The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1971 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1971
Page 9
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THE HUAZOHHOKT FACTS, Ffeepoft, texM, PHd«y, November *, ttfi, Hijacker bails out with '200,000 ransom \. hijacker who apparently knew precisely whal he wanted to do and how lo do II tat vanUhed after balllni out of a com- mandoeral J«t airliner wllh 1200,000. r The pilot of the Northwest Alrllnea IJoeing 717 Mid tie beJkwMl the hijacker "took leave of u»" In (he Woodland. Waih., area » mile* north of here M the plane flew luw and tlow from Seattle to Hem, Nev, en route to the man's demanded deillnatjon, Mejifco, Helicopter* and airplane* ^riMereMod over (he bruthy and Umbered («HhiU« of the Mountain! mart of Thursday before the weather cloMd In. 11>e hunt retume* today. AulherWe* held out little hope, however, that the hijacker would be found toon. "lle'i probably Ion* gone." a Clark County, Wa»h,, cherlfri deputy laid, II wai the flr»t lime an direr all hijacker had u*ed a parachute to make hit escape ami it WM (he targe*! mm of money an atr pirate had ever e*c«ped with (n (he United State* Detcribed «» a (all, dim man in hi* mid 40s, the hijacker took conlttJ of (he three-engine jetliner Wednesday M it flew (root I'or- (land (o Seattle on the tail leg of a flight originating In Washington. D, C. lie told a f(ewarde« he had a bomb and that he wanted to go to Mexico, He abo demanded four parachute* and 1200,000, The Kill «aid he had used the name D. B, Cooper when lie boarded (he plane in Portland "That'i tl»e name he u*ed wlwti )w> bought hi* ticket," an Kill agent wid "Hut he'i probably no more D li Cooper than I am " When the parachute* and 0>c ca*h »ere delivered to him at Sratllc Tscuma International Airport, he SEARCH FOR LOST MINE HEARING END M10KMX. Arti <Al'» A w*ur> Sung w«<to lot Dx- k^mdary I'M l>uJfl>mj>ii (iuM Mil*- m»> be nratUtf, an t«d 1h« US Kornl S*t*it* !»*» ptc(x»ttJ « fnrijrp itM«ia£rm*nl plan *t*ch »t«W vtrtmll) halt ctpioratiMi tn (he *t*»w» >l<4*-» ot the Svjjrf tiltkm iluu^aim a t aei(Jdlh*diriiajl J»kx Wiljrt UawlnJ the luiljf'l rttlMW? tlowd to l)>f tr;xi» brtaute I*- tralitn] J* * *j djteg aiad nuuM ivm itnurc to fa» u <-,»»<* r» Sottw M«»r» va) h* Ml rniltiunt <*f ilJUt » KJ hut*! (Juki U»»-% »t>wh ha»J brett tioVm ratjirr in the crtrtuf) (Jtben wj hr luttrti Sf«ra»h It rattan urfo the lunurh c« U\a! he vntit U i»ar jf»M «t»ir tai"»ift(; h» »s) Ihr luftm ttKuw^ain laafr tV,r KV*«» SPH Kr (WH^KOA! tucrtist (MtfitJUi Uwtwwr r J. 0. Pope dies; rites Saturday t>o t'alif . l»o n-».Kri lot JIM* (Jllttf KuUtt. Mar? WilUatnt U e, «. *to ifert) tfc&t UanUkitt Tri jrri Ijeorar •nil be Vt»> <rf Te-jtlf-ix- Trj Jrflj Shllltfig t>*ft »i:hW' Ijiithrt f< HstwtVi «t tl»xnS<»«. }f/hn Irajlot a " Tar pot starts fire l '*' t \SM,.KT(»N A mjiUur«rtJCK^£ taf (»^ cau.(hit tifr en !Jw r%«nt <i^ Hrn4rtc G» brtr >'rvdjj RM* a £>t-Al ileai uj ^O^&ke.. l>vt liUSr tlwful » *.J Iwn 4 let tvj!t«»t J'ert »t*ih l(< o imiiiTxS 17 hs« »i<*. O Itatrr uani Jr^.«- K J Wrt I' Trjyk* *t»l Mn t>«n K Houilon. and :: PK\/t»sl1ittT r ACT'S S»«\UV ll»AK IKK Its U M4rf I* b M« «r** lr "" > *' '• ' f n 4 * u k.«*4 »», (»U U tfttnr >«r f it «««jv»inWv liu vkk >««> «r-< »M1. IN i. Ikt > «U >. Pt t'.AAt'. IVatwrU H»tr I irrpMt jj ( ki«Mi .*»; r»i i rt^ri :n iuj |» NO \\MU1H .\H4I\K. i \Uni i-.i i You r>j^ me n and wo me f i YOUR ARMY REPRESENTATIVE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT A TERRIFIC PAY RAISE. The Army's getting a dramatic pay increase At a minimum, the new starting salaries will be doubled And you still get free meals. free housing, free clothing, tree medical and dental care, tree job-training and education, and 30 days' paid vacation a year. Today's Army wants to |0in you At a much higher salary. VISIT. WRITE OR CALL COLLECT U.S. Army HetniUlng button at North Vel*»c« Sure! • Tf>; m?) MHMf allowed (he 18 other pa«»enKem and two tlewar- dettes to debark. The pilot, Cap( William Scott, and three oilier crew member* were ordered la remain aboard. Airborne for a refueling at lleno, the hijacker ordered Scott to fly no higher than 10,000 feel, with flap* and landing ({car down to keep (he airliner's speed at about 2U> mi IPO per Iwur. lie ateo directed that the rear exit dot* of the 7Z7 be left open, with the stairs extended n» l)**y would be in taking on or duc-hartting pauenKera on lite ((round And Komewher* between lletw) he d«-parted Also gone were (he ttO),000 and two of the four parachute* he had been given. Scott Mid during the flight (hat Indicator light* In the cockpit showed the rear itairwell was being operated. Airline and Boeing official* explained thai (he low flight would permit the aircraft (o fly with the rear door open wllltout cabin pressuritatkm, '•It would be a very safe drop." Boeing's John Wheeler said of a parachute jump from the rear dwr. "He'd be away from the flap* and other engintrt »nd v,<> straight down " The 7Z7 IK one of (be few commi-rcial aircraft model* wllh an exit at IU «lreme rear, under the tail. Two of the 'chule* delivered (o the hijacker were mlllUry type* and two were sport parachute*. The military 'chute* normally operate with a static line which rips (hem open almost immediately alter the jumper leaves hi* aircraft. The «porU 'chutes permit a (rev fall until the jumper himself decides to release Official* said three Air force planes trailed the 7Z7 afUT il left Seattle, but they refused to say whether a parachute was *«*n They did nay that a man using a sport* parachute In a free fall could easily have been mimed. Official* refuted lo nay what (ype of parachutes were found In the plane after It landed at Reno. The hijacker confined Scott, flight officer* William Itataczak and II. E. Anderson and stewardess Tina Mucklow In the cockpit after the 727 reached flight altitude on leaving Seattle. He remained alone in the passenger compartment, where the temperature dropped to seven degrees below zero with the rear entry door open. Ht& last communication wllh the crew atne ibortly after 8 p.m, WedrKwhy and, he is believed to have balled out of the aircraft at about 1:13 p.m., the FBI said. That would have been M minute* after liftoff at Seattle. The Clark County sheriff* office taid that if the hijacker had Indeed balled out at 8:13 p.m. he would have landed between two hamleU at View and Artel, Wash. The four crew member* were flown to their home* in the Minneapolis area and were ordered to make no public statement* until a debriefing session with (he KBI and Federal Aviation Administration officials. IN NATIONAL CEMETERIES Kir* «T»c< A I. Krilrj MKJ rn> A-fMrl.frfTj! a x» cilkx) it t * m anrf h*(j pul c«*4 IJw fsrr mth 4»> fw«rtr» tr) * JV K«-iir-> taxi m<tm«s »rrf rr f<x4>r.£ UKir (AdWir<£ A I I J* Ke»t Worth. Dare <tj^(»rti OTrT I he tat t, fc IH^ar W >'«rl A MlV djnvajfc »a.» dcrx- lo Worth lUrtfeel o< Point «nr nif* <^ the t t'omlod Itobert <*( lian =-J»! Space running out for veteran dead Rahway prison riof. WASHl.SOWN (Al'iOhl) »,«« o< ll*p mof^- than V. Urrh tiurin) In hi ( ion j I »ilb ihr Kov<-rnmcnt undt-r touting up to M«l. ihr naUon'i Annv r.rfltruh u) (hit i» IjrriuM- m<»! lantllm ul **r <ir<ad (itritf (o l*jf) theat In No»iirt««n (Jir go> rrnrntn! much at !>*• c«tl A 1 1 b o a ( h j: j I : o n j I trmrlrnri air f.faduall) Ux- Kofrais aw3 Vietnam jic*. It*- K<n t-rnmrnl 4 t>r» in mwff IJian JO a fr^oli « M( the »r-tf mart lh»C erf !h*r Mill lfrf-«T 4Jr »n »^»i W i million iuri[|»ing Arm> ind ttir lulrfior !wvjt1n>«i! havr L*<-f> vir !uj!)v i l</v-<] Jm) ATitAttef Hi. mil Ix (ilird up Miithjn dvr irat^ M«<- tKsn I I milltor. Rf»»'rnlr» iff u:f\tfxed 7V Artnv witd il tu» rw c-siiiiijit* »ti«-n all ibf mililW gr* i r »{*»< « » llJ Iw gofx- Hu! Ux- irc«d jjKMrtnjt n»«r lh»n Mr (uJd a reporter, "We can 1 build cemeterle* in e%-rr>-body'* backyard " In argument* Mafv (ha( coniinitlcr. tlw A/rny to* op|Kited ^ilhrr a grnrral cnlJtS»-m«-nl or picrcmpisi r-i(jjt»4Wi o( Ihe »>il«rm Irnlr^d o< creating mwr<: rultorul ctrmrterwa of acidirij; " pffsrnt ones, Vclrraru t.'ommittw- (luintvan Oiiti Tcagur. D Tr» , i* iaid l« Iran tcmifd the ide-a o| iticrn-ating burial aliww»rxt-» pawl lo Mirvisore <J! IxXh ^micrmen killed on artivf du!) and t»( vrltrato Soti) « Kf raws would Wp n<rr! nunx cxn.U of inli"rrn«it iri (nri\alr nvilun cenvctWiT*. iv.rjr.muirt- inlet iaid J(.'witinu«-d (rnm I'iigt 1 1 Iwilton lor him. Two of Hjc guards hfld hrntagc were bukpiLah/H *ilh Jnj'irifs thai inclwk-d a [wMsiWt- (raclurMl arm \u '/c,e Authorities iaid U* mjuriwi w«e iiot M-r»XJX. TTn.- prisoner* originally twA wrven men hostage. <Jnc *a» rdea««l Wednesday, one Thursday afternoon, a third before new»m«i *iir perm it led to cnt<rr ll»- prison, and the remaining (our /us! W<jrc UK? meeting with j n etxlfd. All »b*j ••r-rr id tf-t Irthmralij Jinil frUir.ff (air CVjn((r<-»»m<-n hi^ «-(»«•»-. » atrf w U1U «f ri(un>i«i U (hf (lit TrjKue pro( osal nci! TTw unwallcd. X-iihaped prison houi>cs I.U3 tnmalr*. 7i p«?r cent o( them blact. in iu four w mgs ^1>r r'-ix-llious prisoners wized controj of tv.<j '*ini{.% after a movie in the prison auditorium Urn- pfivxR-r. Clifton Brandon, said lr»e ritrfinR in Uw audilwium <!.(ens,iitcti v*f»en S'ul-.c--* sch Intd to lake ' ;• tcwgh gu> at- iitixk- to rt-Morf ord«rr Mirly Thunwda) , a slate police spokesman lold an As.s'jctat«l I'risNS ne*iman that about •M lx'lftie!«] »Ut'- police arrr.i-d with sh<X^uns »<ric prepared to l/rt-ak up U>e niH and n-gain i ixitr<rf t/y force f'olicr later ditucd dial tfwrc *is pvpf any det'j'vU'fi lo itc^m UK- t'*o «;r.i2* A«s«mhlyman George Richardson, a black Democrat from nearby Es»ex County, said, however, that power at the pri*on wai cut off in preparation for an attack but was later restored Kires apparently fueled by mattresses and other debris, burned on and off during the day in the luo captured winjy. Kdward O'Beirne. 42, a guard who was listed in (air condition with a slab wound, said an inmate he identified only as "Thomas" was the ringleader of the riot "Once he started, the others joined in," O'B«'trnc said "The superintendent came in and tried to talk them into calming down, but they ri>fus«d to be calmed down. "They toid us they wanted to hold a meeting in the auditorium and thc> wanted us to get out None of us budged. Filially they jumped 'Jfl US " The three newsmen who met with the prisoiv -s for more than an hour were Carl Z«U of The Associated Press. John Needham of Unitfd Press International and Stanley Terrell, * black reporter for the Newark Star ledger The prisoners had demanded that one reporter be black Prison eyewitness... James Cadeiro services set Aw fur'. ' <u! U Ux- Wa tki! l>>rv btlH Kiir lililf cJufitT, 'f.'ontsiiwd it i'm Cage 1 • a t».*T«<- In Visiting oddities draw crowd in WC IIII.IMBIA An HauwUn. h*»i an unlialarx-ed •rwn-d t«l «.t<eic*.jtcir» appearance arid n in the i m ar*d t«ul trf « a talw-r e* 1^,1 crirwatrt 7t>r tact tire* on >rfr ihu »tT alv JI'i irxhcs »ide C1 j a a.» are the rarw ». but then and an a£4tn Ihr Irur.l«-U are a r.u far lv '' 'f** 5 "x'th a >er> wnall T IttAir'. IUv»d '' fic - K ntrv £ '' "^ unbalancrd tdr prtV'fi •»••<) o' i'.» mafinTs (t«? ib-tand the tar* ihe s.Uir?i wt-re barricaded wilh linm. *t«;*.r<l fufiitturr clottiing to-*H* ami metal object* that t«i<! fjr^r. r![j{.*-<l liuti: thr » alS ;-ric) cells A firp biazrd *)<|K "isl* »r.\>«u»i> iivlrrit-d a» ir 1 i:.a(<r> conipl^im-d of tad *Jt;»-> ar<d * pf tec ^uugirifi c»,c.uusj^ii> Tliry- »jnd Ihr) r«rr.rd J!. 1 ! :« a month .'« vturking six liiv s a «rvi in what or* niAr. caJlf<i 'i ^'.;i\ f \;it*f c.imp j rrpmnii pmxjn Uunst) T>jrfv*nn>> Ihr) ±Mti i-Jwrflr* pf nx-a IUICP lbo>*? ul irs.ii! vtorrs ».n !).oci«5Mdc Tlw) &ai<i they had to bu> alltlit' <"/ thru $13 *jO Hi car, t>! soinrOii.'ifi !H! for ogarMlcs and an txvl TOitirsg CA ci-nti -.->MiJ the s>%«: txrtSjgfs '.hc> Iwd ukra mnule l!rrl« n Smith sajd. VSf ri-l<-js<ti ttw-ni (or !hc WM* o.' !;(«• KKKKI'UIU - Kuncral scrvuc! for James John Cadciro 12 will ixr held at 10 a m .Saiurdav at ljV.i"*ood r'unt-ril CTriapei The Rev. Jurm DeKorkc. Si Mao's Catholic Church, will officiate Burial will t>e m Rcslwood ^temonal F'ark. ("ad«:inj. a crcuman on the *Jinmp tra* kr Gaud Will, was If*.! M«i>d;i;. night when U>e veSM.') ran aground on Bry3 n tk-ctch and brt*e 141 in heavy surf His body was found Wednesday night near Sargent b> searchers from the Gulf Coast Emergency Hesow Squad Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mrs William Cadeiro sr of Summerville, Mass ; two daughters, Jody and Polla of Orange. Mass.; one brother. William Cadetro Jr of Kre-.-port; and a sister, Mr* Kdna Haulier of Orange, Mass. b> t^.v Uillutr, T I'ahill that ihert- vntuJd r* 1 A. -. lurhrrt- .ir.dno! s«"c the ux:of clulii, siid tn IjtT) TtTTifh </< licutlon. (o br a rai:in){ And t» » orir WAlrf *ilh > (untchutr jl UctK<i (o the rrjr o/ the wat «hirh ahen <I{XT>«! up. AC!» »» a 7* t«-r cm! Uf ike (or the unusual »pe«l al over I TO mp*v h»\ in< Ixxti ktxwti to go »t (A>I at ;i» milei an bcur It hj» t>c«-fi raced tn jurti U Me\uo. all o^er Trxav l>xi»iara and ukUrxxnA uid unr c4 Ihr dntuwulralnct It in Ilucirt Itoidilrr has tl» tuttrn and ga.« Unk ulxirr a k-alhcf .wa! Hftvl sn she rrjr Iu rate <4 kf*"«i »a» lo be !*c<mr !«' tnilr* pet hour and uwi regular Both earn ctealrd p^uilr a »lir. rsjjeviill) among Ih* TTi:» ractn|[ 'car" hsi tirr* ct a II'. inch width alunii the »«les of the wat. but al the rod trf the rhaut. tome ?JO inchn oul fn«l, Ihc other two lire* rri^rnliir motorcycle »he*-U With Ihc engine only a few (col in frnn! «i D>r wat ihr dra|t« out to Ihr u>rnr <t lo Ihr ordinar) far length of about IIS inches At mitctV <• ..s an raid •*«<• ajlourd lo talk uslh the f<*(x-lv the) ! the TIM- (.mlAo She) >:ill I it-id .!•• the) ru a!k»At-ti !o talk »;th DOl'BLE \ KMT SPORT the Uir> I c,m : n ,jn ! wtiilt- we •*•««' Mill taliiii^ tu lh«' i.,'?,a irx-ir final four ticiMagi"* inrludir.t, '• of I|M- prison I' Sjimucl \'uk.n". 1 -.laMed to leave 1 '*as handco <• .... o.' UK- the in;r,<trs ui-re making r"(Jiied iiiMiV Ihc IIM HAS in) pros, caid v-hicti ! li«»i si!rri'[Kl< i r«i t» tl*- privoners. «rx> v*iji( m-vk-nliaU as we cijicrtit ||HH BARBS !> I'llll. I'ASTOKKT anvthtni! law nurds I l,c v ard frwi <«H- of !>>«• inmalrs was "llf> Icil >m '*h.i! vi>u s uw.<Jrflt.i limr (uit.s wiiw yu! mod o! uthrf during loi! ..ii CKMrf irAI >^'e« «t vltt B< t««Af . ^<w*tl p4t1«inh ««4 CotOfV ? 5 Clydt's MM MAC ( •« MrflHlDCT AUTRY'S TI4 S. Columbia Or. Phone US-XQ3 COLUMBU The »mallcr car. another automotive i'n lliu!>u»(. Nolan Hr)jnt of Man assaulted ALMS A » year old man was rrporlrdl) assaulted by two other men early Knday al Hastings five miki north of Uus city David 0 Amngtun ui 909 Midas 1 Jm\ was taken to O'uif Coast HusptUil shortly before 3 a in According to the Police IVpl , OIK- U ihe asMilanu uus described as 25 30 ye«n> of age. TlH* other, 30 40 years of age They wwtr reportedly driving a 19ft to 1972 Ford half-tun pickup s in Itir .vtutrs ,ue. ut tlii» M-nsun, know 11 ns "jingle U-IU-s DEER PROCESSING 3-BROTHERS »( FAST SERVICE CALL MM1U «t JlltUI . *VMK E ^* |Kem-| OH rowr HUNT HARDWARE Coastal Air londitioning Company Service-Sales-lnstallation Commercial-Residentiai-lndustrial No job too large or too small 265-6836 916 Highway 288, Clute Coastal Air Conditioning Company don't buy a color TV until you see a demonstration ot t Insta-Matic. COLOR TUNING °< MOTOROLA "works in a drawer .' color TV Quasar.jr , ^J QM BUTTON OOfSITI Vi murmij. coniiMt. bngiunoia ... •**n «cu««t*4 Ut« kuurMtic Vn* tuning. WocW ttitMC«A 21" pictuft PRESCOTT'S

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