The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1971 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1971
Page 6
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report. TOM, rrfalny. November M. tt7i. Page 6 THESE STUDENTS have special parts In "The Messiah." Prom left are: Luanda Venn, alto soloist; Drew Davlcs, baritone tenor: Cathy Whatley, soprano soloist.'Kim Cook is at the piano. CAPTAIN'S CHAIR RESTAURANT Atop The Saratoga Inn ... - Featuring PRIME STEAKS Also FRESH SEAFOOD UNTIL 11:00 PM Reservation 233-9U6 or 33-5081 C.ULK BLVD. AT MVY ZSS FUBEPORT. TEXAS B'Wood 'Messiah' planned on Dec. 5 The Bratoswood High School combined choirs, numbering 200 voices, and the string players from the orchestra will present George V, Handel's, "The Messiah," Sunday. Dec. 5, at 2-30 p,m. In the Braiossvood High School Auditorium. Soloists for the afternoon will be; Drew Davlcs. baritone tenor; Urn Jones, bass; Luclmla Venn, nlto-, and Cathy Whntley, soprano. Only a few of the solos will be used while most of the choruses will be performed. Kim Cook wilt play the piano with Mrs. J. L Clarke the organ Kelly Martino is director of the Bratoswood Orchestra. The joint performance will be conducted by John McCee, No admission will be charged for the program and the public is invited. Touring group stages 'Superstar' at Angleton Entertainment SHOWBEAT Host of stars at opening BIG BAND SOUND OF THE SOUTHWEST SOUND FACTORY PLAYING ALL THE CURRENT HITS Formerly Known As THE PSYCHLONES FRIDAY 8:30 TO 12 SATURDAY 9 TO 1 BRA20XI* COUNTY"! NEWEST AND FINEST. AIR CONDITIONED DANCE SPOT LOCATED J MILES SOUTH Of ANCLETON ON MWY. |Uj BILL HANEY—OWNER-MANAGER s^ira DANCE WORLD "FRIDAY. 8 to 12 RUSTLERS SATURDAY N1G1IT-9 to I CLASSIC WEST DOOR PRIZES OWNED AND OPERATED BY Yvonne and Ross Kelley Air Conditioned & Central Heated Open 7 da« a week. WESTERN CLUB IU3 N. .MARKET. HRAZOKIA. 738-8WM "Jesus Christ Superstar" in concert version will be presented Friday at g p.m. at the Braroria County Fairgrounds, featuring the Original National Touring Company. The rock opera, presenting the last seven days of Christ on earth in a contemporary setting, includes a wide variety of music ranging from ballad to Dixieland to hard rock. According to Bruce Uimbin, executive producer for Tara Enterprises, the touring company version has been acclaimed by religious leaders of every major faith, because of its ending with the resurrection of Christ rather than the crucifixion, as is the case with the best-selling album. John Carnagey. musical director of the troupe, is a licensed Baptist minister (S. B. C.) and advises that "the way we perform Superstar, it would be hard to find anything sacrilegious in it. We portray Jesus primarily as a human being, but his Divine side is not ignored, by any means." Tickets, priced at M advance and $5 at the gate, are VRAZEL BALL ROOM OA.NCK SATURDAY NOV. 37 9(o I MUSIC BY: HUB CITY DUTCHMEN O<K M,l« J j,l , On Lnnt \ ; COME TOl SNUG HARBOR PLAY TOWN COUNTRY & WESTERN DANCING DINE 4 DAACE SEAFOOD RK.STAUKA.NT Friday. November 26, 8 to 12 Saturday, November 27, S to I RED MANN and THE COUNTRY CONTINENTALS Sunday, Nov. 28 3 to 7 MATINEE NO COVER CHARGE THE WESTERN FOUR n,«™i,y.D«, m b,,! THE MEL TIUIS SHOW Jxjcgtedj Miles South of Liverpool on County ltd. 203 Houston — 333-IM9 ' THE DEBBIE KAY SHOW" FRIDAY # SAT. NIGHT DECEMBER 3 & 4 featuring; DEBBIE KAY Singing Her New Record "I WOULD IF I COULD" Two Other FeaturVd Voc»ll»t» AddTbeir Talent to (be Show- Miss TINA MARYEE Regularly Scheduled VocaUft LONNJE ROBERTS Staging HI* Current Record "MY SWEET U)VE AIN'T AHOUNO" DEBBIE We'r« iDvltisg all club tuewewbers to attend- Us-' The Show is Backed by Areas Top Ranked Group- 'THE ESCORTS : BOBBY KEJTH, CAHY GHfc'EN, i. \. JIM&HE EDWARDS, MJSS 8HEHHY on sale at Short Stop & TAJ Music in Angleton, Dairy Bar in Lake Jackson, First Freeport National Bank In Freeport. AROUND TOWN Harry Hola/«n«f'.« o(wntn|{ flt «lw Dwothv flmmlh-r I'avllioii of the Mn*u- Center iUlnittwl ;i ( ws t 0 ( stars I j|o| n kick out ol watching SJdn.->- I 'oilier ;i(i<| Jwtnmi Shimkus who arc goinK lujji'tlu-r. carefully iimvc s c » a . rately ami use different doors to throw «ft the t>b«toi>r». jilwrx. Dick Martin ami hi< new tinile, l»t»llv ihuvtt-U up even tlwtigh Dolly had ID ^t-t out of a sick twd to make it Anttlht-r giKKily crowd stnrtviM uu for a «|M!fial «.-m>n- iiiR of "The Trojan Wmtien." which stars Katharim- Hcit- burn, \anewa Htrtlfirave, GeiifSieve IlujoW and tttnv I'apits Direi-tor Michael Cdcoy<tnni« wai tin-re attd w was Mrs, Siuiuiel Ooldwyn, A»t!iyit> Qijiiw. Karl Maiden tesar Honiero. Ajjws Mm)ieh«wl, hiaw Hakcr Charlton llcston ami many mote "lite picture was lx'*t sutnnieit up by my wife, who cnllett a an tmtwrabte (hue ' A different kind of uuitiritce was |nru-nt for ttw lire- niiere of John -Si-hleiiin^er'i -.Sumlny Htuwi> jwimlay"-- l>ew|)le like l.iza Minelli. KH,j 0 John, lioJwr t .Stack (trend* yaccaro ami Hoddy Mclvwall l!\ „ Wa««if«Hv acted Pleve. but another of DM- non.»l»rie.t which wi «» txrtut lar these da\< ' ' ' Another event attractitiK uttenti»n wa» the ot^nbi. a new prodtKtion of • .\ funny t»un« llauwneJ »,. Hay to the Korurn," at Uw ,S(,uu (Vtitct , AJmi Theater t'hii .Silver*. Urry lft>t!e». N A!ii> Walker ami John liaiuvn «*ho has playetl «.'hru<in* J«r->onwi! in ih v film of her life* <iar i» »>«.», bii! ife- i!i.i;., f •,{» K .| Iofl ,, two ru-w wngs Steplwn SunUhettn w!» wr, t<- tfy ,ir!.-(i.<) icor*. atklcd tt»e two aixl th<". !;*•!}. *-<i« -.;.•,..- ,t,t,, ol JOHN C.\Mt*BKU.o( Hraznria, pieiurnlal far right, play an ApuMle in two performance* o/ "J«-*i« SufHTMar." MI Thtirsitay. IW J, in the Uu*>n . Fine Arts Tl«.-atcr at Whiirlon County Junu>r ( ol!f>!(- jt Wharton Music for this inlcrprutatMjii o< JPI«* chmt't passi4jn and ckath wilt t» b> the WCJC Hi.:,<r awl Madrid Singers Atbnissmn to the ftm (K-r(»rn,.jix«- j! 9:S a.m. is 50 cents Admission to lh»- rMtum,! prr forn>anceat7:30pm »»! Others pictured arr. (nun Ml. .•Siern Straug}>an of lUxnton, a follower. Judy Utrwijli »( Wharton, Mary Magdalaw. Jack ftw.-<l ,.,( \\turum. Jesus. .Martha Jones of (Wing, a follower. ;md (i'*?ti Ward of Altatr. a follower. VMBLIN' ROSI SATURDAY "Where good friends meet' KKIfJAY — HAH HIMIM SATVUUAY — HAC K KOO.M URRY WEATHERS AND THE RAIDERS AKHIE 3111 MIS Sur/iide ltd. || wv Tl CURTIS MEYERS AND THE COUNTRY SWINGERS SATURDAY NOV. 27 9 to 1 GARDEN INN Jk-. CLtjj^ The Schooner's DINER 'S THE PUCE FOR LATE NIGHT DINING! Wt'R£ OPEN All NIGHT I EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY I WE SERVE TUK J-'Iftf J-^Tl -ILUHMtUJUiU «rv «^« OB BBBMfflONS.CAU. 26M991'.g 265-6114 U school orchestra concert set K J \i tlf «j«y» »>>.•. ..' S.udi!'.<f itlln J5 >Cu<(rn!t '|ijl!»-{-.:i., ViiUf t'4r :,,*.i lU'IFV^,* Wlli ' »!virvj>ui! bj thtc«: to' (tarn ? cj{ mail Mwjrt i» an it AHrrjlr') (f.jin \'lftHH"1i<> VHVJlirW III *' M This nuittt.<rr -*,n -niirn m Vtinuu KI ii"*.!. fhf [«riu«l »< -.«tttf •»< M"i.iH » U'lit work* An»ttor (j'.tjfitr '*ill t:«- Ih* "Kinjlc (ti.iii lUjitn't r'lfnt «-,> T>«. t.vij mimU-r. -ni S.ij'.j, " m.vkm jn lui>:«|4M-rf <>( 4nciv (.,)!,«• Jacknor, S in f'wKvrt »t th« I'm verm ly ln(ft*tlvola»ttc b> Mri l«j);!ic (-i invtfitt «.i(h (i/j art Television picture... (Continued (runt P«Re 1) • TV» CM lit* J •)*»<* - "TW ftib» ( t,t fUfmodJ," Jim Wjnun. Ur*» Mtm«; t hlfti (» ihit<tlnu*l tif t latmef twvM •'* un(* HIM Uw." ID M« J.-jn |^t( (*«.,, I , . , hmwj triple f*»j «; II It* UMllftf 1* tltrff W ttft***i* tut IfM W*it» - -Iksu (U/lwf, JIM* Wt HJTM. J«n Voijhi Vt«W« Mi»*. turn; Wjt»H I'Jiv i*4 l*x IfuttUtr Irji to mail* U* tat trim in U» tltM) t'*t««l Wift.f, llmt Int. Wtiltf MtulnMi. Tumor Vata k Kijr >i«trw4, Witt* |V>Uu, (D MM)* - "1** )!««>«« UMJl Mrtl IJ^U. tl H %le ID «*«* t«« W, \ t * I J»fM ir* « • • . a ><"i i »»««a ; tj » tt-tt-lM Q9 IM Vnii I! rt lU Q} H^W ' I'Ur^-tV^B i.£ A! wil*" <<»Mf Wat .*.<«»!»• •. ?{.-.* _ to Hwto -. ia;ju*t« fet rtit tVii bud l*t.««« KJK t; ti 1M AMUSEMENT GUIDE VELASCO Richard Boons Big Jake' i; i.t STEWART HENRY FOMDA [THE CHEYEfirTi SOCIAL CLUR MOW SHOWING 6:30 & 8:20 Exclusive Engagement! V GOING HOME Harry Graham horn* after 15)«an inprison. Hb son sta wants to see twn hang. MCTHOCOCOK VIM O - ic fc " I " «tr\onir V life theiv\> J SUMMER OF '42 HIV 17" in A M AH I in H.VitjOnO' r u.Si Keep your eye«, on ulial she Ciinnot see s-6:45 4 8:25

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