Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 3, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: FKIDAY, FEimUATlY 3 t< BARGAlfei Evening Gazette. TH» ETBHTSO OArurm cun be had st all 'he n«ir»(it»n<J8. Price TWO CUNTS. KEIDAY. FEB. 3. 1BS7. SOC1ETIE* AMD AMCUKMEST* TO-HIOHT. Rock River Lodge. No. 012, A. F~. & A.M. tonight. Third. BBKTITIKH. Cloaks, Shawls, Dress Goods, Blankets, Bed Comfortables, Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, —Mr. Adam Long, a farmer, living east of here, Is quite sick. —A party at Morrison last night attracted several couples of young people from Sterling. —The late Isaac Wolf waa an Odd Fellow and that order will arrange to take part In his funeral. —Misses of the West End gave a leap year slelghride last night. After the ride, the young people had a dance. —Sims' Hole was fully described by Mr. Sims' himself In a work published some thirty years ago. Any Cincinnati publishing house probably has it. _A number of our G«Tman"people went out Bast night and made a party upon Mrs. Pfulb, who lives with her son Henry in Jordan. It {was her 72d birthday. —Mrs. Newton EUraaker is devoting her leisure to painting, and especially in animal painting, has been much extolled by her friends. —Our heart IB just burdened with sadness because of the epidemic of calamities that has been prevailing hereBbonts.for ; the past two weeks. -In response to an Inquiry we would state that the name Candlemas is given to the 2nd of February because of the great number of lights used by the church on that occasion.-the purification of the Virgin Mary. -Deacon M. L. Whitman, aged 82 years, stopping with Lewis Wolf in the First ward, and widely known as an old resident and identified with the Baptist church here for upwards of thirty years, is dangerously ill, and his death may be expected at any time. —Burglars made two separate at tempts to enter the house of Mr. A. B. Spies on Tuesday night, but were frightened off In both instances by Mrs Spies in her husband's absence from the city. Aa it happened on the same night it is not unlikely they are the same parties who tried to enter Kev. Mr. Parker's residence. -Chronological: To-day is the an- nivers ary of the birth of Horace Greeley, in 1811. Although passed out of life and out of the memory of most people, Mr. Greeley was for many years one of the foremost men of this country —We have been informed that the ; company which sought to collect the drive well royalty is solvent and that It can and will relmbnre those who have paid them. In any svent those who have paid should forward their claims for collection. _ If all would unite in presenting them, the cost of doing so would be so slight as not to be felt by any one. —According to the widely accepted tradition, the ground hog failed of seeing its shadow yesterday in this locality and hence we are to have an early ipring. But how about those localities where it was able to see It? And also those where the animal dosn't live? Far be it from us to cast ridicule upon so honored a faith aa this; but just suppose Jt had been cloudy at Fulton and clear at Sterling, as it sometimes is, bow would it be possible for one place to have an early spring and the other six weeks more of winter weather? This ground hog business reminds us that in England as well as this country when the horns of the moon are up it will be dry weather, while In Scotland, it is just the reverse. It is possible to find in Great Britain people living within a mile of one another—one in Scotland and another in Englaad—which hold exactly opposite views, viz : In .the former that that the horns up mean wet weather, in the latter, the horns down, mean dry weather. How can it be possible that both statements are true ? You nwl not go one stop farther than the Boston Store for [anything in th» world that is to be found in a dry goods sto'-e anywhere. You not only find a good assortment-but you get goods at prices lower than thu lowest anywhere else. . Sterling Booming. Call on P. T. VanHorne and specifications for all buildings and cut of same. 101 for plans kinds of tf . The Boston Store sells goods at reasonable prices and it keeps in stock goods that are seasonable. People will always find bargains there, every day in the year. 101 See the new ad of IN. Carpenter & Co. tf Latest improved heel plate machine for fastening plate on rubber shoes at J. n. Bell <fc Son. 300 Fair Warning. The new dam will be built and all property in this city will advance at least 25 per cent with the coming of Spring, therefore parties who have been thinking of investing at Summit Place on Second aveuue, are hereby notified that after Saturday, February 4,1883, the price of lots will be advanced to 8125 and all lots already subscribed for must be'secured by getting contracts and making first payments this week. 73 lots sold. 100 GEO. W. CnAJIBERLIN, Agent. A l:ir£fi stock of watches, clicks and silverware at Clark Biddings & Co's. Also they do fine wat.oh repairing, tf -Velvet" and "97." Two choice brands' of cigars. Sold bv dealers. C. H.ScltfT, manufacturer. ____________ tr Try St.-Patrlck's Pilft and compare their effect with any other Kind made. They contain the good properties of the older preparation in the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered in modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strlckler & Boorse. tf PEOPLE'S COLUMN, r?7-We will Iniortttiroe, lines In thin col--^! umn onn Mine Jor 10 eonls, or tor 40 cents a week. •Knch additional line will De 5 cents ft single Insertion, or 15 cents a week. FOB BUST. IT'UttNIsnEU ronms, with conveniences Jor JL H heatliw. ami board, at Mrs Krelder's, on 2d aTCnue, between 4tli anil Bth streets. tl R ESIDENCE of E.*\V. EcNon and Hie store room under Kanvell Hall. Api'ly lo J. A. McUuuc. . FIRST GUN —-AND—- ARTOTYPES, At ACTUAL COST for the next Fuller's Book Store, JBKXT rO»T OFFICK. O. J. !»OL,LOO!f:, D ONT sleen oiilof doors when you ran get a c«iiiifiirt:ilil« house for from six lo seven d<illara per month, ol F. H. Ilublmrd. " *'* Legging, Hosiery, in journalism and politics; for years his paper was next in authority to the Bible with thousand of farmers of the east and west. —Abraham Morrison, living at Pine Creek, died a few days ago from the effects of drinking a vile compound of high wines, called whisky, sold to blm by a pedlar of a Chicago grocery house. Morrison leaves a wife and six child- Six young men are dangerously —The jury of the inquest on the bodies of Edward Kelly and Daniel Donovan closed Its labors yesterday afternoon, after a session of two hours. The first witness called was W. A. Berry, of the Bock Island elevator; said the tragedy occurred near midnight,—the forward one going 10 miles, the roar one 15 miles an hour; could see the red lights 20 rods; he was in elevator at time of accident and ran out to look; the appearance of snow where the men fell was that one fell upon his knees and slided under the train; that the other it looked as if two men had scullled and pulled themselves under; the ground was level, but there was 18 Inches of soft snow; accounts for their rolling in this way, that after falling they grasped at one another and rolled under. JR. L. Davis' testimony was unimportant. F. N. Stevens, operator, saw trains going at usual speed and went back Into olllce. R. Strtncliff, student of telegraphy, was out to get registry from forward train; conductor of forward train .signalled to go faster; went in, g<Jt his Jantejn, saw engineer of rear train, who said all was right; wanted to start, but couldn't find fireman; went along train and found bodies of men. Benj. F. Berger, a farmer, was at elevator; con- Bring your rubber shoes to Bell & Bon's and have a pfiir of heel plates put on; they give twice the wear 300 " Have used Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure in my family aa a general cough medicine. One of my children waa quickly relieved of a severe attack of croup by it. I cheerfully recommend it. II. L. COVELL, Grand Rapids, Mich. For sale by O. A. Oliver. Wtire l.ot» in FIrHt Ward. I now offer 8 more lota for sale *80 each if taken this week. Cash. GEO. W. ClIAMBETlLIN, Agt. O FFICES torrent. In Bell Mock, l)elnn desirable, and flubbed In elegant, shape. Apply to J. iL Hell & Won. tf . FOll SAL.K. H OUSE and live acres of hind for sals, or change, on reasonable terms. "••»<"• Huskell & HO G OOD light holt-sled Mid a democrat wagon. Kmiuire at this office tf A Lli' nrewery nnd fixtures for sale. George K. Honors. Sterling, U's. Address, tf tVAMTKl*. A YOUNG Jersey bull. Address, nlvliiu a«c and prlee, Joshua Anthony, Colt ' t!d ' gg1 ^' M TBS Allre Itohlnson will lake a few pupils In piano Instruction.' Miss U.ihlnaonhiwtaken a full musical course with ii student of Lelpslc Conservatoire, and will give close attention to technique and expression. Call at 202 west .III street, cor. B avenue. . ll)l WE OPES, TliKlM, PlffllHY 7 11PECI&L SALE Offlce In Bock Full*, over tho om.-e. Fomt The Lackman. nttimrd, will take partle* to Kit from Hlerllng to Dr. Pollock'* oCloe jrefl of chartce. I nm Prepared to Forms, City Property v Personal Property an Stocksofgoods For other Property/ —OF— at A COMPKTKNTcirl for Konerul housework. Apply at 10 East Third street. «_ A COMPETENT plrl. Mrs. L. 1 West Third street. Broohlleld, tr . >< iY from 8 to 12 yews old to live with family _> In tho country until he Is 21. A good home with school prlv-IIcues. Apply at this oBlee. If WHITE GOODS <SF.O. W. CHAMBF.Rt.IW/ BOOM 8, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, pfflce open evening*. /Come IVown \ttrr Snp- ' per and Mlt bythr Open <«rnte nnd let IIB Talk firmed statement as to finding bodies of deceased. The jury relumed verdict taut Edward Kelly and Daniel ponovan met their death by jumping from a moving freight 'train on the Chicago & Northwestern railroad at Hock Island Junction, In Whlteside, Tuesday, January 31, 1888, and falling under said train. •TV Gloves, Mitten JLS- 111 from drinking it. The liquor was shipped as blueing, or indigo. line Creed lies between Dlxon and Polo. - There was a spirited, lively, gay, enjoyable, much looked at, high-speed race on the boulevard yesterday afternoon, between D. L. MlUer'i last trotter driven by John Goltman. and Craw ford's fast trotter driven by Kob Wilson. The former won in three straight heata. Interest was deep on the part of spectators, and aome of them might have been ready to bet upon the result, but of course they didn't, because It wouldn't be right, you know. t —Mr. J. E. Sands, of Lyndon, has a number of sheep, eight of which he baa lost recently of a disease for which he cau nnd no description or. name in veterinary books, nor can his neighbors tell him what it is. The victims are first taken sick wltn convulsions, after which they get up and eat; in three or four days they lose all appetite and —It Is our painful and sad duty to chronicle the death of Isaac AVolf, a widely Unown and prominent clothing merchant of this city, for the past eighteen years a resident of Sterling. It was but Tuesday, three days ago, that we saw and accosted him at a short distance. He then looked pale and careworn; that evening he was driven to his bed and last night at 9:80 o'clock his spirit passed away. There Is that which is terrible in the thought that one we greeted upon the street but three days since, possessed of energy to walk, to think and to transact business, now lies dead; that which made bis entity and constructed his character gone forever, and that onr eyes shall see him no more. It admonishes all of us that In the midst of life we are in death, and that none may predicate even- of the near future. Isaac had been in poor health for several years; three or four years ago all his friends felt that he was on the confines of the invisible world; but he ral- Tlie Hartford K. Heel plate machine is the best In the city at J. R. Bell & Son's. ;!no 1C. K. Keener Has removed his bakery to Rutt's old stand on East Third street and Is pre pared to furnish every thing In bin line promptly »n d llt reasonable prices. Boston brown bread, Uye and Indian bread and cream puffs on -Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hye bread with carrn- way leed, fine cakes, confectionary and fruits. Oysters stewed in all styles, and sold by bulk or can. He hopes to receive a share of your patronage. - 1(X) * Attention Odd Fellow*. The members of the LO. 0 .F. are requested to meet this evening to make arrangements for the .funeral of our late Brother and Patriarch, Isaac Wolf, who died this morning. 09 E. V.H.Alexander, N.G. Lot* for Mnle. I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lota in Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CHAMBKULIN and learn terms and prlcsa. . C. GOSIIKJIT. wi FINANCIAL. HAVE saxx) to loiin on city or farm proper- Edward C. Underwood; • tf . ty. -AND- COCHB.AXT SELLS THE BEST CIGARS k POINTER FOR SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! An Immense and Care fully Selected Stock of the —FOR THE— LEAST-MONEY All Grades of AT LOWEST RATES. Bustles, I tion. —We are In receipt of an invitation 1 to attend the wedding of Mr. 0. D. Hannon and Mfsa Mary L. Patrick. I The groom-to-be la the local editor of I ^^A ' . J^ I IOUr d&yi) UIO/ lUOO •»** ^.^j.-..-- . QQUB Ul WIO lUViDlUJO iiv f*fYtf*Ci£^ T Ct j growing weaker die within- 10_ to. 15 lle d and his face took on a fresher V^V-rJL O" * ^9 I days. Autopsy does not show disease 1 ^^ Bnd his steps grew firmer. Still of any organ. He Is about to write to it waa known that he was far from the State Veterinarian for informa- J wel] . ap d he was ever afterwards subject to irregular attacks in which he endured severest bodily pain. When struck Dy this last~ mortal illness, it was at first supposed he had but a re The groonvw-oe IB mo wu»i«~"«> -»i currence of his old malady, but the the Erie Independent and the soon-to- most dangerous symptoms were reveal- be brids is the daughter of the editor e d and he quickly passed from life of the Independent. If there was any un to det»th. The editor had known way in the world for us to gfet away Isaac for more than a decade, and the from Sterling, we'd b« morally certain acquaintance ripened into an intimacy to avail ourself of the invitation, as j O f knowledge of his traits. He was a It always affords us pleasure to see 'folks made happy, and, there is the additional incentive of seeing brothers of the quill made »o. We say brothers, because of course the father, Brother A Candid Ac.knowledsnicnt Extract from a letter of Dr. I). W. Atkinson Slloam Springs, Ark. "I know that many physicians arej very much prejudiced against all proprietary medicines, and I think sometimes foolishly so. I am, however, willing to acknowledge merit wherever It is deserved. 1 have perscrlbed Simmons Liver Begnlator, and have given it a pretty thorough trial myself, and think It deserves all the praise it receives. I have watched its use for the last live years and do not know of a more popn- lar medicine. My patients praise It very highly and it gives good results wherever it Is used. d99-w5 New Orleans "Mardl Gra«." / February Oth fo 12th, Inclusive, the 0. B. Sc, Q. B. 11. Co. will sell round trip tickets to New Orleans for 823, good for return until March 1st, 1888. dlOOwO' B ARD WARK &. STOVES, At my new store on Tfclrd street, opposite Jacob KUle's Merchant TwtorlBi? establishment. Lewis D. Wynn, INDEPENDENT G-RQGER, —AND— THE Onr Btock U too large nnd «»""*_ reduced at once. Warranty with ear Instrument. Pny If our Taxei. Tax books for Sterling township are now open at. Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay. their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. WM. A. CONNELLY, * Collector. The Cream $5.00 to »10.00 per Month. CUT MATES Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, COXTIXUEU. Z: CO., Halt House Itloolt. of the Market. GROCERY Is the most Independent Grocery House In Bttr- ling. We make our priced »nd sell GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish every one. Allitood* »old at the Ihwestllvlua prices; no over-charging. A child cau GUY GOO(DS At tho MF.K I11VK as low as a grown person. Thelarn< st and finest stock to select from; every thing fTrst-clasa. A largo slock of Fine Cut, Flu« and Smoking TOB A.CCO'8 Bought before the recent advances. Th« BEX luVE customer! get the benefit ol the low prices before the luivunce. A large stock of Gill Edge • * And many other Goods to be sold very CHE&P fOR C1SH To reduce stock before invoicing. Patrick will be make happy in the thought of the daughter's happiness. We at any rate, send best wishes. —For many hundred years Candle- mas Day (yesterday, known as "ground hog day", in the United States and Can been ' over. Yet an ATTD SEE. clou other is tha will be two winters. ThU last favorite with the Scotch. Our ances- torsbrough over the superstition ^and it ia possible that some warm Candle- mas Day some one saw a ground hog 'woodohuck) come out of its hole and m back, with weather following suitable to the present saying, and the accl dental happening was mude a positive faith- One man said to us this moraine- "Back in Pennsylvania where I came from, the old women would be making garden to-day on the »fa»ogth of yesterday's otoudy weather. They man of sociability, attached to his friends, one who attended strictly to his business, paid his debts, avoided contention, was public, spirited, and kind of heart. He was devoted to his children and proud of them greatly enjoying companionship with them. He loved his home and his wife; was a good son and an affectionate kind and considerate brother. His death is a terrible blow [to the aged mother aa well aa wife and brother and sister; the two little ones, yet too young to appreciate the strength of their loss, alas! i the strong arms of the pride it would have been advantages of onr li .^._ j. His sudden death has greatly shocked our business com- and sorrow over his death into and affects the large icquaintances and friends. The deceased was born August 10, 1840, in Iswell, Bavaria; came to America in 1864 and a few years later to Sterling. He was married March 7. 1888. to Emma Well at Chicago, who has borne him two children, Aggie and Simon. No arrangements have been made for the funeral, nor can be until relatives arrive from Chicago (they will be foera pn the 4 O4 train this afternoon). Brldae Notice. Sealed bids will be received for building a bridge over Winnebagoditch,one and one-half miles north of Deer Grove station. Plans and Bpeciflcations for the same may be seeu at the First National Bank, Sterling. Said bridge Is to be built by Uahnaman township and Whlteslde county, jointly; the county paying one-half the costs of said bridge. Bids should be sent to H. A. Batctiel- ler, Rock Falls, Ills., on or before Feb. Oth, 1888. The commissioners and Supervisors having the matter In charge reserve the right to reject any or all bids. "H. F. BATCHELLKR, ) W. A. SANBORN, [-Supervisors. JoiiN-D. FKNTON, ) JAMES LEAHY, ) HENKY DURB, \ Road Com. JOHN RENNER, ) dioiws CLEARING SHE -OF— Ladies never had a more, eltgctnt assortment to select 1W ~,- In'the ground bog bu»lneM, I a«t UtiBff t» 6*ii«yln« ir. Sunday. It ii thought toe remains will be taken i to Chlwco fox burifct THE CHILD RECOVERED*,—My little girl, aged seven yeai s, was afflicted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but" coughed almost incessantly. I was Induced by a friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was Bbtonlahed at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure It produced. 1 would not be without It In the house j for any price. 1 have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this 18 superior to anything I have ever tried. Prof. J, M. MKWAN, Capitol Olty Commercial College, D*» MoUea, Iowa, * »»»n*. « WOOLEN GOODS, TOR THE NEXT T11IIITY DAYS, Cloaks, Blankets, Shawls, Underwear, GLOVES & MITTENS, .Hosiery, Leggins, from. GALL EARLY. ^Beginning February 7. —AND- DRESS GOODS, At a sacrifice, to make r<-om for big Spring Stock coming In Bt BBW UK* «OO1MI MTOltK. At 45 and BO Cent* per Gallon. Bock Candy I*lps, put» white, at 75 O»»t« per Gallon. EOCENE OIL Non explosive; tho best oil sold In tills market, ut aa low price as luferlorpllsare«oMel"«wher«. Don't tv deceived and buy low lest oils and run the risk of being bunied up.. Remember you buy tho BEST l^JL.0tJH At tho KEF. HIVE. Snow Flake. Paragon, . and Kansas Wlnt-r wheat: all Hollar Fulfill* »nd all Wlnltr ft neat j mtikra beticr and whiter bread; kee|is moiol longvr lhan Sprlnit Wheat Flour. \ Beauiu* artlelo In Pennsylvania Buckwheat Hour.!! Ten thousand panndt »old last »?aa«nj 81* thoaian'i pounds sold so tar this season. Tfcls flour hs» no equal In this market; Is made by tne l»t«3t process; patent hulled; no black spocka. A flue utock ot Canned avd (Qried Fruits. California Fruits of all kinds, • The Otaulnt Down Eait MAPLE SUGAR! You can wve ten to fifteen cents on «*«y 4»lt un worth you buy at Uie BEK Ul VK, R. L. K1MBRO, BXB HIVE VilMXXK*.

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