The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 3, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, June 3, 1859
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Pa/riof of yesterday wjr«;v-Wle nnderetand* pressing application wag recently made to tbe GoFernor lor hi» jcerthlcates to lands on the La Crosse B B. The ground upon which die appliiatlon was .argei,. we understand to be, that the company wanted tbe lands to aid in the extension of the road, and to relieve farm mortgagors. The Governor repCed' tbiit bis views of the niatter rtmalned nnchanged—that he waa ready to «ive certificates as-fast Mlbe work was done; In compliance with the law— that the time had expired in Which tbe work was to be done, but inasmuch as the legist tore took no action to the contrary, be felt authorized to give the company all its original advantages under the law ; that, in doing so be should require, in addition to original requirements, before giving certificates, that the company should do something for the farm ffl3rtgagors--tbat witbont a ;f«Uhful oompli auce with the law, and proper relief to the farmers along'the line .of tht> road, thecora lany need not expect hitn-to^glvp certificates, or execute deeds for any portion of tie lands applied for. Ihe Ptesco'tt Transcript ol the 28th, says 'the Circuit Couit for that county, is now in session at that place. There are about fifty eases on tbe dorktl, nineteen of which have disposed of. The LaCrOBse Democrat notices that the Hon. C. C. Washburn has taken up his residence and opened a business office in Exchange Block in LaCrosst. C. Woodman, bis / d former partner, is stopping in that place also. • Mr. 0. 8. Uathnm writes to the Waukesha freeman to the effaot that tobacco jnioe squirted on the bark of frnit trees with the aid of a syringe, is a good thing to drive off and kill bark lire. The Grand Jury of the Wanpaca Circuit Court found bills against James and Martin Fitzpatrick for murder in the first degree, and against Daniel Fitzpatrick for aiding and abetting tbr former. Their victim was one Dowd, stated in this paper some time ago. Tbe Sbeboygan Journal chronicles the return of Mr. Fowls of that place, from a journey to Pike's Peak. He went as far as Fort Laramie. A. H. Brooks, of that' city, who also started to Pike's Peak, has pushed abead for California. Second German service end sermon next Sunday, June 5, at 8^-p. tn., in St..Paul's Church. A large congregation of Germans were present last Sunday, and tbe old immortal Lather hymn went up to Heaven In the old German, like the voice of many waters. German brothers, let us meet to worship Godagarn. RICHMOND, fieotor. German papers please translate and kindly notice. BCSISHB CHAKOE—Andrew Murison, who for the past fir e years has bad charge of the Neva jobbing department, has purchased the confectionery, store of Mr. McEwen, and purposes hereafter to carry on the confectionery business in' all its branches. Mr. Mnrison will doubtless keep up the enviable reputation that the concern has always maintained. He is a very deserving young man, and wa bope he may be successful in bis new undertaking. Persons wishing ice creams., cakes and confectionery, will find him polite and attentive — B'IS articles are of the choicest kind, and his prices as reasonable as can be afforded. SCHOOL HOUSE DHBOOFCU—The storm of wind, which visited ibis oity on Wednesday evening, was very severe in tbe Second and Sixth Wards:. Besides overturning a number of sheds and out-housts, blowing down chimneys, sod committing such small freaks gen erally, it completely unroofed the Sixth Ward School House on Comstqcks hill, burling thu entire roof into the yard below, and precipitating bricks and mortar through tbe ceiling into the upper apartment. Most fortunately there was no one in or immediately about tbe premises at tbe time, the scholars having been dismissed a very few minutes before, and the music class, which, with the teacher, generally tarries in the evening to recite, having dispensed with then- exercises and hastened home to avoid the coming shower, otherwise the aceident mast have been followed with serious consequences to life or limb. Indeed the corner of the room wblcb tbe music class had just left was found afterwards strewed with a portion of the chimney which had been precipitated through tbe oiling smashing tbe melodion, around which the group bad been assembled, and bad they been there certain death must have been tbe fate of tome of them. It is also worthy of remark, that tbe scholars haxJ been unusually punctual in attendance, and prompt with tbeir lessons, during the day, so that it was unnecessary to detain any of them to "settle up," &o , as ii common, tbns escaping the chance of getting an excuse from school that would have lasted some time. Sfe trust the moral which this incident teaches will not be lost. We were amused as w« approached the building in tbe morning, to learn particulars, to bear one boy, who was coming away with his books, call out to another, who waa wending bis way to tbe Second Ward school—" Ho, John 1—John 1 we ain't going to have any school this week ; ain't that bully ? Onr school is broke /" The energetic teacher, Mr. 8pmlding,U making every effort to have tbe broken school house mended, and says that school will be resumed in the lower rooms, in the coarse of three or four days, or as soon as the root can be renewed. ;l|^'.oj,d^^^si^jfd^Hwankee der the Jiam«,9f the Milwaukee 4 Ballroad Company, aregradn&lly approachrng consummation; and arrsngemeuts will soon be effccted with Mr. .Cbamberiain, who has, possession of the road, by which . it will' fcass into the hands of the new company, andty theniH is to behoped wlli'be rnn with 'ecbno- iny'and profit, alike? for its present; and future stockholders, as for the country Jtself, whose resources it Will be the instrument of denlbp- It is a source of regret to the citia JDS of Milwaukee, and also lha cans' of some expense to the new board, that the prudence »nd wisdom which dictated the reorganization i should he retarded in its operations by the litigious dt* position of a hot-headed gpeoalator—a Mr. Sewcomb Cleveland, whilom a contractor, fnd rejected eraployt-e of v the old .cbmpaay.. We presame it is the; last disagreeable f»cl which mpresses Itself on his memory, and tods him to hang on to the interests of the road with considerable vnnoia. The escapades Of this gentleman, amid numberless suffering creditors of the Old La Crctsc HUM. ", -librds n* a slngu- arly strong proof that the difficulties of cor. porate bodies invariably • proceed from out- liders. . ; ;.;';•..-:":.•;.: ' "'•' Under iBeutrauinstatioes) of Bal« ot tie La Crosse and Milwaukee road, by ^hicimilllions )f dollars have been unavoidably, and there- ore willingly sacrificed, by many of the stock- lolders, Mr. Cleveland has not, In all probability, tbe claim of a single dollar against tbe company. A Judgment originally held by him, tbe result of his suit for damages against the company at tbe time they ejected him from the road on account of his non-fnlfllment of NEWS. 1859. cannot I sliortofi them to do to think that i anV 'cbnia be gui(iy:of the jfeiv L $f'the to near -EoIIai d oo^Sanday . Vfe are nstibli leirn ihe w imei^of the cr«w or thu sarviv it." :' the I '«." jfrnk taiiinbrhtog says that f' a fine thunder •bower about 5 o'clock thu afternoon, |pnr{§ed the air vefy much besides refreshing the earth."— met iDtfa. , .i Well, did! it hot turn oat about so? • •• - i i'--' v.' —^ j- •• TH« ^RbiriNO CBOPS.—Throughout entire State; crop* of^every description; an ported as lobbing remarkably! well, and g ing finely | | Vft have not heaW of a sijogUJ iiu- stance where the corn crop is represented!' as looking otherwise tban excellent. i From flu Columbia Carolinian, May S3. Wisx-kltigOtctu'tence-Ten Penona Poison id. We learn from a gentleman who arrived Here yesterday innrning from Newberry, C. S., tliat oQ Thursday evening last, the household of Mr. EoberJ [Stnart, consisting of lour, white persons andl six negroes, were, shortly after taking iheirBupper seized with violent tpikas of retching, Vomiting and other indication^ of liaviug btvo poisoned The news spread ^itb LEG AI. ADVERTISEMENTS. UNITED -jj ( ATKSI .TIAUSHAI.'s SAl.t , llary Ano Adams, admlnlitra- ') flit; of: Trederlck W. Adarai, | leceased, ;ti : • • ••.• . TI. . • David f . Boll, -Marldn Alton' Uoll, adwin palmer, Tractet, Idebael Congblln, J6ihB» Hathaway, Byron W. CUrk, CbarlfiB Clark, Kobert B. BeU, In the U. d. DKtrlct I Court for the D.Jtrict 1 of Wlsconulo • la Equity. | CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTICJk. "ClTT C's 0»no«, I Contract Department, Milwaukee, May 30, 13S9. ( T lflB fall-mug la. A sctltfdnle of lots front n» u-, the north alley in block 163, in the 2nd Ward, .f the Oilj at Milwaukee, and an estimate of the benefits for those lot), f y bringing «al<l alley Co the eataoitshed pacle. J. II hCEMNl), LOTS ACE8, Strtei Com.i.lasiijuttri MOHICIPAL CoUET—JuDOE FOOTS P&ESI- DISQ.—The following cases were disposed of yesterday: Morris Connolly took about a pint and-a- balf too much whiskey. Morris mounted a dry goods box and commenced Sii.ging ''Erin go Brangh," for which disturbance of the peace be paid $3,00 and costs. ' Wm Bogers "went in" on his muscle and kicked up -a row. Wm. made a deposit of $1,00 and costs in tbe Police treasury. John Dunn and John G. Coon hs i a "passage at arms"' hut Tuesday. Dunn said It was only a friendly fight, and thought tbe Court ought to dismiss the suit. His Honor, however, thought differently, ani fined Donn $8,00 nud costs. Coon paid the same penalty for bis share of the disturbance. Bosetta Lindsay, charged with larceny in the bouse of G Ho wes, in tbe town of Oak Creek. She was sent to Jail, in default of bail in thesnm of $500, for her appearance at the June term of Court. Dorothea Beck caught two small boys throwing store; at her tomato plants. She accordingly procured a switch and gave tbe youngsters a regular larrnpping. The .parents oflbeboya, thinking themselves capable of punishing their own children, had Mrs. Beck arrested, and the trial was to progress at the time our reporter left ..- , , , . tr^r the Hew«.] A Card to UM> Court of Inquiry. MILWATJKM, May 33, 1869. ; We,•••tte undersigned, bdngjtbe'niajbritjr 'of Washington ArtflloryCo.'No 1, of this city, ' leaving tbe rinks of said Company, would ten der our sincere tnanks to the c Conrt of Inqol- ry for their just decision in regard to tbe disputed election of officers of said Co., (as fb? r a i new election,) and, at the sane time, express ' :ottr,Tegr«t that Col. King, withon^ regard j.4o, ;*MUitiaj set aside the decSsion of th)ee : most respectable men, Capt. Barry, Capt. Batbaway, and Capt. Starkweather.and, in opposition to their views, confirme'dCol.'Bade and suite.* as oa- Cosrx««jpoB<lencs> of Use JCrwa. CailOAOO, May 31, 1859. To t/u Editor of tin Jfevi : This erening, after a truly pleasant ride from here, I find myself snngly glowed away in the " litermry" room of the Tremont Hooae, awaiting the morn, and the starting of the "explosion'' train for Cincinnati. Left Milwaukee at three o'clock this afternooo—ar- rived at Chicago a few minntes before tevea, thanks to the care of conductor Dennison, in good condition and on time. To-morrow tbe now route between this oity and Cincinnati, •o»er the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago, Dayton & Michigan, aad Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroads, U to be formally opened, and a large ezcnnion train will visit Cincinnati on the ocoauioo. A large number of Mil- wankeeana, and about fire hundred of the solid men of Chicago, will tear* here at «Ight tomorrow morning, and by tbe time we reach onr destination, there will be a host of tw dignitaries. The country between here and you city looks charming—crop* look w«U, and promise an abundant harvest. Fruit trees are nicely in bloom, and the cattle are looking in good order. There was a jolly set of us on the train, and the route seemed shortened abont two hundred per cent. The beauty (tbe ladies), wealth and intelligence (here is where wa come tn) of Milwaukee will be well represented in Ohio, or we mistake human nature for once. Chicago is lively now, and growing finely. Money is easier here now than'before for some time. Amusements seem to pay well; Mrs. Sinclair i» playing lo fair houses at UeViokaHs. Owing to the "house lifting" process being now very popular, and the streets, and sidewalks varying from one to three stories, it is not safe to look for Items after nightfall, lest one get • night fall that will take him till fall to gel over—go yon must excuse particulars. Ton will heir from me soon as the city of strawberries is reached, and till then :,."' :"-J'.'"...v -"• : ,..:r '_. .. :>u REVOIR. ISFV'Mr. Jones, hare you got a match ? " "res,'ainatch for thediril; there she stands, kneading dongh 1" Mr. Jon& rushed out of the house, pursoed by a red-headed lady and ''"' contract, is generally understood to have be.n purchased by Mr. Chamberlain j or at any rate, if not porohAsed, is supposed to be controlled absolutely by that gentleman; and the judgments which he has bought up recently at/veer am cenit on tbe dollar, simply to spgcnlate on, can hardly entitle him to the consideration of a creditor, amid the prevailing losses of others We find men generally along the linecf the La Croese and Milwaukee road willing to sacrifice all they have ventured in the stonks oftbe company, from considerations of tbe betefit the line confers upon Wisconsin, whereas Mr. Cleveland steps in as a heartless •peculator and abandons himself to a course repudiated by bona fidi claimants. Such a course ought to bring upon him tbe indignation oftbe community, and we have no doubt bat he will find ere long that he has secured for himself that very undesirable distinction. It is some pleasure to reflect, that all his reckless indifference to the interests of Milwaukee particularly, and lo Wisconsin generally, is being rapidly set aside by tti* new company. Borne three or four of his injunctions have already btwn fought aad conquered, and his boards of directors laughed at. It occurs to u*, upon ilu> point of electing directors, that howeverfkillfal a contractor Mr. C. may be, he must be a very ignorant railroad man. He hat eltctfd a board once, vf which but tvo mtmberi were itociholdert. So / alpable a fiat co in railroad goeertam nt of eaurtt enabled everybody to Imtqh at him. Finding hit nutate, hi ffoei to wort agatx and create* another board, composed of mtn tehom he tvpplied, or uho >up plied thtmtelvet, at hit instigation, icith old itoct bought at half or three quarters of t cent on the dollar, apparently uncotuciota that tht holder of imp mutt be regularly recorded on thl boola of the company before he can becomt, in law, a ttoetholder, a proceeding, which, of course could not be done one or two dayi before the election. Such ttock naturalization as iLia will need to be improved on before Newcomb Cleveland can regard I( as a safe process to secure tbe ends of speculation, and we would advisetbim to become better informed before attempting it again. Meanwhile the Milwaukee and Minnesota company are perfecting their arrangements with all dispatch, and Wisconsin may soon rejoice over the redemption of tbeir line of communication with the Mississippi river and its western shores, from the incubus of a corruption never yet surpassed. Millions of dollars ' squandered in reckless management it Is hoped will BOOU be for«otten in the growing prosper!* ly of tbe road, and exercise a salutary In fineries on all future operations, whether undertaken try the pnblieor the company. The line is a good one, and the country, extending nearly to its western termini, one of the most productive in the States. With a good rolling stock, substantial superstructure, and prudent management, we ahall bope to learn that the Milwaukee and 11 innesota railroad Is from IU commencement, a prosperous and profitable concern. Tbe gentlemen who compose tue new board under the third bondholders, are all men of recognised Integrity, and resolved to administer tbe affairs of the road with e onomy and uprightness, so that the Milwaukee & Minnesota company .may be generally regarded as one of the corporations thoroughly pnrged of the "old leaven," and the representative of wholesome prosperity. We hope they will conclude -tbeir arrangements and obtain possession of the roa-i as soon aa possible, picking Out some good practical railroad man as superintendent. In all their, board we know of no better name than that of Mr. Gilbert for this position, and we should be glad to see him elected. At any rate, whoever may be tbe choice of the board, it is desirable that be should be as thorough and straightforward a man as the gentleman whose name we have mentioned.— Chicago Time*. i-upidlty, and a orowd soou colleatedj— Oo exsffiination, tho chooolate oakes rtm»iu- ing oo tba!tj|ljj»«cre found to!«ODta!p arseiilo. Tha cook, (i mulatto girl, wag called in ftnd ou being questioned, confessed lo administering llie dead 1 j d rng , and carried witnes-SPS I Oitbe place wberuahe had buried the remnant of |t lie poison. SLe at the same time charged a Jlr. Saanders, who, we learn, is an apprentice at the Helena wprh shops, with having furjiiahed her with it. The disinterred package 'was identified l>y the druggist tig having be«n sold by him lo Mr. Saanders. Mr. Saand«rai in- fonned the. druggist that he Intended lo ikill rats with it. : He had been twice to purchase it, the soootid time saying that the flrtt was not strong f-nougli. It appears that wb;en the first was Hdoiinistered only the housekeeper had lieen afie^led. and bnl slightly i i Wearelurther informed that Mr ancl .Mrs. Stuart were l^ing very low, witbont an jf hopes of their recovery. Mrs Wilkes was ^uppo^ed to be dying. • All the members of the family • ho wnre at sapper were affected, except Mrs. Kate Stuart,! a daughter in- law. One of the negroes was ajiio thought to be dying. Much excitement prevails in the village. Mr. Smart is a very prominent citizen, and one ; of the oldest merchants in the upper part of the state. No cause is given further than that Mr.Btaart bad threatened to chastise the girl for her misconduct. Mr. Saunders and the girl have both been arrested i - ' NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Street Lot. 7 11 U IS 12 1 3 e 10 10 10 t 6 14 18 Bloc*. 16 18 2& 2S 23 96 26 26 SS 48 43 7t 79 78 7 SI 84 it S3 gfl S3 «3 S3 Bentflta. 9VO 3.I16 NOTICE CITT ConrrxoLLCa'ii Orrici, I CoDlncl UepkrtBient, Mllwankee, Jnne », -59. f 1 1BE following.!! • icbedole of lot*, part of lot) fr curing on Dstroft ttree^ ^ro u Uain itreet to Betch lit., Tbtrd Ward, Oltj of Mllwankee, that will be be« fitted by grading lo tb< eatahlltned grade, the lldewalka, curb »nd pare tht gn'ten and relay old walka. JOHN BcORATH, a«s W Street ESS feel W X of I R 2« feet N H of w n was 1,^1 E S'J feet of w W 12 of E 68 W 81 of E 46 E 16 of E X WSO f Middle 20 ft KMft W 46ft W8Sf- of 8 17i W 40 of E 140 WSOof E 100 W 20 of E 80 W 20 of E 80 Tbe Farmers * Millars Bank, Henry L. Palmer, Herman Schifartlng and Au- fjott Qrenlich, Assignees of tne People's. Bank of HasrUI, Oreenleaf * Oaapaoy, KJward u. Tyler, .label H. foster, Horace II. Ua&a, J4sp£r K.Goodr cfc, and Anflrlea Oumei and i WUlam j. Abrams. ) I N pnrsu»nc;»nd by TtfXne ot a decree made by the Dutilct Court of tbe United States for tne District abore entitled caose,! shall sell at Public Auction at the united Stiles Marshal's office In the City of Milwaukee, ob Wednesday, ihe tenth day of August, 1SB9, at three o'clock In tba afternoon, the following described property, to wit: :-'Lot numBer [61 and the west nlty [50] reet ol iois numbered 1 seven IT] and eight [8], In block twenty-five [23], In Sherman's Addition to the Sixth Ward of tne Ully or Milwaukee." Ma, shal'a Office, Milwaukee, iUy I, IbW M. J. THOMAS, C. 8. 'A. Q. MAT, Compi'ts Solicitor. mayS-lln2w3ai NOTICE" U NDKB and by virtue of a chattel mortgage be Ting date December 21, ISM, txecated to me by Lyman i Jd^lton, to a.cure tne payment of two hundred and j twxbty-seten dollars, and In erest at the r.teof twelve pycent per annum, deeming myself Insecure, 1 shall ' oner for sale and shall rell at public aale on tbe premi- | seS No. 41 Spr Jig street. In the Tourth Ward, of the City I orjMUwa«>i««, onearansay, tna 13ili day cr Jane next, at 10 o'clock In i e forenoon, for the purpose of paying said «um and Interest, the futtowlnit proper 7 c. nv«y c <i to ins said by mortgage to wit A two srory brlcn building nloetrfcu and one 1ml/ fee. froul by thiny Svc l-.-et derp, situatrd on pans ol lots J sad 3, in bljcn Tl, ,j, the 4th Ward oftiediy of M,l» luke,-. Wmcuasln, ind knovnu 47, Bprinn street, together oriu. t> ^ l«s! or !»lil lot Dated Mi »iukec, Uay lo, 1^69. QeO A. WOOD. PiLMca A PTAKC, Attorneys majlS-lawjw 87s) MIT. It If s> 8TATK OY WUv^u.Na nit Uunrt, Milwaol-. J*bn Karl r, ) | Thomas ttutwajd, Josrpha Oultfiild, ; Adam Orth, | Toepfer Web^cl. J I St irtu.r 'it ao>j t>ur»U4f Slid Court, .n th« abo cemb-r 81,!«8, I ahall ej lie Auction at the Pi st-Otncc on thd S'UflliU Milwaukee street, on .Suturduy, Hie s!( Ili!', at the hour of 2 p. lowing .lesc< I- ed mortgagee of HS may brf nectfsaaxy I judgment, interest and cusis nfsa.c, Uie rolluwm n ' real es * 4 All that piece or pirc County «f HUwaukee an eunsln, anown ana desc quarter of the north thirty-six 138;, to»n t one [21j, conta.'nlne; f^i Dated snmfTi umce. Mm UPBAM A 60_&tlAM, I PPlTs Att'/s f Bloca. Lot 163 1 163 1 163 4 168 J 163 7 163 i I.'H. I4ARDINEB, NOTICE CITY ConuraoLLna'u ^ . Uep&rtm.Mit, .Vlila-nakei?, May .j|), ] Ben.-dta 53.44 77,JO 108.53 180,63 110,31 Nr.MMH.' ->ll AMUSEMENT.-. TJ TUK t- 1 I '*> 11 w \ i: i Jl i r STAMM'S H M.I 440.J I) miU-e .if , iJl^ir <u,-a' Tlclret ft TlcMtft.- IDA^I.S T il » HK l"l Ci:y of Mll those !o i, grade. by bi t a itchc-iJult* of I"M and art; estimate jf i: V t A \ i> »•; 4 wa*aBs=. jel-J8t \<St 16'J ICi J. H BLKNl.N'-J LOCId AL'KK. .Street 1 )mmi^bio Ii « 11.J 73 "i 1" 179 ijfi 1^,69 . I.'H. UAKUINRK, C.,mpu ' I . H • t \ I 1 f buir-ii,, ^i« il'^ht tail Court Houiic,, ln!***r | '-H&1 •i J.p,,' 1 'in th^ fC/" in wb'i .la* .1 ,na, [>r. K r-i, : r *ud In lLiT»r<" e»i u> <IHM in rurni»lHni< OITT COMPTBOLI,III'H Orrics, I OoQLrt&ct Departmiyit, Maj 3O, 1859 | If! Jriday, Juae3<i t at 10 *. i materials and tor «'ruCtiniir »n Eoifn*- FI . file lO f bu office. TheComptrcJ cr iJ-»ir*i iJ-i^ r nfi,. . , p..sals if cofididered i*. fj j, $•,. «iajrSI-.lit tt L'H. (i »Hi'iN<K. > I) It. R ^utlll S«r, K N Cm COMKI Oijutr.icl Uepa.rtni-1. B«»'d ul Cuuu.-.liT, by i >y, concurred ti hy ih^ H-M «5. 1859, hav:ti[j n lopifd hr- r-ri rii'in 1 n .)rr" , ,1 May I nil .in \U 19/00 18jKS • 10,60 •l\ftu sijoo 57J50 SO^O 2SJJ2 28.40 11 £6 JI,S; Jl.fO 101.BO SKI 14.41 ai.6r> 21 Do 524] Ml£ll STATE OK WISCONSIN Circuit Court, Mllvantee Co. aCpHraJtu Marloer, Thornaj Hiram Farmer, The (/lobe ccaior nod Ev hr *IOJ Marii ecuton al I he U»t will Lewis, decejued. Martha Lrwis, Martha U. Lc«n, William J. Lewis, Ida Jaoe bcirt of Alliion Lewis, I N virtue of and punu •aid Cooit, in U.e abuTe enUtied a< 1Mb, 1S&9, I »h»H ejcpnsf; for u. AnctloD, ai the Post-Oflice, ir oo Maiurdoy. the 2 lS£»f, at the h--,ur of 2 p i Sowing ^.escnbed preoii»ea, t "The *,,utri ha*f of lot i hlock a u rah.-red thirty g. Wan), of th*- Ctiy Dated Sheriff 1 ! Office, ii Ivaukfr I>ow»»a A l^Dn ( Pt'B. AU»>I. ! >i\iticp ..1 ii.. t)i) p ric tl ,.l in |.ublic ultici- a I Sup. i ,or drri-U by prochimatii V"OTICE is hereby jt.eo t .1 e.l hy proclamulloo N~. ti 5i5, lo be be O *. ii>t laud 'jxt oOJiQ, uo UM; -'laadlt.aidtji -y JecUrei to t^ iK»*tp<»Dt,i »y» ofjune n^xi Vlireii una*r nij tj in.l . at the l ^e Oitj ,1 V* »..!,. ii|(l .11. 1),, ff~l By order of Ulr freaidrut K'S >AI,t. t OOliI)' ( - KurcvL-sjuft »/jJ ^»l c Lu a juU^HKj c >. Iciea ii t entitle i »«,t >. ., uaieO DQ- •o»e for j),il«- in t seil at r"ut, c*- on thtj (-..» nr r 01 iVUcoo In the ell/ <1 M Iwaukec, ~>lh (Jay »n Auffu^t, M ol U..U j d y. Ih« foi- 1 premises or §o mucfi hereto rnjirj ihe amoun' of laid », log«th«t With Lfit: expenses el of land tituatetn th« id S ate of State -.f Wts- cribed as the South cast eight [Sj, range twentv- ly acrt» more or l«» '• v*ukec ( May U, I4:y. A J LA.>0\VoaTHV, .-h'lT. Mi! Co , Wm. 's vtl.K. >!•»» l.N,< J- 1 BtDOll, iUrd , iieiil»*;r4 \ L* ^ 0 , • lUnk, Ma Jauc U*.., -j. ner, and Jut.n J Orton, r x- and testament 01 Ali.soii L«wls T tfirah i.r«.d,U*r > , ElllAbclh L->n,4.-t, Lrw-.i, f .-«fvis and other un know D ea*tM, sad IrhAt»^i yrnitn. to a jad(irjat;r,t rendeJe-i In ' nUtit-d action, dated March Jf iile intl »<JJ at Pubi.t- n the City o •" >J:1 w^uKe*-, . ?nd day of J m j • , ,! [list .lay. ih- f.ii nu.-i-.Inri tf.l QID^. ,'^j, n s-wn (37), a 1M- j tt'lvaukcr. C-'uni .• ,i Wiscousui. " aukcr, Mar-(, ia, 1 \ j i \ s\» « OUT M . .-• 'J >Jt u . ••* 00. iC 5 un - a l h i ,i u ,1 11), \\ |si J,.stu , '.1 lion "N .. U? 1 »1 1 r r ih ( l*tree' Cotnin'saiorit-ra, wlili ajiHr-ssni'-n u f bt-netlLs nuu damage*, it i« ordered That * tewer t>- u >ojtrui;L<rd 1 fir ju^'fi I' i,- n it Trim ftth to tJih ilr-^f', 'n 'rn- -•' I -* «r i, .f \!t- • . • -/ ,' Mttwauk>*it. Owners Aud »i:eDls .*f pru'ic-r / . u ^,-1 tf-ft »r- UrreOy no LI fled to cuiiUuci i i .1 i,*--i * • ., ,^n Jaya from this dal<j, ,.r ih- >lr-ct Com n.^^m.^r-, , l :;>* • '2n.i Ward wilt .:ause the mu* L> ,-r |nn^ tu • *r.' i to ihe rwpectivtj lots arcor-Iintf '" :*w maj'.&-. lot K L'U UARDiNKd, «_.,u n ,i, 0 ^r NOTIC'K. N l/TICt i» ri^r-t.v ajl?eD Lh-tt U.<- Or.j,r.*..i. - r-,.-!,* tin/ ha'-ka, ^^b-t, .Ir.ya, .imn.'-.u.f*-.. i> . a * ,. ttr- itrKtly enfor'*»d iTter the ftr<i -.J*y f .' , Tt « owners o( dr * yi, fiaolt*, >.• *D^. -rni '».i^t- . ,, n, i | twr, furuatu'e %nJ rtpr-.j-. *a< m, ** - i^r- n,-. l.> procure » ',. n nu.l .HJUJ^.T f ,r ,u. •, 4 ;r.,,.j' farther Tut H* • W H hKi «.. .,), - r- ,. M il *»ake«. May Ll'.. | -^59 i,. t . ,-tl j , ,}\ Con irvct L)«;par-aieijt ( M IwauK^i* il^y ;*>, : >.ii s^fc \Ltl> pr^-pntalii »i![ h^ r- -v-1 »t :;,, (ri... ,. I ii t.l 1 har*d iy, June -, ISttf, <t 10 , ^ • ,r • » • 1 rt.n 1 st4^n«- it utters m fr-.ut of i u '« *n.i c..n»iri,.;i. i , t . j Bid. IDU t stai« pri:- p^-r *o,uare v »r i '.»r •»* , ^ J( , in rrtaytn« with .jj.i mut^rm ;.m^ '.,r -.jr,, ,, ,. ; ii«» .[uiifrs. furu »h,n,j «<! maur a,» -1. . L.-Uit-if .. -. ''rrr i 'njiPT M. 't.i.tx i OP*H >; Co.iTBu.-r DKPaBTiissr t ".!> i 1 ^fe\LKD pr-.posals will h*, i kt .n.- * - . ... 1 1 O til !*aturday. June 4ih, at In > -i •• « « 4 .,. •afaittiiDK rr atrrta.4 And -.iQ5t ra :tj nu .—•,.-* , » . - „ i -tr-i A'*rJ, *s ih- .-tr^ l t'luraKt -r:e-* -i.ay i,,- •. ' •I.-*-: n-r : « .nn* ap ind rr-iav^ir nd • rn s ,, , - t ^ , , , _ . ^ r,- r ,.,,i r *d ^t>parat« pr . posftis •* . n^ r .,-^ •/- ^. r | | iru,*i .n(t a» t-^i 4ii < fl .t r i»*ir.n^ piAi.k ». l- •* t, -• . t , • • -4 j r-d ' y l^ie "Tr»r»i ('om tun ur < )f ' i i 'A , - ; t*T'*j M.i.1* TV f. *' **t fori h pri'*i» p»-r 'ir. ^*i ' i .,••.-* t-lank »n.i r rla >• mir "i-J >'-i-llt !•. L'll ftAlt -IN Mi. C'-myi H'-r 1 ITT Ct>vr~'*"L. iJ*'« "f .i i ..c*i f »a-t L>»-partmeni. J n r i. i^fij - V..F . - t-i < a-ni r>^ r-r«i v-i %t '- , tl - . . O i 1 fh.i >J« , Jane 9tfi. I<> t M ' r ..^ / a ^ • • - ' r.,i «-l i '>r ' .>iid f •»,, i») r , /.. :,^ i -ij jri -. . ^ -i • r". i Wird. I.T| *,.,.,, r., c , t j , . y , .. ,_ .. t . .-•i-i'.t K L'H <r v rip ' ^ fR. ' ••- .-- r , -r _ NoTU 'K. *.';T i" » .»u PT a. ., . * « « • ^ • i i.i * i l> i-;iJ imrr.t, M. , i.,»- - j , I ..IL . , * a! -*..:,. i, , ,- ...t. . .., f ., . i r '.; r . ii ('• ._»j AD <1 Mr-- ,rr. n-- «t---.. -i H-.- i i. 1 •-• - M . . i ,>=.-. -..-. at ->--! r,r •,,->--i .-,-.,..,.• ..a' .: r— • -11 ..!..»; IT .( iT\r •!!-.»( i fl-tl* '. . ,rl.' , , , ' ... t ' 'i «1 l -. i.r.>I 1 .4| -Hi! nl'l »»,*,«. V .(..^'. ' (*<••• •"- .11 H •I--.. - £?8T" r >l 1 J i'.- ."> 1 AIMI Lrtni J k .: uuic S'.;: Fox i i i *•• " »r r - v • f • •ft- •1^1, * 1. • : . 1 - «I . . - -\ •i >'' UlAi * ' , »<•-•* . --. , "... E^" r .* ii » ,• -.. E^~ f M , r • ' »-:.- .1 ' * j i 'A , ." .-' ,* . LANDS AND WATEi PuWERS. 190 .irini!!,' IS vt I - , ill- .-> A W, H I t \l.\li\ HI i 13 J 0 i IN V H A N < Loui> IV' si.a 17.14 11,06 10.43 T.I. A lit M K I K < W PTHi'l I r-.\U QdKWSES, Con.ptroller, NOTICE. Cm ConpTa lU.Ea's Orrics, f Oontiatt DeparttnaBt, June 8, 1R59 - | ioa Council by resolution adopted sla; I 80, 1S59, declared th* following 4-ncnbrd lots and parcels of land situated In the 6th Ward, of th* City of Milwaukee, public nuisances and ordertd iheisacne to be abated, vli i C!o«ts of ailing at 8T H cts. a jd. Block. 10i,0« 48 31,4fl>, 13 402 19 43 62,03 >f 42 19,47* 42 £8,72* 4) 26.21 it 41 1 ummoi.i t.jr .t i f mauj OD Centric L I (Coin !;ul Block. 22 Zi 2! 11 11 Lot. S * 1 4 2 8 t K U lx>t. fi 8 Co?t fcfrtil- lias *t "H ct». ft-ydj tl 11 13 ft 2S « 21 2S U II 10 ' 6 1 * » » t 10 It 11 18 14 16 16 J0609X 820,62 4l6ii 83S,44 «81,44 8SS.44 203,12 M69 ' 1M.HX ' 8W.47X S12.ll ': ' . ' 410,25 728,80 . • 4 6.09K ' 965 15X ; 499.W 26 gT »7 K VI IS 2e 2« 24 It 10 10 t A 4 1 3 li «24,S4 U 16 11 14 IB 13 13 7 i 4 3 • 2 io«,oey< rl 30,00 . , , f wntn aad agepti «f above described property are herebj notified tji' abate tild Duls»D« within tin *•»« from thl« dye or the gtrett (Jommlailoneri of Ihe 6th Ward, iriij caiae tbe lame to bt done aid charged to the respective Iota and parcels of land, according to la*, i ' JF.. I/H. OABDlNfH, Comptroller j ,*®*They hare got »jiei» military cbmpan/ They ,iril| s lr dmb• w^ttd i » ihe/.ett^btni » itrright line to istrolll fati •Utote miles nearer Kingdom Come, jC^ulf BAD MAXIKB DUABTU—LOM or Fivi ms. —TUe Eaoiae ^<boeo(« of the &r«to( Jane, has tbe following:—"Capt John Miller Ofthii place arrir*d in port to-'day, (Toetday,) and bringt the s«d intelligence of the wreck of the schooner Enphrau, C»pt, K^tsen, offKalima soo,dariag the night of the 26tb alt/ From th» only HurrlTor of the ill fated «ra w, wboVaa taken from the) wreck on- Saturday morning,' abont 11 o'clock, by <ome iUhernien, It geurns the Eophrata left, Holland, ' a place gome 7 miles north of Kalamaioo, with a load otlam- ber/or thii place, on Thnrjday aftoraooB — lg the night, about 11 ^o'clock, a heavy eqnall omjjitMd her; ihreeof Ibe b»ndila*hed ^itte/^tlwifcuiqad of Inmberand • of—they probably cook, ;and'th ' '* Y O D 3^ « » S BALL OR, KANE'S ARCTIC VOYAGES F O R JO N K W K K K -f-COMMESOING- Thorsda^ Evening, June! tf, A FTEKa 'nojt soeceisfal tour through Europe! ->j- ^V troblied by Uir Majesty, Queen Victoria, Ha Bo*. si Highness the frlnce Oosstfrt, the Pnnce.s K Prince of Wales, aod t»dy rraakiln, at Ine OsHtrr ui Illustration, 14 siefent • ret:, Lindon, and u,i reri.lty pronouced b y American and European cd ica,ihe intist *uHlu.e creation pljart ever exhlalte*. , : T. p.l FAILING 'Si j Great Origtuftt IllontraUon of Dr. Kttae'l World Renowned ' ARCTIC VOYAGE^.! Together with EDgllJh and Danish Searches f T Sir John Vranklm In the; Frigid Zone, ueca ed by tbe great American artist, <Jeorg» Helgle, Esq^, from original drawlcfs taken on the spot. * i Several In tercsUrfg relics of t'.e AroUc Expetil'tloh will be exhlb ted, among which are : ' Dr. Kane's Kayai, Arctic Unites, celebrate! dig " Wnltney," (life (tuj larrlTor of l>r. Kane's; ^sxjulmaux l>bgi used during his Jouroey) , tbe beaullfui Btqulmaxdog ••Wolf," presented b^ Lady rranUla to: Dr. ' Kape's boipanloo, Ur. Tnot. !' fflckey, Ac., Ac. CiT" Doorsop«i»t7; Exhibition at a Wednnday ana Satbrday afternoons at S tar* Ticket* 81 cinta. Children IS ««nts. J3f~ The Intcrtsitag MarraUve of Dr. •£ Arctic txhibltloDj 117 Eane'i companion, air Thos-. Hlcktjr, for sale atthe ball. Prle 10 ccnu. ' Je»<l8ir . ; [ f •• ' -• , i,. Ilamed Jr Died '• t, CIBCCIT (-UUBT. i Alel B. Hull aoil Henry D Hull, rla i,[ ,a, f utbonj Arloi t. (.Briiis C. (Urd.Dcr «nd ^y^vanu^ Lruu, l>*-fend't( fhe State of Wiscons.n, ants and e^c^. of t cm ~V T OC art hereby SummnDw I and require.1 t X t.lrcompuint m mis action, whicd h u b. ui the office cf the CUrk of the Circuit e'.ujrt, LOUDIJ o( Uilraukre. at the Court Uouse io the C tj „! Mil- «aukee, »ndto ierT, a copjr of jour au»fr t , th- it..I complaint on tie sutacrtbrn, at Uitlr o^Lse m Lulling ton's UocJt, In the C.ty of Milwaukee, wu,,in lieotj ..aj • aft«r trie serTice of l.-iis samciou* on yi.u, ticlu slTe of the d»/ of such service, acd I/ jou r ajl lu aosw. r Uie said complaint wliha the time aforra.i-i, i;,e pis o- ' t!S« In this action »UI take judgment gilnst ,.,a f ,r I the sum at eight hundred and thir'y-flr» dollars snj serent7-one cents, with Interest from the loarteemh | daj of Dec.mber, 1S4J, besides the co»u of this act., o. Ukted May U, IS1D. BCDLca, BDTTRICg t COTT8ILL. m«jl?-law«w Plaintiff's Attorneys. K. L ll Ml I I- ilr -u f J< U I i, f *q,i*r-. . iiA RF)| \ ER, C 0 0 464] SALE. i t o'clock; -iml 3 o'clojjt. , | nta. < r. Kane'ilaal who was tetcned, lathed theniwlye*;to the wreck; the oai>uin had an arm and legbrok eye knocked out by the falUng of -,-t^_ - -K '. ' iLIT.' . -! - . •:,*., . .-. •,-.- i : •I ' the Post Office In 'the dty of Mil. a *« »!« «* «»T •* JnlTt 1B». at UM haur.Df 8 ».«. of that day, the foUowlna; a*»crlbelinort«aBed premises, or so much thereof as niay be necesjarr to raise, the 'ambqnt of said judgments. Interest and cesa.-togiHier with expenses of •sJe, towft: ------- -. ....... .••".-.- . ••:•• "The north one half of lots namber ten (10) ' and tifelV* (3), In block inuinber forty-sir (46;, > la tlMiElrlith- Ward of the said oity of MUwan- : ' ' ' ke», ieJng on Walker's Point Addition to aald . mteni, ) aoaliut i I Tattle vwl! f,,' t F. tnttJr. | J RiTPiaBD;— Sooie twelt* or flfteen penoni Jacob Bleojier,, thttmanlayi he but «o Tliomia Tion, Otto BopVman, afl '*hlle tb« one h« eipl Inaecmlble jnonntaln * ttmetime-inTln y to ,oar f eo •dge, tie Other hi i siren h(« atteotfoa I o the mitl ' Henry Ountlier, t njr! ani'l* hl» tbVeoflon of tha f»4 '' iton of homan »«a a mou» a«nni»n Bit* :r i.'toowijn tho.oouni r<ri* Itnuft SOton," h a cpoferred an intala ihltboon Ufjer CompUli t and j>P*^ ? |Bj ., ; • ' i..."- 7 . ;..' .;• .• ;;; ••'.•-.: V .•-—':•':... -r;,] ;; •; '-i----»>^ TO KKaST. ["1 ,\¥Js! bare MTcr'.atBrlct and frame Houses to teal Tf «xc«edlnitlj i-hekp. We:hive for tale a tut quactlij of Ueal j kfitte, cbnilatlns; of Hotites and libtsi ImproTed 'and Cn mprorea »*nas of etery slio to bolt ;parcha»«r»> .Bcho >lj Lacds' carefully aeiected, at) aji ---•-•••-- , TUne ri I be glTen for partof the porctian .r.dtl^i 1 1 fid «arrsLn»Aa rfa*H«'. ! • • ! i , dear UtJt i dad warrant" ditda. 8TATK OP WISCONSIJi, i Clrcolt Court, Ullwanaee Oo. [ CrYlsilkn Winlenlleo, JoaaQDes Scbmuu, Frederick ScbmaU and Ubrtatlan Schmulz. aKaloal Joseph R. Treat, Jama W. Stearns, Benjamin ». riults, The PTeildeiJ of lh^ FaTmers A Millers' Bank, Deiter U. Bntlon, a- W. Wheelock, Horace H Fre«m»n and Kllxabeth, his wife, Caleb tt. Patterson and —Patterson, hu wife. Judgment Foreclosure I N virtue of and pursuant tw a judirtuent readeretl in •Aid Court, in the above eutitled action, dated March &, 1359,1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office on the corner of'WiScoasin and Milwaukee itrweta, la the City of Milwaukee, on .tal- •ur<l«v, th« ITIbUay of tteptembcr, 1839, at the hour of S P. M , of that day the foitowina; described mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may be necessary to raiae the amount o/said judgment. Interest and colts, together with expenses of sale, to wit: "The aoath west quaater of section Dumber af- teeo |.l&j ( Ib township namber seven [7J, north of range number twenty-one f 21J east, except- Ing nlnetcea and 92-100 acre heretofore solj by Christian Winxenrled and wife to Thomas M. Bldd e; said premises being sltuat« m afltwau- kr« County and State of Wuloniin." Dated Snerlff's Office, Milwaukee, March 10, 196». E. erixomxas), I A. t. LA.NUWOSTHY, Pl'Us Att'y f Bh'S, Mil. Co., Ww. marl&-lam6iii-last ftwlaw Circnit Court, Coaiaty o* Portage. William B. Treadwel , John S. Perryjaod Edward Nor too, against H. H. Young, Mary A. Young, John W Bsclidar, I D Rogers, I H. Morrison, William M Sinclair, A. Oan- i,r.boa, Ii. r £ lverton, o. C Waiter, J. r, Dreyfores, Q Sat ter lee, O. A. Btcnett, L. T. WUco*, O. T. Per- »j, J.'H. Ksicker, B. White, OH Wright, 0, 3- Jlur- fey, J, U. Benedict, }. 0. Meeker, J. H. Perkins anil Oj 0. Welts. TMState ofVlaeenaln to the above uam:u Oefend- akuii C-tBS:-—You art hereby summoned and required to CT s>DSTer the eomplatnt In this action, of which a copy is herewith served upon /ou, and serve a copy of yoor answer on naat our office, nambers 8 and 4 In the Btat^ Baak of Wisconsin butldlnc, In the City ol Milwaukee, witkla three month* after tbe service hereof exclusive of the day of each service; and If y, a fall*o answer the complaint U aforesaid, the plaintiffs will apply to Uie Conn for tne relief demanded In the complaint. Dated WUwaftkee. March i3, ISM. &. A. A t. C. ffTARK WfATHEB. TllTa Atisrneys, Mil. City. Witness Hon. Oeorge W. Cate, Judge of the . —•— ; , T,* JudlclBl Olrcalt, at Plcrer, the 23d (Jay \ «>aL. i (. of March, A. D. 1859. < —v—' 0KO. K. WALBHICOS. Clerk. The eomplatnt lo Ihe above entitled cause will be filed to the oBce of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Portage county, at Plover, on the 9 th a ay at April, issft. i: . j O. A.4J. 0. 8TA KWEATBEB, «pfiil-laT<iw Plaint ff*» Attorneys. NEW JCST RI.CItlVkTi U\ T K 1 C K L \ \ D A 138 KAST W A 1 KK W ALL tTt years IQ to 608} • SHCUIFi^H BALE. STATE" OF WISCONSIN, I OiareattOpvt, MilTaokeeCounty f !i Joieph K. Treaty [Ncwm . Thomas Jl. Lyn'e, Caj-ollne J. lyne, John B. Weld and B. A, Pufien. '-'••' of andparsuaai to • decree rendered to tie abov TREET 10 » aihm^r- \ . .n.* . 1Q Asia, AfTU-» .-.mi Ear k - »-.n ; t >t» intion* from sk«tcb*« m».l« m me- >[>• i •>> J ,M, •< Uad- - |4,0l>. Life kod Tinned of Cftf-y , Hl2riivfn&n t.. J W */ i bracing the tiisiory of the ^er»mpore M.ssl. Q -. y C Uarstiman. Price i OO. M&nb'« SeJenceJof Double-Kntry ttonn «e«p n«{. Lee to re on Mel»physic* mod l-o^ic Oy Sir v\ -j iiiiailloD, S 00. Trw Empire of Austria in u»»« .toj t T-$,-\,I ,.,»- Jotm ^ C. Abbott, 1 50 Wyoming, Itj b itory, •tirriotj 'Uoi-lfu , »,,,i ,, nc Adventure*, bj G««rje B«ck, U. D . ; ,Vj The If *rp >ir « 'bous&ad ?tr.D.-3 ,r lft e ^UE^HS itoa fti^&tEMt the Northeru Inili ma, ih • Corur D'AJenes, flpofeans and Prtouz-i, i of 1858 t by Lawrence K-p i,.' ;h^ r - 60c. Art ,*( KXM . iHire ffpeauuu HniH r , r StDjate and Ihe Bar, bj il, rt»uu i P' Diary of Lidj Morgan, I '2.V The Rom«DC« of a p.or Ti><inn M»i New l.lmtrmtcU Rural Mfcjus.1.^ Uoiw«, Oie Uardeu, ihe Farm aau Ujm^ Price l 60 Hmta Physical Pertr<-ti«ii, or Jt Lne Horn an Beauty , li.owiiiK now to tain bodily lymmetry, hsj.nth »n<l . t K ' Mfe, and avoid the inttrmit^a ata.l J« f.,rii U. H. J»cqa^, 1 i)U. Love Me L>tV>e, L>>T<* )!*• Lung, by Chj.* K 1,1-. History of the Dominion o the Artbs u .-*pai", l 4 Journey Due North, beiDK r>jt>aof * rendem < ftuss «, by (George Aagustas £»ia, 1 a<>. Lauionl'* Metlical Adv-avr aa>l Marrin ^ e i,,,-,i- . nearly 100 engraTlng.. Pric« 1 25 The Pillar of Fire, or Urael in B<»nd.i< n » tiev II. Inf fmham, I 35. Irving 1 * Life of Waahingloa, volume Sv . \ io AJlibone's Dictionary of Authors, ^ M L TV of Kx CirwQ, 9 00. STRICKLAND A CO . jea U4 £»»t Wat -i *Uf- HOUSES TO KKNT. W h. have ievtjral Brick and frame Uuuar^ to r on very reasooible terms. We have nia.. 'ur ft vast quantity of real eitmte, ro »n,tin« of l.ot«, \mpro-?ed svnd unlmproTed Varrns, school Land» *-•. We U«T* 00 acres a«ar the CUy, with HJUHC, n*rn AJ., fer the imaJl rent off .0 and t&JEea. GREGORY A CO., may 1 334 Kajt Wa«-r str«eU b< FtEO 'I^Hijt .,, .... . .. JL »« * laty j [.,.,• THE HUNbRY, III \ \ A mi I» 4»rt>< < A l\ll \1V1MI lit *[)'! ^'i • ^i, uiH Illinillatu FOIMTIMI UU« » r »«<• TIO.\. W ILL b sold at Uood's Aactloo K....UJJ, •, No. * Sprtog street, on Saturday 7j»^ morning, Jane 4-h, at 10 o'clock, > f\iiiff£* Blood Imported Kngllsb Pointer, about a ;?ar old well broke lor field aborting. Sale poaitlT«. TerSij cash. l __ . J. HOOD, AuctloDe WANTKU. f|>WO or three unfurnished Bouoit wuii «,_,„,,! X private family, by a «;ent «tnan, wife anil seven )e»rs old, from ih« Kaat, »hn are willing to pay a fair price for soluble accommodatloni. Box 14?8 Poat-Office. Address T jel-.l»t A LCOHOL 9% per ct. at Uicufaoturti'a prico. f«* JHARRINOTOB. dJO] SHBBffF'S SALE. 8TATB OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Uouit, Ullwaokce Co. f MurjTntth Witter F. 1 I N Tlrtu* of and pursnsnt^o a judgment rend^rrd m laid Court, in the »bOT» entitled action, Jaltd April Ugbkeu,. 18E9, I shall txpixe for« and sell at Public Auction, at the Post Office, la the Oy af MllwaaUe, «» ft-tnrdmri «>* 8eib day of flfovembert 185»,a»taehoor ofi P.H., of that day, tba fol owing descrlbtd oartgaged premises, to wit: '"The east thlrlj' feet ot lot numoer three [3], IB , number one hundred and alxtj-thr<« . [183], 'a tb * S«ona Ward, of the City and Ooontj of Milwaukee and gut« of Wisconsin, .with the bulldinp and Improrement* therron " Dated ghtriff'i Offin, Xilwaokee, May Jo, 18(8. ib'ff. Mil. Co4Wl?. Macorubcra t'r»nui isuiily t OOO < I U I IB it HIII !'<> ' I '/' .1 Tii" i««t ilo. a of li n :<iw j suit t( t.'it. A M w t: s %lld oiaUu n. > ttii.l J ru-lgl »on who J.i .. leM at lh"ir pr M > I- f' i > K H « time du ai Call and Our ato-t, whether y*»u trill frecty sho\r you jui niO* c.-tnn >t rmi tu p^.i i iail.1 .,r . Ill N N JOUBKH IN C3-OOJOS V .1 u k e «» * i •> t» ALWAYS requested to call *D<1 exaui OOODSANL) 2 d'T PKIC K>. R. P. « »1»V. Qu nMn'» Block. H < .t O NV ca^c aprttt 'f frwh rigs, r» 3 en eu this •!»• AC

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