Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 3, 1938 · Page 6
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 6

Denton, Maryland
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Saturday, December 3, 1938
Page 6
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Page 6 MELVLN A JOHNSON, Publishers Saturday Morning, December 3, 1938 BIG TOP 'Will Altu. the elephant, go through with her act.' ' Silk" Fowler, hungry for revenue, hopes not. UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL S UNDAY I CHOOL Lesson By HAROLD L. LUNDQUIST. D. D. Dean ol The Moody Bible Institute ol Chicago. 1 ® Western Newspaper Union. Lesson for December 4 THE SIN OF LYING tESSON TEXT--Exodus 20:16; John 0:42 ft; Epheslans 4*25. GOLDEN TEXT--Behold, thou des res! truth In the Inward parts.--Psalm 51:6. Lesson subjects and Scripture texts se lectcd and copyrighted by Internationa] Council ol Religious Education; used bj permission. "God is truth. The word truth describes the very nature of God. Lying, therefore, reveals a character opposite from God. Satan is a liar. He was a liar from the beginning and is spiritually the father of all liars. A lie does not necessarily have to be an untruth. A statement of a truth may be a lie if its purpose is to deceive. A half truth may be the worst kind of a lie. Satan's ties . . . are usually mixed with truth." Consider "modernism, which has enough truth in it to make it accepted by thousands of people, but sufficient error to deprive it of any power to save souls" (L. D. Higley). I. Forbidden to Lie (Exod. 20:16) This commandment specifically forbids perjury, which is one of the worst forms of lying, because it may result in the forfeiture of the very life of a fellow being: It is obvious, however, that it includes all forms of lying, whether in business, in social contacts, in the home, or in the church. We might do well to consider what the Bible has to say about whisperers, talebearers, backbiters, and others (see Lev. 19:6; II Cor. 12:20). A man's reputation may be as easily ruined by a whispered lie over the back fence or the luncheon table as by formal perjury in the courtroom. "Thou shall not bear false witness" at any time, anywhere, or in any way. n. Fountain of Lies (Matt. 15:19, 20). Our-constant concern for the body that it may be healthy, clean, and well groomed is commendable up to the point where it becomes an attempt to "glorify" the flesh. Bui after all, the body is not the most important thing. The heart is what makes a man (read Matt. 15:7-11). But what comes out of man's unregenerate heart? What a horrible catalogue we read in verse 19! It is not what a man eats or what he wears that makes him, but whal is in his heart. How foolish then to hope to redeem humanity by improving housing, having better schools and bigger playgrounds. All these are desirable, but the one thing needful is that man's heart be washed in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, that he be born again. III. Father of Lies (John 8:42-47}. Liars had better consider their "family tree" and see how they like their spiritual father. He is lustful, murderous, and there is no truth in him (y. 44). If you belong to that family would you not like to change families and be born into God's family. As we have already suggested, the prize lie of Satan is modern religious liberalism. We quote again from Mr. Higley: "The first lie v/as told by Satan and it brought about the fall of the human race. The last lie ... by Satan is being told even now . . . in the form ol modernism, that makes the Church impotent even to save its own people." Let us have no part in putting forward this falsehood. Note that in verses 45-47 Jesus challenges His enemies to convict Him of sin or of falsehood. No one has ever been able to meet that challenge. Even those who deny His Godhood and Saviourhood speak swelling words of commendation of His pure life and exalted moral teaching. If then He told the truth about other things, surely He spoke the truth about Himself. The claims He made for Himself as the Son of God and the Saviour of the world are plain and unmistakable. It we deny them we either make Jesus a liar, or we lie ourselves, and it is obvious that the latter is the case. IV. Forsaking of Lies (Eph. 4:25). "Wherefore" refers us back to the preceding verses where we are told how, as Christians, we have put off the life of the "old man" (v. 22) and put on the "new man"; therefore we are to live in true holiness. But evidently the Ephesian Christians still fell into their old heathen habits of lying. Would that the tendency had died out with the early ·Church, but as a matter of fact, it seems to have become aggravated as the years have come and gone. Being in Christ--members of His body and thus united to one another in Him--should make us scrupulously truthful toward all men. Let us --which means you and me--scrutinize every relationship of life and be sure that we have not by word, act, or inference told lies. Think carefully of your family life, your church life, your community life. Deal with such practical things as grpcery bills, taxes, tendencies to gossip. We preachers need to con- eider our sermons. Arc they true to God's Word? Are they honestly prepared? Do we "stretch" our illustrations to make them effective? Surely all of us who bear the name of Christ must put away every form of falsehood. VOOK CUE, FLIP CAREFUL AN* TAV OUT OF /\LTA'S WAV SURE WAS A MEAN LOOK \M HER EVE !-' OLt ALTA ! DONT By ED WHEELAN MEANWHILE. . SPEED HAD LEFT THE HOSPITAL AMD PICKED UP THE EJJCKETYJHICK HAD OFFERED ALTA UNDER TWE ITOP'. SILK" NERVOULV VUATCHED ALTA FEON THE. FAR END OP THE ARE/MA Worst New England Hunican Disaster In Bell System History Chesapeake and Potomac Emergency Crews Dispatched to Scene to Aid in Restoration IT bHOULDNT EE LONt NOW BEFORE THAT OH HER LAST RAMPAGE Annapolis - Matapeake Romancoke - Claiborne Ferries SCHEDULE-- FALL WINTER 19:18 Effective September 20, 1938 DAILY AND SUNDAY (Eastern Standard Time) BETWEEN ANNAPOLIS MATAPEAKE AND Scenes of utter desolation and destruction like this one at Hawks Nest Beach, Lyme, Conn., were repeated hundreds of times throughout the, storm area. The drooping telephone lines and poles with the remains of a house behind them (jive some idea of the enor- moits damage catiscd by the hurricane. When wind, rain, flood, hurricane and tidal wave battered New England late in September, the telephone systems in this thickly populated area sustained more damage than the Bell System had ever previously experienced at one time. Nearly one-half million telephones were thrown out of service, 18,000 of them in New Jersey, 66,000 in New York, 108,000 in Connecticut and 300,000 in the rest of New England. Coupled with the damage to telephones came a corresponding increase in the demand for service from out of town as people sought to locate friends and relatives in the storm area. IVIany communities were completely cut off, and to others only a few circuits were available to handle the flood of calls. Emergency crews were rushed into the New England areas from all over the cast, south and middle west, including Washington, Maryland and Virginia. Washington sent 13 crews comprising 43 men and C trucks, Maryland 19 crews including S" men and 15 trucks and Virginia IS crews composed of 69 men equipped with 14 trucks. Because cquipmlnt end construction methods have boon standardized in the Boll System these crews worked in New England as efTrctivoly as at home. Some idea of the damage can be gained from the following list of sup- plica ordered from the Western Elec- trb Company: 49,000,000 feet of wire, 3.CCO.OOO feet of cable on 1,450 reels, 21,S-00 telephone poles, 22,800 hand telephone sets, 132,000 pounds of solder, 0,200,000 feet of strand wire, nnd 2000,000 pounds of hardware, consisting of 275 different kinds. Men worked day and night to re- the lines. Operators struggled v.ith 100 per cent increase in calls nt many points. Everywhere the spirit rT service which is traditional among EcII System employees in times of disaster was manifest. Three Age Groups Where Tuberculosis Takes Heavy Toll Horircntal. 1--A day of ex« m p i t u u from w n r l i 7--A m u s l r i l p i i t i T t u t n n i u n t in w h i c h PL-A e r u l I n s t r u m e n t s take, p a r t 13--To oe I: cl litiTl to 14--Becrllki- O L V n - ^ e 16--According t o f i v n c h ) 16--I.IHK m i n , , \ v I n l e t 17--To l a y Hie t a b l e IE--Sick I D -- W e s t e r n t:il ( a b h r ) 20--Bird of f.ihle 21--Tlio sun 22--To ountcml 23--Land s u r r o u n d e d by \ \ n t c r 27--Fcmulc iicrion 2 9 -- D i r t 32i-3rolch l a n d h o l d e r 34--Did exist 35--To pnze flxodly 36--orciilali of n c h u r c h 38--Trembles SI'--A m n n y - s c r d e d p l a n t 40--Coldly d a m p and a d h e s i v e 44--One who dances 49--Exists 5 f -- T h e n l K h t before 51!--Grit (coll.) 53--To unclose 54--To mil G6--OrRnns of slRht food 58--Hero of Siuinlnh literature 60--The Unit u o m a n 63--Fablcil bird 64--Egffs G 5 -- E v e r y t h i n g 67--Tattered piece of cloth 63--nincklilni of tho cuckoo f a m i l y 6 9 -- n o d e n t 70--Nothing 71--IIu\ltiK tho leaat qpced 7 2 -- O p p o n e n t s , foca Solnllnn m i l l npponr In nnl 1-2--Same as 2 h o r i z o n t a l Z--'in allow 4--Raised platform '--To permit C--One n{ the p r i m a r y colors 7--ro.irai' slrons cloth used for tenl.i and M|la 8--F.i i t b u n d . i n t In animal and M'Ketablc tissue 9--Main part of a church 10--To m a k e a m i s t a k e 11--.Spanish for river 1 2 -- P o o t b i l l t e r m meaning holds and ptopa 2 4 -- N i c k n a m e for Solly 25--Cover of a receptacle 26--Before ( p o e t i c ) 28--AVulplity or b u l k y 29--Depot (abbr.) 3 0 -- K i n d of tree, bearing acorns 31--AnniT 33--Liquid measures 35--Region In South Africa 37--Crafty 38--Which was to be shown ( L a t i n i n i t i a l s ) 40--Gcnu. of low herbs havlnp trl- follatcd leaves (pi.) 41--Part of the mouth 42--Hall! 43--Humans 5--Born 46--To weep 47--End of day 48--Vends ncaln BO--To extract or bring f o r t h 51--To call for a repetition 54--Favors E6--Luxurious couch 67--Latin prefix meaning before 69--Fruit of the palm tree 61--Value (abbr.) 62--Belt 85--niackblrd of cuckoo family *B--Falsehood Annapolis 7:25 u. m *8:00 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a. in. 11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. c2:00 p.m. 3:00 p. m. 4:00 p.m. *C:00 p.m. 0:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. Leave Matapeake 7:25 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 0:00 a. m. 10:00 a.m. ·11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. c3:00 p.m. 4:00 p. m B:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. ·8:00 p.m. 'Denotes hus connections via Mata- prakc, Komuncokc and Claiborne. (c) D.'iiolos bus connections vin Mnlnpi'ukc only. ItOMANCOKE AND CLAIUOKNE L -av Koinnncoko **ll:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 2:00 p. m. 4:00 p.m. *6:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. Leave Clailmrno 8:00 a.m. ** 10:00 a. m. 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. **7:00 p.m. NOTK: "Drnotos pedestrians will be u a t r ioi t d liy motor coach bo n Mulaji :ike and Kuniaiicoke anil .im ik«' and Mulapcnko on Lliu.( * orly. Till' CLAIBOKNE- ANNAPOLIS I i:HHY COMPANY, ANNAPOLIS. M A I C Y L A N I ) D. S. Army Officers' Insignia A United States army general wears four silver stars, a lieutenant general three silver stars, a major general two silver stars, a brigadier general one silver star. A colonel wears a silver eagle, a lieutenant colonel a silver oak leaf, a major a gold oaic leaf, a captain two silver bars. Milk Heavier Than Cream Milk is heavier than cream. Cream in milk rises to the surface because it is composed of infinitesimal drops of oil and fat which are lighter than the remainder of the milk. The rising of cream is not at first apparent because the drops are very small and they come up slowly. The Fauces The opening at the back of the mouth leading to the throat cnvity or pharynx is called the fauces. It is bounded above by the soft palate and uvula, below by the root of the 'onguc, and on the sides by muscular ridges called the pillars of the fauces. Classified Ads WANTED Man well infoimod to net as credit investigator in Denton and vicinity. Part timo work, fee ba is. Write Drawer 7229 Philadelphia Country Department. Ul-2G-2t) Order Nisi WILLIAM D. COULD 3rd, Assi K nc( vs. C. VICTORIA DEEN BUTLER am WALTER O. BUTLER, her husband In t h n Circuit Court for Carolin- County. In Equity. No. 3507 Chy. Ordered thV 25th day of Novembci 1938, that the salu of the propertj mcntinneel 1 in those proceedings made and reported by WILLIAM D. GOULD, 3rd, Assignee ho intificd cause to he shown nn or before tho 2Gtl' day of January next, provided a copy of this order bo printed in some newspaper prioted and published in Caroline county, once in each of four successive weeks before tht- 2Gth day of December next. The report states the amount o' sales to be $500.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. and confirmed, unlo-s the contrary thereof AUDITOR'S NOTICE CALVERT C. MERRIKEN, Assignee VI. MARY WIIEELER and WILBUR W. WHEELER, her husband In Tho Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3491. Upon an order parsed in the abovr entitled cause on the 23rd day o! November, 1038, by the Circuit Courf for Caroline County, in Equity, tha*e proceedings are referred to the Auditor of this Court nnd I, as Auditoj of the Circuit Court for Carolim County, give notice this 25th day of November 1938 to all judgment cred itors, lienors, assignees or persons claiming an interest in. the equity or redemption in the above entitled case, to file their claims with the" vouchers- I hereof with me on or before the 27th day of January, 1939. WILLIAM J. RICKARDS, Auditor. PUBLIC SALE OP VALUABLE REAL ESTATE Under and by virtue of competent authority, I, tho undersigned, will offer and expose at public sale in fiont of the Court liou-e Door in the town of Dcnton, Maryland, on Tuesday, December 13, 1938 between tho hours of 2 anil 4 o'clock, p. m., the following described piop- irly-- No. 1. ALL those two lots or parcels of land .situate, lying anil being in the Third Election District ,{ Caroline County, Stale of Maryland, on the west side of the Ui nlon-Williston Count\ road 01 Fifth Avenue E^Und- cd, BEGINNING at a point 200 ft-ct south of Fountain Avenue, 10 luet west of i aid Dentnn-Willihton County road, und at the corner of Inndb belonging to Snllie E. Tiazzan- unJ runs south 100 feet parallel with said road; thence runs west 200 fet to a IG-foot alley; thence iiuih north 100 feet to lands belonging to Sallio A. Trazzare; thence with the same 200 feet to the pliico of beginning, containing about SEVEN PEltCHES of land more or less, being Lois NOJ. 0 and 7 on plat known as Towers and Redden Land, which said plat r, duly of record in Liber T.L.U., No. 09, folio 673, one of the Land Recor.l Books for Caroline County. IMPROVEMENTS: Large dwelling (quipped with water and electric lights, garage and barn in good condition. No. 2. ALL that lot, piece or parcel of land situate, lyii'g arid being in the Thitd Election DLtrict of Cai- olinc County and drEciibcd as fol- lowi : Beginning for th? outlines thereof at the northeast intersection 'if ' Maple a-ul Su!iiiside Avenue:,; thence with said Maple Avenue and in n northerly direction a distance of 200 iet't; thence at right angles with said Mapk- Avenue and in an tai-.t- erly direction a distance of 1G5 feet to a 15-foot alley; thence with saiJ alley and in a southerly direction a distance of 200 fttt to Sunnside A.venuc, thence with Sunnynide Avenue and in a westerly direction a distance of 1G5 feet to the place of beginning:, said lots being Nos. 35, 30, 37 and 38 on the plat above referred to. No. 3. ALL that piece or parcel of land situate, lying and being in the Third Election District of Caroline County, State of Maryland, and described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the west side of Maple Avenue a distance of 50 feet north of Sunnyside Avenue; thence with Maple Avenue in a northerly direction a distance of 100 feet to Lot No. 05; thence at right angles with said .\Iaple Avenue and in a westerly direction a distance of 160 feet to .he Carter land; thence with Carter innd in a southerly direction and parallel with Maple Avenue a distance of 100 feet to Lot No. 68; thence with Lot No. 68 in an easterly direction a distance of 160 feet to the place of beginning, being Lots Nos. (1C and 67 on the plat above referred to. ALL the above land being the eame land devised to Carrie Deen by the Last Will and Testament of William If. Deen, which said Will is duly of record among the Will Record Books for Caroline County, and being also the same land devised to Elbert Deen by the Last Will and Testament of Carrie Deen, which said Will ii duly of record in Liber J. H. C., No. 13, folio 90, one of the Will Record Books for Caroline County. TERMS OF SALE One-third cash on day of sale, balance in two equal installments of three and six months, respectively, deferred payments to bear interest from date of cale, and to be secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned. W. BREWSTER DEEN, Attorney. James Temple, Auctioneer. Babies under one year are safer today from tuberculosis than was the case in 1928. Ten years a~o, 1,300 infants less than one year old died of tuberculosis in this country, while in recent years the annnal toll has been 670. The disease is not inherited, but young children are liable to be innocent victims if they are exposed to persons who have active tuberculosis. Christmas Seals are enabling parents to learn more about tuberculosis, thereby protecting their children. Young girls are particularly susceptible to tuberculosis. Intensive efforts, financed by Christmas Scats, are directed towaid turning back the threat of this disease from young people. Many schools and col!e,7cs throughout the country recommend tuberculin testing and X-rayinij to discover whether or not their students have tuberculosis. Out of 200 persons who die every day from tuberculosis in the United States, 33 are between the ages of 15 and 25. While more women than men are victims of tuberculosis up to 30 years of age, the toll among men 40 to 65 years of age is approximately twice that among women of the same age. Medical authorities emphasize the importance of parents being free from tuberculosis in older to reduce the danger of infecting their children. The anti-tuberculosis movement receives its main support from Christmas Seals. Answer To Last Week's Cross Word Puzzle E^3E DIl CE EEH3 ~ aac Sg E3 EH SHE Elimination Of Static On Piane To Ground Phone Calls Seen In Near Future Ultra - High - Frequency Apparatus Developed By Bell Laboratories In Cooperation With TWA Line Static-free radio telephone transmission between airplane pilots and landing field attendants has been demonstrated in lasts made by the Bell Telephone Laboratories in cooperation with Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc. Despite thunderstorms crd other atmospheric disturbances, flight testa of new ultra-high-frequency apparatus, utilizing channels in lite band from 100 to 150 megacycles, show the system to be subctantially free from adverse atmospheric conditions. The system has been tested under actual flying conditions over the New York-Pittsburgh route of TWA. Shol'ld continuing testa, now being carried forward to explore the new sstcm'a behavior on other typical airways, verify the initial results, radio telephony at these frequencies will find extensive use, not only for aviation but also for police radio telephone and other land services. Er.rly in 1938 arrangements \vcrc made with TWA for an operational test of tho new equipment on the Pittsburgh-New Yorl: airway. Ultrahigh-frequency transmitters and receivers were installed near the nir- port at Pittsburgh and on top of The New York Telephone Company building situated in lower Manhattan. The latter equipment v,-as controlled remotely from TWA's dispatch office in Newark. In addition to the Labora- tories' airplane, uicra-nign-ircqucney equipment was also installed in n TWA skyliner, which has been flown on regular schedule between Pittsburgh and New York. Both the aircraft installations and those on the ground were made separate from tht regular complement of radio transmitting and receiving equipment normally employed for airline operations. A month's trial under actual operating conditions, during whicii all types of weather were encountered showed the new system to he frca from static disturbances even in the presence of violent thunderstorms. Rain static, another common PCUICC of interference, left the equipment undisturbed and tlie almost total absence Help Wipe Out Tuberculosis · At no time of the year should we l:e ivoro moved to help the less fortunate than during the season between l-.vo of our greatest holidays--Thanksgiving and Christmas. The first holiday we devote to giving thanks for good health and the bountifulness of our country. The Irttcr holiday is a joyous religious celebration which stresses a kindly and charitable attitude toward all. There are among us today many individuals who have little reason for of background nsizs, wl.ich usually i thankfulness nnd who aro in great crackles in the pilot's cars continu- j nccU of thoughtfulncsa from the rest ously, proved to by an important nd- of us A '»p n g these are the people vantage through relieving discomfort r ' ho arc nffl i ct cd with the great while vantage through relieving discomfort and fatigue. , The tests gave additional verification to the fact that ultra-hinh-frc- qucncy transmission will not carry for any considerable distance beyond the horizon. Although this characteristic rcprcsonts a handicap to the application of such short waves, it ia leas important to aircraft communication because the airplane's horizon ia continuously expended ns it gains altitude. It does ir.pan, however, that for airline operation, a grantor number of ground stations will he required along Ihc lino of flight than with present lower frequency equipment operating between 3,000 nnd 0,000 kilo cycles. Predicted Profit From Tobacco In 1613 Robert -Harcourt, an Englishman, wrote: "This commodity (tobacco) will bring as great benefit and profit as ever the Spnninrds gained by the best and richest silver mine in all their Indies." plague--tuberculosis. Last year 1,384 Marylandcrs died of tuberculosis and a great many more are ill with it each year. By purchasing the little Christmas Seals that are now being sold by the tuberculosis association one can do much to help wipe out this disease and bring health and happiness to these people. Great good will also be done for those of future generations, for. many of them, in turn, will be afflicted with the disease if we do not pass on to them a heritage free of tuberculosis. Celebrate the two great holidays by remembering others who are less fortunate. Use the Seals on all your Christmas letters and packages and help wipe out this needless sickness nnd loss of life. Tuberculosis can be destroyed. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines you have tried for your common cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irritation, you may get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Creomulslon. which goes right to the seat of the trouble ana aids nature to soothe and heal the Inflamedmucous membranes and to loosen and expel germ-laden phlegm. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, try Creomulslon. Your druggist Is authorized to refund your money If you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Creomulsion is one word, ask for It plainly, see that the name on the bottle is Creomulslon, and you'll get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) Fruit Cakes Older now--homemade fruit cako for your holiday dinner--rich with fruits and nuta and Lk-ndtd with spices--3 Ibs for $1.00 o r 2 Ibs. for 75c. MRS. CLIFTON G. GROUSE, Queen Anne, Md. Phone, Hillsboro 9-F-13. (12-3-at) Canaries for Christmas FOR SALE--Beautiful canary birds, fine aingera. A gift tliat lusts. MRS. CHARLES SHAFFER, Buirbville lioad, P. O. Donton, R. F. D. No. 1. Inquire at Gregg's, Oil City. (12-3-2t) For Sale A Pierce, Butler and Pierce hot Equitable Life Insurance Company Home Office, Washington, D. C. Raymond R. Fisher Agont water furnace. An oil burner with clock thermostat. Both in perfect condition. Cheap. DR. FREDERICK N. NICHOLS, Auditor's_0rder Nisi W. BREWSTER DEEN, Assignee vs. CLEMENT H. MELUNEY, ELLA MELUNEY, His Wife In The Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3485 Chy. Ordered this 23rd day of November, 1938, that the Auditor's report, made and filed in the above proceedings, be ratified and confirmed, unless good cause to the contrary be shown within three weeks from the 2Glh day of November 1938, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and .published in Caroline County once in each of two successive weeks before the 6th day of December 1938. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. Order Nisi STATE OF MARYLAND THE GOLDSBORO BANK (11-12-tf) Denton, Md. For Sale Or Rent For sale or rent--The property on . S. Second street, Donton, known as I White Hall. Address ALFRED T. TRUITT, (12-3-3t) Salisbury, Md. relieves COLDS Fever and Headaches due to Colds Try "Rub.My-Tism"-a Wonderful Liniment .IQUID-TABLFTS ALVE-NOSE DRuPS Speed of the Moon , The moon travels over our headu at a rale of. approximately 2,300 miles an hour. ERNEST G. COOPER .General Insurance The Oldest Established Agency On The Shore. For Sale GO acres woodland near Henderson. Caroline County, Md. Estimated 1000 cord of wood. Write S. E. FLICK, Rock Hall, Md. Notice To Creditors This is to give notice that the subscriber, of Caroline County, has obtained from The Orphans' Court for Caroline County, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal estate of TILGHMAN HARRIS late of Caroline county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are warned to exhibit the .same to the subscriber with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or boforc the 19th day of May 1939, or they may otherwise, by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All persons owing this estate are required to make prompt settlement Given under my hand this 16th day of November, 1938. EMMA FLORENCE HARRIS, Administratrix In The Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 2949 Chy. Ordered this 10th day of November 1938, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by WARREN F. STERLING. Receiver of the Goldsboro Bank be ratified and confirmed unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the 12th day of January next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline County once in each of four successive weeks before the 12th day of December, next. The report states the amount of sales to be $1,650.00. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. For Rent All my farm buildings, consisting of G-room house, barn, corn crib, hop nnd hen houses, garden, meadow nncl 2 acres for truck patch. For rent in L9;t9. This farm is within 2 miles of tidgcly, Md. Farm land and woods "s reserved. My automobile is for ;nlc. Apply to DR. R. HACKETT. (11-12-tf) Chuichville, Md. Our Business Has Been , Built On Prompt And Courteous SERVICE Established Over 27 Years Auditor's Notice WESLEY E. THAWLEY, Assignee vs. FRED B. PICKERING and NELLIE W. PICKERING, his wife In the Circuit Court For Caroline County. In Equity. No. 3483 Chy. Upon nn order parsed in the above entitled cause on the 10th day of November, 1938, by the Circuit Court for Caroline County in Equity, these proceedings were referred to the Auditor of this Court, nnd I, as Auditor of the Circuit Court for Caroline County, hereby give notice this llth day of November, 1938, to all judgment creditors, lienors, assignees, or persons claiming an interest in the equity of redemption in the above entitled case, to file their claims with the vouchers thereof duly authenticated with me on or before the 14th day of January, 1939. WILLIAM J. RICKARDS, Auditor. DR. E. F. WITHERS OSTROPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 92 201 Franklin St., Denton, Md. WANTED ' Good yellow corn. Higher cash prices paid. O. A. NEWTON SON CO., (7-9-tf) Phone 2551 Bridgevllle, Del. Funeral Directors DR. F. J. WRIGHT OPTOMETRIST Denton, Maryland Eyes Examined. Glasses Furnished HOURS: 9:00 a. m. to 6:30 p. m. NOTICE TO CREDITORS This is to give notice that the subscriber of Caroline county, has obtained from The Orphan's Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters f administration on the personal estate of NELLIE PEARL WILLIS late of Caroline'county, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are warned to exhibit the same to the subscriber, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 26th day of May 1939, or they may otherwise,, by law, be excluded from all benefit of said estate.* AH persons owing this estate are required to make prompt. settlement Given under my hand this 22nd: day of November, 1938. WILLIAM PENN WILLIS, Administrator.. Subscribe for ttw Journal

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