The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 7, 1966 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1966
Page 6
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Monday, March 7. 1966 Hook, Line & Sinker By CHESTER ROGERS The big. brawling bass have moved into the shallow waters for their annual spawning business .and scene Baytown fisherman are doing their snare of catching. Ecr instance, George Haralson is doing a lot more catching than he is being given credit for It was mentioned here last week that Dr. Herbert Duke and George Hanson were mopping up on the big bass in one of their favorite bass catching places. I heard that Dr. Duke and George had "mopped up" on the bass. I took a running guess, and figured it was George Hanson, one of his favorite fishing buddies, and listed it that way. But alas, it was wrong, and I got caught up with. I had letters, telephone calls, and even veiled inferences that all was not well with the fish catching news beat. Mrs. Eranscom, the Bait Box boss, even sent me a photograph to prove it was George Haralson and not George Hanson who helped Dr, Duke make that big catch- So, under the pressure of fan mail like that, I have to yield. The least concerned, it seemed, was Haralson. He just goes on down the line catching fish, not caring whether he gets credit or not. Haralson may be a lot like Dr. Duke, when he gets the on the bank he is through with it. In the same fishing hole. Bill Bradshaw has been sacking up the bass filets for his freezer. On vacation right now, he has caught his limit of 15 four times in the last week. The only day Bradshaw didn't catch the limit was the day he carried George Simor. as a guest. Bradshaw was able to catch only 8, but Simon didn't HARROP'S • FINE FURNITURE • TVs 6206 Bayway Dr. catch a single one. he got what th£ iittie boy shot at —nothing. Simon doesn't believe that can happen again. A guy just can't go fishing where fish are being caught, and not catch a thing. I've got news for Simon, it can happen, and has. Any way. after Bradshaw gives Simon another bass catching lesson he is taking off for Lake Palestine with his friend, Sara Lester. The only times those guys have ever headed out for Lake Stryker there has been some violent changes in the weather. So. now you knew they're going, just be prepared. Just about any time you catch a little lull in the weather for the next three weeks you can catch your bass in shallow water. They've kicked the moss off their spawning beds, and will be down from three to four feet, maybe two or three feet if there is a hard bottom. So just rig up with your spinner skirts, your little Lucky 13, or similiar baits, and get with 'em. It won't be too long before the moss will grow back and give you other handicaps to catching all the bass you want. Next Meef lit Laredo Gander Track Team Finishes Second By KOXME PL0CHECK Sun Sports Statt { Despite injuries, illness, conflicting schedules, cold weather, etc., the 1366 version of Gander thinclads got the new track season off to a promising start with a second place finish at Spring Branch Memorial's second annual Mustang Relays Saturday. Robert E. Lee finished second with 45 points behind host Memorial's 85 point total. High winds occasionally sust- ing up to 40 miles per hour kept most of the times relatively slow. being dropped from a first place tie with Sam Houston's Vic Brookshire on most misses. Savell tied his career best with a leap of six feet, r.vo inches in the event. The Ganders took third place in the two-mile relay behind Memorial and Lamar with a time of 8:3.4. Sprinter Dwight Denson experienced a frustrating afternoon due to a slightly puiled leg mus-j cle after qualifying in both the' 100 and 220 yard dashes. Particularly disheartening was the fact that both of Denson's qualifying times. 10.3 in the scheduled to sub for Askey who had to leave to take a college entrance exam but Denson's absence had not been counted on and sophomore Pat Orchin had The Ganders' lone first place 100 and 23.7 in the 220. would i TWO*ULE RSUVY — 13 (Jotet Wcriicfc, SiU Mecfln. John Drew, Dove Morton), »:1SJ; to Lmart «:2<-6; 3) Boytown. 9:33.4. SHOT PUT — 1) Sill EtfstronV. Boil, 57-5; 2) K.a> TerreU* 5euti> •9*rfc. 54-1 iW; 3) Jim Qeroun. La Cronoe. La. 52-2Vi. DISCUS — )) -Mor* Cnaries. La. 709-10; J) Port Armur. I45-I1V*; 3) Cerald KJr- by. Lee. S59-7. (record — old record 1W5 By Memories L eland Wins ton, I?o5). BROAD JUMP — 1) Larry Curtfj, Notts Snore. 214; Z> Jimmy wneder, Sam Houston. 20-11 Vi; 3) Bob Nelson. Beiloire. 2<^SH. (record — old r 2>-i'.i by Daiev of Sorino Branch, —•" « I ~ - . ,, - . , i HIGH JUMP — !) Vic Brookihire. came through the efforts of hur-ihave been good for gold medals j som Hotratw., 4-2; a Jim Seven, sov- dler Billy Uttlefield who won Jin the finals as Victoria's Kins '^r->?•- 3J «-"* a«*ede«i«,..sort the ISO vard low hurdles in 20.:/ won the century in 10.3 and Me- seconds, only four tenths of a second off the meet record in spite of the biting wind. Littlefield also finished third in the 120 yard highs behind Sam Rayburn's Ratliff and Hammond from Port Neches with a ime of 15.9. Jimmy Savell had to settle for second place in the high jump! mortal's Bouche took the 220 in 23.8. Denson's injury added further grief to REL's sprint relay team which had the best qualifying time in the nrelims with a 43.2 with a team composed of Fenelon, Littlefield, Denson, and Bill Askey. Billy Woods had already been Arthur, 6-0. «a RELAY — 1) Lomcr (Curti* D:!!crc!. ftoie;ch BaiJes. Silt ChttUvete. Jay Gentry). *3o; 2) Beiloire, *i-i; 3) w.emorla. 44.1. Sta RUN — !) Dove Morton. Memorial, 1:57^.- 2) Joftn Carey. Sam Houston, l:iS.S; 3> Rcy Alm^z. Rov, 2:01 J}. 1M HIGH HURDLES — 1) Tom" RW- liff, Rovsurn. 15.5; 2) Cll« Hamntend. Port Neches-Groves. i5.6; 3) Bill DWe- field. Baytown, 15.9. POLE VAULT — !) Dickie Antitrust Suit In Second Week MILWAUKEE (AP) — Trial of Wisconsin's antitrust suit against baseball headed into its second week today with lawyers warned to speed up proceedings or face possible night and weekend courtroom sessions. Circuit Court Judge Elmer W. Roller said he would hold the attorneys overtime in the courtroom if necessary to complete the trial by the start of baseball season, only five weeks away. Wisconsin, seeking to prove that organized baseball operates as an illegal monopoly, hoped to finish its presentation of evidence this week. Only four witnesses were called last week as •repeated conferences between the judge and the 17 trial lawyers interrupted courtroom proceedings. Wisconsin is asking that the Braves be ordered to returr from Atlanta to Milwaukee their home for 13 years, or tha" the National League be forced to grant a replacement franchise for the city through ex pansion. The fish known as the climbing perch of India can travel long distances over land and, on occasions, has been known tc climb trees. TWENTT TEAKS APART—Robin Roberts, left, was pitch- iijf at Michigan State when Larr3* Dierker, right, was bora. Now they're scheduled to be regular starters for the Houston Astros in 1966. Roberts, 39. former Philadelphia great, is the w-inningest active righthander in the majors, Dierker, 19. an Astro bonus boy, will be starting his second full season in the majors- Roberts pitched two shutouts and posted a 5-2 record and 1.89 ERA. Dierker, after a slow start, perhaps was the club's best pitcher after June. He had a 7-8 record and an ERA of 3.49. Try Sun Classified Ads North Shore. 1W; 3) Butcfi Donlets.'AI- c3ne, 13. (record — o(d record rMQ ov Sernaird o^ Saytown). 100 DASH — 1) O'Neil Kins. Virjbrla, 10.3; 2) Woocty Pryor, Loke Oiories. Lo. 10.4; 3) Bobby Baker, La Granoe, 10.5. . . --*W DASH — i) Mike Fovana, Modison, S0.6; I) Ricsord Hlnton. ,Lak£ Wortes, 50.6; 3) Rolieah Bclln, Lomar. 53.9. ISO LOW HURDLES — 1) Bill Ltftle- fjeid, Saytown. 20-5; 2> Steve Tbvior. Lee. 20.3; 3) Richard Horrinolon, L«. 21.1. -•* I» DASH — 1) Mike Bouche, Memorial. 23.8; 2) BUI Woiker, Bello]re,<7O.-»: 3) O-««l Kins. Victoria, 2<.0. - . MILE RUN — 1) Leonnrtj Hilton.- Austin, 4:2iJ; 2) John Dnw, 4:ISA;. 3) Oiorles Baskin, Ray, 4:^0, (record — old record -1:23.8 by Alike Wilson, of Betialrt. 1S65). MILE RELAY — 1) Memorial (Rusty Brents. Steve Breake, Dave Morton. Mike Bouche), 3:26.1; 2) Ray, 3:27.9; 31 Houston Let. 3:29.7. TEAM STANDINGS: Memorial, sy.^; Soylown, 45; SeHclre. -44: Houston Lee and L0mor, 42; w, E. Rcry, 36; North Snore, 2S; Loke Charles. La. 26; .Sam Houston. 25: Mctilson and Victoria, 24; Port Arttiur, 21 Vs. Pro-Files By Bob Sudyk -fa e HEAVIEST HEAVYWEIGHT R6HT! 488 % POUNDS ri PRtMO CARAJeRA,\A)EJGK- 1NG 259^ DEFEATED RAULIWO UZCUDUNCZ29'/2. OP SPAIM IW 15 ROUAJDS )W ROMB, OCT. 2a, 1953 Have a Happy Easter Let Your Sun Classified Ads Help You Make It A Happier Easter Easier is so many things. It's church, colored eggs, candy and Easter baskets. It's family dinner, ne\v clothes . . . and, no matter what the weather, it's the beginning of spring. To be sure this Easter is all that you want it to be for those you love, put powerful Sun Classified ads to work for you right now. Turn the no longer used articles yon have around your home into extra cash by selling them the easy, inexpensive and profitable way. All it takes is a phone call. Just dial 582-8323 for the experienced Ad Writer who's waiting to help you. And, a 3 line Ad is only $.63 per day on the special 6 day rate. Don't wait. Get your money-making Sun ClassFfied Ads working for you today . . . and have a happier Easter! RESULT STORY Mrs. Coffman said "the phone rang off the wall" and her husband added "if you want it sold, run an ad in The Baytown Sun. BUNK BEOS—Early American, wagon wheel de«ifln. 2 complete «eti. J65. 13 cu. ft. General Electric refrigerator, S40. Call after 5 a.m., 583-4842. RESULT STORY Mrs. Sartor sold her sofa in only 2 days at a cost of only $1.32. and was most pleased. SOFA -- Kroehler 4-Diece sectional covered in dark tw«<! fabric, *40. See at l&6 Northridge. lagtoiun Classified Ads Help Make !t A Happier Easter 1301 Memorial Drive 582-8323 8-5 WEEKDAYS NOON SATURDAYS to move in to fill the gap. The revised sprint relay team finished fifith in the finals in 44.5 behind Lamar's winning 43.6. Weightman Charlie Hendricks also fell victim to a schedule conflict as he arrived too late to compete in the discus and barely in time for the shot put due to a morning session with the College Entrance Examina- tionBoard. After a brief discussion with the officials Hendricks was allowed to take bis throws in the shot and took fourth place in the event witfa a best heave of 54 feet, 31K inches. The Ganders* other weight- man, Mike Mitchamore, didn't make the trip because of the flu. Memorial won the meet on the strength of four first place fin-j by more than 10 feet with a toss ishes, those coming in the two I of 169 feet, 10 inches, mile'relay, the 880, the 220 and 1 the mile relay. Though the high winds kept most of the record book intact, four new Mustang Relays Charles Berniard's 1965 record vault of 12 feet, 10 inches was shattered with a 14-2 cJJort by North Shore's Dickie Phillips. Larry Curtiss, North Shore, set a "new broad jump record with a leap of 21-6 and Austin's standards were set. Mark Lumpkin of Lake _ — r -Charles, La., bettered Memori- Leonard Hilton fought the gust- ai's Leland Winston's old dis- j ing wind for a record 4:26.2 run cus mark of 159 feet, one inch,'in the mile. DOUBLE »| r* BIG BONUS TTI ir ^LiEL STAMPS I UE WITH 2.50 PURCHASE OR MORE TUESDAY THRU MAR. 9 19«6 CALIF. HARD HEAD Lettuce FRESH and CRISP FOR SALADS RIGHTS RESERVED TO LIMIT Tomatoes ^ 19c Avocados Ea . 12c Calacfium Bulbs 10 r « BISCUITS FOOD CLUB 10 CT. CAN Pream Coffee Creamer 3*0. 27c Kellogg's Pop Tarts ASST. 2 11 . 0 ^89c Bama Red Plum Jam 1Wfct 37c J. W. Sherbet wtac «« 4^ S 1.00 Lunch Meat HAFNIA 12-Oz. Can 37 Washburn Pinto Beans 2 ^ 29c Hunt f s Stewed Tomatoes 2 Hunt's Tomatoes fig. 2 C3 £ 43c Hunt's Tomato Paste 2 29c Cheese ELNA SLICED Each Sliced Wrapped Pkg 25 NEOPOLTTAH FARMER 0+m p^ • Tinmen BKwvrn Cheese Pizza .................... 1Wfc 59c Sliced Meats MEN'S LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS ££ 39c 99,. Cinnamon Loaf 2 ..^^ 45c Danish Blueberry Rolls 6 fc 39c A RICH SWEET DOUGH ROLLED WITH CIHNAMOH. MAKES ' "" EXCELLENT TOAST. FLAKY DANISH PASTRY ROLLED WITH DELICIOUS BLUEBERRY!. BOSTON BUTT CUT Fresh Pork Roast LB 59c NICE AND TENDER Fresh Pork Steak 69c PRIME ROAST "1 FRESH LEAN Ground Beef 49c FLAVOR BRANT) BREAKFAST Bacon Broken 4% Slices £m FARMER BROWN SUCED BACON

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