Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 30, 2000 · Page 38
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 38

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 2000
Page 38
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4 WEEK OF JAN. 30-EEB. 5, 2000 SUNDAY ON TV -SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL MORNING 5:00 A.M. I Your New Houae I Heaven'* Sake I Living Better E) fFSBl [DFE1 ews Three Stooge* Ink ft Paint Club W * Super Bowl XXIII Highlight* IctoryitSM J Bewitched FMtfloekCD 1 USA High El T) Bozo Super Sunday J Movie * * * "Affliction- (2.-00) ^^__^ 5:1S A*M. (HBO) Movie *x "Simply Irresistible'(1:45) 5*30 A.M. I America'* Black Forum I With Style El I Martha Stewart Living Weekend W I Internet Tool Box JavldL.WolperPre.ent* ) Dick Van Dyke _„_ 5:45 A.M. (1ST) Our Gang Short* 8:00 A.M. Ufeetyte Magazine I Today CD I Moaatc I Ron Hazenon'* HOUM Calla I U.S. Farm Report I MotorWeekd) Cafe Digital 2000 SB ® feSWl CB15C1 (DFE1 Paid program ~Or. Jamea Kennedy ^ Breakfaat With the Art* \ Sing Me a Story CO FOX Sport* New* Wubbulou* World ol Dr. Seuaa BatUeatar Qalactlca W fMatlock W n Beat ol Shadetree Mechanic [Gllllgan'e (aland W ^ Hercules: The Legendary Journey* (D (gMChwle* In Charge ISHOWI Mr*. Plggle-Wlggl It la Written CD Bay Sunday ) Home Again CD I Puzzle Place CD irro paid Jungle Cuba CO Sporteweekly DSuper Bowl Bowl XXVI Highlight* [Automobile* p Blue'* Clue* fShadetrM Mechanic LGIUIgan'* Island ID IChariea In Crwrg* B Mr*. Plggle-Wlggle CD In Touch CO Meet the Pre** CD Sunday Morning CD N*w*CD " Variety ZoboomafooCD Dr. Jam** Kennedy Frederick K.C. Price Hour of Power CD Double Dragon DPakJ Program r * «• Th* Seven Year I Soap CD kittle Mermaid CK 1 Sport* Reporter* fc frp"Bo*l XXVU Highlight* fro/Sport* New* "1 You're on Nickelodeon, Ch*rile lmMi NASCAR m I •*»<• * ** The 01*50 KUT (£00) Xtflt; Warrior Princnt CD nyj*llbu,CA£B Movla IT* Tabl* for Five" poo) " CB Exalted Word Dragon Tale* CD Rambo y, th* Beet I* Yet to B* ) Open Book ISoapCD I) Paid Program cktaleaCD I Sportscenter 3 Super Bowl XXVIII Highlight* r Mage Man IHIstoryCenter ) Ac* Ventura: Pet Detective CD J Full HOUM CD fBabar 8:00 A.M. Hour of Power CD New* El Thl* Week CD Unity th* Best Adventures .With Kanga Roddy CD Key of David fPlSCl fEIFEl Paid Program Fox New* Sunday Street Shark* New Beginning* HOUM Beautiful CD Soap CD Tlmon ft Pumbaa CD NFL Countdown ' Super Bowl XXIX Highlight* onster Rancher NFL Thle Morning Empire* of Industry I Doug CD j Star Trek CBQ [Mattock CD 1 Raceday i TM It Up With the PGA Tour p Family Matter* CD f Animated Ody»My El 8:30 A.M. Face the Nation CD Amazing Facta Wlmzie'aHouMCa Qerfleldand Friend* J Paid Program i ft the Space Saturday Night Live CD Bear In the Big Blue Houae CD Super Bowl XXX Highlight* onster Rancher Rocko's Modern Life CD 8*ved by the Bell: The New Class , Freeh Prince of Bel-Air CD Movie * * "Jack Frost" K.-00) 8:35 A.M. Movie ***x"MyUlea8a (MS) Playhouse Short' _ «:OOA.M. CD (B College Football All-star Challenge CD P NBA Basketball El Sport* Spectacular Senior PQA Golf CD Variety WUhboneEl extreme DlnoMur* (EH) (tip) Paid Program PougQD Coral Ridge Hour ^Murder, She Wrote CD WiW Bill; Hollywood Maverick Zooverrture PB ft J Otter CB Super Bowl XXXI Highlights '-'mon: Digital Monitor* CD Roll*r»:AHI»toryof Wild Americ* CD Paid Program' Sabrlna, the Animated Series CD McDougill M.D. ~ Murder, She Wrote CD Crocodile Hunter 1 * Croc File* Bear In the Big Blue Houae CD " Super Bowl XXXIII Highlight* •elrd Oh* CD World Ch*mplon*hlp Flthlng Who Want* to B* Our Pr**ld*nt? Spongebob Squ«rep*nU Movie ** "Alien Nation: Dark Matlock CD Car and Driver Televlalon CD In the Heat of the Night CD WWFSuperatara ' Freeh Prince of Bel-Air CD 10:30 A.M. American Rellgloua Town Hall Pete: Part of the Family CD Mallbu,CACD S9 Paid Program ReceaaCD Adventure* of A.H.K. RollePolleOllelH] Bart Starr Award Wa* a Sixth Grade Allen CD Outdoor Trail* HeyAmoldlEl My Cla*«lc Car El I Movie ** "The Delta Force' J Billiards T S Club 7 In Miami p Aaahhl Real Monsters W ITruckslBD ) Ufestories: Families In Crisis El 1:00 P.M. I V*ri*ty_ ) Novafe , Wrestling I Movl* *** "Fresh'(2.00) I Paid Program ™) Murder, She Wrote CD 11 Absolutely Fabulous ] On th* Inside 5 Movl* **H "Johnny Tsunami' dS Club 7 In Miami T Women's College Basketball D American Drink*: History In a J Garfleld and Friend* fMatlock CD D Motor Madness CD Si^£S. l^SS*" 1 Deam '»«» **"Ufe Stinks'(135) 10:45 A.M. ' **» "Hook. Une and 11:00 AJ*. Fox Newa Sunday Super Bowl XXXIV Pregame CD Variety Nature CD (OVS) Honey,! Shrunk the Kids CD IB (SB Paid Program Movto* *"KkP(2ffll) VoKron: Defender of the UnlverM "Murder, She Wrote CD Ultimate Guide Madeline CD PBA Bowling J) Surfing 8 Club 7 In Miami 8eH ft Spin: A History of I Qold*n Girt* CD faM*"*™ ) Horsepower TV El (S*f. "ft"! *•.*•*« on * uPw^an I"' P«) "Desperately Seeking * * * The Man Without a 1:30 P.M. Variety Paid Program Absolutely Fabulous jDalla* Cowboy* Cheerleader* S Club 7 In Miami INlCKl ln*pector Gadget CD ^^ 1:45 fM. dH§W) Movie *s -Stir" (150) 2:00 P.M. ' I Baywatch Hawaii CD I North Face Expedition* CD J Right on the Money CD Cleopatra 2625 CD r JAN. 30, 2000 Raah Forward CD ~ Motoworld Figure It Out American Shooter 3:35 P.M. 5W1 Movie *s "Qamera: The Hianol the Universe" (155) 4:00 P.M. Stargate SQ-1 CD Judge Judy CD Rebecca'* Gcrden CD Variety Wall Street Week CD Bea*tma*t*r CD Movie **-Mountain Family lnson"(2«)) Ron Hazetton'* HOUM Calla " Murder, She Wrote CD Absolutely Fabulou* Onthelneld* Growing Pain* CD Motorcycle Thrllle and Spill* Brady Bride* . Movie * * * "For the Love ol (130) HratWaveCD Matlock CD Fl.hin' with Oriando Wllaon WWF Sunday Night Heat Judge Judy CD IB Ma Battle Dome Paid Program Murder, She Wrote CD Absolutely Fabuloua jOnth* Inside Snowboardlng * * * " Th8 Brady Glrt8 Gel _ __ -.artha Stewart Living Weekend CD ~) Variety MUcLaughlln Group ^Behind the Screen Absolutely Fabulou* Growing Palna CD "Q Street Rodder . Brady Bride* ) Fl.hlng With Roland Martin 5:00 PJ*. I The Five O'clock New* CD I NewaCD I Marketwatch I Variety > Inside WaaWngton I Lost World CD I Earth: Final Conflict CD Your Big Break CD r Trefoil Deep Space Nine CD •, She W Brother* Flub **^r The Butcher's MatlockQfl Magnificent Seven CD 2:30 P.M. V*ri*ty i® Movie **» "A Cool, Dry Place' 11:30A.M. NBA Batketball CD Variety I Paid Program i World OB ,„ ,. *lyFabuk>ua PIayhoua* Short SCfub 7 In Miami f Golden Girt* CD IPald Program 'Wucrr. Absolutely Fabulou* Star! Murder, She WrotoW Movie * * * * The President 1 s Absolutely Fabulou* Qlante Smart Guy CD 1998 Auto Racing Thrill* and Brady Bride* Bodybuilding t! litor Vj Crime* ft Trial* J Angry Beaver* [ B**t of IWWCD Movl* ** The Evening Star- •:30A.M. Variety T*l*lubbl««Cffi Paid Program Atwolutely Fabulou* •onehiadV Detective* of the Outofth*ioxCD " tof8hMMJtre*M*ch*nlc Jltovj* **»«Pooh'* Grand -•^Tht Search forChrl*toph*r AFTERNOON 12:00 P.M. Movie, *a "Kins Solomon'* Mines' PQAQotfCD Comenton* »te^|Your Dog With th* Monk* ^PiklPrognim 2*49 P M OI8) Music Video* ' ' 3:00 P.M. Earth: Final Conflict CO Matlock CD Outdoor Magazine ^^ 6:10 P.M. (BSD Movie **1eglonn8lr*'(lSO) (HIS) Artiat*' Special* CO B*SO D aVi NBC Nightly N*w* CD .»* $ Northern California Absolutely Fibulou* Smart My Brother and Me On* More Ca*t With Shaw Computer Show 7&!*«' «."• Wrot. CO _ "' ' £26 AM ' flSSE) Playh'ou** Short' 7:*OA.M. I Pwlflc Blu* CB ^**%o7.nW.oy"(230) SSBfifa **** •AyenNa^Body «»»«*«•»**,** Movl* nter* of the Third Kind' (230) EVENING Mattock OB I »h»d*tre* Mechanic ^ , m •»*» i» <*•!•

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