Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 22, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 22, 1898
Page 2
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MELVIN, STEELE 4. JOHNSON. 'EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 22. IMPORTANCE OF GOOD ROADS. In view of the fact, a d m i t t e d , wo believe", by most people, t h a t there is much footu for i i n p i o v e m c n t in the oldjTJinie system of road-making and rc-ad-repairing -- a system w h i c h years have show.u to be very expen- sve Aiui, in , very many caseb, un- satisfac/oryv-Vould it not be well to consider-, some changes in tbat sys- tein/lfefore the next season's work is awarded? Now is the t i m e to secure legislation, if any should be ueeded. We have heretofore expressed the opinion, "shared by so m a n y , t h a t the management and i n s p e c t i o n of this wgrk shoiild be given to a rc- spODiible B)»D. who has special fitness for it'"»njj has shown bis ability and desire to^make. good roads out of ilia uorsf jam's. In t h i s way the taxpayers would most surely receive the ·ffpftirof-'their money, for good roads are indispensaMo in ereiy progressive'.' C o m m u n i t y ; w i t h o u t them the ^tendency is inevitably 1 downward,. ,.No agricultural county Hko ours c:in' ever gain the recognition it 'dese^.*,e:v'Or its real worth ever^be mktle- known and realized, \vl)i!o"its tWoronghfare are little better tha'n quag'raires or beast-killing sand banks. There has been some progress iri^th'S' import ant matter of improving Ihejroads, in their worst places, in thj. past few years, and the public ha's been quick to acknowledge the benefits received, and ask for' more. The people will bo as prompt to see and approve of steps looking toward still-- better things. That the whole country is interested in the good, roads m o v e m e n t is evidenced, by the bills before Congress and the many .State legislatures on the subject. - A good deal may be done in the levy court room with the same end in view. Even without additional legislative a u t h o r i t y Ihe county commissioners might make some radical and urgently needed changes. They might begin by appointing as general oversnerland inspector, such a capable man as Mr. J o n a t h a n Evitts,. of Denton. In many places along the highways hereabout there are proofs positive of his superior skill. .IFALLWERE ADVANCED ALIKE. Mr. T. W. Wood, in his pamphlet entitled "The Road,to Prosperity," has the following to sustain the assertion t h a t - g o l d standard people rejoice that a great American industry is depressed: "A good many gold standard newspapers and persons have seemed to rejoice that silver has declined and-ttftt,wheat has ad.. r ,^ ^w.«*|ffTOMRQS· -seed---Ara such papers and persons 'wise and consistent? Silver mining'is a great American industry, in which hundreds of thousands of people are employed in its various ramifications; should it not then be the duty of true patriots to aid in advancing'the interests of this country, one of which is silver mining? ·Growing wheat is another great in- ^Jterest/and we are right in rejoicing r'j-'a't its advance in price, as it is justly looked upon as one of the great levers that is to aid in the cause of prosperity, and if one product cau do. such- an amount of good, how much' good would be done if all the products were advanced in pi ice? To use a. common expre'ssiou, would ·we not then be in clover? These increased prices would require more money in circulation, and wheu we get it, prices will advance whether foreign harvests fail or not. and the millions of^ suffering peisous- will then be able to get enough to eat and.wear through obtaining p l e n l y of employment at good wages." ^a.EG'OMIV^DS AN EXAMINER. Comptroller Robert P. Graham in his annuAlrejjort'for'the fiscal -year ended September 30th, of last year, recommends the appointment of an Examining Auditor. Th'e Comptroller is lead to this' recommendation .'· by an examination of various Clerks' offices in fhe-Stute, many of w h i c h , be said,' "we're found to be models of. accuracy' ancT neatness, with well deviled systems" of keeping'public accounts, but this,.;ould t not be said of till.?' And he"?nr\ber says: "Such examination has'cleariy demonstrated to me, that the interest of the State, as well as the taxpayers themselves, demands the appointment of an Examining Auditor, whose d u t y it shall be, .under ample a u t h o r i t y given, to examine the books and ac' counts of all State officers reporting · - t o this.department, with power to revj^e'Sr^itablish, if peeded, subject t^f^pproval by^the Comptroller, such-Buenos as_his"skill and jiidg- inent?ibj*y suggest, said Auditor to repoigj^to and be under the control "and xhrettion ' of- this ^office; -and ·wlioeeyfitness and capacity alone - shall be the recommendation for ap- · poinjfitent." · The diveisity of re- port«;4i^tbe clerks of the several --copainl'shows that there is no well - defiri«a Jules governing them, and a ?."sy»t«i»7'would seem, therefore, de- EDITORIAL NOTE-. Dririjgjf his terms in the mayor's office-'^ffBaltimove -- covering u pe- riad ^fourteen years -- Hon. Fenli- « o ^ a P i » ~ ' attended six - liun- ioquots and still, is hale and nd, it is said, is .ready for hat is a great record, aucl t many-times mayor lias "unmindful of bis health iu at/a late hour, uor the ,1 warning that strong drink tUoio in high ttatioD« Delegate John S. Wilson, of Balt i m o r e county, has iu piepiiration a bill designed to changu the existing I-iw lelativo to the powers of school trustees in Baltimore c o u n t y , and if possible, to make the change applicable t h r o u g h o u t tho State. It is proposed to deprive ttio trustees of the power to a p p o i n t leacliers, and to place this power iu the hands of the School Boards of the sevcial counties. Ma.ny cases have arisen in which the trustees have displayed iv hostility* to teachers which interfered with the proper conduct of tho schools. It is proposed t h a t they shall have charge only of school property. Mr. Wilsou for several years \\as president oC tho School Board of Baltimore c o u n t y . The C o m m a n d e r in Chief of the G. A. K. is heartily in favor of publishing theentirelistof United Stales, pensioners, thus enabling the people of the country to bee for themselves the character of tho men who are drawing- pensions as disabled soldiers. No doubt, many dread the p u b l i c a t i o n of this list, as in every c o u n t y of the Union theic are men who, if they Jiad dealt fairly with t b o Union they helped to save,would not now -be drawing 1 pensions for disability, when they are doing a f i i l l d a j ' s \\ork whenever they are able to secure a job. At auy rate, let the light bo turned on, aud let the people see who are drawing their money.--Frederick Citizen, The Finance Committee of the United States Senate has adopted a resolution declaring United States bonds payable in standard silver dollars. The five Republican members of the committee voted against the resolution, and the six Democratic members and Messrs. Walcott aud Jones, silver Republicans, voted for it. "While it is possible that the resolution might be passed by the Senate, it is reasonably certain that the House of Representatives will not agree to it. It will luive t h e effect, however, of putting all Ihe members on record, and the uext House of Representatives mixyithere- by be made of different political complexion. If present conditions prevail a few yeais longer the cotton mills of the South will force those of the North out of business. Those of New England have recently reduced wages over eleven per cent., and they are, naturally, having trouble with their employees. The four million spic- dles of tbe South are cheerfully h u m m i n g , and the product is equal, if not superior, to that : of the rival mills iu Massachusetts and else- :c::°.' The scale of wages is about forty per cent, lower, and the hours of work longer, down South, and those are the great advantages by which the Southern manufacturer'is forcing his competitor to the wall. The fte of the meddler ia a family fight, it is said, is to be belabored by both contestants. The Democratic members of the General As- sevnbly should ponder well the result before they take a hand in the Republican, fight for Ihe ~ United States Senatorship. A temporary gratification at the discomfiture of a most obnoxious part of the Republican party might result to the Dero- ocuits by interference iu'a fight not theirs, but no political point of vantage will be gained. Don't dicker, Democrats- You will fiad it uu- piofitablo aud thankless business. The people of Talbot county, particularly in Easton, are in a t u m u l t of excitement over the question of high license to supersede the local- option law now in force there. The petition for high license has been forwarded to Annapolis, - and the counter petitions, which have been freely circulated, will bo forwarded in a short time. It is said a delegation including prominent professional and business men of Easton, will go to Annapolis to protest in person against the passage of a high license Tho House Committee on Banking and Currency gaVe unlimited time to ex-Secretary Fail-child to express his views on currency reform and to suggest arnendraenfs to the bills now bcfore j the'committee. It was not convenient, however, lor the committee to hear Hon. Charles Towne and General Warner of the American Bimetallic Union, on tho same subject. It makes a vast diffeience, it semus, on which side the speakers are to talk. No suggestions are accepted from t h a silver advocates. A dispatch from. C e u t r e v i l l e , lo one of the Baltimore papers says: "Many citizens from different districts of the county were in Centre villo Taesday. Tho question oF^a successor to Delegate Wright was freely discussed, and the u n a n i m o u s opinion .of all was t h a t an election was useless at this time, saddling°a heavy expense on the taxpayers which there is no necessity for." State's Attorney Duffy, of Baltimore, went to Annapolis on Thursday loaded with bills for passage by the Legislature. There were no less t h a n thirteen of t h e m , and they covered a wide range of subjects. The "Oyster Navy" is, not self- supporting under Republican management, and retiring Comptroller Graham suggests to the Legislature an appropriation of $10,000 per year for 1808 and 180U, A Kentucky a g r i i - u l t u r i s t Ts authority for the s t a t e m e n t that m u c h good use may bo made of cornstalks. The pith, he says, can l« converted into cellulose, which has a market value of $400 per ton. War vessels are liued with it, and whenever a vessel so lined is p u u c t u t e d with shot, the contact of the water w i t h the cellulose causes it to swell, closing the iipertuio and preventing the water from entering betwoen the i n n e r and outer walls of the ship. Tho railroads have f o u n d cellulose to be superior to cottou waste for packing journals, as it requires less oil and obviates hot boxes. As a covering for steam pipes it is tho best known substance. For m a k i n g paper it is found to bo superior to wood pulp, and from it kodak films, frescoes and all papier mac he articles cau bo made. This does not begin to exhaust its marvelous possibilities, aud its general use will make the cornstalk a valuable instead of a comparatively worthless product. According to Mr. John Field, one of Philadelphia's great merchants, the average man is honest. As Mr. Field has had wide experience in the mercantile business his views are entitled to consideration; and it is pleasant to accept them, optimistic though some may think thorn. Mr. Field says dishonesty is tlie exception. "We are startled at times by the betrayal of trust, but it is well to consider the vast n u m - bers of meu and women who hold positions of trust and responsibility who never go astray; millions and m i l l i o n s passing through their hands aud never a penny ruisbinif. The average amount of frauds perpetrated to the average amount of busi- css traasacnted is really infinites'! rual." The Philadelphia Ledger reminds the Senators now -working up the annexation scheme that with Hawaii, two thousand miles away as a part of our territory, our navy will Jiave to be largely increased to take care of it. In the Supreme Court of tho U u i - ted States an opinion has been handed down on tho question of whether a sano suicide's heirs cau collect the insurance on his life. The court decides that they cannot. Petitions are iu circulation to ask the legislature to pass a law to restrict the sale of drugs so that nr£G but experienced drugg'cts may sell them. Where Is the Trouble? To the Editors of the JOURNAL: Permit a depositor to inquire, through your valuable columns, what is the trouble among the directors of the Denton National Bank? By the published statement of tbo ipsult of the annual election oE officers and directors of said bank for the current year, much to my surprise, and, in fact, to the surprise of tho entire community, it is stated that Mr. B. G. Stevens has been superseded as president. Now, it seems that this action was taken without.-one word of complaint against the official capacity or integrity of Mr. Stevens, who, as t h e official head of tbe institution, leaves it in a highly prosperous and satisfactory condition, as tho last statement of the bank will substantiate. When Mr. Stevens was inducted into tho presiding officer's chair in June, 1895, there was, as is shown by the bank report, a surplus of $20,000 in the bank, and the dividends among the stockholders at that time was six per cent., whereas the last statement shows that there was a surplus of $30,000 aud dividends at eight per cent. These figures clearly show that the bank, wheu Mr. Stevens was depos : od, was in a most prosperous condition, and to tho stockholders a paying i n v e s t m e n t ; therefoie, tho people interested in and doing 1 business with the bank are at a loss to understand this unprecedented action, 'if there were any charges'of dereliction of duty, iucompetency or unfaithfulness upon the part of the president, it was the dirty of those cognizant of such facts to have preferred the charges and bad them investigated. , In the absence of such action, what is the natural inference ? Simply that no such charges-could be brought.' Now, the only i n c e n t i v e to this action that I can conceive ma'y be traced to political animosity upon the part of one or two members of the board, which actuated them, like veteran political wire-pullers, to cuter upon a regular campaign against Mr. Stevens because oE his individual political views, aud this inference is borne out by the. action of these gentlemen d u r i n g last fall's campaign. Now, Messrs. Editors, if politics is to .become.a governing factor in our banking, institutions, I thiuk tho soouer they are closed tho better, for it is an incontrovertible fact that as soon as a banking i n s t i t u t i o n enters tlie political arena iU g IMG nil usefulness is destroyed. When wo allow politics to become a controlling influence in the banking system of our country tliRn we may bid farewell to our entire financial sy'stem. In conclusion, I would simply add t h a t the recent action of tho boaid of directors of the Doutou National * Bank has created a feelmg a n y t h i n g but favorable to tbat institution t h r o u g h o u t the eutire community, where tho teeling and prejudice influencing that action is thoroughly understood, and the sentiment thus created will not redound to the interest? of the bank. DEPOSITOR Koiiu'il} for lion: duller i. A cure for hog cholera has been found and t h e t'armeis who lost hogs last year will be glad to know it. The chief of the bureau of animal industry, Dr. D. E. Salmon, has submitted to Secretary Wilson a report upon e x p e i i m e u t s in the treatment of hogs for hog cholera w i t h inti-to.\iue s e r u m . This serum is made upon the same p r i n c i p l e as the anti-toxiitc of diptheria. It was fust tested upon small a n i m a l s in the laboratory a n d , beiug f o u n d efficacious, was last fall tested in Page c o u n t y , Iowa, on several herds of swine, containing altogether 27£ animals. L e a v i n g out one herd, from which definite r e t u r n s as to cause of death could not be obtained, only 39 died o u t of 244 auirnai? treated, of w h i c h 8G wcresick. Consequently 82.8 per cent, of t h e animal in these herds were saved. Of untreated herds kept under observation d u r i n g the period referred to about So per cout. of I h e animals died. Dr. Salmon believes that, with experience, a better quality of serum cau be prepared, and ho has no doubt thai t h i s percentageciiu bo maintained hereafter. Referring to ( h i s report, Secretary Wilson said the cost of the serum now is but 1C cents per head of animals treated, only one dose being required, and doubtless in course of time this light cost may be still f u r t h e r reduced. California. American and especially trans- continentil travel has been rcvolu- tioncd by the Personally-Conducted Tours of the Pennsylvania Railroad. California, the "land of promise," the dream of tho tourist, has been made easily and comfortably accessible.- Through trains of palatial appointments run between the Atlantic and the Pacific, affording ample opportunity to visit the most interesting points on route, au'd insuring a degree of comfort and special attention not otherwise attainable. The next tour to California under this irfatchless system will leave New York, Philadelphia, and Pittsburg Thursday, January 27, visiting St. Lonis, El Paso, San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Barbara,' Monterey, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, ,Glenwood Spiings, Colorado Springs and Manitou, Denver, c. Round-trip rate, including transportation, meals, carriages drives, hotel accommodations, and Pullman accommodations, en route, and Pullman berth Los Angeles to San Francisco, and transportation in California, $310.00 from all stations east of Pittsburg; with hotel accommodations, me.ils, transfers, and carriage drives through California for four weeks, $125.00 additional. An experienced chap eron will accompany the party for the benefit oC the-lady tourists. For itineraries and f u l l information, apply to ticket agents, Tourist Agent, 119G Broadway, New York; or address Geo. W. Boyd", Assistant General Passenger Agent, Broad Street Station, Philadelphia. The Disappearing Terrapin. The Maryland Fish Commissioners report that while the terrapin is beoo'ming scarce and expensive, the shad supply has increased twenty- fold u n d e r thoir .administration. Since they a'.lmit that in Maryland waters alone does the terrapin reach perfection, this is a confession of incapacity on tho part of the commissioners. We can raise shad enough up North to supply the world, and the Maryland authorities would better t u r n t h e i r attention to increasing the supply of theirspeeial- ty. The terrapin must not be suf ferecl to become extinct. 1st, Boston give up its beans and Pniladel- phia forget her scrapple. They cau be rediscovered. But if terrapin should disappear, it could no more b~e recovered t h a n ' t h e Toledo blade. Tho eyos of the world are on the M a r y l a n d commissioners. If they suffer the terrapin to follow the fate of the bison, they will be forsworn. --JV. T. Advertiser. Secretary C: W. Van Der Hoogt, of the State Bureau of Immigration,) received a letter yesterday from a clothing merchant at Austin, Minn., stating that a n u m b e r of Scandinavians' who have settled there are ready to come to Maryland if there is hope of bettering their condition. The merchant indicated t h a t if he can get reduced railroad rates he will come to Maryland to look over the Eastern Shore colonies. Mr. Van Der Hoogt replied at once, giving the m e r c h a n t information in detail as to tho advantages in Maryland for immigrants. Mr. Van Der Hoogt also received a letter from one of the i m m i g r a n t s who recently located at Wcstover, Somerset county, stating that ho has purchased a farm there, is very much pleased with that section of ,t"nc Slate, and will give all tho assistance he cau to the bureau.--Baltimore American. The progressive ladies of Westfield, Ind., issued a "Woman's Edition" of the Westfield News, bearing date of April 3, 1S9C. The paper is tilled w i t h matter of interest to wo- m e n , and we notice the following from a correspondent, which tho edi- tois printed, realizin £ that it treats upon a matter of vital importance to thoir sex: The best remedy for croup, colds and bronchitis that I have been able to find is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. F.or^family use it has no equal. I gladly recommend it." 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro;'K^J. Col- stou, Ridgely. The big or s w i v e l g u n , now used, contrary to l a w , in killing ducks on the S u s q u e h a n n a flats weighs from one h u n d r e d to two h u n d r e d anil fifty pounds. No successful efforts appear to have been made to suppress it. It is arranged in a s k i f f , in which one man is stationed. The man lies upon his breast and paddles the boat, and wheu enough birds are at hand, he fires, a u d ' a b u s h w h a c k boat, c o n t a i n i n g two men, follows closely a f t e r ilie skiff and picks up the dead or injured birds. The gun is'then removed to the b u s h w h a c k boat reloaded, and replaced upon tho skiff and then made ready for a n o t h e r shot. An old gunner remarked that he had "ftuowri at least $475 worth of ducks to have been killed in o n e - d a y by the big gun. Persons who are troubled with indigestion will be interested in tho experience of Win. H. Peuu, chief clerk in tho railway mail service at Des Moinps, Iowa, who writes: "It gives me pleasure to testify to the moritsof Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and Di.arrhcoa Remedy. For t w o years I have buffeted from indigestion, aud am subject to frequent severe attacks of pain in the stomach and bowels. One or two doses of this remedy never fails to give perfect relief. Price 25 aud 50 cents; for sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffey, R. J. Colston, Ridgely. There isn't any "bad-grammar." Grammar is correctly speaking 01 writing a language; aud therefore there can't be any "bad" correct use of language--JSv. MORTGAGEE'S SALE. U n d e r and by virtue of n power of bull contained in a mortgage from James II. Webb and wife to Jesse A. Wright, ing date the 10th day of February, 1S!0, and of record among the land records for Caroline county, in L.bor L II. G,, l^o. jt, folios 471, c., the undersigned, as mortgiigce, will sell the property mentioned and described in s.iid mortg.ign in front of the postoffice in the village of Choptank, Caroline county, Muryland,lon Saturday, 19th day of February, 1898, between tlic bours of one ahd three o'clock p. tn., of that day, us follows, to w i t : All that lot, piece or parcel of ground and premises situate in the village ot Choptimk, Caroline county, M a r y l a n d , adjoining the Methodist Episcopal Church lol, the lot of II. P. Bosley, the_ lot of J. K. Watson, thr lot of Samuel Lewis, nnd she lot of J. T. Blades, be the quantity thereof whatsoever it may. The improvements consist of a TWO-STORY FBAME DWELLING and tho necessary outbuildings, in good repair. This property is situated in the thriving village of Choptiink, u here steady and profitable employment can be found lor both men and women. Terras of Sale. Cash on the day of sale. Title papers at expense of purchaser. JESSE A. WRIGHT, Lu-wis WEST, Mortgager. Attorneys. Increase Your Income By Doubling Your Crops Without Increasing- Labor of Cultivation. w Vbat if B«tt«r iDp Golpj lo ih« A UiberM AppllcMlorj of BAINBRIDGE LAND -LIME on Your Corn Orouijd. ' Its effect oil the soil is most remarkable and satisfactory Geologists declnre that the Uninbndge Limestone are the 'purest Cn rboiintc of I.ime ever discoxtrtd. 100 farmers saved from the sheriff last year by usniK llanibndgc Land Lime. Remember, building lime is not suitable for land. We burn nothing but land lime at our Bambridge Works. I'or prices, nthlress WKIG1ITSVILL.K I.IAIK CO.. WHIGIITSVILLK, PA A LARGE LOT OF --AT T U B -BURRSVILLE HARDWARE STORE. All si/es of Cook Stoves, from the smallest No. 7 to Hie largest No. 9. Hcntint; Stoves of all kinds suitable for Parlors, Sit ting lloonis, Dining Rooms, Bed'Rooms, Cbnrchcs, School Houses, Offices, etc. Sn kinds of Double Heaters. The best Kanges that are made. Large lot of FURNITURE CLOVER AND TIMOTHY SEED. Headquarters for Dri\o-wfcll Mateiial, Plows, Wheelwright nnd Blacksmith Supplies, Building Hardware; Carriage, Wagon, Cart nnd Plow Harness, Paints and Oils, Tinware, Harness and Shoe Leather, Washing Machines, Belt Lucius;, and Steam Packing. WS F1LLH WITB GOODS! I have a large stock of Barbed Wire Cable Wire Hncktliorr. and KibiWn Fencing, Poultry Netting, c. TILGHMAN 1IAKVEY, Btirrsville. Aid. . Tetter, Salt-Rheum and Eczema, The intense itching nnd smarting, incident to these diseases, iainstimtly allayed by Applying Chamber lain'a Eye and Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases have been permanently cured by it. It is equally efficient for itching piles and a favoiite remedy for sore nipples, chapped hands, chilblains, frost bites and chronic sore eyes. 25 cts. per bos. ,' Dr. Caily's Condition Powders, are just what a horse needs when in bad condition. Tonic, blood purifier and vermifuge. They are not food but medichie and the best in use to put a horse in prime condition. Price 25 cents per package. For Sale, Five million (5,000 000) Tennessee Pro- ifio Strawberry plants, »t S1.25 per thous- md. THOS. II. EVEUNUA.M. l-23-5m. Concord, Md, WANAMAKKK7S. PHILADELPHIA, Monday, Jan. 17, 1808. AThoughtf u! Woman Says "It is certainly sensible to buy muslin and cambric undergarments in mid-winter, because muslin is warmest after the first two or three washings. I try to buy enough during your cheap sales to last me a year. A month's wear now makes the garments the more comfortable for summer wear." That advice is too good to keep. This whole underwear business is based on adapting and c a r r y i n g out the sensible ideas that are given to our salespeople by you. That is why the underwear sold here is different from "sale underwear" in other stores. Just like home-made, except that we have experts to study daintiness and thus bring you variety. Tasteful always; durable; truly cheap. First week's sale has made a new store record. Third Week of the January Underwear Sale commences with every iine at it best. We repeat two facts-Garments are made in semi-rural, clean and hygienic workrooms. Workers make liberal wages and are healthy and happy. Corset Covers at 6c and Sc; drawers at 15c; nightgowns at 38c--simply the fruit of rightly-directed economy. Dress Goods lT ,w°y LD set . f Raro-ainQ political economist Bargains guessingastowhy we are selling Dress Goods for less than they're costing. Take Cashmere Russe--the dress- weight Drap d'Ete. It is as beautiful as broadcloth--far more so than any ordinary giade of it, but not quite so heavy--maybe as heavy again as a Henrietta. Well, we've been to market. And we have paid a third more to. land new lots than we ask for the goods today. Why? Because present lots must go--new lots had to come in a f u l l l i n e - o f colorings. Judged by last week's, prices the reductions rim this way*-- 50c from 65c SI.00 trom 81.50 BOc from 75c §1.25 from 81.75 75c from 81.00 §1.50 fiom 82.00 Here are other very unusual values-- 25c Plaids 20c-- Well-made Wool and Cotton Plaids that will wear better than some all-wool goods; excellent color combinations; but only 1500 yards of them. 66-inch All-wool Ladies' Cloth at 50c From a mill that has never used an ounce of Cotton in their Dress Goods. Bought today the price svould be 75c. Plain colors and mixtures; 0 yards enough for a dress. $1 Cloth-finish Covert 50c-- A good assortment of mixtures, and classed ns one of the standard dress stuffs. All wool, 52 inch. 85c Novelty 37^c-- Bayadere Stripe--crepy weave, with a black jacquard figure worked in. English. $1.25 Armure GC:-- ' The same class of goods will come again next month at the old price. Imported and all wool. Sl.OO Fancy Cheviot, 60c. S1.00 Bird's Eye Cheviot, 60c. $1:00 Jacquard Cheviot, SOc. S1.25 Imported Armure, 75c. S1.25 English Tweed, 75c. S1.25 English Check, 75c. S1.25 Imported Jacquard, 75c S1.23 Camel's Hair Cheviot, 75c. S1.25 Crepe Cheviot. 75c. Men's NEVER was better Overcoats ough | y good ' over . coat for little money. Of the two lots we tell of the sizes are complete, and the workmanship throughout is perfect at "ev^ry point; the styles are the very best; and every coat is fresh and new. Yet prices this way-At $16.50 instead of $20-Men's Frieze Overcoats in black, brown and Oxford mixed; quarter lined with satin; broad double-stitched lap seams. Price was S20 last week At $15 instead of SIS and $20-Men's Kersey Cfvercoats in blue and black; with satin shoulder and sleeve linings; body lining of worsted. John Wanamaker. AUCTION_8ALES! The Greatest, Faires: aud Largest Horse- Dealers that Maryland Has Ever Known Are M. FOX SONS. W« sell more horses and cun SHOW YOU MORE HORSES limn you can find iu any ^tnhlc in the Stnto. DOH MISS OUH AUCTION SALES! You will woudur how cheap wo sell horses. Every horse ofl'erod is Sold for What Is Bid, And j o u cnn ttikc them homo, nnd if misrepresented ship thoin back and get your money buck. M. FOX SONS, AUCl'IONKKRS A K D PttOl'HIETOUS, 31S-320-322 NORTH ST., Baltimore, GOLDEN IRISH THREAD. / " O I j f J : C N I|L!*|! n t r i » the \v,iter with stronger claim? ami kicking to substantiate ^Jf i t - M i p c t K ' n l v I'niii in any previous v o n r Our c :il«s on llu tlnwid more t h a n · Uiuldvii I. 1 -". \i'.:r. (« n r \ I m s n T I L K I : A D li:is mot with stronger.opp' Mlion in the ('In-pi nk I'nci- ilian :ny liutnc! c \ p r ]il;icc! tliorf How has- il 'iiccucdo I ii tlipfi«ht, u., IM ii:;. J It liii.- itiinvwcd the Mile-of uiher bunds of t l i i c a d an this water diuui f u ' : v cmo-hull' and tin 1 clo^o of \^8 will largely reduce this halt, for orders on S l i m s Sci'ii - .iiv ^ l n » l \ i i i n i i n * ; in and boin^; booked for 1808. A i i i n l i i t i n l u of fish- :iiu 11 ttili ii-.' ( , O T . I . li.isii iln-^ Spring \ \ l i n d i d i m t d o MI last, bcomiM- of its fine i.tlilim.; (jiMlili(.~, c-l.jlilulK'd a J livn^llifnuil last year, to their entire satisfaction. Out fiialluin;' ·-till btaiuls and w i l l c\t''!id tlimnpli HIP ~-"a=on of 1808; "That we will matt It this tin end -mainst .1113 o t i i u i brand {silk exucpled) made, no matter lit what (,·-( lor «.tn imih d u i M i i i l i t y mid li-li Mtcliiii; qualities." Cii.myu iu Ll.u M ' . l l ' l i a - iiil'ri'tod liio ]rif(! »! tlirend slightly, but we arc still tlic pioneers of low jri o-. a" the l o l l n w i n g will =how: Shnil Seine-. r u . i d i - U i i i t , pcrti* 1 ! w o i k guarniilceO, out of 00 'J-cord Golden Irish Thread, »t!*I.So pel pound. Mo '·lip-! and perlpct knots. Ilultiiiioii' tiO--our X"o. :!-~J --'i-c.jiil Uiiuad in j pound bulls, §1.2i per II). A N Y L E N G T H , DEPTH, OR SIZE OF MESH FURNISHED, varying by one-si\leenlli of nn ineli. o To uvokl :in\ ·li-iippoiiituionl, let us l i n \ o your orJeis curly, nnd we will knit the i-cinps iiii.1 put them aw:n u n t i l j o u \ \ a n t them; nothing is gained by dchiy. You arc oitlier going to iKh or you are not. Don't forget our Hanging Lines 1 ; no boiling, driu^in}; or living: "imply cut fron UIP coil a'i'l I.ICP in. Guaranteed to neither k i n k nor Uusrt. A l l roijiii]i;iur:iti( i = !\ nun] promptly attended to. Give poatoftice ftd- dro«s in a l l li'itiM-i. On all onl^i.? gh e length, depth, nnl size of mesh, stretch measure. Kcj)C tl'iilly, W. J. BLACKISTON, Denton, Maryland. 1898 THE 1898 AN INDEPENDENT JOUR5AL The Truth litliout Fear or Favor All the Nev/s Irom all the World. THE BEST ONE-CENT DAILY, IS 1'AGKS. For Mail [Subscription. ONE VBEK lOc. (XNKi JIONTU 3Cc. SIX MONTHS , §1.50 ONE YKAK '. $3.00. Baltimore's Favorite Newspaper Model Home Journal. 36 1'A.GKS. LEADS IN CIRCULATION. LEADS IN 3IK1UT. LEADS IN POPULARITY. Single Copy, 3 Cents. For Mull Sulihcrlptloa. ONK jUONTII ]5c. SIX MONTHS 7oe. ONE YKAK S1.50. 5Oc, for 12 Months, TAVELVE PAGES.--Giving complete accounts of all events of interc^ throughout the world. Its Market Keports nrc ncfurntc, complete ami valuable. A wolconie visitor to all homes. Specimen copies mailed to any address. Send in £2 «nd the names of live yearly subscribers. Address all communicatk n I to THE HERALD PUBLISHING COMPAHY, Fiiycltc and St. Paul Streets, BALTIMORE, MD. LEWIS AVEST, ATTORNEYS. Order of Publication, "William U. White Blln Vviu'te. In tlic Circuit Court for Ciuolinc county. In Equity. The object of Ihis suit is to obtain a decree divorcing "William II. "\Vhite_ from liis wife, Kiln VfhUe.avineulonnifriintmii. The bill states that on or about the month of February, 1879, he was tnnrricd to his wife, Ella "White KecElla ^Vnlsh, at Norristown in tho State of Pennsylvania, whence, after n low -weeks, they came to Caroline county, Stale of Maryland, and resided on a fiirm near Fedora Is burg in said county, u n t i l about January 1st, 188(3, and then icttirjied to the State of Penn- syhiiniu and resided nt Consholiockcn until tlic 7tli of March, 1802, on which said liist mentioned ditto tho respondent without cause left your orator, taking with her uJI .the personal property and household eileets belonging to your orator, since which tune blie has not rcbidcd \uth him. That though tlic conduct of your orator towarda his wife, the said Ella \Vhite, bus always bpon kind, affectionate and above reproach, the said Ella White has, without a n y just cmlsc or reason, abandoned and deserted him, and has declared her intention to live with him no longer, and that such abandonment has continued uninterruptedly for nt leabt three years, to wit six years, and is deliberate and final, and the Vcparntion of the parties is beyond any reasonable expectation of reconciliation. And the said respondent lives in tho Stale of Pennsylvania and is not .1 resident of the State of Maryland. It is- thereupon, this 13th day of January, 1S!»S, ordeicd by the Circuit Court for Caroline county, in Equity, that the complainant, by ciuiMiig a copy of this order to bo iiiteitcd in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county once in each pf four sncerss-ive weeks before the loth day ot February next, give notice to suid absent defendant of the object nnd substance of this bill, warning hoc to appear in this court, in person or by solici- :or, on or hi'foie the oth day of March ne:t to show cause, ii any she h.\s, why decree ought not to be passed as prayed. CHARLES W. 1IOBBS. Clerk. True copv--Test: CHARLES AV. 1IOBBS, Clerk, janlo-'lt. 8 "West Baltimore Street, (Tlirpu doors from Clmrlrn) B A L T I M O R E , M D . USEFORENTS' TO THE PUBLIC! I dosiro to inform my friends of Denton and llic public roundabout that I w i l l be at the stove of STEWART 15ROS., in DEUTON EVERY TUESDAY, \\hcrc I \ \ i l l be prepared to take oiden for .ill kind.* of JEWELRY and to iiuiko rcpaiis. A l l work v,i\\ recede p n n . p t attention, tinall logins buing made before leaving town. Orders left with Stewart Ilros. w i l l be carefully attended to. I thank you for p£ft favors, and hope to receive n continuance of them. MOSES GQ THE JEWELER. For Rent. Good house to rent, on Lowe stree't, Jenton, very cheap. Apply to LEWIS WEST. L ET THE CHRISTMAS GIFTS be prnclicnl, sensible, tin's year. It'll please tho recipients morothan pretty, useless knick-knacks. The men-folks wouldn't appreciate nnything else half so much tig something to wear. Please them this much--they'll thank you for it ten-fold. Those of you in search of gifts for brothers, sons, fathers, and husbands will find our store brimful of sensible suggestions of- what to give. And when you nrc in Baltimore for the Christinas shopping we want you to freely avail yourselves of the privileges of our establishment. Ac-, cept our invitation to have your mail addressed here; leave your pnckages hero to be kept until called for; write your letters here; in fact, make this your headquarters while in town. It's entirely free of clinrge. Uulow we give you n few hints of sensible gifts for men: · Men's Suits, $5.48. .Men's Very Stylish Suits of Cassi- intrc, Cheviot and .Fancy Mixtures, in blue, and black and plaid nnd stripes, well made and carefully finished: perfect fit guaranteed; in all styles- worth $9, tor $5.48 $10 and $12 Suits, $7.50.. Men's Fine Cassimerc and Cheviot Suits, in both single and double- breasted styles--full of style and tailoring; excellence--ns perfect tit- ting ns any high-priced tailor's garment*; lined with superior quality Italian cloth--worth §10 and $12, for $7.6O $10 Overcoats, $5.98. Men's Stylish Black and Navy Blue Chinchilla and Beaydr Overcoats, carefully trimmed and lined and finished with fine silk velvet collius--perfect in style and workmanship--worth $10, for --, [$5.98 $15 Overcoats, $9.25. Men's Very Handsome Overcoats of Blnck and Hlue Kersey, made"~as only hi^h-clnss garments arc--perfect models of the tailor's art; lined with line Clay Worsted nnd sleeve linings of Skinner's best satin;- raw or plain edges--wortli $15, for r" r- P ^ r 1 r* I I t I r- r- · \ t «! « 4 «! 4 Boys' Clothing; Boys' Handsome Suits of Corduroy. Cheviot nnd Cassimerc, in sizes 3 to 8 years; stylishly braid trimmed nnd have deep sailor collars--worth §5 and $6, for . $3.98 Hoys Pino Blue Chinchilla Reefers, with choice of sailor, velvet or storm collars; plaid lined, nnd some brnid trimmed--warm and comfortable, and will fill any boy's henrt with delight to receive one Christmas morning--worth $5, for ·· $2.45. Hen's Furnishings. Men's Fine Heavy Natural Cam-- cl's-hair Haff Hose in black and scarlet--spliced heels nnd toes--worth 29c, for [10c Men's fine Kid AVnlfcing Gloves, in new lurht nnd dark shades of tan --worth $1 a pnir, for 79c Men's Natural Wool and Cainel's- hnir Underwear-- wnrui and full of comfort nnd wear, worth Sl.for 59c Men's New Style Hats, toth fedoras nnd darbies, in all the ncvcst shades--wortli $1.50, $1.75 nnd $2.00. for $1.00 It 'i t THE GLOBE, S W. Baltimore St., 3 doors from Charles) Baltimore, Maryland. .NFW SPA PERI Professional Notice, v t I desire to notify my clients and friends that I have returned from J.ohns IJopkins Hospital in n very much improved condition; but it is deemed «ise for" me n ot to- ongage myself iu'Jiny legal *ork nt the- present time. -* In my office, adjoining inty residence, can he "found Walter Spixrljlin, Esq., » member of this bar. who is ietiroful and diligent, mid will promptly intend to such Ijiisincsj of jiiino ns may lc ; referred to- him. I expect lo resume the-nctive practice of Imv nbout April 1st. and will bo glrtd then to see my clii'nts nnd friends face to fuce. JAMES N. TODD. Dee. 29, 1897-51. iWSPAPEui

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