The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 2, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1859
Page 4
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* s, <-*<• 1 - x - LEOAI. ADVERTISEMENT; PATENT MEDICINES. -tom ataei,ele«wdJo^«y'*or »»* *-"- fi.^..Js v , .'-?•», fta» 1. I *omlums».-0wtni;tot!i Notwithstanding the reports current lartt «ntB4»akhiat^tte!l^oHh« pest week. « Currency }*"I*e,oakan«oli«rTy.-4Ba» amounting to otrthun. S^SSi^^S^^JS!? ?&£*?**;- »?^™^«L t *«*' t >«*™W*M<*«>'<>** l dred "^thoWMd./.*. «.de««e«.*o»Uke The«aun««t«*'olook, *M »*«ii»li war .turner. ;,- t f \ ; * * ».',-,: U f GnatTrottlntr MateSx. , , In the trotting taatoh ye«tfflt3«3rietwaenFJo r» Temple and Ethan Allen, Flora von »H 3 heats. Time ; let beat OJ25; second 2:371-2; third 2:271-2. The time of the first heatis the "begt trotting in "wagon on record. ? "• ~- 1^^^ rtU l.tomsttSiw^MiS/ t • c ,VrU for fcrsp«,haT*been quitefre<lotnl tl,ls sesson. r>SrhelroUow^»r» thtOon. ,in-<>nrt!ierst»f; MAI Tens. , . Oui EIIOB BABMB t* BttTALO.—The Baffalo It I ake r, »** tw^uurJiTote, pisl a I HaronBallwsvyOp; tore lease*thlt old harbor it the *tfk-4k* rAtt~_t__ .*.. « . _ . _^. _^. i ..__ .& j n uoroaghre hare nci power to pan pair for the tue ot ihelr own boats. So rays the Ad- r note* of York 1Hb*M, ofBaturiay. under- -Si. Lonis, May 31. The overland CaliforaU m»U, with dates to tbe 9th. has arrived. News unimportsnt. The coonicipal election at Los Aogeloc on the 22d nit., resulted in tbe defeat of the adminlgtra- -. tion ticket Bnsiww rerivlng. ' • Tkt> Amerlo* Affala. « * • > • ••' ' f ttAiiis?*x, Jnne 1'. The E. M. steamship America, from Liverpool the 2Ist, is signalled. News for the as- will be expressed to Baokville forwarded *•- ••s-^.—~t-'-—•—'' r telegraph to-mor- ofthefl the Nova Scotia line renders this peratire. Synod of tbe Beforaaad Itateli Cknreli.' r, Jane 1. fieoond,;Th e I*gi.'ature shall worlde by lav for tbe ?•**»*• *" tte ««J«w»tatlva. of the Penn.ylrania re^t^o^WuiDrjioteilMntiorpntinclrouIattM^^itreJt^aiNewTorkOentralBt) dt hare gone tonie -fame ID specie. aniHncue*r a aep-*el»tlon of ««« >tt*t.~ On the contrary, >Hrr»t*t of am dm freight WllU»mP' tynae, f* )MF*ln>l I t Mir ner and Job 1J Orki, i kecnton, , (.eltonl/idlngtjn.i let S'CItrt DBnlel Wells -- " rgjhony O. Van Sehalok, John Duffy, Moses Sin ES^FUUam Qalway, j»mtt BellyiThi Farmer.' A ;52 e S l 15'*."?«/L Palmer, A^ruKa, .Breach .a* Mrporttlon or ocution; J ,»d UaoUlty«h»Uoo»tlnu»for-oM je» or*aleofitookbT»oj«toclhol*eror Fourith Iav**>iot0u aU the debit {of uch Ind Tldu«J artel any transfer or stockholders. ' ,.iHir*f any bask or the, WU4wl4ert!thereofehab be •ntlted to preference in paymeat over all ot tier egeAI. tort ct .tneh !bsnk.«r ittoclauoOi-* ^- ?-.:<• \ ; We for re, aiTo^'thTsimoant of >eto3t "hda"by"eacli, the time Jr I tranfer, and by Trhomtranjenredij,;;•••>".^. l , ; . •"• "•' ' r yrflshlf—We, hear of the engigwaeEtt of the.folloir- ...... tog>e«if»aVther«»p«cUr«ratetnamed.. Bchr.D«wltt The'G«neral Swood of the jBefonnrf Prqtes- j * heat to Capo Vincent at Ic. Bohr, tartar,'•hoitt? tant Dutch Church is in session to-day. About half thu delegates were present at the p: The Eev' wick, N. F., was chosen President. The session was oooapied in 'the presenta at'«Vc. ScbrPenia, »neat to St. Ctthrlnei, | orjTboroldj at shipper's option, at oc. Schr Beamut— toBt _ ~ , for Snffdo on ° nerl »<»»>'»»• Organization of the Kew Hampshire Leg- lalatnre. tion of the representatives of standing commit- thlpmentt«f wheat for the week that far wai not tali 'far abort of 81,000 bushels; besides the os'i, which hat been considerable.^!* warehouse men talk of raiting the rates of storage, which may hare a tendency to it >rt the *tock along more lively. COKCOBD, K. H., June 1. I The market lor Breadstuff^ to-day was quiteInac- The New Hampshire Legislature organized active, only one small tale of flou- occurring, wh'le to-day by the choice of ^republican offioers wheat was more quiet than It has been for tome time, throughout. James A. Oilmore, of Concord, I the OI(IT ,»],,, were » ftw ^a^ loti ^ fll , outshipmentt, was elected Pmadent ojf the Senate, Greenleaf asWe from ^ t nothing WM done 8pralllt(>r , , nd ^Inl^oule^B'r^tof Concord, was -"* "^ '*"*** ^ "* * ^<"*> ichosen Speaker, and Henry IX Kent, of Lan- 8 "* mer ' EdTlce5 - Th "» 1 <» "»«• di * no. qB it« reach caster, Clerk. I * W° bu '-"' yesterday's prlcei. There were no tales ot GOT. Goodwin will deliver his annual ad- I No - 1 > holders asking a small advance, which buyers dress to-morrow. The election festivities to-I refused to grant. Oats and Corn were uncommonly day were unusually demonstrative doll. The entire receipts of flour and wheat daring the day bare been 6S5 bbls of tbe former a?d 4,458 bns of tht laUe'. Tbe exports since our last have been very Inconsiderable, only 26 bbls flour and 1« bags of com. The foil.wing are Uie sales and quotations of ihe day: Flour -160 bbls fine, In store, 5,76; spring extras held at 8,75®',00. Wheat—unchanged. Sties 18»bns>itra at 1,84; 800 i • lUercliitbaiza by l.ake. £y frep. Bvcleye—foMern 2WM. Co., J. ff. I Ormtford,Agent. Toa PitspiTB-ix TH» OITT.—A WhlUemore * Co., n BonrorlhJ* Sons, J Ooodman, NewhaU Hone,/ohn Bice, J P Blrcbard, A Ounnlion, Hunn A Crosby, Set- nianAWInr,D A B, JoueJr 4 Co, Kean * Hlc«, Cat- irell * Oraloro, 0 A Bosworth, UBellocs. 'Fot Puson rciTHi Qoimrar—0 A Uayp, fair- field A Minn B R. W H Pevahtm, Richards A-Co. Diamond 8, Barlock * Prentlts, 8t Paul; B r MU1», &<ra- bdoj'«. craters, Portage Olty; VVheelock, Dennis m t Cp Harllbrd; H H ttheeloc t, Ocono-nowoc; U Nillit, Masomanle; H Dike, Lisbon; T Han ford, U»£ebecca Hopkins, ; p cla Chlerr, Merrill A Bar^n,McGregor, Buckoul A Ellison. Akamair, Minn; O B Cu Ust, Jaoe- ivule; Dcmlog it Jones, MaUuoa; s-lmpson A Porter, Btnien A.Cpham,; It Byman, Kctchuw A xKer- man,;Lone Bock; t fiteeit ft Bmeii'ng: J LM.lland Jf^f*^ 1 ' A *"">«• M»ntelloj K M Hntchinson, vSnaosn- D 'ift??'" Schwartlng.'tttlgBeitJofjTne-'People's gWfMMaertol.Graenletf, A Co., !Kd>ln tt. lyler **°i*«e u« liunu, Jasper K. Qoodrlfh.i^llliaai Bal '" f lluam Qreenttade, t«Ti J Mefrlck, VVIJlam H f". The Marina Dank, 1 Mary Adattt, admlnls^ i»~ »s7iii ?** deric!r rf> Adams, decetoed, Charlt iiji i ™' ku<J Joho •*• «se. ei«uwr of Ihe as wilt ail tettamHitof Httckith H. Bi«aB de:easeu. to all the defenijarjs Jboie named hereby summoned and required to answer taint In this action, trbftjb was fllei tbe Clerk or the Circuit tidurt for Mil tho 12tt dty of May, A. n , JSfijtj and to serve or answer to the said complaint, on the sub their office. Hot. 6 anj 8 Albajfay Building . ,--. within nioe(y dayt afte* tb'le service o tnistnmpiontrnyon.exctnslve of thc'4aiiOI such ser- .fi ^"P y 00 ^ fM ta answer the j said cotnpl.ilnt Jlr J. V e UmB »'oresald, the ptalutjir In this action com fefnf *° thB ° 0art '"' tUe rdlrf a ^ m * Dded to the *>atWiMayl2,lS5». i j : FI»CU*3. LlNDtJ-A 11! I Plaintiff's JAttornr ys. _ 3 County, Iheodt-s^is Sirang, JamestBj «drianc e «25J S1IICKIFF . 8TATB OF WIBOON81 -•, | OlrcultCour.t,MIIsrankeeOcL ty. j The Globe Bank,' (Newt be Bank,*- 1 against I a. Blchards, \ . n ; et, f ' Daniel H. Garret VI ; Jasper Vllet and John B. Bmkli. Boat destroyed by Fire. N*w TORK, June 1. Ihe New Jersey Railroad depot at Jersey City was partially burned early this morning. Tli« fire caught from the ferfry boat John 8. Daroy. which bo&t took fire at the dock, and was entirely consumed. The Daroy was a new B Y virtue of an execut ot. the above entitled actloi ered against the personal above named defe dantt, 1 the following real estate, 1) ii Milwaukee, County of Mil*tin, to wit : boat, and cost $50,000. depot is very heavy. The damage to the Dp to the hour of going to pr«ss, we have heard nothing later from H&lilax, than nine o'clock th's morning, when the steamship America had not arrived. The report of her arriving last night, was a mistake. Paul Blorphy at Bomon. BOSTON, Jane 1. — The dinner to Paul Morphy at tho Revere House last evening, was a brilliant affair. Dr. 0. W. Holmes presided, and made the opening speech, and Mr. Morphy responded briefly and sensibly to the sentiment in his honor. Chief Justice Shaw re sponded to a sentiment alluding to th« Judiciary Among the prominent guests, many of whom epoke, were President Walker, of Harvard College, Senator VVilson, Prof 'a Longfellow and Agassiz, Hon. Mr. Bnrlingame, Chas. Hale, editor of the Daily Advertiser, and Mayor Lincoln . A letter was read from Hon. Edward Everett, who was unable to attend do No. 1 ; 7 60 do extra at 1,40; 1,450 do extra at Sale of Stmniariipa. Nrw YORK, June 1. The steamships Florida, Alabama and Angusta,of the Savannah hne.were sold to day at private sale to a. E. Cuyler, Esq , president of the Georgia R. R. Company. The failure of a large engar importing house io Portland is announced. The Hamburg steamer Bornssia, It-ft this A. M., for Southampton, Havre and Hamburg with 149 passengers and $60,006 in spa cie. * The British screw steamer Edint.urg, Capt Gumming, left this P. M. for Glasgow, with 60 cabin and 94 stee rage passengers. The down train on the K. Y. &. E. R. R while crossing Well Cre«k yesterday P.M., ran into a drove of sheep, killing 3000. The engine was thrown from the track into the creek, and toe engineer had an arm broken — No passengers on the train. Loss in gbeep 1,34; 1,000 do So. 2ln More at 1,05; 2tt do extra No. 1 at 1,30; No. 1 firm at 1,20. Bye—unchanged. Sales 300 bos at 1,10. Corn—lo»er. Bales TS bus (ear) at T6, 100 but shelled at 76; receipts 1,869 bus. Oats—steady. Silet 800 bus at 60;'receipts 12 M2 bos. Barley—nominal at 60^70; receipts 292 bus. Potatoes—doll at 40^60; receipts 6S1 bus . Batter—Is In large supply. Sales IflOO Ibs nrtln at •c. Good roll quoted al 102,12. Eggj—plenty at Df. Kallroad Receipt.. Riutipta BT &ln.war/cKt A Hoaiooa 250 bns potatoes; 810 do oat«; TS bbls flour; 2 do eggs; 21 sacks rags. BtonpTE BT MU.WAOCXI t Mrsaisairpi 198 bbis flour, 4,976 bos wheat; 1,144 do corn; 1,181 do oats; 630 Ibs b des; 84,404 do sundries; 50 bbls klgh. wines. BT OmOlOO A UlLWlDCU 86T bns wheat; 2T8 do oats; 18 bbls flour; 97 bus cora- Bcccu-ra BT LiCnosst t MU.WAOTSS BIUJIOAO.— 1,105 bus wheat; 1,110 do oats; T26 do corn; 2T2 ds barley; 481 do potatoes; 868 bbls flour; 65 sacks do; 80 bbh Iron ore^ 1,767 Ibs hide., 2» IIS do MindrUs. MUpmcnl! by Luke. LAU IMPOKTS Dnrnrao THI MST Twnrrr-roca BODU. — 16 bbls sundries; 444 pkgs do; 2» boxes cheese; 64 bbls hair, 19 ro li Icatbts; 885 M lumber; 16 M oak plank; 6 M sq Umber; 21 ton met. LiTS KXPOKT6 DDSIHa TBt fiST TWnrTT -roC« BOCS8.— ^outlon. :sned from said Cuurt, in u me directed and dellv- 'd real property of th- »ve setxed and levied on X and being In the C ty of •<ee and State of Wlscon- "Sltuate In the north call ..uarter of section 17 tow i 7, range 22, begin i. •,« at UK south east corner of sard quarter > ctlon; running along the east line of said qua r -r section nortt to a point 6^4 chains soutft ,-r ihe north east corner of said quarter section, i.elng the south easi corner of land conveye.i y tald Rlcbardi to one Christopher Scloe,.! thence with touth Une of aald land convey c*i to Schloepf west to a point 800 feet cast of in.ddle of Gre.n Bay road; thence south 100 leet; thence west 860 feet to middle of Oretn B.y road; thence along the middle of said road m.uth to the south line of talil quarter section, i .unce west along said south 11 e of Slid quart, r f ectlon *o beglnnlnir containing about S4 a r,s, being on the east' tide of the Green Bay r< art. Also the following r..-a estate situte in ihe said north east quarter of section 17, town F, range 22, beginning ai north east corner of said quarter section; th«,ce west with north line of said quarter section 25.S4 chains to middle of Green Bay road; the uce south along middle of said road 4:86 chain to north west corner of land conveyed by Daniel H. Hlchards to Christoph Schloepf; tbencc west along north line of eald land to eaii hue of said Quarter section 25.24 chains; tntnc? north 4 M chains to beginning, being about 12 acres, and all the nghi, title and Interest of the said fefendaol or either of them In and iu the said premises and appurtenances on tt:e tenth day of October, It57, or since acqulr d thereto." Which eald property as afor.-!»!d, 1 shall expose for tale and tell at Public Auctlvi,, at tbe Pott-Office In the City of Milwaukx, on ftu urdnr. (bo I 4 Ib as B. atnn, 1 ' against J naihati Uaeie AJmlm JiM ag le' Jam-sjA.iiiwaln, The B^ite i)ans°' conslnJ t Jojephl^ U«deD ( relcr V. Lane. nc e and ang, Sam runs;—ror Ktlie ;lOym not ! I (-ane, p. Gaud and JohnOgten. J : j liVn?/ V lieoMi n. to ">« above munea'deindanu : y "U are hereby nuDmoned ami ri-.icinj'l 10 ans» e r Jt. thie Complaint in Oils action, vhfct, iwai filed In theomee,ofU,eUle«t of l*e Circuit Oboi*, Counw of JUIwauiae, at Milwaukee, on in, J9th,<l«> uf, "8S9, and to »erve a copy oryour nm^erfto ihe ui<l complaint on the »ub«cnoer, alliu ufflcej In th? car • hi. J!? kee> * iMn Dl '" ts d "^» ifte ' "t«sern.-« Jr iMssuihnions on you, exclusive of th« dky of .uch 7Z fh*° , " y0a '*" l ° tia "" • |Le «liJe«mpUint w thin the tlm, aforesaid, tbe plalnUHl ,,.!ihl, ic«io n will apply to the Court tot ihe reliot uimiDdtd In ihe complaint. ' T Witness the Hon. AfllHtu Ucill flip ist JuJ,; P 0 J the Clrcoll Court loruld O.iint/ ofjljwaukr* »l Mtltrtaikee, thj 14th day of Apr, , 1S69.| ' „..: . apr20-la» 6« fliftiOflTOODBT. l Milir.Vf>4« Coan.j. £ ' rtUllnm P.lrmle, against Eplyaim Manner ac.d John J Or loo, executors &.nd Ida Jane Lewla, eiec^tj- x of I'e lojt will and testa- AVER'S CHEERY PECTORAL, FOB THE RAPID CUES or Colds, Coughs, and Hoarseness. BWttttUS Maw,aoth Das, 1846. n. T n —-»s l <lo , wtlMi | tototog . 7 InflMnta, tad th. t symptoms of aOoId, It your noiAu ttteonitantoito my practlr. and my family for th. but oompUtai EBEJ EoSm, M-'lT uttd^.n 0 ^S;& a *'jf Dno *' »•"-,-rittt: "I ban m l£mt£Jlr a ^C??' llnd to "/I"*! twr srnc. jou invented It, and bailer* H the bortmedMno tar Its Crenp, Whoopinw Cough. Influenza. AU«= Ibid y.ur sWD, and t to our psopl*. HlaAM CONKLIN, M. D. Himi, u, .rtta, 3d Jan, 1«4«: »n«a, which confined me In doors . The ' D m * «nr°*« and lungs ; m«. n. completely wtu •= at the bWt w. Atthnta or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. " , »sb. «, 1850. r It bat relieved ttvaral from alarm- "nsnmptlon, and I, now curtag a mTn ?Jfl Ubor * 1 nnd " •» a"»«0on of th. lungs for tb. t «6r{y years. HIWRY L. PARKS, Slercbi,t Mo »"» Oo- '«i. W. might tdd Tolnm« of rrleense, but the moat «n- Tlnctog proof of th. Tlrtne. ef this remedy s> fcud bs la sflketa opon trial. B-!^.^, Coninmptlon. Probably no on. remedy has «w Wra know* wnlc* cored so many and sort, dangerous ca»ss as this. Sons M human aU can raach; but <rreu to thos. th. ftotoroJ affords relief and oomfbrt. . " m °™*' ^"""K nnder th. dan- symptoms of OanramptlaB. from which DO aid w. preenr. pTe hermnrh r.l].f. ghe wu staedlly fafl. tog untfl Dr. Stum* of this dty. wh«, w. hs^m.^ adTlce, recomnwndod a trial of your m«djdn.. W. bl«. ds Udneas, u w. do your skill; for sb. has oougt and ealls h.nglf W.IL Yoers with gratltnd. and»rtl ORLAA'DO 8HKLBY, or ment or Allison Le^id, dec«at<.-d Martha L-lrn, farah LutrU, Mary Lewis, Martl.a U.iLewis, Klliabelb toum LetrU, William J Lewi;. TheUtotK Ba t, Hiram Fartlm and J'huJ Orfon. I : . : I summons.—yor Belief ^ t'^^oi r^jt i rr,.-,l. t I j St.te of W(jcor.«In, to ill the dtfeudanu ttbov« nimed «/ ..U areher. *, u ,,n, ,ncd and required to answer t tbec<«npl>a) is ».-i,on, which, .a. filed In , , .. e In JhylBceoftlM. a rk .,, a.. ; Circuit C ( ,drt, ' Connt,- of MUwtu«ee,on the 12th da; of May, *. ,,., 1»M, 10 a , 0 ser»e acop» of your answer to the »al4j.^«,p'.,nl ,.., U,« subscriber, at their flf 0 ""' "' of »m ct , , Nq>s . l4j.^«,p' 6 HC(J ^ »um oon. on JCH, -xclu^v.-iof tlie daj i . !H I 2! 1C ' : " J '' *° u '*" u ' ""*'•' ' u '<= »»»d Complaint wlthfc the tiro, *lorrtajj, u.. v ,^ uia , m u,,, action will appij to th.. !. uurt („, „„ rrllt , dL . m , DdcJ In the compjaiut. Dated Hay 12, 1369. FINCUts LiXDKiM LLKH, mayl7-U»<.» •, u(. T«y. . •* Alar, 1SS9, at the hour of 2 r. »., of that day, to satisfy eald uecntiut, together with expenses of Oaied Sheriff's Offtce, Mdwautee, Mlrch '^8, 18S» CMCHts, LTVDt t Muxts., I » ;. L4NOWORTH Y fl'tti Att'ys. f Sn'lf. Mil Co., WUu, mar»-law6» ' ^ Washington Matters WAEHIBOTOS. Jane 1. Attorney-Greneral Black has replied to the joint letter of the Utah Judges, on the subject of the military lofoe called for by the Judges to protect the Court during the recent term held at Provo City. Mr. Black says it is the decided opinion of the President that the Governor of the territory alone has power to cull out the army ; that there was no apparent casion for the presence of the troops at Provo , that in case there had been an attempted rescue of the prisoners in custody, it wae the duty of the Marshal, not the Judges, to summon the necessary preventive force ; that tbe troops ought not to hare been sent to Provo without the concurrence of the Governor, nor kept there against his remonstrance; and finally, that the disregarding of these principles and rules of action has been in many ways extremely unfortunate. The Attorney- General gays it is probable the Mormons have been guilty of crimes for which they deserve ihe severest punishment, and that it is not intended by the government to let any one escape, if the proper proofs can be produced •gainst them j but tbe nsoal and established modes of dealing with public offenders must be exhausted before any others are adopted. 1278] SJXdUs^s-T'S 8A-L.R. rnionr- STATS Of WISCONSIN, l i««w« Circuit Oonrt, Milwaukee Co. J Bobert Hanejand John DeBow, 22 toni mdi; S boxes machinery; 9 whiskey; 7 do rineg; 42 do egg., 72 bus potal oes; IS bbU sondrtea; 8 do pork; 2 do seed; 21 do puni; 16 hf kegs beer, 12 do potash, 16 baji corn, Ji pig! sandrles; 25 bbli Hoar. [87 Telegraph.) lew YorU .tl:irtt<-t. Nrw Toaa, Jmit 1 Flo ir— b _- market or floor b&V) cents better, but quiet, wuh operators waiting for s.eamers news iaJ<u «,000 bbls at 6,34^6^56 for superfine state ; 1.QO&130 lor extra do; 6,76(^6^5 for superfine western, 7,00® ',90 for common to food eztrs western; 7iUu®7,!>4 tor round boop Ohio. Market closing quiet. Rye Flour — quiet. Whe»v— baoyaat; sa es 82,000 t.uat »t 1^1(^1,40 lor Mil. club; 1,70 for common wbltt western; 1, he above rale Is herjby postponed to Saturday, toe 28th day of May, 1S5», at the tame place and time of day. Dated ShmrlO's Office, MUwaakee, May 14, Kst. A. J LANuWOSlHY, "g" Sh'ff. MU.UO., v»| 5 . 4^n Thtal.ove sale Is hereby furthtr postponed to Saturday, the 4'h Jay of Jane, 18M, at Use same plact and time of dj.j . Dated fLcrifl 'i Offior, Milwautes, Ma] 23, 1SS8. A- J. 1.A.NG WORTHY', _" "j?i _ ____ Sheriff Mil. Co., « m Circui I N VIBTCEof and purguat.; t u In Raid Court 1 ETATK OF 4-ourt, Milwaukc««oa:,tr AloDto L. for mixed wes era; 1,63&1,15 for mixed II); l t »o for commoD white Ky. Rye—95®1,00. Barley~uull at*6S&75. Corn—quiet, but very Brm; sale? 18,000 bu? M 82a 98 for Th te southern; U for round yellow; » for fa. fcrlor round yellow mixed western nominal at 90 Oa-e—<jul t t u C8®5* for state; 66328 for weitern a nd Canadian. Stocks— .nil and steady. BUFFALO &1AKKET. , Jane i. . Flour— active and flrmer; sales 2,000 bbls it 6&6.50 wi."?»JwTf iprtoB WbelU; '• 87 for "t™ 1 * 1 " «*u-a W f • t for extra Idich, Ind and Ohio; 7,ft«aB tra«. ^ f wi. WIs, , •or double ext. Wheat — quiet and nn sales. Corn— firmer, held at SS, without tdetx Oats— dull at 60. Barley and rye quiet. John S. FiUmore, George W. Pecaham and Gilbert Rot Foreclosure- I N Tlrtue of ftnd pursuant to a jndfrment r«D I«re4 lf> tald Court, in vbe atoove cnnt.ed actiou. dated March 18, 1889, I shall expose for la.c and sell al PubIK: Auction, at the Post-Office In the ffitj of Milwaukee, on >tstnrda), the wd tlay of -lulr 184» at the hour of ! r. M., of that aay, ths following de^ scribed mortgaged premises or so much thereof as mar be necessary to raise tbe amount of said judgment, interest and costs, together with tbe of sale to wit: ' ••Lot number thirteen [12] and the east thin/ [30] f«et of lot number twelre 18], ID b ock number seventr-seven [TTJ, In the Fourth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, in tbe County of all] wttukee and Htate of W tscons^n " Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April 1, 1S». OOD-«, Baowt A OQDEB, ) A. J LAKGit'O&Tfi? rVBs _Atfys. f Sheriff Mil. Co., VI U STAtfi OF WLSCOSSIX, , Circuit Court, Milwaukee Count;. | Jamei B. Brown, Joshua Uathawa) »nj Tl.onki 1. »j. den, . araiD,i ' * A- Patlerso« Smith, Bla» K«acti, Kr,i.rri I 1 >Hn,«|.,i Blnan, Hii*xa R D.ter. Danirl flu,,, tno Hi. arT\D- detsoa. Foreclosure. . iVmt-Dr th* a ^ , f rnl.llcij RCL.dD .l»5ec March 17t», lsi», I .hali npose for,,], aort' Mil 4 Public AMt^r,, at Uie Poll UfLce, IB t»t C ij „( Mil »»uk«>, oo :j»uiurdsiJ-, lt»c ?d dar otf at the boaj'of 2 r » of th.i Uj. tn/lollb. in/ e tcnbtd roortyageil prrmi-rs, or 10 much iherrbf a» m»v be nrc.anrj to ral»e tin amount of nadl ji|.,.™.-... - trrests ar,d cost*, tojfeth^r •Hh ih e wit "Block ou •d ISilon, in "•"Skee.J ihr counljr of Ml,wiuj^e, ai,tf titat, of Wisconatn." Dated MierlfT, Office, Ml -«use*. iprii 1st, ly* DiTiC B. OoOui [ A J LANOH'ORTHV Pl'iTs Ati'y, | Shrrlff «... Lfl. W thlrxj-tire, • r, (>«,.>., of «vl- ' S j, uf cliarlt'i Sx. si. neutarvloirlcsj. tun 1st. -Wlnd 8. E, -sky mlsly—wlr* bmvr claads Dennis Nugent and James Nacent. Execution. B T virtue of an execution the above entitled actl^^ ^ m „ hrered against the goods, chattels and real estate of Dennl. Nugent and JametKugen^ I have seized «nd taken the following described real estate ai o,.. r,™„_, ty of toe defendant! or either ofttm to "{^ PP l"lal number four (4), block one hundred and tlilrty-four (1M) In the first Ward of the City of Milwaukee, Coonty of Milwaukee, fi(ate of Wisconsin, and all the right, title and Interest which tbe tald defendants or either of them had in and to salB premises at the date of the filing of a certain warrant of attachment heretofore A ._ ^ action, to wit: On the 8th day of at aforesaid, I will expose for " Auction, at the Court House, IE around toe western horizon. Barometer 28, 27. Thermometer 69. 12 M.—Wind B. K —sky mlity. Barometer 28, 22. Thermometer 61. * •. « —S. W.—veering about and blowing In -fusts —sky covered wjth thunder clouds. Barometer 29, 30. Thermometer TT. B». M.—Wind W. S. W.—pl«asant--sky altar In the ett. Barometer 28,18. Thermometer M. N«w WBUT.—Tht Hlsiourl Republican, of the 80th, noUces the arrival at St. Louis, of • lot of choice new wheat from Mtoiphls, Tenu. B03] SHERIFF'S SALE. STATE OF WISCONSIN, ( Circuit Ooort, Milwaukee Count/, f Luclen Buttles, Executor of the last will of Joel Buttles, deceased, ogalns' Elizabeth GreeirBeld, widow or AJolph Qree&nekl d, - ceated, Louis Auer and William Claudtr foreclosure. I N Tirtue of and pursuant u »Judgment rendered in tald Court, In Uie above entitled action dated Ur ecmber 81st, 1»58. 1 shall expose lor tale 'and sell at public auction, at the Post office In the city of MUwau kte, en Saturday, It»c 2d day of Julw I8S>, •tthel.r,,, ,f ar. « o, tsat day, the following described m ^agcd premises, or so mnch thereof as may be nece, a^ to raise tbe amount of laid jndirment. Inurest and c»sta, together with tbe expenses <,f sale, • "iot Butal^r tSxteea a«). In block one htm- dred and tv.,ity-nren (1ST), In tbe Second Ward of the of Milwaukee, County of M I- wauket, State ol Wbiconsln. Ottttd SherUf's office, Milwaukee, April 1st 1888 °y a - > . ! ™ n * Oiura, I A. J. LANGWOIIT f HUertff Mil. Co I N the L'nlled Stale., f.-,r U.c ii.." 1 ',,."".'.'r \Vjic7,,',',,'" msde on tbe 16lh day of May. A.I), l-,yi [ u»n r [ U, Elchard., /oipnc,.. In buntfui, cj u( Ja-i-hk Mr Clare, will stll tt Public AuctCon. ai th. co al . t H OB ,.' In the city ofMil waukee, on th. firth J Or ,, ( Jai j ne » ,' between ihe Hoors of nine anj ten, in ,j, e f or »^ 0 ,, n „; that day, all- th. right, li le 'i,.J inttr^.t, wj,,,-h ih saldJosiab K McClurc ha.l al tl. c t :me ot flhnu hi» petition In b»Bkra»tcj, it, and t,, tt,, Iol-swi n< ,ra estate, and In snd t , tt,, tm.rtgas^«majt^r j. .cnbed and tlllhe right, tiilt and lr.t,rf-i ,l(l c |,| ,, said Assignee, har.- In a n <l to tne umt, 4 u, ,a, Lot eight, IS) Kgan's .nbdirlslon of b|,x-k fort.-.f.rn (47,) ichool .mor, addition to |n ,i, 0 ,, ' North half (if] of West half (#, o/ E«thalr (h North Wertqiater (i% ) of i^ciion tturtr-,n isfi i t jwi/ tbi«i-nln«,(3S,) Nonh range Joursern, .14 \\j^ { , od on, undivided fourth (i() of K. half ((,. , O f I,, rTua. t,, (JsX)of sec. *«renty, (iu,) town thirtr-nlnr isi, r .rr. fourteen, C14,) an-d one uDdintltd ' of lection t eoly, li, ( l< ) , ..„ h V ,,, „,„' ' rc 18.) town thiny.olnr, (33.) DorUl ri (14J.1I in i 8 ok Countr, Illinois, and , principal meridian; and a „ ortcare Barter, (V> the Booth He., qu g% twenty. &,) town Ihlrtr-nlae, (33 , ^ (UJ gKen to ) E McOlur, by ^ n'.iJ ted AorusHsl. 18S7, to -ecu ; , |I,J M , rde d also lot, one and two, (1 t 2) In block tw ,, ,1, «o .' coil', addition, to Chicago, U. aa.d County of Cool and f?«. K^??'"" 1 V ?° >ch '«'»'«1 ^ lo«Mne Jen. U d da- rde d «. K . (U)ta block (hirty, (i),) srbool « c »on add,on to Chicago, In said County of Cook, also let one ,1 1 ,n block elght«n t (18,) and lot. B»e, (8.) «« »6 ) ,.rin (T)and elgl,t, ! (8,) to block rort^ti.', {&]' * lb ; sckool ^tlon kidition U, Joliet, W,II count* III Datod at Milwaukee, May lath, IS69 V ' Oawusapctnes, do not dsipalr till you har« tr1«l Aisz's ataar PKTOUL. It Is mad. by on. »f th. b«t nwdlcml Mmlsts lu th. world, and Its cnr.. all around as tnrpnk th. high merlu of Its virtus. — PhUadflplaa ledger Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T ax sdraen of Chemistry and M«llaln. ha.« h« D taxed thalr utmost to produc. tkls bot, most p«rfeci pnrgatlva which Is known to man. Innum«rabl. proofs ' an shown that thea. POM hav. virtues which snrp» In •XMlleBM th. ordinary m«dldn«», snd that th.y win on pncsdantodly upon tb» estmn of all mra. Th.y ar. «fe ! and pleasant to taka, but powwful to cur* Their p»o«- ' tracing properUet stto ulat. th. vital activities of th. body. ' rtmovs tb. ob.tmctloM of Its organs, purify th. blood, and axpel disease. Tlwy purg. out the (bul b amors which breed and grow distemper, ittmulat* sluggish or di«or i«r»d organs mto than- nainral actl«n, and bnpart h«lthj ton* with strength U the whoU fjnm. Not only J u thry cur. ths ivery-day oomplalnts of .v.ry body, bat also fortaldabV, and dangBrous dlseaaM that hav. baffled ». best of human skill. While th.y pnxluc. pow.rthl sOecta, th.y ar. at th. tarn, time. In diminished do«,a. th, safest and beat physic that can b. smployW for cftlldren Bslng •ngar-c J «««l th.y ar. pkwut to tal»; ud bdn^ pundy vetxsbla, ar. trm Cr«m any risk of barm Cnr- hav, bm mad. which surpass brilrf ..r, they not sur> iUntlatwl by men of inch ualUd position and charart« as to fcrbld th« iniplclno of nntruta Many imlni>nt dargymen and phyilclans hav. lent their aamea to cwrtify to the public th* reliability .f my r.mrfl«,, wbll. others tav. sent m. th. aaturanc. of thrtr marlction that mj PrenaraUons eoatrfb«u Immensely to th« relief of mj afSlctod, su&Vtng f.Uo-w-m.a. ,, Th. Agent below oam«i to pleaawl Cu rurnlab gratis my American i Imsna., containing directions tor th.u- o» and osrtlfkaus of thdr ran*, of th* following complaints — Oordv«nf«, unions Complalnta, Rhramatlsm. I>rop«7. HMTtburn, H.*dacti. arising from a fool stomach. Nan-' ••a, IndliMtluo, M.-rUd Inaction of tb. «o.i Pain arising thCT^from, FUtnleivry. Loss of Appetlta. all Clcer- OTJS and Catan*nns rrkrajM which r«^ulrit an ^Ta^nant medlcln*. Scrofula or Klnir 1 , BvU. Th«y ata), by partfy Ing th. blood and stimulating tin ,7,torn, cur» m»oT «ompUlnts wblch It »oold uot b« >nppr«nj th»y coo.ld' nsacb, roch as Dtttvtn. Partial Bltndn.a, NTOraJjIa and Nprvotis Irrltabllltj. Derangements of tti. LJv.r and K w. neys, Qont, and other kindnd complaints aibUng fr^.m > low state of tb. body or obstruction of lu fcnrtko.. Do bot b. pot off by unprincipled d«« with »m« oilier pill tb«y mak« m.n^ preflt on. Ask (br Ami PtLU, and tak. nothlns; al»«. No otbtr tbey can fir* yes rampart* with thl. In Its Intrinsic rale, or conul™ powers Th. rick »ant th. b«»t «ld th«r« Is Inr rh-rn. and th.y chonM have It. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYEE, Praetieml and Analytical Cltsmltt, Lo-vell. Mass Paid OS On. rn Box. Ftvs Boxra ro» \ ]. BOLD BT JOHS RICT., Mliwaokef J.B. REKD * CO., Chirac'-, tn.l A;--... -, -, DR. M'LANF/S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. DR HOOPLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, DR. HOOFL.AJIVD'9 BALSAMIC CORDIAL, Tht great standard' metiicma of tht present aye, have aeijuired their jrtat popularity ,jnly through yean of trial. Cnbovndtd iataf,K tion is rendered by them in && totes. <ind chf people have pronounced thorn worthy Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the .Veryorw System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising from a duordnr-J liver or weakness of th, itomach jnd Myaui; organs, are speedily and permunmcty i-urtd 'jy the GERMAN BITTERS The BaJsamlc Cordial has nc^trW j reputation rurpasting that 'if my nmuar vr- paration extant It will cure, wrraotr i»rt.. tht most mfrt and lony-itandin.j Cough, Cold, or Hoarsanett, BroncMUs. Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and kiu performed 'He most utaiishtn,j :u.-tt Confirmed Consumption. .4 /ru> dota will aLtu at -jnc. check j*d '-ttre ihf most mere Dlarrhcoa ur.>.-,,dii,j /fini COLD IV TBE Bo'-VELS Tkfse medicines art prepand 1 *>y />-r r \| dflphiti, Pa., and art told 'jy dr^. dealfrj in medicints every-xkcrt. u per faille. T ke iijn.irun .." i' M u-ill 6* on tht jutside vippir ,i la. ' In th* Alrn.lnar p-tbltjhtd jnni4 U 'I'd EVEBTB.J Ultlmoriy in<± i -'r LU DISCOVEEY OF THE AGF. ptnprvtori, y-]'< mil ri u v ; I LM A r li i 11 v y I N V 1 (. O K A TO K i ... ' \ i; Kti i;V i i; - \ >, - 'rf fllird 10 I - . i 1.. T ••.„. .ft"-. H1[.|,, './ t.-i^ it..nil •:!'.-< o., fli. .<..., -..jlO.,: ^ - . • mi- - N \\' J K t. A T M N i Coufidenlial \ T th« huJaj.i Pr-T •ur* • f ^> AKD Medical M I 1 > I I \ I I i I • A<h.o ! U* , kee, on Saturday, the gfith , **ptember, 1858, at a/houTof s t. .T of that day to tatlafy said execution and cottt. Dated Sherurt, Office, MUwaakee, August S, 1858. Bmua, Brann» * CorTErtL, J HERMAN L. WE . Sh'ff. Mil. Oo. Wit. „ -, . r — ,jned to Batorday. the tame place and hour at above Dated fiherlff't Offiee, Mliwaokee, Aogutt 88,1858. HKBUANL.PAGB, . 'The above aalep farther postponed to Batardav tte SOU, day ofUoveiifo, 1858, at the tame ^STana hour at above name*. I^ted 8herUr!t Offlce, MUwaukee, Oct. S3,1858. Hcuican n IUJSOIB.—On Thursday last a terrtffic hurricane with lighting and rain pawed through tht counties of Ctlhonn anlUorgtn, and In the vicinity of Jacksonville, 111. Houses, bsrnes and fences were swept away and broken to pieces. Cattle and horses killed, and many human llv«s were lost. The hurricane was to powerful at to take up good slied stobet and carry them with great force to a coatldertMe distance. Pausr.—There was a sharp, frost in Uie Tlelnlty of Buffalo on Monday morning. CIBOD1T OOUBT, i Milwaukee Oennty, Wis. ( Magdalena 81fgL I against V Jacob Baff. ) Etats of Wlsoontln, to Jacob Ht>H: Y OB are hereby tummotied and rcqalnd to antwer t«e complaUit In this actloQi which has this dav been filed In taeoffloe of the Clerk of the Oircuit Cooit. of tht County of MUwaakee, at tbe City of Milwaukee! and to serve a copy of , O ur answer to the said eom- plalct, on the ssibscrtbers at their since. Inaaldeitv within twenty days sftertht service of this summons' on yon, ezcloslre of tbt day of tuch tervice; and If you fall to answer tbe tald complaint within the time afortssld, the plaintiff to thu action will apnlr to th. jOourt for tbe relfefdemaaded In the complaint,. mayZa-lawew Plaintiff's Attoi MARINE RECORD. . Sh'fl. MU. Oo^ Wit. faSt 0 '™ "P to farther Po«Poned to Saturday, ^ 18W, at the tame place and hour «s abofe nnTS , rtlPiomce,iniirauke»,NoT.20.i81» . HERMAN L. PAGE, . . named. febZB-lawtt HIEMAN L. PA 18.59. Port of ITHltrauk-ee, JOBS .e. »7tt. _ IATB OF WISOONSIN, •• , Orcuit Court, Milwaukee County, f ' David M.Miiner, Atslgnee, • * Against Jtmetfiheriff, Christian Bheriff, hit wife, Nathaniel Xompkint, Obarlet Klmor, John feberuT, Volcano Iron Company, Jamit Smith, Pardon gennett, Hatbew Baa,Conrad BroTO, John J. fioley. WUUamOoluct ,^«aw« W. Medbery. TH poniuanceand by rirtneof'a judgment rendered •fj «{?. « action, and entered In the office of the Clerk •SL^SSfVS "V 8 ." 1 *K of *P M 185B « * « h »" «• note Tor ..i« ...A .,11,4 public auction at the Pott Of- Mllwaukee, on Saturday tbe Urntur^at the r -«*-• the follorln|4eto: or to much thereof at may ARRIVED. HAY ft.' • Stmr Traveler, Sweeny, Chleaco, 15 bbls sundries, 437 pkg» sundries. ' '" • JTJKE 1. •'. ' Btmr Cleveland, Deng*!, Orand Hay*'o, BtmrGaielle, BntUn, Two Hlvert, « bbls balr, 13 roll* leather, IT pkgt aunilriei. ' . . , Scar JdhlattaPattoo, eplskt, OconU, l»mlam,!Bm . ahlnglet. . . •, •chr Wm II Dewltt, Haron, 1W m lota. PropJtvergreen City, OhamSerU», <Sloaf», I»box»i . -. chteta, ..',./ Schr tanner, Thomas, Mnskegon, 45 si lua, 10m ou plank. 5 mtquare timber. • —* -_ _ Etmr Olfyof Cleveland, Bquler, Grand Haven, gl tons mdx.' ' ''',/ •• CLEARED. ' *tmr City 'of tterelanu, &jnUr, Grand ^avea, S taut CIRCUIT OOCKT, I Mllwankee County, f William P. I.yn«e, again t JohnCommlagi. (John O., John F. Birchard. Dancan 0. Beed,C. P. Foate, David M. Bltuo. John Oommlngf, Tmtteet of M:l«aakee Lod:e Ro. S, of the Independent Order of Odd Pellowt,) Gregor Mentel, Abraham B. Warner, Peter KemWe, The Globe Bank, William Smith, Henry fienfUeben, Abraham Btelnhart, I^wis J. Claude, George W. Peek- ham, Lewis 8. Hack, Herman B. Mack, Leander M. Hobby,; Arthur Hughes, Samuel t. Letter,Badger ., State Bank, Bobert B. Bell, James Longworth, Charles Knap, John W. Butler, Henry Carter, Jerrlt Langdon, Samnel W. Jbarnird and David H. MIsner. Assignee, . . . ' The State of Wisconsin, to each acd all the defendanta 08141 COHOIVEU'!! STATE O* WISCONBIN, , Circuit Court, Milwaukee Count; f Matilda Po,-,t' c , against Herman L. Paeje, George B. Mallory, Garret [itowa Judgment of Foreclosure tnd g*Je I N rbrtue of; and pursuant to a J ed In tald'Courts In the above 1 shall axpose for sale and set] at publ Court House Id the city of UUwankr -nlne f»j, ln ,„,. of tbe sooth west quarter of lection VJ , ., tyK,« [SlHln towluhlp No. s«"ek fTl nofth^f range twenty-two [MJ east, in the rirsi W.« of th. Olty Jof Milwaukee. u»SeOoun™o?M' waukee and. State of Wisconsin •• 7 • Dated Coronas Offlce, Milwaukee, Dec 16 U-ta 0 « J? 11 *' 8 bxt-hjachlnery. 8 bbl. potatoes, IT bbli " Orjarehereby tumm of tbe fttaOircnliOou on tht Slit day of April, 1869, and copy of your antwer to the laid complaint, on the tub- aulbe.11 at thejr^i£iu5fc MUwanke^ within ninety dayt after .tLTierrtS of thU tummont on yon, exclusive ef thTaij. of tuch service; and if you fall to answer thetald com. plaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action will apply-to tht Court for the relief demanded iDated April 21,1859.1 , ' ; _«,' . * ™OHt5B,LTNDs! AMILLKB, laprtS-lawisr ' FlalntlfTs Attorneya. STATE Of WISCONSIN, Circuit Court, Milwaukee County. Zdotus A. Cottcin, against . Christian Wandl B T virtue if in execution UiueJ from taia Ooifrt in theaboTB entitled actjon, to raa llvered agalnit the personal and real Sl.'fou'ow^^' 1111 " 1 ' ' taT< " *a4 "All the rlghtj title and Interest of the tald Cnrii tain Wand, j In andito the following descrlbeSi real estate, pn the 9th day of September, igfiT or hat Hnde acquired thereto, to wit : ivi acres In ihe |»est naif of loath w«|t quartet ol , levtlon te rehleen (IT), town IOTMI (7), raneii twenly4wpj22)ea»t, to the Ninth Ward of^bi City of- Milwaukee. Oounty of Ullwaukee and State »f Wllcousm." , " , SiS 1 tlld H p<!rl '» X ih * u eXDMe /or "J« »"ji s U •tPubllo Aoct oi, Mthe PotWjffleei la the t'i.y or Milwaukee, on !»fct its-day, tbe 9tb day O l July, 18S»,fa( the lioar of S r. ... of that di^, to satisfy tald eitcjOlon, together wllh the erp^Dle ' ce, Hilwankee, May »T, K&. j A. X LAJJ&WOKTllr '' . I WfltAtt'y. Ij may27-ltw6f ; CltlXED S XAX KS ^AUSIOJ.^ 8^ ^«^j^'*£!%3S>£g ^f"* BanrQ««elle ««elle, BatUn, Two SlTert,5tont md».s"bblt port, ibblt' • ; tua, Patton, UOata, Ooonto. .vergreeu Ol '• flonr.66 Chamberlain, OoUlngwood, — com. Cleveland, Pougal, Brand flaven,I8tont sttdi, *4 bbkimettOlc paint, Whfkegi beer. - o. parcel or land knran »J>4 detlgnated at city tot number nine ( «o*k numheruourteen * 80th, 1SO», OBTHs:, 1>OOKJSTS AABIIVE uaBttATBt/rriio, MaT S0r«.— prop, Bouaui, Chicago; Prop. Boca»ii Ele«, CblBago. sUtXrar.— Fortr-oBej'ean «ro »itnfday/tie tteamboatwatfloattjd pa take trie.!, .,.'... -, " . Bjbootien Theo. ttrry,/ Jismet .Naragn O- *orrii,from tta(-^pS«, ptaat* Detroit bonni ' Lycurgut Edgerton, T In the United State* Dit. _ _ Jrm. (trlct Court, District cf wlolhrop 0. Lord and fWlscoct'n. George Lord. . — J inKqoltjr. THpunaanceandoy-vlrtiiebr a decree made bribe J. Dlttrict Court •rtheTJnUrd Btsttt for the District ofWi«contte,oa tbe ninth'day of May, T85», ta the above entitled caote, I thtll tell tt Public Auotion, at the office of tht United etattt llar.hal In the City of lBlwaTikee,|ln thu Dlttrld, on Friday, tb* flfteenth 'day of July, IBM, at three o'clock In the afternoon, tbe foUowlm «*urlked properly, to wit: "Out lot-B,' SSJ^E. lw «"iJ"»"(aj, lnto« village of W«pacoi of Waupaeca and St»te of WUcontln; ""- -' Water Power to fee taken i at the dam created acroti propel three purpose B at t U Matoni of the ^ Office, BJilwankce, Ma? IT. 1889. ' • ' / Alpha dtkay, Frederick W. fleitibergS'Aas. H, Lyon, Warren H^Lyon, Boher, John Hone, JtoLa Hel »er, UnnjeutC. Vrill«u' Joteph ~ ! — ~-' L TJ J. J htreby given that all tho co jnterrgned drealatlng jiotwloaed br Qu "PeopleV Bank" atXUwaake*. must he jraented at to* offloe of tht Bank Comptroller plaint wit! to the Cot i—*- J* TTimp; tut) Qon. ABtSTJit }?£{ fta!5/««?»«•«*«•!».* foi wltila three ye*n from ibedau of thlt notice or ihtt stamps, thefkndidepotlted tor the (redemption at tald circuit. iheaa)<IB4iiUii( ~? iPttage <i i / M. m». - . - /^ ^ beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Dr. Cbas. S'Lace's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them a« universal Cure-alls, but simply for what their name purports, viz. . THE VERMIFTGE, For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animal? subject to Worms. THE LIVKR PILLS, Forthecureof LIVER COMPLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above men tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled and never known to rail when ad ministered in accordance with th< directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, • FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business in which they have been success fully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc their manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele- Orated Vermifuge and Liver Pills ihaU, continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great j; remedies of the day, they vvill cdntinue to spare neither time ftp<r .expense in procuring the Best rnd; jpiirest material, and com- ppundithein in the most thorough manrier. • Address all orders to ••'\> •: ! FLEBBB BROS. Plttsbnrgli, Pa, A Mi»«*T SCIEMIX.C INVENT!' 11; KU'iii->l J/, A i 01 Nli T A>l'J.-« MtN T.\KK PAUT1LL Honi bj Kiiii:> r h.t» pt ur Any .f * by ma i or expfn A CUIU W AttK.A.NTfc.1* A*OS A SON (1*7,, l ev .ur-i tfte ir to r. ,ief '.hr-;r i e consequently brcn enab, r-atiirps, ;S f^.ij leatjfl^l -xn by coovajoccot pmu-nia ,n LOWU from ail par-a ,( uin urpo-e ,»nly of .:.»Dau,tai.i ^n* YanLA^tfS. yt-l 'rora wtxat i*j,-y harr -jptrre;; •]ii.rnf[ miu Hie ol Lhoa^ .n.'ect.ouj ,, , .r-'ra ir.«rir mott simple c-jtiditi-in t.. '.nut r Ur ireruus and Invtrterau-, ) irir-y fiiv.; -»,TH ia,t, c o -Ji e possibility of l&eir prrv-DU«-o it .1 *Q J iiH.tfW.Av invariably fouinl ihai i/i<- ;n,,* *n i maii^nani formsof dise.iSM c.-ui.l Of raced i»> uo* of ihc fol .,w [^ causea * nr-ji^-i, ,,r thv lil .tf^cta ofantkiltrui au<l iryintn^nt . t.hi-r«(ur«, l>». A.MOA -ft SUis ^a*,n iiiacuv niiff. In Lhe letecilua of i.itrir -e -ule, etleciuai »nd cautiotu coarie; omlttj,. hioailoQ of remedies which t>*?ar an ^qulvoca i*?r, u well aj thnt| tt wb-iae premaiury? ,r .OJU..I plication tulglit b^ produftiv^ , { D»J j..n»e^ the of prirate mdinduala. In .tmn, u (>.*• ?od ,)f their retuedita is iti« lt?s»,. masa of human in;» e ry by ifi* -iiievm prevtjntion of ihose (frievouj allticti.i ipf*. u i l .-O ii- ,r r«alUy the secret fo« vxteo8l-V(.»ly surround of lift?, and vtt. ua, call aJ.nj.l <-h, COUNTltT INVALIDS. Pers as in an; | art of Uie vorid may tm • ueated by Tirw^tllng a correct ilet^ll o.' w Ui a remittance for Meijlrmes, Ac. AJdreas Or. AilOS A HON. oorner Main ftreet, boiU.o, N.V. jmi . liioj NHKItlfF'S «tAI.r. STATE OF TISCONSI21, , Oircuit Court, ^Ulwaukee County, j ne Lfi«-y ,U;ll «. n m.I y u ^ ;-j.»wi, ,?(e»w. PKKK.4 THK KU- ta rue. KUKSS THK •"OI..I #01.!., against Chrlitian Henry Meyer, add Margaret, hla »if«, Juiu^. 3. Brown, Dart,, u. H»wer, Edward Hasse, »,in, ra ..P. Merrill, Nclsun Webitzr, Charlci \. SnrOltr Detmer Flschback, B. ModUis and A. W.Qcuwoi.l Admmiitralcn of the «itat< of Jofio 0 LeR.jy It ceased, Oraiand T. Crane, Charles t DoUe, A4iainis- ! iratnr of the (Stale of Charles O. gchre'oer. I.-CCHS- ed, James W. Areiell and llei man O. C. Kcmprr ' nd puraoant to a judgment rendered ID 1.4 UASKk r JT .4 UAUKET ST ' : 4 M A UK KT JT 114 . Tfie I N virtue of a laid Court t lurt In the above entltletlactlon^dated rVbr ry d, !So9, I shall expose for lala and sell at Pubilfc AIMP- tlon, at the Post-Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tbe IJtli day of Jnlj, l«9, at the hour of 3 ?• M., of that dav, the lollowiag Je- icrloed mortgaged premises or so much thereof sa may be necessary to raise Lht: amount of said .udgment, ir- tereat sail cosu, togethvr with the espeod'rs .if tnle ...••Lot ouraher ilite«n r«8) and tho east half ,,f lot nomber arteeo (15), In block forty-flve (45), ih the Second Ward of the City of Mll»au* t -o b«- mg oo Tamarack street, between fifth .nd j' haiu ' eeu ' •" m the County of Mllw-nkee- and Slate of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff ; Office MUwaukee, April 8, 1869. A. J. LAN .WORTHY, least Lwrn retails Tor 4O per -ni bottle. 0 J. Vt\n> J York, i [i the t »nd 1 14 .Marke Sold by *od r^ocy Si (7 H II i.'liUNi,! 1 N apr8-Sm-lin2w , eria Milwaukee Co., W|,. I»R. l'pwnr-1, r C. » thi 6061 SMEUIFiV'S SAI.r [Nc««. STATE OF WISCONSIN, 1 Circuit Court. Milwaukee County, f 'ames 3. Brown, Joshua Hathaway and Thorna* L. Ogden, against A. Fatterson Smith and Alfred Edwards.; 'orec'osure. I N virtue of anil pursuant la a judfmtnl rendtrnd .n said Coqrt, bi the above entitled action, Jt<tti<J larch 17,1S59, I shall expose for sale and <>-ll at Pvbile Auction, at the Post Oalce, In the city af Milwaukee, n Saturday** the !«d dar of July. isa»,a« | rtv.orrd Vnjtan7i»"r, v "./ of that day, the following descrSbed , .i,i| e oih^r- »hu n a » mortgaged premises, or so much tliereof as may bane- , ha7ete«r mi'r»i-ui..i,«i» essary lo raise the amount of said Judgment, Interest l m , nt . and costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wltr. '•Block number twenty-eight (23), of Cltrk'sr addition, In Ihe Eighth Ward, or the city of MII- wtukee and county of HQwauktt, and Stau of Wuconain. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, April lit, U5». I A. J.lANGWOaTHY. ,. -.- * Sheriff MUCtH Wit. aprt^nllnlw nBeattoa a* ttovo. si HUT .I.VL> HEAKIMQ. .- ,e«n reoelTml oy , i y if vhom aavq >- ^>».l their light Th» beol proo' ^^ i., n. w -jr ciatej ts, lh»t be i- ' illy r^.-- all parts of the country tn.i early received cnjes. Mo Fl6\» require,! fnr in ^x No CBaTOI lor services th»i «r bertated when tha paueni u r from Jlssase, ,l «t>atl« traat- !ci'^ , r q ipp r9 - i-Htu-nts from cei»«u. Ur <:adwaii'i

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