The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 20
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 20
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r Page Twent? D E U A i U K R E V I E W Sunday Morning, Inly 5,1914. SKY ROCKET $1,000 Uninsured Loss for R. R. Abraham. LIGHTED IN THE ROOF PART OtP CARNIVAL TO RAISE $100.000. Greenwood Cemetery on Fire. Was An errent sky rocket, lighting business end d o w n , caused a $1,000 fire leas tc. the h n r n at the rear of H. R.' home. 146» North Union j stwt. about 8 o'clock Saturday eve- ' n i n K . Two f i n e d r i v l n f f and delivery horses, tied In their stalls, were turn- fd to death t o g e t h e r w i t h a number of chickent too dulled by sleep to escape. The adjacent buggr »hed -with n set of harne«», also belonging to Mr. Abraham, waa burned before De- catnr firemen could head the fierce blare. STARTED jy ROOF. | Th* ftr«, starting In the dry barn roof and running over th« entire building almost Immediately, was not dls- oovered until It waa well along and th« entire upper part of the structure was in flames. The f i r e department mad* a, gallant e f f o r t to save the animal*, -whole «cream« plerc»d the hearts of the large crowd which gathered, hut they were unable to reach tb« horeea. A hard fight was wafted to flare surrounding buildings, which wer» tinder dry. NO INSTJRANCHl. N« iMurunc* waa oairisd «n the 6*rn «* horses, according to Mr. Abraham, who 1* stricken at ths los* ol hi* horses. The. barn was an old one and used lor the moat pan M ft store room for grain. CBM-WTIGRT. out art »rt», when fireworks started a fltrw graas blaxe in Greenwood cera- ·tenr. No damage was dons to any cemetery property. W. H. Richards, Shot April, Dies July 4. New York Police Climbing Wall. The rollc* of Naw York Th hoi have held a big carnival for the purpose of raising ?100,000 for the police relief f u n d . lull of sensations, including the rescue of a b e a u t i f u l girl from the back of a. ranaway SLOW WEEK IN HI ESfflE E. P. Irving Sells Two Small Tracts. T!i« total of TO*! »stat« transfers and mort- 8?.irfs rt-corflefi the past week follows: BT TEARS. Trnn'I'ers last week t B1.R80 157.555 :«».2(H; 40,7lf IH.5BO 1.2KI 15. (XVJ . 30.77.-. 30,26'.; 24,Ki4 Ume inst yrar 2f V.,.nsiisc.s last week 24 Sam-- T i m e last yf-ar 31 Farm rr.inftprs i n 5 r week 2 S-'utu 1 t i m e last year 1 ' l t v tr.?i!s?pr-' !:tst week 12 .-:irtie t i m e la-*t yen" 2'i BV PERIODS. T-H-isfera 2T weeks 3SS 51.343.700 Same time :ast year 782 2.730,!)27 Mortsa B e» 27 weeks 762 1.4W.13II Same t i m e last year 7BT. l.Kl.J.Hvj Same time last year 002 l,3H».3:tn F»rtn transfer, 27 week* «! . /.^."i- Same time last year ....121 Vlllca tranafars 27 weeKS 3.1 g*m« time last year 59 BT WEEKS. Trm«ftx» la»t week ....- M Vravliws week -- 18 kert»ag«s iMt w«elt -, 24 yrevimn week ···.. 3 » VIllaffB trnsfar* lat week Previou* week MOJ.EY MARKET. inrar* lnt«r«st rate lait week jkvefftga Interest rate previous w e e k . . . . Interest rate Inst year -.Of the moni-y loaned S6.5UO wan at 0 per cent. 32400 at fi per cent, anil $H,:m6 nt . ·oer oent, 110010 was loaned on c i t y property. J10.100 on farm property, and J1.1BO on village property. · Badness WR* slow in the real ss tat* lln« again last week. One of the principle deals was a. three cornered on« In which Frank Godwin sold for E. P. Irving two of the five-acre tracts laid out by Mr. Irving about balf a mllo north ut the Chamber of .(Commerce addition. One of these, pcninidered the better of the two be- rtuiae it is on the main road, was eoid to Michar-1 O'ljaughlia of Bemcnt for $2.500 or $f,oo an acre. It is pret- t i l y and conveniently located and Mr. O La-nghlin will immedlatly erect a dwelling there for a home. The other five-acre tract was sold to James Brandenburg of Bement for J!,0JO or J409 an acre. Th« purchaser gets* 1$ for investment. BUT3 HOUSE. In »· deat. Mr. Godwin buys for himself from Mr. Brandenburg-, a. nine room modern house at 2 61 East Jefferson street on a lot 45x120 for investment at £1,500. G. R. L/ukens sold to T. Li. CorJey n. five-room, not m o d e r n house on a lot SOxlZO fe?t at 46! fit. I/juts avenue, t h o purchaser luiylnipr for i n v e s t m e n t ;.t $2,000. JJOI'S SOLD. William 1. Huff sold to Murray V. Knapp, a lot 49x151, about one block n o r t h of West M a i n street on the east side of Sumrnitt avenue in Oakdals sifidition. the price belnsj 51,000. Jtr. Knapp has already orccted a thoroughly modern home there at a cost of about 13,000. Powers Bros. Bold to Wilhelm Skusa, a regular sized vH.cant lot on the north side of the isrio block on Kast Locust street for J400. The purchaser is* already er^ctins n d w e l l i n g there for a home at a cost of a b o u t $1.800. CcorKe, Darling sold to W. S. Maxwell or Oreana a lot 40x220 feet on the north side of the 800 block on West Leaflond avenue. The price Is not given. The purchaser will erect a home on the lot. ON WEST NORTH W. F. Calhoun and Mrs. R. A. Peake have agreed on a trade that is yet to be concluded by the prissing of papers. Mrs. Peake had prepared to build a good house at the southwest PERSPECTIVE VIEW--FROM A. PHOTOGBAPH. E CHAMBC.T? ' FIRST FLOOH PLAN. SECOND FLOOR PLAN. 'A BtUe home for either dty or suburban site. Wide porch across the front screened Jn. Large living room with open fireplace. Good sized dining room. Kitchen arranged with built-in cupboards. Two large chambers In the second story; also R liberal sized bath. Full basement First story, 9 feet; second story, 8 feet Birch or maple floors throughout first and second story. Blrcli or cypress finish In second story. Pine to paint In second story. Cost to build, exclusive of hentinR and plnmblng, $1,550. OF DEATH in Day At The Fishing Club. All Will Go to Ball Game for Entertainment. corner of North and Edward streets, but Mr. Calhoun o f f e r e d her Inducements to tatoe his lot on North, just wost of her corner, and she accepted. Sbs gets a lot facing north that la 40x 64 feet. -She will build there. Mr. Calhoun expects to hold the corner vncftnt for the present. He ll'ves Just -south of It. .1AI, CHURCH OF CHRIST--W. H. Cannon, pastor. Sunday school 9:30 a, m. Prefichlnsr services 10:45 a, m. and 7:45 p. m. MorninK subject, "Our Inalienable Rights. F v r - n i n t : subject, "Keeping- Cool." Chrl*- t l n n Endeavor 6:45 p. TO. FIRST CHURCH OP CHRIST. SCIENTIST --Sunday school »:30 a. m. Bibln lesson and a-Tiuun 11 a. m. Subject, "God." GRACE METHODIST -- T. N. Ewlng, Sunday school »:30 a. rn. Preaching Epivorth league 6:"0 p. m. FIRST METHODIST -- E. M. Antrim, pastor. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Preaching ,«prvlcps 30:45 a. m. and 7:45 p. m. Morning mib.lect, -"Christian Citizenship," permon appropriate to Fourth. Evening subject, "U'hon the South "Wind Blows Softly." Kpworth league G;45 p. m. FIRST CHRISTIAN--B. M. Smith, pastor. S u n d a y echool J:,10 a m. Preaching eervtces 10:4, a. m. and 7:4fi p, m. Rev. Kline, re- pro pontatlva of the National Benevolent nwftciatlon of the Christian church, will speak at bnth services. At night he will lecture on the work of the association, using picture illustrations. Christian Endeavor fi;45 p. m. RIVERSIDE BAPTIST--Sue day school, 9:30 a m. preaching services 10:45 a. m. and 7:45 p m, Rev. A. N. Sharyes wlU preach. B. y. P. U, 7 p. m. ENGLISH LUTHERAN--R G. Catlln, pastor. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning sorvlce* 10:45 a. m. Subject, "The Real Christ." Luther league 0:45 p m. Leader, Russell Appleman. Subject. ,,The Birth of the Nation." Xo vesper service. CHURCH OF tor. Sunday school 6:80 ·.. m. Preaching services 10:45 *, m. and 7:45 p. m. Christian Endeavor 6:45 p, in. SECOND PRESBYTERIAN--Rev. J. W. McDonald, pastor, Sunday school at 6:30 a. m. Public worship at 10;45 a. m. Pastor will speak at this service In connection w i t h th» communion, subject, "Our Duty to Cae- snr." VeFper services from 7 to S In charge of ChrisUan Endeavor. The young people will give a debate, the subject being, "Resolved. "That the church should do mora Institutional work and not confine itself t n inspiring other agencies to do this work." The debater* will be: Affirmative--Esther Lou Bergen, Colin Dixon, Lois Engleman; negative--Paul Hudson, Ralph Mahon, Beu- Inh Pclton. First Congregational.--Rev, H. S. Roblee, pa«tor. Morning service, 10:45 o'clock. Communion will be administered. There will be no evening service or Christian Endeavor. First United Brethren.--S, Edward Long, pastor. Sunday school, 0:30 a. m.. H. H. Welsh, superintendent. Services 10:45 a. m. and 7;45 p in. Christian Endeavor. ft:45 p. m. Junior Endeavor, Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. Prayer meeting "Wednesday evening, 7:45. Baptism by sprinkling will be administered to children and. adults at the morning service. Westminster Chapel.--Rev. Mr. Sanford, pastor Morning service, 10:4IV Patriotic service and the them* will be "The Faith of Patriotism," The Grand Army and the Woman's Relief Corps have accepted the Invitation to attend. Evening service will be at 7:4S; subject, "A Great Gift." German Methodist Church.--Rev. H. J. Pannwitt, pastor Sunday school, 9:30 L m. Preaching service at 10:45 a. m. Pastor's subject, "Christian Citlrenshlp." No evening service. First Christian Church.--Rev. Fred Kline, acting pastor. Preaching services at 10:45 a. m. and 7:4B p. m. In the evening he will speak on "The National Benevolent Association," Illustrating it with pictures of the homes of the association, Rev. W. H. Cannon of the Central Church of Chrlat will deliver an address before the First Christian Sunday school at 9:80 o'clock. St John's Episcopal.--Rev, W. D. Stlres, rector. Holy communion, 7:30 a. m. Choral celebration of Holy communion. 10:45. Open air service In Central park, 7:00 p. rn. Strictly Trne. "Cholly nays his girl is not like other girls." "They all say that." "It's true in this case. His girl IB the two:. 8. Blcbmopd, pigheaded lady la a circus." Local rural m a l l carriers are planning: to - entertain three hundred brother carriers of Illinois when their convention opens In Decatur next Friday, lasting- t h r o u g h Friday and Saturday. The meetings will be hold at the T. M, C. A. b u l l d i n f f s and headquarters will be at the Decatur hotel. On the program as one of the principal speakers Is Senator L*. T. Sherman, The state o f f i c e r s who will be present are as follows: Fred S. P u t n a m of A u r o r a , p r e s i d e n t ; R. F. BUderback of Chester, vice p r e s i d e n t ; Joe F. "\Vil- liams of Lerna, s e c r e t a r y - t r e a s u r e r ; Harley O. Tedford of Flat Rock, sergeant-at-arms. PROGRAM. 8:30--Call to order by M. W. Randolph, president Decatur organization. Invocation--Rev. H. S. Roblee. Sonp--Templar quartet. Address of welcome--Mayor Dan Dhineen. Response--President Fred B. Putnam. Sons--Templar quartet. Address--Postmaster W. M. Bering. Address--W. D. Brown, editor R. F. D, News. Appointment of c o m m i t t e e s on credentials. Recess. Address--A. J. Barrett. R e p o r t of credentials committee. Roll call. A p p o i n t m e n t regular committees. Report of o f f i c e r s . Report of e x e c u t i v e board. AFTERNOON. 1:00--Address--Honorable B. F. Staymates. Report from F t a t e secretary giving n a m e s of c o n t e s t a n t s and n u m b e r of m e m b e r s t h e y h a v e b r o u g h t i n t o t h e association In the pa?t y e a r ; also d i s - t r i b u t i o n of prizes to w i n n i n g contestants. Assemble for t r i p to hall game. Banquet at Falrvlcw at 6 p. m. A d j o u r n to assembly hall. I n s t r u m e n t a l solo -- Miss Freda Moessner. Song--F. . D. O. q u a r t e t . Reading--MISS R u t h I^arge. A ddress--W. E. Gllchrlst. Address--E. D. Ackerman. SATURDAY. 9 a. m.--Music. Address--Senator L,. T. Sherman. Report of a u d i t i n g - committee, TJnfinished business. New business. Election of o f f i c e r s and delegates to national convention. Selection of next meeting place. A d j o u r n . ENTERTAINMENT. The c o m m i t t e e in c h a r g e has arranged for the e n t i r e c o n v e n t i o n to attend a b a ^ r b n H g a m e Friday afternoon. A f t e r t h a t t h e w h o l e convention will go on special street cars to Fall-view park, where t h e r e will be a banquet at fi p. rn. William H. Richards, who on April 9 was shot by Earl Hutchison in the Beecher saloon, died at 1 o'clock Satu r d a y afternoon at St. Mary's hospital. His death is believed to have been due more to an i n c u r a b l e disease that sapped his v i t a l i t y than to the effects of the w o u n d s he received. A few days before the shooting 1 ho was In a runaway a c c i d e n t and his nose was broken. It w o u l d not heal, and the w o u n d s received when he was shot also failed to heal. He was about forty years old, apparently. He Is survived by Ills mother, whose h o m e is in OhJo, Earl Hutchison, who shot Richardson, pleaded q u l l t y at the May term of the c i r c u i t court t-~ a chargre of assault with i n t e n t to k i l l and was sentenced to the penitentiary. DAMAGE SUIT. There Is p e n d i n g in the circuit c o u r t a suit for damages against Charles Beecher and John Laswell, the claim being t h a t Hutchison was d r u n k on l i q u o r secured from t h e m when he shot Richards. There Is also a suit started by MYs. Hutchison a g a i n s t the same d e f e n d a n t s on the same ground, and she sues for damages for b e i n g d e p r i v e d of the services of her h u s b a n d w h i l e he Is In the p e n i t e n t i a r y . INQUEST TUESDAY. The body of Richards was taken to Moran's u n d e r t a k i n g establishment and prepared for burial. Coroner Elmer B r i n t l i n g e r has set the I n q u e s t for 9 o'clock Tuesday m o r n i n g at the c o u r t house. No a r r a n g e m e n t s have been made for the f u n e r a l . Richards m a d e a d y i n g statement pome time ago, Jt Is said that he did not sign it. It Is not expected that a n y t h i n g 1 f u r t h e r will be d o n e to H u t c h - ison. WITNESS GONE. The reason for s e t t i n g the inquest as l a t e as T u e s d a y m o r n i n g Is t h a t Charles Beecher, one of the witnesses, is in Mt. P u l a s k i and will not be back t i l l then. Decatur Fishing Club Park. | The day at the Fishing club haa been greatly enjoyed. Most of the members have moved out and are settled In. their cottages for the summer, and those who have not were her? to spend the day and evening. There have been many visitors, and many of the members have guests over Sunday. People have been, coming and going all day, and the road to the Fishing club park has been as busy as a city street. FESTIVITIES. The day was devoted to boating. swimming, fishing, pitching horse shoes and entertaining friends Dr, N. D. Myers proved to be the champion horse shoe pitcher, with Commissioner W. P. Shade a close second. The day's festivities ended with the grandest display of fireworks in the history of the club. The members went In heavy on the fireworks this year and they hate to tell how many h u n d r e d dollars they burned "P- The display was managed by Frederick K u n y , Harold McNabb and Robert Pen- iwell. A BIRTHDAY. County Clerk M. E. Feniwell entertained Chris Kramer at his cottage today, the occasion being Mr. Kramer's seventy-ninth birthday anniversary. Mr. Kramer was one of the early members of the G o o d m a n band, and he and Mr. Peniwell have celebrated. Mr. Kramer's b i r t h d a y anniversaries together for the past thirty years. PERSONALS. Miss G e r t r u d e Martin of Ithaca, N Y., Is the guest of Miss Dorothy Shade MILDRED HODGINS HAS RECOVERED Mildred Hodgins, tlie ten-year-oW daughter of p. J. j-Inilgins, 778 East Ijoncolln avenue, who was bitten by a bull dos Thursday, has almost recovered from her i n j u r i e s . It waa at f t r a t fearer! t h n t the lie? might have rabies but t h i s was f o u n d to be not the case. According: to G. W. Pavid, owner of th» dog, the a n i m a l b i t the little girl more. In play t h a n a n y t h i n g else. It is not a vicious dog and never before gave any i n d i c a t i o n of vlclnusnesi. ART OF SINGING Rnpcrt Nelly to Appear In the Knenner neclnl Hall. Rupert Nelly, head of the summer school at the Mtlllkln conservatory, will give a recital in the Kaeuper recital hall on Thursday, July 9, at 3:30 p. m. Following the precedent set last year, Mr. Nelly will give two recitals in the form of lessons In the art of singing, open to the public. Big Demand at for Ice. Factories Dr. and Mrs. N. D. Myers, Mr. «n« Mrr Ben Hoffman and Will Short and, family are all here. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shlaudeman ot Los Angeles, Cal., are guests of Mr and Mrs. Fred Norman. Mr. and Mrs. I* Bascom, Miss Jositt Bascom, Fred Bascom and Miss Bertha Norman are guests of Mr. and Mrv G. W. Scovill. Mr, and Mrs. George Post and son. George, and daughter, Frances, ar« here. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Shade and dauglw ters, Dorothy and Harriet, are enter* tainlng Milton Rose and Vincent CooK of Chicago and Norma Rogers of Decatur. E. F. Kuny and family are here foe the summer. Miss Helen Stevenson has returned from Fargo college for the gumraer vacation. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Needham, Mr. and Mrs. Flos-d Needham, Junior Needham, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Zimmerman, Miss Luta Sterns and Russell Sterns aro guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Stafford. Mr. and Mrs. Powell are guests ot C. H. Temple and wife. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Cunningham an* Miss Marguerite Cunningham ar« guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Dudley. Mr. Dougherty and Bert Owen ar« guests of W. E. Adams and family. Chauncey Deetz and family are her«j Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Merldlth are en« tertalninar Dr. and Mrs. Warnes, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Bachman. Frederick: Bachman, Helen Matilda Bachman and- Elizabeth Warnes. Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Vaughn are entertaining the Honesty club. Gratifying Progress To- ·wards Saneness. July 4, 1914, was the quietest seen in Decatur for some time. The business district was especially quiet, the only stores doing a good business being the confectioners, soda fountains and those selling f i r e works. Only a small number of stores handled f i r e works this year and t h e y did not have laree stocks. Thev all sold out. Some reported over $500 sales up to noon. The racket which used to mark thai morning of the Fourth was noticeably absent this year. The few squibs that were fired by the small boys were not enough to disturb the slumbers of lat« sleepers. SERVICES IN ] CENTRAL PARK WHI Tafce Tarn* la the Summer. The ministers of Decatur have decided to have twilight services in Ceil* tral park during July and August. Th« services will begin about 7:45. Each church will have an evening. St. John's church will have the first ser. vice tonight. Those of the chorister* who are able to attend will lead th« singing* The rector will make a short address. Three thousand gallons of Ice cream and at least 200 tons of ice were used in D e c a t u r Saturday. RUSH FOR ICE CREAM. A veritable raid was started on ice cream dealers and m a n u f a c t u r e r s be- f o r e dawn Saturday m o r n i n g and con- t i n u e d t h r o u g h the day. At one factory 300 gallons of cream had gone out by 6 o'clock. Ice cream f o r m e d practically the e n t i r e stock In trade of the down town stores w h i c h opened during the day and soft drink parlors were filled ·with t h i r s t y ones. USUAL ICE BUSINESS. The day's ice budget was not greatly in excess of a u s u a l Saturday business as a great many private homes and business bouses put In a large supply of Ice NFriday to ti.le t h e m over the holiday. Wagons were k e p t busy during the day, h o w e v e r , and a big plat- j f o r m b u s i n e s s was done at the factories w h o r e p i c n i c k e r s drew up to take on a cargro of coolness b e f o r e s t o r m i n g t^e parks and country lanes. DECORATED. Ice wagons and ice c r e a m wagons were among' the most p a t r i o t i c looking vehicles In Decatur S a t u r d a y . Many of them were decorated w i t h b u n t i n g and flags. They were given almost exclusive right of way over c i t y streets in the a f t e r n o o n as local rig and automobile owners Had sought the country. Many Pom»Ja at Party. Bridget--They had ft regular pound party at Mike O'Rourke's last night. Nora--Tell mo about It. Bridget--Barney O'FIannigan pounded Pat McGInnis black and blue and ths rest of tlie party poundod Barney nearly to death. The Motorcycle serves many useful purposes-health, pleasure and business. We have a complete line on our floor. Indian, Merkel, Pope and Excelsior, · · v Kellington Dieckhoff 1 345 N. Main. Decatur, 111. Straws, Panamas, Bankoks, 1-3 Off New Clothes for That Vacation Trip If you're planning a vacation trip of some kind, you'll possibly need new clothes, and you'll want clothes of the right sort--light, cool and comfortable.' We have just put in stock some splendid New Summer Suits in cool, lightweight fabrics at $12, $15, $18, $20. All made in a strictly first-class manner, the equal of any custom tailor work of Decatur and only about one-half tailor prices. OUTING SHIRTS 50c to $2.00 Outing Trousers $3.50 to $5. Both Phones 1777. ELDORADO AND BROADWAY Extrait de Treko The fascinating perfume with a subtle odor that always pleases. Also Treko Toilet Water. For sale by the following druggists. Call on them for free Treko samples. Armstrong's Pharmacy Bell Drug Co. Decatur Drug Co. Downey's Pharmacy Harding's Pharmacy Horrall Pharmacy University Drug Store West's Drug Store Irwin's Drug Stores Kincaid's Drug Store · Hildebrandt's Drug Store Hilligoss Bros. SPAPESJ

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