The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 24, 1975 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1975
Page 1
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"ill 31 1 4 SKY Sea WINDY »nd owl (ht» afternoon awl colder with a frwje tonight Continued cold »nd windy Tu« Norlhwmt wtneta, is lo 20 mph and Busty this afternoon. High today mar 60 IJUIH 30 upper 40s TWKH: High* today «t «a m and ft. (ftp rn » at t 44 a rn am j 44 j> in HiKh» Txw» 3 lit f (If t<F Facts Mlj 2 • Lake Jackson Clufe Freeport ESTABLISHED F 913 IN FMEPORT *nii Kr»tnt\* ( »<Ci m 24. at (' rn and 1 41 S «ru ai 2 ,|, a m \ at t, si *( 't n Clute eyes growth in new zoning plan DAILY n eewrs , •'. -«r *< ' ''.U'-t,.-^ 'n« .J> £• \ ir^' "in. -..,.,-, u .™.,, „„», »4,'*,'H! fw ' r ** af <* jwepaf"}io 54ki!' a <r,*r«V**'» '•'*>*" '«'»•«. . big »!fj> ?«ituitia). f><x 6 <»«,*..,«,.,*V.« », <».«,. ; *fiich they bfltt\« will •"»« <i»««- w.'- f „.,. (»:«», ; li»!>UTf .1 t*st(hf pja.*) ,of i »• . «> lb rt) (+*»•* .,»« »,, ( julr s futtif f iff v^th B^i<] •.rf»,.», »,„ M ,,,v,,« M ,„ .»,,„„, ! , rite Ht-rtr not wi (h«r Iwai |«?vei that !«• {•!'.;•' Ujrr..i'.!rf,ll», in AuS!ff; The to Don HuUtjfi, tit> tiiatum>et , iJinl thai M'wi has* 1 !.<M-«I wj;< i; «,ii JJfOffl^Tty rjiHTirTS '* 'Jiif; '/;.(• •*•<• Cits offuiais hf .*!«/-;, t</l!i.'!i<-T,!H fjfs IJsr- i If! ,1' M>.«< tiy 'Ah.jt is anticipated t.'if.'j^h the proposed Wf)if:.'ii,fe Th<- v.lif-'iuie frvr the day U-v;iii»- at y ;« m with the opt'Ciing 'jf the public f«ranrij{ ijfi the fi ih«- cit public hcjflftgs af.<* Annexation: Problems > ^ ':^r^^* • W all involved T- TV* f»cu <•;!> it •»«•;! as {<, «|> us tft '..V srr annnji'.iofe » «•. ats s.vtip^»jr id Insurance bids top agenda at Freeport 3! ( !t> H4l! -. rr !.V fin,*! t.uf fc;i{» (.*! re SEEN ond HEARD IIUV I ,!(.:«--> ( rork. rrpiifliR); In- i.j>i>!!vil t'A'i I'M Is'! <v)),*ir» 1*1 itti r,H'» Is '*«•>.! nf l)«- S,l() Hivt'r \.*\\ «ticK S.r.t tfut .tlllviHj^h th»'v'rt' UK- fir%! t'.4> > *ivfi in thin rtviin!) i:t hi* 4S s<Mn> t-.cfr he* kri<i'*s tlu'> (c I'.till j^lrs IxTdiiM- 'rr"."!lill>g rljv l<«r>iu a» i ;v.iff*. I ir K \HKS Til.|.IS of An^li'lon ttsiiiiin^ (he honor nutrient .r.*.in! at tcraduittion ceremoiMr* al the Hiirtxitin Schinl of Mi*k-hng m HiHiiilnn Sin* an AHS wmar Hll\ JOHNSHIN trf Fl'. :unmig64i (kmci-rs from ttn- ffaiMon of Ballet and NJixlern Dance at Texas UIIIUTMIS whtt l lake p.irt in "A Day for N'ov :»• l.h-c a, in rnivi-r.Mty Christian Church to celebrate ike coming of Christmas Mi and Mrs BOB K N K I.I I N (i i: H oi * icks'tn. Miss . in ratonu County vutltng with their parents and other relatives recently. Her fjilher. \l,\\ liH \Y of Brij.'uru, lui» been sick In FP, they visited with Bob'* (oiks, Hie I KHOV KNKI 1 INt.i:HS f,«r : fta .'«:<• f. tji a f*r-« a !<*.,»! And ftlA-su* !? Hr },r t-> . .ifig ar-.d /..frs.'ij; *.!•-•) [ttt I 'i!;. i • -jrx >> «! 5*i.'tv«- (trtir sg : - that . !iii-r-<" a clear ijn MAfidinj? of !)-,«• ,;•,«£?, . (V*jr«-;i tan thf !?;<• srn :• I! U- «i 'J M a rn and V 4', .i n, through actiOTt of t*.- ')'.;. Council, the ordjmifKje at to a rn , - ! J l<-jM' tun-i ('.'I 1 IJ.Col 21 OPEN HOUSE AT COLUMBIA SET TONIGHT a! Enforcement hearing set on Nalco discharge permit at ,-icUviUt-s MITTKNS AND WOOLEN caps turned out lo be the uniform of the day for some of the Bratwwood High School cheerleaders in Austin's Memorial Stadium Saturday Here cheerleader Ham Bohuslav' smiles her upraised mittens and wool cap, after the Buccaneers came from behind to beat the Austin Travis Rebels. The Buccaneers next meet McAJlen at 2 p m. Saturday at Hopper Field here. — Photo By RICK OTTO Thf Jif-fSTii! Hand A! '. f T f : ' r -'f > fc 4 V c f;,-p-f !-. ptwr,-. wv* ;,»sj(' i.v-j •fcij.j \- f !«c i (ttfjl! H< County approves bid for appraisal, inventory isr.d fhf (-,<-^r. tf.r N.'ikr TV NrAr-ir^' cf A t>j(i of Jfi.,V«'.> ! an apfjf aj.vil and inventory o.' rwjni;. [>f(»|»,-rl > ir.d f<>:jjpni»r,' "t«> Mi's \p fir.n'.ai Sy«.!»-:n;. h;i> U-n-n . , !•> CiiS PniKipa! it-s V> jji/mj>.fi!.i% of-, t:ip!«;if«iAt!(»r: of u.-ir.f-r S)-»t« v m this A fj-;jat-.s;infi jivd cr M->. MO?! '*ili ci>ncludf 'hi;n<- (hi- (i[>}« ,r t :\\l •*,{); f.ich , Ihc C'ii»-vn:«-ijTi.s Tno facuit;. J K rn-d> . F'iib!:c ?«n»jrti in Use !> of She (varwits t 'our! f'ojr;!;. Auditor (i.'iylf Jr ,i!>;i ( Aivin ('t.T'.ififd Accouritan! the independent ^utiiltir fnr the Cirtir.ty. had t*>!h urgcti Iht- inventory 1» made Kennwly tnid the cvur! ti.j! he had foc-«i rt-coriv nu-ndiai; »uch an inventory t<- madi- since if.«fi7 He N.nd i! wa> nfct-svarj for him tn tx- ,ib!o u> prepare a p'rf.sfR-r hviUinci- statement for th« v cuuiit) f-n hi.s C.'ommisMoni--r Hruwn wanted to Freepori man victim of gun while hunting "How detailed will the inventory b<;''" Kennedy "--aid that every item wtKiid t>e msentora-d m c-oe .nsf::er or another Bro-AT. h;id asked ritxRit. small iU-rns such as hand tools wfiich are difficult to keep track of Kt-nnt-d)' .viid items s.uch as thi.s 'Ainjici U' appraiwd by takinc the estimated \a!ue thri>s<- who UM- them ,'ind that anything under S-fyO would be ir.- ventorii/d as a "group item " Tilt- !nv<-raor> should be- of value to the court, the county engineer, as well as th« county judilor and the i ndepen dent auditor. Kennedy s^nd Counts Knginet-r IJcohi-y sasd his VKLAM'O IIHAINACK DIKTItHT Supervtftors J A "Sonny" Travis, led, and Kotxrt Anderson, right, pri-**-*!! a plaque of appreciation to Mrs Hay iMaryt Farrar. widow of the late Drainage District *uptr vi»or Receiving the plaque with Mrs Farrar is her nephew, Robert Harlen Farrer di«l tk-l IT. and Anderson was nanuxl .supervisor on (VI. 23 A Fret-port man dead on arris al at Ma t a g o r da (i e n era! Ho-spnal at Hay i'lty Sunday morning after sustaining a fatal gunshot wound while he was hunting Knk Junius Mi-,stayer, 22, of l«>y W Stvond'St , died from a wound from a high powered det-r rifle, acctirdjin; io Matagorda Ctiunty I'd 1 Justice of the Peace 1) K "Jack Hmton Mestayer's mother. Mrs Hazel Mestayw, is mayor of the city of Quintana A spokesman for the M a t a g o r d a Counts Sheriff's Department said Mt-stayer's death is under iiuritigation and that no charges have been (tied "It was probably a hunting accident." the spokesman said He also indicated all information, i IK lulling the results of an autopsy, would be presented to the grand jury- in Matagorda County. Mestayer was hunting with one other man, and i Please turn lo P. 12. Col. 2> BRAZOSWOOD DE STUDENTS PLAN ANNUAL DRIVE A food drive is being sponsored by the Distributive Education students of Brazoswood High School in an attempt to make Thanksgiving a happy occasion for area residents The food drive is an annual event sponsored by the high school's Distributive Education iDEi students The objective of the drive is to "help bring the American tradition of Thanksgiving to tables of the not-so- fortunate families m the Brazosport area." said a DE student Donations will be accepted until io a.m Wednesday, Nov. 26 in the mall at Brazoswood High School Help needed to make house a home B> GOIUKINHILKY burffl^ ,!«« n«i o,, t ^ lt k,.^ ,.,n „ j ^^ * * ^* B>GOIUK>NHILK1 A nict 1 new hmu>e is not always a home Howard and Sheryl Hardee. managers of the Brawna County Youth Home al Angleton, have learned As residents in charge of the youth (wine, Mr and Mrs Hard*.* want to create as much of a home atmosphere as possible for its occupants, who are either juvenile delinquents or pre-delinquenU The Youth Home serves as a temporary residence for the youngsters for approximately three to six months, according to llardee "We have a lovely place but there are a number of little things which our budge! does not cover which will give this home more of a feeling of a home," Mrs liarikt' said The Youth Home has a maximum capacity of eight and now has five resident* m addition to the staff residents, llardee said (hey could provide residency for one more "Our educalional psychologist recommends that we not try to have more than six and 1 do not believe we would be able lo adequately handle more than six," h« explained Mr and Mrs Hordee are employees of the, Gulf Coast Regional MH-MK Board which funds the operations of the home along with Uniled Fund and private donations The Youth Home also receives payments from the sponsors of the residents. For children placed in Ihe home by Brazoria County Juvenile Probation Department, the county pays the home $5 per day and the parents are assessed $100 per month or less on an ability to pay basis A fee of $150 per month is charged for a private placement The Youth Home, which started receiving occupants on Sept, 26, is exceptionally clean and modern in every aspect and appears to have no noticeable institutional atmosphere Mrs Hardee said it would have even more of a home atmosphere, she believed, if some garden clubs would assist them and the children in properly landscaping the now "new house barren" yard. Another shortcoming in equipping the youth home is a lack of recreational equipment, both indoor and outdoor. "These children especially need outlets for their excess energy," she said. Another item for the lawn is a lawnmower, Hardee said, "It would fit in perfectly with our "doobies." His wife smiled and explained that doobies are credit slips given on an honor point system. (Please turn to F 12, Col 2) department had a complete list of all county- owned land by d<-?*cripiion and size and t! would be easy to api^vus-c its value. Land appraisal .i not a part of the inventory Commissioners Billy Griffin and John Gasle moved !o accept the hid Count;. Auditor Gayle asked (fiat the cos! o( the inventors be paid from the 1975 budget':, contingency fund County Judsje K K. Brewer questioned whether the work would be completed before Dt-c 31, when tho !9?5 budget expires (iayk- and the court a^rtftl that he could work ou! some form of i n c u m b e r a n e e with Kennedy which would commi? the payment from these funds w tien the work was completed Ordinances on Oyster Deek agenda OYSTF.R CRKEK Members of the board of aldermen tonight at 7 p.m will consider the adoption of a junk vehicle ordinance, appointment of a representative to a H-GAC workshop, and discuss a peddler's ordinance Paving contract planned for port A contract for paving the parking area and drive around the Navigation District office will be let when the Board of Commissioners meets at 2 p.m. Tuesday. Four bids were opened at the meeting on Nov. 14 and Patco Construction Co. was the apparent low bidder with $20,990 The bids were turned over to district's general manager for tabulation and recommendation at Tuesday's meeting. Other items on the agenda for the Nasigation District Board of Commissioners is discussion of relocating the berth for the harbor's tug boats. The board wtil also discuss a request from Adaco in regard to improved surfacing for toe storage parking lot used by the car importing companies. Toe board will hold an executive session, closed to the public, to discuss land acquisition

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