Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 4
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THB PAMPA. DA11,*. NEWS 22, 1959 Slat M188 HELEN .,,speaks Thursday On The Record llfGHLAJSrb OEM3KAL HOSPITAL NOtfcS Admlsslbft* Ronnie Sranscum, 1607 Duncan ; Mrs. Evfc Walden, tefors Mr*. trm«, McWright, 1328 Terrace Mrs. Ivy Cooper, Matador J, t>. White, 418 N. Wells Mrs. Joyce Swope, 1913 N. Sumner R, H. Hardln, 1311 S. Barnes Adelia Stamps, White Deer Mrs. Melba West, White Deer Mrs. Betty Griffin, 942 S. Banks Mrs. Zelma Wood, Borger •'.• H. P. Walker, 859 S. Sumner Mrs. Thelma Gibbons, Fritch Another First PAMPA TEACHERS TO HEAR POE THURSDAY 17.0 citizens of Pampa are invit-,viewer, will be the speaker. She r I to \>i guests of the P ft m p a occupies a unique position on the Classroom Teachsrs and the Gray- [lecture r'.atform, as she is in de- P.o7«rt3 County Unit of tht Texas man d by both men's and women's Silts TeacHers* Association at a'groups. To her many audiences rieclal Public Relations meeting she brings freshness, enthusiasm, end r3ce?tlon in the Pampa High naturalness, and personal 'charm, r-hool Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.! A graduate of Southern Metho- n?::t Thursday. Idist University, she has continued Miss Halen Poe who has gained her education through graduate much popularity as a lecturer, in- work at Columbia University and splrational speaker and book re- The Julliard School of Music in New York City and also through extensive travel in Europe and Russia. Her travel talks are equally ex citing to tliore v,ho may match £ her experiences and to those who I A||Vf A must remain at home. Her pene LOU I )C trating observation of people and places is informing and entertaining. Miss Poe is much in demand by 1 adult educational groups, national I and regional conventions, colleges, Nineteen women have completed churches, .literary clubs, m c n's a Red Cross standard first aid service clubs, and social organira- rourse, sien«ored fcy the Woodrow lions. Her many return engage- Wilson PTA. The class concluded 'menta she considers her finest l*.a fifth two hour meeting with a compliment. showing of a .First Aid film Fri-' day morning. Credit GrOUD The instructors were John Gi' is, chairman of the Pampa Red PlA^f'S ^51"^ic£l*S Cross, and Mrs. H. R.'Jeter. The »"<*WI» %/lllUCia :im was shown by Alex Swain, j The p am pa Chapter of Credit rchooj principal. The class began unions has elected new officers. Monday in the school cafeteria. |0_ y. Blggers, of the Pampa The PTA will sponsor a second Teachers Credit Union, i s the new Mfs. Lessle Frogge, Phillips Mr*. Marjorle Husc, Fritch Mrs. Wlla Ayers, Canadian Miss Virginia, Skellytown Mrs. H««e"l Maddox, Miami Mrs. Peggy Rogers, Amarllld Carol R. tMfiekson, 328 Miami Mrs, lone Miller, Borger Mrs. Irene Pinslon, Lubbock K. C. Messenger, Borgef Mrs. Demple Kerrtp, Borger R. W. RIdgeway, 1909 N, Wills David Fultoh, Leforfl Jess Kaps, Borger E. J. Machowlcz, 1S2« Willlston W. W. Chambers, Borger Dismissals Mrs, Alvera Boone, 1526 Williston Mrs. Margaret Wells, 915 N. Gray David Bronner. IMS Varnon Dr. Al Prlgmorc, 1145 Terrace Jimmy King, Petryton Tommy Harmon, 1100 Varnon Miss Florence Jones, 1322 N. Russell Mrs. Bea Rundall, Phillips Mrs, Julia Morrow, Borger Mrs. Leah Behrman, 721 N. Frost Mrs. Johnnie Moore. 510 N. West Mrs. Lois Henry. 453 Hughes Glendon Hayes, Pampa Donna Griffin, Stinnett CONGRATULATIONS I To Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walden, iLefors, on the birth of a dauerh- jter at 1:38 p.m. weighing $ Ibs. J 8 02. WARRANTY DEEDS | W. J. Monahan et Ux to Luvelln Monahan; All the north -10 feet of , lot 2 in block 1, Wynnelea Addition. Richard D. Back et al to Revile by B. Thornton 61 ux; Lots 10, 11 > Hugo Hiemer, Alanfeed, Ford lack et al; All of tha grantor'*' in block i, Gordon Addition. I Doris Price, 1918 Duncan* undivided interest in the snrrt.ce 1 ; g. y. Ward td James R. Walker rolet estate only of the northeast Ifit e t nx; All of lot 10 except the acres in section 44, block 25; South |southerly five feet in block 21, E. one-half of section 44, block 25? 154 acres of the Southeast quarter of section 45, block 25, H&QN Ry.> Co. Surveys. Nevtle Back at ux to C. R*. Griffith et ux; Part of section 45, block 25, H&GN Ry. Co. Surveys. William J. Ragsdale' et \iX to Fraser Addition No. 2. Frank M. Carter et ux to C. R. Hoover et ux; All of lots 6, 7, 8 in 9C j [block 10, Cook-Adams Addition. F. L. Stone et ux to W. L. Stark; Roy Hall, Pftrnp*. Rambler George H. Neef, 1S20 Alcoek, EdscI A. C, Holland, 444 Hughes, £d- Floyd Walker; All of the east 105 feet and one Inch of lot 10 and all All of lot 10 in block 1, Harvester Park Addition. James C. Blftssongame et ux to Verda E. Adair, a feme sole; All of lot 5 in Work 2, Hall Addition. Sammy Don Jones, ISOfl Ellen of the east iOS feet and one inch 1 Clrero Smith Lumber Company of the south half of lot 9 in block to S. Gene Hall et ux; All of the 40, Fraser Addition, . * . north 30 feet and south 45 feet of W. Nolan Kessler et ux to James S. Hollingwood et ux; All of lot 3 in block 3, Dean Addition. William T. Fraser to Fo"x\vorth lot 4 In block 64, Fraser Annex No. 3. Joe H. Black et ux to James E. Howard, 416 Louisiana Lonnie M. TiSdale, 800 Red beef, Oldsfnobile Billy F. Brown, 1121 ferry, Mercury William Jarrell Srnifh, Pumpa, Oldsmcfclle Eileen K. Moore, 2200* Hamilton, Cadillac | David Grossman, 108 B i 11 i Plymouth . Rusflell, James A. McCarley, P a m p a, Holmes; All of lots 1, 2 in block I 84, original town of McLean. 'English Ford Galbraith Lumber Company; AllL Mary E. McCracken et ux to; o. S. Kilgrease, 1136 S. Nelson, of the south 35 feet of lot 21, air Ruth McCracken AUvater, a feme j Plymouth of the north 35 feet of l6t 22V0ock s ole; An undivided one-sixth inter-! Clyde M. Vandenberg, 1126 W, E. Cobb, 1302 fi. Francis Floyd! KilloUgfi, 632 K. SrtmdW J. ft. Bujftney; 46$ Lelots John L. Cliffimlngs, 2616 Coffe* J. D. Oofmftft, 1618 fteid J. S. Bfya^Ci H64 Seneca, 3. E. McCte, 2233 DogMvood MAftfttAOK LiCEff^ES tJavld Eugene Mulllhs and Peggy fevontve Ollvada. Carroll Newton Latham ftrtd Keftfteth Albertft PetidefgrasS. §11 ly Lee Pyefltt and dufnettft Steele. Don Wayne Hodge and .Karene m Lowa from nay K. L*ff, w«tef ¥,,>sfttitiiffftn.f 11if ..> Alvert E. BriiWcuM MM 'VH* Joyce Cranfofd from Jbhjl lilt, C'ranfotd, Rid yflur Haw*, A0tt., OfflfiSI tfit fllR-^-Mdlfi*—Pl«»i — S»d BuB* ArtU—W4I0I—ftua 6»*tl*«. JOHN VANTINE 85, Fi'ftaer Annex No. 3, eat In an to all the east one-half j Charles, Ford of section 31 in block 28, Thomas W. Johnson tcfyA L> C. f Yager to A. E. Bell; Lois :•$, '6 in'Ry. Co. Survey, block l, Houstdn Addition." t Id «- Nca1 ' a ' eme sole - to Har - H&GN '•. D. E. Holt, Pampa, Cadillac George Neef Jr., 608 Powell, Isabel S. Petty et vir. to Buck [Henley; Part of the east,, one- old Myer et ux; All of lot 6 in block Studebaker 1, Neal Addition. Dwain Darrow et ux to Alto M. half of section 42, block 23, tt&ON. Ry. Co. Surveys. (Martin et ux; Lot 14, block Buck Henley et ILK to Clifford Prairie Village Addition. A'lison; Part of the east one-half j NEW CAB REGISTRATIONS of section 42, block 23, H&GN Ry. Thomas J. Cox, 210 N. Nelson, Co. Surveys. | Chevrolet T. C. Lively Jr. et ux to Truman' Dorothy M. Hays, 705 E. Den- E. Cooper et ux; All of lot 6 injver, Mercury block 1, Channing Addition. , j Paul Walker, 733 E. Mai one, Evan Allen Jones Jr. et ux to Chevrolet Harold M. Ux; All of lot 10 in block 4, Hughes-Pitts Addition. A. L. Patrick Sr. et ux to A. L. Patrick Jr.; North 40 feet of lot 4 in block 11, North Addition. Albert E. Chlldera et ux to Bob- J. J. Broome, Kellerville, Chov rolet T. J. Worrell, Pampa, Ford Bill Duncan, Pampa, Rambler Truman Attaway, Pampa, Ch»sv rolet Albert Branscum, Pampa, Chevrolet John R. Dowd, Amarillo, Mer- IS, -cury WATEH CONNECTIONS J. D. Parker, 1021 Varnon Harold Starbuck, 1817 N. Banks Troy D. Carroll, 421 Doucetle Troy Davis, 1125 Huff R. J. Cade, 1025 Neel G. J. Selman, 110-1 S. Hobart Aubrey Ruff, 000 K. Francis Jack F. Clark, 535 Doucette Burt Banks, 618 N. Christy Y. P. Gilcrease, 323 Tuke Arlie A. Dunn. 425 N. Dwiglit Gary Miller, 925 N. Duncan J. W. Dodson, 333 Roberta Learn God's Way .; By ATTENDING CHURCH TODAY 8:30 a.m.—"CONSIDER THE LILY" ' Sermon by the Pastor 8:30 * 9:30 a.m.—-Broadcast of Early Church Service KPDN 9:45 Q. m.—SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES for all ages. 10:55 a.m.—"CONSIDER THE LILY" Sermon by the Pastor v 6:00—Sunday Evening Fellowshio for All Ages, 7:30 p.m.—"BEING CALM IN THE STORM" Sermon by the Poster 9:00 p. m.—METHODIST MEN'S HOUR . KPDN. THREE WORSHIP SERVICES EVERY SUNDAY 8:30 and 10:55 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. You Are Welcome At All Services FIRST NETHODIST CHURCH 201 E. Foster Woodrow Adcock, Pastor course, sorting at 7 p.m. Monday. This will be a ten hour course and president, Bert Pemiberton, Humble Credit '..-•11 run for a week in the cafe-1 Union, is vice president; Evelyn !-ria. Dan Lewis, instructor, willjMllam, Pampa Teachers Union, assisted by Gene Dunagan and secretary; and E. C. Rupp, Pam- 1 pa Postal Employees Union, treasurer. The next meeting will be held May 18. Cordon Taylor. The following women have completed tht first course: Mrs. Alva Tucker, Mrs;.; Vernon Wilson, .-Mrs. R. I. SchtiJr,- Mrs. Ted A t w o o d. Mrs. Dan Lewis, Airs. Jack Gra-|Mrs. J. H. Reeves Jr., Mrs. Wei- ham, Mrs, J. B. Woodington, Mrs. i don Adair, Mrs. Melvin Clark, Mardell McKindree, Mrs. George Mrs. Burl Graham Jr., Mrs. M. J. T,ong, Mrs. Dene Taylor, Mr shorter. Mrs. R. C. Rowden and Glenn Wllkle, Mrs. D. D. Robins, I Mrs. Glenn I. Gallaher. Church Won't Help Teamsters By WW.LIAM J. EATON United Press International SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (UPIV —Roman Catholic Bishop James j Davis has rejected a. Teamsters Union bid for church support In organizing Puerto Rlcan workers, informed sources have reported. They said Teamster organizer Richard Kavner visited the bishop in an attempt to win support for| his drive to &ign up 12,000 island truck drivers and warehouse and construction workers. j The bishop was reported to have rejected the request, telling Kavner that he would not cooperate with any union tinged with j oacketeering. The Teamsters Un-, ion, headed by James Hoffa, had been ousted from the AFL-CIO for alleged corruption. The AFL-CIO Executive Coun ell, holding 1U winter meeting here, mapped plans today for & concerted drive to get Congress to raise the federal minimum' wage to 11.25 from Its current |l! level and to extend coverage to includa 10 million more workers. ; AFL-CIO P r e s i <1 o n t George Meany told the council Thursday that the. increase was long overdue because the present minimum wage did not provide even subsistence living for low wage workers and families. He cited past increases in the minimum wage as es'idense that such a step would not be inflationary and declared that it was better to have high prices and high wages than low prices and low wages with no money to buy anything. The union also planned to ask Congress tor free health care for the aged as part of the current social security program and higher social security payments for retired persons. It suggested the Congress Increase the social security fund by, taxing earnings up to $6,000 instead of the J4.&00 top under the current law. I r&Wttey Jones, who rpade her film mark as Lauri* y^ritco ol "Oklahoma/ 1 i* currently turning frwa ; m fcUo| to sharp comedy and starlt Aiwa. , if delivered by her busbaod, Jacfc Csssidv, ! 98 Gaymode Seamless Nylons Pr. Sizes 8'/$—11 Newest Spring Shades in long wearing sheers EUGENE P. O'BRIEN EUGENE T. I4AKNES KOBEKT MOKHI8 MRS. JOHNNIE UOHDE MRS. NAOMI MATKOCK t«» "•"" MKS. AIA'KNA BRANDON A(K8. LEONA SMITJUILSLEK Cotton Waffle Coat with Push-Up Sleeves and Jewel Trim SUSS SUJKLtV KlElUAL How feminine these new Spring coals are! How lovely you'll look in yours on Easter Sunday! What a r choice of styles, colors! And the savings Penney's brings you on these well-tailored coats are outstanding. They would be. When 1692 coast-to-coast Penney stores shop together, you shop to belter advantage. Easter is early this year. Come in early lor your new coat. Misses sizes. AIRS, IIATTIIS HAfUION

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