Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1941 · Page 12
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1941
Page 12
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Hooppolfi Woman's Club Will Celebrate Silver Anniversary Friday Thr HooppoJp Woman* Hub •**'.!! obw-f j'.<5 2S'h nrimvpr«arv Friday rvemnE Octohfr 24 The mpmbrrs harp ;mi:«1 their fami!ir<; to the cplehra;:on which i* to b? hrlri at the HooppHf Rymn»5ltirn. Guest gprakrr of the evening is to hp Hus- gell Neveile. ca-.e explorer of KP- wsner Tho 1 * on the program rommittpe are Mrs Lillian Mathi.v Mrs. Lynn Brown and Mrs. Charles Kolp. Thr program will consist of several mti- elc«l numbers Mrs. Zot Ignore Gray of Warren. *Hh the aid of Mrs. Lillian Muthis. orgnmred the club January 6. 1916. during * farmers institute meeting at Hooppole. Flfty-thr«r members were in the. club the fiist vear. forty charter members »nd thirteen more who joined during the first year. The highest membership recorded was during the second y*r when ther* were SO members on the roll. The first officer* were: President. Mrs. Henry Dorney; vice . president, Mrs. Harry Eshelmanj secretary. Mrs. I. B. Donaldson. The present club officers are: President, Mrs. Lynn Brown; vice president, Miss Eva Schinleber, secretary. Mrs. Conrad Seyller; treasurer. Mrs. Grant Graver. The president serving the longest time was Mrs. Arthur Spain. The club has helped with many projects in town, one of th« earliest was the board walk built from the town hall to thexiepot of the Hooppole. Yorktown and Tamplco railroad, which prior to automobile days was the greatest mode ol transportation. They built the concrete •idewalk to the cemetery and donated toward the sidewalk built to the school building. When the gymnasium was built the club donated to the building iund and also decorated the stage. They assisted the achool in presenting a Washington M-centcnnlal program, and «pon*or- •d vaccinations for email pox, aev- veral times. They have, alto knitted for soldiers, and send baskets at 'Christmas to the needy families in town. They helped redecorate the town hall, and dedicated a marker of an old Indian trail near Hooppole. Each year they have their regular duties at the Hooppole plowing match and fair which help to make the fair possible, they sponsor the .flowers, handwork, child welfare and other exhibits. The members of the refreshment committee are Mrs. Fred Hilger. chairman, Mrs. Orval Paxton and Mrs. Grant Graver. Those on the decoration committee are Mrs. Cecil Armstrong, chairman. Miss Eva flchinleber and Mrs. John Urban. Twelve Men Entered in Coriesf New Hooppote The Henry county corn husking contort is to be held Saturday October 3S, on the Edward dpecht and •on farm of Yorktown township. The farm is located about one mile north of Rout* 92. approximately 3 miles wort of the Junction of Routes 7t and W. 1 Twelve men will participate in .the contest, although the original rules called for a preliminary contest if the entries exceded ten. Eleven of the twelve men entered •re William Rose and Ross Noard of Kewanee, former county champion, »nd the runner-up In several con- Row and Kenneth Ltnd- hom of Oslvft; Benjamin Rlovpr and John Galle of Cambridge: John Steffm snd Reuben KUsnd! of : I •"*"*> *nd .Tay Rice of Alpha; and Dale Lindgren of Orion. The committee in general charge- of the arranRpmcfi? 1 ! and the contest are: Q A. fOmmi^ of Ixiratne town- hip. R. -T. Hamilton of A'klnvm. and Horn-arc! Ford of Gvtteteo. Thry were recently appoint* 1 ?! by M fv Morgan of Galva. pre^itlent of the Henry rnunfv Farm Bureau Mrmbfr', of other commi!te* > <; arr a-; foiioa-f Gleaners. Charles Pril- rharrl n! Ixirame and Rollie Farnam of Cornwall township; marshal. Ira I'm h of lyuainr; wagons auri tractors, Fdnard Wirth and F.arl Brown of Yorktown; timekppp^r. Kd Oherle: staitpr. Edward fipefht: of- final wriehmasier, S. S. Humphreys of Atkinson. CMIW1CI MEWS M*ry Tmy!' It* Hooppole Briefs RPV. niifl Mrs F E Plapp of Daw*. Ill , wrre Wrdnrsday morning Kiipsts ft' the hr>mp of Mr. «nfl Mrs. Aaron Brunts Gail Plapp remained at Hooppolr for a few days' vacation at HIP home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Grovr-5. LANARK HEWS m-o Offkw INt Former Resident Dies at Denver, Colo. George Wales received word of the death of his aunt. Mrs. Edward M. of Denver. Colo.. Tuesday. She was the former Clara Champion of Lanark. Mrs. Ga&haw is survived by her husband nnd one daughter. Mrs. Edna Caldwell. both of Denver. She was a sister of Herbert Champion and Mrs. G. M. Wales. Funeral Rites for Mrs. William Weber At .Mt Carroll Friday firr! Wfri tT-^dsy rrr,r:.i:.e "f 111" dfflth of Mr.' \V::.;,Tm •<,'.>•* r M. of Mt. Orro'.i. T*!.<> ;.a r ! rr.'.nv TueMlay nieh! ::: '\:r I'-'.f T:::'hospital In Frf^pn;! fol.o.'. i:;^ n Imeerine liln*"- 1 Funeral MTM'.-*^ v> ;! o'clock Fridav in t!,r C'h: ncral home in M! Carrot, and n 2:30 in ttie Mt. Cnrro'.'. L-.i'!;':;u church. Ttie Rr-.. C IJo'.bT wi',1 <>:fiat/- and burial wiil i>o in the Oak Hill ormctrn Mrs. Weber was born May 27. 1879 In St. Paul. Minn. dauEhtf'r of W S. nnd Meliswi Ba^f* 1 In f<"bruniv 1905. MIP was married in St. Pa;i to William Weber and they mo\ed to Mt. Carrol! 8h* Is survived by two riaiidi t*rs, Mrs. Emma Truman and Mrs Psul Fulrnth. both of Lanark; one son. R. Weber of Chicago; nnd two brothers and on« sister of St. Paul. aren-'s. Mr snd MY*. Guv nv of periria Th" ofmer Wain.;* ti-ssd-e sr* TAMHCQ NEWS Reporter, He!«-n B. Fhitmm R1J WALNUT NEWS Rep«rt«, Marraret Wallls— Pbene R-93i Announce Engagement Walnut friends will be interested to learn of the announcement o the engagement of Miss Phylli Brockway of Pcorm to Clarence Schielein. also of Peorla, which wa- made recently by Miss Brockway' SHINNER'S I 100% Pure Bulk LARD PORK LOIN ROASTS Lb. 17lc REEF POT ROAST Lb. 15c Tendered • Lb. 23 ROUND or SWISS Lb. 27 Small T-BONE STEAKS • • Lb. 20 Longhorn CHEESE, per lb. . . 25 Summer SAUSAGE, per lb. . . . 25 ow what I cafi qowL 0 ¥•««'• URM! the real flavor of coffee—appetizing aroma and zestful strength—in every pound of Hills Bros. Coffee. GM/FV//M/ R»4ittmg —a process originated and used exclusively by Hills Bros.—is LONG ISLAND (C NEW GREEN •jgt, \-x--m EMPEROR <C.»t.l«r ri« A*. »*, C*. C*|__ GRAPES .T . . EATMOR CRANBERRIES . son for this. The fine blend is roaaced evenly...continuously ... * little Mt M that. This uniform roasting develops • flavor that never varies—a flavor no other coffee has.' bf HiU> Bra*. i« DRIP, GLASS W!M« ifcajr rfriak HOb1anM.CaAtt.Aad u's cvraia •» a« wka< you wU^cay »><• ow drik a Glenn Pierceson and Bride Honored at Church Class Party Mr nr.rl M n:':.r! rifrf-on r,f !)•(! (i:n\ r n.v •'..-: r if»fri'!'.' ma:- tirri. v.rrr i c :j. :..:•;.' :;'rci «t n rTrp- ti''ii in li. r "I .•("•.:•:'•'! Cirirrh of CilM't 'I ilf c:.-.. •. <••• ri'.iivs Ki'.rn hv nu nil.K-: • of :;..• 'I -,!.• tiiu th ("rn'.::y i~- (i.inif .'-.:.-: (<>n:r<,'s niuin thr irt : i(.D o! '..'.: K'T.iirth Unrron niifl Mi'-s H.'i'.':" MnriP MrKrii/ir IIS ii!''T which l'-;r.'.'i was .'.crvr-cl cnfr- t'lia s'v lr. A jv.r?-'' of monry was pir-srniif! il'." : i i.orrd couple by Arifl Brady •" t-r-i-.alf of Uiosr prrs- James Devaney Passes Away Thursday Morning Home of Niece in Polo; I>e\aney. 7fi. a life'ime re<i- ri'r-.: of Polo and vinnit' pp.^'fd .Ta :•>',• n* tl'.e liomr- of his r.serr. M:^-- Knriif.n Kraijv. at Po!o fit R 15 a rn «-r!a •.. Hr Miffrrrd a r^re- hrnl hemotrliage at 3 p. m \Vedne«.- dnv and imrr rrtamed < or.M'irr.!^- iif-'.. He had brn in failing health for vp\eral \ears. Mr. I>e\ane\ PIT* Ro'h Mr. and Mrs. Pierceson responded. Mi--. Dorothy For was chairman of the lunch committee and the kitchen '•ommiltre was composed of Mrs. Ralph Mrs. Elmer .loncs and Mrs F. E. Remagle. with M*«w fCpsg-y for the past elsh! rear*. Funeral jtrtrwr* will H«« held at St May. s r>tho'.!r ch:irrh s' Pn'i at 9:30 a. m. Sstnrdsv. T'r.e Rf, Fr. Alfred Detach, pa.stor. will conduct the requiem mn.s«-.. Commr.tAi will be (n St. Mark's cfTrirtrty fit Pr-'.n Mr. Ttf\ anev wg 1 ? horn on a fnrm near Pr>:o. June 25. ]R*)S. a <LO>I of f)«rn Ri-.d F-hrJihrth LV-ip 'he exc•'•p*fin of ?f> \rf:^ Divor:. h* find r-pent nii in Fr':o and \ jcirsi: 1 .. Beside* Mi", Keagv. he ; hv prri'?-.<r r.!«--re. Miss F'.'. of Po'o. sr.d » nephrw Rr-. IX-'. ane of B'nomine'on There ar niece* and nephews h\i:f :n Kan- vji<. Mr iX'srirv was thr .?.-•: of hi.s immediate familv. nisjhf the rri'leai illne'ss of h IjO'!, 1 -^ Kro<;'-man. who from ^ 'rrr to I father j > frill jurr-d Mr. and Mr<- \Vfn:n srri Betty Lou If ft at on re. for Fox Lake "fey, October 2>t. -1911 ,%os Rf.AO THE Cl BUDCETEERS FIND IT COSTS SO UITIE 7Q BE SUGAR SURE! C and H it All Pure C/VVE Refined to On* Standard of Quality with tvcry 3 cakes at regular low COSt- YOO 6ET ONt EXTHA CW5f or Bepwter. MM. 1 BL O»wtB— n>«n* M*rrts«n " soAi>-for.onlyl^ morel SWEElHfMtl Called to Fox Lake Mrs W .1 White was railed to SO*» THAT AOCItl WITH TOVt MM Wait Trader, Jiicy, Flavtrfnl Meats? TKH VISIT UP! SAVE MONEY, TOO! Deroarr • 4v wvnft JAM% Uivwt ^v^^ffv yv* ^**A <nrt yw«r mnr**y tor yoar fawril* arts of meat. T«i<t«rTX»»t! yam (•( <tt utt tUi»« when jrm com* r^r A ftP S«|»r MUrkvt for ,U. (M, fi~. lu,»,.^l,, y »».f. »«y tb* pok of APPLE CIDER. . POCK'S FANCY WHOLE SEGMENTS OT GRAPEFRUIT... A*P rANCY UNSWEETENED JUKE OT GRAPEFRUIT. . .2^29" ANN FACE TENDER-COOKED VEGETARIAN, BOSTON STYLE OR WITH PORK OUR FASTEST SELLING SHORTENING • VEGETABLE CICXO SHdRTENINC . . . • pricwk, t*o! CRIM Styh CANS ;;25c ANN PACE PREPARED MUSTARD ANN PACE TOMATO KETCHUP SULTANA-IN CHIU SAUCE RED REARS M ^it ANN PACE PREPABCO SPI8METTI_ H>NA SUSARPEAS CORNED HASH CUftRfcU BE.JU- HA9N ^kk BROADCAST 2 RROAMAST RERMKAT '__ BROAiCAST SUCCi REEF 1ONA CUT. STRINCLESS RREER REARS 3 A*P FAJtCY PtCPUMPKM J^r?l25c ANN PACE RRAPEJELLT FUMIDA BRAME JWBE IONA BRAND WMM ApnMis rUBC-VLUS DEPOSIT APPLE M! SUMHYFIELD CACEFLW U VARIETIES OF 21t PORTO RKAM VBialai A**. R», A«P PEELED WHOLE in CAN -• Sweet POTATOES CALIFORNIA (fn lilin VI tun I n A++. »*. C*) CRISP CARROTS 2^ 1 1* POTATOES ... 15 urn CEREALS TE CANDY tot H4TIOM.WM>£ AFHJE WEEK WASHINGTON JtMthai Aypks.. 4 L» 23* WASHINGTON DELICIOUS APPLES 3 u »s. «« RHODE ISLAND GREENING APPLES _______4 ,». I7e •^12t • MIT 'DAILY' FEEDS I RtAILY EGG ». C*+. CAULIFLOWER . 5BUf..W_ SOLID. FIRM <f»>ihn VHiiilir A*, B*. C**. C*l BRUSSELS SPROUTS-21 • A*. »», C**l CHOICE QUALITY MEATS CHOICE CUT SIRLOIN Oft ROUND STEAKS.. • 29c M LB. AVERAGE PMK LOB MAST . . . u,21e M t .„ _ _ 9UNNYFICLI>-M-H LB. AVKJIACC SHAW HALF 25e CCNUINE IM1 SPMNC ktMLAMICHtm . SNiULiEH LAMB CHOPS. SHOHIJEII LAMI ROAST Rtt LAM CHOPS JLB.35C _L«.25e 2le 29c LAMB STEW ........... Lb. 15c -LB. FANCY NO. I CMKKEN UVERS QUALITY PORK SAUSAiEMEAT Sftt 2ft Itt 23c 33« LX»N-CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS FRESH SMALL SPARE RIBS SUNNYFIEU>-4-J I-«- AVER. . . 23i CHOICE CUT CHUCK ROAST. 1ST TO STM CUTS R0 ROAST 19c 29t FANCY SKINLESS FRAHKFURTS: SWIFTS COOKED SALAMI SUNNYFIELD SLICED SELECTED-CON ELESS BEEF . RACBH. BACON'-tt). pkg. 13c SLICED FANCY QUALITY POULTRY GENUINE an SPRING LONG ISLAND DUCKLINGS LB. FAMCT KR 4-S LB. AVER—LB. «-S LB. AVER^LB. 27c \ FISH AND SEA FOODS EXTRA STANDARD FRESH OYSTERS ROM LMSTCR TAJU •A«TrEEB_Ji: FT. 29 c SU iiiMCK, •iCJUri SEA ram foUEn_ I9c 1 2c nc PEAS CANS tCAKC FLOUR I M-O2 1 PKC RICH * PULL MOMED COFFEE • ^^5;] A WINEY COFFEE '• * MACi NIBLETS PINEAPPLE FRESH CORN OFF THE COB • A*P CRUSHED HAWAILAN «• KEN-L-RATION-^ 3£&# "• CAMAY SOAP . 3— I* AMER. FAMILY . 10..» 49^ SOAP.. 10... SOAP GRAINS^" 2 —

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