Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 24, 1955 · Page 9
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 9

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1955
Page 9
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Atomic Ships On the Way By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK 1* — The atomic ship is » couple of steps today past the "just talk" stage. Several designs for an atomic powered merchant ship have been sent to the White House tor President Eisenhower to choose the one he likes* best. And a nuclear powered passenger liner has been designed by engineers of Bethlehem Steel's shipbuilding division. At least two steamship companies are definitely interested in the "ship of tomorrow". Considering Plans The United States Lines is considering building an atom powered pasenger ship. It would use the atomic ship as a -sister vessel to the giant liner, the United States, and as a replacement for its aging liner, the America. Tht American President Lines has offered to participate with the maritime administration in struction and operation of the atomic merchant snip mat president Eisenhower wants. Seagoing transportation isn't the only thing to get a boost. The AEC has approved a one-yea: dustrial study of the possible use of atomic-powered engines in railroad locomotives. But plans for ocean vessels powered by nuclear reactors are the farthest along. Sets PacR The shipping industry has been fired with interest by the success of the Navv's atom-powered sub marine, the Nautilus. This first vessel is admittedly too expensiv to be a competitor of the conver But engineers believe the ex pense can be cut now that the Navy has pioneered the way. They add that atom-powered freighters and liners would have operational >mies and advantages — more space for cargo and passengers, for one thing. Banker Finds Youth Good Loan Risks STURGEON, Mo. (J) — Johnny Sydow started out In the sheep business at the age of 8 with $53 i his pocket and good intentions. Now, at 12, he has five ewes and a purebred sow as capital live stock, is earning profits from their offspring, and doesn't owe anyone The man who gave Johnny— and :ores of other youngsters in this rea— a starting boost with a loan is C. L. Harper, president of the Sturgeon State Bank in this east-central Missouri farming community of 570 persons. Harper says he has loaned aDoui $6,000 in the past 10 years to youngsters from 6 to 16. Risky you say? "I"ve never turned down a youngster's application for a loan, never foreclosed on one, and never lost a cent on any loan," Harper declared proudly. A mortgage on a boy's initial purchase of cattle, hogs or sheep is standard procedure. Interest is 6 per cent ana everyuung is strictly business. Loans average be tween $100 and 5200. One boy, Harper recalls, sold a steer, repaid his loan, then deposited a $50 profit in the bank. He came back two months later and stood around bashfully until his father said, "He won't tell you, but he wants to see his S50— he's afraid it isn't keeping all right." Harper solemnly produced the $50, the boy counted it, and handed it back, satisfied. New Floor Care Ends Waxing One of the most difficult jobs of housekeeping is to keep linoleum and asphalt tile floors waxed and gleaming. Now, thanks to Glaxo, it is no longer necessary to wax and scrub. All you do is apply Glaxo about twice a year. It maintains a high lustre, non slip coating that seals out airt. triaxo ones in one hour and is water clear. It's cheaper than wax in the long run, besides savins: a terrific amount of work, plus truly a beautiful floor. Glaxo is available at Eichler Bros., Inc. Magnificently paperAR CHIVE® 24 Comtdiennt 27 Dance step 28 Food fish 31 Greek god 32 Vulgar fellows 33 Fruit drink 34 Southern feneral 33 36 37 Father 3* Native metal 39 Cubic meter 41 Also 42 Lessen* 45Pay]ess 49 Endure 50 Salt 52 To the inside 53 Toward the sheltered side 54 Cloth me; 55 The dill IB* dull and Marjor* — spiritless 9 Movie* en * Blackbirds of — forte cuckoo family • St* ha 3 Frosts motion 4 Sea nymphs picture — 3 5 Asylum 12 One time « Age 13 Exist 7 Turncoat 11 Prone • Invisible 1$ Wharf vapor 16 Mover's truck »Hue 17 Grafted (her.) 10 Poker stake It Hebrew II Bamboolike ascetic 20 Puffed up 22 Charged at© 23 Jewel 19 Numbers Ike Boosts GOP Cause At Dinner WASHINGTON UF) — President Eisenhower slipped away from a White House stag dinner Monday night to tell a Republican audience that Democrats may outnumber them but that GOP thinking is 'majority thinking.' He said most Americans agree with the aims of his administra- which he said are based on ery simple sort of idea." The We take the principles of the past and apply them to the prob lems of the moment, ana uiat all there is to it." Speaking informally at a GOP Kickoff for 1956 Dinner, Eisen hower depicted .the Republican ty as a middle-of-the-road For the Graduate Hallmark Cards Zipper Binders Bibles, Portfolios College Dictionaries Hess Book Store HARRISON MOTOR SALES N. PEORIA AT EVERETT PHONE 3-1551 Amwr to Pr*v»ou» PunU 25 Range 2* Require 27 Peel 28 Sleeveless 1 <ab.) 35 Completed 21 Not as much 36 Ideal 24 Hairless 39 Male child 40 Musteline mammal 41 Veil net 42 Exclamation 43 Cotton bundle 44 On the ocean 47 Followers 48 Periods 31 Malt drink 1 p p |<j 1 p |o p 1 jrnnr E I F B 5 T ~t S » H ^ ^ Z ~~ ~ _ ^"i^ZZiLZZZ r — IP !r IT ^-^rr ~TT g"- 1, 1 1 MM MIL group with principles based on the moral precepts of tne iour Fathers. :e not trying to go back to the horse cars, we are not try- ig to fly to Mars," he said. A crowd estimated by party offi- als at 1,600 heard the President "Now we have been told that the Republican party is a minorit; party. And I suppose by statistical •ecords. that is true, but it not true that the doctrine I have been so roughly expounding minority thinking in this i -—not by any means. That i3 majority thinking. Eisenower said he regards the GOP as "the finest political or ganism we have through which the electorate can do it3 part in pre serving for the future the kind of America we have mnentea. The $25-a-plate dinner was spon sored by the District of Columbia Republican Women's Finance Corn- Diners took up a ringing chant ! "We want Ike ' as Eisenhowi walked on the platform. He grinned broadly but gave no mnt 01 nis plans for next year. An electric power plant being developed in Detroit is expected to produce a kilowatt hour of electnc- ity with 12 ounces of coal compared to % of a pound in efficient exist ing plants. Alive in looks Aim in power Alive in features Only car in its field with Body by Fisher You can't get any more life in automobile styling than Chevrolet's "Body by Fisher." Those three words say all the nice, reassuring things you can say about automobile bodies. "Body by Fisher" is found in many of America's most luxurious cars. A new V8 and two new Sixes reach new highs in horsepower and performance You certainly want life in your engine. And with the choice of power-thrillers that Chevrolet offers you this year, you've got what it takes to carry you into a whole new world of motoring confidence and pleasure. How about trying the V8 soon? SALES LEADER FOR 19 STRAIGHT YEARS Never found on o cor of Chevrolet '» price before Anti-dive braking that means heads-up stopping. 12-volt electrical system delivers twice the punch. Ball-Race steering makes steering and parking easier. "But try these things for yourself. Telephone or come in and let us arrange a demonstration soon. British Vote Campaign Dull llth Hour Attempt to Arouse Voting Effort LONDON IS) — A ban-age of polit ical brickbats filled the British air today as backers of the two major parties tried to liven up the last 48 hours of a dull election campaign. The Conservative Daily Sketch discovered a "conspiracy within the Socialist party which will rock the nation." In the event of a »bor victory at the po!!.« Thurs day, it said, more than half the Socialist candidates are ready tp dump placid old Clement Attlee as party leader and supplant him with left-wing firebrand Aneurin Bevan. That would make the Welshman prime minister— a prospect calcu lated to chill the marrow of every aunch Conservative. Bevan once called the Tories "vermin." Labor Charge On the Socialist side, the Labor- Apartment Looted of Furs? Gems CHICAGO (J)— An accountant 1 ported his Gold Coast apartment was looted of property and cash amounting to nearly 510,000 Mon day while he visited his wife and mother-in-law in a hospital. Harold Schencker, 55, said jc elry worth 55,000 to 57.000; a 52,000 mink stole and ?i00 cash were His wife, Bea, 55, and her mother, Mrs. Lillian Goldman, -ere seriously injured Sunday -hen they were run down by an automobile. News Story May Reunite DP Family AURORA. 111. (ft— Publication of a story and picture of a displaced family in a camp near Neurnberg, Germany, may result in a reunion in Aurora. The story and picture came from Swedish journalist who found Mary Buhaila, 22, her East German husband and. theiT three children in the camp. She told him her parents and a sister had escaped from a Com munist concentration camp in Yugoslavia and had gone to Au- >ra. That's all she knew. The story and picture appeared ; Monday s Aurora Beacon-News. A few hours later workers at the Burlington Railroad yards showed it to their fellow worker, Joseph Knppetz. He recognized the girl in the picture as the daughter he and his wife, Theresa, hadn't seen for 11 Krippitz said he and his wife and their daughter, Alfreda, now 11, -ere sent to the concentration ; camp when Communists took over iugosiavia after world war u. He said Mary waa taken to a different After the family escaped from ugoslavia they were admitted to the United States in 1952 under auspices of the National Catholic Welfare Council. Krippetz said he will attempt to arrange for Mary and her family me to Aurora. Old Age Pensioners Will Benefit From New Legislation SPRINGFIELD. 111. (.ft — Gov. Stratton Monday signed into law 11 bills, including one permitting old ge pension recipients to supple ment their income provided federal regulations are changed to allow this. Under the new law, pensioneis ould suffer no deduction in their grant if income from other sources v.-as S50 or less a montn. The Illinois Public Aid Commission says an amount equal to any outside income now received is deducted from a pensioner^ grant. This rule will apply despite the new law unless federal regulations are revised. Other legislation approved oy ine governor : Authorizes poll watcners to serve ard in their county of residence. Reduces the interest rate to be paid upon redemption of property sold at tax foreclosure sales. The United States has mined only about 5 per cent of its total coal reserves. GIVE TO CONQUER CANCER J AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY ite Daily Herald declared that the forthcoming Big Four peace talks going sour in advance and be saved onlv bv electing a Socialist government. The Keraid said the Russians already are preparing world opinion for a failure of the parley because they think the West called for it just to help Sir Anthony Eden and his Conservatives win the election. In line with that argument, Mos cow radio said last night that Washington is confident a Conservative victory in Britain will give the United States "a trustworthy partner in conducting an aggressive policy in Europe." "This prompts one to give se-ous thought to the motives of the Conservative leaders in speak ing at election time to their desire ;otiations. tne broadcast said. "Will not all this' talk of nego tiation merely be followed by the scuttling of negotiations and attempts ot blame the U.S.S.R. for this?" Voter Apathy Despite the lith-hour oubtursts. apathy hung over the campaign like a London pea soup fog. But the Conservatives, overwhelming favorites in the betting, had uneasy visions of Tory complacency sparking a Labor upset like Harry S. Truman's 1948 -victory over Thomas E. Dewey. Sir Winston Churchill, the party's grand old man, warned a campaign crowd : "So far I have taken part in 15 general elections but I have never seen one .more calm and quiet than this one. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Apathy, placency. idleness, the chatter of indifference may often be faults. On Thursday, they will be crimes." Public opinion polls indicated the Conservatives might be returned to power with a landslide majority than 100 seats. They con trolled the last House of Commons with a margin of only 19 seats. The Dixon Evening Telegraph — Dixon, Illinois ' Tuesday, May 24, 1955 Northwestern Professor Dies EVANSTON, 111. W)—Dr. Irving . Lee, 45, professor of public speaking at Northwestern University, a nationally known authority n semantics and author, died Monday after a short illness. Lee. who had been a member of the Northwestern faculty since was a former president of the International Society of General Semantics. : was born in New York City. mm Page 9 Survivors include his widow, Laura, a son, David, hi* mother, Mrs. Regina Lee, and a sister, Mrs. Lillian ' Donnenberg, both of Irvington, N. J. Services- will be held in Irvington Wednesday. Hardshell, Baptist. Pumpkin Cha pel. Hi-Hat, Brightshade, Stopover, Julip, Mud Lick, Mud Camp. Fishtrap. Pippapass are places m Kentucky, says the National Geographic Society. The ostrich makes, a noise which sounds much like the roar of a N-O-W IU Ends Wednesday Open 5 p. m. - Starts 5:30 wow. \# #J^O petty y tone «w cnwtR * GRABLE CHAMPION jack LEMMGN -i« MYRON MCCORMICK^^ twimntm ' I m*at**mi*!.»~***,*.tnmt COLOR BY S C IM IMaSicOPe technicolor! ^^^^1 B ^k^L3m Thru Thurs|tey Will Store LUm?ntaNeXtFaU ^ ^^Z^^''^^ Restyling and Repairing ^ " NOW Through || 6 /vtSnrD £fl THURSDAY 1 U/UPcK jflM LWTTTfTSMI ■ as White Hat. the Magnificent Gambler £9 mmm\ IbersmanI ^■TJJTTTTjT^M BL as his Clio of New Orleans ^Hk •m. RORY CALHOUN ^il Bk^^^^C^B iTANLFiTyBSN - On 0 SINGER • FRM rBHOI HlftS i^i^H CARTOON FOR THE V IP i ^ IBM jSi^ is Ne w spaperU fi C H I V E ®

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