Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 15, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 15, 1898
Page 4
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M E L V I N , STEELE A. JOHNSON, EDITORS A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 15 AT HOME. (A r.eply to Burdctto'3 "Since She \Ven1 Home.") Where has slio gone-No evening shadows linger cold and gray. No winds of winter chUl the summer day, A fadeless springtime blooms upon the way Where she hath gone. Where she hath gone-No wailing note awakctli sign or inonn. The old slud songs take up a gladder tone, TThcre's'laughter sweeter tar than we have known. Where she hath gone. Where she hatli gone-Her saintly presence blesses mansions fatr Glory gleams about the head so dear, And l.hy poor heart will find its rest there. Where slio hath gone. Wliere she hath fjone-- Time .doth not mark In days its golden flight. Tho sun Is dimmed by Heaven's greater light, And there are never tears nor lonely night Where she hath gone. Where she hath gone-Thou, too, some day, will go If God so will, .And while transcendent raptures thro' thco thrill, Thy souls shall meet, redeemed, yet loving still, Whero slio hath gone. --Lila T. Dews, In Atlanta Constitution. BE'ER BUZZARD." nl r HARRY BALL.. F ALL the birds that fly, "Er'ev Buzzard" is the ugliest juicl the lenst c n g a g \ n g. He might be calles! the skeleton in the closet of the bird world. We don't like to say anything* Tnore about him than we can luslp. Ho isn'ta pleiis- nnt subject. Tlie poor fellow seems to be aware Of liis own humble sphere In feathered society, too, and his manners are modest and deprecating. He n:aUes no noise in the workl. His de meanor, whenever he walks nbrond, \a shrinking 1 and sad, as if lie \vns conscious of his own clumsy movements -and the disagreeable ideas his presence sngg-osts. But he is not'altogether un- 'apprecinted, depressing as lie is; and of him may be suid, -with truth, that he docs no inj-ary to any living creature, He lives his harmless life nntl does his grcwsome duty. What more need be said of anybody? Mankind may not love or admire Br'er Uvizzard, but they are, forced to accord him respect and. protection. The mau ·who kills him breaks the law and offends his fellow men. Entthcrearemonyinterestingthings about this undertaker in feathers that have never - been described, probably because the general tendency has always been to let liim alone; and of all the larger birds of this country there is not one which is less intimately known, than this. lie can be seen on almost any day in the southern states, soaring high in the blue sky or dashing slantwise in wind and storm, a majestic and graceful object. This is as near as most people care to see him. ' In his home life he is, it must be acknowledged, a mean nnd unpleasant creature; and.yet, even there, he is not without interest to the lover of all things which infinite wisdom has placed upon the earth. Two species- of this vulture, improperly called buzzard, inhabit the United States east of the !Kocky mountains, one of which ranges from New England to the Gulf of Mexico. nnd is familiarly known as the turkey buxzard. His scientific name is Cathartes Aura, and he is a very different individual from his humbler cousin, whose closer acquaintance we arc now making. The turkey buzzard is n somewhat larger bird than the black vulture, and is not black in color, but- a mixture of bhick'and reddish brown, the latter ·being the prevailing color in his plumage. His beak, feet nnd head, where the skin is bare, are of a bright red color, and he is mueh less grotesquely repulsive in appearance than the black vulture of the south. He also moves, when on the ground. ·with a. sort of dignified deliberation very different from the clumsy hopping and "teetering" stride of his black cousin. The latter -- Catharista Atrata, the. scientists call him -- is the common scavenger of the far south, where la becomes as familiar almost as 1 the chickens in the small towns, when cold weather or scarcity of food drives him from the woods and fields to (he hm:nts of men. He has absolutely no redeeming feature of personal appeara^x-p. Except when sailing high, in air, he is a dejected, wretched, hopeless nud revo!;. ing object. His color is sooty black, e: cept the tips of the wings, which are ot a \lingy. grayish white, this color being visible only tvhen the wings are expanded. His bealc, head and bare. wrinkled neck arc dull black, and his whole aspect nnd demeanor is ludicrously appropriate to his ghastly calling. He is a bird of the s-emi-tropics, ucd Uin but ill endure the degree of cold wUch is often felt in tlie Gnlf states in Jawuary. At such times he resorts to the towns, nnc! can often be seen on the housetops, ·irovichcy.1 close against a smoking cliiKi- npy, where sometimes a. haJf dozen ·A-ill push and struggle together for the '.varmest place. \V-hen hunger [sresscs, he will descend into the backyard and walk about in his dejected, clumsy way, disputing with tlie chickens for whal' ever scraps may be thrown out. \Thpn he drops down from on high among these chickens, there is a mighty flutter nnd consternation; but they soon learn, to treat him w i t h the tontempfuous indifference to which he is accustomed, and the haughty rooster ur quarrelsome old hen will not hesi- t a t e to knock him heels over head, if he comes between the wind and their nobility. He Is n very uncomplaining bird. He 'ops not inalte nsy outcry. TTe ·prcads his great ·wings'and soars far .beyond the reach of his petty enemies, He meets with the same tcornful tyranny from tlie turkey buzzard. It is an odd sight to see oae of the latter swoop down upon a flock of the black vultures as they oire gathered about a dead chicken or other animal. All the black ones scramble out of the way, hopping, fiapping and making their hoarse hissing sound -- their only note -- nnd range themselves nt a safe- distance, where they wait- patiently until their big cousin chooses to take- in's departure. The two species are often found together, but there is evidently a gulf between them, and: the blacks never forget their humble and respectful demeanor in the presence of Ca- thartes Aura. Along the lower Mississippi river, in JlissLsippi and Louisiana, all the pmnll town* are protected from inundation by high'cartlrwor'ks or Icvres, and"the space between the levee antl the river, called the bntturc, is a sort of no-man's land. Here garbage and refuse of ul! } kinds is thrown, n n t t the floating houses . of the fishermen are mooted. | Such places arc the chosen home of Br'cr Buzzard. No one uvur dreams of moles ting him. No one ever cares to conic near enough to frighten or disturb him, and the l i f u of plenty and eiise makes him la ay and stupid. All day long he sits on some tall cotlonwood tree, drawn up and dejected, if the wcathev be clovicly or cold, or standing- w i t l i w i n g s wide extended, to ciituh the suiu- iisriit if the day is fine. This singular a t t i t u d e , w i t h wings spread to their n'.- niost extent, is a favorite w i t h both Aura and Atrata, and they seem to be able to maintain it for hours without fiitigne. \Vhen the fishermen come in w i t h their loaded bonts the vultures descend, and crowd about the rafts where the fish arc assorted, wniting until the dead or worthless ones are cast aside. A favorite morsel is the head of t h e grent river catfish, which is always cut oft' before, the fish is offered for Mile. The fishermen, like everybody else, recognise the utility of the vultures, and encourage them until they become almost like pets; and it is ludicrous to see four or five of them seize a fish head r.nd pnli like boys nt the old-fashioned game of French nnd English, Hupping, hissing and tumbling about the ground In their efforts to drag the coveted morsel away from eoch other. In the midst of the ignoble struggle down swoops Cathartes Aura into the melee. The blank fellows fall over eao! other in their efforts to get out of his lordship's way, nnd he calmly sails on" with the prize in his beak. No doubt it \.ill surprise many read- TREAT HIM WITH INDIFFERENCE. ers, and probably create a diversion of sentiment in favor of this bird of ill omen, to learn that he loves to be clean, and will even brave immersion in the cold water of the Mississippi river in order to effect it. On a warm and sunny day a large flock of the black vultures will assemble on a shelving, snndy bank or a heap of driftwood, apparently for the express purpose of doing vhat the negroes who live along the batture call "washing their clothes." One by one they drop down out of the sky at the meeting-place, each new arrival taking up a position, and keeping it in decorous and dejected, silence. They usually select a spot nt which there is a, partially sunken log, and after n large number are assembled, one of the company will march gravely out on the half-submerged log, while the others sit motionless in their places. When the bather reaches the water, it is funny to watch him. As his feet touch it he raises himself on tiptoe, and stops gingerly, shuddering at the cold contact; but he wades bravely in, and as he goes deeper and deeper his feathers rise on end, nnd he looks a picture of comic distress. . lie means business, however, and keeps resolutely on, until he U completely submerged, except his head. Then he washes himself, precisely as a duck does, Hupping his wings, rubbing and ruffling himself, and dancing up nnd down in the water until his feathers are thoroughly saturated. This accomplished, he marches sadly out a much more distressful object than ever, shakes himself, like a dog, and "hangs himself up to dvy" by spreading his great wings in the sunlight a,ud standing like a statue for perhaps an. hour, \\bilc his brethren each go through thu b-ame performance, one'by one, until the whole company axe standing with outspread wings iu the hot sun. This singular spectacle is a familial- one in the haunts of the black vulture, nnd, next to his great utility in removing noxious substances from the earth. 5s the' strongest argument I can find to recommend him to the esteem of mankind.--Golden Days. The Rosettes on the Bridles. TLe bridle of pretty much every biirness has upon it rosettes, more or less ornamental, one on each sido, placed nt the ends of the front, or brow, Imiicl. These rosettes are made in very great variety. Some are made of tin, some of German silver, and some of German silver covered with a thin sheet of silver. Some rosettes are plain, some are embossed. Tbey sell at prices ranging from practically nothing to $2 a pair. Rosettes of this kind are often engraved with the monogram or with initials. Engraved rosettes are not infrequently seen on business harness. There are costlier rosettes that are used on carriage harness only and are made some of leather and some of Bilk ribbon. These are made by hand iu various si?,es and of various colors and combinations of colors. Handsome rosettes of leather sell at $2.50 to $o .n pnir, tlopfiidiiig upon the size; the ribbon rosettes at from $5 to §10 a. pair. Hosettes of this kind are not sold with the harness. They aro bought separately as orna- mejits. Bibhon rosettes costing $10 n pair might, for instance, be bought to attach to the bridles of a fine double harness costing, say, $-100 a set. --New yoi-k Sun. Fun nt Court. Ono of the criminal court rooms in city hall consists of three rooms in telescopic succession, with a door lending from one to the other. Jurymen sit in the front room, but parties and witnesses are sent to the back room till called. A juryman named O'Brien was sitting in the front rconi when a tipstaff went up to him and asked him if he was n juryman. Misunderstanding tho word juryman for German, he said, "No; I am am Irishman," and was told to go intoi the back room. The crier of the' court called him several times during the day, but he didn't hear the' call, and when told he was in default he told the above story as his excuse.--Philadelphia Record. YOU ARE INVITED. When visiting BA.LTI- "MORE to make a convenience of my offices and my perfectly appointed tailoring establishment. You may want a suit of clothes, an overcoat, or a pair of trousers;--our best skill is at your command. If we can serve yon to your interest,--that's our pleasure; if not, there are other tailors to whom we would be glad to direct you. We keep only the very best stuffs. Good Suits for $15, Stylish Overcoats for $1 5, Trousers for $5, but as high-made as art and styie can produce. Higher values if you want. Nothing ready-made. Will be glad to welcome any new-comers from your part of the country. Jch.n M. feeler, Importer uiicl Tailor, 5 N. Calvert Street, opp. "juHnbIo Building. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 7J LBEHT C. TOWERS, ATTO1CNEY-.»T-I,A\V Demon, Maryland. TAMES N. TODD, ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, DENTON, 5IA11\XAN1). pHARLES E. McSHANE, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, M A R Y L A N D T. B O Y E R , CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, IJKNTON, M l. T7TTA3.TER SPARKLIN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKNTON, MARYLAND. OFFICE WITH JAS. N. TODD. HMJ. - BUTLER BICYCLE REPAIRER, U13NTON BKIKGK "onnhle. in guaranteed. Prices Ken- 6 2(5 (iw QSCAR CLARK. Atturnoy-at-T.ivM, BESTON; M A R Y L A N D . Collections and all professionnl business promptly iitlendcd lo. T7TTILMER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CKNTKKVILLE, MI Will practice nlso in Caroline, Talbot iincl Kent county. T«T ALEX. I1UTSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKNTOX, MARYLAND. Will practice is the courts of Caroline ;iii(l iirtjnccnt counties. rp PLINY F I S H E R , A 4 ATTORNEY-A'J'-LA W, DKNTON, MD. All business entrusted to my cnre will receive prompt Attention. Collection ol churn? ]) specialty. TTARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, M A R Y L A N D . Close attention will be g i v e n to n i l business entrusted to mv enro. JOHN W. CLARK, JR. Box CC. Denton, AV%ry!a.pi Will sell -property in Caroline or any of ttte adjoining counties. HENRY R. LEWIS. 1VU.I.AKI K. WEST. LEWIS ,C- WEST, A TTORNEYS-A T-LA W, DENTON, MD. ~fl ill practice in the Courts of Caroline Tall otand Queen Annecounties. DR. KNOCH GKOKCK. HH. P. K. l r isiirR GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office sit residence of Dr. Enoch George, Main Street. ·WM. H. DEWKKSK. FRED U. OWKNE DEWEESE OWENS, DENTON, MD. Office in tho Court House. Mortgages foreclused.ustntcs settled und prompt Attention given to :01 business en trusted to us. Will practice in t!io State and Federal Court. WM. H. DK-VVKKSE, State's; Attorney for Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . . . DKXTOX, Mn., Hns liful ten years' experience in tlieiiities of "Wilmington, Philadelphia nnd Jsc\\' "York, und is HOW retidy to mnlicuonlrncls «nd gimrnntccs skillful work, fuir prices nnd entire snlisf»clioii Tborrjas Carrr)ine, CONTRACTOR ASD BUILDER, Kidgely, Maryland. Contracts Uiken in Caroline nnd adjoining counties. Thirty-throe ycnrs experience. Plans nnd specificiitions cliecrfnlly furnished. Best of references from Caroline, Talbot nnd Dorchester counties. DRS. W. T. L. D. j MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, M A K V I L A N D Will practice nt Preston on Mondays; Denton on ' Tuesdays; I'edernlsbiirg, second and fourth Thursdays; East New IMnrket, first nnd third Thursdays. Best work gunrantced. Gas administer- ·cd. DR .ANNA GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. i\Specinlist in Diseases of Women jonly. Private Sanitarium of liigh (repute. Absolute privacy nflbrtl- ed. Female Regulative Pilis 82.00 per box. Advice by mail. '(803 EAST BALTIMORE STREET. BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Compound rorSHeinale'Coiuplaiuts, $1 Wives without Children consult me. Fresb Groceries. 1 ]\T EW GOODS! T-TAV1NO rcslockerl my GROCKHY DEPARTMENT, I «m now pvopnv- ed to supply my customers and the p u b l i c generally with e v e r y t h i n g in t h a t line, fresh and ot the best quality. .1IKATS. TOT.ATOKS, COl'KKK. M-KO TKAS. Notion?, Ribbon? AMD Ore?? Trirrjrrjinq?. My stock o[ t l i n l a t t e r is very comp l e t e , and my I n d y 1'riends w i l l do well to c a l l and e x a m i n e my goods before going elsewhere. Spool Silks, C o t t o n , Gloves and Hosiery, and in fact a {jenerii! l i n e n f N o t i o n s . Drop in and sec the stock. JQW PRICES! Oysters and Ice Cream, For ;\ gooil Oyster Stew g i v e us .1 call. Ice Cvoiiin w i l l also le served in season. Any r | i i n n t i l y supplied for f a m i l y use w h e n desirwl. iit short uolicc. A\R5. JULIA DAY, Successor to JRITJ^S iHMJfl WILL BK POUND A GOOD STOCK --OF -- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., J. M. BEAVEN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. Larqe StocK of GROCERIES AND PENSWARE You cau also fiiul at the lCUMBER ^ A R H » Full supply of all kinils of Lumber. Sawing autl P l a n i n g done nt short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Windows, Etc., nhvnys on hiiinl. K. w. R K U D E N . \V. V. MUllPUY REDDEN MURPHY, DKALEllS IN FlBST-CLAbS B U I L D I N G MATERIALS, --AND-- CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, D E N T O N . M A R Y L A N D . Prices on nil goods warranted to lc us low as tlioso oflcrcd by city dealers. Mr. JInrpliy. n builder of long experience, will liave charge of the practical work, and satisfaction giiqrnntccd iu every particular S. ISlQWELL SOIM, UNDERTAKERSTEMBALMERS . AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS, DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience en ables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with "needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. JAMES T, COOPER, Undertaker, Eihatoer and Gainst Maker, DENTON. MARYLAND. Years of experience enables Mr. Cooper to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. His shop is always fully supplied with needed material and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. Esta.-blisli.eeL Frank C. Bolton, Lee B. Bolton. BOLTOJST BROS. PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL ^^ PAINTS, Elain«, tb« Panjlly SAf«;Jdr]Oil, machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch. ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies, 418, 420, 422, 424 E. PSATT ST., JAMES T. MORRIS, (UlnOKI.Y, MD.) Wteelfrinlit and Blactaiifl, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER. In ?11 brunches of my business I guarantee satisfaction. In iiors.-shoein.!; I have the endorsement ol best veterinarians. JAMES T. 31 ORRIS. For Saie or Rent, One liffge dwelling and store-house, without land, together or separate to suit. Also two small dwellings, with gardens attuehed. Also blacksmith shop, with or without tools. Good chnnce for the right man. All on easy terms. A p p l y to T. V. REDMAN, American Corner, lid. We liuve just opciivd 11 l:ir^e invoice 'if S P R I N G GOODS, und :i belter collection from which to choose h:i n c \ c r been offered in DoHtun. To he appreciated it must be seen. Your inspection is i n v i t e d . The prires-will be a vury st;ir!ling foa- ture of the stiles hen- for ill? n o \ t i h i r l y davs, and bn^ev- \\\\i tin well lo iititclhein. How would some of tlusso strike y o u ? Percale, ,hc rejfiilar 12e. k i n d ; our price, w h i l e it "asts, onH 8c, A butler grade; ut l^c. Calicoes, " :\nl (k 1 IJlnc :uul Iji^lil Prints, plain lit! I'll'ley tK'Hgll.-, Of. Pique Remnants, 10c., ,lu reurnhir 15c. k i n d . run) -_K:. up. Ginghams, Lawns, regular priL-c' 1'2-.: our price. 10e. "\Vo :iiivc an cM.vllent iissnrtinenl of these. Table-Cloth, ehuiuf 1 rjiiiilily Irish Linen. uOe. per y.-ml. I'nuliildon Goods at various prices. $1.00 Smyrna Kugs :it 8Uc. A . K . C O O P K H 15HO., Dcntoti. Id. LARGE LOT OF STOVES AT THE BURRSVILE HARDWARE STORE. All sixes of Cools Sieves, from the siii:i!l- ust No. 1 lo llio Inrgo-t No. 9. lleuting Stovu- of sill kinds siiitublc for I'nrlors, Sit ting Hooins, l.)iiiiii£ Itooms, ' Bed Rooms, Churches, School Houses, Offices, etc. Six kinds of Double llcMtcrs. Tlie Lust Rnugcs thnt ;irc inndu. Jjiirge lot of HORSE BLANKETS LAP BUNKETS_AND ROBES, Headquarters for Drive-well MntcrinI, Plows, Wheelwright nwl Blacksmith Supplies, Building llimhvure; Uiirringc, "Wngon, Ciirtrtiid Plow Harness, Paints nnd Oils, Tinwnrc, llnrneES and Shoe Lcntlicr, Wnshing Jla- ciiines, Belt Lnciii!;, nnd Slenm Pncliing. TEH ROOMS FILLED WITH GOODS. I Imvo a Inrijc stock of Barbed Wire Cable Wire Biiclstliorr, and Ribbon Fencing, Poultry £fciting, c. TILGilMAN HARVEY, Unrrsville. Jld. . 409 E.PRATT ST. ^BALTIMORE. DOORS BLINDS G O O D -- CHEAP $. BARISIES, PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER DENTON, MD. I shall coustmitly k/ep on Iwnd n fnl nysortinent of Iron nnd yteol for.;ill k i n d s ofPnriu mid Wilson "Work. I cun I'ur- nisli you nil sixes of new wheels and iixlo^ nnd best flasses of horsc-shncr- nl short in- ticc. I guarnntce nil innteriiil nnd wnrK nt lowest prices to suit the hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite l.ivery Sln- blc. Give m e n trinl. J. BARNES. FOR SALE AT PRIVATE SALE! Three smnll fiirms, all ml/ining "ench other, lyiiis; on llio county road lending from Bvidgetown to Gropnsboroiigh, nboi.l two miles from the former nnd four miles from tlie hitter plnce, known 113 llio "Alonzo ClarK Farn?," cuiitnininp; TG. 85 nnd Cl AC11KS, respectively. The lirst two liiivo biiil(liiit;s on them; the other is unimproved. T K U J I S EASY. Possession Junmiry 1st next. Ciill on or nddrcss, S A M U E L E. HILL, 200 Equitable Building, Bsiltiniore, Md. Or to 11KSUY K . L E W I S . 1 0 2 t f Attorney, Denton, Md. TREES ^PLANTS The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale by A. G: GELLETLY CO,, WILLISTON, MH. Examiners' Notice, The undersigned, h a v i n g been appointed by the county commissioner:; of Uaro- linocounty to examine and lay down u new county rnml in the Eightli Election District of Caroline county, beginning at Fowling Creel; Wharf, and r u n n i n g thro' the lands of C. II. Todd, Walter Todd nnd C. M. Pepper, u n t i l it intersects the road from Williston to Fowling Crcclc, opposite C. II. Todd's gate, and to r u n down the old hinc between Walter Todd nnd C. M. Pepper, hereby give notice Hint they w i l l mee.t at the suid point o.' hejiii- n i n t j o n S A T U R D A Y , J A N U A R Y 29, 1898, nt 9 o'clock P. m , for tlie purpose of cxceiiting their cDinmisioii. The c rtiuty surveyor will please attend without further notice. WILLIAM II. DEEN, W I L L I A M F. L I D E N , FRANCIS S. TODD, Decemhor 25, 1897. Examiners. spooo O' JROTIU HOHI sera YDS 'JUVHM ±33d±S J.HOH 039 Prosperity. 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KOK, AOBXT, Den ton, Md. argc granaries nhvnys ready to receive grain. · I S T H E T 1 M E A N D NOW REED'S THE ' PSL TO GET BARGAIN? l« HARNESS! P L A C E If in need of a n y t h i n g in my line it will be to your ndv.-.ntago to examine wlint T buve to show before pnrchnsiiig elsewhere. My stock includes Dusters, Sheets, Ply Nets, EnrTips, Whips, llnrncfs as low as $7, liand-inade ITnriiess to order, Collar*, Bridles, Axle and 1 [unless Oil, Whip Sockets, Pads of all kinds. unless repaired nnd cleaned nt gbort notice. W. B. EBBD, Donton. Md. Lumber and Building Material, Shipments made direct by vessel to all points on navigable water, to inland points by rail. Save Money by Purcliasmg Direct from Manufacturers, North Carolina Pine, Our Specialty! WE DEFY COMPETITION IN CYPRESS SHINGLES, Saw Mill Daily Capacity, 20,000 feet. Plaining Mill Daily Capacity, 40,000 feet. STATE AGENTS FOR fcj^ar 1 Correspondence solicited. Orders promptly filled. GRAIN WANTED! -^-i- H AVING connected myself with Messrs. GILL FISHER, Grain Exporters, of Baltimore, Md., and having control of the NEW GRAIN ELEVATOR at Queenstown, I am'. prepared to give IFQT O-^SIE! iFOIR G-IE^IlSr at Queenstown and all Stations on the Queen Anne's Railroad, for account of the above-named firm. The following gentlemen have been appointed by me to buy. and receive grain: M. M. Price, at Queenstown and Wye Mills Sta.; ). E. Bramble, at Willoughby Sta.; W. F. Pennington, at Queen Anne and Hillsboro ; Eugene Lynch, at Downes Sta.; W. H. Anderson, at Denton; H. C. Hobbs, at Hobbs Sta.; W. R. Peters, at Hickman ; M. L. Blanchard, at Blanchard Sta. Bags furnished on application to any of the above-named gentlemen. Elevator accommodations at Queenstown will be extended to anyone desiring the same on payment of., one- half-cent per bushel for grain delivered by cars, 'and one-and- a-half cents per bushel by wagon delivery. Free Storage for ten days; one-quarter cent per bushel for each additional ten days or fractional part. A share of your patronage is earnestly solicited. D. SMITH for GILL FISHER. COAL,WOOD#HAY ' - .^.^^" Tho public will find constantly on hand at ray coal yard at Denton Bridge a f u l l supply of coal, stove wood find baled hay, which I will deliver in any q u a n t i t y a n y w h e r e in town. Stove CoaJ, 2240 Lbs. Per TOD, Chestnut, $6.00 5.75 5-75 STOVE WOOD BYTHE LOAD OR CORD HAY BY THE BALE OR TON, DELIVERED IF DESIRED. OYSTER SHELLS, GAS LIME, BRICKS AND LUMBER ALWAYS IN STOCK. Wh.ii-f for the use of Hie public for Inndiug- or shipping 1 all kinds of freight. Hauling of all kinds done at reasonable rates. L. B. TOWERS. m mm uiinuili Home Office, N. W. Cor. Charles Lexington Sts., RESOURCES, June 2?, I 695. Piiid-np Cup!t:il §750,00000 Surplus 3f ),000 00 Itcscrvc Requirement und Undivided Profit 5 , 2£ ',767 30 srim,7i;7 so THE OLDEST AKD STRONGEST SURETY COMPANY IN THESOUJJS. Becomes surety on bonds of Kxeentors, Administrators, and in nil undertakings in Judieial Proceedings. Does nothing to conflict with the business of lawyers. Accepted by the United Slutcs Government »s sole surety on bonds of every description. Becomes surety on bonds of Sheriffs, Registers of Wills, Clorks of Courts, Collectors nnd other oiliciuls ol'tjtsitcs, Cities and Counties. Also on bonds of contractors and employes of Bnnlts, Mercantile Houses, Rnilrond, Express nnd Telegraph Companies, nnd on those of Olliecrs of Fraternal Orgnnixnlions. H E R M A N E. BOSLKK, EDWIN WARFIELD, - SKCUKTAKY AS» TKK.VSUIU:!). PKESIDEWT For Full Particulars Apply to DEWEiELSE OWENS, ATTOUSEYS-AT-LAW. DENTON. MARYLAND. FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS I will have a large line of both GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AT ALL PRICES, FROM $3.00 UP. well to call on me. having watches in need of repair will do Ta W. SMITH;

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