silver Ware, Xowvlry asisl FAKOY OOODS irer brought to Milwaukee. Just tha thlnf far Holt <Ur presents. Just received Terr cheap fur cash. T ., . MATSOS * LOOUU. • *)1B«S3 Water street,' Milwaukee, Wls. rtHFUtsTlflUs Extra family flcnsr always oa hanj, Hi at [aprTJ HCDS A OSOaBT'8. C 60 : omr.ta MA fi .1-. U I 1 K K O *sui,er: • prT N I ( N \ 6 iilt.-tl KW V uiarj h A Mil rk Hillj i'n.ii V Kl.Ot.K. S MI > K K t> HA 1.1.1 tun C HOICE Sniuli,.,! Jikllituit t(. mar:! ,ji;s N t .: ...a .-i II UN N t UHD.-fbVl 500 ••US3H «pri3 NUl'a i HUNN t d&SlSfil^pllb

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