The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1945 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 5
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J' ANNOUNCEMENTS Coining Sales Dates THURSDAY, JAN. 11—Vint Brill, hart sale, 1 mile east, mile south of LaHarpe on Logan farm at 11 a. m. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 17—T. D. Minor sale, 6 mile.s south, 3 miles east of lola. 11 a. m. See large ad in Register Prida.v, Januarj' 12. 3 —Strayed, Lost, Fonnd 1 .OST—Brown leather billfold in or ;iioiiiid IOILX Theatre Saturday (-\i-ning. Reward. Ableson Clemens. AUTOMOTIVE 5—Automobiles For Sale 7') (](Muiine Fonl liATTERIES Five Nixes. Fit practically every c ;ir ;in(l pocketbook. C ;tK )d stock of • SEAT COVERS EfjjoTT mmm co. Plfr)N'K liM.'i 2lir, S. JL'PF. .MODKI, A FOUD. 1930, good iDbber, i^j 'Kl coii'iitinn. Ward battery set radio and battery. 4 miles .-^utn .Muiaii, Hall west. R. L. PuUan. WE HAVE MECHANICS AVAILABLE IN OUR IMPLEMENT DEFT to work on yoiu" tractors and farm machinery. BUD WHITE IMPLEMENT DEPT. Rale.s John Deere Service VfXJ. (.HKVlnOl.Er — Extra good \\r>-v. and motor. Oliver Dealer, r lola. • CARS FOR SALE ]&:JU M(;clf;l A Coupe, good motor and lin-s. lO.'i-l Clitvrulet two-door, a good one. 19:53 Buick Special Sedan, good I ncs; runs fine. I3:i4 Dodye orif-half Ion Pickup, i-^ood tirt-s. condition above average. All U-^?- Than Ceiling Prices. I.GO AN REYNOLDS Phon.- 7,i! liO?. S. Wa-shmgton 6—Anto Accessories, Tires, Partt .•\:.ti -l-'ifL-^e, $1.00 Gallon. WILSONSERVXCE :!01 NuVth Washington TRUCK TIRES TR.^.CTOR TIRES 2.')' : on on all Truck Wheels lOLA HOME iz AUTO SUPPLY 1 Firestone Store) Phone 43 .South Side Square GOOD USED PARTS PIONEER AUTO SALVAGE 817 South St.—Phone 969 BUSINESS SERVICE 9—Services Offered CESS POOLS, septic lanks, government toilets, small sanitary jobs. .John L. Reed, lola. Box 50. PASSENGER TIRE VULCANIZING Pus.scnjifr Tire Recapping. TRACTOR Tire Service Complete. Dunlop Tire Store Floyd "Chig" Mann 105 St. Phone 156 I SEAL YOUR RADIATORS and cracked blocks for 25 cents. Plenty of good Sinclair alcohoU Service •tation and grocery for sale. Ed H(.ss, 823 South Washington. EMPLOYMENT 13— Help Wanted—Female I.ADY to do housework, days only: (Xctllenl wages. Phone 772. 14— Help Wanted—Male HELP WANTED Auto Mechanic Good Wages RO.SS ARBUCKLE'S GARAGE WANTED A'l' ONCE—Man or boy as room helper. Permanent Job. lola Laundry. FINANCIAL 18—Money to Loan—Insarsaos QUICKIES By Ken Eeynolds INSURANCE, Surety Bonds, Real . Estate, Farm Loans, Notary Public. The R. L. Thompson Agency. THEtoa RfiGimK, TUESDAYJ!VENtffl3, JANUARY 9.-1945. PAGE FIVE ; USE WANT-ADS THET PAT! DAILY RATE8, •;(B41nlmum 15 Words) OI«:DAY: BW word : THREE DAYS: Per word per day SIX DAYS: Per word per day ..ic DISPLAY RATES (Mlnlmimi One Inch) OIIE DAY: Per Inch .. ..50c THREE DAYS: Per Inch 45c "Your idea of using Register Want Ads has cleaned our store to the walls—now maybe you can a Want Ad that will put us back in again!" FINANCIAL 18—Money to Loan—Insaraoce INSURANCE, Real Estate, Bonds, Farm and City Loans. Charles M. Funk. LIVESTOCK .MERCHANDISE 32— Wanted—To Buy ELECTRIC HEATER, office type, one large or three .small ones. O. K. Rubber Welders. Phone 827. CONTRACT RATES (Minimum 3 Lines) 26 DAYS: Per line per day 4c • (9 lines to the Inch) CLOSING TIME Want Ads will be accepted tin- tll 5 p. m. for that jday's Inser- tioi} except Saturday when they mast be received by 10 a. tn. PHONE 18 R^al Estate for Rent 38 -^anted—To Rent FURS AND HIDES will be at Horde's FnUt Marlcet every Saturday. 21— Horses, Cattle. Miscellaneooa Kenneth Sharp. COW lor sale; comes Iresh about \ PULLETS—Going into production February 4. T. B. Patterson, Gas City, 4 block.s north office. FOR SALE—60 young ewes. Will start lambing February 20. Albert Alumbaugh, 4 ea-st Mildred. FOR SALE—Registered Guernsey bull, coming 3 years old; dam produced 570 pwunds fat as P 3-year- old; sire's 15 nearest dams average 713 pounds fat. Grandsire .sold for $7,500.00 in 1935. Guaranteed a breeder. Price S2b0.00. Dr. John J. Porter, Selma, Kansas. HEREFORD BULL for sale: long 2- year-old. Ira A. Saferite, 2\i miles west Neosho Falls. or laying, and young .Jersey cow Phone .')4rj. POPCORN MACHINES, all make.s and models. Electric. Burch, Manley. Cretors. Highest cash prices paid. Write to M. B. Sta.sel. Popcorn Trading Post, 1116 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago 5. HI. YOUTH BED; aiso small lavatory with fittings. Call Steve. Phone 1183. ROOMS FOR RENT SHOATS for sale; 35 Poland China. 65-70 lbs., double Immime and. extra quality; piu-e bred but not registered. Elmer Belknap, 1402 North Jefferson. Phone 81IW. 40 EWES to lamb in February; 3- year-old Jersey heifer, fresh February; will trade for corn. John Allen, North Cottonwood. 22 —Poultry and Supplies ARE YOUR HENS LAZY? Sluggish systems mean low egg production. Give your hens My- Ko-Crums 10 days in feed, and see how fast they pick up. Goodsell Hatchery. Gas, Kans. NEW SHIPMENT of Macomb brooder stoves; gas, electric, and oii. Buy early. Limited supply of each. Taylor Hatcheries. MERCHANDISE 24— Articles For Sale GULBRANSEN PLAYER PIANO and rolls; secretary and book case; cabinet Phllco radio. Write Box 464 or phone 17, Moran, Kans. SONOTONE HEARING AID, like new. Priced for quick sale. Phone 952. 27— Feed, Fnel. FertUizera COAL AS USUAL—Prompt delivery. J. D. Judah, 810 South Washington, lola. Phone 774. TIMBER RIGHT here in lola to cut for small share or sell cheap; or to cut by rank. William Thomas, 116 South Ohio. 18% IMCO Economy lay mash, $3.00 cwt. lola Milling Co. 28— Household Goods WE BUY, TRADE, sell, household goods and other articles. Hen- nlnger's, West Madison. 34— Apartments and Flats FURNISHED MODERN 4 rooms, downstairs. Very rea.sonable to reliable parties. 305 .South State. Phone 1234. NICELY FURNISHED downstairs apartment, 3 room.s, (iarage. 6'_'4 North Chestnut. WANT TO RENT—80 or 160 aero farip near lOla. Write R. W. Crisp, Weij-, Kansas. ^al Estate for Sale 40-;FannB and Land Par Sale IMPROVED FARMS for sale; also Sao ^aci-es pasture; 'iVi acres pas- turt; possession; cash or terms. ;>ee-D. D. Brownwell, Kelley Hotel, evenings this week. «f LOCAL FBODUCI Oradet} Eggi: No 1 _ _.: .37c No. 2 32c Cheeks •. 30c Ungtaded ............................- 35c No. 1 Butterfat «o No. 3 Butterfat 44o Sweet Cream -. 60e Hens, .4-5 lbs. —21c No. 1 light Hens, under 4 lbs 19c Heavy bred eprlngB, 2 Bw. up —a4c Light springs, 3 lbs. and up _,-33c An cocks and stags, lb lUic All classes No. 3 Poultry, 8c lb. less Oreen Hides 1 ,_10c • _ Kansas City Produce Kansas City. Jan. 9. (AP)—Produce: Eggs specials 46-47; eggs extras 41.3-42.5; eggs standards 38; eggs cui-rent receipts 38; all other prices unchanged. Kansas City Grain Kansas CltK Jan. 9. <AP)— Wheat: Unchartged to lower; No. 2 dark hard 1.61M!-1.70; No. 2 red nom. 1.68'.-1.70's. Corn: Unchanged to 1 higher: No. 2 white 1.26; No. 2 yellow LlSTi; 1.12; f'lo. 2 miJtfd pom. l.lS-l.lS^i. Oats: 1 higher; No. 2 white nom 77-80. I Milo maize: 1.75-1.97. Kafir: 1.82-1.94. Rve: 1.17-1.19. Barney: 1.00-1.15. 8.50-U.25: small lots and odd head medium to good 11.50-12.50;; canners and cutters mainly 6.25-8.00; medium and good bulls 10.00-12.00; load around 1350 lb.' at outside prices; most sausage kind under 11.75; good and choice vealers 13.0014.00; good 300-500 lb. 12.00-13.00; several loads good stocker and feeder steers 11.75-12.40; feeder buyers took good and choice fleshv heUers 11.25-12.25. Hogs 2,500; active, fully steady to all interest; good and choice 180 lb. up 14.50; 140-170 lb. 14.00-40; sows 13.75. Sheep 8,000; slow, no lambs sold early opening bids weak to 25 lower, asking fully steady; best fed lambs held above 14.85; ewes strong; several cars 7.00: best held higher. K. C. Livestock Close Kansas City. Jan. 9. (AP)—(WFA) Cattle: largely steady on .slaughter •steers, some slowness on medium grade: 3 loads good and choice fat steers 14.75-15.25, weights 1135-1180 lb.; odd head 12J25. Hogs unchanged, shippers 30ft; complete clearance. Sheep closing fairly active, killing classes generally strong to 15 higher; top fed lambs 15.00; other good and choice shipments from feed lots and wheat pastures from 14.4085; good and choice truck in natives from 14.25-50: numerous medium tf; good loads 13.75-14.00; good and choice clipped lambs with fall shorir pelts 14.25; numerous loads good and choice ewes 7.00-25. Gas City Events Kansas City Estimated Receipts Kansa.s City,' Jan. 9. lAP)—Ad­ vance e.stimated livestock receipts for tomorrow, - Cattle 6.500; calves 700: hogs 3,000; sheep 7,000. 164 A^RES, extra good, level, productive land; all but 2 acres can be ^farmed with tractor; school house, 'i mile east of Leaiuia is on ^orth line of farm. This farm has always been paying good rate ol interest rented. Price $5500.00. Ed Hess, 823 Soiith Washington, lolaL 41-.^Hontes For Sale KanKfs City Livestock City, Jan. 9. (/\P) — (WFA)—Cattle 7,000; calves salable and total 700^ .slaughter steers, heifer.s and cows fully steady to strong, instances 15-25 higher on good heifers and on cows; bulls and vealer/5 steady; weighty slaughter steers steady to .strong; stockers and feeder^ fully steady; large share beef Srieers meJium and good grade selling 12.76-13.25; several loads held 14.00-75; load good and choice medium weights sold 15.50; .small lots common and medium 10.0011.25;, medium and good heifers n..50-J3.75; odd lots common 9.0050; most common and medium cows PICKLED P^iTS Until comparatively recently, French peasant.^ often ate cats as rabbits. It is said that the practice persists in some .sections of the country. In China, both cats and does are pickled whole and then eaten. Creamed green bell peppers make an unusual vegetable. Steam sliced pepper lightly, add cream sauce and garnish with paprika . GAS CITY, Jan. 8—Mr. and Mrs. ! Glen Harry of the Sunflower Ord- ; nance Works, spent the week-end j at their home in Gas. i Prayer meeting will be held Tues- j day night at 7:30 instead of Wed- 1 nesday night at the Church of God. \ Sp. <a> 3-c. Maurice Hargrove of j Lawrence, Kansas, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Hargrove Sunday. Mrs. Mary Boyer is spending the winter with Mrs. Will Smith on North Walnut, lola. j Thursday night, Jan. 11th. is j family night at the Methodist] church. A covered dish supper will | be enjoyed at '7 p. m. A program of singing, talks, etc., will follow. also some stereopticon pictures will be shown with the "Crusade" program. You are invited. Mrs. Bert Demitz visited relatives at Garnett Thursday and Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Merriman of e;ist Gas and Miss Kahl of LaHarjje. were Simday dinner guests at the J. W. Woods home. In the afternoon they all attended the rally at the Church of God in LaHarpe. The date for the Mothers' club is January 12th, at the Gas .school. QUAINT NAME ••Hallelujah" is a popular Euro- name for the wood .sorrel, of the geranium family. Thi.s name Is due to the fact that the I lowers between Easter and Whitsim- tide. ^Canada's poultry populniiou i.-; .^aid to be .six times greater ili.iii ir- human population. CASH for DEAD Horses • Cottle • Hogs •gENDERINBi rsERVIC Phono >-i.-,, lOLA FREE REMOVAL -OF- Dead Horses-Cattle* HELP SALVAGE WASTE FATS FOR EXPL(^CS Teleplione 638 loka lOLA R£ND £aaM6 WORKS HOUSE, 802 South Walnut, priced to sell. Inquire 3.32 North street after 6:00 p. m. 44 -4wanted—To Boy J— • !t • MODERN SUBURBAN in lola In go{^ condition. Mrs. Rolla Cheever, Co^ny, Kansas, phone 116. 2-ROOM APARTMENT; .smk, pri- ^ SMALL MODERN HOUSE, close in; vate entrance; all bills paid ;|i codsider farm trade on house, adults. 405 South Buckeye. Phqne 150J. ^ "I'm using her iii.slead ol ;t lioru, to save my battery!" WE BUY, SELL and exchange fur- I niture,' stoves, sewing machines. Cmtis Furniture. 29— Machinery »nd Toob HAMMER MILLS Ford Portables for Custom Work. Immediate Delivery. ^ Also have Pord MiUcers for Immediate deliverj". HISER IMPLEMENT CO. 224 N. Jefferson Phone 63 NICHOLS & SHEPPARD threshing machine; one 2-hole power sheller. W. W. McGie, Jr., Route 3. lola. 30—Musical. Radio EXCELLENT USED PIANO for sale, medium size, with bench. Roberts Music Co. U. S. 13 Order Now at Last Year's Price! U. S. 13 Hybrid Seed Corn developed by U. S. Department of Agriculture and Adapted to this vicinity as proven by hundreds of satisfied customers. SHANNON & SHANNON HARDWARE Phone 29—Forty-Eiglith Year—^hme 29 1 C0ra.1»M»yWtA»t«VlCt.lllC. T.M. WC.U.afAT.OH'v •Tm standing fiuani for Papa and Mama who are not feeling well and asked me to see that nobody for heaven's aake rings the doca- belll'^ WASH TUBES tf^HE JAPAi^ESE MNTfRCEPTOK COMMAND lu ^ RAOAPl STATIONS ON T ALERT KYUSHU REPORT YANKEE / EV£RY B'29 S ARE SIDESTEPPING BASE FROM THAT(51AND...PP0CFFDING \ YAMATA TO UP CHOSEN CHANNEL, TOKYO.' EXCELLENCY.' Aces Wild BY LESLIE TURNER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Everybody Helpful BY EDGAR MAKli:- woo A-COtS L OH ,L .-.ui . RBDI^YDER In Trouble BY FRED HARMA > ALLEY OOP Calm Yourself, General BY V. T. HAMLIN TOCX. I GOTTA 60 TO TH' PALACE SEE WHAT'S WSOM<3 —THE OBPEK pcxuT MAXE SEN^.' WHATEVER ' ,>OU DO, HOLP THESE MOOVIAN SAVAGES RIGHT ON THIS LINE At ANY COST/ NEZZIR. GENECAL TOTH' LAST .MAN' LOCK, COPE .'WHAT'iTri^ IDEA.OKDERIN'/ US T'LET THAT MOOVIAM ARMY IM WITI->JUT A n &HT?HOW'D YOU SET\ T' BE^R KING, AMVWAY? NO KJNJG OF LEM EVER SEWT OUT fvlO : A CRAZY COMMAND BEFORE' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS How Nice! Ow, 1 Bex jUNtoB. ; WAS OPTO HIS OLD' TRICKS • ASAINI.' Dovou AFT£E. MC TIED YOU TO_ THe cH-^tR- DiD'HE TRY lo POUR MELTED WA^A^ oowM vouR. e>f^if^y NO MA'AM! BY MERRILL BLOSSER fC.i. =-0 &L^o To HEAR IT! TMA(--. >^J, Ht LIKES VOU .' Y '

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