Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 30, 2000 · Page 41
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 41

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 2000
Page 41
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL • TUESDAY ON TV WEEK OF JAN. 30-FEB. 5. 2000 — 7 FEB. 1, 2000 TUESDAY EVENING 2/1/00 6:00 I 6:30 I 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 I 9:30 J 10:00110:30111:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS . ,v : : .^: ... Entertain Just Snoot 3rd Rock Will-Grace veronicas CBS News [News S5 Oharma I Sports Nl NYPDBIuer\(PA)SJ Ellis Eye Variety [Eye Center Variety Benny Hinn Carey Buffy Vampire NBA Basketball: Warriors at Clippers News Star Trek Voyager HI 70s Show 170$ Show Partyof Five H Shasta A [PUbertlS Hovl«: **s"UHr(1989)AIYanl(ovic. investigative Reports | Love Chronicles (R) Movie: ** it "King Creole DailvShow IBen Stein Movie: * * "The Money Pit" (1966, Comedy) Skyscrapers: Going Up [New Detectives (R (9:50) Movie; "The Paiiii Uovte: *** "The ParentTrap" (1996) Lindsay Lohan. Tarzan ! "Your Mother Went Combat BooU" My Sorted Life A TOOCTub Stanford NHL Hockey Phoenix Movie: **"SHr"(1993 Jennie Garth. Mi-Family IJetlersons Arnold IRuflfaU A Kena: Warrior Princes* Xena Xena: Warriof Princess Poltergeist: The Legacy |Fri. the 13th Xena; Warrior Princess 9:50) Movie: **"O.C. Cab" * * * )i "Back to the Future" (1985, Call [Saltwater [Dukes <onerjam; Teams TEA Matt Houston A [Bassmaslr. [Outdoor Cnampionship Rodeo Son "Vanishing Son? shing Son-Vanishing Son I'A LOT. Texas Ranoer IMovto:" Movie: "Cabin by the Lake" (2000) ffl wave of falling automobiles. A W Oft Movie **K"UHP(1989)AIYankovic, Michael Richards. A TV-station manager with a bizarre method of programming tactics faces opposition from the owner of a rival channel. (2 JO) R5I1 Law & Order A former model's death reveals a past the victim was apparently trying to cover up, presenting McCoy and Ross with a lough case. BD (COM) Movie * * The Money Pit'(1986) TomHanks, Shelley Long. After purchasing a home for a fraction of its original value, a couple realize that the dream house is a nightmare. (2:00) I DISCI Skyscrapers: Going Up The 100-year his lory of the skyscraper is celebrated, along with the record-breaking Pelronas Towers in Malaysia. (R) "™~1 Sportscenter W Movie * x 'Your Mother Wears Boots" (1969) Barbara Eden, David Kaufman. Masquerading as a soldier, an overprotective mother enters boot camp in order to discourage her son. Civil War Journal The Civil War was rid- cases of inhumane treatment of prisoners of Chicago Hope Or. Austin reluctantly allows a woman with Down syndrome to donate a partial king to her dyjng brother; Or. Grad teams that she a pregnant i'.W.'Bl I I | l||, liJBI PREMIUM CHANNELS MAX SHOW "Space Tfuctof»°mov1«; * * "U»t Action Hero" (1993) [ [Beach [Movta 'Naked OJn33lA): The' Final Insult" [Movie: * * "Slam" (1998) Saul Williams, W r PM*M'fAdv." IMovit: *** "Matilda"(1996) [Movie |Uovt«: ** "WhatDtearn*HayComt" ImMlfrtlblt" I Sopranos •I 11 .. —i .1 ••.. i «.J«.i iii .i. .—• IWent" EVENING 6:00 P.M. rince pi Bel-Air Wi tries toget lv drvorced Engirt professor a dale with Wary. News 00 CBS Evening News W Hour of Healing A Zoboomafoo tffl Divorce Court A couple fight over possession ol a gieenrecliner. ^ v *^ S3 Family Matters Steve schemes to take S" A nf* 1 '' Cal ' ™ gr * ** reSU "* "* * h ° Sla99 P, Home Improvement Tim and the Tool nine staff take Die show on the road when they shp oft onanaircialtcBirier. A W W Simpsons Homer tries to recover a (riHion-dol- wnote liom Mr. Bums after an IRS tat audit. A W s!L f ra »J. er P iasi8 ' ' a lullous **»" » Boston bar Kiddy turns Fiasier's liist fen* with a woman Into a novefk A W AW Investigative Reports A trip behind prison walls to document the reasons women we incar- first?? &?^ 0 * * * "K'na Creole" (1858, toica) EJVU Presley, Carolyn Jones. A busboy becomes a smashing hit when he agrees to sing In a gffito-owned New Orlem nigrSpot 'PO 1 (fS6) .—. j The latest develop- nsound insulation; instiling a window u conoj- •'dtypoi fountain.^ I Growing Pains Mike goes back to high •--^•-iwchw.IBJ ' 3a*ketball "Tennessee raise money to replace Mrs. LouoVi rare dog. A W EQ 3rd ROCK From the Sun The mission is jeopardUed when Tommy channels a bad evaluation of Ok* to their home planet A QB _ E8 Entertainment Tonight A IHJ IDISfTl Snwrt Guy TJ.d»adM to publish his own paperand produces a trashy tabloid; Mo and Marcus search for women. W College Basketball "Temple at •"•e)[SJ _,..usetts*(IJve)__ ) Partridge Family A 1 Last Word J Golden Girls Dorothy's beau gives up a ive legal practice to become a circus clown. A J Catdog 0 Movie * * "Naked Gun 33 1/3: i ne rlnal Insult" (1994, Comedy) Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley. Lieutenant Frank Drebin is coaxed out of retirement to nail a terrorist. Basud on the "Police Squad!' TV series. A 'PG-13' W (122) Seinfeld Jerry and Kramerare ajfected when a •"•• opens a new restaurant in the neighborhood. Q3 FraslerFrasier's high-school reunionlimitation arrives just when he is feeling his worst. A W T) Evening Magazine W 7 Jeopardy! W | Newehour Wh Jim Lehrer W D aS Drew Carey Drew Is forced to take extra McWmeasurei when he bet an unstable employee. A W O WayaneBroa. Marlon uses Shawn's poetry towooawomaaontytotov«hU[Jlinbackfire. A 3D ED Prlends After seeirnajmonkey on a Super BoM commercial, Ross SndsTitoietl missing Marcel. A (Parti of2)081 SBD Love Chronicle* Victorian tows tocwed on romance whto repressing sexual thoughts. (R) BE r ™ r " ~-"y Show d laboratory. I Movie * * last Action Hero" venture) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Austin with his screen Hoi alter a magic ticket catapults him into a movie. A 'PG-13' tffl (2:11) ~^H Movie *** "Matilda"(1996, (lara Wilson, Danny DeVito. A girl blessed with c powers strikes back against her neglectful parents and her school's cruel headmistress. A 'PG' W (1:33) 7:20 P.M. (TB51 Movie * * * % "Back to the Future" (1935) Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd. A modem-day teen-ager Is transported back to the 1950s, where he encounters the teens who will become his parents. (2:30) 7:30 P.M. Family Feud Entertainment Tonight A W Hollywood Square* tffl Wheel of Fortune W Doble Glllls Drew Carey The guys prepare a strip show to i money to replace Mrs. Lender's rare dog. A W EB NBA Basketball "Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers" From the ~ les Center In Los Angeles. (Uve) A Seinfeld Jerry and Kramer we affected when a ariiy opens a new restaurant h the neighborhood. A flu EQ Friends Chandter's reminiscing prompts the fnendi to recall their worst Thanksgiving memories. A Frasler Frasiafa high-echool reunion invitation us! when he is teeing his worst. A tffl I Win Ben Stein's Money W j Who's the Boss? A j NHL Hockey "Phoenix Coyotes at i Jose Sharks'From StflJos* Arena in San i,Cttf.(Uve) "hnu • ^ offered « * * * The Parent Trap" Lohan, Dem* Quald. Reunited „ ,.... ,_- J In order to tog In* mother and father back together agtin. Wl01(2*7) ~™-l Who'ethe (ISe? A Stanford Sportt M*g«flne Motereyclea.How iwjScy^s hive v* "•A* Olympics. n at t new (Mjcb;Uumbl«cbn«|»KalH. A tffl Parent '. lw«Pi%bk)»uplnlh»Ft«ce. • Ore* Carey The guys piep»re« strip show to asibo- muntoref tnd hw wiw Wants to 6e • Millionaire tffl Variety Secrets of Lost Empires Historian, iety- eograwi and timber fraroers, attempt to bulk) • replies of I IWwenlury catapult capane ol hu pound stone* through the llr. A (Part t of S) toys) WlldThornberrysIS] Poltergeist: The Legacy A W Matt Houston A Vanishing Son Two brothers adept in the arts escape from China and receive political asylum In the United Stales, where they have to choose between an honest He and the criminal underworld. A Walker, Texas Ranger The Rangers ped by a series of highly pubictod robberies, but It becomes personal when Wakers dose friend Is kited. A (Part lot aim ~~™ MacGyver An assassin traps Thornton and r inside a blazing-hot metal container. Movie ** "Slam" (1998, Drama).Saul Sonja Sohn. A former sniattone drug pusher attempts to use his writing talents to rtw above his street He. A '(T W (1:43) ______ 8:05 P.M. (agg) Movie * * * Teacher's Pet" (tBSBTComedy) Clark Gable, Doris Day. The city editor of a large newspaper goes to a night school Journalism class and falls in love with the teacher, tffl (2:00) 8:30 P.M. QP 89 That 70s Show Donna becomes sus- pEtous iwhen Kebo tikes Laurie to Van Stock instead of Jackie. (R) A W GD 3rd Rock From the Sun Saly experiences mood swings after she goes on birth control; Dick learns about tipping, (R) A W ' servue Eye Center ) NHL ZNIght BD .---—. Cousin Skeeter Vanessa's grandma teiSThe tods to reunite with her old dance troupe. Special guests: music group 98 Degrees. A W (SHOW) Movie News: What Dreams May Come Behind the scenes during production of "What Dreams May Come," slaning Room Williams. (R) A 9:OOP.M. (2) SS Party of Five Baiey meets a woman at anAA meeting; Daphne lets Charlie that she's moving away and taking the baby with hen money a missing from the restaurant. A W S) Will & Grace Grace tries to live up to her new "dimensions' when a deceiving, but flattering, picture ol ha appeals in a newspaper. (Bin W nn 60 Minutes II A tffl GD Oharma & Greg Dhaima agrees to play drums lor a friend's high-school band. (R) A W W Variety GD Nova Laboratories in Russia and China are having a great deal of success manufacturing gem-quality diamonds almost indistinguishable from the real thing. A &S(DVS) BD Angel When Doyle's estrenged wife comes to town asking lor divorce, Angel agrees to follow her husband-to-be to team more about him. (R) A W SO Shasta Girts pay money to view a rash on Dennis 1 deniere, because it looks like actor Leonardo Atffl raphy 'Farrah Fawcett America's ... ........ (actress Farrah Fawcelt star of TVs 'Charlie's Angels.' (RlQB [DISCI New Detectives A profile of women who kt, inducing the Black Widow, who poisoned her husband; and boyfriends tor their estates. (R) NBA ZNIght W etting High: A Hist " the wuntrylntne 1960s. (R) W ________ ed on Danielle Steel's novel of sSsn ' Fiinciico singer's stnwgles to achieve stardom and bid e.T?:0!» ^"^ Brady Bunch When Grandma Hufchins vhil the Brady kids decide to Imp h* wound g her up with Grandpa Brady. A riday the 13th: The Series A Baasmasters Movie "Cabin by the Lake" (2009) kon, Hedy Burress. Prernlwe A jcreenwiitar . ng a 61m project Irvw out to lead character's sordidieby becoming s serial killer. A BE (2:00) In the Heat of the Night The police nl attempU to prevent itdal ncidmls «man the city toners the fail black worn an to register to vole In -ABB _, Movie •** "What- Dreams May ome'ttNe, Firuiy) Robin viiams; Cob) GoojVg Jr.Aoidrwrislijo^toheitolndhUgriel-sWck- enwiiewt»hwcommilteiJiuic«Je. A W13 1 (ffl 9:15P.M. Beach: First Look BehM the scenes ol 'The Beach,' stoning Leonardo DiCaprio. W 9:20 P.M. fpiSRI Movie Surfers Go Inside Disney's Tarzan A behind-the-scenes look at Disney's animated feature Tarzan,' Including interviews with the movie's cast and creators. (R) GS 9:30 P.M. GD Veronica's Closet Veronica rekindles her romance with June's carpenter lather; Josh and Chloe are enthralled with their wedding coordinator. A B2 00 Sports Night Sam tries to convince Dana that heu not flirting with her, but Dirts with her whie doing so. a BB [SI Benny Hlnn Hj DllbertOiterfs invention to end hunger leads him to Ebonia, where he meets the foster child he's been supporting. A W (ESPN) NHL ZNIght (E5PN21 Yachting "America's Cup Challenger Finals •- Race 7* If necessary. From Auckland. New Zealand. (SartKHJayTapei jjnCK) Beverly Hillbillies A OH TNNl Outdoor Magazine *55 Movie _*x "Simply Irresistible' TO57Romance! Sarah Micheue GeHar, Sean Patrick Tanary. A fairy godfather gives a chef the ability to spice up her culinary creations with the magic of emotions. ' (B15T11 Movie * * * "The Parent Trap* (1998, Comedy) Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid. Reunited twin sisters switch places in order to bring their mother and father back together again. 'PG' [S] (2:07) £000 Movie **"D.C. Cab" (1983) Adam Baaffin, Charfe BameH. A trainee driver goes along for the ride as cabbies raly together to save their Bounder- ing company. (2:05) 10:00 P.M. QQ The Ten O'clock News GB Si Dateline Scheduled: Two lamlies discuss their experiences In electing to have office surgery as opposed to a hospital procedure. A W 00 Judging Amy Amy's romantic evening is ruined when a threat onner He makes it necessary for her to nave around-tlwdcck protection; Maxine is reunited with an old Mend. (R) A W GD NYPDBIueAproHer.whomSipowiczdBlkes, is called In to figure out who murdered seven young men; Kirkendalrs ex-husband makes a mistake that could Impact her career. A (PA) QB GD Ellis Eye J3J Frontline Acost-benefit analysis of the United Stales' $2.5 bilion-a-year fight against the marijuana trade. (R) A OH ~ Newt (SI Married... With Children The Bundys and s try to save their lives, as wel as their sanity. a forced onto a Sleboal A (Part 2 ol 2) SO I News . _ ir Trek: Voyager An Identity-stealing n switches places with Paris, then takes command of x alter assuming Janewa/s identity. A W Investigative Reports A trip behind , .. it wals to document the reasons women are incarcerated. (R) OB ~D Premium Blend With Greg Hahn, Gary i, Cory Kahaney and Regular Joe's. 3D __ ) FBI Files When a Pennsylvania woman and heFffiiant son are murdered in 1994, fhe FBI uses a new forensic ptocedure called mitochondrial DNA testing to make a conviction. 1) Sportecenter W My So-Called Life A UFOs: Then and Now? 'Cause lor i Some of the most disturbing UFO sightings, Including a four-day excursion in 1952 wltea UFOs cruised over the White House. (R) SD tRICR] All In the Family Edith's malic behavior -•—- sthe family and puts a damper on Archie's and fined trip to a itaw resort. A Fj) Xena: Warrior Princess A OH n Turkey Call If] Vanishing Son Wago gets involved in gang warfare and Jian-Wa goes up against the Ku Kku Wanwhen they terrorize Vietnamese fishermen. A fW5H] Matlock When a popular radio OJ is suspected in the murder of his partner whom he despised, Ben searches for (he real kito. A W fBPOfl Movie * * X "Beverly Hills Cop III* misnirame) Eddie Murphy, Judge RertwU. Axel Foley and his Beverly Hills buddies investigate criminal activities at a Southern California amusement park. A 'R' W (1:45) 10:1 5 P.M. [SMCl Elvis In Hollywood EMs Pnuley'i mwScaretf is celebrated wild dips from his Mil screen test and iimsuch is "Love Me Tender.' A 10:30 P.M. Variety •d... With Children A tffl pressto Jerf ersons George tnes to h to serve hit own purposes A HI harness the ( Cheers Sam is re*c<»jainledwith hit old lime Chambers. A (PJuTZolllffi) OD ID New* W /arlety ^_ Campaign 2000: The Primary Returns SB Caroline In the City A funny thiia happens loTaroline on the way to the tonJjhl ShoV;ChSle thinks he's lound his father. A tffl ' Tul Alei led Elaine to see vpsycnialrisli aHec ga Married::. With Children The Bun»yl and 6*cys try to save their Ivw, M wel is their urtiy, attar being kneed onto « Hebott A (PeflZolZ) W

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