Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 11, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1930
Page 10
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DECATUR H E R A L D WO IMmMjl ^^ Mrs. Hoover Acknowledges Cheers In Commemoration of the Battle of Kings Mountain Fire Makes Whoopee in Texa* Guinan's New Ch RniiLous nhoitts of n i i fiKlittt 1 * und UK' MTOUHIK of tli'-n hitoiif,, iJ^]))aci'il Hie Jri))] |miKhtii of the MA, I crs und the clamor of thtir wooden mullets in Tcxm duinuti's new Atjtnaui cluh in .SVw York Citt, Blaze, which onginattd m » ihort circuit M port era \U'its (.Itaninit up, fi'Jt club in thi-t rnt)itr i l l y 1' ,111. A A l l n i i i i ) (rowls n i l 'iloiitf tti l i m ) i u i \ i I ih«'( ved 1'it'Mtlenl nnd M t v Hwlwt Mofivnf u h l i c on rniit' to the rt1*feralmn of lh fiOth »r\- niv*r*Bry of the h u n k "f Hmjri Mountmn KiiiK 1 * M n u n l m n , S (. H*r*'i Met, Itnovi r ncknowlt'djfmjt the pltwditi nt the uovrd jjiith- »rwi nt Suliihury, N. (. , (luirau brief stop tht'tr it i I'll lllf AtlJUil O M u i k i i i K tin ITiOlh a n n i v c t s u i y ol (lie battle (d K i n g i Mountain, lit K I H K H M mini inn, K ( , huce nirmonnl colfUtation wns staged t h p i c Lhi o t h r dttv in w h u h Ihdiisaiidi ut p i i s i n s pnrtu i- p H l d Pi patient (1 o\ti m »d- dr*(Min(j the ttiuitip an ]Min«i|inl ·:['t ik( r, wnrncit of thp J!cd pctil ami (isM.tliHl thdl foiDijtii lurtas n t c niPii.Kinit U n i t e d Sttitet. ! [ i i f is (,'cn'ial »e\v dunne 500-Gallon Still Unearthed in 32-Room Mansion Assumes Command of Fleet iu Spanish Political Gathering in Madrid Bull Pen ·"MS V n t M i U r i A i K t ' u i i p i u t ' lu In 1 ) i i i L l -iltuiitc in V p u i u j u i l K ' H K \V LKM onornnHH l u i i i o u t at luii'v :inctiti)f to p i o t l u m i iiiitmiinl Ui.'(ml' llnji f o l i r l i i i i t v held m luill djflit ntitf ol Wndnd, Ihf Spitniili i,u|nhil eitv. More tlitui jn,()IU im-uini n4xnulili*d lo tnke p i t t t in the I » I U Mid pni tt^n of the imitiHiw K H t f i n m e IH Principals in Society Nuptials ^ :4 i 11 in * Ml ^ KtlUM'liltir i 1 1 ^ H K t J t u l k M L it! (JliaLiit 111 Ha itiuitfhU't oC Mis. Williitm h , K*vn ol Nov tho bndo ot Wnllor S, Esther jf of l\c\\ I 0 rk, i» lllt hutch of K o n i r n K K;«t Tteitplion was held folloixinR tli« nwli'" 1 * ·frcmom tn I w n x X^ I wtdnjf of NL« ^ c r k hotel hnlliooin f h c fotiplc ure *rfn a' t h c j Ic^iie rliui\h n i t e r m i p t n K »} England Sure Is Proud of Betty Last Word ini Piuflcd Altaoilt) Tiacinp ^auicc of pollution in brook, hc'ulvh oflittis it Kvf, N. V , i.nine li|1nn unt nf tin 1 Nti s« s t (tiitillciii'» c\ t uut.ii IhiH m jm.iLi \\omtt in tliu hitui\ of p H i h i h i t i o n 'Jl)i !J toont tillingmn WU louniJ lu CUDIUISI atlllh \mt)i it c.»!\ ot lino Kill IIJHH It w j \ twi.iuM'tl llmt plmit hud Wtin opci ititiii u n l y a \\i-i!i, t i n I "I'M! i A1 « " k - i 'Hie niaioj patt of the i\u\)'t PaolSc (ltd rtirhliiik' M t i ojtili w i l l b lia^nl in llu 1 \\.auth nujililjni i»nr 1 Hi A«t,"ilt», ·'» h iwitmonW Ultic flfi't ntidi'i 11 ilu-t i i i r a i M / H l m n plwt now |J*UIK lompM* 1 '! W J Ailtiiirat John V, * II.IH', n»\\ Liiinmnnilt'1 in Oin'l ol tli' ' . N n**ji II upon liii tti'ih.t! f i o i n Wn-il)iiii[ti'» LI (', to IiiHiil \v* l«ifitai i« I u l tin . cr nljuvc' itiiwtll aftei Hi" . l w i t l i J'. II. 1 M h - t i r i i l i l hcl1 Mexican Financial Crisis Reaches New High ^S. v v i n i i .Misi lil.iO nil ti jouitioy Uns n m l i ( (tot.s -ihe w i l l wmit tlm (hit t Imp^uu in tin « i f d - mlip It is u h nt (t*ll tin nine liv Pittnu, w h i c h ^howi muth him u h e n w i n n nnd \* in kcop- HB ^ i t h t h t tempt! dt mmic It i-. vtrv s m a i l l v done in while. Yuutitr ftnd old nlike cutliorid at the home of Betty Nut hall, at Richmond, Englimd, to longiululate hct on h r Am(.tit»n lennu tnumphs and to get a glimp^o ot lh« II. h, M union's Hiii([les li»ph\ F , of which Bt-tty came into pnvscstion hy d f f r n t m p thi» bo 1 -! w e httd to offci in the way if womi'ii tcnnm playois. Herp Mis- Mith-ill js «.ccn wth a young w i m i i e t of the cup on the buck of hoi homo Denmark's King Observes 60th Birthday (111 I'ul'l * tllpitin ) The Mexican covcinnitnl, in an attempt, to ttlU'Vmte the flnanuiil niKi-., w h u h hn icHc-hcd n new high peak in that o u n t i \ , if w i t h - dfawinft fiom cirtulation ninny inillioni of mlver peso*. Oi'lintiry cost of an Ammoon rlnllnt is 2 jioson hut now the mlra i U ^ilvpr ey, Heie tnn«hme» nfc cmintinR silver that hnil been »ilh- diawn. Soviet Official at Home Nails Bandits i-I 1 * »t -i* L! fc-» . ^^^*. . I/ I'a Mil, A A l n i n L l t l On mi. us ion nf Ins sutiftli buthUaj, Xmff r h n ^ t i a n oJ Donmsik, Joij[ot all fonnaltliei, and rode t h i n n s r h )h* it[((*ti of C'openhngen, the Dant^h rapital with the (pupen and peisonulh icccived the fcllci- nf his inhjecb Here the royal coupls can he «ccn ackiio^l«dgin(r the chperi of crowds. When his oflict ot peoplc'n lonimli purmits him, Litvinow likis nt against all a romcri, young wn at (heir home in Moscow. lie Iliyl'vlli ftAilmitlc) for foidmi «*ulr» of Sovlrt hinit lulk-r than to mukti 111* i« iwen h*ro m «nw ttilh ln» Aidlnic In ^ e eaptuio of M* kw *nd «rd«'i foi* !"»· **, ! 'H L. Jon«s (itb'ivet uuthot of iw · and Id inohilritloB eiinvtim'ir* Tho Si-natois i»|iptiariiiw* in "? roltf of v)«lluiit' w»t not pi** nK'dltuU'd h'wi'\«i', lw«ilH» * met hi* on one ear row) w i rnm:b, aivd )»in* collmw uw * ltiotM,

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