Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 22, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 22, 1898
Page 3
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v SATURDAYJMORNING. JANUARY 22,'98 Itenjs of News frorrj ftll Parts of the County Solicited Ur«ler ttjis Hca.l. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. MAILS cr.o.-,u. IJ.25 A. SI.--Via IX S: C. R. R., lor Points North 7.2O A. ST.--Via Q. A. 11 K , lor Points West. 9.3B A. SI.--Via (j. A. R. R , lor Points liast. 11.-IS A. St.--Via htenmer, lor River Point 1 - l.OO P. SI.--Via Stage, for Preston. 1.SJ8 P. SI --Via D. it C. R. R., for Points North. ·1.O3 V. SI--Via Q A. K. K., for Points \Vc,t 6.23 P. St.--Via y A. K. K , for FomU MAILS A R R I V I - . 7.45 A. SI --Via Q. A. K. K , from Points Uast 1O.UO A. SI --Via Q. A. K K , from Points Wcbt. 11.(ID A. SI --Via Stage, from I'rus-ton. 11.3D A. Jl.--Via Steamer, from River Points. 1S.OO-- St.--Via D C K R., from Points North. 4.3S P. M.--Via Q. A. K. K., from Points Kabt. 7.43 P. SI.--Via f) A. K. R.: from Point', West. 8.00 P. SI.--Via L) .t C R.R. from Point* Noilh. PUBLIC BUSINESS CALENDAR. CIRCUIT COURT WILL MEET APRIL 4. ORPHANS' COURT WILL MEET JAN. 23. LEVY COURT WILL MEET JAN. 23. SCHOOL BOARD WILL MEET FEB. 1. THE LOCAL DEPARTMENT, DASHES HERE AND THERE. There arc five prisoners iu Denton jaij. Clothier Kaskcy has a handsome ..sign. Shells are jpeing spread on Main .;street.- .--Jlte -.Fox hu^^Hb.ave beea having' good spor|(PBweoli. Stewart Bros, are still enlarging their stock of hardware. Uhoice*blover seed for sale at J. IT. NicnOLS' Sox's, at $3.50 cash. Mv. N?»A. Htttson has opened a law office iu the JOURNAL building. Cucumber p u m p tops for drive ··wells at J. H. NICHOLS SON'S. The demand for shells w i t h w h i c h ; tp repjyr roads was. never so great as at present. ·The-Denton Entertainment Corn. mitteoHsxpects to have Rev. Samuel Small lecture here at an early date. Howell M. Hynson has been appointed postmaster nt Church Hill, and Frederick H. Walls a t ' Millington. The erection of a largo machinery plant for the m a n u f a c t u r e of gas fittings is said to be iu prospect at Queen Anne. * The "Chick C o m p a n y " has been · giving good e n t e r t a i n m e n t s in the town hall this week. From hero they'go to Centre ville. Mr. S. Collins Wriglit, a member of the House of Delegates from Queen Anne's county died at his home in Centreville, on Sunday last. . Judge Martin has granted the pe- Mr. David Kliwansky, of Bidgely, who petitioned tho court to his name changed to David '·' MrVJVJ. Harwobd has been ap- y»pintedjij_u slice of the peace ^fpr the Firs"t;7distffciv"vic(f'Mr." "F."G. Sleinmer, who has removed from the ·county. W-iltj -Breeding, Williston, has purchased 100 bushels best Western Clover Seed, which he Jis selling as low as $3.60 a bushel. Best Timothy, $1.60. * Bethlehem is s u f f e r i n g from poor mail facilities, due to a change of "schedule on the B. C. A. railway. Baltimore mail reaches that point a day late. A Sussex county sage claims that county sent more soldiers to the war 01 · the rebellion, according to population, than any other county in the United States. -A.. G. Saulsbury Bro., Ridgely, ha" 't-i'io -, received from importers -- ^ ^,. [ij^d, £ mattings. These goods wc'-o -.-o, ' ; at before the Dingley bill ' went I:'.u effect," consequently prices are very low. Mary Harris, living on the farm of Mr. David Knotts, near Wil- ^loughby, was shot a few days ago by ' the accidental discharge of a pistol in the hands of a colored boy. The wtfnnd was not serious. - The papers of Chestertown see in '- the' proposed railroad enterprise in Cecil, from Elkton to the Sassafras I Driver, a good prospect for a northern ''" "route for the Queen Anne's railroad. -/ Chestertown would bo one of tho important points. Mr. Jonathan W. j.Kerr, was in - Lancaster, Pa., on Wednesday w h i t h - er he was invijed by the Pennsylvania Fruit Growers'Association, before which body he delivered a lec- · tnre-on ."The Future of Plum Growing in America." Corn prices remain the same--29 - to 34 cents for w h i t e ; yellow a cent lower. Cob corn brings $1.60 to $1.05 a, barrel. Southern wheat closed yesterday at QSk .cents, bag lots in some instances going a- half-cent higher. Oats are worth 27 cents, and rye 54. · v^ The Denton National Bank re- ·. cently declared a semi-annual divi- ' i dend of 4 per cent, on the cajjital stock, arid not 8 per cent, senii- an'nually, as some of our contemporaries have stated. With the sum .carried to the surplus f u n d this is an excellent showing. . - ' It is stated that the telephouc.line touching Dentou and other points in Caroline will in the spring be connected at Federalsburg w i t h a ·wire to Cambridge and other Dor- Chester county points. It will only - ' be a few years before there w i l l ' be 'telephone service to'alt tho important places on the peninsula. Mr.,O. J. Redden's dwelling, near Denton, caught fire on Monday morn- "'ing last and was sHghtly damaged. His daughter,'Miss Genie, was the only^pne at home, but soon" as the · ; alarm ;was -given . neighbors ran over and by heroic efforts extinquish- Vd flames. The damage ^dpno probably did, not exceed $30., It is not 'knowu'how the flame* originated. K W S P A P E R f l R C H I V E ® -- - MATRIMONIAL AND PERSONAL ITEMS A Churcli Wedding; :it Amorirjm Corner-Other "uitinl Soles--1'rrsonnln. A very pretty w e d d i n g took place at Calvary M. P. C h u r c h , A m e r i c a n Corner, on Wednesday e v e n i n g , at half-past seven o'clock, the contracting parties being Miss Nora Love and Mr. John W. Howard, both o American Corner. Many friends o: the popular young c o u p l e were pros ent to witness the ceremony. The church was elaborately decorated the bridal couple s t a n d i n g beneath a white dove, and thero was a solic back-prouud of holly and mistletoe. The bride was a t t i r e d in a handsome cream silk, t i i i u m u d in lace and rib bon, w i t h slippers and gloves tc match, and carried cream bride roses. MissLydia Patton was bridesmaid, and wore white organdie over pink, w i t h gloves and slippers to match, and carried pink bride roses. Mr. L u t h e r Covey acted as best man, and Mr. Walter Bcachamp and Mr. Covey were ushers. Miss W i l l u Harper, of Hyuson, presided at the organ, and Rov. W. B. J u d e f i n d performed the ceremony. A reception was held at the homo of tho bride's mother, where many called to offer congratulations. The presents received by the bride were numerous and handsome. Mr. and Mrs. Howard w i l l reside on their farm near American Corner. Quite a large party of young Folks called at the horae of Mr. aud Mrs. Isaac L. Dukes, in Tuckahoo Neck, on Wednesday evening 1 of last w e e k , that being the eleventh a n n i v e r s a r y of the marriage of Mr. and Sirs. Dukes. The hospitable and popular host a n d hostess, a l t h o u g h t a k e n somewhat by surprise, entertained their guests most pleasantly. Most of the visitors were p a r t i c i p a n t s iu progrossive eue-hre u n t i l half-past leu, when a delicious lunch was served. Those present were Messrs. Marc Bryant, Edward Jarrell, Chas. E. McShane, Charles E. Stevens, Isaaf Sparklin, Norman Horsey, Dr. P. R. Fisher, Clarence Stevens, and Misses Pearl Smith, Lucy Richardson, Helen Richardson, Liuuie Bryant, Louise Dukes, Cora Dukes, Ella Downos, Iva Whitby aud Mrs. Lucy Griffith. Mr. William H. Cowman, of Kent Island, and Miss Ida Whaley, daughter of Mr. Thomes Whaley, wore married on Wednesday e v e n i n g at the M. E. Church, Church Hill, by the Rev. J. H. Geoghegan. Tho bride was attired iu a gowu of pearl- colored cloth, and carried a bouquet of bride roses. Mr. Charles Saulsbury, of Barn- bury, was in Monday to pay his subscription. He is 85 years of age, and will have been married to his present wife 54 years the 2nd of Feburary. They came from Caroline county 34 years ago.-- Trappe Times. 'MissTTIbretfiJe'lBarcus; oC Greensboro', who has been visiting Mrs. John N. Dodd for tho past two mouths, was suddenly called home on account of the illness of her aunt.--Kent News. Mr. James N. Todd is spending some time at his father's home in Baltimore. He is growing stronger and hopes to be already to resume his law practice early in the spring. Mr. William H. Kirwan, who for more than twenty years held the position of purser on various Chop- t a n k river steamers, celebrated his fiftieth birthday yesterday. Mrs. J. Thomas Clark and Jier two sons, and Miss Virgio Johnson, of Baltimore, are guests at Mr. J. H. George's Tuckahoe Neck. The marriage of Mr. Herman Merrick, of East New Market, and Miss Daisy Corkran, of Brookview, will tako place nest Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J, Ira Fisher, of Willow Grove, Pa., accompanied by their little sou, James, are visiting relatives in town. Mr. John R. Lee, formerly of this county, will accept our thanks for Pacific Coast papers. They are rarely seen here. Dr. Horace L. Jones accompanied by his cousin, Frederick Jones, speut a few days with his parents near town. Mr. James R. Wooters and his sister, Miss Ida, and Mr. and "Mrs. G. M.'Eddy, of Seaford, spent Sunday in town". Miss Atkinson, daughter of the late Dr. Atkinson, of Caroline county, is visiting Mrs. Dr- Eccles, of Trappe. Mr. aud Mrs. George M. Eddy, of Seaford, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wooters, at Hobbs, this week. Mrs. James Green, of Marydel, and Mrs. Rachel Cooper, of Dentou, /nave been visiting Dover friends. Miss May Fallowfield, of Kent, is a guest of her cousin, Miss Elizabeth Fallowfield, at Templeville. · Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Morgan, of -Talbot,-spent Sunday at Mr. Alonzo Griffith's, near Chilton's. Mr. Lane Moore, of Philadelphia, 'is visifing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac J. Moore. Miss Emma Fleming, of Burrsville, is visiting friends in Baltimore. " * Mr. Fred. R. Owens has been iu Baltimore and Annapolis this week. Miss Addie C. Jones, of Philadelphia, is home on a short visit. Mrs. Ida Cridlin has been visiting her parents at Denton Bridge. Mrs. Fitzgerald, of 'Baltimore, is Mrs. W. F. Towers' guest. Mrs. A. G. Garey is visiting Ellicott City relatives. Mrs. Julia Day is spending a few days in Baltimore. Henry R. Lewis, Esq., was in Baltimore yesterday. . Mrs. W. D. Uhler is visiting Baltimore friends. 1're^lim. Efforts arc being made to form .1 Preston Library Association, which it is t h o u g h t , w i l l be combined witl: the old Town Hall Association, and k n o w n h e r e a f t e r as the Preston Lib r a i y a u d Town Hall Association This is an o u t g r o w t h of the Preston L i t e r a r y and Musical C l u b , and ,111 e n t e r t a i n m e n t w i l l be given iu the near f u t u r e to advance the i n t o i c s l s of tho association. At a meeting hold at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. a few weeks ago, Miss J u l i a Kclley, Mrs. J. T. D e n n i s and Prof. R. W. Allen were appointed a l i b r a r y c o m m i t t e e . This c o m m i t t e e r e c o m m e n d s t h a t a tax ol! 23 c e n t s each be imposed upon the members of the c l u b , to be used in the p u r chase of books by the business coni- m i t t o e , Mrs. J. R. P h i l l i p s , Miss Julia Kelley, R o v . W. E. West, Prof. R. W. Allen, and Mr. I. E. W i l l i a m son. Miss Matlie Douglass has been elected librarian, and all books used in the club will for tho present be deposited in the library of her father, Col. James II. Douglass, where the members of the Preston L i b r a r y Association, now about thirty-five in n u m b e r , may find a pleasant reading-room. A concert under the management of Prof. Harrington aud Miss Randolph was given at the M. E. c h u r c h , Preston, Friday.night. Mr. Claude Lee, of Easton, spent Sunday with friends in town. The last semi-monthly Whist Club met at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. J. It. Phillips Wednesday oreniug of last week. Mr. Will Day, of St. Louis, Mo., f o r m e r l y of this c o u n t y , is visiting fiieuds. IIou. Chas. H. Todd, of Annapolis, speut S u n d a y with his family. Miss E m i l y Fletcher is v i s i t i n g Rev. and Mrs. T. G. Eiswald at Millsborough, Del. Mr. J. A. Cox is visiting friends iu Annapolis. Mr. Robert Jarrell, of Goldsborough, spent S u n d a y with f r i e n d s aero. Iliekmnn. Our debating society is in a prosperous condition and every one seems well pleased with tho interest manifested and success reached. The society now has the privilege of m e e t i n g in Mr. Peters' store, which has good accommodations and uuple room for the purpose. Last Saturday evening the meeting convened at an oarly h o u r aud was called to order by the president, Mr. (Vnklain. As Mr. A u k t a m was an ippointed speaker, Mr. W r i g h t was ·xskeil to fill the chair in the absence of the vice-presulemt. The evils of ntemperance and war, was the question discussed. Mr. P. W. Carey opened tho debute, declaring in- emperanoe to be the greater evil. He was followed by-Mr.'W. E. Bul- oek, who took the'.opposite view "oT he question. Mr. Carey was snp- jorted by Mr. R. G. A n k l a m and Mr. W. A. Liden, w h i l e Mr." A. H. Cahall vnd Mr. R. J. S- Bullock joined the eader of the negative, showing the evils of war. The weather was not 'avorable, yet a goodly n u m b e r were present who gave their atten- ion to the speakers, aud good order irevailed. The evils of i n t e m p e r - ance were shown to be very great nt the negative side showed the evils of war to be greater, and when ho decision was called for the judges were f o u n d u n a n i m o u s iu its favor. Pho next question for discussion is 'Resolved that Compulsory Educa- ion would be better than our pre- ient school, system." The leading ipeakors are Mr. R. G. A n k l a m for he affirmative aud Mr. A.H. Cahall 'or the negative. Rev. Z. H. Webster will preach at Phawloys church next Sunday, arid Mr. W. I. Hnbbard is expected to be M-esent to address tho Sunday School. Preaching at 2.30; Sunday School, 1.30, p. m. l-'ctlcr.ilslinrg. The officers elected for the ensuing erm of Federalsburg Council No 35 St. O. TJ. A. M. arc R. E. Poole, Councilor; W. R. Nabb. Vice Councilor; Dr. G. F. Galloway, Jr. Ex- Councilor; W. H. Davis, Sr. Ex- Councilor; J. W. Noble, Recording Secretary; H e r m a n Noble, Assistant; J. F. Gfimbrill, Financial Secretary; H. E. K i n d e r , Treasurer; W. J. Bryan, Inductor; H. E. Poole, Ext m i n c r ; J. W. Adams, Outside Pro- ector; E. T. Lowe, Inside Protector. Mrs. Ida Adams has taken tho igcncy for a s h i r t m a n u f a c t u r i n g h m in Baltimore, and finds plenty of sowers iu and about town to make the shirts. A branch of t h e Salisbury shirt factory is also established iere. Mrs. Frank Jones has charge of it. Ed ward E. Goslin, Esq., is m a k i n g tests of the broad-tire wagou on the roads aud streets. The w i d t h of the tire is six inches. Protracted meetings are being icld in the M. E. C h u r c h , and are well attended. The shell road loading to Liberty Uhuroh is being repaired with a coat of shells. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Doming, of A s h t a b u l a , 0., are s p e n d i n g the w i n - ner at Mrs. Messenger's. Mrs. J. C. Clark, of Catonsville, is v i s i t i n g her sister, Mrs. H. G. Otis. It is stated t h a t the Cambridge Telephone C o m p a n y w i l l soon take steps to extend its lines down the county 'as far as Taylor's Island, nud up tho c o u n t y to East New Market, H u r l o c k , and Federalsburg. It is regarded us one of tho greatest conveniences ever put in reach of the business mun and residents of Cambridge.--Cambridge Neus. ' THEEVILTENDENCIESOF THETIMES Tin' Rev. Sunday spirited address Kov. /.. II. "\Vels(orV Kill-unit f o r a I C c v l i . i l T Uollurion Hero. Z. IT. Webster's sermon las m o r n i n g was an u n u s u a l ! } one. A large p a r t of hi consisted of a, severe do umiciation of the sins oC the time and an a r r a i g n m e n t of professors o religion who c o u n t e n a n c e ccrtaii forms of e v i l - d o i n g . He said in p a r t It was a t i m e of s p i r i t u a l dcclcu siou. Israel had s i n n e d aud wat now suffering. The prophet w a r n s and entreats the people t h a t t h e y turn f r o m their sins and servo t h e true God. T h e n the d i v i n e bcncdic tion and blessings w o u l d bo u p o t them. How to have a revival of re l i g i o n is here set f o r d i . T h i s i.s ol great importance. The I n s t i l l i n g to have a strong c o n v i c t i o n t h a t revival is needed. W i t h o u t such c o n v i c t i o n no great concern will be manifested. According to the felt need w i l l be tho practical concern for a r e v i v a l of religion. Thero is always need for such. There is great need n o w . As we look abroad lawlessness is prevailing' in the l a u d . Vice and criino are bolder in their manifestations aud more daring along the highways of social i n t e r course, commerce and travel. Very few men are w i l l i n g and s u f f i c i e n t l y brave to speak out against popular sins. Bad politics is d e m o r a l m n the public conscience and c o r r u p t - ing the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n of civil affairs. P u b l i c officials o f t e n are rb creant to t h e i r trust, and wholesome laws are rendered non-effective because of a f a i l u r e to measure up to well-known obligations. Sometime* professed followers of Jesus Christ for gain or office do as sinners do. Even among the officials of our churches are sometimes those who lower the standard of Christian morality and, bring reproach u p o n tho church. Crimes and vices are w i n k ed at and apologized for. In our towu m u l t i t u d e s are in sin. Many are forming habits r u i n o u s aud damning. _Boys and young men are'fast g'oiug to t h e i r t u i n -- as fast as t i m e can carry them. Older ones are becoming hardened iu sin or i n d i f f e r - ent to their soul's salvation. We bave' women who are careless, a n d , instead of l i f t i n g up h u m a n i t y nearer God, lend t h e i r aid toward pluup- iug their fellow-mortals deeper in sin. D r u n k e n n e s s abounds. Homes are made s;id w i t h b i t t e r experiences. Wives, mothers and daughters nrJ crushed into the d u s t . Shame d a u n t s lier rags before the p u b l i c eye and urazen-faced guilt walks at % liberty. Men arc dying in t h e i r sins, going to Christless grave and Christless eternity. M u l t i t u d e s are on tho road o hell. Surely it is t i m e for a revival. As the prophet declares, "it s t i m e to seek the Lord." 0, t h a t all might feel this need ! , The fallow-ground m u s t be broken Lip. The untilled aud somewhat lardened' soil" "m'usr""'U5' 1 "pTopc'ii : t i fn' Weeds and thorns m u s t be rooted out. In some - instances the h e a r t and life have been neglected. Such nust now be given a t t e n t i o n . Hato- f u l lusts and all corrupt -affection's must be eradicated. Self-examina- ion is required. Let us r u n th!c plowshare of God's word through tho leavt a n d life. M a n y are g u i l t y di 1 sins of bmission and commission'. Some have failed ."to attend [the uieaus of grace. Time which sjionld lave been given to God's service has een idled away in foolish aud nu-' irofitable associations. Trifling ex- uses have prevented the perforin- v n c e o f d u l y . Some have failed to ove t h e i r f e l l o w - m e n , for they have suffered t h e m to go right d o w n to icll and didn't seem to care. Amou'g he weeds and thorns to be gotten out of the heart is' worldly-miuded- icss, loving the world too m u c h , aying up treasures on earth in preference to laying them up in Heaven; ilso slander and evil speaking, dc- ieit, lying, cheating or t a k i n g u n due a d v a n t a g e , and hypocrisy ; sometimes robbing God by misspetid- ng time in unprofitable amusements uid conversations, and also spend-' ng God's money for tobacco arfcl- other unnecessary aud h u r t f u l in-; lulgenccs. Bad tempers arc some-' imes exhibited, not as good to wives ind children as should be, and 1111- iud aud ugly toward others to. whom respect should be given. AH hese and others m u s t b5 rooted out of the heart by deep c o n t r i t i o n bu- oro God -and by the, help of the Holy Spirit. Then by our discharging ,ho duties of righteousness and w:tit- ng upon God in prayer"'and expect- incy the desired blessings w i l l come. We are to render obedience to od and labor zealously to advance Sis cause. We are to be t r u e to and stand up for Him at all times. We ire to seek to save ·lorify God'.- If we and sinners are f a i t h f u l n devotion to God and Ilis'causc lie will rain righteousness upon us The Spirit in great po^ver w i l l be j i v e n , convicting sinners, convert- ng p e n i t e n t s , r e c l a i m i n g backslid-, ors, and sanctifying believers. · In :i Critical Condition. Mrs. Joseph Poor, the w i f e of a w e l l - k n o w n resident of H a r t l y , while on a visit to W i l m i n g t o n f r i e n d s ast week, mado a misstep and foil down a flight of 14 steps. She was picked" up by friends and a p h y s i c i a n s u m m o n e d . The i n j u r i e s only appeared to be slight and Mrs. Poor was'soon able to r e t u r n (o her honic- at H a r t l y . Ou a r r i v i n g ( h e r o she was s u d d e n l y t a k e n worse and in now in a very p r e c a r i o u s c o n d i t i o n Her p h y s i c i a n , Dr. C l a n s h i p , r e p o r t ed her c o n d i t i o n s l i g h t l y i m p two (I yesterday-- Smyrna Call. A (jiuoit ]'niit Crop 1'rciHrloil. Mr. W i l l i a m T. Kelley, of Preston writes to the J O D K X A L a follows "Having ,eoii an itum publishei trom Sussex county, Del., saying l h a t t h e ppju-h b u d s were u n u s u a l l y largo when tho cold weather sot it: and t h a t t h e crop was consequently badly i n j u r e d by tho first freeze, '. w i l l state t h a t s u c h is not the case in Caroline c o u n t y , nor can it be t t t i e in tho ad-joining c o u n t y of Sussex. Iu the" first place, the buds have developed scarcely anj', being 1 u n u s u a l l y backward, like the w h e a t crop. The g r o w t h of t h u wheat in the fall IK a sure i n d i c a t o r of the g r o w t h ol' peach buds. So, uhc'ii the cold w e a t h e r set i n t h i s w i n t e r t h e b u d s , LiL-iii"; Miiall, w i t h s t o o d ( h e fiiv-i IVce/A'. Thi-, first shoe!; often does m u c h damage, it' they are much T w i l l here slate a n o t h e r t a u t , t h a t i n t h e forty" years' a n d over t h a t 1 h a v e boqn g r o w i n g aciiL's L c a n n o t recall all instance i n w h i c h t h o b u d s h a v e been w i n t e r killed, o r t h a t t h o t h e r m o m e t e r fell Ijolow ten decrees below zero (ten grocs In-lou- always, k i l l s t h e m ) after t h o t e n t h o f J a n u a r y . A l l t h e lowijr t e m p e r a t u r e in thoso years t h i i t . k i l l e d t h e m h;is been at or near tho toPfiinning of t h e new year. Now t h o y ' l i a v u passed the w i n t e r k i l l i n g p e r i o d all rig-lit, and t h e y are safe lil! lilooniing t i m e . Late blossoming iuost a l w a y s ensures a good crop. All o t h e r f r u i t buds a r e b u t l i t t l e ilevolopcd. All aro governed by the sea«()ii as is the w h e a t " Tin- Hrliiu in- i:rc':ik\v:U«r. T h o a c t i v i t y w h i u h h a s marked t h e 'work oC c o n s t r u c t i n g the new b i e a k w a t o r , in t h e Delaware Bay, opposite Lewes, for six m o n t h s has ceased f o r a shot t time on a c c o u n t of t'hc icp. Work w i l l not be lontf delayed, however. Tliv Dolawnrc! b r e a k w a t e r which 'or several years past has been con- ;i,nually increasing in p r o m i n e n c e il the commercial world as a port of call for vessels from all parts of tho globe, is the most centrally located rioiiit 'botwecn the groat cities of tho Eastern States, where vessels can n u k e a harbor, and the consignors d consignees of cargoes shipped o I h i b c o u n t r y from foreign port*, o be sold after arrival, want the ·argo at the most c o n v e n i e n t p o i n t o all the p r i n c i p a l ports of dis- ;harg;e, in order to save time in its lelivcr.v r as very o f t e n the delay of w e n l y - f o i i r hours means the paying if several h u n d r e d dollars additional 'reightage. , Hence the advantage if the ^Delaware b r e a k w a t e r as a ' w a i t i n g for orders" place, tho in- ideqna-cy-of t h e present harbor be- ··iitue more and more apparent with he growing promimence. .,,.. Orphans' Court 1'r The Orphans' Court ou Tuesday, r i t h Judges Moore, Siller" and Or- ,i^l^^sctu.t, ii t j r:uisji:te(l_j5usi£ess ollows: George L. Potter, a d m i n i s t r a t o r of R u t h L. Potter, deceased, procured an 'inventory and appraise- n e n t of personal property, which vas approved. Robert P. Taylor, executor of J erry D. Taylor, deceased, present- d a l U t of sperate debts and a first i n d final a c c o u n t of a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , vlrich wore approved and passed. )istribtitiou filed. ·Marion L. Beck, administrator of Jeorge W. Bock, deceased, present- id an a c c o u n t oC sales, which was .pproved. u Francis S. Todd and George L. intlcr, executors of James Butler, eceased, presented final receipts ind releases from all the distributees or t h e i r respective shares of tho irsDiial ostalo. Margaret J. Ringgold and Richard '..Morgan, administrators of Jolm W. Ringgold, deceased, presented in account of sales of personalty, v h i c l i was passed. I 3 iillic Sc-houl News. \.The school commissioners on Tues- ny last appointed W i l l i a m T. Wil- o'n trustee of C h e s t n u t Grove school, u place of John B. Scott, removed rom. tho State. Daniel Choeznra was"appointod t r u s t e e of Hog Island chooi, vice Thomas MoGill, romov- d t r o m . t h e c o u n t y . E. R. Goslin reported aud paid to hd;treasuror $4.2n, recovered from ^P. W. B. Railroad. Company, or breakage of desk castings in ratisportation. The secretary was instructed to rdcr six No. 1 desks f o r ^ E u r m a n ' s Trove, and six for Laurel Grove ehool. Ou a p p l i c a t i o n of J. Prank Ledu n i , o'n b e h a l f of music class for no n i g h t ' s concert, use of school OKia nt Preston was granted. An Easton a t t o r n e y inlvertises f u r n i s h money on inortg-i;,re.-. at per cent, to The Siioi'tHiiicii Slumltl Or^.ini/.c. Seeing t h e good results of the ef- o i t s of a few oE our g u n n e r s to ro- toe-k t h i s section with partridges lhers s h o u l d join and assist them n the good -work this w i n t e r aud xl spring. Tho effort could bo nade q u i t e general t h r o u g h o u t the o u u t y by a local game association, 'hero are many advantages for tho r o p a g a t i n g and preservation of this i n e species of game birds in Caroine. There is an a b u n d a n c e of feed or t h e m , ' a s evidenced by the fact l i n t t h e y a r o n e a r l y a l w a y s f n t , a n d hero is scarcely a farm on w h i a h hure c a n n o t bo f o u n d tho copse, h i e k o t i;r f e n , a f f o r d i n g the prom o t i o n necessary. NOTICE' TO F A K M U H S . -- W e h a v e Hirehascd !he creamery at Deutou Bridge flnd w i l l begin operations the Jsl of February. Farmers are re- q u i i h t o d to b r i n g m i l k , for w h i c h the i highest m a r k e t [nice w i l l bo p a i d . ' G K I F F E N B E R G BROS. THE LATEST SENATORSHIP BALLOT Ucli'H.iU 1 Todd '.Vnntsu liridirr .it Uilpin I'oint. The sessions ol the Lcgislatur this week h a v e been o l ' l i t t l e genera interest outside of t h e contest fo: U n i t e d Stales Senator now in pro grcss. The v o t i n g began in the t w o houses separately on T u e s d a y , a n c t h e candidates were as n u m e r o u s as could be wished by all e l e m e n t s of the d o m i n a n t p a r t y ; t h a t is, n u m e r - ous enough to a l l o w each section of the State a choice. The Baltimore city membeis, part of t h e m , at least, voted for Major Alexander Shaw, of t h a t city; t h e Eastern Shore Republicans gave Congressman Barber a h a l f - h e a r t e d support; the Southern Maryland R e p u b l i c a n s put up ex- State Senator Parran; ex-State Senator Miltou G. Urneiyof Fredeuck, Gen. Thomas J. Shryock, of Baltimore city, Cot. James C. M u l l i k i u , of Easton, and Governor Lowndes were each voted for. But the big gun of tho Republicans is Judge Louis E. McComas. To his standard have rallied more than two- t h i r d s of the Republican members, and behind h i m , it is said, are all the forces the Wellington-Lowudes combine can marshal, as well as the Federal administration. Ou the Democratic side the vote was practically solid for the caucus nominee, Senator Gorrnau, one vote only was cast for Judge H e n r y Pago, of Somerset county. The voting ou Wednesday and Thursday did not i n d i - cate an early solution of the question, shotting- a gain for the leaders, McComas and Shaw, on t h e Rcpuli- ean side, and a f u l l vote for Senator G o r m a n . Congressman. Barber's votes were transferred to Major Shaw on some of t h e ballots on Thursday t h u s n a r r o w i n g the tight to a contest between Baltimore city aud the Sixtli district combine--a fight hopeless for cither faction as loug as the large Democratic m i n o r i t y stands firmly together. Rumors of a willingness on the part of the Demo erats to help the Republicans to settle t h e i r family squabble have been flyiug thick aud fast about our State capital, aud spread" broadcast over [he c o n u t r y by the correspondence of the daily press- Such rumors appear to be w i t h o u t foundation. The :wo ballots ou Friday leave the re- s u l t p r a c t i c a l l y as it was in the bei n n i u g , the alternating votes of the Shaw and Barber forces being a, bit of coquetry that cannot affect the outcome. Tho lasl ballot gave Gor- ·11 an 46, McComas 44, Findlay 2, Shryock 2, Barber 17, and Shaw 1, he two votes of Colonel Mullikiu joing to'McComas. · It is said that Delegate Charles H. Todd will introduce iu the House a )ill a u t h o r i z i n g the counties of Tal- ot and Caroline to construct a Bridge across the Choptank river at 3ilpin's Point. It is said that the ·iver at this point is two h u n d r e d may bo built for $5,000. Quite a number of taxpayers in the two counties, it is said, have signed pcti- lous asking for tho i m p r o v e m e n t . The point t h o u g h t most feasible is ibout half-way between Dover Bridge and D o n t o n , and would, it is aimed, be of great c o n v e n i e n c e to uany people in the sections far re- noved from the bridge ou either side. New Advertisement. The Wrightsville Lime ' Company ias an advertisement in this paper. The Bainbridge Lime is highly re- o m m e n d e d , and our farmers would do well to look f u r t h e r i n t o its mer- ts. Full particulars can be had for he asking. Write to the c o m p a n y . A change of advertisement of the Burrsvillc Hardware Store is pub- ished to-day. Mr. Harvey, the proprietor, has gained a r e p u t a t i o n for o\v prices and square -dealing, and lis a d v e r t i s e m e n t w i l l bo read w i t h ntorest by m a n y . Jesso A. Wright, mortgagee, will soil a desirable house and lot in J h o p t a u k ou the 19th pros. Read :he advertisement, and" for f u r t h e r !irticulars apply to Lewis West, ittoruoys. Mr. Thomas H. Everngam adver- ises Tennessee Prolific strawberry ) I n n t s for sale. See advertisement. Lewis West advertise a desir- ible house, on Lowe street, D e n t o n , 'or rent. N»;« ton. Mr. Charles T. Burkett is very ill )f typhoid fever. '·* Mr. William Perry is still on the ,ick list. Mr. James Lord, of the steamer Chesapeake, was h o m e on Sunday. Mr. J. II. Perry, who came home ast week on account of sickness, is convalescent. Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry were the ucsts of Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard n Snnday. Miss Lizzie A n d r e w , who has been v i s i t i n g her cousin, Miss Clara Bar If. ott, in Eastou, has r e t u r n e d home. Mrs. A. D. Bran ford and her laughter, Miss Louise, are spending few days iu Baltimore. Mr. Loag Thompson hns returned ionic from St. Louis, Mo. His leaith failing, he was compelled to ive up his s i t u a t i o n . "^ The revival m c e t m g s ' a t the M. E. h u r c h are s t i l l going on w i t h m u c h success. A Cure For 1.nine "My d a u g h t e r w h e n recovering from an a t t a c k of fever, was a great sufferer from pain in tin: b;ict; and hips," wi lies L o u d e n C! rover, ol' Bar- I dis, Ky. ' ' A f t o r i t s i n g q i i i t c a n u i u h e r | of remedies w i t h o u t a n y b e n e f i t she | tried one b o t t l e of Chamberlain's j Pain Balm, a u d i t has g i v e n cut ire j relief." C h a m b e r l a i n ' s Pain Balm is also a certain cure for r h e u m a t i s m . Sold Ijy W. E. Brown, D e n t o n ; H u g h D u f f e y , Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely. Church -\ IT, i Irs. "Christ did not come to cramp any one's manhood: He came to b r o a d e n it," w r i t e s the Rev. John AVatson, D. D. ("Ian Maclaren,") on "A Young Man's Religious Life." "Ho did not come to destroy our m a n h o o d ; He came to f u l f i l l it. A t h o r o u g h g o i n g Christian is a man w i t h a stronger reason, kinder heart, firmer will, aud richer imagination than his follows,--one who has attained to his height iu Christ. A bigot, or a prig, or a weakling is a half-developed Christian, one not yet arrived at f u l l age. A l i t t l e b i r t h - d a y surprise party was given Rev. J u l i u s Dodd by Newport and Now Castle friends on Friday evening, December 7. Result: A very pleasant time and a fine l e a t h e r dressing case for Brother Dodd. Ho doesn't take it to mean t h a t it is time to pack up.--Peninsula Rev. W. H. Kenuey, of Bnrrsville sircuit, filled tho p u l p i t o C t h e M. E. C h u r c h hist Sunday, both morning :ind evening. There were large congregations at each service and the sermons were excellent. Rev. J. W. Foglc preached at Burrsville.--Cheswold correspondence in Smyrnn Call. The revival services at the M. E. Church this week have been largely ittcudcd, and there have been a number of conversions. Rev. Geo. Li. Hardesty, of Oriole, was here for several days. He preached on Tues- lay, Wednesday aud Thursday evenings. "It may not be ours to utter cou- iucing 1 arguments, but it may be ours to live holy lives. It may not be ours lo bo subtle and learned and ogical, but it may be ours to be noble aud sweet and pure."--Farrar. Cordova M. E. Church, which has been undergoing improvements, will be reopened to-morrow with special ervices, in which the Rov. C. A. Sill, the Rov. J. M. Lindale and others will participate. Rev. W. j^ Mowbray has been speudiug a few days at Elkton help- ng his brother Rev. A. S. Mowbray, prepare the blanks for Pastor l s re- orts to Conference. Tho Northern Convocation of the diocese of Easton, meets in Emu a n u e l C h u r c h , Chestertown; on next Monday evening, January 24th, it 7.30 o'clock. Rev. F. F. Carpenter, of Hillsboro, vill preach at Cordova to-morrow Horning at half-past ten o'clock. Rev. W. E. A very, D. D., wfto has oen in poor health for a-long time, s recovering. Minor Bra tiers. Mrs. Johu Gibson, who resides near Bridgeville, has taught a shiekeu-thief of that neighbor- lood a lesson he will never forget. 5he heard a noise in her poultry- Uouse last Sunday n i g h t , and, sec u r i n g a gun, went out to investigate alono 0 . njnej)^tho^other^. members of the family being at home.' he saw a man sneaking away with v bag on his shoulder, and fired, le fell, then got up and ran, leav- ng the bag and traces of blood, he found that tho bag- contained en chickens. Our enterprising townsman, H. Messenger, has bought a boat uid fitted it up with a 4 horse power gasoline engiue, It made a trial rip from Ncal's wharf to Wright's w h a r f , above the railroad bridge, in own, last Thursday, and Capt. Neal says he thinks her speed will be ibout u i u e miles per hour. This oat is designed {to run from Fcder- ilsburg to the m o u t h of the Nauti- coke mainly in tho interest of Mr. Messenger's extensive meal aud lour business.--Courier. II. P. C a n n o n , of Bridgcville, Del., secretary aud treasurer of tho At- antic States Packers' Association, ias sent out notices of the fourth an- m a l c o n v o n t i o u , to be held at the GoiH-bsee Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., be- gimiiiig on February S. J. Allen Moore, formerly of reensboro, has accepted a position vith A r m o u r Co., Chicago, aud w i l l represent them in the Eastern xud Southern States", in tho fertilizer lepartmeut, with an office at Nor- olk, Va. The Second National Bank, of hestortowu, has declared a. divi- leud of three per cent, clear of axes, and carries $1200 to undivided profits for the past sis mouths. Alex. Wisher, colored, was comm i t t e d to jail on Monday last. While I r u n k he smashed a large pane of i*lass iu a windo,w of Lord Son's gtocery store. Thomas J. F. Smith, aged soventy- ight years, of Milliugtou, is dead, le was t h e largest man on the eiiinsula, weighing 400 pounds. Mr. Phillips Lee Goldsborough Tuesday succeeded Mr. Robert P. 3-rahaiu as comptroller of the state reasury. In Meinorlutu. u memory of Edgar D. Smith, who died December 20, ,1897, at his homo, in Ridgely, of lung trouble, aged 27 years, G months and 12 days. Ilis funeral was preached in the M. E. Church, by Rev. F. F. Carpenter. I n t e r m e n t in Ridgely cemetery. Would tliou coiilust tell me, dear, \Vhcrc llion h.lst gone ' I ar oft'aiiud the slnrs mov'st thou on ' Far oll'ami'.l the stars them a home? When grand Orion sweeps Up Hie elull hky, Mensnrmg the liomullubS deep to my dim eye, Jlul in tin. sp.iees, hear'sl thou my cry ? When I I rom tliy cold lips YooL my List kiss, Kiiew'Ulliou then, beloved, how I would miss Tliy spiiit, lluwn to worlds fairer than this? Wnking or sleeping, yet Dream 1 ol thee, I'ntil thou sLcin'sl not distant from me, K'on though thjM^icrislicd form 1 may not see. Itut though 1 often faint To hold thee near," Longing to hre.ik. the strain keeping me here, And, becking, find mine eyes blinded by tears, In earth or moving air, In btar and sea, Thy spirit, greater grown, compasses me, 1 am not ipi.te aLon*: it thus with me ! , LILLIAN, SPECULATIONS OF THE METHODISTS. o-The PrrMhlliiff ICIilci-nlilris--Imllcittloiis of Contents. From ike Wilmington Every Keening. "Who w i l l be appointed presiding elder of W i l m i n g t o n district of the W i l m i n g t o n Methodist Episcopalcon - fcrence?" "Who will bo assigned to t h e p r e s i d i n g eldership of the Dover district?" These questions arc fre- q u e n t l y asked in Methodist circles and will often be repeated during the next two months. They will be officially answered during the" later part of March by Bishop John P. Newman, at the a n n u a l session of ' t h e conference, w h i c h will be held at Lewes. The replies made meanwhile will be purely speculative.. For the W i l m i n g t o n d i s t r i c t , the general opinion is t h a t Rev. Ezra Tinker, LL. D., pastor of Asbury C h u r c h , or the Rev. W. L. S. Murray, D. D., pastor of St. Paul's Church, will be chosen; for the Dover district, the Rev. Vaughn S. Coll i n s of Georgetown and the Rev. S. M. Morgan of Snow Hill are classed foremost as posibilities. Should Dr. Tinker bo selected for^ the Wilmington district, his opponents assert, there will be a "hot time in the old town." By this they mean that his appointment would uot give complete satisfaction, and that trouble would result. The objections to him, it is stated, are: "He is a 'transfer,' he has not been on tho district long enough to become conversant with its needs or become acquainted with the people and he could not obtain for indigent churches the financial afd they, should receive." He is exceedingly popular as a pastor, but, it is said he would encounter much opposition as a presiding elder. In behalf of Dr. Murray, it is claimed that, having recently held the position of presiding elder of the Wilmington district, he is thoroughly conversant, with its needs and acquainted with the people. It is added that nobody is better qualified to obtain financial aid for indigent churches than he, aud that he is the almost unanimous choice not only of the ministers and laymen of the Wilmington district but of the other districts. Besides his fitness for the office, it is urged that the appointment of Mr. Collins to the Dover district would create at Georgetown, a desirable pastorate, a vacancy that the Rev. Adam Stengle, whose term at Smyrna is expiring aud who, it is said, is at sea as to where he will be stationed nest conference year, might be asked to fill. Presiding Elder Barrett having recommended Mr. Morgan for the Salisbury district when th'e Rev. "Walter E. Avery, D. D., resigned its presiding eldership. it is averred, will recommend htm for the Dover district. Notwithstanding Bishop Newman's alleged intimation that be might make a change ou the Salisbury district, it is_eEpeqtcd'-that the Rev'. Thomr;i will be reappoiuted to its presiding eldership, to which he was recently assigned. It is highly probable that the Rev. Wilbur F. Corkran, D. D., will be reappointed to the presiding eldership of the Easton district. Dr. Avery's health is improving, and he expects to, attend the session of the conference. Ho has" returned from Long Island, will spend the nest two months at Elkton. The Peninsula Methodist mentions the fact that Dr.' Barrett preached at Trinity Church, Chester, last Sunday, and adds:. "That invisible but insuperable division, a conference boundary, is the only hindrance to Dr. Barrett's call to Trinity as pastor." Lakesville circuit and the Wyoming and Greensboro churches, respectively, have invited the Revs. Joseph A. Bucksou, J. E. Graham aud Aloycyis Green to return to their pastorate. The church at Pocomoke City has- decided uot to select at present a successor to the Rov. E. C. Macnichol, D. D., whose term is expiring, but will send to the conference session a committee authorized to make the selection. The committee will,possibly submit the proposition that the Rev. J. ,W. Easley and Dr. Macnichol, the former of Centreville, exchange places. Vlck'H Gimlcu Hiiil Floral iulde. The annual catalogue sent out by the old reliable seed establishment of James Vick's Sons, is at hand. The list of seeds and plauts~«« a large and varied assortment, including nearly everything that can be desired for the garden, the lawn or the greenhouse. Valuable new varieties are offered as well as -the thoroughly tried and proved stand-, ard sorts. It is impossible here to note the many valuable offerings of this firm in fruits, flowers and vegetables. If you are not a customer of this firm send for t h e i r catalogue; it is free to all applicants. Address James Vick's Sons, Rochester, N. Y. Roycl rnckc* the lood pare, ·wholesome and dellciou. POWDER Absolutely Pure MVM. MXIM NWK* CO., NEW TOM. fVSPAPKRl

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