The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1975 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1975
Page 2
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BRAZOSPORT FACTS Page? Sewing makes sense While most homesewera cite "economic advantage" as the reason for making their own clothes, other "persuaders" add fashion "seme" to dollars saved, Vlckl McGowen, County Extension Agent-Home Economics, says. Today's homesewer can beas fashionable as her 0PM TIL 1 PJK, THANKSGIVING DAY Hot Dinner Rolls LARGE FAMILY SIZE PIES • Pumpkin * Peach 'Pineapple • Pecan • Cherry • Mince • Apple J German HOCOUTE CAXE FUDGE PECAN CAKE couture-purchasing counterpart. Pattern styles change a* frequently as current fashion trends. In fact, many well-known European and American designers create patterns especially for the major companies. Also, over-the- counter fashion fabrics and inner fabrics offer homesewers the same quality and type of fabric available to ready-to-wear manufacturers. Today's woman can sew faster and easier than ever by using clever, quick and easy techniques, along with new notions, tools and sewing aids — such as fusible products — which eliminate many steps toward garment completion. Turning again to the "economics" of homesowing, she said that making garments at home can save 60-70 per cent or more, when compared to purchasing ready madca. Also fabric quality and workmanship are better and lower priced than similar-quality ready to wear. Other frequently mentioned motivations for sewing are better fit. a creative expression, individuality In coordinating style, fabric. «nd trim or designing ones own garment, and productive u*e of leisure time Fashion and Beauty Tips llomrmadr ttKilhlfij; ilu-ami; (H'vutrt inni* Vi>rn •<t.»iih I'u! ft! llmv.-r (».!.,!, „, ,.,,,,(.„(„,'.. ,,.,j flii ii.MLll."..-! („ t'MIIS with nun vt.irrh t'.n,.( Vi.iiu- i-..(i I.HfllV •it", I'f.ll !!!!',!••, i|ij(]IU' .1 •I.IV .HHl .l!-..> iiH i?vr ••>!!<•;•,!• DEAR ABBY Just like dressed turkeys I By Abigail Van Bursn IWe make our own fryit cakes, no cifron I or raisins, full of fruit and pecans KARL'S BAKERY 1004 E. Mulberry AHGLETOM 849-90841 IS BOLD BRC;;:E FOR 71IK ( as.MKTIf CUR.VKH HMlt AHNY This problem i» making me phy»le«Uy ill Wf live tti the •uiburK and my husband works in the city A bar iv|M.f»-it«tifam mtmtly oponrd ne«r Vic't offk« that (ratlin-* a "KII-K" lum-h" •» complete with nude gitl» who i niH-n (itul UAH tin tnblfs Vk and »«ven>l mwi in hU tlC|>iirtitH-iil lunch Ihftv daily rkiw I am \i>r> nuu-h up-i*i nvn* thh. and Vic knuwa it, but he makM ,i K ht of it ||,. , a hut-hliwNM Utm, and just th* ifiou«tti ..! hit li,-in h . amuwl by naktxi girl* *v«ry day U mtirt- than I can tveur Hnw sh..»dd I riattitlr thii' I v«cimsi<l«r«l nuwtinit him in t«iwf> for limi-hrn. but tho trains don't run at the proper limt-. Alirt. I aiti tin) »,t( t ,,,,aU ehMtm IMIILADKI.PHIAWIKK I>K_\»U'HI| I.V What are >ott , ^i^n.Uve.T jtiur nuioaDti in null going ther* f« loafli? Sorry « otij rxi), antt »uu artn't hi* molhrr I «riuu,| v ,J,nib( lh*l thi- H i«U a/« nud* |T«Mrt«« rnatb* but h«tll> nakol «, tunchllm* ) Aflw id* oo»*»U ««,, ofl ««il „ W (|| ,]| th<ll Bl| jj, r wi)J ^^ t ^ Jtj| M r«fttin»; a, kx.klnH at a lot o( d/rwmj tu/kcyt lMa«i»« IB a butchrr *huj> Mtnttou' i'KAU MtllV Mv p f ,,,bt«. (! , ,, my rt(tw - | hat(S u ^ ! am is ,i,td h4»«. a Mirlv «.«.«» personality «r«I !..,{» of -!i.-.'ii|, «-,)».,. t j|| % a t ihun-h Hut evrryU«Jy «»jiu So \Vh.i r . f»jli> dun, Abby. in that tl h'lrvb 1 hkr htm a lo« (jut .'I," lU! •«» ;ns i!.rt» in, 11 kr DKAH AHIIY: It «M a hdp to ttw in rMd ytwr r«c**it Utter ff«n the Inly who wan «IUUlu«k»wl by the deity In repayrotni of a umall d«bi I r«c«nlix Kad a tomewhat »(miUf eipwtent* My •ohitioit w«* to r«in*Uta a poiky I formuUted y««r* *gn •nd HM) partially forgotten. To wit: Gram a loan only wh«n ytiu tit t«ere(ly abk to eoiwld«f it « gift. Th«m, «h«t tb» bewo*« p«yt it b*«rk, ytni will b« ptawanUy lurprUw) And If Ife net r«p*id, yuu *i" b« tea* hurt NOVATO.CAI.II'. DEAR NOVATO: terry. b«l a («• to a tout a*d a R ift U * flft. MMl very few pcopj* «M altwd lK« l««at j «f t«««iu| a lift of a lo*» AIM, nHuUtt Ik* fwipl««t'« prt4* IV b«ttt*« of pallttKlt ma be too Wavy fw WMH a t)KA(t AHIiy A rnjj my tampain ii) ftnit rwluifui hat c»us«.J ri\* lo th* mi (f<iit»ft*»«i k»irkl> iiti«i>»f*»t| that I *ti*te tl fins il*«n! li*rf«f» Mi|{n u> tt a!! this jf^* *ra» my T mi { 4 |U*IV »i«< Ui to «.'i* «*! IF! In'.cfl .»vr Mi! iv."thin^ ti ix* I n«* «<i»U(i^ !•! V.\l. Y r It » JJ1 * *9 hive VAt (M *<* t'LISK Kxrrtlvr to tuor ktifr» jml oil i«ri»V|ri Sl,»ni! with trrl tlijbtlv ;ipjrt i-rtjjpm,/ Ihi- lli)ur t>\ to rjltr hrrl ul( llo«f hat rcuil lur Iiw »|i.« luunli ltrlj» j n ,i r,-p,-j| yrkrrjl limr* *•> an f\lrj jii] JK-jlntl «finHm< i(n«<-*« tu!> on prlrolrijnt jrlh il nlfhl tH.AK ,i,' If »ou« * ««) -Ith thai 747. .ok 3HCK OUTSTANDING VALUES! FAMOUS ZENITH QUALITY! our 1976 .*^r 100% SOLID STATE GIANT-SCREEN CONSOLE TU 25" 25" The ALBEMARLE G474SE WCOO >enct'l, on If;p f ;cni. en-Js Jr.o' bciM.- ; Oa> $769.95 Th« KELSTON G47UP "V. 23" jljj TMeAUMERST j G4M7M ; 'acr.y.fie M.j;, v ..'.•lf..j(> .)'.•) U 1 ..;!:-,! fiaf.jA... ^ r^;;^ * i3.i:!«r/ :i-;-j ti.i, 1 M '. tr^'c'l "-L AO'y) rruti;f.,il r.jviM--, -i \\ $769.95 XX «••••••••••••••••••••••.•...•.•.,.,.,.!.,.,, NOW! Instant close-up at your fingertips with ZOOM SmCE COMMAND K REMOTE CONTROL i-'jfo 2DW f^) "*»< - • * ^™ » * i 21 —-^ s^ "i * j.._(e*J 23* .' 'f. .irx) cwnplfiluly m u |(, 5<, un ,-j' 1976 The ASHBURY G4543W ^Si $639.95 25 XXWbSGUD-STATi; jJ fnl The HEATH • SGH63E f.on%c*ic Cfiriffr*^ lurunq AIT, S.<r,.ji, 4 i',.,] V/OWJ (jljllMIVl „,„, WCKX) Vtr.Bti Top $869.95 • 1M%So4id-Si*i« jJ Titan 300V O-" T| al * 100% Solid-State Titan chassis • Patented Power Sentry voltage ACK REID'S viytltm ,j • Brillianl Chiomacolw Piciuje Tube FREEPORT 2334881 129 W. Second St. m LAKE JACKSON 297-3025 30 Circle Way wrt:-.- •.,. U- •:.,- ruV * "" ''"'•"•" l? ' " lS I'KAK J of Scfoptimists Club !o meet Tuesday The Sjrr*ptimist dub of Krecport will m e e | Tut>s<la> at tHXMi at the fret-port Inn Guests ipeakers Margo Bean. Anne Rouse and Faye Bullard will present a program on the Women in Public Life Conference ield recently in Austin. Fhe program will be j n line *ith the swopilrnist tht me for Uiis year to focus on the role of women in society Fhe meeting is op*n to members only. 249 PbnUtiM Or UJU JACISOU 4 r.j»4J, >1M , 13 ABIIY LA . f H*l« to tjwijF l)f . Mo-. U W *. t'*4i< l«, |W A8 I AM,, (;>» dtfttwr ,{ ' y my Mtt t» t Make saHed pecans Salted (wcdttt for tfc# TTwiOLJitiMftjJ p»fty may t» prrfrtrnd at tern* Altit two UoieiiptMltA o< UrtS«, t* tmUd ci! to a over jo* O«T* cup anri »Jir until ho<, Kr«r»ce» ltc»»onovff, food* rw!nlk>fi spoeukiii the TV*«» Ajjficuf Kitrntion Service. Th* AA.M SAVE ^ WATER SAVE MONEY fwat Magk Princess Printed Coos become words 1'arrnt.i ih«? of 4(f',« .tuflcur mi *"•! ! H.TJ .' t t i '„«, l 'MM ; l » ft: iS...iri» '«f'' !. 4t; hr i&a j,i?;jri thc>- their tmttat. riprvMto and babfoUm. IVn« MUtpr, family life fdueattor, «p«-i4lut with fh* Trtut* Agricultural Klleruton . uyi IS. ft<4|g*# :n Kdni i«w- u »*«•« r»», M T >'«!! » r , n I M A M B . <too«ctt xic me ntveraarjr »r<« UH'IS A N D C t. A I H K I'AVUCKK GREEHAWAIT PLUMBING, INC. ELJER (IW jsi, 1*1 tw< 117-5 Vkt4 <( C'ltt) II M UltMt fii»*»» tin (I 80 l»l»| l*)l U 89 If you bought a new maMreu wilhouf shopping the «dt in Tn« Braiwporf Facli, you lo«t boJh »im« ami moo«y. Bedding to make stoping « dream a! prk«i you can afford it advertised routinely in The Braiosport Facts. . The best place tobwy or self along the Guff Coast, is mmm***totpoti fm _ The Facts . WAKWUO if u IN mvoti

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