Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 2, 1993 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1993
Page 3
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- SUNDAY, MAY 2, 1993 —A-3 ; jJsed medical Waste to be jsh redded ;pt UVMC '-• The California Department of ;, Health and Human Services, Medi;cal Waste Management Program, has granted the first permit for a new medical waste treatment technology to Ukiah Valley Medical Center which involves shredding •ussed material. : The unit, called the MST500, is •made by the Medical SafeTec Cor- .poration of Indianapolis, Ind., and is similar to 40 other units that •Medical SafeTec has installed across the United States; however, 'this technology, previously ^approved by other states, was •recently approved as an acceptable treatment technology by [California. The Medical Center began appli- ;'cation process soon after the technology was approved. An alternative method of disposing of medical waste materials — .items that cannot be recleaned or fecycled — was needed by the hospital because of the mandated reduction in the use of incineration •as a method of waste disposal, [according to hospital officials. 1 Throughout California, hospitals 'are seeking alternatives to the operation of incinerators; it is becoming difficult to continue this type of medical waste disposal and meet hew, more restrictive air quality standards. In Ukiah, incinerators at both hospital sites have been per- jjmitted to operate for the last 13 years, but are in the process of being phased back to a permitted level that is too low to handle the jpnedical waste disposal needs of the hospital. ;• The MST500 grinds medical waste under controlled conditions to the presence of a high concentration of a household type bleach to disinfect the materal. • The process, which takes about fcn hour, generates a confetti like material that is completely disinfected, does not contain sharp objects (such as needles, scalpels, Or pieces of glass), and is appropriate for disposal in a community Jandfill. UVMC's unit will be equipped with a special water recycling device that will reduce water usage from the usual IS gallons per Jninuie v td~ one gallon f«r rfimute. This one gallon of water is dis- tharged into the sewer system. • The liquid drainage is "friendly" to the sewer system in that it provides some of the liquids used in the sewage treatment process, officials report. , ValGene Devitt, president of yVMC, says, "A primary consideration in the selection of this technology was that it is the most environmentally friendly method we Could find. I "There are no air, water or landfill pollutants, the processed materials are risk free, and by being ground up they are reduced to the lowest bulk possible to take up the Iteast amount of space in a landfill, these factors, alone with effective recycling programs, are key factors ih environmentally conscious waste management." ', This process also does not bring with it the negative factors, such as spme of the undesirable smells, which can be associated with steam sterilizing which, because of its lower cost technology, is a process gaining popularity as an alternative to incineration. •4 • The unit operates under a strict quality control system that shuts the process down if all factors are not operating in accordance with standards approved by the specifications of die permit issued by Medical Waste Management Program. The processed material from the MST500, when placed into a landfill, will be the cleanest garbage placed there; it will be completely disinfected. > "When you consider some of the ifjems that go into the landfill every- day'from residential and commercial trash — band-aids, other bandages, syringes, needles, personal hygiene items, and so on — are all materials with a higher contamination than this processed and disin- f^cted material," said Devitt. | Permit limitations restrict the u|e of the unit to medical waste generated by the hospital. While tie equipment could be used for such a function, Devitt says, "we are in the health care, not the medical waste disposal, business. The intent is to fulfill our responisibilty td our community by handling fl ese wastes in an effective safe rrjanner, using state-of-the-art technology." The MST500, which will cost about $200,000 when installed and in operation, will be operated at the Hospital Drive site in a building constructed specifically to contain tkp unit. Now that the permit has been issued, manufacture of the machine is proceeding. Operation of the unit is expected to begin by September. ; fe^P\ SPRING CLEAN-UP WEEK, MAY 3-7, 1993 YES YARD WASTIt Lawn clippings, leaves, tree or cutting less than V in diameter and 4' in length. Cutting and brances must be stacked neatly by the curb and separated from disposable debris. All other yard waste must be boxed or bagged. Only one cubic yard or the equivalent of six 30- galton cans of yard waste will be accepted. MIICILLANIOUI NON'OAMAM ITIMI such as packing materials, clothing and similar items. Loose items must be placed in disposable containers such as boxes or bags. Weight limit to be 40 pounds per container. Broken window glass will be accepted if placed in a sturdy disposable cardboard box. Old lumber must be cut in lengths less than 4' with nails removed and stacked separately from other items. Only one cubic yard or the equivalent of six 30-gallon cans of miscellaneous non-garbage items will be accepted. SIX (6) 30 GALLON TRASH CANS = ONE (1) CUBUC YARD OR 3' X 3' X 3' = 1 CUBIC YARD NO TOXIC OR HAZARDOUS lUMTANCIf i Batteries, paint and paint thinners, pesticides, and petroleum products including motor oil, gasoline, diesel and solvents. NO WIT OARRAMl Human or animal food or waste, or food containers (cans, bottles, boxes or cartons). NO MAO ANIMAU or parts of animal bodies. NO CAR ROMH and similar items. NO iUllMNO AND DEMOLITION MATIRIALt such as broken concrete, bricks, dirt, gravel, rocks, tree stumps, wallboard, windows, glass doors or any material containing asbestos. NO LIQUIDS OP ANT KIND NO COMMERCIAL TRAIH OR COMMERCIAL YARD TRIMMINM NO MAJOR APPLIANCES, FURNITURE AND TIRES such as tables, lounge chairs, couches, televisions, refrigerators, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, mattresses, box springs, toilets and bath tubs. NO RECYCLARLBSt Aluminum cans, glass containers, PETE /1\ and HOPE /4\ plastic containers, newspaper, catdboard, tin cans and scrap metal. Sewer and garbage rates raise a stink in Fort Bragg lounul graphic by Suzinne Hernandez Annual citywide spring cleanup scheduled for next week in Ukiah By CHRIS CALDER for The Journal Sewer and garbage rates are going up again in Fort Bragg and even though both rate hikes were approved or at least expected by the city council months ago, the reality is causing some local officials to squirm. Garbage rates will rise about $ 1 a can when Fort Bragg starts having its trash trucked to Willits, instead of to Sonoma County, later this summer. Mendocino County has California's most expensive dump fees, so storing trash in-county costs more than transporting it three times the distance south. Last September, Fort Bragg officials agreed to start sending trash to Willits, as soon as Willits got its permits in order to take Coast garbage. Willits officials are also depending on revenue from the added trash to pay part of the cost of expanding their 20-acre dump. Now that Willits is ready, though, some Fort Bragg City Council members, faced with one more rate increase, are not so sure. Councilman Matt Huber on Monday night asked to keep sending trash south a while longer. Water moratorium may end in Fort Bragg Mendocino looks at equitable water fees —Page A-5 Reminded that, at least in Willits' view, Fon Bragg has an obligation to send its trash there, Huber said the council has an obligation to Fort Bragg citizens as well, to try to keep the cost of city services as low as possible. Even with the increase, Fort Bragg will have the second lowest garbage rate in the county. Only Ukiah residents, whose city government owns its own dump and subsidizes rates, pay less for garbage service than people in Fort Bragg. In fact, Fort Bragg residents will pay more than $2 per can less than Willits residents, to have their trash stored in Willits' landfill. City sewer rates will also rise about $2 a month on July 15, following a 3-2 council vote Monday night. Spring Clean up week is coming next week, and will provide city residents with the opportunity to discard items that cannot be easily placed in garbage cans. The cooperation of city residents will be the major key to a successful pick up day, according to Ukiah city officials. No extra costs will be imposed if the following guidelines are adhered to: • The total amount of debris allowed will be two cubic yards: one of yard waste, and one of miscellaneous items, including lumber. Yardwaste, lumber and miscellaneous items must be in separate piles. • Do not combine piles with your neighbors. Pick up crews will endeavor to be at your home on your regular garbage pick up day. However, because of heavy volumes anticipated in some areas, they might not be able to be there until the next day. Because of the unsightliness of the trash and other debris in the street, the city asks that homeowners not place the material on the street in advance of their normal pickup day. Material placed on the street prior to that time may be tagged for non-compliance and may not be picked up. Clean up week is for the benefit of residential customers of the city of Ukiah only. For those items not allowed to be put out for Clean- Up Week such as furniture items, tires, and major appliances, and for debris in excess of amounts allowed during Clean-Up Week, Ukiah Solid Waste Systems offers a pickup service for a nominal charge. Remember, all refrigerator units must have refrigerant removed and a certification of removal from a qualified refrigeration technician before Ukiah Solid Waste Systems will pick the unit up. Recyclable materials may also be picked up by Ukiah Solid Waste Systems through the free curbside recycling service. Please contact Ukiah Solid Waste Systems at 462-8632 for pick up service. For disposal of scrap metal and appliances you may also contact Mendocino Auto Wreckers. Contact Hanco Tire Center for tire disposal. People with questions should call the Civic Center at 463-6286. Questions about • Recycling? • Composting? • Waste reduction? • Hazardous waste? recycle Call information line at 485-1 111 Mendocino Solid Waste Managment Authority BUY1... GET1 FREE! Featuring: Wood Bottomrail • Wood Wand • Wood Valance • Wood Tassel • Great Look • Great Value • Fast Delivery Available in seven designer colors •Free blind It of equal or temr Interior i 280 South School St. • Ukiah • 468-5303 NOW OPEN! LYLY'S RADIATORS 5 & MUFFLERS * NEW OWNER: TODD LYLY (Formerly Ukiah Radiator) 2621 N. STATE ST UKIAH 462-13692 This is all you wear! Tomorrow's Technology Available Today! f YOUR LOVED ONES) AI.PLAN TO BUY TESr Ask About Our Bud MUM-CALWI t Plan • Special Pricing For Seniors COMJHB -•InollM- Drlve-up Window HARRIS PHARMACY FREE DELIVERY NO 3-Dayl NO 2-Day! NO 1-Dayl NO 1 Hourl N01/2 Hpurl N01/4 Hour waiting for your prescriptions to be filled I Open Mon-Fri 8 AM-8 PM Sat 9 AM-6 PM 707 S. DORA, UKIAH 462-7518 UK! AH Theatre Bargain Matinee Every Wednesday tor movies starting before 5:30 PM S^tor cmzorw (Afla & and over • m General AdmlMion......—.—,... k *~.—$&50 Children (12 «nd under). , .....$aaO SUN, WED -1flS • 3:05 • 5:05 • 7:05 • 9:05 MON, TUE, THUR -7.05-9:05 HURT REYNOLDS SUN, VIED• 1 fl)-£40• 420• 6:00• 7:40• 920 MON, TUE, THUH- 720 -9:15 NO PASSES INDECENT PROPOSAL SUN, WED -1 flO • 3.-05 • 5:10 • 7:15 • 920 MON. TUE, THUR -700 -9:05 Wo apologize for any inconvonionco caused by Remodeling HOW, TINYT TRY ITIYOtrtlUKEITI HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MBSINQI NO MORE EXCUSES TO MISS OUT ON UFES PlfASURESI -AJUKIANO HEARING-AID'CENTERS' 4O5 S. Stale, Ukiah • 462-7858 B^l Montgomery Village Hoofing Aid Center S43A Farmer! In . S B 575 B503 8«nt»Jjo«« • 741 Mh 8t.»iiUi ROM M8-W4 ><!> THANKS MOM. She's your best friend, your biggest fan, and your favorite babysitter. 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