Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 18, 1897 · Page 13
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1897
Page 13
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?ENTER THREE HOUSES ON FIFTH AVENUE. Hosuw wf t* Xi. Wb«eier» ftesrft Weod J, T, Wowmatm Baamekod—Ver)' tittle Bostr «»k*»—We*** Oat after «h«'Cf»»h— Were I* W ' St. residence of L; &* "Wheeler* 608 Fifth avenfce, aa4 Bert Wood, 506 Fifth avenue, were^mrglarizea during Wednesday, At neither ;place|dld the burglar* secure much booty; they seemed to confine their efforts for a search' for money, and would carry away no other article of value. At the "Wheeler" residence, entrance was gained through a window, the sash having been raised, A pitch fork, borrowed from B aeighbor's stable, was used to force the window lock and to raise the Bash, Every room on the first floor of the house was thoroughly ransacked. The robbers, intent on securing money, overlooked every thing 'else. They took the- children's saving banksi and pockets books. These were discovered this morning in a neighbor's barn where they had been broken open* Entrance was made into the Wood residence in the same manner and the fiame tactics were employed. Finding . money here, the robbers took noth- ng. The lower part of the house was thoroughly .ransacked.' , The robbery was evidently committed by some porBo"h or persons familiar with the families and who were a.c- qnainted with certain facts which made last night a most propitious one wTn Bnrglars, undoubtedly the same individuals, also entered the residence of ,' ( J. T. Woermann,; 503 Fifth avenue. .Entrance here was gained through a ^window as at (be other places., The window was locked with a common 'window clasp. The burglars bored a „ email hole through the sash and then threw the clasp, : It.was a neat bit of work, The Woermann residence was Vnot searched so thoroughly as the others. The burglars, however, .took •change-, amounting to "nearly' $5.00 "from the pocket of "Mr. Woermann's ' trousers which hung in the bed room. ''* The mauraders did a good night's . work,, but so far as has been* discover , ' ed, they secured but little more than DR. SOL EBERSOLE ACCUSED Medical Mission iBgtltue or Chicago i» , -Closed. .''- :•••-•;• ;'. . The following from Tuesday's Inter Ocean concerns DrTSolomon D. Eber sole, formerly of this city: ; .T r , "The Board of Directors of the Inter national Medkfal Mission Institute,^o. 2221 Wabashavenue, which has"beerj teaching medicine to foreign missionaries of different denominations, has decided to close the Institution.. This conclusion was reached only after a atubborn factional fight in which Sup r. Sf D. JEbersole was charged with mismanagement, ignoring and. o'verridding Bequests of the directors, and failure to present regular itemized financial ,statements, ^^^'^'•••- '•••,•'•• ^ "The trouble has been "growing, for some time. Last fall several of the di' rectors resigned, and several physicians of the city who,Had been on the staff of instructora dropped out'of the work. : The Institution bad been supported by C volnntary.contributipns, but these fell In amount and'the scope tof the "work had. to be reduced. r - •#.••.••*••; #' :.:'' •'••;• "Whether the hospital and theschool or either, will be reopened .remains to ,-!>«. settled. Dr. MqPherson says'= they will not, at any rate under the present , incorporated name,,- but Dr. Ebereole t says they will be reopened in the fall - ""Dr. Ebersole denied the allegations of mismanagement. 1 V " 'The books will show that all; the . money received • haj been put:to the proper use, be said. 'I deny .that have not made regular reports of the financial matter* pertaining to tbe in- gtitutlon. I am sure I have done upth* Jag wblcb could afford a basis for tbe charges of tbe directors, I think there can be no question that the institution Will reopen lo the fall,"' . , .MARRIED WEDNESDAY EVENING Walter C. Buckley tutd Dorothy M. Jell- rlcb* United, ' Walter 0. Bucklej and Miss Dorothy M.'JellriehH, both of this city, were married Vast evening, at the borne of ~th$ groora, on Weat Fourth street. The c&jemony was performed by the Kev tCkeodO*® Crowi, pastor of .the Congre ' gfttionai churcb, Jn tbe presence of Ihe relatives and intimate friends of tbe "eoatracting parties. The wedding was § pretty one and was a happy occasion Hr. and Mrs, Buckley are both wel . ajad favorably known io this city and they have the best wishes of the entire The groom la the team • for tbe Bock Fails ManafaeturiBg Into 1>. C. 55l«ik"« Cn«<>, A mass meeting of the Modern Toodmen of America was held in the Odd Fellows' parlors in Clinton Toes»y evening to take the first steps in ifirfectifig plsas to investigate the barges made against the head officers f the order. There were several haft[red Woodmen pr&ent from Illinois nd Iowa Ritid an open discussion waa l ad, Acommisteeof ten was appoint- dfromai many different c«mps to urther the investigation and report at meeting called by the committee. ( W. A. North«ott, head consul; J. 1 G, Ohnsoo, head attorney and J. W.< White a member of the Board of Di- ectore, were present. Mr. Nbrthcott iCted as spokesman of the trio. They were questioned in regard to the maters before mentioned and especially equested to give an explanation of the $45,000 shortage In the accounts of D, !. Zlnk t former head banker. , 'All Of the officers denied consent or cnowledge of the raid on the 'head clerk's ofllce and were unable to satisfy he Woodmen in regard to jink's hortage and matter of purchasing" real estate in- Bock island. tat wiU go to WOODMEN LOOK UP SHORTAGE, Meeting is Itslrt *t Clinton, JR., to Y. M. C. ITEMS CONTRIBUTED BY THE GENERAL SECRETARY. Bible Cluiw tor TTonng M«n ^(^ b« Orfcanls:- *ej—Oyransulntu Content lo be Held MArch 32~AnotJ»er Indies' Wight March 81—Bicycle Exhibit Coming. AN IMPORTANT DECISION. Rendered Against the Knights'of Pjrthlas Kegardlng Ineufunoe. ••••-.' Judge Shirley, in the Sangampn Circuit Court.made an important decision Wednesday in an insurance case. It was ttiat of Mrs. Louis < Henry.Swho sued the Supreme Lodge, Knights of Pythias'of the World, for $3,000 insur- ant on-the4ife-othechUBband r Gharies Elenry. The defense was that a by-law of the Supreme Lodge exempted suicides from benefits from the insurance, but the plaintiff, proved that -the .bylaw was not made by the Supreme Lodge, but only by the Board of Con- ;rol and then ratified by the Supreme Lodge. Judge Shirley held that the ay-law was not binding on Henry un^ ess'the Supreme Lodge made it and instructed the jury to find for Mrs. Henry. ' . .•- -;. . _. ,'/•'.' ANOTHER KANSAS SCHEME.; V • " •"''-•' '•."• -' ' Two Fanners Strike a Knap In the Telephone Lino. , In Kansas the farmers' have solved the cheap telephone question to perfection. Two farmers living a mile apart purchased a couple of telephones and attached them to one of the wires on a barbed-wife fence and commenced talking to each other. They found that a message could be conveyed just as distinctly as though a special wire had been strung from one house to the other, and now If. the railroad company doestnot enter a protest, they propose to put in an instrument in the village where they transact 'business 'and receive the latest news and market quotations, using the railroad company's fence as a means of conveying such intelligence. i __i________ - BISHOP IS THE MAN. He Will Represent the Mystic Workers at ,.'..'. •'. •''. Fttltpn . '.. , ,.. The regular meeting of the Mystic Worker*i was_hejd in the G,^A, K. HalL Wednesday evening." . The attendance was larger than usual and the meeting was very animated and interesting, continuing until nearly midnight. '. Dr. Joseph A. Bishop was chosen a's a delegate to represent the Sterling lodge at the coming meeting of the Supreme lodge at Fulton. W. E. Rose was elected alternate.'This meeting willjbe an important one, for a"number of changes in the constitution and by-laws, are contemplated. VISIBLE IN THE DAY TIME; Venae, the Brilliant Kvenlujr Star, Can be SeenJWIth NakecJ,'jSye. , Venue, the brilliant evening star.can now be seen with the/naked eye in proad|dayligbt, if you know where to look for her. Between 2 and 3 o'clock p, m., tnls .month, she crosses the me- ridan and will -be then seen due south alboat sixty-five degrees above the horizon. That la something near one- third the distance from the point directly over head and the point on Jthe level due south from the observer, There are Yenuses arid Venuses, but this one is tbe.only Simon pure, blown- ln-the-bottle article.~ ' 19 it "overwork" that has filled this country witb}ner«rou8 dyspeptics?— that takes the flesh oft their bones, the vitality from their" blood, and makes them feeble, emaciated and inefficient? No, It is bad cooking. Over eating of indigestible atuff, and other health destroying habits. The remedy is an artificially digested food such as the Shaker Digestive Cordial. Instead *of irritating the al- r'eady iana'raed stomach the Cordial givea it a chance to rest by nourishing the system itself and digesting other food taken with it. So flesh and strength return, to aottfae idea rational? Tfae CwdiiU ia #al8tahle and i'*alieyes immediately. H?mousy risked to decide m its value. & IQ e»ot k trlal Bottle 3o«8 tikftt.' • for efcil- II it At the solicitation of f rieodd, a Bible class will be organized in the interests of the rnany young men who have recently made a profession of religion, and will be confined to boys ranging from 16 to 24 years of sge, .The ees- Blons will be held from 4:15 to 5:00 p. m.^and will be under the leadership of the General Secretary, 1 The class will be conducted with the needs of these young men in view and will doubtless be conducive to spiritual development. No line of religious work is eo important at the present time as the care of these boys and every effort should be made to throw •about them such kindly Influences as may encourage them in the new walk which they bavelcbiosen. llev. Alexander Patterson, the evangelist holding services in the Presbyterian church, will address the men of the city at the Y. M. C-A. rooms at 3 p. m. tomorrow afternoon. Every man in the .city should be present to hear Rev. Patterson, for he never falls to interest men. ' A gymnasium contest will take place on Monday evening, March 22, and preparations are going on to make it both lively and Interesting.* It. will be ope,n to friends interested in gymnasium work. . The fifth "Ladies Night" of the season will be observed Wedneaday.March 31, and will be given under .the super vision of the Ladies Central Committee. These eventsliave gamed consld erable popularity and the next will be as pleasant as the.others have been if the plans inaugurated will be carried out, and for this we have no fear. . It is proposed to arrange an exhibition 'of bicycles fn the Association rooms at an early date', making an elaborate display, both of cycles and all the individual parts. It will probably be a two days' exhibition, affording ample time for every one to make a thorough inspection."Members Night," which occurs next Friday evening (March 19) promises to be an occasion, which will recall to mind many happy (and .wearisome; hours spent at the World's Fair a few years ago. ' B. N. Clark has secured a most valuable set of steriopticon views 125 in number, which, together with local snap shots will be thrown upon the canva's, providing most excellent entertainment. There will also be musical-program and the Entertain^ ment Committee ofI the L. C.« C. will •look after the needs of the inner man. Members, with their lady friends, are invited to this entertainment, being the second in the series of ^Members Nights." Every effort will be made to accom modate all "who may. desire to hear Evangelist Patterson, in the Association rooms tomorrow afternoon. Ad ditional chairs will be put in, making a seating capacity of 250. None should fail t£Lear this, excellent 'Btble_stu- dent. ." ~ ~~- ~ 7~~' A Saturday Night classy will be organized at an earJy date for the study of the Sunday school lessons. This will'be carried on to meet a growing demand for a more thorough preparation on the part of teachers for each lesson. Features will be adopted which will aid' materially in accomplishing the desired purpose. The class will be for men only. , "How to read the Bible'.' will be the fourth lecture, before the Bible classes of .the Association -tomorrow.after- noon, Kev. J. A. Matlack being' the speaker. "A Young Men's Sunday" (evening service) will be held in the Congregational church of Bock Falls, March 28. It will be a platform service, with twenty (20) young men as speakers. . The Bible class, organized last Sunday for Jhe study of the "Life, of Christ" began with a .membership of twenty- .three, nineteen of the number having been members of the class engaged in the frtudy of the gospels. This class le an encouraging feature of the Association work. The Triangle Cycle Club will meet for the election of officers for the ensuing year, on Tuesday, April 6, in the Association rooms. From present indications, the club,will he made an exceedingly popular one for sociability and profit, suggestions having already been made for special events during the riding reason, ^ • On Wednesday evening, April 14, an Association "Camera Club" will be organized. The leaders of this movement are pushing hard for recognition and they propose to be up-to-date m their undertakings. PLEASANT DANCING PARTY. Mr*. Annie S5ras*ftt Fntprtaln* at Her Hoarding riottno. Mrs. Annie Baasett, who conducts ,hs popular boarding house above the Bea Hive' grocery, gave a pleasant dancing party for the young people aat evening. Messrs. Millet and EUeh&rdeon were present and their excellent music proved a decided inspiration for the merry dancers. During ;be evening light refreshments consisting of cakes, oranges arid bananas were served. The occasion was delightful and those who were there will long remember the cordial hospitality of the hostess. The following ladles end gentlemen made up the party: Misses— • Ola«i Blair Jessie Manfran Annie Lawler Mesdariies— Blair Messrs.- George Blair Glenn Benles Charles Kngh Pearl Osborn Noble Smith Edith Mangan Kate Lawler Emma Bassett Osborn Will Crelder Bert Derwent Burgess. —Residents in this city cotuplaia that tramps ars becoming very numerous, One lady who is noted hereabouts for her excellent brmd, wtta consider- $bty uetU«l the other morning upon having apsQf of hsir cfaoieest tof^d aai butter csat*aj|»tu,ottsSy rtiused and '•*0B*ethl8g better." &»k«4 fas, The Harry Osborn Bert Bassett Ed Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Btull. WASHED TO THE SHORE. Charlie Shraeder'sJProperty In Found Nenr llroBsler's Mill. Charlie Schrader has found a part of the .property which was lost in the Elk' horn last Wednesday. Tbe horses, harness and most of the wagon were wash-, ed up on the shore of the creek near Bressler's mill. The horses are both dead, having perished in a short time after Charlie succeeded in getting out of the creek. The harness is damaged but slightly, and, with a little repairing, can be made nearly as g'ood as new. . The place where Charlie went into the creek is said to be at least .fifteen feetdeep,and tbe banks there are so located that a fierce whirlpool is formed. This is what, in all probability, threw the horses under. The-more that is learned of the nccldent,the more people wonder that Charlie ever got out of the mix-up with hia life. ; BAPTIST REVIVALS CLOSED. Successful Serif B TH^'jUectlngs Ended Thursday Evening. . The special revival meetings a,t the Baptist church which have been in progress for the past six weeks, were brought to a close with Thursday night's meeting. This cervice was largely attended and it was interesting and beneQoial. Pastor Morris' sermon was strong and filled with good argument. This revival has been a revival Indeed; the members of the church have been strengthened and filled with a new zeal for religious work. As a .result of the meetings, several have been 1 received into the church andthere are others to follow. It is expected that a baptismal service will be held next Thursday evening. REBEKAHS AT THE HUB. MUSIC AND TABLEAUX PLEASANT ENTERTAINMENT AT ZION EVANGELICAL CHURCH. Sterling and Hock falls Lodges Have a Good Time at Morrison. Thirty-two members of the Bebekah lodges of Sterling and-Rock Falls-went to Morrison Thursday evening to visit the lodge in that city. There were seven members from Bock Falls and twenty-five from Sterling. Arriving at Morrison, the visitors were received by representatives of the Morrison or ganizatton. A banquet was served. Three members were initiated into the Morrison lodge, after which speeches were made by visitors. A splendid literary and musical program was 1 given by Morrison talent. An informal social was then held until the departure of the train for Sterling. THE OLDEST MASON, Chnrcb Crowded to the Door»—Entertelri- Ing Program of JKuito and Addttsmes Rendered—Revn. G*w«er »nd Rilling . Speak Interestingly—Rare TaMA*u)t. An entertainment of a musical and literary nature wag given in the Zion Evangelical church, corner Fifth avenue and Fifth street, Friday evening, The attendance was very large, every seat being occupied and all the standing room taken. The church was crowded to the doors and many were turned away. This entertainment was given by the people of the church as an expression of their gratitude to the friends who have contributed toward the purchase of B new carpet for the church. , The greater part of the work in preparing for the entertainment was done by Mrs, George Landis and to her untiring efforts and splendid Draining is due the.superior excellence of the program and Llie success of the entire entertainment. The program was given as follows: Bong "AwakeO Zlon'sDaughter".....Class Scripture Lesson and Prayer. .Bev, J. J. Llntner Male Quartelto ."liotd Fast to thy Child" Female Trio.. ,j ....... "Savior Breathe an Erenlng Blessing." Tenor Solo...."The Return of the Prodigal Non" Male Quartette. "Travelling Home to God." Instrumental Duet "Traumerel" Address..... Eev. Billing Female Duet "Light After Darkness" Solo "The Holy City." Male Quartette ...;......... "Though Your Bias be as Scarlet." So'o Male Duet "The Lord la King." Address.—.«.—.-..TTrrrrr...... .-.-RerrJrJrL1nliner~ Dlalogue.....;....... "The Blch and Poor." Alco Solo with Mixed Chorus Address..' ,......Bev, Oasser Song.,.. "TheValleyol Rest".........Class Male Quartette ....''Rock ol Ages" Tableau Benediction Each number, on the program was rendered In a highly meritorious manner. Tho:muuical selections were very good, especially the singing of the male quartette. Mrs. Landis sang "The Holy City" in flue style. The addresses by flev. Qasser; of Brookville and Polo, and Rev. Billing, of Freeport, were excellent. Each gentleman "poke of the work in bia district and encouraged the Sterling brethren to press forward. Mr. Llntner expressed his thanks to the members and friends in a brief address. . The ascension tableau was a scene of rare beauty. A description would convey but a meagre idea of the exquisite beauty of the tableau. The members of the Zion church and particularly those interested in the program are to. be congratulated on the success.of^the. entertainment. "•- •'""" Probably. Uucle aiokoctt, Ninety-six Ycari Old la Hlllsdale. There is considerable good natured rivalry among some of the oldest mem- bars of the Masonic order. • For awhile it was thought Dlxon led the list. Then Kewanee claimed for Mr. Trowbridge the distinction of being the oldest Mason in the State, if not in the United States. He joined tbe order in 1825. Now a Hillsdale man, ''Uncle" Hickock, says that he leads Mr. Trowbridge four years, as he joined tbe Masonic fraternity in 1831.' He is ninety-six years jof age and organized most all of the Masonic Lodges in Bock Island county. • • * - ' , —He was a thin, fragllo young preacher, but not half So helpless as he looked, ^He could see and, hear what was going on, even during the last prayer. Just before the very closing service he said calmly, but with a good deal of impresslvenefls to the square inch: "Those of the congregation that did not get their things all on .during the prayer, can do so wbUe I pronounce the benediction," During which, however, the audience could hear each oth- eife watches tick. —M. O. WjWlaojsoo, Cftuaty Clerk of Kaox coutsty, liaa beea eleetei Pwsl- cieut of tag Swedish E^pubticait Stite league, Mr, WilUa«ua«a is a g8o4 isaii £«? ike- piaet; be Is ®tt» fit thv, ; S»ef«*te ttee ju4 f» «* 9 * The approaching season makes it necessary for us to make a reduction on household goods. The 'prices on the following goods will make the house cleaner smile: Chenile Portieres— 4: yards long—per pair, - $2134 White Linen Tablecloths, 35c value, - - 19o Turkey Itctl Tablecloth, 3£fo value, - - JlOc Oil Cloth, 1 a-8 yds wide, Fancy Pattern, per yd, 12c Extra large Bath Towels, bleached and unbleached, ' - - llO Splashers, . - »...--. • • Oo Bamboo Book Case, value $2.OO, - - - 1.24 OUR LOCAL ANGLERS. Five Whopping Pike Pulled Out the Other Day by Franklin Grove Man. Our local'anglerg are commencing to show oigns of impatience. They are oiling up their rods, overhauling their tackle, renewing their supplies of hooks and making ready to cut bait. They are all of the opinion that the fishing is going to be goo^bJs_Beason._Cy__FiBh Grove man who other daj 'that tells of a Franklin caught' five pike the were whoppers. He was fishing with minnows out at the edge of the ice, Three of the five weighed together, twenty-one pounds, one of them alone weighing half of it, or ten and one-half pounds.\ Cy saw them weighed and uays they were not pickerel but pike, ENTERTAINED THIRTY FRIENDS Mr. and Mrn. John Reltz Gave a Pleasant ~ ' • Party,. ''•''.' •Friday evening Mr. andJMra. John Beitz entertained thirty or more of their friends living near their home north of tbe city. The evening was spent very pleasantly in conversation and discussing the excellent supper for which tbe lady of tbe house has art enviable reputation. Shortly before midnight the Rarty broke up and de parted for their homes. The participants in the entertainment .will long remember it as one of tbe most pleasant of the season, SMASHED HIS INDEX FINGER. 14c 29o 4c Solid Oak Lamp Stand, Wall Pockets, gilt decor< ated face with beautiful picture under- ___neath, Iworth $ 1 ,QO, ^ ^ Curtain Poles,..-—-~ -&G Felt Window Shades, Oft. long, good spring roller, Cloth Shades, better quality, complete^ - • A good Broom for - A good Whisk Broom for Wooden Chopping Bowl,! A Clothes Basket, 1OO Clothespins, Market Baskets, Fine Bristle Hair Brush, . A good Stove, A Bristle Clothes Brush, Japanese'Toothpicks, per •box, ,- -. " ., " U, N. O. JLaundry Soap, 13 oz., superior to, Lennox, 10 bars, •> - -, Imperial Laundry - Soap, 12 oz., 15 bars, Doll Laundry Soap, 12 oz. 12 bars, ' - - >ngJjarjCaslZbe_SQap, 12 oz., - - . - - .To Sultana Violet Soap,'.3 bars lOc Armour's Washing Powder, superior to Gold Dust, per package, So Prices Way Down on Thiware: Arthur McGlun, Jr., fite«t> With m Aooldeut. Arthur McGinn, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McGinn, who live south west of Bock Falls 041 the old Lawrence Baertarm, got tMinde'x finger of. hia right hand mixed up in the fe,ed grind er Saturday morning, smashing U near the nest joint. He was bought to town ut once and Dr. Anthony amputated ly the injured member at the first joint The young man etood the operation well and will, in all probability, recover speedily. Very Low Bate Kxcur»Iujj to the W««t »u.U tiouth. On March 16, April 0 m& W, the North Wwjtejrn LSu« will s«ll Home Swkers' eseuwjioa tickets, with tav abte tiua« litiiits to a mam cue |>Qiuts tli8 V?tot ftu<l 6 lm^m~^r 27o 5c 4o 9o 2c lc lo lot lo 10 lc 2o 2o 80. 80= 4ft Sc So - Patty Tins, 2 for Pie Plates, 8 inch Cookie and Cake Cutters, Child's AjB C Plate, A Pint Tin Cup, - • Tea Strainer, .9 T 1 Oinch Pie Plates, Stove Lifter, ' - 3 designs of Tumblers, eacho 2c Xong Handle Stamped Dipper, - - '••> Bread Pans, -•••-. Mouse Trap, - . Lamp Burners, Malleable Irou Match Safe, 2-qt.Pail, - - - Harness Snaps, 2 for Large Size Wash Basin, Match Safe, Comb Case and Mirror, complete, Wooden Salt Box, Clothes Hooks, per ctoz., lO-at, Flaring Pails, Earthen Cuspidor, Tin Oil Can, 1 gallon, Range Tea Kettle, Galvanized Pails, A good Coffee Mill, Covered, {toasting Pan, No. 8 all Copper Boiler, "9 all Copper Boiler, Galvanized and Copper Bottom Boilers at very Low Prices. Nice line of Flower Pots, decorated and plain; „ and Saucer complete— Plain; - V - Deeoratedr - • €o up We have just receive 1 a Hue of la» dies' Hhirt Waists', fine quality &ed latest Btyles—detacaable collsre—sji akee: 'UalauudrletJ, — worth 9o IQc 14o 17o 19o 1,59 l.?0

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