Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 4, 1971 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1971
Page 12
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A-12 Alton Evening Telegraph Monday, Jan. 4, 1971 fHE JACKSON TWINS By Dick Brooks HE'S STILL HANGIN ) TUK?N UP THE IN THEt?E. BUT WE'VE / HEAT ANP t?K3 SHOULDN'T /I HAD TO. PAP.' HAVE KEPT THIS/ -/OU CON' GOT TO ACT FAST ^ THEOXVtSEN, A SECRET, SON J WHAT THEY WANT TO DO TO HIM < MOOSE By Bob Weber -» ... AND HOW ARE ALL. THE BOSY, BOS 1 / ANTS OM THE ANT FAR^TODAV, BLIP? X THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker and Hart LANCELOT By Coker & Penn LANCE, 17)7 YOU KNOW MCTH6I? I-& ^ 5TOfPIN& PY FDR A CHAT TONIGHT? / ^ • • »* • TIGER By Bud Blake You MI$^ oor ON A LOT OF THE SMITH FAMILY By Air. and Mrs. George Smith Wow vo P\P*AT tYEVA IEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman IT'S BECAUSE RUFUS FLORIN PRACTICALLY OWNS THE TOWN/ ANP SO? WHAT'S I SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED TWO YPARS EVERVBOPV AROUNP HERE THINKS 6REG KILLED A SIRL THERE MR. DRAKE.. ANP SOT AWAY WITH IT/ WHy DOES EVERyONE IN ROCK CITY WANT TO ) HE'SAFRAIP VOU CAME SEE ME ON A /MORGUE/ HERE TO..TO FIND OUT SLAB. SRACIB? ABOUT HIS SON/ SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal >VE JUST BEEN R£APIMS ABOUT THE WOMEN5 LIB MOVEMENT IN THE u.s.. -THEYPE PEM^NPINS ' EQUAL. EIGHTS/ WINTIIKOP By Dick Guvulli I WANT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT" ALL THE 6NOW WE'vE HAD 'THI5 WINTETR. I'D LIKE TO 6P6AkTO7He I PRESIDENT; I PLEASE... / ^/ f QUE66 THE RECESSION'S GOT H/M PRETTY ECX3V. -/' KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola llffill ......- I i Tell Me By A. LEOKUM WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE RIGHT AND SOME LEFT-HANDED? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of du p 1 i c a t e questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner Is: Darci Bedell, 11, Williamsville, N. Y. We might start with another question: Why isn't everybody capable of using both hands equally well? Why should there be a right or left handedness? It seems that just about everything about oar body is asymmetrical - that is, not evely balanced. Let's start with your face. If you look in the mirror, you will see the eyebrow, forehead, cheak, mouth, eye, and ear on the right side of your face is a bit diferent from the left side. In ninety -six per cent of all people the right half of the face is more developed. Our legs also differ in strength and in our ability to use them. In fac, our whole body is this way, not symmetrical. And so this holds true for the brain too. While the brain is symmetrical in its structure, the two halves of the brain do not function equally. It is believed that the left half of the brain is predominant over the right. Now the nerve tracts which connect the brain with the rest of the body go from one side of the spinal cord to the other at the level of the neck, and they come out on the opposite side of the body. So the right half of the brain supplies the left half of the body, and vice versa. So if the left half of the brain predominates, it makes the right half of the body more skilled, able to function better, And this is what makes our right hand our "better" hand - at least according to this theory. For there are many theories to explain such things as right handedness, and this is only one of them. But it is the one most accepted. By the way, experts on the subject say that a child who is left-handed should not be forced to become right-handed. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Jim: Does your girlfriend know much about cars? Jack: No. She thinks you cool (lie motor by stripping gears! Fatty: Only cheese for lunch? Mother: Yes. The chops caught i'ire and it spread to the apple pic, so 1 had to use the soup to put the fire out. WORD PUZZLE N WHAT ABOUT SALLY?..TELL ME.' iTiS THE DAY AFTER A DISASTROUS FIRE.. . AND AS A LONG DISTANCE CALL fS COMPLETED FROM POLICE HEADQUARTERS... ...HONEY, YOU LOOK AS IF...WHAT'S WRONGS DAVID CRANE A COCKTAIL R4RTY Y5 KING GIVEN FOR /AND HIS FI/ANCEE, FUOf?eNCE H/ARPEM/AN By Greig Flessel MAULDIN /'I'M QLXVO YOU TURKEO ' IT DOWN,,-I CAN'T IM^OINE HW4T PEOPLE IN THOSE LITTLE TCWNP OO:. NO GOOD OR CLUBS OP THEATRES FLORENCE TELLS ME YOU WERE fNVTTED TO PR/*CTICe IN A •fOWN.PR.M/AULDIN. OH, THEY GO TO BED EARLY, MFC?, CLAYTON. CLAYTON.., THEV NEED A DOCTOR THERE. RIVETS By George Sixta ITMINK YH6Y CN6ROIO TH6 .STUFFBD ANIMALS A WHAT WAS I \ WORRIED ABOUT? L HE'S MO ; COMPETITION/ QUINCY By Ted Shearer IT'S AIL TORKJ, IT WON'T KEEP THE OFF you/ WHO CARES? IPAIP A NICKEU FORTHIS UMBRELLA HENRY By Carl Anderson FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen )* True Life Adventures Luminous Hints Ibtitcd L> Kin« r'euturea Syndicate. 1-4 LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Can you change the first word "Fire" to the last word "Long" in four moves? Change one letter in the word with each move. See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Kiddies, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: Chris Koebel, Ed-son, Alberta, Can- Canada. Telegraph want ads work wonders! ACROSS 1 Celestial • body 4 Moon, for instance 7 Device for producing light 11 Individuals 13 Negative vote 14 Concept 15 On tip-toe 16 Coloring agent 17 Fishing seines 18 North Star 20 Early Roman martyr 21 Operated 22 Have an obligation 23 Trudge 26 Evening star 30 Among 32 States 34 Planet Venus as morning star 37 Spanish painter 38 Amended alteration 41 Hew branches from trees 42 Anger 43 Ethiopian dignitary 45 Emitted light 48 Portable light 52 Arizona aborigine 53 Son of (prefix) 54 Medicinal plant 55 Encourage 56 Be indisposed 57 Edges 58 Curious 59 Crude metal 60 Roman bronze DOWN 1 Cleansing agent 2 Preposition 3 Man's name 4 Yellowish- green color 5 Beams of light 6 Secondary 7 Tarried 8 Arabian gulf 9 Apportion 10 "Annie Oakley" 12 Nonmetallic mineral 33 Drink slowly 35 St. Elmo's 36 Compass point 39 Wise answer 40 Feminine nickname 45 Asian language 46 Gentleman of the road 19 Gridiron cheer 44 Main 20 Fills with performer reverence 22 Roman goddess 23 Friend (coll.) _ _ 24 Siberian river 47 Discloses 25 Gambler's (poet.) cubes 48 Den 27 Hindu robe 49 Charles Lamb 28 Russian river 50 European 29 French city capital (2 words) 51 Promontory 31 Godhead 53 Tse - tung 'S3A3 '6 'Sdll '8 'XOO9.L3>IDOd 'ff 'K31SQO1 > ' loaavd 'i— UM °a :aNOHdai3i 'ii 'asusi -a laixs Y '00101 '? 'siooa 'e 'asoodva *i—*s°-"v «SHMSNV (Htwif«ptt [ntttptiu Atui.)

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