The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 5, 1914 · Page 17
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 17

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1914
Page 17
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Sunday Morning, July 5,1914. THE DECATTJR R E V I E W Page MONDAY 8-9:90 a. m. Absolutely will not vary from above hours--not 5 minutes before 8, nor 5 minutes after 9:30 a. m. WASH SKIRTS Lot 1, choice $1.75 Freeh and new, long tunic, linen, pique, ratine, all sizes; regular $3 to $4.50 values. Lot 2, choice 49c Splendid linen, ratine and pique; clean and new. WAISTS Lot 1, choice 49c Clean, just received; newest style white, black, flowered. Lot 2, choice 35c Regular $1 and $1.50 values, slightly soiled, but beautiful voile, lace and batiste; 4 of these, |1.00. DRESSES Lot 1, choice $1 Regular $1.50 to $3 values. Lot 2, choice $1.95. Regular $2.50 to $3.50 values. Lot 3, choice $2.95; lot 4, choice $3.95. Other miscellaneous values greatly reduced. Opposite 5e and lOc Store. ELEPHANT SEEMS TO MISS OLD FRIEND. New York Elephant, "Gunda." Gunda. the big- African elephant at t h e 'New York Zoological Garden, Is t h e subject of a lively controversy. Gun- I Sa la known as a wicked elephant and a man-killer and he IB kept chained by two feet in the animal ' house at the Zoo. Some persons have written to the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals to say that G u n d a ! suffering and should be killed. Dr. Hornaday protested that Gunda 1 s perfectly satisfied. The may get into the courts. There was an old lady who used to be Gunda's only friend. 8h« visited the zoo every day and fed him and he showed a grreat deal of affection for her. She has not "been seen lately and Gun- da'a temper has been worse. Will Be Domestic Science Instructor at Eldorado. quality. The same discrimination is exercised in the selection of little trinkets that is given to watches, precious stones, pearls, and silver. Thin discrimination \% our pride-Tour protection. Little trinkets in rolled gold--bangles, chains, stick pins, hat pins, h a i r ornaments, collar pins--little prices, o£ course. £. £. BARBER JEWELER 10B X. Water St. Miss Neva Welsh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Welsh, 1125 West Eldorado street, has accepted a position as Instructor In domestic science in the township h t grh school at Eldorado, Til. INSTALL DEPARTMENT. T h e Eldorado school has just decided to install j a department In domestic science and It will be Mies j Welsh's d u t y to i purchase and install the equipment and j start the course. Miss Skinner, head of the domestic science d e p a r t m e n t at j the u n i v e r s i t y , considers the o p e n i n g I a f o r t u n a t e one for Miss Welsh. Eldo- j rado is in Saline county in the s o u t h - ern p a r t of tlie state. Miss Welsh graduated f r o m the u n i v e r s i t y in J u n e . She Is a m e m b e r of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. One of Decatur's New Mail Boxes NEVA WELSH. S pecial Styles lor Baby Portraits When We Make Our Portraits of Your Children Tbe natnraines* of cxyrcMKion In man)font In the picture. Tbe happy little Kin lie, the innocent look*, that you know no well, are n part of the portrait. A pleasure In the present anil happy reminder** of babyhood In the year* to come. Slinli he pleated to nmke n Niieirlni appointment (or · sitting?. The Rembrandt Studios B«th Phe*r* 1833. 314 N. Main. Leaves Tuesday for Maine --Made Long Trip in Auto. Estimates of Holiday Visitors on the Fourth. Railroad and i n t e r u r b a n t r a f f i c men estimate t h a t n e v e r b e f o r e in the h i s - tory of Decatur h a v e -so m a n y people t u r n e d their backs on t h e i r f a i r city in one day and gone o u t oC town. Nearly a third of the city's p o p u l a t i o n w e n t away for a visit. The exodus started Friday afternoon a n d evening and a total of at least 10,000 was rolled up before Saturday night. The railroads and steam lines estimate that 7,000 people l e f t for points along local railroad lines d u r i n g the day and Friday evening. E v e r y livery stable and garage was cleaned of rigs and rented cars Saturday. On this showing a few a u t h o r i t i e s say that 10,000 was the size of tho h o l i d a y rush to the country. All day l o n g Saturday t r a i l e r interurban cars w i t h their loads of h u m a n f r e i g h t plied back and f o r t h between the city and Faries park w h e r e 2,000 people sported t h r o u g h o u t the day and evening. The c u l i n a r y d e p a r t m e n t at the popular resort was cleaned out as were boat houses and b a t h i n g suit | renters at nearly every h o u r of the 1 day. i At least $10.000 In cold cash l e f t Decatur to return no more d u r i n g the day, and this morning tired out patriots are thanking- their lucky stars that the American Fathers s i g n e d only one Declaration of Independence. AT THE REVIEW CORNER. T h i r t y - t w o new mail boxes were recently received by the Derntur post- o f f i c e and they nre now being placed in various parts of the city. Eight o£ them are larger t h a n the others and these are being placed on corners in the business section. The s m a l l e r ones are b e i n g placed In the residence section. Jesse I* Conel, of 542 West Packard street. Mlllikin graduate and a member of the V. of I. faculty, will leave Tuesday for Harstwell, Me., where he will spend two and one-half months in research of work on the s u b j e c t of h y d r o i d s , or formations of salt water animals. Mr. Conel will study In the great m a r i n e laboratory which la lo rated at Harstwell. He will return to his teaching d u t i e s at the state u n i - versity this fall where he expects to win his doctor's degree next spring. MADE LONG AUTO TRIP. Mr. Conel returned about the middle of the week f r o m an automobile I trip covering about 2,400 miles in a tour of the eastern states. In the | party were Mr. and Mrs. Boale of Champaign, Mrs. Estelle Blancett of Champaign, Miss Mabel Edrnondson of ALwood and Mr. Conel. The car, a Chalmers Six, belonged to Mrs. Blancett and wag driven by Mr. Conel. They m a d e good time and the only In- j e i d e n t s of the t r i p In the way of ac- j c l d e n t s were f o u r punctures for the | or tire 2,400 miles. The trip to New Tork was made by I way of Columbus, Pittsburgh and l i l e t t y s b i i r g . They toured New Jersey j n n d came back by the way of A l b a n y ;ind Buffalo. Mr. Conel stated that t h e y f o u n d th« roads fine everywhere e:\cept in parts of Ohio. Most of the route the roads were of macadam. The Test. Post Dispatch: "What m a d e you t h i n k Mr. Lovetwet had been d r i n k - ing?" "Why, when tho charlotte russe was s».-t b e f o r e him he tried to blow off the foam.'* MARRIAGE LICENSES. r i o t a W. Reevr, Deeatur t,epal F a n n i e Emmonp, Sullivan . , Lepnt Dale V. Longbon*. Docatur Legal Sylvia M. House, I'pcatur Legal William L.. Englr. V a n f l a l i a Lepal Sadie Frnnces Reeik'r. Vamlalla Legal Obediah Coleman. P r e a l u r Legal Hazel Irene G a r v e r . D p c a t u r Legal Sweet Word's. "1 don't see why the pu.crir business should \-0.r he under suspicion." "Why not?" "Bemuse It Is one ^f such refining tenden- BIG CROWD AT WOODMEN CARNIVAL There was a "bis crowd at the Woodman carnival at Dreamland park, Saturday' night. It ws the Irgest crowd of the week and all the attractions did a big business. The carnival will close Monday evening and it has proved a profitable v e n t u r e for the Woodmen. Street cars going 1 to and from Dreamland park were jammed Saturday night. SERVE American Velvet Ice Cream You can eat all the American Velvet Ice Cream you want. The "more" the "merrier." It is made to conform with the pure food laws--that's why you can eat so much of it without harm. For private picnics or public refreshment stands, American Velvet Ice Cream should be served. Phone your order today. rnencsn Both Phones. 1275 N. Water St. "Fanny's First Play" One of Most Interesting. Among the beet of the particularly fine additions to make their appearance Monday at the public library are new faces to smile under the Literature and Language title. It is expected that there will be a lively little contest among those who follow books over the possession of Shaw's "Fanny's First Play," a piece of the modern classics which has spread a wave of comment over the country. In the same volume are excellent work on Parents and Children, "Misalliance" and "The Dark Lady of the Sonnets." Kennedy's play "The Idol Breaker," and Percy Mackaye's quaint and beautiful "Sanctuary, a Bird Masque," together with many other excellent new plays come under the same classification. Another book that will be popular with Roosevelt admirers Is one under Biography, "Theodore Roosevelt, an Autobiography." in which the eagle's tall is pulled. Tagore is again represented by "The Post Office." a play, and David Grayson with another of his restful books, "The Friendly Road." Bennett, A u s t i n and De Morgan are a m o n g the popular writers of fiction, whose works appear In the new list. MONDAY^ 8 TO 9:30 A. M. Absolutely Not Later. --Lot 1.--Wash skirts, choice $1:75 fresh and new. Ions tunic, linen, pique, ratine, all sizes. Regular ?S to J4.50 values. Lot 2. Choice 49c. Splendid linen, ratine, and pique, now. clean, white mostly. Regular SI to ?1.50 values. Waists Lot 2. Choice 3Sc. Regular ralnes II to Jl.RO, sllghty soiled but good style. Four for $1. Dresses Lot I. Choice $1. Regular $1.50 to $S values, slightly mussed from handling. Lot 2. Choice $1.55. regular $2.60 to $3.50 values. Lot 3.. Choice $2.95. Lot 4. Choice $3.95--Hitchcock's.--Adv. Violation of Ordinance is Charge Against Dieckhoff. Herbert C. Dieckhoff, of the firm of Kelllngton ft Dieckhoff, was a.r- reattd by Chief Allen Saturday for violating the fire worki ordinance. . The ordinance llmite the length ot firecrackers to two inchei, and not to exceed half an Inch In dlam«Ur. According to Chief Allen, the firm was selling firecracker! five Inchei In length and about three-quarters of an Inch In diameter. A big case of five-Inch crackers was taken from the atore to police headquarters. Mr. Dieckhoff gave bond In the ium cf $25 for his appearance before Justice U. G. Glle at 1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Funeral Flowers AT LOWEST PRICES CO W 8 5 1 Beautiful Wreaths, Pillows, Casket Sprays and special designs at prices extremely low. DAUT BROS. FLORISTS 112 East Prairie St. Automatic Phone 1712. Old Phone 783 Threshing has no terror to the farmer's wife with a Scovill Coal Oil Stove She can prepare a dinner for 20 Scovill Coal Oil Stove on a as easily as she can for 4 on an ordinary stove. The Scovill Stove automatically turns coal oil into gat, ami furnishes a steady, intense blue flame against the cooking vessels. This flame can be raised or lowered just the same as a gas stove. The blue flame burning against the vessels makes die Scovill Coal Oil Stove twice as fast with half the oil of the ordinary coal oilstove. Coal oil costs half the price of gasoline and is perfectly safe. Come and* see these new Scovill Coal Oil Stoves demonstrated. Sizes to fit any family. Price* no higher than inferior stoves. ' fide 10 quart lilue and white Granite Preserve Kettle, 90ft special Monday t«l«» None sold to children, wrapped and delivered with other goods only. 30c 14-qt. Grey Granite Dish Pans, special Monday 40c Pot Lid Set, six lid? and rack, special. $1.50 8-nt. p u r e aluminum preserve Kettles, special M o n d a y 50c f o u r sewed House Brooms, extra good quality broom corn. special Monday 20c Fly Trap*, your choice Monday 15c $2.50 Ironing Table, best shirt board made. Has sleeve board, clothes rack. Spe- £4 MQ cial Monday »!··»» ft.00 8-ball Professional Croquet SAUL Special for Monday :f . SI.50 Doll Cut, Rubber Tire with Hood, full collapsible, fififi special Monday wOl? SOc 2, S and 4-«t. blue and white rru- ite Coffee Pots, sjie- clal Monday 25c SOc Splint Clothes Basket, double strapped inside and out, special Monday 10o large white Dinner Plates, special M o n d a y . . . . Cream Kreezer 3 quart Ice Cream Freezer 4 quart Ice Cream Freezer $1.98 S2.25 $2,50 65c 2-qt. Pure A l u m i n u m Stew Pan, special Monday . . . . 35c Ite Water Pall, Monday SCOVILL CO. {NEWSPAPER! EWSPAPER!

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