The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 4, 1916 · Page 8
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 8

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1916
Page 8
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\ tfJQCLLlCGTXX DAILY OOMBTITUTIO1I SATURDAY, NOV. 4, 1916. sit,Y«r,H,.$t..d,,4! NO CONVOY WILL MEET DEUTSdftND AT THE CHURCHES JT \\'l LUSTAY W I T H I N SCOI'K Or J.VTKItNATIOXAIj IjAW. BAKING POWDIR Made from cream of tartar derived from grapes. NO ALUM GERMAX OFFICER CHARGES V. S. SHIP SAXIv SUBMARINE ( B y I olte«l Preml.) ' Berlin, Xov. 4. A steamer Gy- · ing the American, nag sank the German submarine U-41 near the Scilly Islands September 24, a German officer and former prisoner in England, now interned in Switzerland, charge'l in a dispatch to the semi-official news bureau today_ ( *!v TTnltei] I*re»!O Petrograd, Nov. 4.--Under Russian pressure the Auistijo-Geiroans continue to retire northward in the direction ot Jrul, it was officially announced today- London, Nov 4.--German detachments countered north of the Somme yesterday in an attack east of Gude- court, Gen. Haig reported today, 100 German dead were counted and thirty prisoners and four machine guns were captured. f u r Vnltert Prc»». Rome, Nov. 4.--Addition*! heights ·were stormed by the Italians, striking on the Case front today. Near Trangnold an isolated position was carried by ass-ault and a battery of four inch guns was captured. f l l y Uniiru ^reww."* Berlin, Nov.-4.--The height Rosca, southeast of Altschanz has been occupied by the Rumanians, it was ad. Taittefi. officially today. "Southwest of Predeal we recaptured a. Rumanian position which had ·been taken Nov. 2 n d , but was lost the following night, taking'more than 250 prisoners." Neither Will It Supply Fuel to Other SufoirutJines On Its Voyage Home. I B T UnltiM] PruMM.) Washington, D. C., Nov. 4.--The German Embassy today declared that it had no knowledge of the purpose to convoy for the merchant submarine j'Deutschland on her return trip, agree I ing- that such a convoy would take | awal the Deutsculand's standing as '^ i peaceful merchantman. This is.a well recognized principle in International law attachees at tfi'e Embassy said. At the British Envbassy it was said that if the Deutschland is met by a convoy outside the three mile limit she will undoubtedly "supply those vessels with fuel which would remove her from ships of a peaceful character The first fear was felt when the Deutschland left Baltimore on her ·return trip before Jt was claimed then that she carried more fuel than she needed for her own use and that she might act as a floating base for some German submarines while on her way home. St. Joseph's Churcli. The Holy Sacrifice of the mass and the benediction of the Eucharist at 0 : 0 0 o'clock a_ m. The Rev. Father Batter will preach an appropriate ser. mon All cordially invited. J. J. Kennedy,.rector. Christian ScJenco. Services are held In Gunby Hall, N Washington street, Sunday morning it 11 o'clock. Subject--"Adam and Fallen Men," Sunday school at 10 a. m. Wednesday n i g h t meeting at 7 :30. «· THEATRICAL. * « S e 8 S 8 « s ' « S ® ' 8 1 8 ! S 8 ' 3 "A . Romance of Billy G'oat Hill." a big comedy drama "photoplay at the Empire tonight. "Paying the Price." The feature picture, "Paying the Price," to be seen at the Majestic Theatre tonight, will be of unusual interest. The star, Gale Kane, is well known to screen fans, and in addition the thrilling picture story will picture the 'United States torpedo boat in action, firing torpedoes. The World's Film Company received the assistance of the government in the making of this picture, and the equipment of the n'avy,..was placed at their disposal for this picture. In addition to the five reel feature there will 'be presented a western and also a comedy picture. The program will start at 7 : 0 0 and again at S : 4 5 . No advance in admission, LOST--Mrs, Ben Young- lost a small purse containing a ?5 bill. Finder please leave at Constitution office and receive reward. 4-3 Kim St. Methodist Church. Sunday school at 9 : 3 0 a. m. Morning service at 10:45 a. m. Epworth League at 6 : 3 0 p m. "Evening service at 7 : 3 0 p. m. Anyone and everyone "welcome to our services. Christian Cluirch. 9:30 Bible school. R. B. Jordan, superintendent 10:45 Morning worship Mrs. Rog. ers will sing "Welcome Home," by Johnson. · 6 : 3 0 Christian Endeavor. 7 : 3 0 Evening Evangelistic Meeting. Serman, "The Soul of Our Republic." Mrs. Rogers will sing again at this service. Her songs were well received last Sunday. Wednesday evenin prayer meetings. four cottage First Methodist Episcopal Church. Sunday school at 9 : 3 0 a. m. Preaching at 10:45 a. m. by the pastor. Theme "Temperance and the Third Amendment." Epworth League at 6 : 3 0 p.' m _ The evening service will be a special temperance one. Short addresses will be given by three lay-members of the church. Special music at each service. A cordial invitation extended t o all. James R_ Harper, pastor. WILSON WILL WIN BY LANDSLIDE, IS ' STONE'S FORECAST St. Louis,. Mo., Nov. 4.--"It's 1 -a landslide for Woodrow Wilson and Democracy." This is the forecast of United States Senator William Joel Stone, who arrived yesterday In St. Louis_ "The Republicans are moving heaven and earth, in an. effort to elect Mr | Hughes," said Senator Stone, "but i (hey cannot buy this election. | "There is not enough money in the Treasury of the U n i l e d States to purchase the electoral vote in the comdng [election · . . - .. : "Organized labor in this country is being put to the crucial test. The 'rade unionists know that if Mr. Hughes is elected it will mean the death knell to organized labor in this country. "New York City will roll up a tremendous majority for Wilson, and we will have a safe margin in Greater New York to overcome the Republican .vote in. the rural districts, of New York State. Ohio and Indiana are both safe for the Democrats. The women in Illinois will give the electoral vote to Wilson. "The interests ar,e trying to make Hughes the favorite in the betting, as they think this condition may have an effect on the bandwagon vote. Ninety-nine per cent of the voters in this country have m-ade up their minds as to how they will ballot, and nothing will change them. "Wilson will be re-elected Tuesday beyond any question of .doubt." Skunks 25c to BOc Horse Hides No. 1, full mane and tail $6.50 Horse Hides ." 3.00 Pony Hides 3.00 No. 1 Tallow 8c .No. 2 Tallow 7c THE PIONEER PfepDUCE BUSTERS OF CHTLMCOTHE. SWIFT COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Tomorrow's Market. HENS ! .13 SPRINGS : ; ...i : ..f.;"; '."15 cox :..."..:.'.. a TURKEYS 18. DUX F. F. F 8 GEESE F. F. F. 6 P. S. BUTTER 26% EGGS 2'8 CREAM . . .' ...34 THREE VrLJ/ISTAS EXECUTED IN JUAREZ TODAY CUT United ITc».l El Paso, Tex., Nov. 4.--Col. Garcia, a Villistas leader, and two of hi; followers were executed at clay-break at Juarez today. - Before facing the firing squad. G-areia made a long speech in which he declared that he was not a .Villistas but a Constitu- tionilist.and asked that he be given, a right to support his family. One of the 'bandits executed today "was merely a youth, only 17 years of age. SOCIETY AND CLUBS * Mrs. Hugh Mansur will be hostess to the Alpha club next Tuesday. Mrs. Bertram Clark will entertain the Monday club November 6th. Mrs Tom Campbell was hostess to the Fortnightly club yesterday. Mrs C. E. Lindsey made the highest score and was presented with a sweet-grass basket. ed. A buffet luncheon was serv_, Ths Methodist Episcopal Church held a "Get-to-gether" meeting on Thursday eveninfi, Nov. 2, at the Methodist Episcopal church. This was the best meeting of its kind that has been held at this church in a. long time. The attendance was large and the results very gratifying. The following program was given: "My Great credit is due Mrs. J. M. fDarr, president of the society and herli co ~ workers for the success of the m^et- ing. Light -refreshments were ser and all went away feeling that 'It good to be there.' yed vas Sea ids will be received by. undersigned City Auditor at the S,f- fice of the City Clerk of the Cltyjol 1 Chillicothe, Missouri, until 12 o'clock noon of the 13th -day of November. 1916, for the grading, curbing, pa.v- ing and otherwise improving Calhoun street, in the city of Chillicothe, Missouri, from the east side or line ' o f Sunset avenue to the east side or line o£ Grandview avenue, in accordance with Ordinance Number 2050 of the Ordinances of said city and ; the plans and specifications therein: referred to, which .plans and specifica_ tions are now on file in th.e/office of Country 'Tis of Thee", by , the aud. I the City Clerk. FOR SALE--Four room cottage on paved street, electric lights, city water in yard. $1200. Gill Ryan. 4-6 EMPIRE Steam Heated | (ANIGHT Jfair and Warmer. The advance sale 1 of tickets will start at the Chillicothe Music Shop. Monday morning for the great New York success, Fair and Warmer. The production has had a remarkable run in New York and Chicago. There ha.s been soTae of Chillicotheans that seen the play while in the East, and in each instance they are arranging to attend again. Fair and Warmer is considered the best comedy drama now touring. Presbyterian Church. Divine services Sunday, 'morning and evening. Morning worship 10:45. Subject of sermon, 'The Trial of the Serpent." Evening worship 7 f 3 0 Subject, "The Looking Into the Mirror--that is profitable." Tomorrow, is "World's Temperance Sunday, 1 ' and 'a special program has been provided by the "Temperance Board of the Presbyterian Church to be carried out in the Sabbath school. TM not,e"lme --, Tr er£ H. W. Drueu, phone attend service elsewhere, as the new heating plant has been installed and the church will be comfortable. Be loyal to your own church and pastor. Paul Heiligman, minister. INVALID'S CHAIR--For anyone who needs it. Phone 6 2 9 . 4-3 Our coal comes fresh from the mines daily. B u y j direct from the car and get the best. Prompt deliv- 750. SCIENTIFICALLY VENTILATED Red Feather Photoplays --presents-MYRTLE GONZALES in "A Romance of Billy Goat Hill" FIVE ACTS. Story by Alice Hegan Rice, author o£"Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" and SEVENTH EPISODE of "Pa* 0' The Ring" S T O C K T O N i S Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. O R C H E S T R A PRICES 5 and 1O Cent* TUESDAY--BESSIE BARRISCAI.E in a Triangle Comedy-Drama, "BULLETS AND BROWN EYES." Fred 'Mace and Anna Luther in a Keystone comedy, "THE VILLAGE VAMPIRE/' First Baptist 'Church. The pastor's subject tomorrow will be "Honor to whom Honor is Due," O r is it to be Wilson, Hughes or some other man. At night "How to Overcome the Reigning Evils of the Day." These subjects suggest that we are to have a right interesting time tomorrow at our church. Sunday school at 9.: 30. ·Preaching at 10:45. B. Y. P_ U. at 6 : 3 0 . Preaching at 7 : 8 0 p. m. Remember that our revival meetings LIVE STOCK MARKET. I liv United PrenH.1 Kansas City, Mo., .Nov. 4_--Cattle receipts 1,000; market steady. Steers ?5.75 to $11.25; cows and heifers $4.50 to $ 9 . 5 0 ; stockers and feeders $5.50 to $ 7 . 7 5 ; calves $6 to $10.50- Hog receipts 2 , 0 0 0 ; market 15c to 25c lower. Bulk of sales $ 9 . 2 5 to $9.60; heavy $9.50 to $8.65; mod. ium $9.30 to $ 9 _ 6 0 ; ! light $9.15 to $ 9 _ 4 5 Sheep receipts 1,000; -market steady. Lambs $10.50 to $11.10; ewes $6.75 to $ 7 . 5 0 ; stockers and begin Sunday, November 12th. Get I feeders $5.50 to $9.75. lined u p . for the meetings by getting a good start before they begin. We are to have a great preacher, and :t great singer, all of which suggests a great crowd" and a great crowd and a great meeting. Start tomorrow. Warren P. Clark, pastor. Plenty of Apples. At Mathews' "orchard, 5 1-2 miles northwest of Chillicothe. Handpicked, no rot, no worms. No. 1 at 75c; No. 2 at 40c. 27-6t C. N. Mathews. Produce Market. 'N Furnished by Henderson Produce Co.. 801 Locust street, licothe. Mo.: ' ' Hens 13 l-2c; springs 15 1.2, St; ducks 9c; geese 6c; eggs butter fat, 34. BOJLLES ROGERS. Dealers in Hides, Tallow, Wool, Beeswax and Feathers. Salt Cured Hides, flat Part Cured Hides Oreen Hides Bulls a n d Glues . . . . . . . . . .at Deacons : . . . . . . . . . _ $1.50 to Son Chil- cocks 28c; Furs .21% . 2 0 % .19% value $2.00 Great MILLINERY SALE Every Pattern Hat, Every Trimmed Hat, Every Untrimmed Hat, All Velour Hats, All Trimmings, at tremendous CUT and SLASH PRICES. i Price On every PATTERN HAT In the French Room Gages, Hylands, Etc. One lot of Velvet Shapes Big lot Velvet^ i Shapes, lot 2 «pl Lot 3 fl»-i Velvet Shapes^ J · Lot 4, high-class Gage Shapes at $3.65 Big lot trimmed Hats worth $5.00 at 200 trimmed $8 00 values choice ," Hats, AH trimmings at "tremendous reductions. Sale begins November 4th $8.00 VelourHats Now $5.40 Hartman's f Chillicothe SALE BEGINS Saturday, 9:00 A. NOVEMBER 4th ience; .prayer by the pastor: music, Ladies' .Chorus;, reading, 'Mrs. Alpha Meek; song, "Lullaby," Helen Ford; declamation by little Elizabeth Rob"- inson; "Possibilities of the Methodist Episcopal Church., in Chillicothe," Prof. A. R. Coburn; "Testimonials of Experience," by members o the La- All of said grading, curbing, paving and otherwise improving of said street, including all the cost of bringing said street to the established grade, shall be paid to the contractor in special tax bills issued against the property liable therefor according- to law, under the provis- dies Industrial Society; "The Rela-|ions of the Ordinances o£-this 'city tion of the Ladies to the Church," by W. .1, Gunby, and a short talk by the pastor. The "Testimonials o£ Experiences" in the above program was very unique. The ladies of the society had arranged that each member should earn a dollar and bring to this meeting and give their experience in earning it, 'which was given-most part in rhyme -- each putti-ng their dollar in the hands of the treasurer. More than §.100 was fhus added to the treasury. md Ordinance Number 2050. Passed and approved the 30th day of October, 1916. Each bidder shall submit with ''his bid a certified check for One Hun. dred ($100.00) Dollars, payable to the City of Chillicoth'e, to insure the making of the contract as provided. by Ordinance. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved. JOHN W. WILLIAMS, 4-7 1 City Auditor. T O - N I G H T -BIG WEEK END PROGRAM OF SEVEN REELS OF PICTURES- A FIVE PART WORLD'S FILM PRODUCTION, Entitled PA Y1NG the PRICE With t h e Impressive Picture Star, G A I L K A N E ALSO A WESTERN DRAMA AND A COMEDY SHOWS AT 7 : o o - 8 . i o ,, ADULTS MUSICAL SELECTIONS BY THE LADIES EIGHT PIECE ORCHESTRA CHILD - : _ COMING NEXT WEEK LOIirSE HUFF in "DESTINY'S TOY"-- Paramount. MONDAY ^TUESDAY-- MYETLE STEDMAN in "THE AMERICAN BEAUTY"-- Paramount. WEDNESDAY-- The Biu' Staae Production "FAIR ... AND ..WARMER" THURSDAY-- DUSTIN FARN-UM in "DAVY CROCKETT " -- Paramount. FRIDAY-- B I L L I E B U R K E in " G L O R I A ' S R O M A N C E " SATURDAY-- ALICE BRADY in "MISS PETTICOATS "--World 's Feature. Majestic Theatre Wednesday, November 8th SELWYN COMPANY : Producers of "Within the Law", 'Under Cover", "Twin Beds" and Margaret Illington in "The Lie", Etc., Etc. -Presents Their Annual Laugh Festival FAIR and WARMER By Avery Hopwood The Farce which run for one year at the Eltinge: Theatre, New York, and broke all records for big business Prices: $1.50, $1.00, 75c and 50c- Advance Sale of Tickets at the Music Shop. Sale starts Monday morning, November 6th 1.

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