Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 30, 2000 · Page 39
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 39

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 2000
Page 39
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL • ON TV SUNDAY WEEK OF JAN. 30-FEB. 5, 2000 CONT. izejhemiy have to give up •Savtrslone.' (R) OB pES) Bodybuilding "Fitness Amurica Pageant" From Redondo Beach. CaH. (Taped) 1 1999 Auto Racing Thrills and Brady Brides [FOX Sports News Rewind •JJ-.J History's Crimes & Trials Two cases f serial Idlings where the perpetrators were never caught ~ the Zodiac Kite and the Green River Kilter; the "•*"~iingol Lindbergh baby. ) Are You Afraid of the Dark? KB .— • -I Outer Limits A brain transplant allows a woman to experience leelings alter a lifetime devoid of emotions. f~\ fill ITBSI Matlock The host of a TV cooking show is accused of murdering her ex-husband on the air. A ITNNI PRCA Rodeo National Western rodeo from Denver. (Taped) t~\ QWD Movie * * * The Virginian' (2000) BiTPulman, Diane Lane. Betrayed by his best friend, a cowboy tries to protect his cattle from rustlers while risking the toss of his fiancee, A OB (2:00). IVVGNI Total Recall 2070 Hume and his new partner embark on a mission to locate a missing 12-year- old boy. (Part 2 of 2) OD '___ 6:1 5 P.M. BB51 Movie * * "Jack Frost" (1998, Fantasy) Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston. A deceased father is reincarnated is a snowman and gets a second chance to bond with the son lor whom he never had time. A 'PG' SB (135) (MAX) Movie *X "Horns Alone 3" (1997, Comedy) Akw 0. Unz, CM Krupa. A quick-witted 8- year-old makes if< miserable lor four high-lech spies try- tjt l to I racovsr a top-Mcrtt computer chip. A 'PG' W (1:42) 8:30 P.M. Second Look Frasler A OD . Five Reporto I Gerald Mann China end the Forbidden City A 1872 .. at Peking's Forbidden Cily, the Imperial Palace and thtGrtatWal. A ID WIW Web Actor Weird Al Ymkovic; answers al •Ask Jeeves 1 ; genealogy onfine; 70i nostalgia silts: neladdi^di^ motorcycles. 3rd Rock From the Sun Dek |O$M I* "i M Director of i NglHchool pliy to Coach to Saly Mki Offcsr Don to fix i parking ticket Absolutely Fabulous (R) Baby-Sltter. Club OD S 1999 Auto Racing Thrill* and I Brady Brides [FOX Sport* Newa 9 Anlmorph* W •:45P.M. GD Super Bowl XXXIV PostgameOD 7:00 P.M. A W fathers Impending marriage when the meets an orphan who it her exact double. A OD(2:00) GD «0 Minute* H Interviews witi actretsJodw fotler, UnivinaV of Ttme»*ee women's basketal coach P*t Summit and Ketlyle expert Martha Stewart (R) A OD QD Dr. Jam** Kennedy CD As Time doe* By The stalemate over where everyone wiltwpromplt Jean to embark on a cover-up when her sitter-in-law visits. • 7th Haavan E* atka Matt to lake a Hand's daughter to iht prom without knowing her reputation; M*y and LucydoubkuJale; Simon learra the facto of lta.|R) AOD B Married... With Children A W Friend* Phosba helps the Salvation Army and learns torn* Mhi about New Yorkers; Rachel gait a date. A OK) (Hf) Murder, She Wrote Jewfca't vacation finiBnllying whan her Investigation into ghost stories scaring away vWkn to BaKynook Cam* landt her in the u(Partlo(2)OC " 'le * * * The Undefeated" i) John Wayne, Rock Hudton. A pott-Civil IT Union Army oftw and hit Confedjral* counterpart JAN. 30, 2000 Abaolutaly Fabulou* (R) Anaconda: Olant SnaJk* of the MWHl Studying IM mtcenda tkmg the Amazon ) Co Weird Ou ojvsj N«d a piaw of Aft turn out IP be * irie ot i iNp|S*d by t JSCIFI1 First Wave The mysterious death of RacheTCates brings Cade Foster to a seaside town. (R) d§D Matlock Ben defends a professional wrestler - 1 - — t with murder. A W I WWF Sunday Night Heat D New* 00 7:1 5P.M. QD News OB 7:30 P.M. CD 89 King of the Hill Bobby becomes a deli food aficionado and develops gout; the modem art expo features an X-ray of Hank's colon. (R) A QQ S) Keeping Up Appearances Hyacinth test ' drives a Rols-Royco in her quest to put lydia Hawksworth in her place. Married... With Children A SB Friends To atone for kissing Joey's girlfriend, idler agrees to slay inside a shipping crate during the Thanksgiving hoiday. A W ® Animal Adventures North Carolina: llama trek; unique veterinary program; endangered wildlife. A (El) ) Absolutely Fabulous A compilation of Gargoyles SB NFL Prlmetlme 00 I Movie * * * * "The Silence ol theTambs* (1991) Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkm. Five Oscars, Including best picture, went to this tale of an FBI trainee's dangerous search for a brutal serial killer. (230) Mggl Secret World of Alex Mack W ITNNI Advantage Outdoor* 7:40 P.M. Instant Replay 00 6:00 P.M. umrilli become the zoo's latest attraction. (R) A OB CD M Minute* A 00 C|J Movie * * x "Groundhog Day- (1993) BTMuaay,ArK»eUacDow«I.AnarrogWTVwMlher- man has an unusual courtship w* his sunny producer when he becomes trapped in a time warp. (2O1) (E Zola Levitt Q} Nature How wolves and buffaloes coewl in peace In the Canadian widtmess. A OB(DVS) (•. Jack ft Jill M tools Jack's beau In s comprc- mBng Muaion; Audrey and Barto try to muter Hw* apprthensions; Etta hat a traaUth tswal sncountar at work. (R) A OD Movie * * -Hider in the House' ) Gary Butty, Mind Rogers. A recant/ relentd family's newly renovaUd home. (2:00) Star Trek: Voyagar A superior race It ' OT leaving Iht ship to embrace hit rock-ttarttabs. A SS Wild Thlnge Park Rangert retocate rhinos; HunMiw sanctuary for dancing Bears; orangutan; an Injured chattah recovers; orphtn aligators; Xlaikanwal- rutei. A 00 SHS Murder, She Wrote Jettfca't incarcera- tkxiintraduno^onerids.andthinowisdekMmkiedto W the people behind Ihetupeinatural hoax. (Part 2 ol (Fabulou* Patty ml Edna wedding. (R) E.H. Emergency room doctors In WasWnglon, P.C,»Y to MV. the lit o( a leervage suicide attempt and yealatourirt wilh chttlpaln».(R) ^ ""*" Oartswlng Duck 00 Sportacantar QO RobflF. Kennedy; MuC David Chapman, lie man who murdtredJohnLennon. UMaBIII Pray Stow and Ed Journey to Mexico to find olltw new specie*. A 3D —ock Ban defend) « territorial randjdate framed lor the murder of tlabWo-ieoitor. . ) NASCAR Qarag* •ympalhizers lay claim to a Confederate tokta't Leontrd. A Ofi(2.-00) OBB Movla ** * The Mary umMU Story: AU-American SUNDAY EVENING BROADCAST CHANNELS 7:OQ 7:3 ° 8:0 ° ' 8:3 ° S3 GD QD S3 fa m Seinfeld A Backroads Frasler A epx CABLE CHANNELS A&E Movie: *» mes Kennedy <eep Up Nature A BB (DVS| A A Friends A AMC FSB Murder, She Wrote! 'Pret, Analyit" i Chef A Animal Murder, She Wrote BB 60 Minutes A BB I Day Arefl [Touched by an Angel Movie: Zola Levitt "Groundhog Day" (1993) [WJordon Jack & Jill (B) A I Kingls-C. (Ellis Eye Masterpiece Theatre Crown & Country A jack S Jill (R) A ffl Movie: ** "Hlder In the House" (1989) iimpsons [Malcolm Star Trek: Voyager I Wild Things A S3 X-Files "Millennium" (R) Relic Hunter (R)BB Pensacola-Wing Touched by an Angel Practice . Variety [UeWoriT News® Fic¥ X-Files "Max" El Valley Bs. News [Paid Prog. Amazon I NYPDBIueAffl Party" Paid Prog. Carey Kenneth C. Profiler A Movla: *** "The Undefeated" (1969) laconda: Glanl Snake Yemen's Basketball: Ariz isoluteh Murder. She Wrote BS 'screen [Movie! ** Oaritwirig IBonkers The BradyloF igWRobert Reed. ilrange | Alex Mack Matlock A •CH3 PREMIUM CHANNELS |0uldoof» Virginian" (2000) AI [Total Recall 2070 Bl JNaw* BB [Replay The Sllenc* o( the Umbi Little Bill iNtckNiw Prey'Ofkilns' A I latlock-The Tabloid- NASCAR |Car llovl*! Marrying 1 Movie: **! rami Movie; ** "Brady* on the Hi Sport: Sports IBrady Outer Limils i vlallock A l9¥r^ASCABWins "latt Stand at Saber River* nary Kay Utoumaau Story: Glri 1 IBeaslmasler A I Spo Hillbillies lAII-Fi ILeloumeauUvetR) |Xena: Warrior Princess |Earth; Final Conlllct A~ Twiffit aw-Order "JjckFrort" (1998) A ' 15)Movl*; *K"HoiMAIon«3" (19971 A th. Third Kind" [Movie; **"Of*itE»p*ct*IJ< Movie: ir»"HI<kl»nAflanQa" ' JHovk: **A "SlarthipTrooi (1998) A W |Movl*! * * "UUlil Wl i Troopers" (1997)'R' |(:15)HoopUe •chool coumekx dscovsn lhat Oyew-oU Malcolm rut ajsr^lQ, hi is forced Into a 'gifted 1 claw. (R) A On the Street With Willie Jordon ™) Bonkers IK Nick New* ) Cv and Driver TeUvlslon (R) n B**stma*t*r Oar's love for Kyia b luted tf^linsell attracted to a baautful, and lonely, animal trainer. H W m 9:00 P.M. CD 89 X-FllMAittamltoinlumdrimtoi dOM, tomr FBI agent Frank Black joins MukJer and . A QD King I* Coming GD Masterpiece Theatre •BramwaT Robert needs to borrow torn money If he hope* to open ha ' r*<r doctor's oKce. A (P*rt4of4) - ll J*ii and M<^ft^UMiAlJaipVndiS«ijr(tav m .npptd h •» Iwndry room; Audrey goat to <tmar with Barto't hauBhty pirentj; EDw m»Mi her myttoy m Relic Hunter Claudia and Sydney art bred into searching tor Ihe Minotaur's Maze. (R) A OD Sit fwiMcola: Wing* of Odd Kelv comes upcflcharo^atleralrouWedMEUCobrtplolur.ier young comeoian. A W 1W9 NASCAR Winston Cup Lube 300 W 9:30 P.M. Elll* Eye Movie ***"Leadbelly'(l975, n^E.Mc«lr/, Paul Be^miaTh* life of md guitarist Huddie LedbeMr (1888-1M9) hit Mi tans to his mkMOa. 'PQ' (2:06) NFL Film* Presents College Hoop* ZNIght OX Sport* News Brady Bunch Marda tpwks out lor women's!) on TV and iichalsoged by her brothers to prove she is at aood as they. A (Wp Xena: Warrior Prince** A musical «p5o3Tln which X»na «reunited with her mother. Cyrene,Jo«er is reunited with his twin and OabrieU meed Draco. A W 10:00 P.M. The Ten O'clock New* W Touched by an Angel HI Practice if ^ Variety Crown ft Country W X-Flle* m Silicon Valley Business This Week Amazon [ffl NYPDBIuetffl "Murder, She Wrote OB Man Show Marrying Tribe ol the Amazon Movie I*»"Gus'(1:40) ' 8port*c*nt*r W I Paid Program Drew Carey IB] Kenneth Copeland Profiler IB] ~] Murder, She Wrote W 1 South Park OB] i FBI File* f) Sportscenter El Brady* (FOX Sport* New* j History's Crime* A Trial* [Beyond Chance BE Uverne ft Shirley Twilight Zone CE f Matlock W 1 Horsepower TV [ffl M-aw ft Order: Special Victim* IMovl* * * x -Uvin' Largel- (1:45) saw) Unc'» m 11:30 P.M. M'A'S'HOE Sport* Final > OameDay Variety . QandA I X-Flle* W Dr. Jack Van Imp* " Duekman OS) H Laverne ft Shirley T My Cl*sslc Car W I) Cleopatra jsjs W W Rude Awakening Behind th* Screen A took al AMfft gln»up«*hoil John Burke, (fl) at Birth Tr* phenomenon of MO•— J by doctors md pairs of con- *»^HiddenAgenda',. OecftOrttoptwPtumini/.An InBartnlwnchithitown ..,. _. -, „ Movl* The Brady 600* (1990) Robert Wator/a Crlmaa * T vti Qur4n piegninlbyil^yMr-oldtludsni. A W Boxing [FOX Sport* New* Hl*tory'* Crime* ft Trial* [Any Day Now OD T Beverly Hillbillies OD W&ir m CD ERtJB 11:40 P.M. ) Magic of Disneyland 11:45P.M. Movie * * * * The President's Wr (1 '.45) 12:00 A.M. < Total Recall 9070 W ~ Soprano* 1 Movie * * T»thai Weapon 4* lacrgtt »nM(HI ) Joumay ol Allan Strange CP 69 Malcolm In ui*Mlddl*Wh»nt Ul* In the Word Paid Program "]Uoung*Uiard« All Inlh* Family I Earth: Final Conlllct DSD 10:45 P.M. (2 Sporta Wrap . ti;oo.P.M. . CD Second L«ok . . . UD QD CD New* m • • ffi Amazing Fact* ' •I Party oiFiVaCB) ' E.R. Zorrotffl Ski World Motoworld Church Warrior* RoundTabl* HJ»tory'» Crime* ft Trial*

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