Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on December 19, 1935 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1935
Page 8
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THE LENOX TIME TABL& LEND*. IOWA t/,-.'^ -nv no: iJSTjf for first j FOR SALE — Alfalfa hay. Also ••i»:«.s*n»ti; Hi nr«: IlTW each in-t some oat straw. Geo. Barrans. -s.i-Mhi :iif\:-wirw!r. r>ist\lav etas- 8-tf For Sale "i,r S;ch: Spotted Pol!-UM .".Its. open. W. A. rjii<£.s S. W. 12-lp FOR SALE — Hampshire boars, pure bred, cholera immune. 3 miles SW of Clearneld. Sam England. 6-5 Wanted , 5AUE—Kimball piano, ex- jf.r.-i condition and tuned. >,;- if iaken at once. Inquire 1 ?•}..:-.-.?-$' Store. 12-1 ! • ( t - -c ^ c. -. Sf.v E—Having gone on the j ;:: line the Stringtown; ;'.". offers its Delco light | . for sale. Plant is in fair \ lt-ion, 750 watt automatic. | ed bids accepted. Send bids \ ev Bush. Kent, la., Route 11 12-2 ! MAN WANTED for Rawleigh Route of 800 families. Write today. Rawleigh Dept. IAL— 335—SA, Freeport, 111. 11-13 TIMOTHY SEED WANTED—We are in the market for Timothy seed. Would buy some Soy beans if good. Would not care to buy many Manchue Soy beans. J. W. Abraham, Prescott, la. 7-tf FOR SALE—Model T Ford coupe i:-. good condition. M. E. 5r:—::. Sharpsburg. 12-lp FOR SALE_ 45-; Good piano, $3(X H.f.vi bargain. Inquire here. 12-lp FOR SALE—Duroc herd boar at stae price. Warren Eckels. 12-1 For Rent FOR RENT — 4. room house, modern except furnace, on gravel street. See H. Roy Long. 12-2 FOR RENT — Modern rooms, close in. $1.25 and $1.50 per week. Inquire here. 12-1 | ARE PEOPLE BUYING I CHEVROLETS? 5 Chevrolet sold 91,959 new cars during f| the month of November. The new car broke |f all records with the greatest post announce- i| ment 30 days in the entire history of the com- fi pany. Why? Because Chevrolet is the only °|r complete low priced car. ^ Following are the names of people who jj§ have bought the new 1936 Chevrolet from us Jjg. since November 2, 1935. Harry Stoner, Lenox Paul Miller, Bedford Farmers Union, Bedford Catherine Moore, Gravity Charley Weller, Conway Fannie Wilson, Lenox O. L. Davis, Jennie Dahlberg, Lenox Kenneth Hoover, Lenox Dr. M. J. Sluss, Lenox Homer Walter, Lenox Pete Freihage, Lenox E. J. Miers, Orient Lenox We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Miller Chevrolet Co. Lenox, SALES AND SERVICE Iowa Santa Knows His Groceries! At any rate, he knows what the g*rand old occasion calls for in the way of things to eat! We've been helping Santa make it a Merry Christmas so long we carry exactly what his menus call for. Sweet Potatoes, 6 Ibs. 19c Tokay Grapes, 3 Ibs. _29c Pineapple, No. 2 17c Cookies, fancy ass't __29c White Potatoes, pk. __19c Corning Butter, Ib 35c c offe, Red A, 3 Ibs 52c Xmas Candies, Ib. lOc Calif. Oranges, 2 doz. 57c Pure Jello, pkg. 5c Jonath. Apples. 4 Ibs. _19c Cranberries, Ib. 19c Fancy Celery, bunch _15c Marshmallows, Ib. 18c Crackers, 2 Ib, box 19c * Toys for the Kiddies *" and Practical Gifts for Adults AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Vogel & Wood Here. Co. Lenox, Iowa Lost and found STRAYED—Light red cow, wt. 1050, giving milk. Geo. Barrans. 12-lp CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our neighbors and friends who came to our place and picked our corn and hauled in the fodder for • us, and for the other many I kindnesses that have b e e n i shown us. We also wish to! thank the ladies who prepared and helped furnish the dinner j for the men. Mr. and Mrs. Will Becherer 1936 PROPERTY TAX TO BE SLIGHTLY INCREASED Economists Say Increase Will Be Due Chiefly to Larger County And Local Taxes Although the general tax trend in recent years has gradually taken some of the burden from property by the creation of special taxes, owners of Iowa farms and other real estate will find their 1936 property tax slightly increased because of larger county and local assessments. These facts are included in a report on the tax situation made in connection with the 1936 Farm Family Living Outlook prepared by extension home and agricultural economists at Iowa State College. Inspection by the state comptroller's office of 50 county budgets indicates the following average increase in property tax for local purposes: For county purposes, 12.8 percent; for city and town, 4.1 percent; and for city and town consolidated and independent, 4.25 percent. The average rural school district budget shows a decrease of 1.35 percent. Shift Burden From Property The tax base has gradually been enlarged until property, which in 1912 made up 97.1 percent of the total taxes raised by state and local governments, in 1933 made up only 78 percent—• a decrease of almost 20 percent. Property tax for the country as a whole increased steadily except for small drops in 1926 and 1928, until it reached a peak of $110,754,000 in 1930. Since 1930 the decrease has been equally steady as special taxes increased, and this year property tax furnished only 64.5 percent of the total tax. Property was the original source of local and state revenue. Gradually motor vehicle, inheritance, car equipment and insurance taxes were added, revenues from these sources expanding from a million dollars in 1912 to more than 25 million dollars in 1933. Other sources now included are motor vehicle carrier, cigaret, gasoline, oleomargarine and liquor. Sales Tax Cancels State Levy Iowa farm land owners need not be alarmed by the fact that the state levy to be collected in 1936 is 3.1 mills, the largest in history, says R. C. Bentley, agricultural economist, who assisted with the report. The actual tax paid will not be the greatest because the assessed value is lower, with the exception of 1934, than in former years. In fact, the state levy will be practically cancelled this year, for an estimate from the comptroller's office, which is included in the report, shows that vhe 9 million dollars to be raised by state levy will be balanced by a redistribution to counties of a similar amount of total sales tax collected. t Read the Ads Radiators We are now equipped to do radiator repair work. If your radiator leaks, let us fix it for you before cold weather comes. A leaky radiator is costly in cold weather when you are buying expensive antifreeze. We have had experience on all makes of trucks, tractors and cars and will give- you satisfaction. Battery & Tire Work General Repair Work J.V.Wynn TIMELY AND ECONOMICAL SUGGESTIONS FOR A GRAND Ims ^THERE'S no time like Christmas for planning a feast, and you'll find no place like Fresh FRUITS & VEGETABLES CELERY, crisp and fresh, per 1 A~ stalk .. ......... ...JLUl/ JONATHAN APPLES, fancy red, finest eating 1 , 10 Ibs ........ ...__ CRANBERRIES, fancy red, Howe brand, Ib. __.. ORANGES, sweet, juicy, new crop navels, doz. _ Orange Slices Kisses Gums LE. Chocolates Xmas Mix Brittle 2 Ibs. 2Sc Quantity Prices for large buyers Fancy Christmas Boxes, Hall's, "Tease the Taste", 5 Ibs. APPLES, Grimes Golden, large QQs» solid, bu */t71> M/VRKETS for buying for it. Everything you need, at prices you can afford, in quality you'll be proud to serve at Christmas or any time! No. 2 cans Country Club -Gel 6 all flavors Jap Hulless New Crop ' Baby 17 Emeralds, Ib. If long shred Pears Del Monte, No. 21/2 can (Best for the salad) 21 Corn 3 No. 2 cans Mrs. Grimes' 25 Dates 2 Ib. pkg. How about some. 19 These P rices 'till Christ- Monday and Tuesday nights. Closed all day Christmas. "As it should be." Values in] MEAT! THAT PLEA ' OYSTERS, fregj from the coast, Qt. __.. BEEF ROAST, roast, Ib GROUND BEEf times per day, seasoning, 2 Ibs. ____ .j NUTS PEANUTS, fi Roasted, per Ib. PECAN MEA 1/2 ib ; MIXED NUTS, all new crop, Ib. PAPER SHELL PECANS, Ib. GINGER ALE, 3 large Oj qt. bottles ___-*< —^————^—• COCONUTS, \l full of milk- 1 ! Did You Ever Hear the Like With the death of his son, George Washington Showers, 79, last month, Philip Showers, 115, of Winchester, Va., becomes the lone survivor of his family. Tying his lasso to his arm, Jimmy Roberts of Nashville set out to get wild animals. There wasn't any so he threw at a passing car. The rope caught and he was seriously injured. Jayne Grose, of Kansas City, Kan., let word of her marriage "out of the bag" because she lost her purse so much. The last time she had to advertise and give her real name. any noise. Louis Galgrara goes into a cage oi lions in Paris, Prance, each night and reads his poems to them to prove his theory that animals have an artistic sense. Because her cat yowled so much at night, Mrs. Thomas Gentry took it from her home in Mackray, Ida., 85 miles across Lost River Desert and abandoned it. The cat was home 30 days later. Mrs. Harriet Patch of Salem, Mass., celebrated her ,100th birthday by demonstrating she could knit, sew and read without the aid of spectacles. As 6-year-old Eddie Hightower of Toledo, Ohio, climbed up the steps to his front door, a bullet, supposedly fired by a prowler, glanced off a button on his clothing. Farmers in Tulsa, county, Okla., have turned to the "G-Mtn" for help in fighting chicken thieves who gas their chickens so they can steal them withput A man who robbed the L. H. Black store, at Verdel, Neb., was just joking. He took $50, put it in a sack, left it outside the door with this note: "Better get a new cop." A man discarded a cap bought in 1898 for a new one. A. D. Wilson, a Springdale, Ark., newspaperman, thought it a good story and published it. It happened to be the first news the man's daughter had had from him in 10 years. In obedience to a clause in his will, funeral rites for Judge J. D. Perkins of Carthage, Mo., were conducted in the court room where he presided more than 20 years. Just as he finished a sermon on the subject of "Death", the Rev. Carl Ryden fell dead beside the altar of his church in Providence, R. I. A burglar ransacked the fraternity houses at Denison University, in Granville, O., but overlooked the Beta Theta Pi. The other night he returned to rob that house and left this note: "Thot you were lucky. Hah!" Although in the best of health William Currie of Shallow Lake, Canada, has arranged his funeral. He deposited $£ to be held until thje time to rent 9, building for dancing aftd me?ry-makin«i NEW HOME BUTCHERING CIRCULAR AVAILABLE A new circular, "Home Butchering in Iowa," may be obtained free at the office of County Agent T. H. Isaac. The third week in January has been designated as Iowa Home Butchering Week. C. W. McDonald, Iowa State College extension meat specialist, urges Iowa Farmers to butcher before or during that week and cure the meat sound and sweet. Many farmers can profitably butcher earlier than is tneir custom, Mr. McDonald says, for temperature plays an important part in the curing process. The curing must be completed in cold weather or in many cases sour hams and spoiled meat will result. The circular contains illus- trated beef and pork guides, directions for meat and for home ca both cheap and choice cvl recipes giving a variety \ for canned beef and porlj The farm family can the meat bill—and at the time set a better table ^ home butchering, says aac. Home butchering] a varied supply of mea« meat products. The cd ience to the housewife or ing a supply of meat at I makes easier her task oij paring meals. Iowa farm women steaks and chops, roastij and soup stock, sausage, beef, meat loaf, scrap head cheese. They make their own soap an abundant supply on rendered lard. LAST CHANC1 tJAVING read this far through the p«P AX without finding what you want to for a Christmas present, it is possible y are about to give up. Don't do it. It IS . you can't go any farther in this P ap ? r . u cause this is the very last corner in n here is an idea. Why not subscribe tor w Time Table, either for your own f anuly some distant friend or relative, K wl $1.50 for any address in Iowa, but if y° u ^ it outside the state well have to have * are sorry about that but Uncle Sam e us more. Time Table subscriptions homes happy. "'' •':.**??' '. 1ft

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