The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 19
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 19

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 19
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Sunday Morning, Jury 5,1914.~ THE D E C A T U R REVIEW] Page NIaefeiB en* nun puts It, "the situation in other count!** had pretty well tied up for Whltfleld before we thoug-ht getting ourttlvei i n motion for Buckingham." Ye», something of that kind had happened. Thursday afternoon and efrlday morning It wag discovered the ·temb*r« of Democratic central com mltttei In other counties had been ··en and ai far aa possible they had been committed to cupport of Mr. Whltfleld. The same thine waa found to be true In a measure of the central committee In this county. The itate central committee of eourm had been "tied "P" for Mr. \VhltfleM. This was to be expected, lor he Is « member of tha body. And ct no time was lost In looking after the work. MEN AT COURT. More than this, a dozen active workers of prominence In Illinois Democracy had been put at work for Mr. "U'hlt- fleld. These men ·were seeing Governor Dunne and bringing the matter to his attention. Of course they had e line of "arguments" to support their vishes. Mr. Buckingham had the Indorse- rntnt of the bar meeting by noon Prl- dny. What did Mr. Whitllcld have to show by that time? Here are eome of the exhibits: HAD MADE SOME HAT. The Indorsement of a majority of ·very Democratic county central committee In the district. The Indorflf-ment of several Democratic members of the Macon county bar, though perhaps not a majority of local Democratic lawyers. Indorsement of the state central committee. The active support of a dozen or tnore men who are thought with reason to have Influence with Governor Imnne. Perhaps there Is little wonder that Mr, Whltfleld did not appear to be disturbed by action taken nt the bar tneetlnp Thursday morning. He wasn't talking to hear himself when he remarked that In spite of that bnr meeting he was still a eood deal In the race. SALYATION ARMYi MADE STAID. OLD, LONDON GAY. AS GOVERNOR HEARS IT. 'A Decatur man. one who knows politics, was In S p r i n g f i e l d T h u r s d a y and came home w i t h the story t h a t a lot of work waji belli* done for Mr. W h i t - f.eld w i t h t h e governor. T h e m a t t e r .w»g belnR t a l k e d over In and out of the governor's o f f i c e , and at t h a t t i m e a!! the t a l k e r s were for W h i t - flcld. This was s o m e t h i n g else t h a t f i n d been a r r a n g e d e a r l y . The Decatur c a l l e r was Interested In Come of the t h i n . e s t h a t were beincr r a l d In b e h a l f of Mr. - W h i t f l f l d . Here are a few of them, n i l c a r r i e d to the governor: WAS BEFORE THE PEOPLE. -Mr. W h i t f l e l d was In the race f i v e years as°. m a k i n g a c a m p a i g n for t h i s office at a t i m e w h e n chances were ' h e d i m m e s t . In t h a t race he was V.lgh roan among the Democratic uir,!ic]ntes. ·howlng w h a t p f o p l e o f t h e e n t i r e district thought of h i m then." FOXY REPUBLICANS. "Of course the Macon c o u r . t y Mr m e e t i n g did not Indorse Mr. w t - . i i f i e l d That bar Is composed mostly t'f R e p u b l i c a n s , people who are I n t e r e s t e d Ir · eftir.i; to It t h a t a n y t h i n g done at t h i s tin.? s h a l l not help a Democrat in the tec -lir nice a y e a r f r o m now." "Rep iMIt-an members of the Macon coi.r.ty b a r s u p p o r t e d a man who prom- ls»d In a d v a n c e not to get I n t o the race a '.-ir h e n c e . T r i p y had a c h a n c e to tutlbtt a y o u n g e r D e m o c r a t , one who »-u'.Id get i n t o the race next year, but t h e y were s m a r t enough to pass him up." A Y E A R FROM NOW. "Df-n'.o'Tnt-- at tMs T i m e w a n t to n a m e a man who w i l l he In the J u d i c i a l r a c e next June. It is p l a i n good p o l i t i c s to n a m e such a man. for a year on the ·b*nr.h puts him b e f o r e the people of the -district and I m p r o v e s his chances In the r e g u l a r election." "The o r g a n i z a t i o n Democrats In -·very c o u n t y In the district are for Mr. · W h l t f l e l d . t h e y are tor him because he Is a y o u n g man who will be very much In the regular r u n n i n g next year. The o r g a n i z a t i o n people are the ones to look ahead and try to take advantage of a situation." W A I T I N G FOR DOOR TO OPEN. And please try to r e m e m b e r t h e y were pouring all t h a t I n t o Governor Dunne's ears last T h u r s d a y . They were ready ·with that story and all Its variations even b e f o r e the bar meeting In Macon county took action. They were protesting against R e p u b l i c a n lawyers in Macon county b e i n g p e r m i t t e d to shape an appointment at t h i s t i m e In a way that w i l l not help a Democrat in the race a year hence. And t h e y were at the governor with the story the very first Jnlmile it could be spoken. That Is the way experts do a turn in p r a c t i c a l politics. MB. BCCKIKGHAHTS CASE. The bar meeting committee will call en Governor Dunne tomorrow In behalf of Mr. Buckingham. Th? committee will meet a man who has heard * great deal about the matter, and practically all of It on the other side. DEMOCRATIC LAWYER. It is told this committee will lay- emphasis on the point that a majority of Democratic lawyers of the Macon county bar are for Mr. Buckingham. Signatures of these Democratic lawyers will be taken along. It Is said that Mr. Buckingham will hove the indorsement · f fifteen Democratic members of this liar. There Is some question as to the exact number of Democratic lawyers In this county. It Is put from twenty-six to twenty-eight. But the committee If!!! hand the «o»ernor tho signatures ·f fifteen Democrats who want Mr. Buckingham to have the place. CENTRAL COMMITTEE. Also this committee may be able to Salvation Army Parade in London. The- Salvation Army has Just held a great peace congress in London. There were delegates from all parts of the -world wearing native dress and the procession t h r o u g h the streets of London was most picturesque. Northern North America was represented by men In Indian dress. Some of the delegates from the United States wore costumes of stars and stripes. There was a band of cowboys under Major Bourne which created a sensation. Eva Hooth rode at the head of the American delegation accompanied by her secretary. say something 1 concerning 1 the position of the central committee in this county. It \vas told Saturday that It is by no means settled that Mr. Whltfleld is to have a majority of the members of this committee. There wag said to be a f a i r chance that a majority of, the central committee In thte county win line up for Sir. Buckingham. MACON COUNTY. If the committee can go to Sprlng- ii-.M Monday with a majority of the locul bar for Mr. Buckingham, backed !y a majority of the Democratic lawyers of this bar, these in turn backed by a m a j o r i t y of the central committee of the county, it will be in position to m a k e a p r e t t y s t i f f talk for the choice of the bar. HILL A X D MOOMEY. Developments in other local politics were not numerous d u r i n g the week, f l u e In part to the activity of those i n t e r e s t e d In getting a Judge. Some t h i n g s were determined, however. A. A. Hill of Casner has become a · · a r i d l d n t e for county treasurer. He ·will r u n on the Democratic ticket. It was not u n t i l the first part of last iv-rek thru he made up his mind to get i n t o the race. People kept going to him and telling him that he has a fine chance to win the office; and so he c o n c l u d e d to state openly t h a t ha Is in the going. Everybody admits that he w i l l run well. A b o u t the same time C. H. Moomey of Pl"asant View township announced to all concerned that he Is an out and out R e p u b l i c a n candidate for county t r e a s u r e r . It was thought for two weeks previous that he would get In the rnre, but it was not u n t i l last w e e k that he gave the word to everybody. He will have a contest with John Fcln-oll for the nomination. DON'T FORGET PEABODT. W. E. Peabody of West Main street drnppr-d around to the court house early last week ana told all t h a t he Is a c a n d i d a t e for county clerk. Somebody ha m e n t i o n e d that Charles Patterson would have little opposition for the R e p u b l i c a n n o m i n a t i o n for this office. Mr. Peabody called to correct this Impression. He assured them he Is !n the race In earnest, and he proposes he shall be heard from. When it comes to campaigning Mr. Peabody seems to set store by the opportunities offered in the position of paving Inspector. He had this Job on the West Main paving, and his experience there almost induced him to run Chicago Salvation Army Band for township assessor. But luck was with him and he escaped that pitfall. GOING- TO NORTH MAIN. But he likes the opportunities for campaigning there are In a paving Inspector's job. A petition has been passed to have him named inspector of the paving to be done on North Main street. This has been signed quite generally by North Main property owners, and presumably Mr. Peahody will get the oppolntment. This will bring him In contact with the thousands of people who will be Innocent bystanders while this work Is In progress. JONES A REPUBLICAN. A. A. Jones has told some who called on him that he will not be a candidate for county Judge on the Progressive ticket. He advances as reason for this that he is a Republican. Mr. Jones has told some that he might consider making this race on the Republican ticket, If Judge O. W. Smith Is not going to make It. SOME MYSTERY. By the way, they are telling that Judge Smith sidesteps every time he is asked if he will run for county Shoe Repairing --By the Goodyear Welt Process insures lasting satisfaction. --This same process is used in the manufacture of your shoes and enables us to turn out our work in a neat and satisfactory manner. --Nont but the best Oak Sole leather used. "NOT THE CHEAPEST, BUT THE BEST" Wear-U-Well Shoes / --In addition to the repairing, we carry the well-known Wear-U-Well line of shoes. These shoes at $2.98 cannot be duplicated for value any place in Decatur. --Get acquainted with the Wear-U-Well method. LOUIS WEISS 331 N. Main. Auto Phone 1526. judge. Some are -wondering if hs has It in mind to drop out for a few months and make the race next year for a place on the circuit bench. It was announced in news Items during the week that William Casey of Decatur will run for county superintendent of schools on the Progressive ticket; also that Robert Huston will appear on the same ticket as a candidate for county clerk. Both are mentioned as capable men. CHORISTERS PLAN ICE CREAM SOCIAL Will Be Held on Concrete Yard at E. A. Gaitman School. Arrangements have been completed for an ice cream social to be given by the St. John's choristers on the con- crete yard at the E. A. Gastman school on the evening at Thursday, July 16. Special permission was secured by the choristers from the board of education for the use of the yard. Receipts of j the social win so to the choristers' camping fund. At the rehearsal held Friday evening:, the choristers grave a vote of thanks to the board of education for allowing them the use of the school yard. A. Llfouver. Post Dispatch: "Dear me!" she said, "I wonder what has become of that book of household recipes." He didn't Bay a word. "There was a bread recipe In It that I wanted to try." He smiled, for now he -was assured that he had done wisely when he burned it VERSIDE CASH ARKET 900 E. CANTRELL ST. Bell Phone 412. Auto 1042. BROADWAY CASH MARKET 315 N. BROADWAY. Bell Phone 959. Business Revolutionized Instead of a business depending on your misfortune, and with a watcHful eye for the afflicted, our appeal is more generally directed to tfie fortunate, to tHose in possession .of their family, and sufficiently appreciative to save them the inevitable responsibility. The Time to Buy Anthing it When Your Mind it Clear. Phone for Boolet. Either Phone 1028. STEP TO YOUR PHONE AND GIVE US YOUR ORDER FOB ICE CREAM, ICES AND SHERBETS For your Sunday dinner, for unexpected guests, for any time that you would like to serve an unusually good quality ice cream, ices or sherbet--then step to your phone and call "Sam's." 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