Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1941
Page 13
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by, October jft,,.1941 * StERUKG ILLINOIS Tnlrtwn . ftlra. frmnft iw Clubs in Vicinity of Eri«*Hold Tuesday Cr»m- BBUBity club met at the Pleasant avRUl *chflf»l hmwe TueKlay evening "wtth trw» president. Mrs R'uhn Hof- melKter in charge of th' hiiMne.v MHtion. Thi* opened »ith ihe group aingirtf of "God Blew- America.' With Mrs. HoHiJ Brook.« at the piano. It WM decided to make the third at Tuesday tvening of each month the 'official date for the regular meet- tag* and to alternate the meetings batmen the two school*. ^Mrs. Elmer Anderson and Mrs. Frank Johnson were in charge of a program which included vocal solos Sj by Mary De Keyrel. who played her turn guitar accompaniment, a M»Cr*4 reading by Mrs. Ivor Anderson, • font by Donald and Betty Lou • Brook* with piano accompaniment kgr their mother, Mr*. Hollis Brooks a reading by Mrs. Frank John- PoUowing the profram lunch nerved by Mrs. Ernest Oilman Mrs. Curtis L. Price. TJ» meeting of the Dewey Har- ...ony dub at the Dewey school on "Tuaaflij evening began with a pot "" " supper. In the absence of the , the vice president, Mrs. , Wreath presided at the aeaaion when It waa plan- that at the next meeting, Nov. /It, UM teacher. Mra. Wreath, would 'fca in charge of the Thanksgiving to be presented by the h and that there would be a inch. Tfea entertainment for the evening which was In charge of Miss Mar- Klinutr*. MlM Mary O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fleming. of bunco. The winners Mr. Flomlng for the adult* Zuldema lor (>•"• chll- Erit Britfs M (ram thk Eri* Community aebool who attended the Two oanfaranoa dinner meeting in Tuesday evening were F, H. Dl Vail. Morton W. W. Langdoc, Loren and the Mkaas Haxel Payne, •oraah. LoulM Anderson, Ero- and Ida McNutt. Mr*. Dt Mrs. Koacr aU6 attended Danlaon and Albert Miller afternoon for Excel- H, Mo^ where they expect •r madkal t*«aunent for Redell, whu iucurred Ini ta hia haad'and chast Sunday whan a hototad car fell on «aa brought to hia home in Tmartaj afternoon from the public hoapiUl. He > -'Ul srs B. DWall. principal of the Community high achool. ga\« Tuaiday afternoon at i county cqpvtnUon of ion . * Stat- illBBHiaj Hew f« mulct ?Hiiht»rtj*£ mwpp» wWr iiWWPWwai parti**! I. Sift ind m«mrf 114 r. k»TT'i *»*l H»»i) add 114 tip. *•» (w M ttp. limiblf-xrtlni) »nd \\ Mp. «•((, sift. (tnri(hm<mt of Flllibury't tftt hiin't fhanzrd in Hcb, wanttr llvor, In fine biking quiUty—enrichment mnru Uut two B-v1u«iM iMl Iron, ml to your fanllf'i health havt >annil. z. Crvnin v4 1. vnifiMHwai CTVCIB in M c. nii»r. S. Add 2 •*•«. OB* tt a tine— bcaiinf wtll tfiCT nth. Add I tip. v«*ilta intUfd. Kfit w*II. Cbcp tnd xM He! Blmd wtll. 4. Add drr ln|rtdirnti frtrfu. illt. Stir until ttmnwfhtr wi««J. (Srr IMIW rillfbuTT'i »«M kl«Mb Into a HMMli, ~ao **cafiy iiv off arawl, te naatl h'» tk« §•» ckain la rilUbury-i B««t Uut Bike it M P«rftct for cwajei «r for aartklnt ebc you b*lt«t An4 . . . Iff »•>• af»n< In Mr kitclMMt-ta iaturc p«H«tt nwlti In ycur*. fjth IKMII during mnUnt", Mi»l«t art tnu art Mde four lo tui UaMf (Jailf.) S. Drop Iht cootr b*llcr fro* • tn»axi onto •a unfT*M*4 Mkiaa tlwft. fern i«t» a bM ovtn (4*0* F.) a«4 bakf fraat It M IS •!•• ut«. The rtdp* m*bm 9 AHM« h*wt*«i ana4 panr aM aiM4 v*iim tm TWIT club. Jiul—ym> m*i a* well know that <HK« r"ur auiftMtf rich, nutty taaa.t«i H'i «nry ana tar hia- •dft Th»t Tmr iMalhr lo «naJ« _ . riUi*nnr war-aM Maik m-tUttty while •tlwr bulM TOT «• at Iki MM CM* In town I «MOM aAH>MOVIQ MiwriMi tilvtrwairt.WwH MU.kili hr _, lOTTMIii * T ** im ^ aMaak •MMAaaat-^aataaavai'^i^kaBa^^ ^k^^B IWTOUIQIIMCOIfRNIT •lld.cfraab,ridtRavorto«ibidi«o. )MM . * . . a A ._ «»k .^^ «• • t. • ._ • ^_ • _ your own J Nfvtr aajMai «OI Md -am ^^ TountU to the tidkg •Sjfat fog JX*r COafct pa>T Rt K 1 for You're always sure of MONEY SAVING LOW PRICES AT. . . I Slrwl (MICHIGAN FREESTONE-RONNIE LASS ^ PEACHES 29 oz. No. 2 1 /, can 10 Ib. cloth bag (FINE GRANULATED ISUGAR PURE CANE SUGAR JCHOICE HAND PICKED MICHIGAN NAVY BEANS Pine Granulated 10 tb. cloth bag tb. Bag Cloth tr Extra Fancy Blue RICE Lb. Cooking Apples 5 Ibs. 21c Finest Greenings Potatoes, : :';,, 15 Ibs. 27c Carrots Fancy California bunch 5c I CELERY, Fancy . 3<Uikt IQc DRY ONIONS, Fmy Ydlow . . RUTABAGAS, Sw. Teritr Qml., 2 IbSc CABBAGE, Grara SoW Heids . 2 IbsrSe wxnmar MARGARINE . . . COME AGAIN JUNE PEAS .... TKEESWEET CALIFORNIA ORANGE JUICE . . SLICED WHITE BREAD JUMBO TWIST . . . TABLE QUEEN LAYER CAKE OCEAN SPRAY 46 oz. 3-12 oz, cans 25c can GOOD WHOLESOME QUALITY TOattTMS,..,. DELICIOUS OUT KEYS ... , UNSWEETENED DOLE OR UWT • • > • • a • • JUNE . . . DELICIOUS FRUITS IN A KICK SYRUP ~r~i— FHUIT MOKT/Ul . FRANCO-AMERICA^ SPMNETTI FRANCO-AMERICAN [NATIONAL MAID—FLAIN OR SUGARED Down IJEUYBEANS 'MOTTS FA»TCURJZED APPLE CIDER quarts 25 C IREE COLOR DELICIOUS IDYOORH Lblb OkK^tttDroM COFFEE 1 Ib. hag 36i/jc 3 Ibs,'53c OITSUP 20 oz. No. 2 cans • • 3 No. I cam df|l«9 C •flr , , , , . ... 3 Whole Half cake 15c cake - THE HIT OF THE WEEK THE NEW INI FACE-NATIONAL FURJt Packed in safe-edge, re-usable thin blown *\ 12 or. tumblers sfi tumblers National Quality Meat Prices V —. —^^i^ri •! '••/%• 1 ——r* if—— _eaa Wniie Others r ollow LARD HAMS BACON 111% HUE (WHhRMl Mtr) STYLE IttHMII BUTT ROAST (Ttatod) (§!*• Nm) LB. 10k LB.24c LB.24c LB. 22c CHOICE ^- RING BOLOGNA MINCED LUNCHEON RING LIVER SAUSAGE SALT PORK _—Your choice tt . . ,~TT:T Lb. 19 G BOILING BEEF . . Lb. 12'/,e AMERICAN CHEESE . ..... 2 Ib. Box 59c COTTAGE CHEESE .............. Lb. lOc SALAMI or SUMMER SAUSAGE vvTTVVTvr FORT DEARBORN CRACKERS Salted SODAS 21*. pkg. VimGINIA 8WEET f MMk^FlNT . ' A DELICIOUS TREAT— STRUF can lie can M* Brawn— Frcnck Style Prepared COME AGAIN SALAD TANOY, SFICT CHICKEN RROTH, CHICKEN NOODLE OR CREAM OF MUSHROOM -Cc41ef» 3 im aa. caas uwim T«ATI JUIOE 4 ','JMl* CORNFLAKE* ": OATS II w. pata. lie 0TAR FLOUR I ^ "• S4H H IHAEEL HOUSEHOLD WOM1GAIXV FRICED iPAMrieiiFuiity.lO b . r ,49 c Roll ros; sorrwEss Thm SW»HIAmT«M DOGPtD HAEEA. FRENCH MILLED ^m^mm ^m^m ^^ m ^ ^m*. TOILET SOAP 3 —: '.-•— • - ^* F14M/E5 PtilSHY KAY. OLIVE PINEAPPLE CatEAM ANTIlNEEtt RINSO Wkiat Ifcer la*i! 0*i C^ U> ^TaTSiS for ^^n ^^aaw • •!*•!••• arVMaV m/flKaw^^ 10 C UIP|INEtt2^Llli ^^ CSJtAM 'CBfltESB ' ' ' _ niMari Q NATIONAL W ^^aW .^^^^Pav^af T 1 •• *, LUI FLUES SKMIL IfflB While They Last! Get larae 12>A ox. pkg. of Lux I for 15c with purchase of Tge. li'/a oz - P»g* *M*L e lar price of 21 l /& Flakts regu- SAFK-MOJP DUTY CLEANSER SOAP M^SlS^^tt ^UHSMk, ^^HfiQttk riKiKllSMat .. .• 'l-,^~^f:-

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